Big Brother 20 Live Feeds Week 6: Wednesday Daytime Highlights

It was quite the dramatic day in the Big Brother 20 house as an explosive house meeting was called that let people in tears and even one of them bleeding. Read on for all the dramatic details from the biggest blowup of the season and what went down before and after the major drama.

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Big Brother 20 Live Feed Highlights – Wednesday, August 8, 2018:

    10:20 AM BBT – HGs got their wake up call.

    10:45 AM BBT – Bayleigh and Angela had a brief talk. Bayleigh told Angela she’s not the Hacker and wishes Angela came and asked her. Angela recalls how Bayleigh targeted her during that dot/ball challenge. Bayleigh tells Angela she’s going to look stupid when she sees she wasn’t the Hacker.

    11:10 AM BBT – Bayleigh recalls how Tyler talked her into putting that deletion dot/ball in Angela’s tube.

    11:30 AM BBT – Bayleigh is angry and says she wants out of the house.

    11:35 AM BBT – Bayleigh says HGs want her to lose her cool, but she isn’t going to do it because she doesn’t owe anyone anything.

    11:45 AM BBT – Bayleigh is saying affirmations to help her calm and feel better about herself. Haleigh comes by and talks to Bayleigh. Sounds like she’s planning to do the house meeting and thinks it will earn them votes from Brett and Kaycee.

    12:05 PM BBT – Haleigh tells RS her Hacker secret. RS is excited about this idea to have a house meeting, tell everyone, and try to flip the target to herself this week instead of Bayleigh.

    12:23 PM BBT – Haleigh calls everyone to the living room for the house meeting!

    12:24 PM BBT – Haleigh tells the house that everyone owes Bayleigh an apology because she is the Hacker this week. She also calls Tyler out by using things Kaitlyn told her about his game and that’s why she nominated him. He denies anything she’s saying and then Bayleigh jumps in and tells Tyler that he also wanted Angela on the block last week and then a lot of shouting ensues.

    12:33 PM BBT – Tyler is upset over what went down. He says it went way too far and that he’s not some kind of villain. He says this is just a game.

    12:35 PM BBT – Bayleigh’s mouth is bleeding and she thinks she lost a tooth during her shouting, so she goes to the DR.

    12:37 PM BBT – JC tells Angela that this is what Bayleigh does and that she’s playing the victim. Angela says it doesn’t matter if she’s the hacker or not because she was still going to be her target because of the Power App. JC implies this is how Bayleigh always is and says he only had that conversation with her about sensitive topics for TV.

    12:40 PM BBT – Sam tells Haleigh she’s not mad at her and says she did the right thing and she his proud of her.

    12:43 PM BBT – Angela still doesn’t think Haleigh is the Hacker. She thinks that Bayleigh convinced Haleigh to take the blame. Kaycee and Angela also think Scottie knows who the hacker is.

    12:45 PM BBT – Haleigh tells Rockstar that whoever leaves this week she’ll be seeing them in jury next week.

    12:49 PM BBT – Tyler, Angela and Kaycee are confused why Rockstar is OK with what’s going on and is seemingly OK with getting evicted.

    12:55 PM BBT – JC is grilling Faysal and telling him he’s stupid for trusting Haleigh. He says when Haleigh used the power it made Faysal vulnerable this week.

    1:00 PM BBT – Bayleigh apologizes for screaming so loudly. She says she’s never ever been that angry in her life but she feels better now. She bit through her jaw during it, so she didn’t lose a tooth.

    1:03 PM BBT – Rockstar says the weirdest thing about all of this is that she likes Brett now. He says “you didn’t like me before?” and the hug. She says she really likes him now.

    1:10 PM BBT – JC is annoyed with Rockstar so he’s asking her why she isn’t trying to fight to stay this week. She says she doesn’t want to go home but she’s just mentally prepared in case she does. She tells him she’s not giving up.

    1:20 PM BBT – Haleigh thinks the votes to keep Bayleigh will be her, Faysal, Scottie, JC and Brett (wrong).

    1:35 PM BBT – Bayleigh and Brett are talking about the meeting. He tells her he wanted to give her space since she was so upset. She said she understands.

    1:53 PM BBT – Angela and Kaycee are trying to figure out votes without counting Scottie because they think he could still be with the other side.

    1:55 PM BBT – Bayleigh tells Brett she feels awful and the whole world will see her flip out. He tells her that she’s fine and that she was just upset and did nothing to cross the line. He tells her it’s OK to be human. She tells him that he is making her feel much better.

    2:25 PM BBT – Faysal tells Haleigh and Bayleigh he thinks he has JC’s vote to keep Bayleigh. They still think they can also get Brett’s.

    2:28 PM BBT – Bayleigh tells Haleigh that Tyler is just an awful person. She says if she goes home now she’s OK with it because now she’ll know that they just genuinely wanted her out.

    2:36 PM BBT – Rockstar finally asks Haleigh why she didn’t pick Faysal for veto. She said she didn’t want them to think it was someone from their side.

    2:48 PM BBT – Sam is going on a weird tangent about not wanting to be there but she has enough respect for the others to make the best of it. She says she’s upset that they’re all upset and she just has nothing to do – nothing to clean, nothing to talk about. She says she’s sorry for what is going on and if she did anything to Tyler or Angela, she’s sorry. They tell her she didn’t do anything.

    3:00 PM BBT – Both sides of the house are in different spots still talking about the events of the day.

So if the plan was for this house meeting to save Bayleigh, I don’t think it worked. If anything, it made her chances of staying even less. But it sure made for an entertaining day in the Big Brother house. And it’s still only half over. Be sure to check back for the rest of the Live Feeds events from the day tomorrow morning.

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