Big Brother 19 Veto Meeting Plans Week 7

The Veto Ceremony is coming up later today for the Big Brother 19 Houseguests and but this week’s Backdoor target was putting in the effort yesterday to change minds. Was it too little too late?

Matthew is pleased with himself on BB19

Cody knows what’s going on and no one is trying to hide it from him. He’s set to hit the Block at today’s meeting but on Sunday he made several attempts to sway Alex and Jason, trying to convince them that he was their best support for trying to overthrow Paul’s control on the house.

It wasn’t a bad pitch by Cody, but it’s just too late in the game for this from him. Flashback to 6:35 PM BBT 8/13 to watch. Cody is imploring Jason and Alex to consider how he saved them in Week 1 and to think about how they could work together again. He made it clear that Paul would walk through this game to the end if they didn’t change things now. Cody made it clear he’d start with eliminating Paul and he might as well admit it now with nothing else to lose.

Alex and Jason did share details of this conversation later with the rest of the group, but they didn’t reveal quite everything. Some of it they held back, but what they told was enough to show that I don’t think Alex will take the offer and Jason won’t pressure her to do so.

It’s a weird one here in the grand scheme of things you should never do with the Veto, but this week’s Veto winner is one limp noodle in the game so no one should be surprised. Matthew has agreed to Paul’s plan that he will use the Veto, but not on himself. That’s right, Matthew says he’ll save Jason this week despite being on the Block himself.

If Matthew saved himself then there’d be no renom. Jason would stay up with Elena next to him and I’d be entertained, but it’s not going to happen. Cody will be renom’d by Alex despite yesterday’s talks and then on Thursday he’ll be voted off to Jury. Remember that Julie announced there’s no Battle Back for Jury this year so when you’re out, you’re done.

We’ll be watching for the Veto Ceremony later this afternoon and will have the spoiler results then. What do you think of Matthew’s Veto plans? Which way do you think things will go today?

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  1. This is unusual but I’m all for Matt using the veto on Jason. The Cody story is old and tired. Get him out and let the fun begin. Marlena are pretty well on the other side now and Mark has been trying to rally forces. It will be interesting to see who is HoH for the 2nd eviction and then how the dust settles from that. Lots of game yet to be played. They’re going to have to start eating their young lol

    • Paul will eat them all. He has Jedi mind tricked everyone that he is untouchable without the “house” sending them home. I don’t think they realize they are the house. What a dud season.

      • Paul will be out soon. If someone doesn’t take a shot at him at this week DE, it will be at the next DE.

      • If he doesn’t win the DE HOH of course. Its just a hunch, but I have a strong feeling that he threw this last HOH because he thought this week would be the DE. They can’t touch him if he manages to win the HOH comp.

        That being said, even though I like Paul… I don’t see him making it to F2. Heck, I think he’s being honest when he says he doesn’t expect to make it that far.

      • Yes, Paul did not win HOH this week because he predicted a DE this week, spot on Paul. He was discussing this with his crew early last week.

      • Agreed. But the foresight was there to see it coming. And, like I said above, If he doesn’t win one of the HOH comps and winds up on the block, it will be interesting to see of he goes up and/or gets voted out.

      • all the more reason there should be no returning vets, he has played in all the comps already and he even can predict a DE.

      • You were complaining about Paul being a vet and thus able to predict a DE, I’m just saying anyone who watches can predict one also

      • Right you are. I have gotten more than a few people to watch BB that have never watched it before. On their second season they were counting the numbers and telling me that there should be a DE coming up. Paul really saw it and got lucky that it was this week. Although he would have been okay anyway.

      • I’m sure Production will make sure he wins. I hate this season. Worst cast ever and they all should be ashamed of themselves. I have stopped watching. I just read spoilers and all the comments

      • I’d put BB16 up there with this one. Sure, I liked Derrick and he was the one I wanted to win but…. That was the most boring season I’ve seen as far as being able to predict who was going to win from about week 6 on or so. The only person who had the slightest chance other than Derrick was Nicole.

        When she was finally evicted for good, I didn’t watch another episode until the finale. There was no point.

      • I don’t see how you can be a BB fan and stop watching the show!!! To me, it is hilarious to watch and see just how easily manipulated these HGs are. That is why I enjoyed the BB all-stars with Janelle, Boogie, Dr. Will, etc. so much. To see how Dr. Will and Boogie used them and then the hilarious DR sessions with them was so funny it made me cry. I got so aggravated at how anyone could be that stupid…But it was entertaining to me. To watch Paul maneuver through safely week to week is amazing. I will continue to watch every show.

      • It has been going downhill for awhile. If people were old enough to remember the beginning seasons, they would be ill right now.

      • I actually think this is a good cast. Sure, someone may be floating/laying low, some may be aiming for jury, and I’m not crazy about everyone. But I still, overall, like this cast as such.

      • Well, to be honest it was only 3 weeks until the finale by that point. So I didn’t give up on much. I will say one thing… I did see the episode where Frankie was finally evicted. I set the DVR to record it, and then checked the spoilers to make sure he went home before I watched though, lol. That season just didn’t seem that exciting to me, I guess is what it boiled down to.

        As far as Paul goes… I was there for his entire amazing run last year, and I will be here for the ride this season as well. If he does get taken out somewhere before F2, I will continue to watch because I can’t imagine any one HG being the obvious winner (even with Paul gone).
        The haters don’t seem to know what they are talking about because…

        Being able to control other HGs and manipulate them into doing what you want is what BB is all about! They can’t stand it because they don’t like a person (whom they’ve never met most likely) on a personal level. To go from someone who didn’t know anything about BB (week 1 last season), to someone who can survive week after week on the block and eventually being charismatic enough to control the house. Sorry, but all that says to me is that Paul is one of the best BB players ever.

      • Marvin, I can’t stand Taylor Swift but this does fit

        ‘Cause the players (Paul) gonna play, play, play, play, play
        And the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate’

        Paul is playing hard and the haters will refuse to see good game play when its there. He’s not perfect but he’s playing the game and its working for him

      • How Paul would sing a certain Bon Jovi song…

        I walk this house
        A big ass target on my back
        I play for keeps ’cause I might not make it back
        I been on the block, still, I’m standing tall
        I’ve seen 32 faces
        And I’ve rocked them all

        Except for Nicole’s face of course, but that was his own fault for being too stubborn to take James to the finale (because he didn’t respect him)

      • Calvin, absolutely. You nailed it!!! I was not putting you down for not watching, I just couldn’t understand why anyone who is a BB fan would not watch it. I could name off maybe 5-8 players that I would consider the best BB players of all time. And each of them I would name for different reasons. But that is what makes a good player a great player. They change their game and tailor it to the other players, situation, comp and even according to how far in the game it is. Paul is one of those players I would put in my list of great players.

        tr8ppin3…I needed that. Great analogy, loved it!!!

      • I didn’t take it as a put down, so no worries. I tried to watch BBAD after she went to jury, but I fell asleep like 20 minutes in on the first 2 nights after Nicole finally left.

        I had not watched BB before Season 12, so I’m definitely not the veteran viewer but I have enjoyed it. 16 just couldn’t keep my interest for the last few weeks. I’m not sure about the first 11 seasons, but I’ve never seen one that was so… Man against boys and girls (Derrick vs the rest of the house) is the best way I can put it.

      • If Paul makes it to the end, and I don’t care who gets there with him, he should win, hands down. I even think that Cody would even vote for him, if he votes without the little bit of emotion that he has.

      • I I loved Derrick’s season, except for the disgusting person that was Frankie. It gave us exactly what you said you love about BB…someone being able to manipulate the house guests into doing what he wanted! Derrick was quietly brilliant.

      • First off paul was handed the game with first Hex. Ruined the game.
        Second Paul is no Boogie or Janelle. they accomplised thete win in the first game so did derrick. This is Paul second try.
        Third, if they do not take down paul now why they have the numbers. It wont happen Paul won BB 19. Paul has the HG under his control and he knows it as long ad Cody goes this week

      • Boogie won on his second try and only because Will got him there. The only time Boogie played without Will little newbie Ian turfed him. Janelle has never won, her highest finish in 3 tries was 3rd I believe

      • Right you are, Janelle was a great competitor. She really deserved to win. What was her downfall??? Oh yeah, the dreaded showmance. The first rule of BB – DO NOT get into a showmance, it VERY rarely works out. I can only think of it working out twice, Rachel and Jordan. Correct me if I am wrong(I am sure that you will…LOL).

      • Yeah, Paul was talking about that the other night on BBAD. Talking about how Cody and Jess ruined their games for something that has only worked out TWICE in the history of Big Brother, lol.

      • The good thing with Janelle was that she turned on her ‘showmance’ Will and got him out before she left. And all those comp wins. As far as the romances, I believe you’re right. Not sure but I think I heard that Dani married Dominic from their season

      • but Janelle, blindfolded, on her worst day, would blow these people out of the water. Those houseguests didn’t have all of this “four weeks (or three weeks) of safety nonsense that Paul got.

      • Ya BB all-stars was amazing, probably the best season ever. But this season is up there. Go watch BB Canada 5, it was really good too.

      • “The Paul Show” is the answer to your question. Since season 15 my DVR has been set to record broadcasts of BB and BBAD. Not anymore. Paul makes my skin crawl. “Poured out of a colostomy bag”, is completely inadequate. Amanda, from season 15, is a saint compared to paul. Season 15 had some truely awful behavior, but these that did those deeds were not in an obvious alliance with producers of the show and by extension cbs. Production design on the show has paul saying “looks like my bedroom”? Raven knew and was a fan of paul before the show all-but-gauranteeing paul an initial alliance? And three weeks of safety for the previous fan favorite from a “fan vote”. My objections are not to production interfering, as CBS can tweak their tv show any way they want, and we can watch, or not. But recruiting paul and supporting his continued encouragement of bully tactics including yelling and screaming at a combat veteran in hopes of a violent meltdown merited pauls eviction, on the legitimate charge of inciting a riot. CBS can support the paul show, but my having witnessed combat vets being spit on as a 10 year old kid in 1973, i just wont participate as a viewer. So, thats why, as a fan, i stopped watching.

      • You are entitled to your opinion. America “voted” on and gave Paul the POP for 3 weeks of safety. Production did not “give” it to Paul. Paul “met” Raven at an event, took a selfie with him, and “maybe” hung out a little. That doesn’t mean they “knew” each other. Not at any point have we ever see Raven and Paul talk about knowing each other or even the mention that Paul even met her. She hasn’t even said anything in the DR, to Matt(her closest ally) or to anyone about “knowing” Paul. They were acquaintances at an event. I have met several people that were semi-celebrities, but I would not say that I knew them because I met them. I am a bit disappointed in the past couple of weeks in the behavior of most of the HGs, but I still enjoy watching the show. I did not mean any disrespect or insult in my comment, and I apologize if I offended you or anyone else. It was only friendly banter on my part, or so I thought.

      • Curious. What if it was another vet, sometime as popular as Janelle, say…. And she plowed through the hgs and it became “The Janelle Show” – would that be ok?

        I really am curious. I don’t mind the Paul Show right now (don’t see it lasting) but some have said they hate it.

        More curious if it’s because it’s Paul – or just any vet who runs the house on newbies?

      • That was all star. Completely different and more entertaining than off the street people because they all played before. Wish they would stop mixing new HG’s with vets. Either do all star or all new. Just my opinion.

      • The people who say each new cast is the worst… Whenever the HG that they personally like gets voted out… That season has the worst cast from that moment, lol.

        All kidding aside though, we’re talking about 19 years of Big Brother. Its going to get to a point where everything is “been there, done that” and its easy to put that off onto a cast. Unfortunately, it may be the game itself that’s wearing down. Although, BB17 was a lot of fun I thought, and I liked last year a lot too. So there is hope, but what they really need to do is…

        Quit bringing back veteran players unless you make it a season where all the HGs are veteran players.

      • I totally agree with an all veteran cast. That would be awesome. Hopefully none that were in the game with each other though. They should be maybe the top players from different seasons that were NOT season winners. I would love that!!!

      • Yeah, I’d be all for that. I know how a lot of people are tired of Paul, but I would have loved to see how he would fair with the house full of veterans. I honestly think he could more than hold his own, and I’m sure he would surprise a lot of his haters.

        The hardest part would be having to choose which 16 would make the cast! Not counting winners, and just starting at BB12… There are definitely more than 16 worthy candidates.

      • It was half returning vets and half newbies. The only reason I really remember is because I had just finished watching it on Youtube about 3 weeks ago. I missed a few weeks there in the middle originally and finally realized it was online for free, lol.

      • Thanks for clarifying. I didn’t really start watching BB til Season 14…had kids to raise and was running a daycare which didn’t leave a lot of room to watch non-kid related shows! LOL

      • I honestly didn’t even know the show existed before season 12. Of course, I was kinda avoiding reality TV back in the day. Once I saw that season, I wondered what other great reality TV I’d missed out on.

        Long answer made short: Turns out… I hadn’t missed much of anything, lol.

        Kidding aside… Kudos for running a daycare! My wife worked as one of the teachers at one, and she loved it but it was very hectic for her. I can only imagine running your own!

      • I’ve watched since Season 1 except for the TV strike season but never got into this site until last year

      • We do have fun here along with the show! This is where I landed before subscribing to the live feeds and loved when they had BBAD on Showtime too. Hated BBAD before DVR presented itself and now I can do without BBAD since I have the feeds (something I don’t get anymore anyway because POPtv is not one of the networks in my cable package).

      • I have seen every BB season too. Loved them all. I have been watching/reading this site for years but never got involved in the discussions. But now I am hooked!!!

      • No, but once I learned what BB was about – human conditioning, that’s when I became really interested. Take away the toys most people were beginning to depend on and had to socialize whether they wanted to or not with strangers on a regular basis and watch sparks fly! :-)

      • Yeah, I had watched the first few season of MTV’s Real World back in the day. When I finally watched Big Brother, I think that’s kinda what it reminded me of. Like you said though, these people were being secluded and cut off from the outside world with no tech or anything like that. So, I think that’s what really appealed to me as well.

        It really is a social experiment in that its interesting to see how much faster relationships (showmances/ friendships and rivalries/dislikes) develop in these circumstances. I look forward to Big Brother each season now.

      • I found Big Brother I think in season 15? the season Andy won. Anyways, working the night shift and the wife never being able to work a VCR 22 years ago, I missed a lot of TV shows over the first few years I worked nights. After we switched from Cable to the SAT TV and the invention of the DVR, I finally started recording some shows. Fear Factor was one of the first ones I recorded. I always heard about Big Brother but never put two and two together until season 15. I enjoy watching it and the first two years of BBAD that I was recording I watched, not so much now. I read on here and if anything interest me, then I watch it other wise I delete it. Now to get to my point, I have watched a lot but not enough to say I can win the game or that I am an expert. I will say I could play the game because I understand what has to be done without never forgetting that I want everyone out of that house just as they want me out.

      • It’s been rumored that next season will be an All-stars. Which means I won’t be able to apply and we don’t know if they’ll get another contract for 2 more years after it. I sooo wanted to try and be casted next season. I love outwitting people now and am very good at the social aspect that’s involved. I wouldn’t miss my toys, but would miss reading books/magazines.

      • I am pretty sure BB will be around, at least I hope so. Good luck on getting in though. I would then be able to say, hey I know her…

      • I’m not a young chicken anymore but Grodner said that it is just as much a social game as it is a physical one!

      • I think that it is more of a social game than a physical one. If Ian and Andy can win it….they were not physical threats by any stretch of the imagination.

      • I’ve learned to do without it when I go on summer vacations since I choose not to watch any t.v. then! LOL

      • It became very draining. I ran one in Indiana for 8 years and that was fun. It provided playmates for my children. Then we moved and I waited 10 years before starting it up again. I thought it would be similar to how it was in Indiana. Nope, my age caught up with me. I had to take power naps after they went home. I closed it 8 years ago and now I’m an Uber driver. Doesn’t pay as much because I don’t work in the big congested cities and I don’t drive at night due to being night blind. We don’t have street lights on all the back roads so add in the deer that come out of nowhere makes it even more hazardous to my health! LOLOL

      • Go back and watch season 2, which was Dr. Will’s first season. One of the best seasons ever, IMO!

      • Well, we can dream. Also, a lot of the greats did come back already, and some have won, which would take them off of the list too.

      • I,d like to see them do a show with nothing but people between the ages of 45 60,no physical comps,just endurance and memory,you know for people who have a brain and can actually think for themselves,instead of follow the leader

      • I agree with most of it. however, I would add that no cast members be recruited, either. When their recruits (production) play the game, they seem to be lined up with special favors. I want all superfans OR all all-stars… mix and no more people who just get picked because they are cute. I’m not watching Bachelor in Paradise – I’m watching Big Brother.

      • How is production going to make sure Paul wins. I mean, yes, they can use a comp that caters to his skill set, but they can give him a win???

      • why do you feel that production is so involved in the outcomes and have a “masterplan”? what is your evidence to this?

      • True enough, but the only other real competition is not eligible to compete (Alex). I mean, anything can happen and any HG could pull off a win, but from a realistic standpoint, this HOH comp is probably between Paul and Mark.

        Unless, its just a random game of skill and luck of course like the putting game for example.

      • I really hate those types of games. there is literally no skill involved. But, I guess, it does level the field so that it everyone has a shot at winning because it is so random.

      • If someone was really good at miniature golf, I could see that being a big advantage for that comp, but in general I agree with you.

        It seems like they only break those out in situations where the entire house is basically against 1 or 2 people, and production thinks it would be a good chance to cause some drama by having the disliked HGs win HOH. So, why not give them some random style game to better their odds?

        Yeah, like you said… I’m not a big fan of it either. If a HG can’t win, then they don’t get to be HOH. Maybe they should have tried out for Candy Crush instead, lol.

      • UGH!!! I don’t know what CBS was thinking when they aired that show. The worst game show EVER!!! But yeah, they should, and probably will, have some of the former HGs on that show. I mean Paul was on the first one, so you never know. He didn’t win that either, BTW. The first show was the only one that I tortured myself with, BTW.

      • He has been predicted the DE for about the last 4 weeks – sooner or later, he would have to get it right

      • He threw it so he’d at least have a chance at winning HoH in the second part of the DE! Alex won’t get to participate in the HoH comp.

      • That’s what I think too, but this week and next he’ll be needed to split up the two showmances, then it’s a free-for-all.

      • I was wondering where you were. Right, Paul gave up HOH last week for a shot at one of the HOHs for the DE. I love DE weeks as there is a great opportunity for drama. I have seen quite a few of my past favorites go out on DE weeks, so I guess we’ll see what happens. If any of them has half a brain, no, a quarter of a brain, they would try to get Paul out on this DE, if a backdoor opportunity presents itself. Although I am not sure they would actually vote him out because they are all so brainwashed by him. It depends on who wins the HOHs. I can’t wait!!!

      • Paul works with everyone, there is no support for voting him out right now. They are all scared to be the next target for the house, a bunch of minions. I hope Mark can change something….

      • No one is ready to take a shot at him yet. If they get Mark out like they want, Paul will sail through. No guts, no glory.

      • I’m no fan of Paul cruising to 500K either. But if he does, he’ll reach dan / derrick / chilltown all-star status. So in a way, I hope he does it. It’s definitely not a dud season, the talkbacks have been lit up like never before.

      • He’s convinced all of them that they are in his final 2. Now, he’s working the angle that he can’t win in a F2 because he’s a veteran, so nobody will vote for him. Of course, this is b.s. since a veteran has won it like 4 out of the last 5 seasons.

      • BB14 – Ian (not a vet)
        BB15 – Andy (not a vet)
        BB16 – Derrick (not a vet)
        BB17 – Steve (not a vet)
        BB18 – Nicole (vet)
        BBOTT – Morgan (not a vet)

        Whether you include over the top or not, a veteran has only one once out of the last 5 seasons.

    • It’s Cody been there that unusual. He’s been voted out already and a few weird twist made his presence drag the game into almost a stand still, it will be rectified this week.

      • Just think back the previous 2 seasons – Paulie running the house and then Paul turns on him and gets Victor to nominate him, Vanessa running the house and Steve turns on her. It’s going to happen and Paul won’t be surprised. What I like is that Paul expects it and is trying to plan ahead and set other targets, Paulie and Vanessa were surprised that their ‘minions’ turned on them.

      • It was spectacular when both of them were blindsided! :-) BTW, weren’t most of the HGs drunk a lot in Season 8?

      • Can you imagine Cody, Josh, Mark and Paul with too much alcohol in their system. Things could easily get dangerous

      • Certainly they didn’t restrict the alcohol like they’re doing this season. Actually wasn’t All Stars Season 7? I loved that season, except for Boogie winning. So many of my faves – Danielle, Will, Kaysar, James, Marcellas.

      • Some of my faves are Evil Dick, Paul, Dr. Will, Boogie, Janelle, Dan G., Derrick, Nicole, Danielle D., Danielle R., Britney, Aaryn, Beast Mode Cowboy and Alison. Like I said earlier, faves for different reasons. Some I loved to hate, others great physical, some hilarious, some aggravating, some super smart and manipulative and some a combination of some or all of those traits.

      • I know I like people who play the game well like Derrick, Dan, Will, Janelle, Danielle R and/or are entertaining Britney, Victor. Never a fan of ED though.

      • Strictly for entertainment value. He did so many rotten things, and still won!!! Unbelievable!!!

      • Paulie was turned on because his head got so big in the game he thought he was untouchable. I am not sure Paul would have flipped otherwise.

    • The fun won’t really begin for another week or two because the house will just queue up Mark and Elena next. Ho hum … 500K for paul, easy peasy.

      • Try 6 weeks if at all. Nothing will happen till they are down to 4 people if it happens at all! If it doesn’t then, Paul easily wins that $500,000 without even token opposition! Only one that might go after Paul is Alex but, only when it is down to 4 people, not before!

    • Honestly, I think Paul is older and more tiring than Cody. Cody is kinda weird, but Paul is just steamrolling through right now.

    • Let’s try this on for size. Cody goes home first. Paul somehow pulls the wih for the DE as HOH. Only two noms, my guess is Elena and Raven and or Matt because them two just don’t get it yet. Paul pulls the sweep and has all the power, pulls Matt or Raven down throws Mark on the block and BUH_BYE Mark. Next HOH in line for next week is………….

      • It would be interesting because Paul’s target is Marlena Depends on who he realy want out of the two. If you put them both up and one gets Veto, then you have to move on to another target. He would probably be better to put Maven up and BD one of Marlena as they have better chance at winning Veto than Maven. The Veto comp will have to be a quick one and is usually physical so I think Mark more likely to win than Matt. I’m looking forward to Thursday for sure.

      • They usually do a mental one during DE’s because they’re quick. Don’t know why they chose a memory one for Alex’s HoH.

      • Isn’t it usually a mental one for HoH and a physical for Veto? Course it could be the other way around, I just remember Rachel running under a bar and looking through those balls desperate for a win cos she was OTB and she pulled it out and got the Veto with some appropriate words for everyone lol

      • Pretty sure the DE Veto comp is usually the ball pit one. Isn’t that the one where Jeff Schroeder got a “clown shoe” instead of the Veto and wound up getting evicted?

      • Paul’s main target is definitely Mark because he knows Mark has been talking about cutting him, thanks to Jason spilling their conversation. Mark knows he’s in the crosshairs and has to win the next HOH or he’s toast.

    • Fun begin? This is the most ridiculously ignorant cast ever (about the game, anyway)….just write Paul the check and end the season now….(and I can’t stand Paul) The only people who watched the game seems to be the ones that they don’t like – Jessica, Cody, Mark….It makes me sick with all of the super fans out there, that the casting people find people who know nothing….and then they whine about being forced to watch past seasons. Incredible.

    • Agree. Would have been fun to see Cody play like he’s playing now, but that Jody s/l drug out too long for me. I’m ready to move along. It’s a shame though.

  2. Cody is actually playing the game now but way too late. Turns out Jessica was just as bad for his game as he was for her’s. Each is a completely better player without the other. If they hadn’t hooked up then this would have been a very different game.

    • That is a great concept. I would have loved to see that game without the Jody showmance.. Cody has no social game and is too much of a hothead. He has a decent Idea of what needs to be done, but he is barking up the wrong tree with Alex and Jason, especially Alex. She will take Paul to the end if she can, even over her other closest ally in Jason.

  3. So stupid!! Paul even said last nite he could put his shoe beside Cody in final two and his shoe would win…Wake up, Cody you are campaining to the wrong HG’s!!! As bad as I hate to say it. This is Paul’s game. Cody needs to go to Paul n say “we didn’t backdoor you in Jess HOH”.. blah blah. Wave the white flag.. Listen to Paul’s stories. Stay in the room with HG’s more and try to do something. At least for Jess.

    • thats exactly what should happen paul and cody team up and see if the rest of the house can take them down, however Cody just figured out how to play BB and this is how he should have been playing since the beginning but he was to busy playing the bachelor with jessica…

    • Paul has long sealed his fate. Once he identify his threats, he goes after them 100% without looking back. Mark and Elena are next. They had the chance and should have taken Cody’s safety into their hands this week. Thursday is game up for them after Cody’s eviction.

  4. Like everyone is saying….it’s the Paul show and continues to be….the smallest chance they had to get him out was on Jess’s HOH…where she didn’t renom him…no guarantee we would have went out but the “smart” players would have taken the opportunity.

    • Like I said in an earlier post:
      Paul predicted the DE early last week and is why he did not “really” compete to win it this week. Paul has this season’s game on lock down. He has all but, maybe 3 or 4 or the HGs in his pocket, and he is literally being handed the game by his lackeys. Great job Paul!!! I don’t blame him for having the fortune of having these personalities that are so easily manipulated in the game with him. He is simply taking advantage of this, to a tee!!! I mean, Matt admitted that his goal was to make it to jury, mission accomplished by Matt-good job, because you won’t make it to the end. The DE will be interesting this week to see who wins. If the Paul “crew” wins it, then we should see Mark and Elena go, depending on the veto. If either Mark or Elena win HOH, then I would expect to see Paul, Alex, Josh or Raven maybe Matt up on the block at some point. Whatever happens, DE almost never fails to be entertaining. I really can’t say that I am rooting for anyone at this point, but, Paul, to me, has become one of my favorites this season. I couldn’t stand him last season and still am somewhat annoyed by his antics and don’t agree with some of the tactics he is using, but I can’t help but to appreciate his game play. He is playing a nearly perfect game so far. The true test would be if he does get up on the block to see if he gets voted out.

  5. Depending on who wins the HOH during the double eviction, here are the HGs I’m expecting to be the target (depending on HOH)…


    That’s in order of most likely to least likely and its also based on Cody going home in the normal eviction before the DE starts. Right now, I think Mark might go before Elena just from a competition threat, but he’s also more likely for a Veto win.

    I think Paul might be on 3 HGs radars (Jason, Mark and Christmas) right now, but I’m not sure any of them but Mark would take the chance. Christmas is on my list only if the HGs start comparing notes about conversations they’ve had with her. She’s been playing the social game lately with anti-Paul talks (before being attached to him of course), but its tough to conspire in a one on one situation and not have it come back to bite you.

    • How is Christmas a target? Maybe a pawn, but I think that they’d keep her in the game longer because she can barely play in any comp.

      • I could only see Mark targeting Christmas because of her putting his and Elena’s flip-flopping out in the kitchen the other night for all to see. She would not be voted out though. Not for pity, but because she is a vote for the “right side” of the house.

      • Yeah, I didn’t break down how many HGs might target each person on my list, but I definitely agree with you that there would probably only be one. If I’m going to be specific, I’d probably say something like…

        Mark — 4 HGs would target
        Elena — 2 HGs would target
        Paul — 2 HGs might target
        Christmas — 1 HG might target

        Alex doesn’t get to try for HOH which is why I’m only having 9 HGs represented.

      • Josh was dancing in the kitchen this morning. How can you not like the kid when he’s having such a good time dancin his azz off?

      • Riiiight. People need to really listen to Josh when they’re game talking because he observes well and is spot on about how each are behaving or playing! :-)

      • Josh is really the most underestimated HG this season. He is very intuitive and observant. I question his desire to get Elena out over one of the meatballs though. He definitely wouldn’t have had enough votes to do that if that was still his plan at the end of the week. And he would have hurt his standing with his other alliance members too. So, be careful Josh.

      • He did realize it once they pointed it out to him…but his day as court jester will show up in the following weeks. :-)

      • Yes, Josh is observant, he just needs to hone his filtering skills before he talks. What he says often makes sense but I think the fact that he talks so emotionally, people don’t really listen to him

      • Josh is always repeating himself so i think they have heard him at least once. I agree that Josh knows the people very well, but he is just a floater to take to the end for Paul and he wants him to just sit and remain quiet all the time.

      • Josh isn’t a floater (going with whoever is in power). He’s still sticking with Paul’s side. Those who flip flop are floaters…and Mark and Elena could be suspect of that.

      • I wondered about Josh and the DE to be honest, but then I realized that he would be the easiest target to go after on any given week so I quickly came to my senses, lol.

      • Nobody is after Josh. Paul and Alex want him for the f4 and the other side have no problems with him, except Raven who is always suggesting him to be a pawn.

      • If Mark puts Christmas next to Paul or Alex she will be voted out, even if Jason is next to her.

      • I’m not so sure about that. She is telling everyone, separately, what they want to hear. And no one has compared notes on her yet. If Paul is on the block and makes it to a vote, I really don’t know if he will make it through and stay in the house no matter who is one the block with him, I just don’t know…Everyone loves Paul, but they might wake up if he is vulnerable.

      • I don’t know if she put a target on her back with anyone other than Mark and Elena. She is on the list of targets already as she is pretty low on the totem pole though.

      • Watch her closely in the coming couple of weeks. She’s getting very antsy lately about wanting to compete it’s eating at her. She’ll mess up more before she gets her cast off and is able to compete.!

      • I have noticed that. I don’t think that the cast will come off before the show ends though. and she also won’t be medically cleared either for the physical comps. But, I also don’t think that is keeping anyone from putting her on the block either. It just isn’t her turn to go yet.

      • She’s only there if everyone starts realizing that she is pushing her own agenda (to everyone individually). That’s why she was on the bottom of the list. Plus, I don’t see anyone being bright enough to compare notes really. I mean, if Elena showed up on HGs radar for being a bit shady… I’m not seeing what Christmas is doing to be all that different.

    • Christmas won’t be a target for now, unless Mark wins it. I really don’t think Mark will go for Paul since he won’t have the numbers, and fool that he is trusts Alex too much.
      The best two people on the block will be Paul and Alex and whomever nominates them should do everything they can not to let them win the veto. Mark, Elena, Raven, Matt and Kevin are the targets for now.

      • You beat me to that one tr8ppin3. As far as it being a boring show, I think not. Quite the opposite IMO. I am enjoying it all. Even Josh’s annoying, immature behavior. And watching Paul play these people like a well tuned fiddle. Classic BB.

      • I try not to take sides, but I really could not stand Jody, at all. Very mean spirited people. Regardless of Josh’s bullying. They, Jody, were actually the ones who initiated the bullying against him. I don’t think that Josh would have escalated it to that level had Jody not initiated the initial bullying of him.

      • It’s the fact that Josh took matters in his own hands as opposed to not getting back up. I’m not sure if the feud would’ve continued if he didn’t take most things into his own hands. I think most people would be discouraged from attacking someone if they’re outnumbered.

      • Debatable. Jody should have never cornered Josh in the bedroom weeks ago when they demeaned and humiliated him. Yes, Josh took it to another 10 levels higher, but Jody pushed him. Then the rest of the HGs got on board, with some support and suggestions from Gru(Paul). It all got way out of hand by everyone. It really was quite ugly.

      • Initiated bully? It wasn’t the first time Josh was banging Pots and pans on, and verbally calling out on Jody right in their face. He was always the consenting weapon Paul sends upfront to bully Jody. They took it out on him for once and he cried, only that he happened to have a different target at the time.

      • Cody and Jessica were no saints for sure but Josh was fine on his own….Paul got Josh to escalate. Josh was like a bull in a pen, Paul opened the door and Josh went charging…

      • Another credit to Paul’s playing the game, hard. Paul knows that he still has a long row to hoe the rest of the way. Especially after Cody is gone. But he is already lining up targets for the next 3 evictions and planting seeds.

      • Alex has a plan and I don’ think is getting rid of Paul. Jason should just wake up. He snitches too much. Jason is capable of winning comps and getting rid of Alex, but he is blind.

      • I agree. Alex will take Paul to the end if she can. I don’t think that Jason will ever turn on Alex. I think that she is his ride or die in the game. The only problem is that Jason is not her’s. Jason is very capable of winning comps. But he is going along with the majority, for now. When he is really in danger, hopefully, he will step up.

      • Looking forward to this week’s DE and stayed tune for Friday’s special episode…I’ll be performing then don’t forget! hahahahahaha

      • Totally agree. The only times I’ve been bored is when Paul is asleep. He keeps me amused. If Paul is evicted, I would probably stop watching BBAD. (I don’t have live feeds.) Love Paul’s game play and his comical antics. I can’t remember a time I laughed as hard as I did watching Paul’s “makeup application tips” seminar!

      • He has definitely made this show interesting, from a mental game play standpoint too. If he was evicted on Cody’s week, it would probably be the Cody show and everyone would be complaining about him.

      • Yes, absolutely. It would show that Matt doesn’t trust his alliance. But it would have given Paul more ammunition to use against Matt down the road…Matt will do as he’s told though, and he really trusts his alliance, to a fault.

      • what’s embarrassing to me is the age of some of the HGs. Matt is in his 30s, but is following orders from a 24 year old. I get it outside the house if Matt worked for a company where Paul was his boss, but inside anyone can take charge of their own game. Matt doesn’t care about his game anyway, all he want is jury and here is his chance to do it.

      • Matt has admitted(weeks ago) that his goal was to make it to jury, With Jessica’s eviction last week, he has already accomplished that. He is blinded by Raven and her “talents”…I will leave it at that…Once him and her are in jury…well…It’s a good thing they won’t have cameras there 24/7 for sure…

  6. I think this is the worse big brother ever hVe watched everyone it’s boring because the people in the house let Paul run it and don’t know how BB ever picked him to come back he is awful and makes the show boring only watch it on Thursday for elimination

  7. Jess…Jess…Jess….are you out there Jess? Feeling pretty good about wasting that hex america gave you to help you out? Do you get it yet? Do you understand you took a slot from somebody who might’ve wanted to play big brother? for anybody who doesn’t want to play big brother please don’t apply….if you’re looking to date go on the bachelor!

    • Jessica is actually not caring, she is interacting with her fans on the feeds and happy to be away from those people.

    • She can’t be said to have wasted it while she was kept on the block. With the hex in her pocket, she was more of a threat as a target than Cody. Paul goes after threats first over enemies. Anyone who can’t see this must be someone who trusts Paul.

      • all she had to do was agree not to use it and they were going to use the veto to take her down. they also told her if she stayed on the block and used it she would go home next week. she did. she went home. it was a waste.

      • They were already stating she was gone next and laughing. They were upset she didn’t do what they wanted her to. She had overheard them saying the promise was a joke. Paul’s word I believe we’re yea right Jessica I’ll keep you safe “Not”

      • you heard wrong. they said they wouldn’t agree to her demands of keeping her safe the next 3 or 4 weeks. she was greedy. they were voting out cody, then the next week if she didn’t trust them she could have used the hex. but as we all have seen things change from week to week so no matter what they said it could’ve changed. bottom line is she’s home, her strategy didn’t work.

      • That’s true and Paul told his puppets that they would tell her what she wanted to hear and if she decided not use the hex they would vote her out because she was the bigger threat.

      • and you were right about the fact they were mad she didn’t do what they wanted, because they wanted cody out, not her.

    • Hmmm let’s see I think we could say Matt, Raven, and even Jason please play the game other folks would have loved to have played the game and not stated I just want to make jury. It’s 500k really you just want a vacation and get paid to sit in a jury house come on play the game

      • hmm let’s see…whose going home matt, raven, jason….nope, that would be cody. if playing the game is getting evicted he’s doing a bangup job!

      • They may not be playing the game others would have loved to see them play, but last I checked, they are still in the house and Cody is the one that is probably going home this Thursday. Just sayin…

    • Jess is watching the game to see if she needs to wait on Cody or move on to her high life style. Well go on girl cause your boy toy going to jury thanks to Paul and Alex.

      • she is going to die knowing that he’s in the jury with any female! i don’t think it matters who. although, i have to say i don’t think she has any idea how flirtatious elena can be with cody, it’s not overt but it’s there.

  8. If I were Cody I would seriously ask everyone why they want to evict him. The only true answer is because Paul wants them to because Cody didn’t agree to be Paul’s puppet and came after him, so he wants him gone. There is really no other reason. With Cody’s record of winning comps I would love to team up with him for final 2 and win. Why not? Keep him in the house to go after Paul, he’s not after anyone else. Smh #bunchofidiots

    • Disagree, they would tell him that he’s proven in his first HoH that he can’t be trusted. Most of them were aligned with him at first until he went rogue and tried to nominate someone without even talking to them. Then he ignored everyone until this week when his babe is gone and his back’s against the wall.

      • I think that’s why I’d keep him…he’s alienated himself so I’d not worry about him forming alliances and he’d be handy to get rid of Paul. Def couldn’t trust him, but would probably keep him for a bit (unless I believed I had a final 2 with Paul).

      • They all think they have a final 2 with Paul because he has told them all he would take them to the final 2. It’s funny watching the idiots who only listen to Paul

      • So true! Just like last season Paul made deals with so many people he had many options he was truly aligned with no one he just used them same way he’s doing this season and only Cody realized that from day 1 which is why he wanted Paul gone.

      • As far as I can recall Paul was to help them all get to JURY..but I don’t recall any stead fast final “2” deals.. There may have been a final 2 deal discussed with Kevin a few days ago but u would have to listen to how Paul worded his sentences in the conversation… Paul has a way of making u think he is in agreement when he is actually not…In the BB house its a good ability to have…Paul would not be stupid enough to make final 2 deal with 8/9 other players..

      • Problem is the sheep don’t compare notes….if they did they would know the urgency of getting Paul out…even the best of his minions don’t stand a chance in a F2 situation with him….he’s outplayed him all.

      • He needs to go. He has no alliance to anyone, trusts no one, and is very unpredictable. IF he won HOH and IF he got Paul out on that HOH, then you would have no idea what he would do after that.

      • You are so right! He is a loose cannon who is dangerous to all the other players. He has proven to be untrustworthy and antisocial. If Matt saves either Jason or Elena and Alex doesn’t put Cody up, she will be the next on the block and she knows it. If Matt saves himself, he will be next on the block. Its like a chess game, you have to be thinking of your next five moves. Paul is the King right now and all the pawns are doing whatever they can to protect him.

      • This weekend on social media she called Raven “Raggedy Ann” (when Raven was telling about Cody hitting on her first)… She called Alex the b word.

    • Because Cody is a threat in the game and is a competition beast who will make it far if he makes it to the end…not to mention he has proven he can’t be trusted

      • Exactly my point so why not secretly align with him to make it to the end. Everyone says Cody can’t be trusted sooo I’m guessing you all are with the house and think Paul can be trusted then. Well I rather keep Cody and align with him secretly and not evict him because Paul wants me to.

      • Paul would NEVER align with Cody. If he did, the rest of the HGs would turn on Paul, just like they turned on Cody. Not to mention that Paul has no need to align with Cody. For what reason? He has more than hale of the house playing his game right now. Why mess with that???

      • You’re reading my comment wrong. I’m not suggesting Cody and Paul align I’m suggesting someone or more than one align with Cody because he is great at comps to not only help get Paul out but take to the end because he would not get the votes.

      • Oh, okay. But no one trusts him anyways. It would be really tough to get one person, much less more than that one, to align with Cody, even for one week, much less the rest of the season. That was dead before it even got started. The guru Kevin saw that he couldn’t go with his plan to use Cody, and nixed that idea pretty quickly because of Cody’s temper.

      • They have all been stabbed in the back by Cody (backdooring Paul) without their knowledge/input.. They are afraid that he will make another rogue move …It was a major mistake by Cody and he can’t overcome it or amend it..

  9. Cody tried a little too late and watching him grovel made me feel so bad for him, but he made his bed.

  10. This has to be the worst BB group ever. Hardly anyone is playing the game for themselves! They do realize that only one person wins 500k right? Half of the house are actually playing for Paul. At this point I think they want him to win the 500k instead of winning it themselves.

    • Because he thinks he can outsmart them all! LOL Well darn if he lost to Matt of all people in that comp! LOLOL

      • Because he gets excited about how he will outsmart them that he can’t wait to take the challenge! LOL

      • Loved it when Cody said “I know I wasn’t ever in the HN room when a sound was played” Great temp comp play…oh yeah, he got one right by mistake, and lost!!! He should have picked the HOH room for all of the answers…DUH!!! You know he was never up there!!! Ha!!! Buh bye Cody…Can’t wait to not see you every night on BB. Only occasionally in the jury house…without Jessica. Oooh, is it too soon??? Sorry to the Jody fans…but not sorry… :-0

      • He lost to Matt….and Paul said in the DR….his safest answer to lose the comp was to answer the HOH room…like Paul said he was never in there…poor guy can even lose correctly….he would have went to a tie breaker and had a chance to lose the comp.

  11. I’ve watched fifty something days of people going after Cody and Jessica, per Paul’s wishes. I am so sick already. Can we please find a way to vote Matthew out for his dumb move…
    Also, thank you (eyeroll), Alex Kidwell, for saying Matthew was gonna be a good player

    • IDK, Marcellas had the Veto when there were 4 others left and no big target so of course he went. Matt has the veto and there are what 11 left and one huge target. Why not play along and use the veto on Jason, Cody’s the one going

      • I saw Marcellas on “Celebrity Name Game” episode where two teams of regular Joes and/or Janes, eash play with a celebrity. Craig Ferguson hosts. Marcellas was a ‘regular’ team player and his jog was fashion coordinator. He coordinated his team mates outfit, what she wore.

  12. I don’t know what time this was but I’m looking at a clip on YouTube of Alex cooking hotdogs inside special for everyone w the fixings, And it is so weird seeing Cody be a normal human, integrating himself. He should have behaved this way the second he came back into the game like Victor did. They started to love him. It’s to late for Cody.

    • That’s right! His arrogance got him in this situation. This experience sure will stick a pin in that over inflated ego of his. “POP!”

      • True…But when Cody tried to backdoor Paul.. alone…He did not just stab Paul in the back He stabbed 90% of the house who was in an “alliance” with him…Several members of the “alliance” not privy to Codys plan were affected with negative remarks from Paul ( later Christmas) cause Paul thought they knew Codys plans… In short Cody stabbed an entire alliance in the back….Those involved/accused distanced themselves and all but 2 refuse to get close to Cody again…Cody is dangerous with his temper and one man gun ho attitude…

      • Cody loaded his gun and went rogue. That might work for a sniper, but in the BB house he was shooting blanks. I hope that carried over in the bedroom.

  13. I feel like cereal should get afp…cereal has appeared in every plan, every talk,every situation…cereal played the most stealthy game

    • I totally agree with no buy back. I have never been a fan of a returning house guest. If you get voted out, you should stay out. This season is a great example of that. Jessica might even still be in the game if is wasn’t for Cody coming back in, just sayin’.

  14. Once again Alex chickens out. She and Jason get a chance to shed their training wheels and take control of the game but instead they recommit to Paul’s schedule for elimination. Just make Paul happy. Like Churchill once said about appeasers, they keep feeding the alligator, hoping it will eat them last.

    • So true… their twisted minds they think they are playing a good game…obviously they all need corrective lens….as I see it…no one can touch Paul in a final 2 scenario…no one.

      • I am soooo ready for some real game play!!! Jodi kept the house on their toes (fights and all) but I am ready for the house to split and see where they all land. Of course, I am sure when it does Paul will still be on the fence to who ever has the power each week. Not a fan of Paul’s, but at least he is playing the game. I totally agree with you tony. the way it looks now, cbs should go ahead and write him a

      • Everybody thinks they have an alliance with Paul. Paul has an alliance with everybody. They know he’s controlling the entire game and they don’t stand a chance until they get him out but they are afraid to act. He will decide each eviction and in turn, because Paul willed it, each will happily go to jury.

  15. Jessica mentioned last week that it took the group 6 weeks to get rid of one of them. Did she forget that Cody was voted out earlier in the game. If Cody was smart, he leave the game after he is voted out and not go to the jury house. I would like to see him and Jessica on the Amazing Race. I think that would prove to both if they are really made for each other.

    • Jessica only sees one side of the story…”Her side”…The viewers (of feeds) know and saw different than what is shown to the TV audience…Jessica is “not all that” as she proclaims to be or should I say Jessica wishes she was “all that”…

  16. You guys gotta check out Jessica’s Instagram convo that she’s providing for the viewers (she believes they’re her “fans”). She calls out Raven as a liar regarding her connection with Cody! LOLOL I believe her in that part. Still listening to more, but may cut her off because of how much I disliked her treatment of others in the house. Just in case you hadn’t seen it yet. It’s on you-tube!

      • bless your heart, i think xmas is catty but i think that about all the girl’s left in the house except raven…that one is delusional

      • Okay, Jessica is the angel and did nothing wrong? She could have been the bigger person and ignored Josh, but she didn’t. She was a part of the original bedroom rant by Jody when this all started, and she was the one in the bathroom that started the whole thing again with Josh, and in the kitchen before her eviction, again sitting next to her man and screaming and Josh to just run away, and leave. Great person. Sorry, IMO she is worse than Josh, Raven and Cody.

      • I think you are missing something here. Her father’s death anniversary had come up around the ramses vote time. Instead of giving jess a break he went after her and cody with constant harassment. I mean have some compassion.

      • they keep talking about “you have to separate personal and game” okay so a death is personal….please separate.

      • Don’t know where that came from. We were taking about Jody and Josh??? the other houseguests aren’t much better…

      • Jody were up front with Josh, no ambiguity, no fake feelings, they always told him the truth. Josh’s “friends”….?

      • I call my husband, whom I love dearly, all kinds of names behind his back sometimes,lol, but not to his face. That could ruin a relationship. :D

      • Josh is a pig. He fights low. He does exactly what he accuses others of doing. He thinks it is his right to provoke people then squeals like a pig when he gets called on it. Told in no uncertain terms to just walk away he persists in digging until people finally get exasperated by his boundless stupidity and snap. Then he cries like a baby, truly amazed that someone doesn’t like him and thinks he’s stupid and a hulking bore and a baby. He will get a rude awakening when he’s out of the house.

      • I think he will….he won’t have BB rules to fall back on if he tries to pull those stunts in the real world.

      • WOW!!! I guess that you’re okay with Jody ganging up on Josh, being extremely personal in their demeaning and insulting attacks on his looks and personality then, right? That’s acceptable to you? If it is, and that is “your” perception then okay, I’ll give you that one. I’m not saying I agree with Josh with his behavior, but Jody pushed him to that point and they are completely responsible for that, IMO. I am, admittedly a Jody dis-liker(I don’t like the word hater) for their behavior on the show.

      • your acting as if josh is innocent. if you get loud and want to start something there will be backlash. Josh made so many personal attacks.

      • I don’t know about “personal” attacks. I don’t remember him calling them fat, or stupid, a cry-baby, a mamas-boy, asking them to spell words to make them appear stupid, etc. that would be Jessica and Cody. No, Josh is not an angel. He is immature. He is emotional. He lakes rash decisions and barks right back without thinking. Josh is no angel and not innocent. But, again, neither is Jessica. You have your perception and your opinion to like her. You have that right. But I have my perception of her and my opinion to think that she is a complete hypocrite and not a nice person.

      • josh kept saying cody’s personality sucks and that he has a really ugly face and what kind of a marine he is and i don’t know about u but if someone came at me with pots and pans and started yelling insults…i’m not going to shut up and take it.

      • Yeah, I don’t think we are going to even meet halfway, so you can have your opinion and I will have mine. Everyone seems to forget how this all started and everything escalated from there. When did those comments get made? Was it before or after Jody demeaned and humiliated Josh? Nevermind. I guess we have a difference of opinion.

      • Why can’t Josh be the bigger person and shut up? because his master told him to do it. He couldn’t even come up with come backs on his own nor ways to harass them. He kept taunting them that they are jokes…he’s the joke!

      • Every instance but one, the final fight, had josh walk in and say “can we talk”, the response always “no”, and josh refusing to leave well enough alone, respect the honest response of “no”, and walk away. From josh, “Can we talk” was and is not a question asking permission to converse, it is a declaration that he will then say whatever he damn well feels he is entitled to say, regardless of past proof that this will start an argument that devolves into things being said to him, be they out of anger or true feelings about hom, that hurt his feelings. If josh learns anything from this experience, it is when to speak up and when to shut up. Who in their right mind feels entitled to being all butthurt after antagonizing someone to the point of sharp unkind verbal response? My family made it clear to me as a kid that if i antagonized people i would likely face some street justice. Most of us learn this as kids dont we? Josh is an example of someone who has zero verbal boundaries. Who can relax with someone like him around? And about him sneaking a creepy peep show at the girls in the downstairs shower, to the point where the men in the house stood gaurd in the bathroom to keep josh away, thats solid justification all on its own to avoid having anything to do with josh. “Can we talk?”. “No.”. What else can he expect?

      • We forget the spat he had with Mark….he would not admit he scratched and lost the game…and kept jabbing Mark that he did not lose…who started that one….simple math who is common denominator.

      • well either way. Jessica knew she was leaving, and she got what she wanted. She made josh cry and that feels good.

      • Lets be honest… A lot of the comments on this site would make Josh cry so that’s not a huge accomplishment on her part. All things considered, Jessica is a pretty snotty individual. She couldn’t even turn off her personal attacks long enough for Josh to tell her that she wasn’t the target.

        It was her personality during her last week that got her evicted.

      • Josh thinks what jody said was cruel..wait until ZingBot comes out! He’s going to be crying for days.

      • At the very beginning Cody was being a dick, and Jess was the voice or reason. Yes Jess got mean towards the end but Josh is just a douche. He is all like “Don’t bully me bro now I’m going to go cry” then 20 min later “meatball!!! la da da dadada da da dada who’s the meatball you meatball”.

      • lol..and then he’s like “nothing u say can affect me” and then 2 mins later he goes upstairs and stars sobbing..what in the world?

      • Ok, then nasty then! Yes, she was nasty. You have to have feeds to see that. CBS edits a lot of that out during the shows aired.

      • I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree. I’m not all that crazy about Christmas lately either.

  17. I have watched every big brother since season one when the One legged wonderkid won. The greatest player of all time is Dr. Will, hands down no discussion, then there is everyone else.
    This season has been great and it will get better once they have to turn on each other. Stop complaining and enjoy, ALSO we need a big brother celebrity allstar edition. Wouldnt it be great to see Hasselhoff and Pam Anderson freaking out!

  18. Paul’s minions better ask him who he is taking to the finals with him?????? The other seven will be out. I don’t think they realize that. They all believe they are going to the finals.

    • are u kidding? they would be a target to even question them! they are suppose to just shut up and not ask questions.

      • If any one of “Paul’s Crew” is going to go after him, it will need to be a blindside after the veto is used and he will need to be the renom to get him on the block. Then they will need to get everyone on board to get him. It shouldn’t take much convincing, but this is Paul’s game to lose so far.

      • i think the only people that want to win is Paul, Alex and Raven..i don’t think they even care to get Paul out. That’s the problem. Their goal was to make it jury…….that’s all.

      • Hey, Pablo is the only one that deserves it! He had a very traumatic experience last season. LOL

  19. Do you guys think production influences people who to put up or warn them about what’s happening?

    • I would like to think not, but who knows? It is BB and ultimately they control the game, to an extent.

      • Its like an experiment they’ve done a million times. They know exactly when and where to place a bug or a twist to influence the direction of the show. No one could ever make me believe its completely organic.

      • It is “Big Brother” of course they do things to affect the game and keep the ratings up. They can’t control the outcome of comps, but they can schedule certain comps that cater to particular individuals strengths or weaknesses depending on who they would like to win. That’s “Big Brother”

      • For transparency’s sake… If they really wanted to convince fans that they never influence (or potentially rig) the solo timed comps… They need to put those on the feeds for people to see. With no way of verifying those times, there will never be any reason for everyone to think that production doesn’t meddle.

        For that matter, they should really show the live voting for things like temptations and the care packages from last season so fans can see where things are heading. Just suddenly saying a certain person won doesn’t help production from a “they’re rigging the game” standpoint.

  20. I do wish Cody would have pulled through this week, but oh well. I do agree at this point Cody has to go now so that the house can finally starting playing a real game. So over Paul’s control and am hoping to see someone set a new trail.

    • Paul is a pretty charismatic guy and its serving him very well so far this season. A perfect example from BBAD the other night…

      Paul was talking to Matt and Raven and said, “No offense, but if a gunman broke into the Big Brother house, I would do everything I could to make sure you all die before me.” Matt and Raven just started cracking up, but it was a great example of Paul giving an exaggerated example of what he feels for the other HGs.

      It was his way of saying that he likes them all well enough (hence the no offense comment), but none of them are more important than his attempt to win $500K. I don’t think he could put it in plainer words than that.

      All of that to back up the statement I am about to make… If Paul gets voted out, I don’t think you’ll see anyone in a leader role. It would be a “everyone for themselves” mad dash to the finish. That would be fun to watch, I admit but I do really like the amount of work Paul is putting into the game and his attempts to get the other HGs to do his bidding.

    • Exactly. You guys that want Paul out, this is the first step. The House will always unite to get the most hated out. Its Cody now.

    • True, Cody has absolutely NO Allies within the BB House. Moral of the Story….”Do Not Isolate Yourself Away From Your Fellow HG!!!” Then think that at the 11th hour you can pull out your Game?! And I say this as someone who is pulling for Cody, because when he leaves this Season will become very PREDICTABLE, & More Boring!

    • Nothing will change with Jessica and Cody gone. Paul will just find a new target each week and everyone will just back him up and do whatever he wants

      • Exactly…and as the numbers dwindle the remaining ones think they have a chance to win the big prize…not !

  21. I would love to see Alex and Raven eliminated soon too. Alex stated she didn’t need a man to help her in this game and all she has done has had Paul dictate her game. Lame. Raven, it’s pretty obvious….

    • Alex and Xmas were my favorites early on, but now i cant stand them, they r so weak and useless, I hope Paul screw both of them really soon

    • I don’t think he has dictated her game, but rather they happen to agree on targets for the most part. All part of the big plan for her.

    • Alex from the get go has wanted to target showmances. Dominique got evicted that week but her talk show doomed her…Jessica was Alex’s target.

      Now she’s got Elena and Cody on the block which are part of showmances. That’s been her plan. I wouldn’t be surprised if Alex is the one to take down Paul, it’s too early to do it but it wouldn’t shock me if she took a shot if there was another DE.

  22. I have quit watching this season but I come on here to follow just so I can see the stupid mistakes this group of houseguest keep making. LOL addicted but just can’t watch this season.

    • Agreed, its all Far too Predictable now….And the March Continues for Paul to to be Crowned the Winner of BB 19 Continues…Smdh

      • Curious, but with everyone basically saying this cast sucks (and I am not arguing)… Would this season really be exciting without Paul? If Paul had never walked through the door this season…

        Would anyone really be enjoying the game play of these HGs any more than they are now? With no Paul to get Cody all pissed off from the get go… We’d probably all have him trying to run the show. He pretty much said so himself. If nothing else, I’m enjoying a lot of the humor that Paul brings to the show. If it weren’t for him, I don’t think I could stand to watch BBAD because I’d be bored to tears. At least he makes me laugh with some of his off the wall hilarious comments.

      • That’s exactly what I said a few minutes ago :-). BBAD would be completely boring if it weren’t for Paul.

      • Idk….I found Paul’s “more” entertaining, & likable last Season. This Season Paul is coming off as Controlling, Manipulative, and as a Bully. Paul keeps saying that Cody is grasping at straws to stay in the house…

        But the same could be said of Paul…In his Desperation to Win this Season he is Coming Off as Unlikable. And I say this as someone who rooted for Paul last season, & absolutely Loved him!

      • I’m not so sure. You’d have Cody trying to run the house like he tried with his 9 person alliance. I’m not sure it would be all that different.

      • They all follow Paul because he`s a vet, Cody is not a vet. And they follow Paul because they all know production keeps him safe and they want to stay close to him to be safe as well

      • I agree with you that they all like Paul from watching him last season and because he knows what he’s doing. Production only helped make sure he didn’t go anywhere for the first few weeks by allowing America to give him that temptation.

        That being said, most of the other HGs seem like they need someone to sort of follow around. That’s why I think Cody would fit the bill. Lets face it…

        Most of these HGs are followers and not leaders. That’s the main reason that I say the season wouldn’t be that different without Paul. You would just have someone with no sense of humor running the house instead.

      • That’s the 64 Million Dollar question?! I do believe that this Season Would have had a chance to be decent without “any” Veterans on the Show!

        The Newbies always hold the Vets in Awe, & hold onto every word they say. The Veterans also have a HUGE Advantage with a House Full of Newbies!! Even DaVonne BB 17, & 18 would be sitting at F2 at the Finale with these HG!!!

    • How can you tolerate any of it? I didn’t watch for seven years. I didn’t even know it still aired.

      • From a ratings perspective the show is bigger than its ever been. Don’t be dramatic lol

      • I asked her a question, what you’re saying is irrelevant. That has nothing to do with her’s or my comment.

  23. Omg! Watching bbad on the part of Cody pitching to Alex! This is hilarious! I know im behind, I’ve read you all discussing it but it’s my first time seeing it! What a moron! I thought some of you guys said he had a good pitch?? It sucks. There’s a smirk on Alex’s face the whole time! Iol this is TOO funny!

    • i read that wrong thinking you wrote pinching…all the alarms were going off in my head lol

    • I agree with Matt (Boyer); it wasn’t a bad pitch by Cody, just too little, too late. And Matt not using the Veto on himself – very, very dumb, although this time it will probably work out OK for him. No one (except Paul) would blame Matt if he used the Veto to take himself off the block. Everyone else would use it on themselves – especially Paul.

      • I don’t agree at all with whomever said it was a good pitch. He sounds ridiculous. He’s crazy if he thinks he can insert himself in the game that aggressively. The little play he suggested, all of it ridiculous.

  24. thank God for this season, I don’t think i can face much more “real world” news right now.
    and thank you big brother!

  25. It’s not hard to predict a double eviction – first two in jury are always part of a double eviction.

  26. the thing about elena,
    if she fancies herself a “10” totally hot woman, why the hell does she dress like she does? the orange cut off sweatshirt makes her look like a linebacker, that cut off purple pullover is so out of shape and unflattering…
    like WTF?

    • That’s because they called him out on it last night. They thought he was being shady and didn’t like he offered a deal to Cody a few days ago. Do you know what Paul was just referring to about Cody? Did Cody say something to him or was he talking about what he said to Jason and Alex?

      • Oh Paul didn’t say anything specific…Kevin just shot into the HoH room and started proclaiming that he isn’t talking to Cody, he doesn’t talk to Cody, and on and on…The others (Jason, Alex, Paul) kept saying “we get it, we get it,” but Kevin kept on insisting.

        Actually, the trio (plus Xmas by default because of the punishment lol) are catching onto Kevin right now…Alex caught Kevin in another lie (about not knowing Cody’s last name and lying to the group just now about it).

      • Oh, you’re right, too much protesting from Kevin, haha. Re Paul I was asking a separate question, saw him on live feeds about the time you posted your comment referring to Cody slamming Paul. Wasn’t clear if it had just happened to his face or if he was hashing over again about Cody campaigning to Alex and Jason earlier wanting to get Paul out. Anyways, he (Paul) was all worked up.

  27. I have been a BB fan until this year. There is sooo much bullying!!! It is like a street gang on BB this year. The gang leader is Paul and his groupies carry out his mean spirited plan so he doesn’t get his hands dirty. This show is on during a time that young people can watch it. I hope they don’t think this is a way to treat people. It is a GAME ! When did being a bunch of bullies become part of a game? I wonder if Julie would let her young son watch such bad behavior.

  28. It’s funny that Kevin is hard core proclaiming to the Alex/ Paul side of the house that he hasn’t been talking to Cody…then running over to Mark and telling him “don’t let nobody tell you who to talk to!”

    I’m kind of getting over Kevin.

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