Big Brother 21: Jessica Manifests A Trap For Christie

Christie talks with Jessica on Big Brother 21

Jessica surprised a lot of us with her HOH win on Thursday night and while I was initially pretty skeptical of what sort of strategy she’d run this week on Big Brother 21 we may actually end up seeing some pretty fun game here. The nominations have been revealed and a target is set but it’s not so simple thanks to Christie’s Chaos power having one more week before it goes poof. So the new HOH will need a plan to skate around it and she’s already at work on that.

Jack and Jackson are on the Block. A solid choice. But hey, we’ve seen this movie before. One of them wins Veto and the house votes out a pointless alternative instead after Christie waves her power around the room and the HOH folds like a cheap suit. Maybe not this time.

Jessica knows Christie could use her power to steal the HOH’s renom power at the Veto meeting which would yet again throw the vote balance into a dangerous position. There are eight votes this week so if Christie can force one of the non-Six onto the Block she’ll have the strength to force out the non-Shooter this week. So what’s an HOH gonna do?

The plan here is for Jack to head out the door and that means Jessica and company need to keep Christie’s power out of play and to do that she has to think it’s Jackson, not Jack, set for eviction. That won’t be easy.

As of Friday night Christie actually does believe Jackson is the one to go even with Jack and Jackson both still on the Block. Christie is thrilled. After Thursday’s blow-up she’s ready to see Jackson go. She’s stated she won’t be using the power in that case. Of course, that power is completely dependent on who has the Veto so Christie boasting plans on this point is purely speculative.

Should Christie discover the plan is to get Jack out the door then I think she’ll be forced to use the power, if she can, again going back to who gets the PoV this weekend. Jack is one of her strongest allies and a shield for her in the game. With one last chance to use the power she’s got nothing to lose. And this could also be part of the game Christie’s playing. Why would she already commit to not using the power when she might as well save her ally and pick someone else to make sure Jackson goes if that’s who she really wants out the door. Might as well!

Overnight Christie did admit that she lied to Jessica about swearing to not use her power. In a discussion with Tommy, around 11:15 PM BBT 8/2, she explains that if she starts to get the sense that Jackson could stay over Jack and if one of them (Christie or her allies) has the Veto then she’ll use the power and would want Nicole up in Jack’s place to force a Jackson eviction.

So the goal is to keep the evict-Jack plan a secret until 11:01 AM BBT on Monday. That’s just past the deadline for Christie to announce her power to the DR. Now for keeping it all a secret, Jessica’s inner circle knows the plan and Kat has already run that back to Holly. She’s let Holly know that Jackson isn’t the plan this week and that Jack is targeted for eviction. That could easily start to leak and run around the house from Holly –> Jackson –> Tommy/Nick –> Christie and then the plan is squashed and Christie will look to play her power.

Let’s see what happens with the Veto and that’ll set us up for the next plan on what to expect for eviction and Christie’s power. Lots more ways this could go and we’ll know more soon. In the meantime, it’s a good plan by Jessica and company, they’ll just have to hang on tight to pull it off.



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