Big Brother 21 Final 3: Who Should Win? Season Stats And Strategies

It’s Big Brother 21 finale week and either Nicole, Jackson or Holly will walk away with the $500,000 prize. But which of them should win? We take a closer look at who played the best game based on stats and strategies.


Nicole is the player most favored by the fans to win. But she currently stands the worst shot at it because she is most likely not making final 2. Normally when I write these final 3 assessments, we don’t have a showmance in Final 3 that just won Parts 1 and 2 of the Final HOH. So there would still be some suspense. So It’s kind of a waste to even look at Nicole’s game, but she deserves that from us regardless of what we are pretty sure is going to happen.

Does Nicole Deserve to Win Big Brother 21? Yes. I think Nicole has played the best overall game and is actually the most-deserving of the Final 3. And I’m not just saying that because I think she’s the most likable (even though her likability has played a huge part in how she got to the end). Nicole has been the center of a lot of evictions. She was often the deciding vote and she was always in touch with what was going on. When others were still fooled and confused she saw through everything. Her only downfall was listening to Cliff when she should have listened to her gut.

She might have laid low the first month or so as far as competitions and moves go, but then she started winning when it really mattered, and her taking out Christie was a huge move in my opinion. I know Christie herself and a lot of fans didn’t see that as a big move, but I saw Christie as someone who could win this season. So taking her out was probably her biggest move in my opinion.

Can Nicole Win Big Brother 21? Yes. IF she had a shot at making final 2. I actually think the jury would reward her. Holly and Jackson don’t think that, though, so that’s why they should take her. But they aren’t going to turn their backs on each other. So even though I answered yes, the answer is really no. No, Nicole can’t win because she’s not going to make it to Final 2. Sadly.


I would rank Jackson just below Nicole in who should win this season. I just think she edges him out for the whole jury management/social aspect of the game. We’ve seen how important jury management has been for the past three seasons, and Jackson has had one of the worst social games in recent history. So I think he could end up hurting when it comes to the votes.

Does Jackson Deserve to Win Big Brother 21? Yes. I guess. I mean he’s played hard. And he got where he needed to be despite how obvious a threat he has been. There is a lot of speculation that he got there by cheating and with a lot of help from production. And that may or may not be true. But this is TV show and we all know they like to make good TV and reserve the right to manipulate their show. We hate that. A LOT. But it is what it is. A big part of me really wants to say no, he does not deserve to win. But since I know the Final 2 is going to be Jackson and Holly, I’m going to say yes because he definitely deserves to win over her.

Can Jackson Win Big Brother 21? Maybe. It’s going to be very hard for him to get five of those nine jury votes. So many people on the jury don’t like him and aren’t too happy with rewarding his behavior. I think it will take one hell of a final speech, and if I’m being honest, I can’t imagine him pulling off a good final speech. He’s so aggressive and arrogant, I could actually see him losing votes instead of gaining them.


A few weeks or a month ago (I’ve lost track of time), I ranked Holly as the person playing the best game. And I believed that then. But then one day it was kind of like she just turned her game off completely. She says she doesn’t want to be just be known as that girl in a showmance, but right now that is what she is known as. I think she had her moments, but my opinion on her has changed greatly in recent weeks.

Does Holly Deserve to Win Big Brother 21? I don’t want to say no, but I think I’m going to say no. As I just mentioned, she turned her game off completely and has been living solely for Jackson for the past month or so. She is even talking about how angry she would be if he doesn’t win this game and this is even after she knew she would be sitting next to him. So if she’s playing for second, then I’m definitely not going to say she deserves to win. That shows a huge lack of respect for this game and herself.

Can Holly Win Big Brother 21? Absolutely. She’s going to be sitting next to Jackson, who has burned almost all of the jury. She’s probably easily going to have votes from Kat, Christie, Nicole and Jessica. All she needs is one more, and that could come from Cliff or Nick. I think Holly might just be the winner of Big Brother 21. But again, if Jackson somehow manages to appeal to the jury, she might not. Stranger things have happened.

What do you think of the Big Brother 21 Final 3? Who could and should win the game?


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