Big Brother 22 Live Feeds Week 2: Wednesday Daytime Highlights

It is Eviction Eve inside the Big Brother 22 house and you can cut the tension with a knife! There have been talks of a House Meeting for a couple of days now, will we get it today? Get all the details of the last-minute campaigns and all the drama right here with our Big Brother live feed highlights!

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Big Brother 22 Live Feed Highlights – Wednesday, August 19, 2020:

9:00 AM BBT – HGs are waking up.

9:42 AM BBT – Dani asks Enzo if Cody told him to throw the Safety Suite to him if Janelle wins HOH.

9:45 AM BBT – Franzel joins the conversation and Dani tells her that Janelle and Kaysar are trying to split the house. Adds that they (J&K) told NicA that they are the misfits and America loves misfits.

10:08 AM BBT – Dani tells Franzel that they should pitch an alliance to Ian with the three of them, and Cody. They talk about possibly adding Christmas to that alliance but add that she is a big mouth. Dani says that they should talk to Ian and have him throw out ideas of who to add.

10:12 AM BBT – Franzel asks if NicA is going this week and Dani says she hopes so. Franzel says doesn’t want anymore competition in the Safety Suite. Talks turn to who David might target if he stays and they agree it will be a combination of Janelle, Kaysar, and Memphis.

10:33 AM BBT – Cody tells Dani and Franzel that he can’t be the one to tell Day that David is staying because then she will assume there is an all-guys alliance. Dani tells them that if Day is accusing people of things, that means she’s doing it. That’s how she is.

10:47 AM BBT – Day tells Dani that she was up until almost 5am because NicA and Janelle got into it. Day said that NicA told Janelle not to talk to her or she will end up blowing up one of their games.

10:55 AM BBT – Bay tells Christmas that NicA was so upset last night that it broke her heart. Bay adds NicA said that she shouldn’t be on the block and that Janelle told NicA not to play in the Safety Suite. Christmas said that Janelle gave her (NicA) certainies that she didn’t need to play. Christmas says that she gets why NicA would listen to her, this is Janelle’s fourth time in the house.

11:00 AM BBT – Bay tells Christmas that word on the street is there is an all boys alliance. Not all of them, but like four of them, including David. It worries Bay that David wants to be part of the “cool kids.” Bayleigh also mentions that after this week, that’s two girls down and that’s not good for their numbers if there is an all boys thing going on. They agree that the remaining girls are strong competitors.

11:05 AM BBT – Christmas tells Bay that she knows that David lied to her about the week of safety he promised Janelle.

11:08 AM BBT – Christmas tells Bay that she was frustrated that David didn’t campaign to her too. So when she asked what his campaign was, he fumbled and told her he wanted to be there and compete. Christmas said we all do!

11:10 AM BBT – Bay asks Christmas if Janelle ever told her what Dani said about her (C). Bay tells her that supposedly Dani told Memphis to put Christmas up with David, but she isn’t sure if it was really Dani that said it. It might have been Janelle. Christmas said she was told her name was circulating.

11:24 AM BBT – NicA tells Kevin that it’s embarassing that she has been in the DR talking about how Day is in her F3 but now she’s going to vote her out. NicA mentions that when she played before and Cliff and Kat were next to each other, she needed to vote to keep Cliff because he was her F2.

11:30 AM BBT – Dani walks in and asks NicA waht happened last night. She told her she just got frustrated. NicA tells her that it’s frustrating knowing that no one wants to vote to keep her because of Janelle and Kaysar.

11:34 AM BBT – NicA asks Dani what she could do for Dani to vote for her. Dani tells her for her, Janelle has been spewing her name all over the house so she doesn’t know. NicA tells her that Janelle is her target if she stays and Dani tells her she knows that. NicA says yet you aren’t going to vote for me because I’m associated with her. NicA then says “it’s a Catch-22. I literally can’t win. I’m stuck. I’m out of moves”

11:37 AM BBT – Kevin tells NicA that a house meeting is 100% beneficial to everyone else and only about 5% beneficial to you.

11:43 AM BBT – Dani tells NicA that David hasn’t told her anything. NicA says that she is putting everything out there. NicA then asks Dani if it makes her nervous that David hasn’t told her anything?

11:47 AM BBT – Dani tells NicA to talk to some more people and see if she can get a couple more votes. NicA tells Dani that she’s worried about Janelle keeping her safe, but Janelle isn’t on the block. Janelle is coming after her regardless. Dani tells her that she can’t chance the whole house hating her for going against them though.

11:48 AM BBT – Day tells Kevin that she is battling with her morals versus her game. Her morals are telling her to keep him, but her game is telling her that he does nothing for her game. Keeping him doesn’t help her. Day tells Kevin that her vote isn’t locked.

11:51 AM BBT – NicA in campaigning to Christmas and Bay asking where they are. NicA is wondering if she has a fighting chance and if today is even worth it. The both tell her it’s worth it. They both tell her to fight.

11:55 AM BBT – Day tells Kevin she wants NicA to know that she isn’t disposable for her. She doesn’t feel like that at all. Kevin wonders if the nudge NicA to do a House Meeting to solidify that NicA is done with Janelle and Kaysar. Day says that if she can do that and she knows that any chance of her working with them is dead, then okay. She refuses to keep NicA against her morals and then screwed later.

11:55 AM BBT – NicA tells Bay and Christmas that she doesn’t know how much clearer she can make her targets. If she stays, she is going after Janelle and Kaysar. NicA tells them that Janelle doesn’t even care if NicA stays. If everyone in the house turned and said that they were saving NicA, Janelle would want to start campaigning for David. She just wants the house to split and for the house to divide.

11:58 AM BBT – Christmas tells NicA that she thinks that most of the people are just wondering after she targets J&K, then what. Who is she going to work with, etc. NicA said that she would really have to talk to people because she has put eggs in peoples baskets and then ended up on the block.

12:04 PM BBT – Christmas is telling NicA that one of the biggest concerns is that NicA takes one out, she might flip and work with the others. NicA is worried that she might lose 2 votes if she has a house meeting and she can’t afford to lose any. They tell her that she doesn’t know how many she might gain.

12:05 PM BBT – NicA is telling Christmas about what happened last night between her and Janelle and Bay is helping with some details. She tells Christmas that she told both of them that they had to stop pushing for her to stay because people aren’t going to keep her thinking they are associated.

12:13 PM BBT – Christmas asks NicA who put Christmas’ name out for potential noms. NicA says that Janelle wasn’t sure where Christmas or Ian was at game wise, but she doesn’t think that Janelle was the one that put Christmas’ name out there. She can’t say 100% that Janelle didn’t say that.

12:15 PM BBT – Bay tells NicA that she should spend some time with Day today.

12:17 PM BBT – Kitty cams.

1:10 PM BBT – Feeds are back. Sounds like they had some sort of practice for tomorrow’s HOH comp.

1:19 PM BBT – Cody is upset that everyone thinks he’s going to be upset about who they vote for.

1:27 PM BBT – Tyler tells David that Day is trying to flip the vote. David says if that’s the case and he goes out, then it it what it is. He tells David he can’t say anything to anyone because there are people making sure this doesn’t get back to them and if it does, he will go home. David doesn’t think that Day is trying to flip it though.

1:28 PM BBT – Enzo is telling NicA that he wants her to stay. It’s better for him if she is in the house. NicA tells him that David is a bigger comp threat and if they take him to the end, he will beat them in the comps. Nicole made it to F3, but she lost in all the comps.

1:40 PM BBT – Ian says to Dani and Cody that from what he understood, David is supposed to stay this week. Cody tells him that Day is trying to flip the vote and Ian says that something doesn’t make sense. Dani tells him that everyone thinks that the guys are working together.

1:41 PM BBT – David is following up with Day and asking what she thinks about Christmas. She asks if he has talked to her and he said yeah, but he wanted to know if she heard anything. She tells him that he should talk to Bay because she is closer to Christmas.

1:43 PM BBT – Enzo tells her that he has no problem voting for NicA to stay, he wants her to stay. She tells him that she would hate for him to be out on a limb by himself.

1:42 PM BBT – Cody tells Dani and Ian that David staying over NicA isn’t something he is willing to battle for.

1:50 PM BBT – Day tells NicA that her fear is that she is in a toxic relationship with Janelle and if she stays, she’s going to go back to Janelle. NicA says absolutely not.

1:59 PM BBT – Day asks NicA who they have for sure and she says Janelle and Kaysar unless she flips on them at some point. Bay and Christmas are on the fence and so is Enzo. They all seem to want her here but they are worried they will be on the wrong side of the vote.

2:04 PM BBT – NicA is camtalking and apologizing to everyone for letting them down.

2:11 PM BBT – Kevin, NicA, and Christmas are in the key bedroom talking and Kevin tells them that he feels like NicA got sucked into something unfortunate.

2:20 PM BBT – Christmas asks NicA if she followed up with Day and she said she did and she wanted to talk to Enzo and a few others. She adds that Day doesn’t want to be the swing vote. Christmas suggests that NicA talks to Memphis.

2:25 PM BBT – Bay tells Cody and Dani about the terrible game moves that David has made. Like telling Janelle that if he stays, he will go after Memphis and give Janelle a one week pass. Cody can’t believe that he said that after he told David not to mention things like that. Cody says he doesn’t really care which of them goes home this week.

2:30 PM BBT – Cody is concerned that if they keep NicA that she might go back and work with Janelle and Kaysar because they worked to keep her. Bay says that she doesn’t think she would and Cody says if that’s the case, it really doesn’t matter.

2:34 PM BBT – NicA is wondering to Janelle who Memphis would keep in the case of a tie. Janelle says that he told her he would vote out David and NicA asks why Memphis will talk to her and not NicA. Janelle said that just how Memphis is. NicA gets upset because she doesn’t believe that Janelle tried hard enough for her. Janelle tells her that she can’t make Memphis do anything and NicA says “well you two aren’t on the block” and walks out the door.

2:37 PM BBT – NicA goes out to the kitchen and says that Janelle better not follow her out there in front of Enzo, Tyler, Kevin, and Ian. She then goes into the bathroom where Christmas asks her what if they did a house meeting and do what they talked about the other day. NicA tells her she just screamed at her (J).

2:40 PM BBT – NicA tells Christmas that she is so frustrated that Janelle just told her that she is scared to talk to Memphis and they don’t talk.

2:42 PM BBT – NicA tells Cody that Janelle is frustrating her by telling her that she wants her here but somehow she ended up on the block. Then tells her that she’s scared to talk to Memphis, but she shared a bottle of wine with him the other night. Cody says “yea, that’s bull…” Cody tells her that if she stays this week, Janelle isn’t going to have anything to do with it.

2:49 PM BBT – Cody tells NicA that she is doing a great job disassociating herself from them. She mentions wanting to do a House Meeting as a hail mary but Cody says those don’t normally go well.

2:54 PM BBT – Cody tells NicA that there is no way the vote is going to be split and all Janelle and Kaysar are doing is causing chaos.

2:56 PM BBT – NicA tells Cody that if she wins HOH, they all know they are safe because they all know who she is coming after. She adds that even when they are gone, she owes them all for keeping her and she knows that.

3:01 PM BBT – Kevin tells NicA that he doesn’t want to get dragged into all this and she tells him that he won’t.

3:05 PM BBT – Cody tells Enzo that Janelle and Kaysar want a divided house. Enzo tells Cody that if NicA stays, that’s good for them and Cody agrees that she isn’t coming after them.

So much going on inside the house and a lot of talks about the votes flipping to NicA’s favor. Will she throw that Hail Mary and call a House Meeting or will she just continue to quietly campaign to stay? Does she have a shot at flipping this vote?

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