Big Brother 19: Veto Options Narrowing For Cody – Update

The first Power of Veto competition has come and gone for the Big Brother 19 Houseguests and now we’re set up with an interesting situation for the current Head of Household, Cody. He’s going to have to make a choice, but his list of options is shrinking and more so than he realizes.

Cody Nickson thinking of his next move

Cody’s first pass at noms gave us Megan and Jillian, but that soon gave way to Alex and Jillian after Megan quit. Now it’s about to change again after Alex’s Veto win on Friday. Considering she was the big target this was a clutch win for her. Nicely done. So it’s time for a new target.

You’d think with 15 HGs left in the game you’d have some decent choices to pick from, but when you start going down the list of actual options it’s a really small pool of options. Here’s who’s in the line up.

  • Alex: safe with the Veto
  • Christmas: ally (Update: possible option)
  • Dominique: ally
  • Elena: ally + ally Mark’s showmance
  • Jason: option, but Cody wants to make a deal
  • Jessica: ally + showmance
  • Jillian: already on the Block
  • Josh: safe with golden apple
  • Kevin: option
  • Mark: ally
  • Matthew: ally
  • Paul: safe w/ DoT, ally, former BD target
  • Ramses: option
  • Raven: ally + flirty w/ Matthew

So yeah, all those names and he’s only got 3 options, but he thinks he has 4. Paul has the Pendant of Protection as the spoilers revealed (surprising no one), but Cody had suggested he’d go after Paul in the first episodes. By the time the Feeds came on they seemed to be buddies, enough so at least, and working together in that typical early season mega alliance. If Cody does try to take a swing at Paul it’s going to be real fun to watch that play out since Paul isn’t going anywhere for at least three evictions. No idea on the logistics of that power though so it’d be interesting to watch it happen.

The other three possibilities are Jason, Kevin, and Ramses. Jason seemed to be the top pick for the group, but then Cody told Mark he wanted to make a deal with Jason to keep the couples safe. Cody suggested he had another plan that he’d keep silent to safeguard Mark. Gotta consider he’s thinking again about that Paul plan but that’d totally blow up in his face.

Next we’ve got Kevin, but I just don’t see him going after Kevin. He’s very well liked and I don’t believe Cody considers Kevin a threat to his game, at least not at this point. I’d be surprised if he went for a Kevin renom, but it is one of his few viable options.

Lastly there’s Ramses. Paul previously mentioned Ramses as one of the options around the time the group was discussing going for Jason. I’ve been wondering if Paul actually got to pick who would get the consequences end of his Den of Temptation prize. Maybe he assigned the punishment to Ramses because he already wanted him gone or Paul could be nervous that Ramses could find out Paul tagged him for the “serpent bite” and wants him out before he can seek revenge. Dunno, just a guess, and we’ll find out on Sunday.

Now if Cody is wanting to make a deal with Jason then he’s either looking at Kevin, Paul, or Ramses. Remove Paul since we know better and Cody is down to either Kevin or Ramses. In that case I’d expect Ramses to take the heat. What also could happen is the group finds out Cody isn’t going to put up Jason like they wanted and they start to apply pressure leading Cody to give in. Yielding doesn’t seem like something Cody would do, at least not if he’s got his mind set on another HG.

Interesting situation with the ladies being off the list of options as they’ve either coupled with one of Cody’s close allies, become a direct ally on their own, or been sent to the Block already. That’s going to make things tricky before too long.

What do you think Cody should do and what do you think Cody will end up doing? Could he really be considering trying for a Paul renom? That’d be entertaining, but would Cody risk upsetting some of his allies by aiming within the group? Of course he’s also risking upsetting them by plotting to make a deal with Jason instead of targeting him like the group suggested.

As for when the Veto Ceremony arrives, we don’t know for sure. Usually it’s on Monday afternoons, but usually the Veto comp is on Saturday and was held a day early. First week of Big Brother is goofy with all the extra time. Add in a holiday coming up and production may push things up to make for a long holiday stretch for some of the team. We may not know until it happens, but we’ll have the spoilers for you as soon as the results are in.

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Update: This afternoon Cody talked privately with Matt that he wants to offer Alex and Jason a deal to protect the couples and Dominique. He thinks that core group could get to the end. So that leaves Paul and Christmas on the outside, huh? We could be heading toward Cody trying to put Paul up and out. Still don’t know if Paul can even be nominated or not, but either way he definitely can’t be evicted if Cody tries.

And now Cody has pitched the deal to Alex and Jillian. He promised them safety till Jury and will make the same offer to another HG (Jason, presumably). After Cody left Alex was clearly not impressed and told Jillian she’d still go after Cody & Jessica next week.

twitter-tweet" data-lang="en">

Cody tells Alex & Jillian that he wants to make them an awesome deal. He'll protect them all the way to Jury & will be loyal to Alex. #BB19

— Big Brother Network (@bigbrothernet) July 1, 2017

Update 2: More deals being offered. Cody tells Ramses he’ll keep him safe if Ramses keeps Cody’s close allies safe next week. Ramses agrees. Later after Ramses is leaving he whispers to himself that he’s still going to put up Cody next week if he can.

twitter-tweet" data-lang="en">

Cody tells Ramses that if he will protect Cody's close allies then he'll be safe. Ramses agrees. Cody tells R to keep on keeping on. #BB19

— Big Brother Network (@bigbrothernet) July 1, 2017

So who is it going to be? I suppose Christmas isn’t safe along with Paul if Cody wants to protect the couples & Dominique. Will he try for either Paul or Christmas? We still haven’t seen him back a deal offer to Jason, but Cody said yesterday that he would. But why oh why would Cody risk splitting up an alliance and upsetting alliance in exchange for a week of safety with Ramses, for example? Odd plan.



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  1. Solid write-up Matt, you covered it all. I’m thinking Cody is planning on Paul as his re-nom. He’s just been really tight lipped about his plans making me think he’s up to something big. We’ll see!

    • Thanks! Didn’t mean to make such a long write up, but I tend to ramble.

      Exactly. Cody is being so secretive about the plan that it must be something he knows the others won’t like. Oh this could be fun!

      • If Cody keeps his plans close to his vest he may be willing and able to pull off a real blindside…I could put up with him in power if it meant no one goes running to the target warning them about their impending eviction and we get to see true shock on eviction night….

      • Did Paul get the “save for the 3 weeks”…I heard some people saying that. Paul sucks he gotta go.

        Cody&Jessica all the way.

      • I love the rambles! Almost like you were there, if you weren’t. Thank you!

  2. Similar to Devin I feel like Cody is trying to form a 15 person alliance… He’s probably planning to backdoor Paul, but as you said most likely going to blow up his own game. I get the sense that people in Cody’s alliance like Jessica, Raven, Elena, Matt, Mark, and others like and trust Paul. They pretty much have 9 people in that group, but rather than just roll with that he keeps trying to make deals and work angles. I predict Cody is gone before Paul’s 3 weeks are up. Paul will definitely flip this on him if Cody tries to nominate him.

    • Yep, good point. Paul is well liked and right now Cody is frustrating some of his allies. Paul might be able to peel them off and we could have an alliance triangle.

      • If/when Cody goes down I could see Paul, Christmas, Mark, & Elena eventually forming something. They all seem very close and spend a lot of time together. I’m also really liking the Paul/Kevin pairing. From what I’ve seen they are sharing information and not spreading anything to compromise each other.

      • They are definitely the funniest on the feeds. Kevin is hilarious and fun to see. They did a great job casting this season.

      • Kevin cracks me up! Did you see him telling the story about Josh insulting both the Marines & the Seals to Never-Crack-A-Smile-Cody? OMG! Hi-lar-ious!

      • Yeah, I am actually. The feeds were explosive today & drama like that is just pure entertainment! I also like the diversity in ages this season, although BB still follows the paradigm of certain types, at least they are not all under 25 except the one token 40 yr old!!

        How about you?

      • I’d love that! All four of those people are cool. If you watch Mark when Cody talks to him, he’s always polite but he has a look on his face like he doesn’t really like how Cody treats people.

      • Yes, yes please on the alliance triangle.

        Cody is an interesting character. He makes me cringe a lot (for many reasons), but I like that production cast such a different person. Cody is direct and not afraid to play the game…love this. Good chance he makes an early exit, but he seems ok with that too and probably won’t go down without a real fight.

      • That would be interesting. Cody seemed really distrustful of Paul last night…said he (Paul) & Christmas were the reason for their group’s “game fear” and “distrust”. It’d be really interesting to see if he nominates Paul b/c as we know, Paul can’t be nominated! If that happens, I see fireworks coming and not b/c it’s the 4th of July!

        On a side note… If Cody does nom Paul & is denied the nomination b/c of the pendant of protection, that would mean he would end up nominating 5 people in one HOH!!

        Matt, that has to be a record, right?

  3. I hope Cody does try to put Paul up. That way Paul will have to reveal his safety. Puts a bigger target on his back. Then Paul also knows Cody is after him. Let them two go at each other. Cody leaves first and after Paul’s safety expires he goes.

    • Except the others could target Paul when the three weeks are up. Paul can’t get another DoT pendant.

      • That’s true. Tonight he was telling a few of them if the outcasts do something against him then America won’t vote for them to win anything because America loves him. He’s getting a big head.

      • It’s possible he’s just arrogant but knowing Paul I wouldn’t rule out that it’s part of his game to scare everyone into thinking they’re screwed if they turn on him.

      • And yet another oddly inspiring twist. Paul is a real good worker of that black magic that is him.

  4. Cody was just talking with Matt telling him that he want’s to make a deal with Alex and Jason for safety next week. He made a comment about only looking out for “the couples” and Dom going forward because, “a lot of people are not going to understand my next move.”

    Sure seems like he’s going to try and nominate Paul!

  5. Okay its official- Cody has no idea what he’s doing.
    He makes unnecessary deals and is playing too hard too fast.
    Why make a deal with THE GUY YOU WANTED TO BACKDOOR?

  6. I’m doing laundry today so I was thinking about this but it sort of feels like if Paul had to name like an automatic replacement it takes some drama out of it. Like not for Cody but for us.

    • How excellent would it be, though, if Paul named Jessica as his replacement? Plenty o’ drama, methinks!

      • Yeah and its too bad that I think he had to name him already because now maybe he would see some holes and that Christmas, Dom and Elena and that developing sub alliance is his better bet and would be easier if Cody had to flounder.

  7. Can’t stand Ramses and just don’t see him contributing much to the game as things progress so hoping he goes up when Cody learns that Paul is safe.

    • Why exactly can’t you stand Ramses? He is very high energy but so far he doesn’t bother me as much as Cody/Jessica/Elena/Raven.

      • I just found him super-annoying from the beginning of the premiere episode. Granted, all of the ones you mention are annoying too.

    • Paul can still go on the block, he just can’t be evicted, which will really tick everyone else off…and Cody will be their next target for eviction!

      • Oh really?! So Paul doesn’t have to reveal his safety when he’s named as renom?!

      • If he is nom’d it will come out that he does have safety.

  8. Why hasn’t he considered putting up an ally pawn (not paul) and get less blood on his hands

    • He likes getting blood on his hands though, thinking he’s Superman or something! LOLOL

    • Cody is in this for maximum carnage, he doesn’t care.

  9. I think he might put up Jessica as a pawn and want everyone to vote out Jillian….but the group might just vote out Jessica…what say you?

    • I think he will put up either Whistlenut or Paul. I kind of want him to go the Paul route, it makes for good drama and feeds but I don’t because it will expose Paul’s safety to everyone and put a target on his back.

      • I think he’ll choose Jason over Paul or Christmas to avoid having that target. But we shall soon see. Cody is getting a bit too smug for his own good.

      • Because he’s running out of options with those who he sees as his allies now.

      • Because he’s running out of options of who to put up with the amount of people he wants in a rather large alliance. LOL

  10. I almost feel a little bad for Cody. Hear me out. Most hohs have to nominate 2 people and maybe a replacement if one gets vetoed. They have to deal with the fallout of each of those nominations. Cody has made 3 nominations already, will have to make a new one after the veto is played, and if he picks Paul, he has to make yet another pick. Granted, one of those nominees left, but that’s still 4 people in the house pissed at him, along with their allies and especially the allies of whoever is ultimately evicted. He really can’t avoid setting his game on fire here.

    That said, he’s an insufferable douche so I don’t actually feel bad but I felt the point should be made.

    • If everyone were smart. . They would get rid of Cody. When they can or BD him. He has brawn and brains. . plus hes getting on peoples nerves except Jessica because. . obvious reasons.

  11. I don’t like Cody. He is “trying” to run this house too early in the game. I have a feeling he will crash and burn. I hope Alex wins it all. I like her she is a fighter and she needs to stay as long as possible. If she becomes HOH next week I hope she will put up Jessica and Mark. Let’s say Mark wins POV. She puts up Cody next to her and BAM! Best Ever. Goodbye Cody.

    As another standing point. . I want Josh gone. He isn’t mentally in it. . and he is very paranoid.

    Still very sad that megan is gone :(

  12. Cody & Jessica are perfect for each other, they are both super hot and super smart. Just a lovely connection.

  13. I don’t have the live feeds but I read that Jess said whoever takes a temptation next they should all take turns r@ping them?! Can someone confirm or deny this was said?

  14. The more I look at how this week could unfold the more I worry about Christmas being in danger. Cody has been planning to make a deal with Jason and Alex. Earlier today he already pitched Alex with Jillian in the room and also pitched Ramseys. I’m pretty sure he’s planning to backdoor Paul, but when he tries I’m assuming Paul pulls out his pendant and says try again. Knowing how Cody is about stuff it wouldn’t surprise me if he went for Christmas since he’d at that point be in alliance with Matt, Raven, Mark, Elena, Jessica, Dominque and have deals with Ramseys and Jason. Paul, Alex, Josh would be safe and Jillian already on the block. That leaves Kevin and Christmas.

    • Great point Fayt. He would likely have a tough time getting the votes to evict her over Jillian at this point. Even though it’s the smarter play.

  15. Sounds like Cody has his hands in the cookie jar on all fronts. I really do not like his arrogant attitude and was glad to see that Alex would put him and Jessica Rabbit (my name for her..she flaunts herself all over the house) up on the block if she gets the opportunity.

  16. What is the web page that gives the minute by minute updates. I can’t remember?

  17. Cody and Jess are becoming more of McCranda. Cody is just an emotionless wreck (if that makes any sense) and Jess is clingy and catty.

    Honestly I’m not a fan of them both. And its nice to see that no one trusts him or his little bikini bride.

  18. I hope he don’t put Christmas on the block :( But if that’s the case I don’t see the people voting her out instead of Jillian.

  19. Not five minutes ago our girl Jessica was in the hammock with Paul, trying to sell him on talking to Cody tonight about some insane plan Cody has allegedly cooked up to backdoor Alex by convincing Alex to give her power of veto to her friend Jillian, under the promise that “Cody will keep Alex safe”, the premise being that Jillian is in real danger otherwise. Someone perceived by Alex to be no threat would go up against Alex, who would remain on the block.

    However while Alex would think herself safe, she would actually then immediately be sent home before she could make good on her promise to break up the showmances, which vow it sounds like Cody and Jessica are taking super personally. Paul? Not so much.

    Not sure if Paul bought this, as he expressed some doubt initially. Also not sure this isn’t Jessica’s plan rather than Cody’s, and that she isn’t now trying to send Paul in to promote her agenda to her brickwall boyfriend. She did allow as to how she and Cody have discussed that their games have to be separate. It will be interesting to see if Paul approaches Cody about it.

  20. I thought Jason was already on the block. Ramses will probably go up even if Cody tried to make a deal with him. Ramses is part of the alliance that Cody seems to be targeting.

  21. Okay, thought I’d make it a week before I started really disliking one of these hamsters, but, no, Cody opened his mouth and started talking. What a D-Bag!!!!!! Geez!

  22. What I am waiting to see is if Paul sits on the block and the safety is played after the votes are cast. That would be entertaining. Or will Clueless Cody have to nom someone else.
    I am going with Paul sits on the block but then doesn’t get voted off

    • Nope. Unless Paul says something, it won’t come up unless the HoH tries to nominate him.

    • Just looked at the CBS website and it says with the Pendant of Protection the person cannot be nominated or evicted so seems like Cody would have to nominate someone else straight away. Would be fun to watch Cody’s face if he does nominate Paul and then finds out his plan has backfired.

  23. This alliance is going over “like a turd in the punch bowl” Can’t wait for the Fireworks!

  24. Dominique is letting Josh know that he has ruined his own game. I don’t even know why she bothers. She talks to him like a child because that is how he behaves.

  25. Please explain this to me.
    Paul gets 3 weeks of safety and screw someone else’s game????? How fair is that???;( so the vets comes in and gets a huge advantage right away???? That’s F-ed up!!!!!!
    On a side note after 3 weeks they better rid rid of paul or he will win!!!!
    So sad CBS pulls this crap!!!

  26. What I gathered is basically no matter what, the alpha male Cody is S.O.L next week, unless the house just completely cannot stand Josh enough to want him out. He truly does not seem to understand the ins and outs of the game and seems like the type of guy who thinks he can get his way or the highway. But like Mike Tyson said: “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.”

  27. Geez, what’s up with that Jessica chick? She got the forehead of a “Klingon!”

    Bad Botox?

    HD TV is NOT her friend!

  28. for someone who clearly thinks very highly of himself, cody has zero idea what he’s doing and it’s hilarious, considering what a massive douchebag he is. i haven’t disliked a houseguest this much in awhile.

  29. Can”t stand CODY!! Something seems wrong with the guy~ He thinks he is better than everyone else??? whoever wins new POV needs to put cody up and OUT!

    • The guy never smiles! Well, unless he’s getting rubbed on by Jessica that is!

      • Jess is really bugging me. Her potty mouth is even worse than Paul’s–maybe even worse than Evel Dick. *gasp*

        On Jokers they said she mentioned how the next HG to take a temptation should be gang raped by the group! :O If that’s true…whoa! That is crazy inappropriate!

      • I did read about her disgusting comment. Her family at home must be so proud of her UGH.

      • Right? She even said her mom was probably wishing she would shut up & stop insulting the family or something like that! Problem is…she still kept right on talking nasty! Ugh! Good thing for her that she’s pretty coz she sure is gross everywhere else. Goes to show you how looks matter more than manners I guess. Hmm?

  30. Did anyone see Josh insulting both the Marine Corp. & the Navy Seals last night??

    Wow! That guy is a major moron!

    • I didn’t see it, I don’t have the Feeds but he has no cause to insult them whatsoever, being a member of the Marine Corb. or the Navy especially a Seal, is something he could never ever do because his Mommy wouldn’t be there with him and he’d be crying too much without her. YUK!!!

      • Hahaha!! Yeah, the guy sure is missing his mama.

        He told Cody the Marines were the ones who didn’t “do anything” and then said the Seals’ basically “washed the ships” and that was it!!!! :O

        I mean seriously? Is this guy for real??

      • :) E-hugs. haha. Seriously tho, I think this season is going to be fun. Even if Paul can be a jerk, he can be funny too. Next to Josh, sheesh, he looks downright housebroken!! hahahaha

      • My problem is I just don’t like return players. I’m okay with All-Stars but not a mix. That’s like last year on BBCanada they had 2 guests from other countries that had already played the game and one of them actually won their game in their country so why were they there with all newbies?

      • Agreed. I was really hoping for an all newbie cast. Really didn’t want ANY vets coming back this season, but, look on the bright side my friend, at least it’s not Jozea!! hahahahahahaha!

      • hahaha I forgot about him. As the saying goes, every cloud has a silver lining.

      • Exactly. Imagine if Jozea got a second chance… we would all have to listen as he bragged about this season being the second coming of the “Messiah-Jozea”! Hahahahaha!

        I’d want to shoot myself!

  31. Matt

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