Adam Poch’s Big Brother 20 Player Rankings – Week 1

Adam Poch on Big Brother

The Big Brother 20 season has started with a BANG!! We have had a season worth of gaming, punishments, flip-flop voting strategy, showmances, bromances, fakemances, comp beasts, paranoia, everything!!!

I was in Disney World all week since the feeds came on so I have relied on Twitter, as well as recaps on @bigbrothernet since I have not watched as much of the feeds as I usually do. So if I missed some specific conversations, don’t beat me up too much. I still think I have a decent read on the HGs so far.

BB20 Week 1 Bacon/Tofu Rankings!

Tyler Crispen – 5 strips of Bacon – Tyler has done a near-perfect job of first week HoH. He made the safest nomination possible and has straddled the line between both power alliances while remaining cool with the early season floaters. No matter who goes home this week, next week Tyler should be able to blend back in the background. As long as he does not have to commit to a side, he’s in good shape. Once he does, he better hope he makes the right decision.

Faysal Shafaat – 4 strips of Bacon – too bad Fessie cannot eat the bacon – but no matter how many times he’s thrown up, he’s taking his Hamazon punishment like a champ. Speaking of champ, his win in the Veto & subsequent decision not to use it did not rock the boat in the house. He’s the #2 in his alliance – keeping Chris as his meatshield. Meanwhile – he has 2 girls (kinda) fighting over him, so the chances of either one of them targeting him are small.

Scottie Salton – 3 strips of Bacon – just as Winston was a preseason fav among the BB Fandom, Scottie is a week 1 fav to be playing the best game. He does have a ride-or-die with Steve & has been approached to be a ride or die with Sam. So no matter who stays, he has an ally. He’s also an attractive free agent for both sides to approach when they need a vote in the next couple of weeks. Much like on Survivor, that swing vote is so important, and as long as he does not accidentally win HoH in the next few weeks, he’s in pretty decent shape.

Kaycee Clark / Angie Lantry – 2 strips of Bacon – 1 for each – let’s face it – both of these women hold the same role in their respective alliances. They are a number… and both are very colorful ones at that. Neither is in any sort of showmance, are still cordial to the other side, but you don’t see them interacting much across the line. That may come back to bite them later, but when the big dogs are all trying to get at each other, they will probably team up at some point.

Haleigh Broucher – 1 strip of Bacon – I like how Haleigh is holding her own in conversations and does not come off like a bitch or a pushover. She’s been caught “talking” under the covers with Fessie – and yet still playful borderline flirtatious with other guys in the house My only issue with her so far, is every time I see her, she looks like someone else. From Taylor Swift to Nicole BB18 to every generic blonde country girl ever. I sometimes forget who she is and this early in the game scramble to the cast photos to see if they added another HG.

Winston Hines / Brett Robinson / Angela Rummans / Rachel Swindler – 1 strip of tofu each – The core of the L6 Alliance. No matter what happens the guys will have the guy’s backs and the girls will have the girl’s back over each other. I did call the Bros last week in my preseason ranking, but who knew they would be bro’ing this hard out of the gate, While they think they will be able to play the girls, the girls would probably play them first. For now they are a strong foursome that can take control of the game, unfortunately, they are also 4 of the biggest targets in the house this early & not really doing much to make nice with the rest of the house.

Bayleigh Dayton – 1 strip of Tofu – falling for the boy even before the feeds come on automatically makes you a target. Only saving grace is her showmance partner is a bigger threat than she is. She needs to take a deep breath and keep her emotions in check before they move her back on the target list. She may end up being guilty by association and since she is not part of the FOUTTE alliance, could get booted over one of their own.

Sam Bledsoe – 2 strips of Tofu – poor poor Sam, the robot punishment is probably the worst thing that could happen to anyone this early in the game, but she has not made the most of her Robot Offline time. Also, I know she was desperate to try to build some bonds in the house – but telling Tyler she had the App power could be the nail in the coffin to send her out week 1 – although she has a CHANCE to come back. If she does stick around – I think the sweet innocent country gal will turn into a fierce no nonsense

JC Monduix – 3 strips of Tofu – as expected JC got a little too friendly with some of the other houseguests and he saw nothing wrong with his actions. The rest of the HGs do not see JC as a strategic genius and no one really wants to work with him, but they will keep him around for a bit and try to sway his vote however they want. Just do us all a favor and put the ice cream scooper down!

Steve Arienta – 4 strips of Tofu – Steve’s lack of competition prowess has led him to end up on the block week 1 – and his lack of campaigning may be the reason he gets voted out first. From what I have seen & heard he has barely tried to get votes to keep him in the house. He is relying on the few bonds he has to keep him in the loop. Cmon Steve – fight for your life in the house!!! If he stays this week – look for him to float to the power the next few weeks.

Chris Williams – 5 strips of Tofu – while he seems to know how to play this game, Chris is playing week 7 in the first week. He is probably the biggest target for the L6 alliance, and sadly he has teamed up with a much weaker alliance (save Faysal). He’s proven he can win comps but has been more cocky than sw… (not gonna say it!). As with Bayliegh – the showmance thing will end up hurting his game. He’s got way too many eggs in his own basket for him to last too much longer – but he’s making for good feeds in the meantime.

This brings us to the Tofurkey of the Week and that would be none other than one of my preseason favorites – Kaitlyn Herman. Man, this girl has been playing harder than she really needed to. She is part of the FOUTTE – but already can see her re-thinking her options. Seems like she started trying to get in good with the other side shortly after the VETO meeting when she knew 100% she was safe. At that point, she started trying to cover her bases if someone from L6 won the next HoH. Add to this the jealousy she has toward Haleigh over Fessy – and it’s only a matter of time before she completely self-destructs.

WOW – like I said in the opening, we are already seeing a lot of hard gaming – and tonight’s vote is still up in the air. We are not sure if it will be a 7-6 vote or a 13-0 – and most of them probably will not figure out who they are voting for until minutes before the live show. This should make for an interesting eviction and you will see most of them fight hard for the next HoH. Depending on who wins the next HoH will determine how the rest of the season will play out. Will the line in the sand be clear, or will it remain blurry? We will find out soon enough.

That leads me to my question of the week – who do you want to win the next HoH and why?

Get your popcorn ready – we are in for a great season (I hope)!! From outside the Big Brother House – I am Adam Poch – have a great day!!

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