Big Brother 20 Episode 19 Recap: Veto Punishments, Prizes and A Blindside

In one of the strangest veto outcomes that I can remember, two houseguests in danger forfeited the Power of Veto for prizes. This is Big Brother 20, so I don’t know why I’m surprised. What a crazy-good season.

Wednesday night’s episode picks up right after the Hacker removed Scottie from the block and named Tyler as their nominee. Tyler is confused. Scottie is confused. Everyone is confused. Except Haleigh, the hacker. Rockstar immediately thinks Scottie is the hacker, so Haleigh plays along.

The other side of the house starts thinking that the hacker is actually probably Bayleigh. And so they decide if they get the chance, she’s going on the block. Kaycee, Angela and JC decide to play dumb and keep letting Bayleigh feel safe with them.

Angela and Kaycee decide to plant a seed in Bayleigh’s head that Kaycee should play the veto, since one of the hacker’s powers is to name a veto player. They talk with her and let her know that if Kaycee wins the veto, she won’t change the nominees, and Angela won’t have to get any more blood on her hands. They do a good job planting the seeds, but too bad Bayleigh isn’t the hacker.

But Bayleigh says in front of Haleigh that Kaycee would be the easy choice for the hacker since she’s never played. So at the veto selection, Kaycee gets picked by the hacker. So now it looks even more like Bayleigh is the hacker.

Joining Angela, Tyler, Rockstar and Kaycee in the veto competition are Scottie and Brett. So the odds are again stacked in Tyler’s favor. And Rockstar takes notice. “Looks like with this lineup, I’m going to be fighting for myself by myself for this veto,” she says.

And then the doorbell rings and it’s Jessie there to host the veto competition. For this competition the HGs have to roll a ball back and forth and not let it drop. Every time they pass the middle of the surface, they get a point. The last person to reach the determined points in each round will be eliminated. And when people are eliminated, they get to pick a “prize” that can be traded by anyone eliminated after them.

Rockstar is the first person eliminated. Her 6th place prize is the Power of Veto. Someone will steal that right away, of course. Angela is the next out. She gets Jessie’s Fitness and Food Program so she trades that to Rockstar for the Veto, of course. Kaycee is the next person out. Her prize is a trip to Hawaii. She does not trade her prize.

That leaves Brett, Scottie and Tyler. Brett is the next person out. Brett’s gift is Health Nut mascot. He trades it to Kaycee to take the Hawaii trip. So it’s Scottie and Tyler left in the game. Scottie offers a deal that if he wins he promises to take Tyler down. Tyler says he would rather play to win, so they both go for it.

Tyler gets to the goal first, so Scottie is sent over to pick his prize. His box contains $5,000. Scottie tries to take the veto, but Angela promises that if he doesn’t take the veto she will not put him up. And since Scottie knows Tyler will take the veto from him anyway, he keeps the 5K. Tyler’s box contains a Granny punishment, meaning that he has to take care of a grandmother for 24 hours. Angela tells Tyler that she will use the veto on him if he doesn’t take it from her. So he takes Brett’s trip to Hawaii and Angela wins the Power of Veto.

At first this seemed like a really dumb outcome to me, but if you trust your alliance, this really wasn’t a horrible outcome. It was very, very risky though.

Bayleigh is concerned about Angela keeping the veto, so she goes to her and suggests using the veto on Rockstar and putting Scottie up so they can get out a power player. Angela tells us that getting a power player out is a good idea. But she of course means Bayleigh.

It’s time for the veto meeting. Angela tells the HGs that she has decided to use the Power of Veto on Tyler. She then says she’s known who the hacker is since day one and she isn’t happy they tried to hijack her HOH. She says that person is Bayleigh and asks her to take a seat next to Rockstar. Bayleigh tells everyone she is not the hacker as she takes her seat on the block. So Rockstar or Bayleigh will be evicted this week.

What did you think of this week’s Big Brother episode? Did the HGs make the right decisions in the veto competition?


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