‘Big Brother 19’ Veto Meeting Plans – Week 4

The Veto meeting is coming up later today and we’ve been watching some interesting back and forth “will she or won’t she” moments this weekend that could keep us waiting until it’s over and the nominations are set for Week 4 of Big Brother 19.

Jessica and Cody on Big Brother 19

So here’s the background of the situation. Jessica, the current HoH, wants Josh out and put Ramses up as a pawn. While the house has been promising Jessica they’d vote out Josh, several of the Houseguests including Paul, Christmas, etc., have been working behind the scenes to make sure it’s Ramses going instead. Now here comes Jessica’s chance to thwart that plan, if she discovers it in time.

Jessica ended up winning the Veto on Saturday which means neither Ramses nor Josh can save themselves from the Block and if Jessica keeps feeling good about this VTE-Josh plan then things will stay just as they are. Sunday evening on the Big Brother Feeds there started to be a few growing concerns for both Jessica and Ramses.

Flashback on your Live Feeds (get the Free Trial now to watch) to 5:41 PM BBT 7/23 Cams 3/4.

Ramses is talking with Elena and says he’s most concerned about the votes from her, Mark, and Cody. He’s mumbling a little to keep the volume low, so maybe he said he’s least concerned about their votes. Really, those are the only votes he appears to have right now. Elena promises Ramses he’ll get their three votes and says the rest of the house will follow suit.

Gallery: Ramses Talks With Elena

Jump forward to 6:22 PM BBT Cams 3/4 to find Ramses talking with Jessica. He’s expressing concerns over staying on the Block against Josh. Jessica says if she gets concerned then she has a backup plan and will take him off, but she hasn’t heard anything so doesn’t plan to do that. Well, Jessica hasn’t heard anything for a couple of reasons. 1) She’s being lied to by Paul and company. 2) Paul and company are lying to Elena and Mark so Elena doesn’t realize she’s passing along bad info. Oops.

Ramses continues to press Jessica saying that he got those three votes last week and he was likely to be put up on the Block this week by the other side as the Plan B while she was Plan A, so it seems risky. Jessica says she’ll make her rounds and check with everyone, but she appreciates his trust and doesn’t want to ruin his game.

Ramses isn’t giving up. He points out that if he’s off the Block then he’s a sure thing vote against Josh to go. It’s a good argument, but he needs to offer up an alternative who isn’t such a sure thing, because right now Jessica thinks everyone wants Josh out.

Move forward to 6:37 PM BBT Cams 1/2 as Jessica has settled in with Cody to discuss the situation. She’s nervous and worries the others might be working to keep Josh calm until it’s too late and then they’ll be blindsided. (That is the plan.) She’s thinking of taking down Ramses and renom’ing Alex. (She should if she wants Josh out.)

Gallery: Jessica Talks With Ramses & Cody

Cody isn’t worried. He thinks everyone wants Josh out, but Jessica corrects him that the other side doesn’t mind him. She thinks there’s a good chance the vote will flip and Ramses will go. Jessica likes Ramses’s offer that if he comes down then he’s a definite vote against Josh. Here comes some bad advice from Cody.

Cody tells Jessica that he wants her to keep things the same and there’s nothing to be gained by flip flopping around on her nominations. He wants them to just sit back and let the week take over. Jessica doesn’t want to look back and see her HoH week was a waste. (Could Cody secretly want Josh to stay to go after Mark like he secretly wanted Alex to stay? No way, right?)

Jessica isn’t worried about Ramses like Cody, who says he doesn’t trust Ramses. Jessica suggests she could put up two HGs that she’d be happy either way with who left. Yes, yes that’s exactly what you do, Jessica. Sheesh. Come on!

The debates don’t stop here. We’ve got the full rundown in our Sunday Feed Highlights Report, but the summary is that there were a lot of talks through the rest of the night. A lot of them. Mark and Elena continue to reinforce the false notion that Josh will go and that makes Jessica and Cody more confident that Ramses will stay.

By the end of the night Jessica and Cody settled back to keeping the noms the same with Ramses and Josh on the Block. They expect Josh to be evicted and if that vote were held this afternoon then they’d be disappointed. Ramses will be voted out and the house will have flipped the plan on Cody and Jessica yet again. The great potential here is that they could get their revenge the following week by using Jessica’s Halting Hex should the two of them be sent to the Block. What a great round of drama and surprises for both sides of the house.

We’ll be watching for the Veto Ceremony later this afternoon and will have the spoiler results then. What do you think of Jessica’s Veto plan? Which way do you hope she’ll decide to go today?

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  1. Ugh. I’m so frustrated with Jessica! She should listen to her gut and not trust the lies the others are feeding her! I’m not a huge Jessica & Cody fan but I’d really like to see Paul and his minions taken down a peg. All the drama is great but you’d think Jessica would be smart enough to listen to her gut, which is right in this case. Didn’t Cody say he was going to listen to Jessica this week? And instead he’s pushing his beliefs on her. I know he’s not the only one saying Ramses is safe…but you’d think after what happened last time, she’d realize that the other’s are not being truthful!!

    • I always find myself rooting for the underdogs. I hateedddddd Cody and Jessica at first but now I’m on their side and I’m hoping Jessica follows her instinct. I just want Paul OUT already ughhhh

      • I thought Cody was going to shut up and listen to Jessica and play HER game. He really needs to start letting her take the lead, it’s obvious he has no idea what he is doing.

      • I totally agree. He just needs to shut up! It seems that Jessica has good instincts if she just listens to them. She needs to not let Cody sway her away from doing what she needs to do.

      • Ok!!!! He told Julie he would do what she says. Why is she listening to him again!

      • She definitely needs to lead. She has good ideas but instead of supporting them he shuts them down. I wonder if the whole renom Alex thing was shut down because he still likes her lol

  2. I think Cody is an idiot, He may also have a bit of contempt for the gay black guy…..

    • I think Cody has contempt for everyone in that house except his little pincushion.

      • You took the words out of my mouth! He seems like such an angry person. I’m a little hesitant to say this but he seems like somebody who has a syndrome, like PTSD. I’m not making fun of him at all, I’m just saying he seems a bit demonic and perhaps a sociopath. There is this soullessness, an emptiness when he speaks. As much as Josh is a loudmouth and troublemaker let’s face it, Cody is the one who made fun of him when he dropped out of the HOH, he cast the first stone. Why do that? Jessica specifically said “don’t do anything stupid, don’t do anything crazy, talk to me and we’ll decide things together”. Cody can’t help himself which is why I think there is something more wrong than just bad game play.

      • He said one thing to him. Josh has been running his mouth and attacking everyone this entire season. He’s attacked Cody before and Cody just ignored him. He’s psycho

    • Possibly, but that wouldn’t be something I’d accuse him of until I get hard evidence

    • I think that is a pretty Sheeett-y thing for you to spread when you have No idea. That is serious and dangerous.

      Just because someone is a different race or a certain race and etc. doesn’t mean that just because someone either disagree’s or doesn’t like them that they or you can just throw around the Race Card!

    • You know what I have come to realize over the years? Only racists play the race card.

    • I’m not sure he’s worried about the black guy Jessica is mixed and he likes her just fine

  3. Jessica is going to waste her HOH listening to Cody. Everyone could see that her game changed as soon as Cody walked back into the house. If she wants that 500K she needs to listen to herself and not play Cody’s game.

    • Cody is way too trusting considering he got blindsided during his HOH and evicted two weeks ago.

      • IMO Cody is not too trusting he is too arrogant. Cody thought he was controlling the house by his sheer will. He forgot that some people do think for themselves. He lied to everyone and got what he deserved.

      • I meant this week. He is taking everyone’s word that Josh is leaving. He told Jess she was being paranoid when she accurately thought the vote would flip.

    • I hate to say this but your right. The only way she can make it to the end is if she cuts her loss and gets off the Cody ship and play her own game. If Cody can’t handle it, then send him packing again.

      • Jessica needs to open her eyes and soon. Because Cody is not going to protect her if it means blowing his shot at the $500K

  4. Come on Jessica do not be stupid. Do not listen to Cody. Please use the veto and put Alex up. I cannot stand Josh and I do not want to see him again. Jessica should really go with her gut.

    • One small problem, I can’t remember if Paul or Kevin said it but one of them said if Ramses comes down, then the person going up goes home over Josh. I really hate to see Alex, Christmas or Kevin go home this early because Paul wants to control them.

      • Would they really vote Alex or Christmas out over Josh? That’s insane. Josh has no value other than being loud and a poor attempt at distracting Cody and Jessica. The other side should cut their loss and get out Josh.

      • Yeah Willie, Kevin told Jason that last night before bed. He mentioned Mark, Raven or Matt I think.
        That still bugs me tho coz I really, really want Josh to go home. That kid just bugs me. It’s like watching a train wreck…but worse. He makes me uncomfortable b/c he’s so unstable.

      • My concern is if Ramses comes down and another minion goes up, it might be one of the few I have hopes for and I would really hate to see them go home over Josh. Ramses is a nice kid but he has no game play. Josh is just as unstable as Cody and it would be great to those who have live feeds but it could be uncomfortable for everyone else who is left in the house. On the other hand, it could be one of those years someone is kicked out of the house for putting hands on another player, Josh and Cody going at it.

      • Yeah, but if Jess was smart she’d put up Alex. Alex just nom’d her and it would be logical for Jessica to return the favor…plus, no one is voting Alex out. Josh would *for sure* go home. That would also make for a few days worth of intense feeds…watching Josh go all 5150 bat-sh*t cray-cray when he realized it’d be him going home!

        On a side note.. you know, Willie, Paul actually encouraged Josh to push Cody’s buttons the 2nd week saying if he (Cody) took the bait and actually put his hands on Josh, Cody would be expelled from the house never to return.

        In fact, I think he might have gotten chastised by production for that comment b/c right after Paul said that the BB voice said “Paul! Please come to the diary room” and he never brought it up again. hehe

      • I don’t think Paul would vote her out but on the other hand, it depends on if they are willing to keep Josh in the game. I get the whole payback thing but Alex made sure to remind Jessica that she was safe from eviction that night so I doubt she would go against Cody and put her up.

      • Interesting. I knew there had to be production people watching everything 24 hours per day, but chastising a house guest sounds like something that a producer-level person, not a production assistant, would only have the authority to do. I loosely liken this to the prime directive on Star Trek.

      • I love that. Alex would be my target if I were her. She’s a waaayyyy bigger threat. Stronger, more friends and she doesn’t like Jess

      • Oh good then they should put up Paul…..let’s see if he goes home since he seems to know it all.

      • If they REALLY want to ensure that Josh goes home, then they should put up Paul. He won’t let his minions vote himself out over Josh. LOL

      • No everyone would evict Josh over Alex and Kevin. But I am not sure about Christmas.

      • I don;t know how they would vote in those cases but it was said. Now how they actually vote, I don’t know.

  5. Bad gameplay from Jody, Marlena and Ramses:

    Jody for obviously making those bad nominations in the first place, if Jessica had made another set of nominations she probably wouldn’t even have to deal with all this now.
    Marlena for just being out of the loop in general… and extra bad gameplay for Mark because he’s now the juiciest target after Thursday.
    Ramses for a) not being able to win that veto and b) for not pushing enough. Something that I’ve read but this article didn’t mention (I don’t have the LF, someone who has it can maybe fact check this) is that last night Kevin kind of actually threw Ramses a bone and gave him some general sounding advice to check on votes with Jessica. Ramses says he will go talk to Jessica but then goes to sleep

    • I didn’t see that, but Kevin did tell Jason that he thought it’d be best if Ramses came off the block & someone like Mark went up… so maybe he did.
      The Jason/Kevin chat was at like 12:30 or so…do you have a time stamp for the Ramses/Kev convo?

  6. Josh Needs to go.

    It seems like the whole house has really disliked Ramses….which I don’t get.
    I feel sorry for him….Josh is the one that has to GO!

    I can’t stand Josh!!

    • Right? I mute the TV when Josh talks, Ramses seems soooo sweet, I don’t understand why no one wants to hang out or work with him, poor kid.

      • cuz people dont know what to expect from ramses, everyone knows what they get from josh and how he is playing

      • That’s valid, I have no idea who Ramses would nominate but Matt and Mark don’t know Josh would nominate them, I’d rather see Josh go this week but who knows with these fools.

    • The house doesn’t dislike Ramses. The house thinks Ramses is downplaying his skills and that he could beat them so they want him out. As a person they really like him. As a competitor they think he could beat them if he gets too far. Paul, Dom, Christmas have been going for Ramses throat since week one but it’s not personal.

    • Paul don’t like Ramses coz he thinks Ramses didn’t throw that pov comp, he figure he can’t control Ramses and the others are just Paul’s minions.

  7. Can we just get the PoV ceremony over, have Jess leave the noms the same and then watch if Josh can contain himself until Thursday? I need to relax and this waiting is not helping. LOL

  8. This house has got my nerves so worked up. How can Jessica and Cody jus automatically believe a word that is coming out of the mouths of people who want to get rid of them. Like hello wake the hell up!  I'm a fan of Jody but they are making it real hard to support them and whatever they get come Thurs they deserve as they have brought it on themselves. They can't be mad at anyone but themselves because they literally have the power. I cannot stand Paul… He tells everyone to jump n they ask how high… Like really people. Come on! He told Elena to tell Josh to yell out to not accept any deals as if his mouth doesn't work. Smh, If anything it should be Alex and Josh either one is OK with me to go, but not Ramses. FYI: Ramses is not Black he is Dominican (Spanish).

    • He did that because he knew Josh would do it coming from Elena. Paul has a read on each person he’s playing with. He’s working them masterfully, I don’t like the guy but he’s going to have to make a big misstep to get sent home. These houseguest are clueless to the fact he’s controlling them all.

      • This is why I’m speculating that Paul could show up in BB Season 20 credits as Creative Consultant or in some other producer-level role. Not only does he understand the game so well and manipulate people so well, but he does the latter with those same people remaining loyal to him. Some people in life get manipulated and know they are being manipulated, but they feel too weak to stand up to the other side. The reminds me of the final four words of Orwell’s 1984: “He loved Big Brother”. In this context, Paul is Big Brother.

      • Dom was on to him, so is Cody. Jason seems to be observant enough. Mark has been a complete disappointment, but maybe he will realize it once he’s in Paul’s crosshairs. They’re way too trusting of him and its hard to watch. Reminds me of Vanessa’s season.

  9. I hope she doesn’t use it. Nothing better then a good blindside. I mean come on do we really want to watch paint dry? That’s what it would be with Ramses still in the house. I also don’t want Alex in jeopardy of going home.

    • I understand that it’s for drama, but I like ramses as a character, and I really don’t want him to leave this early.

  10. Her nominees were bad from the ‘get go, but she won the Veto and has chance to thwart the plan. Cody’s advice..’There’s nothing to be gained by flip flopping’ Ha! It’s confirmed, Cody is a bona fide ‘meathead’ smh..Now the ‘blindside has just gone up to ‘Category 5’. Can’t wait for Thursday!

  11. No! Please, Please Ramses Not get blinsided! I really like Ramses as a character and I really want him to atleast make jury. Come on jessica!

  12. It’s not Paul’s fault that people keep listening to him. My worry is maybe Paul should tell Elena though about the plan. He could more people going after him. Alex is my second FA idiot so hope she doesn’t go up. Josh is entertaining for feeds, and Ramses is one of the few nice people in the cast. But one of them has to go, so make it Ramses.

  13. Please ramses stay! I really like ramses as a player and I really like him and kevin’s relationship. PLEASE JESSICA FOLLOW UR GUT NOT CODY WHO LITERALLY GOT BLINDSIDED ON HIS HOH AND GOT EVICTED. LIKE OMGGG

  14. If Jessica was smart she would take down Ramses and throw Paul up on the block. Then all his secret keep Josh talk would definitely change and then watch as Josh goes berserk

    • This would be great. With Paul up there Josh would go home. But as much as I like Paul and can’t stand Josh, wouldn’t it be wild if Paul ended up going home? Come on Jessica you’re still out numbered and nothing you do will change the fact that you and Cody are still the most wanted from the other side. Taking Ramses out does nothing for your game, but taking out Josh or someone else does. Josh gets rid of your irritant and if someone else goes they lose a vote.

  15. I have nothing against Ramses at the same time I would love it for Jessica to keep the noms the same and or her pawn to go home.

    • It’d be great drama for us on the feeds for sure, but then again…so would Jess using the veto coz then we’d get to see Josh lose his marbles…yet again!

    • And so Josh stays and then wins HoH. At that point, Cody self evicts. ROFL. Dream or nightmare?

  16. I really want Jessica to listen to her inner voice here…she needs to use her POV to remove Ramses and put up another huge target!!!

  17. No brainer, Jessica. Renom Paul. Win-win sitch whoever gets voted out. Crazy leaves or the person pulling everyone else’s strings.

  18. FFS Jessica, Cody has already ruined your game once, don’t let him do it a second time! Why you would listen to him when he has already showed poor decision making skills I will never know. Hopefully this HOH will be a lesson to both of you and Jessica will start to run the Jody show before it’s too late. SMDH. At least Ramses is trying. I love me some Ramses and want him to stay!!!

      • I love Ramses because he seems like a sweet young boy and the nice ones are always my fave on the show, but it is insulting to Donny to compare. Donny’s social game was a lot better and he was so much older and country. He was on top of what was happening in the house, but Ramses is just awkwardly socializing not really playing.

  19. How long till veto? This is like when you can’t hardly wait till you get home to take off your spanks. I need relief! Lol i want this blindside so bad!

  20. Jessica is going to kick herself because she is spot on with her gut and Cody is going to realize he just does not have this game down like he thinks he does….

  21. You know whats sad? Jess is right!
    The others WANT to keep Josh so he’d go after Jody.
    Ramses as a pawn was a stupid idea especially since he’s a free agent.

    Cody, let your girl make her own decisions.
    She doesn’t need you

  22. Sorry to ask here because it’s a bit out of topic but… what happen to raven’s hair?

    • She has clip in hair extensions. She takes them out and puts them back in.

      I noticed they don’t blend with her real hair very well.

      • Lol. Thanks. I noticed Jessica bad extension but not raven’s. They might be bad if she can removed them that easily.

      • Jessica has them too. Have you noticed the bald spots she has because of them (the extensions)? Yikes! Bad-very bad…

      • Yes that is true.
        When Jessica puts hers in she usually blends them pretty good.
        I am not 100% sure why Jessica has bald spots…it could be from the hair extensions, or from pulling on it! Lolz! ;-D

      • Agreed, Jess’s definitely blend better…and I’m sure hers are far more expensive than Raven’s. Jess mentioned she gets hers done in a salon in Beverly Hills…trust & believe those things cost her a pretty penny!!

        I was talking about the bald spots…probably from taking them out without the help of a professional… Ugh! They just look so…painful.

  23. No. Cody despises Josh. He is just an idiot and doesn’t know how to socialize and talk game with others. When he was in charge he barely spoke to people and when he did it was all about his own input in the game and no one else’s. Now he talks with Jess, but slickly tells her what to do and she obliges.

    • Yeah, Jessica really should be thinking for herself because honestly, she is far-far-far more BB savvy than Cody…

      • She is infatuated with him and loves his body. She can’t stop touching and kissing it. I doubt she will try to do that. She should give him some space and think of her own game that he is ruining. Last night I saw her hanging out with the others for a bit, but that’s because he was playing pool.

      • Speaking of bodies; what happened to his six pack?? He left with it and came back without it!

      • I still think he looks good. He does eat a lot and probably not working out as much because of the stress of getting evicted.

      • He aint cute at all to me. With that stupid second grade haircut. I hate his walk, the way he speaks, and especially those neck roll things he does when he’s uncomfortable (which is always). Yuck. Matt is more my type.

      • With an education, I think Josh could improve his speech and manner of speaking. He is not good looking, but I think a sweet guy. May be a little defensive understandably so.

      • Matt is cute as well, but Cody looks better than him. He is just an a***ole. Matt is boring though.

      • Never! Totally disagree! Cody is exciting to you? Lol Matt is FINE! those blue eyes and that smile. I’d rather be looking into a face like Matt’s than the that American Psycho face of cody..He gives me the çreeps.

      • I thought Matt was going to be great…….he turned out to be a bore. Jessica should put him up…..nobody would notice. lol.

      • Just give Matt a few more bowls of cereal and a box of orange tank tops and he’ll be content.

  24. Veto meeting right now, I hope Jessica goes with her gut and not Cody’s advice. Play it smart girl, you can say Alex put you up as a Pawn now you need her.

  25. unfortunately Josh is drama and BB wants drama… Ramses does nothing for show so, of course, Josh is going to stay… Everyone talks like it is houses choice… nobody is really that stupid to believe Paul’s lies. I believe, as fans, we got to switch our thinking on what the house will do and start thinking… what is BB thinking to make show entertainment.

    • Do you watch this show? How many completely boring, no-drama people have made it to the very end? (Spoiler alert – a LOT) If BB was in control to that level, all of those people would have been evicted before jury. You’re thinking too hard…

      • Agreed and as an example…um…hello, Victoria of BB16. The most boring habitual pawn of all time!!

      • I think you are not thinking hard enough…how can you honestly believe that people who watched paul last year still believe his lies…he is playing the same game…but each to their own…you can believe that bb does not “interfere” in voting ….even after you hear so many times about “slipping” out in contestants conversation. guess we will have to agree to disagree

      • You are assuming you know what it’s like to live in the house, which you do not. To sit at home and say “This must be fake because no one would believe him.” is, honestly, the very definition of illogical. As an aside, I think “There is no way anyone can believe him after all of his lies!” about Trump every single day, and yet he still has a 37% approval ratings, so chew on that.

  26. Okay! Off subject…but, on different sites, I was attacked for saying that I didn’t think that Paul was a Racist.
    Many of the people that attacked me seemed to have only taken different news sites point of few. These sites didn’t report everything.
    Has this happened to any of you too!?

    • Don’t take it personally. Some posters take great exception if you don’t agree with them. Just don’t engage.

      • Thank you.
        So true.
        Some people lose their Minds if you don’t agree with them.

      • It’s also possible likely that some people do not even know what “blackface” really means. So often, words are used incorrectly in our society, and someone gets falsely accused.

    • It’s about when he decided to dress as a snake for Dominique pov. Before that he wanted to me use a black mask in his face and he said that he wanted to do a “black face”. Tmz publish that he was racist.

      • Supposedly it was the green mask he used to clean his face that he was going to wear. Did he say he will have blackface? I’m sure he probably grew up with racist feelings, but he may not be. Once you surround yourself with different types of people he mentality tends to change a bit.

    • How is he a racist?
      He has made some racist comments, talking to others who said it first on his first season.
      Did he say anything this season?

  27. Take Ramses down & put Alex up. Would be perfect, so Josh can be out for good. Josh is the worst player. I keep calling him Jose. I don’t know why.

    • The things people say about Josh on Twitter is hilarious! Many people don’t like him and think he is an annoying little brat! Hahaha! I am being kind. ;-)

    • I am so hoping so, I am trying to be patient waiting for the feeds to come back up. Come on Jessica don’t screw it up.

      • I don’t think she used the Veto, GOSH DARN IT!! Jessica shame on you they fooled you twice.

  28. Jody may be so pissed, someone may take a swing…(skinny pop and on the edge of my seat!)

  29. Raven go up and get evicted. Your time on the show needs to end. You eat too much to be sick.

      • I think it’s more that she is always saying she cannot eat many things but eat them all the time.

  30. You know it’s so funny, I have heard Jody being touted as the “new” Brenchel and at first I was like -hey, Jessica is no Rachel Reilly, but then I really started remembering Rachel & Brenden’s seasons and, you know what? There might be some merit to that argument.

    Think about this…Brendon, like Cody, is not really a good BB player. In both seasons he played far too personally, just like Cody. Rachel too was not a good player when Brendon was in the house with her. In season 12, she was evicted before him, but he went out like 2 weeks later. Neither of them did well that season.

    In season 13, It was much of the same at first… Rachel and her “Nothing comes between me & my man” stuff, but the game was all about her & him. However, Rachel’s game dramatically improved once Brendon was gone for good. Another similarity…Brendon was a comp beast-6 POV wins…but he lacked the real social skills to be a well liked player, plus he had a temper that he let control his game play. Sound familiar? In addition, Rachel was highly emotional and so wrapped up in Brendon half the time she played foolishly when he was by her side, but became a BB beast when he was gone. Hmm…sounds a bit like Jess too.

    Idk…not saying Jessica is going to be as good as Rachel Reilly, but there’s a definite parallel between them.

    You know, I think Paul would be smarter to get rid of Jessica first b/c her game gets better without Cody. Cody, on the other hand would self-implode without Jessica there to keep him (somewhat?) calm. JS…I don’t know why but this topic just intrigued me today so I did some serious thinking on it. haha
    Any thoughts… :)

    • You make some good points there TGJ, You could call Jody Brenchel – Lite. But honestly, Brendon was nowhere near as arrogant, egotistical and nasty as Cody is

      • Brenchel-lite!! LOL!

        Idk, I remember Brendon in season 13 as being pretty cocky, even rude at times. Maybe not on Cody’s level, yes, but he did not have a good social game. If it wasn’t for RR’s HOH wins, he would have went home sooner imo.

      • For sure, but even the members of the Brigade said how much more they liked him after Rachel left

    • I would love to disagree but your post has merit. I didn’t really like Brendon and Rachel the first season, but I did the next one they were on. I really do like Cody and I think Jessica could play a much better game without listening to her, however he may be able to win comps to keep them in control when she can’t.

      • Idk, I think Jessica has now proven she can win comps. Considering the 1st comp Jess actually played was the wall comp, so out of the four comps she’s played in, she’s won 2,,,that’s a 50% success rate. Not bad and I don’t think she really needs him. He makes bad decisions and does not understand how the BB game works. I just think, like Rachel, Jessica’s game would be way better without Cody.

  31. I am sick of this season! No one is making big game moves, everyone is Paul’s minion! Stop! Jessica needs to follow her gut, how many times have we seen the pond go home? Why risk that, especially in a house where everyone is against you, she’s better off putting up 2 people from the other side to divide their votes and either way someone against them goes home.

  32. Mark is due for a win. Especially if his nemesis Josh is still there come Thursday. Time to hulk up, bud.

  33. You know, some talk about Paul’s minions but you have to give him credit for how he has nurtured that relationship. Sure he was known and in many cases liked from his previous season and therefore had some credibility as knowing how to play the game. But he has taken the time to hang out with everyone even Jody. More importantly, after Cody ignored his alliance and nominated Paul/Christmas, Paul made sure when he was HoH to consult with the group, listened to them and changed his target based on their feedback. He continues to interact with everyone, can argue with people without insulting them, even in his nomination speech for Cody he didn’t go off on him like Cody did when he tried to nom Paul, he just said it was checkmate. So he has built trust with his so called minions. Sure he’s using people for his game but they feel they are being treated fairly. Eventually some of them will break away and go after him and he knows it.

  34. I really want that baby Josh gone, Jessica don’t keep the noms the same.

  35. I think I watched my last BB this past Sunday. It’s now getting to the point where Paul tells them how to vote and they do it. I was so hoping house would wake up and have minds of their own but unfortunately they are Paul’s robots. Well good luck to Paul when he wins BB and the others are going to be scratching their heads wondering what happened!!!

  36. I think production has played a big role in the return of Cody and this halting hex going to Jessica. It all looks kind of rigged to me. They know how this will make the show much more interesting.

    • Riggedy Riggedy Rig Rig.

      It’s only rigged if the person we don’t like in the house gets handed the power, but when it’s someone we do like, we don’t mind it all.

  37. Something no one brought up in the the comments for this BBN posting is that Jessica seems to have nominated Ramses without telling him in advance. Ramses should have been consulted in advance. I like Jessica a lot, but she made a mistake on this one.

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