‘Big Brother 19’ Veto Comp Plans – Week 9

The Power of Veto competition could be arriving early this week as the Big Brother 19 Houseguests (and us out here) were surprised by an early Veto player draw on Friday night. Here’s what’s going on.

Update: PoV comp underway as of 11:35 AM BBT. Spoilers as soon as results are available!

Matthew should be this worried on Big Brother 19

Just as the HGs were settling in for the evening we got a very early draw for who would be joining the HoH and his nominees this week in the Big Brother PoV comp. The targets have been sent to the Block, but so far they still don’t know they’re about to be in trouble.

Jason has put Matthew and Raven in the hot seats, but they’ve been promised by several HGs that the real target is Kevin. He’s not. It’s them. More specifically, it’s Matthew.

So naturally they don’t want to see Kevin playing since they’re up as pawns (not really) and Kevin is the supposed target. Oops. Kevin was picked to play along with Josh and Paul so now the game is ready to go.

Matthew has said if he wins the Veto he would use it on Raven. I’d love to see that just for the sheer stupidity of the move. Kevin would go up, no matter which of them comes down, and then the remainder of “Maven” would be evicted. Sounds like a good plan.

It’ll be very interesting to see if whoever wins it, other than the Noms, decides against using the PoV. Obviously it’d show all the cards right then and there for the HGs. I’d more likely expect them to shy from being outright, save Raven, fake a VTE-Kevin plan, and then send Matthew on out to Jury.

Then again, Paul and Josh just had a conversation about whether or not they should keep the noms the same after both agree they should play to win. Josh pushed for keeping noms as they are if they win and Paul agreed. Now I wouldn’t be surprised for Paul to suggest Josh to do that if he (J) wins it so Matthew & Raven would be mad at him, but now if Paul wins then expect him to save Raven despite that conversation with Josh.

What do you think the house would do if one of the nominees doesn’t win?

Veto comp is coming up either tonight or Saturday so get ready to find out who wins the power.

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  1. Paul will throw this veto comp. He won’t want to show his cards by taking one of Maven off or putting up Kevin.

    • Paul will throw no matter Matt is still in or not, he lays low and just directs the act no reason to win anything yet. He will win when it matters like f3

  2. If one of Maven come down if I was Jason I wouldn’t put Kevin up because they may just vote him out instead of Maven. I’d say Christmas I was a pawn for you now I want you to be a pawn so I’m sure one of my target goes.

    • I would hope so, Kevin & Jason are pretty close, but Paul was in Jason’s ear earlier telling him that Kevin has a big ego & why does Kevin have to tear Jason down to make himself (Kevin) feel better. Paul is subtly pushing Jason to nom Kevin.

    • Exactly. Matt comes off, Kevin gets voted out. Put up Christmas to ensure Raven or Matt leave.

      • Amen to that.
        I was laughing at her when she said, I came to BB to make Big Moves, then she says: My HOH went really well for me. Ahh NO, it went well for Paul. She’s another puppet.

      • Which of course being in Final 3 with Paul is dumb because he will win. I mean everyone left has a final 3 or even 2 with him. L0L

    • It’s all speculation, there’s an agenda and that’s Matt or Raven to leave this week. That’s what will happen.

      • There’s always speculation. That’s Big Brother. I know there’s an agenda. I watch the feeds. And I also know if Kevin is the replacement should Maven win veto then it’s tempting for Paul to want him gone. Paul knows he has everyone in his back pocket except Kevin. He knows Kevin has brought his name up. He doesn’t trust Kevin. So if he decides he wants Kevin gone instead he has the votes and Kevin will go. That’s my point. If Maven comes down I’d use either Christmas or Josh as a pawn.

  3. So it seems like this is the plan now, but if Kevin ends up on the block, a lot could change. Christmas and Alex are especially sick of him.

    • Once Paul heard Josh won’t use veto if he won, Paul doesn’t need to win anymore. Josh winning and not using it , is Paul dream.

    • My thoughts exactly – with you and anjealka on this train of reasoning. If Paul won Veto, how does he explain to Maven why he did not use it after this past week of his reassurances to them! And, in this way, he is “nurturing” his future jury votes from them.

      • they are not sharing w/each other- kind of an issue when everyone but paul and kevin are coupled up to whatever degree they are.

  4. Well, Paul was up in the HOH room whispering in Jason’s ear & getting Whistlenut all riled up about Kevin… Beginning to think Kev is actually the target this week, at least he’s Paul’s target, which of course means by eviction he’ll be everyone’s target.

    Hope I’m wrong, but Paul was definitely stirring the pot this evening (about 10 pm or so).

    • Paul first tells Jason , great news josh will keep nominations the same, Matt is going. A few minutes later he is throwing Kevin under the bus. Make up your mind Paul, your plan is working , stop going nuts talking 23/7.

    • Paul always need to have 2-3 target ahead. At this point it’s better for him to break the couple maven. But he’s scared Kevin is well likable by all. So he plays both at the same time.

  5. This show is getting to predictable. Lets just go ahead and crown Paul the winner. I just find it difficult to believe that they are all so stupid and he has them all under control. The only one that saw through him was Cody. Mark began to see that Paul was controlling the house but it was too late.

    • Cody said it week one, tried to put Paul up — then was ostracized for it! Amazingly stupid HGs, other than Cody.

      • Agree. How can they NOT know what Paul’s up to. Don’t they talk to each other? if they did they might uncover that Paul’s playing all sides. But nope … they believe him. They all deserve the STUPID trophy.

    • to bad cody was an idiot game player- crazy eyes…
      after this last eviction things will likely be revealed and possibly become less predictable

  6. I know that the smartest move is to target Matt, but holy hell, Raven is driving me nuts! I just can’t handle her 💩 anymore….

    • AMEN! Get rid of her, the LONGER Raven stays, the LONGER she THINKS the HG’s love her & AMERICA as well! That dumb b**ch doesn’t need to be on BB ANY LONGER! Gawd, I can’t even stand her make-up smeared face much longer!!!

      • She talked to Matt about getting AFP tonight. He thinks she is going to get it! Oh Matt, the shock you are in for.

      • Besides the sex, the delusions of grandeur of her being popular and the possible attention he could get from that, imo, is the only reason he puts up with her psychotic behavior….or either he is an absolute nutcase, too.

      • She this is she’s coming home to a bunch of money too on her go fraud me account.

      • I think she does that on purpose! I’m so glad Zingbot nailed Her on her Clown-face! 😆 The reaction was priceless! Her mother must have Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy. If she had every illness she CLAIMS to have, she’d be DEAD! 😝

    • Alex and Jason both kind of agree, that Raven is more annoying but Paul steers them towards Matt as target. Paul gets his way.

      • I mute + fast forward ANY scene with Raven in it. I couldn’t stand her from her very first interview, before going into the house!

      • The good news is that we almost not need to FF anymore. She got almost no air time. Hahahaha!!!

      • She doesn’t get much air time but the haters can’t stop commenting on her, so her name is all over the internet. Thankfully is mostly negative. I really think I would give her the prize for the most hated BB HG by me. It was Boogie, but she is on top now.

      • They barely call her in there too. They all must dread it when they call her in. They have to take a swift shot of whiskey and a couple of xanax just to deal with her.

      • And the live feeds are worse! Especially when all four cams are on that annoying “couple”…I hope, I hope, I HOPE they send Raven home! She’s such a scammer…

    • She does that intentionally because she thinks it is cute. It could be that she also wants to annoy others. After she was nominated she did it even louder and looked around the room to see if anyone was watching her. Paul was there but pretends not to care.

      • I simply can’t stand her I can’t wait to see the post show fall-out regarding her TWO “terminal diseases”. I haven’t felt this way about a HG since Aaryn…

  7. Production:”Hey Paul, wanna come back for another season?”

    Paul:”Im not sure.”

    Production:”What if we promise to put you in the house with a bunch of idiots?”

    Paul:”Ok, hand me those ‘friendship’ bracelets!”

  8. This season more than any other seems totally scripted. The last 2 weeks production has made it seem that the HOH really gave some thought to what Cody & Mark were telling them, but as we all know everything they said went threw one ear, and out the other!

  9. if only the dumb house had listened to Dom about Paul. He is the snake but nobody really listened. The game changed from that point.

    • She was dead on. Problem was, he said it so….weird and bizarre! It ruined it and got her mocked. Of course the HGs were stupid not to listen, too.

      • Did you forget how Dr Will passionately told everyone how much he hated them? To go ahead and vote him out? How Will completely manipulated everyone, just like Paul? Oh yeah, Will won that season. Lol love it!

    • I don’t think anybody that post in BBN forums concerning Paul have ever “denied” that Paul is a shyster.. liar manipulator control freak puppet master or any one of the hundreds of names he has been called… Just because we comment favorably on Paul and the game he is playing does not mean “we drank the Kool-Aid”… There have been post by people that hate Paul but love the game hes playing… Love him or hate him he is doing what “he has to do” to win…I have posted several times that I was in disagreement with some of Pauls tactics/strategy moves but again hes playing the game…. Paul and Alex are the 2 most ept players in the house right nowDo all of u Paul haters think that we don’t see the same show and feeds that yall do??….We know what a low life jerk and snake Paul can be.. yall don’t have to tell us…Its gets old and boring hearing “I ain’t gonna watch no more..”Hand Paul the check” “CBS/Production is giving Paul the win” and so many other as asinine statements….If u don’t wanna watch the show don’t ..its simple “change the channel”…I do not believe that Paul will make final 4/3/2 but I am gonna keep watching and commenting in order to see who does…

  10. Paul deserves to win…very smart player But I would be happy if Jason won too…very entertaining guy and a proud papa too.

    • Marginally. Remains to be seen whether it picks up some steam from here on out or if it slinks back into the shadows.

  11. I really wish Kevin would align himself with Jason and Alex. He and Jason seem really close and Kevin needs some allies.

  12. It’s amazing how these HG’s are blindly giving their game to Paul to play…Matt and Raven trusting Paul this week to blindside Kevin….wow….and Jason and Alex not fiquring out that one of them is next….next week. Paul is playing an unbeliveable game with these morons and they are thinking either they can either win in a F2 situation with him or they are happy with second place….how delusional….why even continue to play any further.

      • Josh? He’s from Miami, Cuban family.

        If you’re talking about Paul he’s Armenian. Armenia is historically Christian. Most people are Armenian Apostolic.

      • It was funny when Alex asked Paul how to say “We will burn your village and take your women” in Armenian.

  13. Please switch the show to the jury house. Watching Cody, Elena or Mark sleep is more exciting and unpredictable.

      • I think once they hit jury, they seem to calm down and seem to have a good time. That is why most of these idiots just wanted to make it to jury so they could drink, swim and have sex. They don’t care a bit about 500K. Of course, for years, Big Brother did make the jury house look like paradise.

  14. Why do they want to keep Raven if she is driving them all crazy? She drives me crazy and I’m not even there. They even discussed the possibility of her getting sympathy votes if she nakes F2.

    • Truthfully, the only sense I can make of it is basically it is what Paul wants(for some unknown reason) and he has worked his mentalist abilities again to insure it happens. I don’t see why it matters. One thing that I have heard mentioned is that they seem to think Matt is throwing comps and hasn’t shown his real potential so he could possibly start winning comps(although Raven went far in the last one). Beats me! I’d love to see her gone.

    • Pauls doing…she will follow and hang on him when/if Matt goes…I don’t think Jason cares which one of the 2 goes as long as one of them is evicted..

      • To me it makes more sense to get rid of Raven than Matt. Raven might get sympathy votes in the end. Matt probably won’t get any except Raven. Matt worships Paul. He would stick with him.

      • I’m guessing.. Pauls reasoning is that Raven is a sure fan of his and he can control her easier than Matt…… then too if Matt wakes up and realizes where he is he could start winning comps…just a guess…But everybody in the house even Matt knows that Raven is a major annoyance so nobody would care if she went 1st…Not even Matt lol..

      • From what I’m reading, Matt is planning to save her if he wins veto. Of course, he might be doing it because he thinks he isn’t the target, but I wondering if he would do it if he knew he was the target.

      • I would hope he would try to save himself if he know, but I have my doubts at this stage of the game. Matt isn’t very bright, I’m not sure how he navigates his own daily life being so stupid

      • If he was in his early 20’s, I might have hope for him, but to be so stupid at what, 34, he’s a lost cause.

      • He just got 2 votes against Mark. He is can’t really be that stupid can he? I had high hopes for him at the beginning.

    • It seems Paul would be better off next to Matt then Raven….Raven at least has a pulse. She does much better on comps then Matt for sure. What will matt say, “Oh I made the guiness book record of eating cereal all Summer”? Paul is ok but not looking at big picture.

      • I’m not sure if either Maven would get a single vote from any jury member if they made it to F2, not that I think either one will make it to F2. They definitely shouldn’t.

  15. Huge mistake on Matt and Raven’s part to not take an apple where they could’ve very well gained safety like with the Veto for 2. The only thing that could save them now is if: The Veto is used on Matt or Raven (most likely Raven) then either Raven, Paul, Josh and Christmas vote to keep Matt, which I highly doubt would happen or 2. Paul votes to keep Kevin (In order to keep things smooth with Alex and Jason for Jury votes and if Alex happens to win HOH then her anger won’t be directed at him) while Raven, Josh and Christmas vote to keep Matt.

    I don’t know why Matt and Raven believed Paul’s claims that they were safe, so don’t take an apple for a chance at safety when during the HOH comp, Jason and Alex would not fall down until both of you guys fell and completely ignored Raven’s pleas for a deal. Not to mention Jason seemingly never speaking to either of you before noms with Alex acting as his gaurd, relaying her… I mean “Jason’s” messages. Risking it with the tree couldn’t have hurt your game more than it already was with Jason and Alex in power.

    • They didn’t pick one because they weren’t certain they were going OTB. Plus, they believed that if they did go OTB they would be safe anyway. Never in my life have i seen such stupid people. I’ve heard of followers but this is ridiculous! Earlier Raven asked Matt should they go talk game with Jason. Matt said let’s ask Paul first if we should. They both need to go!

  16. If annoyance was the only factor, I’d be hoping they send Raven out the door ASAP.

  17. I think it may be a Wednesday eviction. I also think Paul may not win it and let Josh have it so he can get his hands dirty. Or just save Raven since he was asking Alex and Jason if they hypothetically would vote for raven to win if she was F2, hypothetically of course. This doesn’t make them suspicious at all. They said no, but maybe Cody will. Paul wants to know if taking Raven will be the best choice.

    • According to the TV guide schedule description, it is just the veto comp and eviction is Thursday.

      • They can, Jello, that’s for sure, but I have discovered the guide knows things before we do. Maybe it is wrong this time.

  18. Ugh I like Matt, I hope he wins and saves himself :( I like Kevin too so hopefully Raven goes home. I don’t think Jason would actually renom Kevin since they’re buds and will renom Josh if needed.

    • Jason was annoyed with Kevin last night and mentioned winning veto to pull Raven off and put Kevin up just to scare him. Paul told him it wasn’t the time to ruffle feathers.

    • I respect your opinion but I cannot understand what is it that you found likable in Matt. Can you explain?

    • Matt has done absolutely nothing in the game except Raven, like Zingbot said !!! Zinnng !!!

  19. What if Kevin wins veto and takes Raven off the block. Who would Jason put up as a replacement?

  20. Just wondering why Xmas has turned against Kevin, I thought they were tight. Anybody know?

    • Cause Xmas is a biotch , plan & simple ! Shouldn’t be there she can’t compete so she’s basically getting a free pass

  21. If Paul wins the veto,would be a smart move for him to pull Raven off,Matthew would feel good about that while he sits in the jury house and so will Raven when she joins him,so a win,win for him.

  22. Whatever Paul says goes, so this won’t be very interesting. This season is just horrible. We as viewers can predict what is going to happen more than the house guests can.

  23. Wouldn’t it be fun if Kevin won the veto and took someone off. And then who would go up? I think Jason would give serious consideration to putting up Paul, simply because it would ensure that the other half of the showmance went home. Christmas and Josh are annoying enough to the house that it would be in question. And if he put up Alex . . . he shouldn’t because she’d go home.

    Not that Kevin would do it, because Paul wouldn’t let it happen. But wouldn’t it make for something . . . else. Besides the ducks in a row show we’re watching at the moment.

  24. Somebody needs to hurry up and decide where Matt is going to end up. Several tractor-trailers loaded with boxes of cereal and gallons of milk are backed up on Los Angeles freeways, unsure whether to make their deliveries to the BB house or the jury house.

  25. I have to go to the bathroom,writing a letter to Paul now to ask permission.

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