‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Week 4 Veto Ceremony Results

This week’s Veto Ceremony is over and we have our final Big Brother 19 noms. Read on for the latest Big Brother spoilers for Week 4’s Power of Veto events.

Power of Veto Medallion on Big Brother

Overnight it looked like Jessica might have finally caught on to the plan to evict the pawn over her target Josh. All she had to do was take down Ramses, her pawn, and replace him with someone the other side would rather keep. Her fears grew, but Cody and Elena worked to calm those worries. Which side of the argument won? Read on for the spoilers.

Power of Veto Ceremony Spoilers – Week 4

  • Jessica decided to not use the Veto.
  • Josh & Ramses are this week’s final noms

Gallery: Noms Aren’t Too Happy

Jessica should have gone with her gut instead of listening to Cody telling her to not make more waves or Elena telling her all the votes would follow her own. They were wrong.

The current plan is to keep Jessica, Cody, Mark, and Elena in the dark. Everyone else will be voting out Ramses and he’ll be out the door and Josh will be sticking around. Paul wants to make it a surprise for Thursday night, but at this point the worst that can happen is a few extra days of death glares from Cody.

The noms are locked in and it’s no longer up to Cody and Jessica unless Jessica wants to waste her Halting Hex, but there’s no way she’d do that, right?

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Josh working on his Blindside Dance for Thursday (if he can keep it quiet for 3 days…) #BB19 pic.twitter.com/VuQzxXXJJK

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  1. ugh so annoying… poor Ramses is getting the boot this week and Cody & Jessica are going to be so mad! oh well as long as my faves are safe I’m a happy girl ;)

  2. Maybe this is a lesson Jessica needs. She needs to play her own game. This is a minor error on her part. It could have been a worse situation. But as long as he wakes the hell up, then this could be worth it for her long game.

    • Yeah, I think the worst thing for Jessica’s game is that Cody came back. She was actually making progress at fitting in around the house, and was being social. Then he walks back in, and they go right back to hiding in their room avoiding just about everyone.

      • Yep, Jess was doing just fine until arrogant Cody come back in the house. Mark and Elena are going to be pissed! I personally would like to see Ramses stick around…Josh drives me nuts!

      • Ramses is boring. Zzzzzz. As much as I can’t stand Josh I can’t wait for the blindside and drama that follows. That’s what makes the feeds fun to watch. Josh can go next week.

    • Absolutely! Cody and his PTSD/Narcissistic baggage – I’m still dry heaving over his “wait until you see my spawn and be impressed with my super semen seed” comment. The fact Jessica actually listens to his drivel is beyond me. All he does is cite how bad Paul played last season…..yet if it wasn’t for the battle back – he was out the door loooong before Paul. Only time will tell how much longer he lasts. And my feeling has always been Paul was cheated last season. He was never in an alliance, was pretty much ostracized because he wasn’t “with it”. And he worked his ass up to 2nd place…and in my opinion worked harder than Nicole who spent most of her time in the HOH bed with Corey.

      • Cheryl, I replied to you on another thread…Big Brother 19 Spoilers: Week 4 Veto Competition Results. I’m not around as much, but I was very, very happy to see your name pop up. If you can’t find that post, holla back at me. I was hoping you were IN the house! :D

      • Own it, gal. Wear it like a badge of honor. My youngest sister does, Lord knows. ;)

      • Paul wasn’t cheated. He lost. Sorry but people need to move on. This is a different season.

      • My thoughts exactly! The power was in his hands to take either Nicole or James. His choice. Granted, he did deserve it over Nicole, but it was still in his hands.

      • exactly! We saw him last season…no reason to have to listen to him again. He is annoying.

      • I think Paul would have been long gone too, if he hadn’t had 3 weeks of safety.

      • I do not disagree with you about Paul not winning last year. That sucked for sure! He deserved it. But, I’m not quite clear as to why you would make fun of someone with PTSD? With all due respect, I don’t come on here to argue at all :-) I’m just curious. Clearly you watch the live feed’s, I don’t have time. So you know a lot more about his character then I do.

      • I am so not making fun of his PTSD. I am making fun of his narcissistic ‘tude. The two together make for strange bedfellows. It’s apparent he had a huge chip on his shoulder when he came into the game, and it’s only after watching him do you see that he does have some major issues, sadly. Even more sadly is that he’s pretty much engulfing Jessica and screwing her game up. Now a lot of that is on her but he is so controlling and she is so blind…..Anyway, I wasn’t making fun in as much as I was pointing out that he has 2 disorders that don’t compliment each other at all.

      • When he was gone, she actually had the opportunity to think things through; and open up to a few folks. Her social game actually improved. Cody is a control freak in that he has no need for people. He’s said that soooo many times; which mystifies me. He’s obviously watched at least one season – last season – I’m not sure if he was pitched the show like Dominique or if he applied – either way he had to see that a social game is as important if not one of the top 3 that gets you far in this game. Makes me wonder if he’s like this in the real world as well.

      • Farren off :-) I don’t think it came in there with a chip on his shoulder, he seemed cool before Paul came back in the house. Only then was it “game” on for Paul.

  3. I can breathe easy again. I really hope they keep it a secret because I can’t wait to see the look on the faces of Jody!

  4. I wonder how long it will be before the cat’s out of the bag? I hope Jessibel finds out soon. Nothing she can do about it now except try to persuade people with her charm. Good luck with that since Deathstare is in the house.

    • If Josh could keep quiet for a few more days it may just work out. I don’t see it. Someone will hear him talking to himself.

      • I can’t imagine them not finding out before the eviction. Josh is craving meatballs and he’s on slop. He’s going to get awfully cantankerous. lol

      • What is with him calling people Meatballs anyway. I must have missed something because I have no idea what that’s about.

      • To be truthful, I’m not sure. I figured it was a title of endearment in the area where he grew up.

      • At any rate I think we can safely assume Meatballs will figure prominently on his comic book cover. The Miami Meatball?

      • Josh said it when he was talking to Cody while Cody was OTB, I think. I believe it was after the Veto cerm. with Cody OTB.

      • Really? He’s definitely a dumb a$$. That’s so ridiculous. I really hope it never catches on.

      • That’s what he calls Cody because Cody said something about Josh’s nationality and Josh started calling him Meatball! LOLOL

      • That’s exactly what I’m expecting to happen. Sometimes I can barely hear what people are whispering to each other, but here he is talking to himself in basically a normal voice. I am hoping for the blindside just for reactions, but I think Josh will give it away.

      • JO NI !!! Hi, gal. I’m doing more reading than yakking but I’ll hopefully get a day here and there when I can do a little yakking. You’re on your A game again. You don’t disappoint. :D

  5. So much for Cody keeping his mouth shut and doing whatever Jessica says this week. Jessica is pretty smart and actually knows how to play the game while her man keeps getting in the way. She needs to dump him, quick. He’s a control freak and she can’t win with him, unless she figures out how to manipulate his tendencies.

    • If you call obeying Paul and asking the others what they want, she is not being smart. Jessica and Cody have huge targets in their backs. They cannot do anything to remove it! The best way is to fight hard against the larger alliance and try and win each and every HOH and VETO competition and send someone from the other side home! The less of them in the Big Brother House the better for Jessica and Cody. I like Alex and want her to win but, with this huge alliance, I will root to have atleast, some of them to be voted out! There is no excitement or game play when a large alliance just bulldozes its way thru against a few stragglers! How is that even considered game play? It is not, It is a few players actually playing and the rest just floating along!

      • Being smart and playing smart are different conversations. She clearly knows how to play the game and she’s shown intelligence, but she has again let Cody influence decisions. That’s the point of my comment. She’s not obeying Paul. The rest of the house is obeying Paul. Josh is not a bad move for her or or Cody, as he creates conflict with both of them and drags them off their game. Years past have proven that the people at the center of shouting matches usually don’t last long. Josh has gotten into shouting matches with both Cody and Jessica.

    • Cody is the most boring conversationalist ever. I cannot stand to listen to him talk, when he speaks to the camera. Straight monotone, no freaking personality.

  6. Ugh. I was so hoping she would listen to her gut. But nope, she decides to listen to people who have done nothing but lie to her. She’s going to be shocked on Thursday! Or sooner if Josh can’t hold his excitement at bay. But she’d be even more stupid to use her Halting Hex to save Ramses. She needs to hold on to that for herself and/or Cody. Hopefully this will shock her into listening to herself and not the liars in the house.

    • The Halting Hex Jessica needs for herself and Cody. It is quite possible they could be on the block this coming week! That is why she wasted her HOH nominating Josh and Ramses! There are bigger threats to target!

      • Yeah I realize that. But at the end of the article it says “The noms are locked in and it’s no longer up to Cody and Jessica unless Jessica wants to waste her Halting Hex, but there’s no way she’d do that, right?” I was just commenting on that statement. It would be doubly stupid for her to waste her DoT on Ramses even if he may possibly be a vote for them.

  7. Well, if it goes as planned and Ramses is evicted, it will be Jody and Marlena against the others. Josh and Xmas just need to keep their mouths shut.

    • Marlena will only stay true to Jody as long as they have some power. That means Cody will have to win HOH or they will need to tell Marlena about the Halting Hex. Otherwise, Marlena will be right back on the other side next week.

      • Its hard to say. I really think Elena would still rather be with Paul and the others. I think she’s sticking with her man, just like Jess is which makes them both kinda silly if I’m being honest.

        I definitely agree that Mark is on borrowed time right now unless Jody pulls a rabbit out of their hat (or their butt for that matter).

      • That is why I think they would stay loyal to Jody, the other side no longer trust them.

      • Marlena told Jody that they are sure the votes are on their side to evict Josh. Even if Marlena says they had no idea (which they dont and we know is true), cant imagine Jody would believe it.

  8. The silver lining is if they get blindsided again they will go gung-ho next time. Cody for the HoH or Halting Hex comes to play.

    Plus Mark is due for a win especially if his nemesis Josh is still there come Thursday. Time to hulk up, bud.

      • How do you know let somebody else get it and put up Jessica and Cody to make her use her Den of Temptation and see what happens maybe Cody never came back in the house then send Jessica out.they said it would affect the hole
        house when she uses it.

      • I like your confidence. Only five could win: Alex, Paul, Jason, Cody and Mark (hopefully) plus Xmas (if she can play).
        The rest are hopeless.

      • Josh is bloop bloop flop, his mouth is his biggest asset, he will self-destruct if he ever comes close to winning.
        Matt? The cereal killer?

      • Can you even imagine Josh as HOH. Mass confusion he doesn’t even know if he is coming or going. As for Matt the perfect floater they might want to consider tying him down so he doesn’t float away. There isn’t any game play from him. Best cast scenario a strong player takes whiny and wimpy to a final 2 to ensure their own win

      • Not now. She’s going to work with him until the numbers go down. By then who knows they might be each other’s pick for F2. But I think Alex wants to go to the end with Jason.

      • I heard she wants Paul for F2 which is dumb to even keep him around to the end.

  9. What would really be good for Jessica’s game is… The next time Cody is called to the Diary Room, everyone comes together, sits her down and quickly try to explain how Cody is killing her game.

    I’m sure it will never happen, but the best thing Jessica can do in terms of trying to get far in the game is… Help vote out Cody.

    • They don’t know what Cody is telling her in the HOH room. They think is all her.

      • True, but they could see she was a different person when Cody was gone. Plus, she was actually kinda nice to be around (at least from what I saw on BBAD). I know that most of the HGs aren’t rocket scientists, but surely they can tell that Cody is basically killing her game.

      • They were saying how she is now trying to be friendly to every one because she was on the block. Nobody was buying her fake socializing.

      • I gotcha. I heard Elena and Raven talking about that, but I didn’t know if it was how everyone felt, or if it was them talking bad about another gal.

  10. For eff’s sake Jess!
    You had one opportunity to weaken Paul (Josh is with Paul BTW) and make an ally out of Ramses (free agent) And you blew it!

    If Josh stays you have no one to blame but yourself. Idiot.

    • But in Jess’ mind everyone is voting out Josh and by using Ramses as pawn she is getting him to trust her by letting him stay and come off (so she thinks) – the real problem is the fact that she is trusting the house just bc that’s what they’re telling her.

      • She’s sooo stupid!
        Does she not realize that the house is after her and Cody?
        Oh wait I forgot, Cody came back so the game starts over right?

  11. Yes, veto stays the same. Looking forward to Thursday. Way to go Jess, ignore your instincts and listen to the robot you’re hooking up with

    • Its sad because Jess had great ideas.
      Y’know I think the reason Paul will win is not because of production.
      Its because everyone else is dumb as rocks

    • Cody is telling her to go with the house which is a bad move but, Jessica also, told Cody to listen to her. So, he is not really interested in targeting Paul. That could change with this betrayal and if he next wins HOH! Wouldn’t that be something? The jig would be up and there would be hell to pay! Maybe, Paul, Mark goes on the block or Raven and Paul! That would shake up the house for real!

      • The ultimate blindside would have been for Jessica to wake up and play her own game and realize Cody is only dragging her down and as HOH and the winner of the POV she uses it takes either Josh and Ramses off the block and replaces them with Cody. The house would be on freeze frame and Cody would short circuit. Just saying could you imagine the out come

  12. Not only Jody will be blindsided but Marlena also if they can keep quiet till Thursday (unlikely, coz Josh is a bloop bloop flop waiting to explode).
    But just say Marlena are also blindsided, it’ll be interesting to see how Elena deals with it. As for Mark, it’ll be the second straight week that Paul’s decision is against his personal game. Time to be alpha or forever beta, Mark.

      • Thats because Josh has the brain of piss ant and can,t think for himself ,just like my son ,i think they both have autism spectrum ,i know my son does and he and josh act exactly the same way, neither of them can keep their mouth closed for more than 2 minutes

      • my son has it and he acts just lke josh ,so does my grandson ,except my grandson hates authority and thinks he knows everything about everything.,some people with aspergers do not act like that but most of them do according to my grandsons doctor,my son is 40 yrs old and should know better but every other word from his mouth is the f bomb,but he is a genious when it comes to anything electronic.

  13. Bipolar people have trouble not constantly having a conversation even when no one is there.

  14. I predict the blow up will happen today or tonight because no way can Josh keep his mouth shut. It’s also possible one of the other idiots will run their mouth. For sure no later than Tuesday afternoon.

    • Any blow up is an advantage for Ramses. He can rally his ass off. It only needs five votes to force a tie. Kevin and Josh are his best bet. Plus Matt, after all he’s done carrying his child for nothing!

    • You know Josh can hardly contain his delusions of grandeur about thinking he has gotten the best of Mr. & Mrs. Meatball. He’s gonna bust.

      • lmbo…Is that what he was doing on BBAD last night? I didn’t realize he had named it.

      • I wanna see it..Where can I see it? He has a blindside dance? lol That’s funny. I can see him with a diaper on like the ‘dancing baby GIF

      • Did you hear Josh saying that he had to start being nice to people except for Cody and Mark? He wants to work on jury votes……LMAO!

      • I woke up during BBAD time and turned my TV on because it was taping anyway. He was doing some kind of back and forth grooving to the music in his head. Some kind of lullaby.

      • lol. I’ll cast him anytime. He’s an ‘irritant character. and follows on cue. Did you see how Paul egg him on doing s***y stuff? Hilarious! Oh he would gain more haters come Thursday. Production is not complaining…I can tell you that. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

      • BBAD was funny. Josh was bragging about his acting skills…Acting 101 he said. Yes, I saw Paul egging him on and the others laughing. Threatening bullying, I’m not down for, but this was stupid baby talk; no threats implied. Josh would pee his diaper if Cody came after him. Cody isn’t scared of him at all. It’s irritating, frustrating especially to someone like Cody who has no sense of humor. That’s the purpose. It is hilarious. It’s BB.

      • Heckling/rattle another player during comp. is so BB. It’s old mental game…Josh is a light weight.

      • And that’s what was so funny; the light weight was rattling Cody. If it had been a heavy weight, Cody would have blown a gasket. He has a short fuse. More please!

      • Also..Josh is not gonna last. I don’t think. He’s expendable, but for now, he’s a shield. He has a purpose lol ..Can you imagine him F2? hahaha

      • Go on YouTube. Its how i see all the feeds. They load the good stuff. Put bb19 live feeds with yesterday’s date. It will pop up somewhere.

  15. I think it would great if Josh had a meltdown (which he probably will) and exposes the plan and then Jody uses the HH. After what she just, I really think that they could be that stupid.

    • I don’t think they would want to save Ramses over their own safety in second week of the Hex. If it’s the last week of Halting Hex in play, well sure probably.

      • exactly. NO chance they use Hex to save Ramses for any reason. Their game is more valuable than someone else’s, as it should be.

  16. That girl is dumb as a bucket of chicken! Yaaay! These are the dumbest villians I’ve ever seen! Lol Ha haaa!

  17. If Jessica gets wind that they’re planning to keep Josh she has enough ammunition to change their minds. They all know Cody’s got a good chance of winning the HOH next week and if Raven and Matt vote to keep Josh they know they’ll be the ones that Cody trusts the least since they will have been given two chances and failed on both and Cody would have no problem putting them up because of their lies. As well, Jessica could tell them a little about the Halting Hex and scare them into changing their minds. I hate to see Ramses go as I like the kid a lot and he’s fun to watch, but it wouldn’t be a bad thing for Jessica and Cody. It would make them wake up and see that there’s no one that they can trust and they’ll start playing a smarter game. They’ve got the brawn, they now need to bring the brains into the game. They’re too trusting.

    • Yeah that’s the silver lining of this awful decision. Life goes on in the Big Brother house. Another day another chance to put Josh up.

    • Talking about the halting hex would be a mistake. It would do like in survivor when they know someone has an idol, poeple force them to play it.

    • I’m not sure she’s willing to work that hard to keep Ramses. She sure doesn’t owe him anything.

  18. Cameron, Megan, Jillian, Dom, Ramses (or Josh) … none of them are “strong” players.

    • Well, who are the strong player. I feel much more watching the bachelor at time. Alex and Christmas where my hope but one is in a cast and the other plays Paul’s game.

      • Alex, Xmas, Jessica, Cody and of course Paul are strong players.
        Alex is following Paul (while it seems to suck) but it’s good for her game (I have to admit that). She can win comps and a fierce competitor.
        Jason and Kevin could be strong players.
        Mark and Elena could be.
        Raven and Matt are hopeless.

      • Don’t forget at this point last season most of the house was blindly following Paulie and that changed. Victor went out early and Paul was Paulie’s ‘minion’. Eventually they woke up. Some of these people will too

      • That’s basically what I say, the point of my saying “strong players” except well, not for Matt the cereal killer and Raven the 2 years to live gal, they are hopeless in my eyes.

      • Ok. I can agree with you but not for Mark. He’s way to emotional. And in every comp he’s a disaster. Too much muscle is not always good.

      • A guy will win this season. I’m hoping for Keith because he’s the only guy I want to win. I like Alex but Big Brother won’t have 2 females win back to back.

      • Kevin, you mean? Who’s Keith? Keith Urban?
        They did have back-to-back female winners. Nicole and Morgan (BBOTT).

      • Yes Kevin sorry. I’m not counting BBOTT because it wasn’t really the same a big brother the winner only got 250,000 instead of 500,000. Its more like a spin-of off big brother

    • The guys that you’d think are physically strong mark and matt have either been throwing challenges or suck.

  19. On a lighter note, Paul hasn’t been goosed since Cody came back, so maybe that was his master plan after all. LOL

  20. People that say that this season is boring, I’m not sure what they want!! And again anything can happen.

    • This season is the first season in a while to have people that use their brains instead of just going with the house. At the same time I don’t like Cody and hope he goes home. Given that a woman won last season a man will win this season so I really hope its not Cody.

  21. I cannot believe this. She is so dumb. If she used it and put up Alex then Josh would have gone home.

    • if she use it and put alex up she would loose eney shot of getting kevin and Jason to flip with them later.

      • No I disagree! Jason and Kevin would have evicted Josh if Alex was next to him.

  22. Unbelievable stupidity..Now use your ‘hex and waste it Jess. Let’s be consistent.

  23. Ugh, poor Ramses. Jessica you dolt…you….I can’t. I just can’t. Come on Josh do something Joshy and get the others riled enough to vote you out. If I have to hear you call someone a meatball again I’ll explode.

  24. For crying out loud!! 😭😭Josh another week.. There’s going to be a fight between josh and Cody. I’m going with my”gut”on this one. 😀

  25. They know they are gonna be stuck with Josh in their dream house, the jury house, right?
    Good luck.

    • Too funny. They all play for the jury!!! But if josh is in jury, they might start playing the game to not get evicted. That’s a good strategy from production to wake them up!!!

      • I like how you twist thing up … you must have learn a thing or a thousand from Paul hehehe.

  26. I don’t think it’s fair to call Jess stupied or dumb. She doesn’t see what we see. She was doubting herself and asked for reassurance not only from Cody and Elena, but other houseguest. This is what BB is all about. I am hoping that she does get wind of the flip. Because I don’t like the way Josh treats them. It amazes me that people come on this show and expect not to get nominated. When they do they get offended.

    • Well, putting Ramses was not the smartest think. She knew for sure they all wanted him out. If the goal was josh, she should had use a better pawn. This is 101 big brother.

      She could had use Paul as a pawn, taking the excuses that he backdoor Cody and then work the house to at least try to flip them. Worst case josh would be leaving. Best case Paul is out.

      • She played “safe” with Ramses like Alex played “safe” with Jess last week. The different is, Alex had back-ups, Jess has only Cody and Marlena, sort of.

      • Does Jess and Cody really know that Paul wants Rams out? Paul and crew picks and chooses what they fill other hg in on. Especially Jess and Cody.

      • For sure Elena knows. And she had many chat last week and this week with Jessica. Also the logic behind Jessica was to play it safe and please the house since she knew they wanted Ramses out. But now that she want him to stay, that josh is her target and that she has all indicators from the hoh comp that she has no allies with the rest of the group. Ramses is not a smart choice.

    • She may not see or know what we do, but she knows that the house is still against them. They proved that at the HOH comp. She should know that she can’t believe a word they say. It is easy to say what you would do not being in there, but if I had people I couldn’t trust tell me that they are set to vote one way I would go the other. Heck if told me the sky the was blue I wouldn’t believe them. She’s playing it to safe and it’s gonna back fire on her.

    • It’s always easy from the outside to have a much different perspective than a person who is experiencing something. Indeed, this is not about stupidity. Jessica probably made what she perceived as the best move and maybe safest. It’s not the best move, as we on the outside can see, but we’re not in her position, limited by the information that she has. We see what everyone in the house is doing and saying. She does not.

      About the only good thing that could happen now is if Jessica realizes that she’s going to be blindsided and can get through to enough other house guests to vote for Josh to be evicted. Of course, the reason other guests would vote to keep Josh in the first place is because they have contempt for Jessica, so I doubt they would change their intended votes to help her but I still hope that she tries. Otherwise, this valuable week, when she is head of household and has the power of veto will be one in which she loses a potential supporter (Ramses) and effectively retains a nuisance (Josh).

    • Yeah – but not a smart move. Very silly to think that their adversaries would not do something just to spite them. She had the power and could’ve forced the decision she wanted AND gained info while doing it.

      The real result of all this will be that Marlena will be back fully with Jody – an alliance 4 strong. The others keeping Marlena in the dark will not sit well and could rip apart the other side. Maven is really the duo that could pay for this, if anyone does. And Paul will be more than happy to discard them if Cody wins next HOH.

    • Right, jlf. I posted a reply to you 8 hours ago, but Discuss marked my entry as spam. Here it is again:

      It’s always easy from the outside to have a much different perspective than a person who is experiencing something. Indeed, this is not about stupidity. Jessica probably made what she perceived as the best move and maybe safest. It’s not the best move, as we on the outside can see, but we’re not in her position, limited by the information that she has. We see what everyone in the house is doing and saying. She does not.

      About the only good thing that could happen now is if Jessica realizes that she’s going to be blindsided and can get through to enough other house guests to vote for Josh to be evicted. Of course, the reason other guests would vote to keep Josh in the first place is because they have contempt for Jessica, so I doubt they would change their intended votes to help her but I still hope that she tries. Otherwise, this valuable week, when she is head of household and has the power of veto, will be one in which she loses a potential supporter (Ramses) and unwittingly retains a nuisance (Josh).

  27. Jessica has pissed me off! How are you going to hold all of that power and not make a big play? SMH I hope this comes back to bite her!!!!

    • She made her big play. She’s got her vacant-eyed man under the sheets. That’s all she wants.

  28. All that talk about Cody letting Jessica play her own game, and he talks her into this stupid move.
    I love it. Go get ’em, Josh! Keep me laughing for another week.

  29. The house curse doesn’t come until Thursday night. It could affect the game. Maybe Thursday will be a double eviction night.

    • I read that too. But I don’t think a double eviction is a curse. It’s normal to have that in the game.

      I wich every one else then Jessica Cody and Jason have all toads costumes as a revenge!! (Joke)

    • Maybe, those on the block will not be able to play for VETO. That would really scramble the house! Maybe, Cody can win the HOH then, there will be hell to pay because of the blindside!

  30. Jessica and Cody have only themselves to blame because they did not move to evict Josh!
    Putting him on the block with Ramses is a dumb move! In the HOH, the whole house was attacking Cody and Jessica so, how can you not know the whole house is against you two?
    She should have put Paul and Mark on the block, if one gets off via veto, put in Raven or Matthew! That would have guaranteed the eviction! So, what if the whole house gets pissed?
    She still has the Halting Hex as protection. The best move for her and Cody is play hard for HOH and VETO and send as many of the large alliance out of the house! If they did that, they would have scattered like rats because now they know, nobody can protect them even Paul!
    Be like Danielle Donato, play hard with gusto and take no prisoners! Then, they will cower in fear and fall in line and betray each other! Each one out for themselves!

  31. Well … I am out. Hoping for miracle happens on Thu. Please Dom pray for it. What? You want Josh to stay too? Coz you dislike Ramses? Oh well.

      • Ksjb do you think she’s dumb enough to use it on Ramses if she catches on to the blindside bfr Thursday?

      • I hope Jessibel will, but I don’t think she would. Cody seems to be a very vengeful type person and he might allow revenge to overrule common sense. But I’m like Captain, I don’t know if it would have to be used before the vote or could be used after the vote.

      • It’s before. Lol I hope the heffer is that dumb. Also, they should frame Mark for the flip vote. Cody will be so pissed maybe Paul can slip by his hoh

      • If anyone can figure out a way to put a target on someone else, it’s Paul….or production…whichever. lol

      • I like Kevin’s character. He says some funny stuff. He’s not boring on feeds. Did you see Kevin and Paul’s ‘saran wrap’ talk last night bed time. ..funny.

      • That must have been after BBAD. When it was on, Paul was trying to sleep and Josh kept on yaking and yaking and yaking. Paul kept just saying uh huh or something like that over and over. I was lmbo. It was obvious that Paul was wanting him to shut up. At least one more week of it.
        Paul…I think it was Paul… told Kevin the other day the Saran Wrap was damaging his organs and Kevin took it off instantly. He’s still doing it?

      • Yes! he’s still doing it. He’s been doing it for years. It’s like a ‘bad infomercial. Him trying to convince Paul you don’t to do sit ups, just saran wrap. lol

      • I wonder if he went out in the sun and let it shrink up would it work better? New LA fad coming soon. There you go Cy, patent it!

      • Mark really pissed me off last night on bbad during the pool game w Cody! Aaaa he got to go!

      • Now mg, you didn’t feel just a tad bit sorry for him because Elena wasn’t getting it on with him? Didn’t you see the disappointment on his face when he found out that Mark/Raven had consummated their relationship and Jessibel/Cody had sex EVERY night? Have some heart! ;)

      • Hell naw. He aint had none since it had him. I can tell …and aint gone get non in there. Can’t believe Matt and Raven beet him to it. They are like brother and sister!

      • Surprised me to hear it, too. I read where Elena said she likes black men or part black men. Hey, to each their own. I guess Paul is half black with all those tats. I think she is more into him than Mark.

      • The reason I ask is he was kind of iffy about this veto. He told Jason this AM that he wanted Ramses taken off and either Matt, Mark, Raven, or Elena up and voted out. He also tried to get Ramses to go talk to Jessibel about using the veto on him. I’ve got my eye on Kevin.

      • Uh huh, see that’s why I don’t trust him! Oh hell naw. Good thing is Alex knows he’s a snake. As long as someone has an eye on him makes me feel better.

      • so I guess you don’t blame production for jess getting the hh ok.

      • I don’t “blame” production for anything. It’s their show. They do whatever they want and can that they think will improve their ratings. Can’t blame them for that. :D

      • Like they force them to use it for nothing. a waste. lol so the 2nd week you have no protection. The ‘eviction/tribal is more intense.

      • Certainly would not be a good move. Better to keep it to save Cody or herself if needed.

    • Two after this one. The first one was when she was on the block with Dom, this week when she’s HOH. So only two weeks left.

      • Thanks, in a way I wish she would have used it, BUT, the look on her and Cody’s face will be priceless if Josh stays.

  32. I wonder until what point in the eviction process the Hex can be use. I would think she need to use it before voting start, not after.

    Anyway, as Matt said, I doubt she would use it to save Ramses.

    • She has to use it before voting starts. And she wouldn’t waste it on this week – even if they learn that they are being blindsided. It will make for an explosive situation (i.e. fun to watch), but Jody hates Ramses as much as Paul – so both sides want him out. Jody just wants Josh more

    • If she used the HH to save Ramses that would put the crowning touch on a very disappointing week for her considering she had HoH, PoV, HH and of course her robot back in the house.

  33. Welp, looks like Josh is staying. It’ll make some good tv, but I honestly can’t see how they can stand keeping him around. And having to deal w/ him in jury….. Ay yi yi.

    • He hasn’t made jury yet. If Cody wins HOH, Paul will be the 1st to offer up Josh if it saves his own arse.

    • Of course they can stand him. Viewers hate him, but they’re playing the game. The big alliance see Josh as a baby giant meat shield.

    • In the jury house he can easily be ignored. They are somewhat nice to him because he is needed in the game of numbers. Once they are evicted, his presence is no longer needed.

  34. I hope the curse is a double eviction and Paul’s whole plan backfires in his face!!!

    • As long as Josh is still safe. Cody and Jess hate him. Paul leaving next will be ideal.

  35. What if the curse is that both nominees this week get evicted and no vote is done?

    • Or a flip the vote total curse, i.e. if the vote is 8-2 for Ramses to leave, it gets flipped to be 8-2 for Josh to leave

      • the house is already cursed by jessica’s power, so any curse would only reflect badly on her

      • and thats also way to heavily in a 1-sided favour. jessica and cody are morons thinking they could play it safe this week and slide back in with some new allies. they needed to use this hoh by going guns a blazing

  36. The best next thing is to have josh becoming the next hoh. That would be hilarious. I cannot think of him with power drunk attitude!!!

  37. I love Jessica, but how stupid is for her to think the house will vote Josh out, Cody is dumb. She should put Paul on the block.

    • I don’t think she had the votes to evict Paul. All this would do is a redo of week one with Cody.

      • The idea is if he’s sitting beside, Paul, Alex or even Mark and Matt. Josh will go. and there’s a tiny window to evict Paul, but that’s work. Reserved for players that has excellent social game.

      • Double Eviction is always an opportunity to do something like that. No time to think or campaign,,,, well little time

  38. The next plan should be to start breaking these couples up and start with getting rid of the fraud Raven….she made her illness out to be worse than what it is, she has been eating crap the whole time, every time you turn around she is eating something…sorry she just really annoys me, Matt as well…..

  39. I know what Jesscia can do if she find out she will vote to keep Josh. She should tell the house she got the Tempentation and if they do not vote Josh out she will use the tempentation ( The catch here is that she tell the house that she can not use it to save herself, she can only use to save someone else and she got only last week or this week to use this power until it expires)

    • What would it change? She use it and both josh and Ramses stays. Josh is still a number. Then she wouldn’t use it and they would all know she bluff.

  40. Like I said before… they brought this on themselves. They had all the power and blew it by trusting the house that wants them out. I don’t wanna use the words dumb or stupid, but this move was not smart on Jessica or Cody’s part. This is a redo from the time Cody told Jillian she was the pawn and safe and that Christmas was going home and the house blindsided them. Will they ever get it? Paul is running the entire house as he did last season. He plays both sides, has no loyalty to anyone, and who ever he wants out is going home UNLESS the house realizes this. Dom did but it was wrong place, person, and time when she revealed this. Ugghhh I just want to get Thurs over with now.

  41. Mark hasn’t left Cody’s as since he’s been back. It’s time for him to go. He thinks everyone trusts him, little does he know, no one does and he’s at the top of the target list after Ramses. Loser

  42. Okay, I knew Cody was an emotionless robot, but I never knew that he was a stupid one. I thought he was gonna listen to Jessica’s worries and tell her to go with her gut. But nope, the beauty and the robot have further cemented themselves into the minority once again. I’m starting to think that Cody said that he was going to have a social game just so that he can screw Jessica again. He better enjoy his reunion while he still can.

  43. the cure won’t be anything terrible. jessica already has the ultimate power, production wouldnt give her too much cuz production needs paul to stay in the game.

      • the curse will be something minor like slop or something, or maybe jessica gets to steal a portion of the $25,000 from kevin

      • The curse will effect the whole house. It will be big. They wouldn’t delay the suspense that long if it wasnt.

      • Possible curses:

        Matt: Take away his cereal
        Josh: Take away his bottle and soother
        Raven: Expose her southern belle act for who she really is
        Elena: Tell her she can’t let her big, beautiful boobs show on camera again

        Kevin: Take away his plastic wrap
        Jason: Take away his cowboy hat
        Mark: Take away his tissues
        Alex: Tell her she can’t listen to Paul anymore. (Actually, tell all of them that.)

      • Ohh. Better… the curse is that theirs no jury, America votes.

        You would see raven, Matt, Mark and Elena just leave.

  44. I can’t wait to see Jody’s face Thursday as their worst nightmare comes true. Ha ha ha! They are so happy right now but if they only knew…smg

  45. Will be interesting watching the Bride of Frankenstein reaction on eviction night,classic!

  46. Oh Jessica I hope you learn some valuable lessons from this experience.
    THen again you may not be in the house long enough to make any use of that wisdom.

  47. Good enough for Jody , if they believe anything Paul says, I still say it is just rigged by production nobody is as dumb as all these Paul minions and for Jessica to not up 2 of the 3 people most against her is beyond foolish and must be directed by production.

  48. Why isn’t Paul on the block? This makes no sense; it should be Josh and Paul on the block.

      • Jessica and Cody should have used that rationale to convince him/tell him why he is on the block. This way one of their targets would go home.

      • Exactly! Even if someone else won the PoV, at least one of Josh or Paul would have been evicted. They could have even told Paul if they were going to use him as a pawn.

  49. Ok. The week’s done unless there’s a blow-up. Waiting for Cody’s HoH this Thursday and let nom Josh all over again. Fun times!

    • And the blow up when Ramses is voted out…. steam blowing out of Cody’s ears and the death stares. Josh start mouthing off talking about loyalty and playing a honest game while calling them Mr. and Mrs. Meatball. Jessica and Cody realizing that Paul and his minions/the house is against them. Then Paul and Josh gets nominated.

      • Yes even when Jody should have control of the house with HoH and PoV, Paul’s in control. Love it!

  50. Josh will screw it up somehow? Mark and Elena …For real? Mark is as dumb as Josh. He just actually breathes a few times before he talks idiot. I hope he doesn’t think Elena will dump him as soon as she watches him cry over Dom his do or die final 2 after screwing Cody. These people this season…Only reason I’ll continue is because of Paul and hilarious Kevin.. Especially on the feeds. Rant over.

  51. Josh will get caught doing his crazy dance. It is possible that Cody and Jess won’t see him since they are still isolating themselves in the HOH room, but Mark could catch him and let them know how happy he is.

  52. Ahahahahahahah……Ahahahahaha I cannot believe Jessica did this…shame on her. I wanted Josh gone, but ooops. I didn’t want to laugh at her, but it was called for. She should self-evict now!!! :-) And here I thought she would make good on her HoH reign!

  53. I do feel bad for Ramses, however the look on Jessica and Cody’s face is gonna be priceless. I hope they get broken up again before they get into jury. I always think it’s funny that people who plat this game get so smug when they are on top and then cry when they get shut down. Karma is real and what you put out in the universe, you get back.

  54. One thing I am noticing about the other showmance Raven and I honestly forgot his name must be really boring.
    I haven’t watched the feeds much but I usually know the names by week 3 or so.
    All I know is how could they ever vote sweet little Raven out?
    My hope is final three
    And Paul takes home what he deserved last season!

    • ^whispering in Laurie’s ear. Matt…his name is Matt. But I’m expecting to hear…Who? hahahaha

      • He is hot. Raven makes him boring. He has to play along being her house boyfriend. When she is not around he wakes up and then she pulls him to sleep.

      • Yeah, I noticed on the broadcast Sunday how she’s always got a hold on him. Weird.

      • Exactly. He’d already been questioning the plan to evict Ramses over Josh, doesn’t see those two in the same light as Paul and didn’t think it’d be great for his game to keep Josh in the game. Then Raven and Paul got to him and he gave up. If Matt would just make his own decision and not go with the crowd, I think he’d be remembered more. So far, all these HGs are either rememberable for being jerkasses, vets, and sheep (provided they’re remembered at all). That’s what makes Cody fun to watch. Even if he sucks at this game, he’s at least playing the game for himself, not for Paul.

      • Don’t feel bad; it’s easy to forget Matt because all he does is wear that same orange tank top, eat cereal, and laughingly run away when Raven is having of her tantrums.

      • But wait, Raven is impressing me this week. I thought she’d be all up Jody’s butt,
        she picked a side and is sticking to it. She’s not scared to draw a line in the sand. I like that.

  55. Which 5 people do you guys think are playing the best? The worst?


  56. So mad Vic didn’t host battle back and join Cody to take out everyone. CBS seriously? Hopefully all stars next season.
    Wait you need people live feeders like. Not enough yet.

    • I was hoping for another vet to show up and walk through the BB house with the battle back winner. Darn!!! Wonder what Vic’s doing this summer? or Caleb, nah his survivor time was cut short.

  57. I think Kevin’s wife is going to give him a good scolding when he gets home. He is into Christmas.

  58. Some of the blame has to be with Rams. Kevin told him to go talk with Jessica. He didn’t

    • He talked to her once though, but i do agree! I would have turned that house inside out to get off the block.

    • Because Jess and Cody told him he didn’t have to campaign…just as they told Josh he didn’t either. Hello…JOSH and RAMSES, you’re on THE BLOCK!

    • He did talk to her, and he got through. But then Cody, Mark, and Elena got in her ear.

    • I guess I’m too old. Please explain – smh – I’ve seen it around a couple places but can’t recall but probably don’t even know what it is. Thanks.

  59. Ugh……

    Josh will never be able to keep his mouth shut so the plan will come out. Hopefully Jody can ralley the votes to keep Ramses

  60. This will blow up on Jessica’s face and Cody will be like, “Ah, see how it is? See how it is?” lol

  61. I think it’s hysterical that if Josh doesn’t go this week, he’ll continue ruining the experience for “Private Meatball and his Superior Officer.”

    • IKR? They’re going to explode, but Jessica isn’t going to be nearly as worried as Cody since she has the Halting Hex DoT! I hope the curse is that if she stops her eviction, the one on the block next to her has to go home…and I hope that is Cody! :-) Wouldn’t that be ideal?

    • Please remind me or explain as I don’t remember why. Why the ‘meatball’ remarks by Josh, especially during veto comp. I don’t remember any ‘meatball’ scenes. Thanks.

      • I don’t actually know how the whole “meatball” thing started. If Josh isn’t evicted Thursday, wonder how many times has to say it..,production may have to intervene

  62. Hope fully something happens and the house is forced to vote Josh out…I know as long as Josh is in the house he will be a target for Jessica and Cody… However The guy is unstable and a physical threat if provoked in a certain situation..

    • Yes, come Thursday if there is a blindside Josh is going to be so arrogant and immature. Cody’s going to blow up but hopefully keep his cool, but hopefully Josh takes a swing and gets booted anyway! Yes, come Thursday if there is a blindside Josh is going to be so arrogant and immature. Cody’s going to blow up but hopefully keep his cool, but hopefully Josh takes a swing and gets booted anyway!

      • Hi Cheryl here.
        The other nite on BBAD Josh was already saying that he was going to go off / blow-up / rub it in their faces (Cody and Jess) on Thursday after the live eviction is over, I think he said it to either Raven or X-mas, but they were telling him to be cool and to keep playing the sad victim. Huuummm, we will see what we will see.

      • That will be a good way to get rid of josh, provoke him to a fight and production will give him the boot.

  63. Well, at this point, they did it to themselves. And on that note, has there ever been a showmance that’s broken up during their stay in the BB House? Because Jess may just kill Cody come Thursday.

    Guess the best we can hope for is that Josh implodes this week and blows up his own game so the others see a reason to VTE him.

    • I agree, from the sounds of it Cody and Jessica are not hanging out with the House, so they did this to themselves. Yeah LOL Jessica might just kill Cody on Thursday! LOL but she also needs to start thinking for herself! Always trust your gut!
      And yes let’s just hope Josh dig his own grave! Please please please

    • LOL I have a feeling that if this blindside goes through Jess is gonna go full-on Aileen Wuornos on Cody!!!
      Not only will she tear hima new one but she will re-evaluate her entire aporoach to the game so far and make drastic changes. Might already be too late for her though.

    • They’ll break up and Cody will form an alliance with Alex! 😄😉remember he was always telling America”she deserves to be here”. 🤔

  64. All this talk about Jessica/ Cody, Matt/Raven Elena/Mark talking about things on the live feeds and people not being happy with their conversations. Sexual conversations. Why? They are in that house 24/7 and most of them are in their early to mid 20s. They are just young, and love and dumb! Why hate on them because of that? I don’t quite understand it. Everyone is grossed out by it, well don’t listen/watch. It’s not like they’re going to talk game 24/7. They are going to have personal Conversations (sure, it’s not personal as it is televised 24/7 but I’m sure sometimes they just don’t think before they speak)
    I don’t know, perhaps I missing something? But they’re just young and dumb! Sex sex sex! They all hooked up with each other and it’s “new.” They’re trapped in the house, probably very sexually frustrated! I completely understand people don’t want to hear it but then turn off your feeds! Just saying, they are young! Who cares? Why is everybody constantly complaining about it? With all due respect! ❤️
    Don’t give me wrong, I am sure sometimes it’s overboard, and Jessica/Cody being locked up in the room not socializing is clearly ruining their game but come on people, don’t you remember a new love? Being young?
    Again, with all due respect to you. I get it, I get that it’s annoying for you to listen to you/watch but they are locked in a house for 24 hours a day/7 days a week for what a month now? Over a month. They’re just young and “in love.”
    It just happens to be televised on national TV LOL so probably somethings should not be said LOL oops 🙊 On them

    • lets call it “young and in lust” they knew each other less than 2 weeks before they jumped in the bed together…..I am not paying CBS a fee to have some perverted camera person zoom in on somebody having sex or a naked person…There is no game play involved in either scenario….There is nothing sweet or cute about having sex with a man u met yesterday…

    • I wouldn’t ever want the nation to know about my love/sex life! hahahaha It’s not that interesting. Now if they’d just bring out the whips and chains, that might make me want to watch more..hahahaha J/K!

    • Hey tinalee I see Jes/Cody socializing more than they did in the first 2weeks. I am curious to see how the other 2 couples handle the HOH room and having privacy. Having a room and king bed will make anyone want to isolate themselves.

    • That’s why it’s called “Big Brother”, the world is watching. 😀😁3 months in one house. I don’t know what I might do if I was there. 😜🤓

  65. As much as I can’t stand Jessica and Cody and want them to be blindsided I want Josh gone 10 times more, he’s the worst!!

  66. I hope who ever wins HOH this week isn’t cody then they will put him and Jessica up on the block then she will use her power to remove her self.

  67. My poor gal Jessika. All that power and still gonna lose the week. :( She should have put up Paul and Josh from the getgo.

  68. Dumb, dumb, dumb. Now I won’t even watch anymore because the house will view this as a gift and vote out the very easy Ramses. A very wasted HOH. Maybe most wasted of all time.

  69. Jess/ Cody are fighting to stay in the game daily. Then you have Josh that “floats” by. Is there a life jacket with Josh written on it nearby? I don’t want to see him in jury please!

  70. I will laugh my ass off if Paul or someone wins HOH and puts up Cody and or Jess and she pulls her temptations and the curse that “effects” of entire house is the past evicted house guest get to put up noms which would screw Paul BIG time and the veto will be NOT used for that week

  71. What a major mistake, she should have used it to put up Paul. or Christmas and told them they would be pawns, IF Josh was truly their target then she should have never put up Rams,
    Josh is just a tool , who loves to pick on people , could you imagine if someone was heckling him during a comp. he would have cried like a baby,
    We need to watch Kevin, lets see if he votes out one of his own future Allies, which is Rams, I hope not, If he does he is a fool, These people need to wake up we have a house hex on the way and it is getting down to the gritty part of it,
    Jess you fool , it would have made for an epic week with Paul on the block next to Josh,

  72. Let the dummies go along with Paul and then act surprised when he turns on them, especially Alex and Christmas.

  73. Also, I disagree with Raven playing a bad game. After this eviction, Raven will be the only house guest (who hasn’t been nominated) to correctly vote to evict Cameron, Jillian, Cody, Dominique and Ramses. (Elena, evicts Ramses and Josh and Paul were nominated)

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