‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Week 7 Veto Ceremony Results

This week’s Veto Ceremony is over and we have our final Big Brother 19 noms. Read on for the latest Big Brother spoilers for Week 7’s Power of Veto events.

Big Brother Veto medallion back in the box

It was time to bring the majority’s plan together by getting their target on the Block and ready to be voted out on Thursday night, but that’d require an usual approach. When a nominee gets the Veto we typically see him or her escape the Big Brother Block, but that’s not always the option with three nominees and a Backdoor in the works.

Matthew ended up losing the Temptation Comp to get a spot in the Veto comp where he went ahead and won something. Shocking, I know. Once that happened we knew he couldn’t save himself if Alex was going to renom Cody. Oops.

Power of Veto Ceremony Spoilers – Week 7

  • Matthew decided to use his Veto on Jason
  • Alex renom’d Cody in Jason’s place
  • Cody, Matthew, and Elena are this week’s final noms

Matthew had to leave himself up on the Block so Cody could take a seat. If he had saved himself instead then there’d be no renom, leaving Jason and Elena on the Block. Elena definitely would have left in that case and Cody would have stayed at least another week. Ah well.

Now we’re set for Thursday’s eviction and after seeing Cody work on the other HGs yesterday I’m hoping we’ll get more campaigning from him instead of rolling over and awaiting his demise. I don’t see these knuckleheads agreeing to anything, but it’ll be something to watch at least.

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      • At least Cody has some time to campaign so maybe we can actually have someone go that we weren’t planning to and it could be kinda more interesting.

      • He doesn’t really need to waste his time campaigning. He can’t divert as much as 4 votes from himself to a another nominee in particular. The house has always turn his efforts against him. He again said he will take out Paul. So name a puppet in the house that will dare to vote against Paul’s wish.

    • She’s an idiot. A total waste of her HOH. She should really try to get out Matthew. I am telling you these guys are working to give Paul the 500K…..so stupid.

      • I wouldn’t say idiot since both want the same thing. The others will have to do the dirty deed…any DE should work if they plan it out and get both Paul and Alex out. It’s Alex’s HoH so she doesn’t want Paul, who’s her partner right now, out yet. Probably never will. That’s why it will take Mark along with others to do that.

      • I agree 100% I watched after dark and thought for a minute we were going to see a game after all !

      • Well, if you read some of the conspiracy theories about how “production gave” Paul the POP and how they rig the comps, I’m sure they can arrange the voting too. LOL!

      • The one that riles my feathers is that “they” gave the HH to Jezebel. As long as they do what I want them to do, I have no problem with it. lol

      • I know. How many BB fans would be up at arms if it was discovered that their votes weren’t counted…This could be easily validated by CBS if anyone pushed the issue, I’m sure.

      • I read a story that went like that: Jess has a friend in LA that work with her and has 1 millions followers on Instagram. She went a on campaign and ask her Instagram followers to go vote for Jess. You have to guess that probably only 1/10th of these people are BB fans. So if this is true, it is possible that the vote was hijack by a large amount of votes from people that don’t even watch the show.

      • That’s one thing I could never understand. The show asks for input aka votes from the audience but we NEVER see the numbers to verify the result. The network should enforce some transparency here. If not why bother with audience participation.

      • Only Rigging I saw was to let Cody pick the Battleback comp on something he had Just completed. More then one of the House guest said that the way the thing worked was strange and Cody had already figured it out with Paul having to pick it up Cold. That WAS RIGGED> Also don’t get me started on how the poles that were used to hold the Red disc up appeared to have different Degrees of Flexibility WIth Jess’s being the stiffest.

      • I agree that Cody shouldn’t have been able to pick the comp in the battle back. It should have been a new comp, not one that he had already had practice on. The poles, I don’t know about that. she was shorter and had a better angle and didn’t need to put as much pressure on it to hold it up. And she was not as strong as most of the others whose pole was super bent too. Christmas had a similar stance and I didn’t really notice how bent her pole was, to be honest. but I guess it is possible.

      • You are kidding right?
        How big is backyard?
        So they have to un-assemble everything and make a whole new game?
        Sure, right?
        Did u ever mention that ” paul” had a advantage in one on hoh competition?
        He had hosted that in the bb for intranet only.

      • Christmas was leaning back and forth on her red stick and it refused to fall. As for Cody being able to pick his comp, that is not a first. He just battled in three comps to make his way back. Everyone else was nice and rested, so why shouldn’t he have had the opportunity to make the game fair by choosing the comp? Plus, this season is definitely rigged. Paul couldn’t be voted out for the next 3 noms, Christmas could use her power for the entire summer, but Jessica could only stop noms once? That is the biggest load of crap.

      • What competition were you watching. Christmas was leaning back and forth on her red stick and it refused to fall. As for Cody being able to pick his comp, that is not a first. He just battled in three comps to make his way back. Everyone else was nice and rested, so why shouldn’t he have had the opportunity to make the game fair by choosing the comp? Plus, this season is definitely rigged. Paul couldn’t be voted out for the next 3 noms, Christmas could use her power for the entire summer, but Jessica could only stop noms once? That is the biggest load of crap.

  1. If only Matthew knew that after Cody is gone and if Mark and Elena are safe, him and Raven are next to leave.

    • THAT will be fun to watch! Especially after being a sucker and not pulling himself off the block. Yeah, he’ll be safe this week but once he’s screwed he’ll think back like, “And to think I let them convince me to NOT take myself off the block”

    • Right! Big dummy, he disappointed me far more than any of the other house guest this season

  2. Kudos to those ‘knuckleheads’ for putting together a plan to BD Cody all due to Matt bettering Cody at losing the Temptation Comp. You couldn’t make some of this stuff up LOL

    • Cody is the biggest nimcompoop when it comes to the Temp. comp. He should have picked a room that he knew was never in. I believe someone said he was never in the HOH room during that time. Matt had to think to get that comp right…wrong.

      • it better be. He’ll be doing a lot of groveling trying to keep Jessica. He doesn’t have the money, personality or brains to keep her interested.

      • not only that does he not understand when she gets home her mother is going to show her the ep. where he tells Matt how they need to use the girls to evict Jessica when the time comes and besides that I’m sure her mother is going to make her understand that he is a child in a mans body that has anger issues and that sooner or later he’ll not get his way explode and hurt her

      • yeah, one of those — or a couple of hundred of regulars. I say Jess goes for the quantity over quality.

      • There’s no hope for him, he said Just tonight on after dark that he doesn’t wanna talk or do anything, he being back doored and just want out . I guess I would too if the whole house was against me. Think Paul is playing a pretty fierce game w Alex , and should hope they make it to final 👍👍

      • Yeah, Paul pointed out that Cody was (obviously) never in the HOH room with Josh in power, so why he wouldn’t pick there was baffling.

      • My coworker said he should have picked that room for every answer! She said he never went up to the HOH room

      • That’s exactly what he did. In the DR he said that he was going to choose the have not room because he hadn’t been in there all week. He was just mistaken.

      • Maybe he wanted to lose so he would be nominated , he’s checked out. He’s gone. Sad .. Jess wouldn’t have, she was the only reason he stayed as long as he did.. and ends up getting her out instead.. she gave up half a mill for someone who may or may not be a psycho!

      • I hope those few weeks or months she spends with the swinging d*ck is worth it. I’m sure he’ll take her to extravagant restaurants and vacays with that American Express credit card.

    • I still don’t know why, if Cody wanted to lose, like he did, not choose the HOH room. He definitely wasn’t up there all week.

      • Jezebel wasn’t there to think for him. You know he went into service because, and this is according to what I read that he said, he graduated with a 2.0 GPA. There might be extenuating circumstances for that, idk, no judgement, but Jess was the strategizer of the two. That’s not saying much, though.

      • You’re right. No judgement. And yes, even Cody said it that he doesn’t know what he was going to do without Jessica in the house.

  3. My hope is that, once Cody is out of the house, Mark wins HoH and puts up Paul and Christmas. Getting sick of them policing everyone and marking anyone who so much as LOOKS at Cody as a target.

    • That would be entertaining, but Paul is good at pulling out veto comps. Christmas would go. No big loss.

    • It did bug me that everyone got their collective panties in a bunch just because Kevin was casually chatting with Cody. I don’t get why they can’t let people be civil.

  4. While Cody might try, Mark and Elena are totally going to screw up their own game which will be the biggest what if.

    • Willing to bet you’ll hear more “Gladly” than “Sadly” LOL. I personally wish they’d keep him just to see heads spin and continue the fun in watching. It’s SADLY going to be a dud to watch after Cody gets evicted. They’ll all just gun for Mark and Elena so the next two weeks AT LEAST are going to be a snooze-fest. Unless, by chance Mark gets HoH next. That might be interesting.

      • I hope they give him respectful goodbye messages.
        I’m site Cody doesn’t care either way but still, it’d be nice.
        PS: I don’t expect Josh to be nice; he’ll have to call him a meatball.

      • Hmmm, Josh definitely will not be nice. The others, maybe Mark will be nice, but I don’t think anyone but Josh will be really over the top mean about it. If Cody is really a fan of the game, he would hopefully vote on who played the game the best and not who did wrong to him and Jessica. What I’m saying is if Paul is in the final, he should definitely get Cody’s vote to win.

      • I think they are going to save Josh from himself and not show his goodbye message to Cody.

      • Depends on how entertaining it would be for us…but yes, that would probably be a kindness.

      • no way he votes that way remember he told Paul he didn’t like him because he didn’t give him a braclet back in first ep.

      • It would be the classy thing to do. Which is why I’m certain it won’t happen.


      • Oh I guarantee Josh will say something completely ignorant in his goodbye message. Aside from Mark, and maybe Kevin, I’m not sure who would be kind in their goodbye message to Cody.

      • Would like to see some respectful msgs. Not like the one Alex left for Jess “..don’t worry Jess, I’ll take care of Cody while you’re gone” She is disgusting.

  5. I cannot believe these idiots are handing Paul $500k. My speech would include a wish that someone make it to the end with Paul, because that creep would never get my vote. Paul is the worst thing to happen in Big Brother history.

    • I can’t believe everyone here on the boards are so stupid as to actually want to see cody leave. I don’t like the way he acts but at least he stood up to paul unlike everyone else in the house.

      • Same here, bro. I want Cody to stay just for entertainment value alone, much less if he could win HoH! Admittedly though, I do like Cody but don’t agree with all of his antics.

      • They’re also hating on Mark, who wants to go after Paul to further his game! Regardless of his “flip-flopping,” he’s at least TRYING to play & not kissing Paul’s a** like so many of the others.

      • Where’s the entertainment value in Cody staying? I see even less value now with Jessica being gone. Flip-flopping is part of the game and a strategy that has worked many times in BB. And, yes, at least Mark is trying to play. He has already won like 3 comps when he needed to. He just might be the one to take a shot at Paul. He is not with that side of the house. I just really don’t know if the “knuckeheads” would vote him out though. Isn’t that crazy?!?!?

      • Paul would have to be backdoored. The question is who could they put up next to him that the house wouldn’t vote them out instead. Matt or Raven would go home over him, Josh could potentially go also. Jason and Christmas I feel could be the safest bets if put up initially, and one left next to him on the block.

      • The only entertainment value in Cody staying is to see Paul squirm some – especially if he or Mark wins the DE HoH….because at that point, Paul is in danger! Don’t tell me that there wouldn’t be some hinky votes against him if, as Christmas & Josh claimed last night, “they’re just going along with him because it suits their plans.” And yes, flip-flopping towards the power is a long-held BB strategy. It rarely works in a HG’s favor because of pack mentality, but Andy Herren rode it all the way to $500k.

      • Im with u !00% I hate hes leaving, but he put up a good fight against the ENTIRE house

      • I’m going to be sad to see him go because I find the robot noises they put on his footage hilarious…

    • How is that? Seems like the blame is on the idiots that follow him and don’t know how to play their own game. It’s not Paul’s fault. If they were smart, Paul would be on the block but they can’t figure that out. Paul is playing a good game and it’s working for him

      • Exactly. Haters just like to hate. Paul is playing a great, which is why he’s in a safe spot right now. Cody (and Jessica before she was evicted) has played a terrible game, which is why he’s now getting evicted. It’s as simple as that. And all of these “idiots” are still in the game, so I guess they could be dumber. The name of the game is to stay in the house, and that’s what Paul and the others are doing. Maybe play some form of social game other than being condescending and hateful to everyone and Cody/Jessica would have done better.

      • Paul got Lucky when he was on the block…Cody would be the front runner right now if he scored the boot of Paul on his hoh.

      • How is Paul playing a good game?
        Cody outsmarted him, but Paul got lucky CBS saved him. Then Paul can knock him out in buy back fails. Then he was told Jessica has more power and fails again.
        if he was in with real ” vets” he would be screwed!

      • Paul is playing a good game because he’s convinced a handful of idiots to follow him. Cody never “outsmarted” him. Cody had all of the power and there was nothing Paul could do about it. That’s not a lack of intelligence in any way. Also, if Cody had been able to get Paul on the block in that first week, I think Paul would have secured enough votes to stay, just like he did for Christmas.

      • You are a wrong sir!!.
        U said it your self those ” idiots” would have voted him out the 1st week. Go look at tapes. He was dust but got lucky with the cbs voing thing.
        Cody had him ” backdoored” how is that not smart? Give him credit for that!!!! Paul never ever ever saw it coming!!!!!!! That’s the idea of a book door sir!!!!;):)
        Then remember your boy ” paul” wasted a hoh week and didn’t get ” anybody” out when Jessica used curse. Why not get somebody our but no paul is the man!!! Not.

      • Backdooring Paul is smart. Blindsiding your entire alliance to do so is very not smart. Paul did not waste his HOH. He flushed out Jessica’s power, and she was gone a week later. It worked out exactly as planned. Also, I was only saying Cody didn’t “outsmart” Paul, because Cody held all the cards. Whether Paul knew or not, it didn’t matter.

      • This season is definitely rigged. Paul couldn’t be voted out 3 noms, Christmas could use her power for the entire summer, but Jessica could only stop noms once? That is the biggest load of crap. This whole thing is a setup by CBS. Paul was done and got caught. Christmas with her broken foot only seems to get picked on vetos for Cody and Jessica, then she couldn’t compete. That’s crap. The bullying in the house would not have been tolerated for the previous 3 seasons, especially after GinaMarie Zimmerman and Aaryn Gries were called to the carpet during their season for racial slurs and bullying. I was surprised that violence hasn’t erupted yet with Cody and others; or even Mark. CBS just really made me dislike this season and I might be done after this Thursday.

      • This Christmas broken foot thing, she should never have been allowed back into the game…..not fond of her (well not fond of any of the characters this season) and hopes she gets her come uppance when she gets out into the real world.

    • Strange you see it that way because won of the keys to winning is to get other people to do you work for you. Paul last season I did not like.. This season he is right up there with Dr. Will and Dan, as best players in the game.. Ever.

    • Paul for the win!!! Bet you couldn’t as long as him in the game. You would have probably been the first one evicted……

    • No, please do let it. I pity the fool who goes to jury after Cody this week…no, not really…

  6. I hope this doesn’t mean we have to suffer through another teary DR session from Mark cos Cody is leaving and now Mark is a big target, so he has to wing the HoH to keep him and Elena safe

  7. This is the worst cast ever. They’re all following Paul! When Cody is gone…I’M DONE!

  8. WHO wins VETO then takes someone else off the block, it is like having an IDOL on Survivor and not using it, it sure is a pretty trinket to take home. Matt better be careful!!!

    • Back in Season 3, Marcellus used the veto to take his friend off the block. Got him a quick meeting with Julie.

    • This move was in Matt’s best interest. If he used the veto on himself, he climbs right towards the top of everyones target lists. Also, people choose not to use their idols all of the time in Survivor. The key is to play it at the right time, not the fist time.

  9. “Knuckleheads” ? Why are they knuckleheads because they don’t want to work with Cody? Cody is the knucklehead not realising being social and integrating himself is essential to moving further in the game. He’s a bad player… Period and cant be trusted. It’s unfortunate but its the truth.

    • They are still knuckleheads because they want to work for Paul by doing anything for him when he is playing the whole house. Not working with Cody then becomes upsetting because we know Cody is a strong player who is after Paul

      • Knuckle heads are surviving, if that’s the way they’re playing the game. Cody isn’t, he’s going home.

      • It’s OK to not work with Cody, but it’s possible to send Cody out but not work FOR Paul.
        Case closed.

      • Again, the knucklehead is Cody. You must develop relationships and build bridges of trust. Paul and the others have done that, Cody hasn’t, so the cookie crumbled in favor of Paul. I wouldn’t jump off my ship where there are is not a fire going, roast beef in the oven and apple pie over into the Atlantic ocean with Cody. I’d deal with Paul next. That’s the smarter move.

      • Yes ! I haven’t seen a weaker player then Cody . He just gonna roll over and die .. I don’t think anyone has ever not campaigned for themselves , especially when there are other ppl otb that he could sway to get out . He’s just done . His social aspect is just not there and that is a very main component in BB. Lies, deception, misdirect, influence others, it’s all fair play and all of them have that choice , and they like Paul , I haven’t heard anyone besides Cody and a few others that have bad mouthed him and if they do he confronts them.. is good game play unlike Cody that just accepts his fate and lays down.

    • I didn’t call the entire group knuckleheads based on a single instance/event. It’s their continued belief of marching like lemmings while repeatedly saying they’ll do whatever Paul wants, say whatever Paul wants, etc. No one is seriously considering their options and long term goals other than “Paul will get us there”.

      If you think this my comment is based purely on a single event or because they didn’t save Cody then you haven’t been following the game closely.

      And who said Cody wasn’t a knucklehead? I’ve been routinely critical of his poor gameplay.

      • PREACH Matt! PREACH!
        It’s still possible to get Cody out but try to get Paul out in the future, but no one seems to have plans for that! And that is why they are knuckleheads!
        Btw, nice new profile pic! You look very young!

      • No one “SEEMS” to have plans! And if they don’t, that’s fine too. You’d just prefer Cody steamroll them instead of Paul.

      • I agree that they are knuckleheads. But they are Paul’s knuckleheads. He is promising them he will get them to the end so that they can win, since he can’t…What a crock!!! But they follow, and do his bidding. Great game Paul, great game…

      • And they all believe him. He is really good, and they are really knuckleheads, fo’ shizzle!!! Not Paul’s fault. He’s just taking advantage of the situation.

      • Well that’s Matthews definition of a knucklehead. Mine are the ones evicted prematurely. At home

      • I’ve been following closely enough, just don’t share your outlook. It remains to be seen what they may have planned for Paul. They each could have agendas that doesn’t involve Paul any longer we shall see. Where are
        all the others that went against the grain at this point in the game?? At home, that’s not objective. Each cast is different, they adapt accordingly.

      • There’s a few of them that seem to be aware of Paul running the show in the background. The thing is, I feel that people like Christmas and Jason and Alex are almost timid of discussing this with others in the group for fear of it reaching back to Paul, and subsequently outsider status of this group. (All people at one point of another who have questioned how much Paul is really in control).

        In short form, it will take an outsider of the group to oust Paul. Someone who doesn’t really care about reprisal because they’re already targeted each week.

        The other thing they need to consider, especially if Paul was to somehow go before Mark and Elena, is who becomes the target of the minority group next? Christmas? Alex? If you knew you’d potentially be next in line after Paul’s departure, you might not be so quick to want him to go if the other side views him as the threat.

      • I agree, they aren’t a bunch of knuckleheads, they have an alliance and it seems to be working in their favor . Why would u want to allign yourself with Cody if he is the main target . It makes sense to me to stay on the side of power and Paul, for now anyway. Cody will be gone and the next targets will move to mark and Elena and maybe Kevin. Is a DE coming up and Cody be gone so anyone other than Mark winning would be good. Most won’t put paul up, afraid to or just not a good play at the moment. When it’s down to 8 and less then they will have to put up their ppl .

    • No, they’re not knuckleheads for not wanting to work with Cody, they’re knuckleheads for not listening to Cody and being willing to consider what he said. No one cares what happens to Cody at this point (in fact, I believe he deserves to go based on his behavior this entire season). But sooner or later, the rest of the HGs are going to wake up and realize Cody was right these last few days, and by then it will most likely be too late to do anything about it.

      • Cody burned too many bridges and now, even though he makes sense, no one trusts him as far as they can throw him.

      • I don’t think is trust, but more like our master Paul told us not to listen to you or trust anything you say Cody.

      • Everyone was on board with being on Cody’s side at the beginning. And then he decided to blindside THE ENTIRE HOUSE. Now he goes around complaining how everyone turned on him, when in reality he was the one who turned on them by nominating an ally (Yes, Paul was part of the original alliance, whether Cody wanted him to be or not).

      • It doesn’t matter whah someone did at the beginning, if their is a better target the HGs should do anything to get rid of him. Paul that is. Unfortunately they don’t see what we do.

      • Sure it matters. Who would want to align with someone who turns on his alliance? Paul may be a bigger threat to win the whole game, but as long as he’s on your side, he’s not a threat to you. You can’t say the same about Cody, who might go rogue and nominate his allies AGAIN.

      • This is all part of the game , if they are not willing to work with cody is for good reason , paul is a vet and of course people will gravitate towards him . Only one person wins and only a few even care about that .. making it to jury is just fine . So why is paul a snake or bad guy for playing a completely badass game and he knows it ! What would u do for half a mill ? I’m sure u would do exactly what he is or even worse, can’t judge him for using what he has to work with. He deserves to win .

      • Well said! There are people on this site who state that half a million isn’t that much money anymore. I beg to differ, I’d do whatever I had to do to try and win it.

      • Yup .. look what Kevin did , 25k and started the den of temptation, Elena , 5k . So yeah half a mill is a lot to some and whatever they need or have to do to win, go for it !

    • Watched after dark, Cody has checked out he said was getting back doored so didn’t want to talk to anyone or have any convos.. although he was doing a lil, and had Alex and Jason thinking they would vote Elena out.. and mark also . Just giving up, that’s such a poor sport to not even try , just try !!!! You never know it u can do something unless you try . I assume he knows he’s going home so he just waiting the time out and in isolation . Sucks that Jess had to leave because I know she would still be playing/ fighting for her game . He a useless 💩

  10. my screen (cbs app) keeps collapsing and I have to keep bringing it back up, i’m losing my mind and I don’t want to re boot now!

  11. I’ve missed you wonderful group of people this season. Xoxo

    Did history get made by Matt using the veto on someone else while on the block? I would love to see him and Raven evicted.

    • And the winner of the Veto competition (who is also on the block) chose $5000 over the power of veto. So 2 people on the block had the power of veto in their hands, and chose to remain on the block.

  12. I think all the house guests are stupid. This is THEIR season not Paul’s they are basically handing the prize over to him. They need to wake up and start playing their own game.
    Also, I hate to see Cody go but it is what it is.

      • Heh. My apologies. And for the record, I believe Paul will make F2. And when he does, he will take with him someone who absolutely will not beat him – like Josh or Raven. Yeah, “Paul will get us to the end,” all right. Dumbbbbbbbbbbb.

  13. They might as well give Paul the money and end the season, everyone except Cody is laying down and rolling over for him, he is a snake that none of them see, he controls every head of household

  14. All “Paul is a master manipulator” talk aside, do you guys think Cody will try to campaign, and if so against whom?
    I would like to see him campaign since campaigning when you’re on the block is part of this game. We’ve only got a taste of sociable Cody for the past few days and I wanna witness more of that

    • I did not like Cody when it was Jody. He has grown on me the last couple of days. I would rather they get rid of Elana, she’s the next “mean girl”. I would like to see Cody campaign and stay a bit longer. So far….. in my humble opinion…. Paul is playing a great game…… he knows the idiots in the house are playing his game and he’s taking advantage of it. He’s playing like he wants the money, everyone else just “wants to be in jury”

    • He will be evicted . The house doesn’t have any real competition after that , they will target Elena and Mark next if they don’t win hoh.

  15. Out of all the people on the block, even if everyone wants Cody home, I honestly think Elena and Matt should go home, they’re just not even playing the game or impacting the game in any way along with raven, josh, and Jason.

    • Exactly .. they are floaters and are disposable and easy to beat , making it easier for Paul, Alex and Jason to get to the end .

  16. Have any of you heard any rumors on Nicole and Victor dating? Looking at their Instagram I kind of seems like they may be.

  17. Most of these players just want to be in the Jury, they’ve said it, and Paul helped them to get there. lol He’s done his job. Now they can all line up (firing squad) and Paul will finish it…hehe

      • if she can protect j she will. I won’t blame her if she has to cut him loose later. the girl deserves to win.

      • Alex deserves it only if she evicts Paul because she can claim she took out the biggest threat in the game and would be right to claim it! Of course, to do it, she would have to make that move! If not, Paul would just send her packing! Paul will probably take either Kevin or Josh to the Final 2! Alex would be stupid to keep Paul in the game, he will not take her to Final 2!

      • What I meant is that Alex is playing Paul’s game and she is not taking anyone anywhere. Paul is in charge and she believes he will take her to F2. I do hope that she takes over the game, but it hasn’t happen yet not even by winning HOH.

      • Maybe, Alex might make a move but, I do not see it happening until they are down to 4 people. Looking like 6 boring weeks including, this double eviction. It would just irritate me watching these minions talking a big game while, targeting each other! So stupid! Will be back when they are down to 4 people. Only thing I want to know is if Alex will finally target Paul when it is down to 4 people. If not, Paul easily wins this! Everyone will vote for him maybe, except for Cody!

    • Was it the consensus, that you know of, that Paul should have won last time? If so, maybe public opinion caused BB to only hire hg willing to let him. If they answered their goal was only to go to jury and get public exposure they were chosen. Not serious! But a lot would make sense if it was all orchestrated!

      • Good question, I thought he would have won last season . I thought he played a better game, but the houseguests weren’t anything like this cast . If he won, would nicole be back ?

      • Nicole played a amazing game last season and she was american`s sweetheart. So yeah if Paul had won Nicole would be back this season.

      • Was she America’s sweetheart?
        I didn’t know holes got to be AS. I guess Jess’ s dream could come true.

      • If she was back it wouldn’t be for same reason (that she lost a deserved win last season) and also, wouldn’t that be her 3rd time back? So, my guess would be no.

      • Awww , third time ! Geeze . Ok, so this was all to get Paul back , but to do that the houseguests were the ones that brought him in theirselves ! So ….. go paul !

    • The show should end this Thursday then. Everyone to the jury and Paul gets his prize.

  18. I just don’t understand why Matt is even playing at this point because he keeps listening to Paul, he didn’t save himself, he didn’t get safety, and now he’s just messing up his game to help someone else’s, they might as well give Paul the money now.

    • He’s playing a decent game , he’s laying low and keeping Paul as an ally and maybe he may have a chance to make it further . They have enough ppl to boot .. mark , Elena , raven , Kevin

  19. Boring…..I like Paul. It isn’t his fault everyone is willing to roll over and play dead for him. They seem to truly not see that he is running the show and they all have no chance as long as he is around. Cody is an obviaou target always, take this one and boot Elena or Matt. Cody will continue to be a target. And Paul is using them all and he gets to keep his hands clean. Josh’s can be the bully and everyone else can do his bidding while he stands back and reaps the benefits. He will deserve the $. Without Jody, this will be a boring show. No one pushing back or trying to make any kind of game move. Everyone just playing for second place…I’m now rooting for Mark. Atleast he seems to kinda want to win. Lame season. I will miss Jody.

  20. For all it’s worth paul is letting his ego get the better of him. As much as I like paul, he is just not seeing what is going on right in front of him. He is not invincible. As they say “The mighty will fall”.

    • I will laugh so hard if he gets the Vanessa treatment. Whoever gets him out is almost guaranteed the win this season (or they should be, but I’m expecting a bitter jury, lol).

  21. It is funny watching Paul look disgusting as he can’t stop people from talking. He hates the fact he can’t sit in the HOH room and stop the talk or direct it the way he wants

  22. Yay!!! Yes yes !!! Finally ! Get that boy out the house ! 🙌🙌 Cody I mean .. buh bye.

  23. It was expected. I hope Matt goes to Jury this week. Mark wins HOH and nominates Paul and Alex.

      • Paul kept everyone of them safe to go to the jury. Theyre not even the first one to go. Cody gave up his chance to be a player week one. Instead of trying to rebuild relationships he held a pity party with Jess every night. (Besides the sexual encounters). Now hopefully the game will begin and lines will be drawn in the sand.

  24. Jessica is now getting started on watching the show. She is on youtube and she watches feeds every night and answers BB inside questions.Is it rigged for Paul? Paul said that it was rigged for cody and jess and he is the villain. Jess begging to be AFP. Please do not vote for her, I think Kevin should win this one. Fans telling her everything that has been happening.
    She said that her family, Cody and Josh’s family getting death threats.

  25. These people are idiots. Just call it a season and give a Paul the money. That is wh after all CBS brought his ass back on the show. Jess was right when she said Mr. Friendship was the real threat.

  26. It’s funny watching the feeds and Paul is complaining that Cody called it the Paul show. Hmmmm don’t like his own MED’s go figure it’s the Paul show don’t say anything bad about me or I’ll go cry in the HN room. Both Cody and Paul are alpha males and=d it shows neither are any different

    How is that personal according to Paul Cody personally attached him come on what has douse bag Paul been doing all game

    • Love Paul’s attitude: how dare anyone (in this case Cody) campaign against me?! It’s The Paul Show, he knows it, and loves it. If anyone crosses his wishes (he can’t control) he convinces his lemmings that THEY MUST GO, and so the lemmings remove them from the house. If Paul’s pretending he isn’t aware of it all, he’s just plain lying, IMO.

    • What the heck is a douse bag? Maybe Jess should give you some spelling lessons. Or better yet, Josh. I forgot, Jess didn’t know what her hymen was.

  27. I blame Paul for absolutely ruining this season; his annoying, pompous loudmouth is worse than Josh’s. The only salvation will be to watch Paul get the boot if some of these deadbeats finally wake up. Mark is the only one who has shown any insight now that Cody will no longer be in the house.

    • So you prefer HGs like bed-ridden Dingus Nicole to win instead of someone who actually works to entertain the viewers? Paul can be annoying, pompous, and a loudmouth, agreed. But he works for the money and the viewers like few have.

      • Anyone but Paul…annoying, pompous and way too loud…agreed. He is earning it, but helping the other houseguests to continue the boredom this season.

      • I expect Paul to be voted out soon. I would have absolutely used his experience and knowledge to help further my game if necessary. So if that makes me a Paul worshipper, so be it.

      • If Paul cared about anything other than winning the game, he would have had the decency to let each HOH winner run their own HOH. But no … every winner Paul borrows down in the HOH bed and doesn’t come up for air until the HOH agrees to do what Paul wants. That’s not entertaining.

      • “the decency to let”……He doesn’t MAKE anyone do anything. They are using him to further their game, too. It’s shocking to me that people who have watched this show for years can not see that, or either just don’t want to admit how good Paul is.

      • He’s so good and the houseguests are so bad; that’s what’s so annoying this season.

      • I see what you are saying and I understand that people have different perspectives, but all of this blaming Paul for the actions of others is getting tiresome when Paul is working his patootie off. I understand that some may not agree with the way he goes about it.

      • I’m not blaming Paul; I just wish he wouldn’t be so pompous and loud…and I wish that the other houseguests would start playing the game instead of bowing to his every wish.

      • Who’s fault is it that they are bowing to his every wish, if indeed they are? They needed him. He needed them.

      • It’s the other houseguests’ fault for the bowing; we’ll see how strongly they need each other when they start playing their own games…unless they all decide to continue to just lay down and let Paul win.

      • Evidently you need to read some of my other responses. I give Paul complete credit for everything he has done, including making this season such a bore. He has convinced all but Cody & Jess to follow his every move. At least Mark is now wise to him. Or as you say, lololl

      • Pompous and loud? That’s his character. Have you seen his first season? Nothing has changed…I focus on his game. It’s Big Bother.

      • “Big Bother” is right! LOL Yes, he was “almost” as pompous and loud in his first season; I wasn’t rooting for him that time either. I was, however, a Victor fan…slow, steady, silent and strong.

      • I understand. Derick is one of the best player in BB, but I didn’t root for him. I thought he was boring.. I’m a Dan G fan.

      • LOL Paul should care about more than winning the game? I wasn’t aware Big Brother was a feel fest where feelings take precedence over winning. Paul is running his game and if other HOH’s/HG’s are willing to let him run their HOH’s/game, why shouldn’t he get in their ears and make it turn out the way he wants. He wants to win, what is so hard to understand? BB isn’t let’s give each HOH their time and let them explore every avenue, including their feelings, it’s BB where people are fighting for $500.000. You do what it takes to get to the end.

      • Nicole did what she had to do. Some people don’t like that style, okay, but you can’t deny the results.

      • You mean that production helped manipulate the season for her to win while she laid in bed all summer looking trashy and most likely embarrassing her family on national TV? Nope, can’t deny that. Some people pretend to be foolish enough to think she did something to deserve the win. If her “performance” was worth the money for her, that’s on her. If watching two people have sex all summer entertained you, that’s on you. Paul hasn’t had to give away his body and integrity to play and get far. He has worked his patootie off, for sure, but not like Dingus Nicole worked her patootie off.

      • You know I don’t go for conspiracy theories, KSJB. Why would you even try it with me?

      • That production handed Nicole the win. BB production can only do so much, sorry if you’re so bitter that the jury felt Nicole played a better game than Paul last season, but it was their decision.

      • Oh, contraire. No where did I say she was handed the win. I hope you don’t teach reading comprehension. lolol
        Surely you jest, if you think there was no manipulation from production?!?! How long have you watched BB? SMH

      • “You mean that production helped manipulate the season for her to win while she laid in bed all summer looking trashy and most likely embarrassing her family on national TV?”

        Okay, so not your exact wording, but you definitely implied it.

      • I wish you could see these tears running down my face from laughter. You have to keep that one and use it again. It’s too good!

      • Yes, I noticed the extra “normal” laughing goats. Have you ever made a goat faint? I’ve always thought goats are funny, but the mutant goat with the braces is my fav of all times! I bust out laughing every time I see it.

      • No, she didn’t. But a lot of people don’t earn what they get and a lot of people don’t get what they earn. That’s real life….or is that BB. Maybe we should ask Cody. lol

      • I don’t get all of the hate for Paul. I enjoy watching him play..it most of the house wants to follow his suggestions…that’s their problem. I enjoy watching Paul play..much better than what I am watching right now..which is Mark laying out in the BY with his bare butt showing. I bet the HG’s are upset that he got the HN escape..he eats everything in sight! They are always running out of food early when he is not a HN!

      • Mark got the HN escape? YAY! That must have really frosted Paul, who was laughing about it with Raven and Christmas last night. Yeah, Matt complained that Mark ate too much. What a fool.

      • I didn’t see this last night. For some reason, some replies weren’t showing up, not on my computer anyway when I was in notifications on Disqus.
        Anyway, I read where Mark wanted some olive oil rubbed on him. Did Kevin give in and put some on his buttocks? lol We’ll just sit back and enjoy the Paul show until he is evicted, if so. After Dingus Nicole winning last season, it will be a pleasure to see someone win that played the game standing up.

      • Can someone explain to me why people want to watch jerks laying in bed, making victim noises, not playing the game, isolating themselves (cardinal sin in BB), picking fights with people who could potentially save you in the game yet don’t want to watch Paul, whom is playing his little heart out 24/7. Someone, anyone help me with this connundrum.

  28. That is it for me! I will come back when it is down to 4. Maybe, someone will try and evict Paul if not, then, it is over! Useless minions cannot think for themselves! Maybe, last 4 episodes might be worth watching if at all! This is my last season of Big Brother. Like Dancing with the Stars which I ended up hating, I will not miss lame ass casts like these ones!

  29. I liked Alex in the beginning and thought she was a great competitor and a smart cookie, this move proves that she is simply Paul’s minion. What a shame, really dumb move. Cody has no one , would never win the game and somehow is target #1? Stupid people.

    • Several people have said this. What they are failing to understand is there are more people than just Cody and Alex in the house. She has a whole team of people behind her. Sure Cody wouldn’t come after her, but eveyone else would. Cody can’t keep her safe by himself. Why is it so hard to believe that she wants the same thing that Paul does?

      • She could have gone after Mark and Elena or Matt and Raven and said she wanted to break up another couple – I am sure most would have minded those choices, Cody is on an island by himself right now.

  30. I voted Matt, he is about as exciting as my bathroom floor mat. I take that back, my bathroom floor mat is more exciting.

  31. No matter what happens as BB goes forward,Cody deserves to go..has been withdrawn and angry from day one,every day he demonstrated nothing but contempt for this game,behaved like this was so beneath him and Jessica,couldn’t even be bothered to do what is needed in the house in order to survive from week to week,so goodbye Cody and don’t let the doorknob hit you on the way out.

    • hep, he blew up jess’ game and then realized what he lost.
      too little, too late. why can’t everyone see that?

      • Exactly,the reason he’s following Jess out the door is hiding in plain sight but that blaring truth is apparently hard for some Jody fans to accept,so we get excuses and more excuses that have no basis in BB fact,just wishful thinking that want to paper over the truth.

    • They showed no respect for the game. Of course, we all know it wasn’t a game to Codliver. They both leave a bad taste in the mouth of real BB fans.

  32. I may be the only one that feels this way, but I want paul out!!!!! These people are so stupid to trust that he will take them to the end. Raven and Matt are useless and Josh is just annoying and Nobody but jess and cody would stand up to paul. Its crazy. I have stopped watching because i am so sick of it and its BORING!!!! Paul didnt win last year but as controlling as he is, he probably threw a fit about it and talked his way back in. Lets get someone that has a back bone in HOH this week.

  33. Mark and Elena in particular has no idea how much they messed up this week. Cody is more useful to them than the full house. Elena should have taken the veto to take herself off the block, put Paul up. With Paul, Matt and Jason on the block, the alliance will split. Marlena and Cody will guarantee 3 votes against Paul (with an extra likely). Raven will not vote against Matt. Then Paul would be in trouble while they turn the bigger alliance next week with Kevin sure to join them.
    Next week is up for Mark and Elena to regret though Mark made a few attempt.

    • Even if Elena got the veto and took herself off the block, Cody would have still gone up. Alex wasn’t going to put up anyone else.

  34. would love to see cody stay but maybe with cody gone we can see all the puppets wake up and start playing the game

  35. I saw a clip of Josh cooking shirtless in the kitchen and he’s not fat all! He has a decent physique. Jody is horrible!