‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Who Won Final HoH Round 2 Comp?

Big Brother HoH competition

Our final Big Brother 19 spoilers of the season have arrived with Round 2 of the Final HoH competition featuring the two losers from Round 1 as they face off one last time for an assured chance at Round 3 and its gateway to the Final 2.

Results overnight Thursday revealed the winner of Round 1 to be Paul, no big surprise, and that left Josh and Christmas set to battle it out in Round 2. Those spoiler results are back and set us up for what could happen in Round 3, the live final competition of the season during the finale next Wednesday.

Big Brother 19 Spoilers: Final HoH Round 2 Comp:

  • Josh won the comp!

That took more than SIX hours to complete! There were three rounds within the comp itself and Josh mentioned he spent a full hour on one of the rounds alone. Well that explains the excessive delay. In the end though Josh beat Christmas by just FIVE mins (later she said seven), a narrow win he points out considering she had to do all the same yard running on one foot.

Paul will be joined by Josh on Wednesday night during the live Big Brother finale show for the giant scales of justice to crown the final HoH and then move to evict one of the other two HGs. That’ll give us our F2 of the season and then it’ll be up to the Jury to decide who deserves to be the winner of Big Brother 19.

Josh has said he’ll flip and evict Paul if he wins R3, but he’s also said he’s worried about Christmas being too well liked and thinks he’s got a better shot against Paul. What a mess of a meatball. What do you think Josh should do if he wins the third and final round of the last HoH comp live on Wednesday night?

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      • He’s trying to confirm a F2 with Josh in order to read Josh’s reactions. From what I could tell, Josh is deflecting, and Paul is catching on.

      • Well, gee, Paul, you better win R3, then. After three months of lies and nastiness, it’s come to this. Maybe it’s true; not everyone was totally buying the BS you were selling.

      • It’s a game and if people are dumb enough to go for everything he told them, I say more power to him. I actually believe the whole season was set up for Paul to win.

      • It’s F3 and Josh has diehard loyalties to both players, especially Christmas. Josh shouldn’t be so concerned with backstabbing Paul and just tell him what he wants to hear so he feels less pressure in R3. Yeah, sure, Paul might be upset that Josh wasn’t straight with him and it might affect Paul’s jury vote, but ultimately Paul is a gamer and he thinks highly of himself. “Josh, you cut the best (me), you get the vote” will win out over “Christmas, your bedtime cuddles and massages get you the vote”.

      • Please tell me what you mean and if you have a timestamp that would be appreciated. I’d like to see this myself.

      • It was last night on BBAD after the comps. He was talking to Josh in the kitchen and kept moving his eyes sideways. It was just weird, but he was signaling to Josh about F2 and didn’t want Christmas to hear.

      • The way that she’s describing it. It sounds like it was a lot of physical activity – running up and down platforms.

      • I read that josh said he was struggling while Christmas thought it was easy. Even though she didn’t win.

      • She could just be trying to brag or something. Because it definitely doesn’t sound like a comp that she’d find easy to do with a broken foot, especially if she lost.

      • She’s in pretty good shape, though, so it could have been physically easy, she just had to take it v-e-r-y s-l-o-w-l-y.

      • I don’t know if you agree, but I said earlier that I didn’t think it would be fair to anyone if production went easy on her. Her break was from horseplay, not from game play. She should have been sent home with the promise of coming back next season. If I was a HG voted off by her (especially when she wasn’t in the house) I think I’d be a little pissed.

      • She should have never been allowed to continue in the game. They could have sent her packing and promised to bring her back again. Like maybe this Winter when they have the 1st BB.

      • Exactly! That’s what I said somewhere in this thread. It wasn’t fair to the people who got voted out by her—when she wasn’t even in the house that one week!! I just don’t like her anyway…didn’t care for the way she treated Kevin. She is a physical powerhouse though, so I WOULD have liked to see her actually play the game. Oh well.
        Is that picture of you? If so, thank you for your service, Sir! It is much appreciated from this American. :)

  1. He should continue to not fully decide so BB can’t hear his full decision. I think they may give it to Paul if Josh insists on taking Christmas.

    • EXACTLY. But the problem is that Josh already made clear he would take Shitmas to the final…..Production will make sure Paul wins 3rd round.

  2. Rumor has it that the jury is VERY bitter and Matt and Raven were the only ones planning on voting for Paul. Not sure how true this is though

      • I have a hard time believing it. Cody said he’d vote for Paul. Alex seemed to be mad, but said it was the game. He didn’t do much to Mark and Elena. There’s no way Jason is voting for him though. However, Raven might be so annoying in jury that she could screw over Paul and they’d vote against him to spite her. That would really suck if a delusional jury member made someone lose. They should be voting for who played the best game.

      • Exactly, Cody — and any of them — could change their minds after conferring in the jury house… I hope! lol

    • If you watched the show and caught onto what the jury kept saying over and over on how Paul lied to them and lead them all(except Cody and Jessica) onto believing they were going to final 2 or 3 with him.They kept saying how he made them look like fools while also setting it up for jury votes they were not going to vote for him to teach him.I knew when Cody was the first one to jury that that was probably going to be his main goal to show the jury members one by one as they came in how Paul was actually using them and that is why Paul kept them all bullying him and Jessica thru out the game because they had figured Paul out from the get go.

    • I’m no fan of Josh but, yup, that is the only logical thing to do. It is also logical, imo, for Paul to cut Josh to give him the best chance to win. Of coruse, Paul could beta either one but you should always take the one you are more likely to beat. That’s the point of wining the Final HOH – getting to choose your own Final2 opponent.

      • I don’t get why that isn’t a no brainer to Paul. Other than Kevin I can’t see anyone voting for her.

  3. So I guess it’s a fantasy challenge week? First the unicorns, now whatever the heck these outfits are, lol.

    • His face says it all. It kind of make me feel bad for half a second if he doesn’t make it. I think that he is worried that Josh may beat him, but I don’t know why.

      • Well, if he’s that worried, he should have taken some loser like Matt or Raven. This is the exact spot Paul screwed himself last season. Maybe he’ll do it again.

      • Could be why he’s worried. He’s concerned about history repeating itself now that it’s so close to the endgame.

      • Ironic how he said “I don’t make mistakes this late in the game.” I want Paul to win this season, but he screwed up by not keeping Kevin or Raven who were fine to LOSING to him!

      • Kevin played a good social game with no blood on his hands. He is a big threat any treacherous player should take to F2. Paul will loose to him and he knows.

      • Nonsense. The HGs aren’t big fans of Kevin and view him as a useless player. Only when Kevin wins is if people feel he should get the money out of pity b/c of all his kiddies.

      • What he SHOULD have done was send Josh home and kept Kevin. Both Xmas and Kevin would take Paul to F2. I can only think he kept Josh cause he was afraid Josh would seriously poison the jury against him (Paul). This way Josh never gets any time in jury house. Also, Josh was/is very clear…he will take Xmas.

      • Josh poisoned the jury against Paul with this good-bye messages to Jason and Alex. And now that Jason and Alex both know how Paul used them against each other, I really don’t think that is going to sit well with anyone in that house other than Cody and Raven (who thought she was running things, LOL).

      • Paul thought he had these two right where he wanted him. He has bullied Josh enough that Josh will do whatever he says.
        And Christmas is in love with him.

        As we’ve seen, Josh is all talk, no action. He won’t get rid of Paul, even if he did have the chance.
        To say that Christmas is ‘okay’ with not going to the final 2. Why would Josh think that? She doesn’t need the money?!?!

      • If he were to take out Paul in final 3, there would be almost no repercussions for his actions because it’s so late in the game. The worst thing that could happen to Josh if he wins HoH and evicts Paul is that he’ll come in second because a possibly bitter jury wouldn’t respect the biggest move of the season coming from Josh.

      • The show is scripted from the get go. It was obvious they planned on Paul winning. Bringing back a vet who was in the finals last year and giving him 3 free weeks, was so wrong.

      • I read that Christmas and Paul know each other outside of the house. If that is true, how does that play into what has been going on in this game?

      • Hope Paul has repeated last year’s mistake. This whole season has been rigged in his favor. None of this season’s contestants were really worth rooting for. Very disappointing. What is this love affair with Paul? Have never liked him

      • I’ve already resigned myself to Paul winning, but if Josh really wants to win this thing he should dump Paul, making it the biggest play of the season and go to the end with X-mas to win the big prize. But he won’t, so I say congrats to the snake Paul any hoo.

      • yes, I was just wondering because Josh is too happy and paul isn’t. Paul could still beat Josh in the next comp.

      • Paul also cam-talked that he wanted Josh to win R2, because he thinks Josh would take him to F2. So Paul being worried right now is strange, unless he’s having second thoughts and now thinks Josh might cut him.

  4. Josh will be an idiot if he takes Christmas to the final 2. I hope Paul wins part 3 of the HOH and votes to evict Christmas.

  5. Josh’s only hope is to win the 3rd comp and take Christmas to final 2. True, Christmas will play up the “I made it this far with a broken foot and a bad attitude” card, but Josh would be correctly able to take credit for eliminating Paul (the only BB player this year). If that doesn’t come to pass, and maybe even if it does, Josh is screwed.

    • It truly pains me that one of Josh or Christmas is going to win at least $50,000. Though I would honestly get more enjoyment out of Josh being cut at F3 than Christmas being cut, because Christmas practically wants to be cut, you know, because she’s a joke and all.

      If Paul sticks to his wishes, he either wins R3 and takes Josh, or Josh wins R3 and he’s obviously in F2. So chances are basically zilch of Josh cut at F3.

    • If Josh is able to evict Paul, he would have made the biggest move of this very bad season! How can they deny him the $500,000 prize. I think he will win it over Christmas! If Josh picks Paul then, it would be the dumbest move ever!

      • I can’t believe I’m giving them credit or throwing them a bone, but… I’m sure CBS smiled when Amanda was evicted in S15 because of how many calls there were that it was rigged for her to win it. By that token, I wouldn’t be surprised if production sees some value in Paul being cut at F3 — “Ha, everybody said we wanted him to win, and now look”…

        That being said, my prediction is firmly set that Paul wins the game.

      • As bad as I dislike Paul, at least Paul is a gamer. A crappy one but a gamer none the less. Paul’s only hope doesn’t just lay with him winning R3 but if Josh wins and takes him to F2. I doubt production will give Paul all the answers before hand because Paul is smart enough to figure them out anyways. Now if Paul is in F2, the question remains does he have enough votes in jury to win. The jury is bitter but will their bitterness lead from voting Paul to win.

      • Paul, as a vet, also likely got a ‘bonus’ for returning. He isn’t just getting the same amount as the others.

      • I know his “earnings” is more of a X amount of money. The other’s get a weekly stipen as where Paul won’t. His is more of a set amount if that makes sense.

    • LMAO!! It is driving me insane. Josh was going to the DR without washing his hands, but then decided to do it and he left the chicken on that table. I have been cringing this whole time.

      • LOL, I can’t stand it! Then when he went to wash his hands he contaminated the dish soap…he should of rinsed his hands first, then used soap. I don’t know, maybe my Italian Mom and Grandmother drilled it in my head way too many times about chicken…but come on!!

      • I always wash my hands with water before contaminating the dish soap. I have a meat phobia, especially chicken with Ecoli and Salmonella. I am even worse at the Supermarket.

      • Don’t you love it at the grocery store when you pick up a package of chicken and it’s all sticky because the juice from another package has been leaking all over it? Then you have to do the rest of your shopping with sticky hands. Ugh.

      • I carry around a small hand sanitizer in my purse…just for that purpose, lol. I even use the wipes to wipe down the handle on the carts when I first walk in…hahaha

      • lol. I said I’m even worse in the supermarket. I pick up the chicken with those clear plastic bags they have in the produce section and stick the package right in there.

      • What my wife does is grab one of them plastic veggie bags and puts the chicken in it without ever touching the chicken package.

      • I totally get it…me too! I used to work at a hospital and it was the same way about washing our hands, with everything…I used to work on the locked Psych Unit….Lol.

      • Was Raven or her mother there? (Oh, heck, I know you could never reveal patient information. What was I thinking? My bad.)

      • :) then we get to my biggest pet peeve…hearing people chew/chewing with mouth open. I just had to mute…it’s better now.

    • I grew up in the 60s playing in the dirt and touching everything. Peanut allergy? Never heard of it back then. Same with Autism, or any of the other isms de jour these days. I feel sorry for the coddled kids now. No natural immunity to anything.

    • Josh is like that, though. He’ll run into the DR and scream “I got excited!” when there’s no real reason to be that excited. His emotions seem to be a real roller coaster ride – like maybe there’s some bi polar there.

      • Bi-polar isn’t immediate mood-shifts and outburts, it’s gradual, month-to-month changes. Borderline pd is closer to what Josh may have, but he may just be an immature young individual.

      • Josh is 23 and Paul is 24, I know they were brought up in very different surroundings, but they seem so far apart maturity-wise.

      • Paul may seem more mature but actually he is just a master at lying and manipulating. He isn’t near to being old enough to have done all the things he claims to have done!! He talks the talk but has he walked the walk lol

      • Hasn’t Paul done a lot of travelling? Josh is probably the stay home type, close to his family. Paul, probably has experienced a lot in his 24 years on this earth.

      • I tried posting a picture of it and it said awaiting moderation and I just don’t want to break any rules, so, Google search “Paul Abrahamian no beard”. He suddenly doesn’t look like he isn’t young anymore. Looks like a different person almost, weirdly enough.

      • I did google. VOWWW I cant believe it. He totally looks a different person. And he looks cute. I wonder if he let the beard grow just so after the show people would not recognize him. …..vowww

      • Recent studies say men don’t reach full emotional maturity until the age of 43, so…

        Women reach maturity at 31, according to these same studies. As for the brain itself? Yeah, that organ is completely developed by age 25.

      • Think I would go with the latter before diagnosing someone’s mental health based on watching a show about a game where 15 strangers are locked in a house….

  6. I think he should take Christmas to the finale two. The jury could look at what has Christmas done in competition. Her only two HOH’s were given to her. Josh played a traffic game and he should be rewarded at the finale.

    • There’s no way to communicate that, though. Most of the Jury dislikes Paul, but they absolutely despise Josh. Christmas gives the jury an excuse to pick her over Paul due to sympathy. Christmas and Paul is a toss-up. Josh and Christmas means Josh wins because he knocked out Paul. Paul and Josh means Paul wins.

      • Nope. If Josh takes out Paul he will win every last vote. Josh has very convincing arguments to make. He can do it easily.

      • Those sitting in the jury must recognize that they did not listen to Josh because no one wanted to work with him. That was their mistake. He tried at every point to talk to Cody and Jessica and they both ignored and tried to humiliate him. He tried to warn Jason and Alex again he was ignored. It’s too bad that those four ignored him. One of them could be sitting the house deciding on their F2 instead of in the JH.

  7. Has nobody thought that the feeds were down for so long because costs are probably lower for CBS to not run them and they ultimately don’t care very much about live feed customers because as much as they might complain they still keep coming back every season anyway?

      • I imagine it costs them more to run them than to not run them. If they can find any reason for it, whatsoever, I see them not hating the idea.

      • I really don’t know how it works and I won’t pretend to, but I will say that several times this season the feeds were down for reasons people weren’t sure of, or they didn’t show a competition on feeds that they probably could’ve, etc, etc. So I can see where you’re coming from feeling like they don’t care a great deal about their customers’ feelings.

      • You have an ENTIRE season of live feeds, hundreds and hundreds of hours but all of a sudden its sooo expensive that you need to cut 2 hours? That makes zero sense.

    • Was not dumb to pay the $5.99 a month for a Big Brother season with practically, no game play and one person playing. It is a small amount but, still a waste to pay it for the crap Big Brother has devolved to! The producer absolutely does not care about the crappy product they put out! Forgeting that what made Big Brother a good show was the game play! Then, they started casting people who just wanted showmances and collecting their stipend and floating to the very end, doing nothing! That is dumb on all counts and even dumber for anyone to pay for such crap! Bad casting for the last 3 seasons atleast, with this season the absolute worst casting ever!

      • There’s way more things to watch on it. It’s CBS All Access. It’s not just the feeds. I think it’s worth every penny.

      • I don’t have the feeds, but I’ve been on here to see lots and lots of people being upset with when/why the feeds were down, with not getting to watch competitions, with HGs being asleep when there was a supposedly no sleeping between 10 am and 10 pm rule, things of that nature.

        So, strictly talking Big Brother and the live feeds, all the other content aside, was that part worth it? Were you satisfied with the feeds? (I’m not suggesting you weren’t, I’m just asking if you were or not).

        I agree that all the other content would make it more worth it.

      • I wish they would show all the comps but I know going in that they don’t. Have been able to watch some of the HOH comps live though. But aside from that yes I think they’re worth the 5.99. There’s so much on the feeds that gets edited out. I would very rarely watch during the day because I have a life. Lol. Although BB consumes a lot of it. But if something happened you could flash back and watch it which was nice. Now this past week I haven’t even watched because they’re boring. I guess all in all I think the pros of having the feeds verses the cons are worth having them.

      • For sure, let’s face it, this season has been extremely popular and fascinating. The finale ratings will go through the roof. I did not watch the CBS All Access because I don’t have the time, but if I did, I would. For the first time ever, I taped and watched the first several weeks of BB After Dark. I was addicted and couldn’t get enough of these characters.

      • I’m the exact opposite! I started recording BBAD and MAYBE watched 20 minutes of the first episode, and I deleted the rest and cancelled the rest of the season from recording! I have tortured myself enough just by following this season, I certainly don’t want to see these despicable people more than necessary to know what’s going on day to day. Fingers crossed for a good cast and a great season for BB20! 😁

      • This season has been fascinating? I must have watched a different show because this year was disgusting.

  8. Not that I want Christmas to win, or even be in the F2, but I would get some personal enjoyment from seeing Josh out before F2 and seeing Paul not win the game (granted on the latter, only temporary enjoyment). The only way for this to have happened, with Paul saying he wants to take Josh to F2, was to have Christmas win R2, win R3 and final HoH, evict Josh, then win the game. No chance of that anymore.

  9. So Paul is just tired since he had to stay inside all alone with his thoughts of not being able to manipulate anyone any longer.

  10. Josh would definitely get the respect of the jury if he voted Paul out. And he also could say Xmas won nothing. Everyone gave her those two HOH’s. I think he’d beat Xmas. Against Paul I think it will be close because of all the attacks he did on a lot of the jury.

    • Only problem with that, for me anyway, is that I really don’t want Josh to win the game. Ideally, with what’s left of options, I’d want Paul to win it all because he deserves it most, Christmas to be runner-up, and Josh to be the final juror. But unless Paul wins R3 and has a huge change of heart, it won’t be him and Christmas in F2.

      • He’s been strung along as a meat shield. He already thinks he’s a great player for lasting this long, what would a win do for his ego? He hasn’t earned the right to brag that hard. He’s not a good player and doesn’t deserve $500 grand for what he’s done this season. Or do you just want that out of what’s left, seeing Josh as the least of three evils?

        I would get some joy out of Paul go out 3rd, but then the F2 is two people who don’t deserve the win, in my eyes. I might actually hope for Christmas (who, make no mistake, I think is a joke) just because Josh wouldn’t get the chance to have a win go to his head, and because it might underscore how many headshakers there were this season if a girl with a broken foot who did nothing but have things handed to her, wins the entire game. Plus, if she wins, they might not invite her back another season, which is another bonus.

      • That’s exactly right. It’s what’s left to pick from. I wanted a Jason/Alex F2 but this is who we’re stuck with. I think Josh has grown up tremendously since week one. Yes he cries a lot but I believe it’s because he’s a caring person. All that attacking he did was instigated by Paul. That’s why he would cry afterwards because he felt bad about it. You didn’t see Paul crying about it. So that’s who I want out of who’s left. And please no more Christmas. With all the hate about her on social media I don’t think they would bring her back. But I’ve been wrong before. Lol.

      • I think Josh deserves to win too. I am conflicted with Paul and Christmas, I don’t like either, don’t like the way they treated others, and don’t think Christmas deserves to win 2nd. She rode on Paul’s coattails and was handed comps.

      • I know Christmas stands out in this regard because she has 2 wins (both HoH) and 2 handed to her…but Paul had an HoH (so at the very least, one) thrown to him (everybody colluding against Cody, handing off their tickets to Paul) and Josh had the F5 HoH handed to him as well…

        Josh has one HoH win on his own, that was 95% luck (that stupid putting thing) and I think only 1 Veto that I’ll also give him credit for (during the second DE before Raven’s eviction)

        Paul is the best of the three in competitions, easily.

      • With Dr. Will hosting the jury panel, he most likely will steer the jury towards voting for Paul because we all know how Dr. Will played his game…

    • I agree – if Josh cuts Paul, Josh should win for that reason alone. Yes, Josh has been annoying, but he’s this season’s Steve Moses. So let’s see it happen.

      • I actually wanted Steve to win. So I have a hard time saying Josh is this year’s Steve. I think it feels that way because people are comparing Paul to Vanessa and saying Josh has a chance to do to Paul what Steve did to Vanessa, but I don’t actually see similarities otherwise between Steve and Josh.

        Josh is full of it, he actually thinks of himself as a great player. A win will only solidify that in his mind and make him think he’s one of the best ever. He hasn’t earned that level of bragging rights.

      • Yeah, Josh is in no way Steve Moses. Steve was such a doll. Josh is a jacka**. But I’d still love it if Josh took a page from Steve’s book and Vanessa’d Paul out the BB front door to join the jury.

      • Selfishly I agree because I can’t pretend I won’t get a kick out of that. But soon that would fade and I would think about how Paul, as much as it’s not too fun to say it, deserves it more than the other two. But hey, it wouldn’t be me voting to rob the best player of the big prize, so I wouldn’t have a guilty conscience about it. I’ll enjoy it for what it’s worth, if it happens.

        If trying to make the best of a bad situation (how bad this F3 is) I would say Josh not winning any prize money and being the final juror, Christmas as runner-up because even though her winning $50 grand would suck, as she doesn’t deserve it, at least she technically loses (the game) to acquire that money, and Paul winning the game just based on deserving it most. That’s now unlikely to happen with Josh vs Paul in R3 of the Final HoH. I almost want to say if Josh actually does win R3 and actually does evict Paul, then Christmas to win the game? Ugh lol. I just can’t get behind Josh winning the game.

        All I’m really hoping for now is one last good moment that makes me smile. At least one of tne of the following :

        – Josh evicted at F3, becomes final juror
        – Paul evicted at F3, becomes final juror
        – Josh not winning 500k if he’s in F2
        – Cody winning AFP

      • All of those would be anti-climatic endings with the exception of Paul getting evicted and becoming the final juror.

    • I don`t think so, because all Paul`s puppets will all be super super upset if Josh votes Paul out. And Shitmas will claim that she was loyal to Paul while Josh betrayed him.

    • Exactly. The Jury already saw that disgrace of a comp where Xmas “won” the footrace. I don’t think she would have anyone’s respect, especially when answering juror’s questions in her own know it all style..

      • Glad you pointed that out. I’ve grown so tired of her own-it-all style. Seemingly not a humble bone in her body, even for things she actually really shouldn’t be taking credit for, like those wins, or for taking out “strong men” like Jason under HoH’s handed to her. Paul also never, even when he’s alone and cam-talking, admits that the only reason he’s never been on the block is due to a twist/power that he didn’t win a competition to earn. AKA, luck. The saying goes, “have to be good to be lucky, lucky to be good” but he never acts like any ounce of luck is ever involved for him. If he would mention it even once, even if with imperfect wording but I knew what he meant, he would gain some respect from me.

  11. I think if he evicts Paul it would give him a reason to win over Christmas and the jury would see that. Christmas really has not played much of a game.

    • I want Josh to win, but I want Shitmas to win in the final. Josh is a awful person and he does not deserves 500K.

      • Crazy I didn’t think I’d find anyone else who was thinking they might want this result… as much as it sucks to say it, because I think Christmas is all kinds of bad, I think I might want the same result… seeing Josh win would erase any positives of seeing Paul not win.

      • He’s the only one who’s actually played. I’m not a Paul fan, and a lot of his methods ranged from unnecessary to almost stupid, but it’s gotta be better than not playing at all, or playing for somebody else. Paul has easily played more than Josh or Christmas. The questionable methods or the process doesn’t erase the result.

      • Paul played, but not without Josh’s help. All Paul did was manipulate while Josh did all the dirty work.

      • It depends on which dirty work you mean. Josh only won HoH twice and one was thrown to him, so when it comes to actually getting players evicted, I wouldn’t say at all that Josh did all the work for Paul. The dirty work he did for Paul was garbage that Josh should never have agreed to, and why I dock him even more points for having agreed to it. Because of course Paul isn’t going to go around yelling in people’s faces and starting idiotic, incoherent fights because that would only cost him jury votes, and Paul wanted to get potential jurors to hate Josh. Josh agreed to this because he apparently wants people to like him (the side that was telling him to do it, at least) and was seeking friends, as “a misfit looking for his home/group”…

        I’m not a Paul fan but manipulating is part of the game. If you willingly go and start ridiculous fights for people, in a game with a heavy involvement of a social aspect, you’re basically an idiot and have only yourself to blame. You don’t have yourself to give credit to for “doing the dirty work” in that case. Players have won in many seasons without getting an alliance member to go and yell at the weekly target.

      • You have a valid point, but you have to admit Josh has come a long way from the guy that first came into the house–still a cry baby though. Paul will win in the end because the jury always comes to its senses in the end and looks at overall game play. Then again this season has been very different…

      • Lanza, Lanza, Lanza! Josh is not that bad! They’re all bad! But I think Josh is the least “bad” of all. At least he has a conscience, Christmas and Paul appear to not. Christmas is hard and tough. She talks like she is part of a mafia family. I don’t like her, or Paul for that matter.

      • Pretty much, that’s true. A lot of that was due to following Christmas or Paul’s orders. I don’t think he would have been that bad if he wasn’t trying to fit into the “popular” club. I think Paul and Christmas are the original bullies in the house.

      • Josh is not 5, despite how he acts. He is a grown azz man who made his own choices, just like the rest of them. Every season, there are HG with glaring weaknesses and HG who exploit them. That’s the game.

      • You are correct, but he is like a little Momma’s boy. He has even said he is. Not to make excuses for him, but I don’t think he has that much experience with life. You can blow on this big boy like a feather, and he topples over and cries like a baby. He is very immature. I do think he is a lot of hot air…

      • He was taught in the BB house that it was his ‘right’ to call people out with impunity and there was nothing anyone could do about it. When Mark came after him he kept repeating “don’t touch me, don’t touch me”, knowing he was protected by production. I’m looking forward to seeing Josh apply the life lessons he learned in his maturation in the BB house out in the real world just to see how long he gets away with it.

      • Under others orders and then cried about it….lol. I agree with you about not liking Josh or wanting him to win the game, but I will say that he seems to have a good heart.

      • True, but I question if he would have thought to do that on his own. Paul’s been orchestrating Josh’s role as the villain in order to make himself look good.

      • Agree. Once Josh realized he was being used by Paul it was too late for him to make any big moves until now. He did start refusing Paul and Santa when they tried to provoke him into bullying just for the sake of being mean. He also has demonstrated remorse over some of his behavior and he’s the ONLY hg to do this.

        Josh: It’s now time for a big move. NOW. Josh.

      • And Josh knew that if he didn’t do what Paul wanted, Paul would have targeted him for eviction. Paul would have found someone else to do his dirty work.

      • I don’t think any of the three deserve it honestly but if Josh is willing to and actually does vote Paul off I would give him 500k for that :D

      • Yeah. She really is. I don’t use that term lightly cuz I think it’s kind of sexist. The other term I’d use to describe her (it begins with a “c”) is definitely sexist and I really don’t like to use it. But, in her case, if the shoe fits….

      • I was thinking the same. It’s not a word I use, but I do think it when I meet someone such as Christmas. I do not like this women’s energy and I am confident I wouldn’t like her in person.

  12. Hey GW! I just wanted to say that I popped in a few times during last week and saw your Peanuts pic, which was so sweet and fitting.

  13. So everybody, I taped Friday night’s BB After Dark and scanned through it today. The whole taped session showed the remainder three houseguests sleeping, with the exception of the last 10 minutes or so. Josh was in one bed and directly across from him were Paul and Christmas. Christmas was cozied up to Paul, not the other way around. At one point, Paul awakened and shut off the lights, being careful not to expose his bare behind (I’m assuming, but he seemed to be very careful in clutching the blankets close to his body as he reached forward).

    Josh awakened and got up, and chatted briefly with both Paul and Christmas (both were awake prior to Josh getting up). Josh leaves the room so Christmas and Paul are alone. Christmas starts to lovingly caress Paul’s head (his back is to her). At one point, Josh returns again briefly and talks about what time it is. After Josh leaves the room again, the head caresses continue, but Paul never moves:

    Paul: “I can hardly wait to get out and smell the gas of my car. It’s such a nice smell.”
    Christmas: (Laughs) “Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha…..okay.”
    Paul: “That car is f*cking loud.”
    Christmas: “With that kind of car you can say F*ck It Stay Out.” You can park a block away. Do a drive by.

    So, what’s my point of mentioning the above? First of all, I thought it was funny that Paul was possibly not wearing anything under those sheets, secondly, that Christmas wasn’t sleeping in her own bed, thirdly, caressing his head and from my experience, if I did that to my boyfriend, he wouldn’t be discussing his car, ahem.

    Paul, talking about his car and how he misses it — typical behavior for a young guy. Was he trying to ignore the caresses? I don’t know if these two have become more than just “friends” in the house (and I don’t care either), or if it just one-sided (Christmas wanting more), but I just found this short taped session interesting.

    I think Christmas was feeling frisky that morning, ha ha. Perhaps those of you that watch the feeds have seen more than those of us that watch (or occasionally watch) BB After Dark.

  14. If Josh does not evict Paul, then he’s an idiot and maybe Production is involved. I think all along they have wanted to keep Christmas and Paul in the game. I also think that both Christmas and Paul will be back for the 20th anniversary BB. **cough** Mark my words!

      • I know, I know! But it’s the 20th anniversary show so, who else but the so-called best players to bring back to compete? They will bring back those two and Paul will be evicted on the first night (if he doesn’t, then he really does have the “Charles Manson” touch…

  15. Kevin, Matt and Raven are locked votes for Paul. Hard to imagine Cody, Mark or Elena voting for Josh over anybody. Christmas will likely to vote for Paul as well. Even if not, it’s still 6-3 with Jason and Alex voting for anyone over Paul. Bitter yes, but Paul still wins against Josh. If it’s Christmas in F2 though, the votes get a lot harder to predict. She stands to gain the most from jury bitterness.

    • Cody, Mark and Elena will hold their noses and vote for Josh if he gets rid of Paul. Cody would do it out of respect. Josh has convincing arguments to make. Elena was playing both sides and he couldn’t trust her to tell him of his plans to evict Paul. Same argument with JALEX. They were so star struck and believed every word that came out of Paul’s mouth that he had no where to turn. He can do this!

  16. Josh won’t win next to either of them, the idea of him winning $50k is nauseating. I hope it’s unanimous Paul wins.

  17. If Paul doesn’t win this whole season was a waste. It’s been the Paul show since day 1 and he’s orchestrated EVERYTHING, so let him take home the trophy and be done with it.

    • True, he orchestrated everything, but it was the way he did it that makes it hard for us to see him win.

      • Yeah pretty easy to get well entrenched in the game when you are safe for a month lol and don’t have to worry about being voted out!!!!!!’

  18. Hoping for Josh to win R3 and take Christmas with him . This is the only way for Paul to go home empty handed once again but I can already predict that production will rig R3 for Paul to win ,that way Paul will win !! If that happens I hope I never have to see Paul’s bearded mug again or hear is annoying, bragging voice again !!! This has been the worst season yet!! Brutal watching all these people being so vile to each other.

    • for some reason I see production bringing Paul back. There`s always been manipulation towards someone to win, Rachel is a example. But there`s never been something like towards Paul this season. We knew he would win since day 1.

      • I don’t believe Josh can win, no matter who is up there with him. He worked very hard to get the others to hate him. Not just resent his gameplay, but to actually hate him. On the other hand, Krampus kind of did the same thing by encouraging Josh’s behavior. So I guess it could go either way. No matter who wins, a majority of the jury will be holding their nose when they vote.

      • I don’t know. From what we saw of the jury most don’t respect the way Paul played the game. I understand trying to cause a opponent to be distracted before a comp but Paul took it way past that in mine opinion plus he has not owned up to his game play. Lied to Kevin in his message. Going to be hard to explain why he continued to lie after they went to jury.

  19. Josh is saying he wants to take Paul. I believe him for now, but we’ll see if he follows through. If they tell Christmas as said, it’s been decided. Here is why I would vote for Paul over either one. As a vet, often you have to change your game. It won’t make you the most liked, but it helps to win. He took a big alliance as far as he could. When Mark and Elena and Dom strayed, they made themselves targets. He didn’t cut any of the others until he felt he had to, and he had them all following him. If he picked an alliance too early, the house may have had the votes to get him out. So while not the most honest game, it was a good game. Could have done without the mob mentality and lying in the goodbye messages though. He almost overplayed and may have crossed the line depending on the bitterness of the jury.

    • Nearly laughing… I’ve been saying “Not convinced in the slightest” about Josh cutting Paul if he won the final HoH. Hilarious (as in, hilariously bad, but still) that he’s now actually talking about taking Paul… like sure, yea, the jury still might stupidly vote for Christmas to win over Josh if they’re F2, but he’s got absolutely zero chance against Paul. Doesn’t matter how upset the jury is right now. They’ll eventually see who played better and will vote for Paul to win.

  20. Josh loses against both and I guarantee it. Although, he should have a better shot against Xmas over Paul (after Dr. Will calms the angry and reminds them that lying is a part of the game) Josh had terrible jury management and started fights with a large number of cast members. Paul will automatically vote for Xmas if Josh betrays him. Cody, Mark, and Elena also give Xmas the win, and for sure Kevin will.

  21. To those who have made claims that your AFP votes won’t count if you’re not a paying subscriber of CBS All Access… do you mind telling me where you saw this?

    I’m reading the terms & conditions, from a link found from the official CBS Big Brother voting page, and unless I’m missing it, I’m not reading that anywhere.

    • It was posted a few days ago by someone on here. I emailed CBS to verify and the reply was “Thank you for contacting CBS All Access. Yes the information you were given is accurate. You must have a CBS All Access account in order to vote for America’s Favorite House guest.”

      CBS Support Team.


      © CBS Interactive, all rights reserved.

    • I read the T&C too and no where this is mentioned. I heard people saying that it was to avoids Jessica campaign for Cody and not having people that don’t watch the show voting. Like phillycat just said. CBS support confirmed it. This is BS!!!

  22. I would think that Josh would have a much better chance against Christmas since Josh did better on comps. People are going to vote, or they should vote for the person who actually did something. At first I liked Christmas and in some ways I still do. But, with how people were throwing comps to her, I found that pitiful in so many ways. I know it is all strategy, but, after a while, I was done with it. I would think that the jury would vote for Josh since he took out Paul. If he was able to do that, he should win.

    • Sandie, true, she was handed HOHs and Veto competitions, and yes, annoying. But Christmas is not a nice person at all. She has said some really strange, ugly things and has been a bully to some of the houseguests. I don’t know if you have been watching the feeds or BB After Dark, but if you had you would see a whole ‘nother side to her. The primetime shows haven’t revealed this side of Christmas to TV Land, which is a shame. At least the last show on Friday, they showed a side of Alex and of course, Raven. Christmas is not the pretty “lady” that she appears to be and let’s not forget that she was putting the moves on married Kevin at one point (until she turned on him).

      • I totally agree there. She has said some really bad things and with how she egged Josh on. I do get the feeds which is why I have grown to where I don’t like her and I don’t respect her game. A few of my friends that don’t get the feeds think she is all nicey nice. I invited them over to my house to show them how she really is. I don’t like Cody per say, but what she and Paul did to try to get Cody to break down was horrible. And what bothers me also is that she keeps blaming Jason for breaking her foot. She didn’t have to go jumping on his back and horsing around. She is just as guilty. If she didn’t break her foot, I wonder if she would still be in the house. The reason I say that is that she is a strong competitor. I think Josh would stand a better chance of winning against her. Now, weather he would boot Paul to the curb is another thing. This was the most ridiculous season ever. My favorite players are Jason and Kevin.

      • I felt she jumped on the “Cody” bashing bandwagon because he ignored her in the house. I don’t think she likes to be ignored! I like Jason and Kevin too, but I am voting for Cody for AFP. Shocked?

      • I am voting for Cody because he atleast, played the game even though, badly. He did more than all the other minions evicted after him! Kevin atleast, was the decent one among the minions. Still, he was a follower most of the time doing Paul’s bidding.

      • You are spot on Ron about Christmas. Her TV edits have come across as being squeaky clean (barring that one time when she happily mocked Alex for volunteering for to go on the block in a very Samantha Stevens bewitching kind of way) and have yet to paint her as the manipulating strong armer that she truly is.

        Didn’t appreciate the way she spoke about Kevin nor those unkind words which followed.

        You are absolutely right, “Christmas is not the pretty [lady] that she appears to be…”

      • I think CBS should be transparent when it comes to the things that was said and done. If people really got a chance to see her ugly side, they would never have even given her the temptation let alone anything else. She doesn’t deserve to be the final three. Kevin is a very classy man who showed more class than anyone else in the house.

      • Kevin was such a class act that he brought some much needed dignity and respect to the BB proverbial table.

        This is why so many of us are rooting for him to win AFP.

        With regards to transparency, at the end of the day it’s still a tv show which heavily relies on ratings to sustain itself. Whether some parts are scripted, hinted in DR or completely ignored for live audiences is all apart of the game until we, the viewers, do what we are doing now — demanding that they raise the bar and thus, the quality of what was once a remarkable game and show.

        The F3 this year definitely makes us feel like something is definitely missing or lacking. But we have to make do and rationalize who truly deserves to win the $500k over should shoddy or completely abhorrent game play disqualify someone from winning the grand prize.

        Yet one thing holds true for the most part– we are in more agreement over who should win AFP over who we want to see take home the half a million bucks.

      • Yes. You’re right and that’s sad. But the edit that really desapointed me was alex. The painted her as such a nice sweet girl an oh my gosh she wasn’t.

  23. Lets see you got the big bully Paul, the cry baby Josh and the injured Christmas. Who cares who wins they are all a bunch of idiots

    • The grand finale will undoubtedly have the highest TV ratings. It’s going to be a very interesting show and guaranteed to have a lot of drama!

  24. Will Raven actually sway the jury from voting for Paul??

    Check out this excerpt from an interview with Mike Bloom with Parade. Her Twitter and IG accounts are all marked private and her follower counts haven’t soared as much as the other HG with social media. Christmas’s Twitter account has just passed the 55k mark. You would think that her exit interview with Julie (or lack thereof) should have tipped Raven off but apparently not…

    You talked with Julie that you felt like you were a threat for the end due to your “story.” How much do you think your condition would have swayed votes if you were to be in the final two?
    I think it would have swayed votes pretty heavily. People know I am a fighter and knew I had to give up a lot to be here. I’m not trying to sound like I’m bragging, but I think Christmas and Josh knew if I got to final two, I not only have a great story, but I had no blood on my hands. I won by just being on the show and getting to share my story. I’m a winner in my book.

    She also went on to state that she knew Alex was going to put her up because Paul tipped her off a week before. And as far as F3 with Matt and Paul? Well she said that Matt was totally fine and supportive with her decision to take Paul to F2 if they would have made that far.

    Wasn’t a big fan of Raven’s gameplay especially her attempts to exploit her disabilities. Just truly hope she has a strong support structure at home to help her through the storm she is about weather.

    • Yes “storm,” is a nice way to put it, more like a tornado. Well, let’s hope Matt sticks around to support her during what could be a very difficult time in her life. Actually, I think it is the best thing that ever happened to her. She needs to stop all this lying and deceiving, and start living an authentic life, even if that means making her Momma mad.

    • Well, Julie basically ask her why she didn’t play and pass the summer in bed. Raven replied back with how a great game she played. Desillusion 100%.

  25. No one deserves to win. Not a likable character in the bunch. But Christmas is the least annoying.

    • Yup, this BB group will definitely go down as some of the worst houseguests in the history of the game.

      • Do you know who continues to amaze??


        What was the point of him coming on the show if not to win? Seems like their 15 minutes of fame and the stipend is more than enough for most of these folks. Disappointing

        Even more disappointing is how Matt allowed Raven and Paul to brainwash him to the point where he would given Raven the green light to bring Paul to F2. How he sat there in jury trying to instigate with Cody wasn’t cool either. Neither was how he chose not to rebut Raven’s claims of being puppet master and how his alliance with Paul was the one Paul really cared about. Hmm….

        What a peculiar and disappointing group except for Kevin, Jason, and maybe Mark and Elena after they woke up in jury. Jessica and Cody were good too. Just too smart and too good for those other “idiots.”

      • Agreed.

        Matt, the cereal eater who apparently is educated, has a degree, worked in finance, has some money to his name… Firstly, why would he not even try to win 500k and secondly, what was he thinking when he fell for someone like Raven? I don’t get him either.

      • Oh please. This is the first season that I have ever watched every episode and actually been interested. I’ve looked into BB16 and BB18 and people made the same damn comment “worst cast ever.” “I hate this season.” Production blah blah blah. This season can’t be the worst in the game because next season will be. lol

  26. Finally, Xmas is in a comp that does not baby her injury Show has kissed her butt ever since she got hurt. Was not fair to the rest of the players……Hate all the final 3…Will not watch the show again ever.

      • Never again….BB rigged it for Paul from the start by giving him the 3 exemption from going on the block..He would have been booted out the first week.

      • Right. But maybe this was just an experiment of sorts. The next BB season coming up in the winter will be celebrities. Now that should be fun to watch. I doubt there will be any production involvement (rigging) in the future shows.

      • Who’s to say that the celebrities won’t be a bunch of dummies as well?..After all, they all voted for Hillary!

      • Well, as far as the celebrities who will be the new BB houseguests this winter, I guess we’ll find out soon enough (if they are dummies or ?).

      • There were only 3 intelligent players on show this year..Cody, Jessica, and Paul…The rest were total dummies, especially airhead Raven!

      • Jessica could have played an excellent game had she and Cody not lost their heads in romance. Sadly, Jessica had an opportunity to put either Alex or Paul up for eviction and she didn’t, instead she put up Ramses. That was not a good move for her game. But I am sure if she had to do it all over, she would play very differently. Cody and Paul are smart too, in different ways. Cody is not crafty or conniving. Paul is!

      • Ron, I really appreciate your insight.

        Have to say, though, Jessica, was the original house bully. A mean, vile girl with a princess complex, and one of my least favorite HGs along with Paul and Santa.

      • That my friend is a true story! Thank you for saying that!
        I have been saying it since (almost) the beginning of season 19, 97% of the house has not been playing this game!
        Cody, Jessica and Paul are the only ones who consistently played! This season has been a joke, almost laughable!

        I will be back for BB Canada which has yet to disappoint, Celebrity Big Brother (which I expect to be fully scripted) and Season 20 of BB.
        I am a diehard fan. I have been watching since season one, episode one. I was a teenager when it started and I watched every season and every episode religiously! I am too invested,I always enjoye BB aside from this season, and I am really hoping for a big change! So I can’t turn away from it just yet but I will if it stays like this season or gets worse! It will not be the big brother I once knew and loved. Fingers crossed for a big changes!
        Plus Season 20 should be entertaining because I can’t imagine they’re not going to do something exciting with the casting.

      • Jessica and Cody? What are you watching? The only discrepancy between those two and the others is their distaste for Paul. And I wouldn’t even put Jessica in the “Paul’s enemy” category originally because she was forced in that position by Cody, minus Cody, I think they would have gotten along fine, in fact I imagine she would have been on his jock strap trying to become his “ride or die”. She’s the type of chick that needs to be carried. If they were smart, at least one of them would’ve still been there or BOTH in jury.

      • Smh. Did you watch last season? If so, do honestly think Paul couldn’t talk his way out of that? Have you gauged this cast’s intelligence? I hate he won that, because you all keep insisting that is why he’s still there, COMPLETELY neglecting the fact that he’s dodged the block for Damn near 3 months after. Why do you think that is the case?

      • Thank you. Honey they have me wondering if I’M crazy! Lol smh. If you don’t like the player, just say that, don’t start drawing straws and try to turn s steak into a saltine cracker and cheese without us noticing. Smh get real.

      • I concur! I am a bit surprised at how many people think it was a walk in the park for Paul. He was constantly and consistently plotting and working whatever angle he could to keep himself OTB.

      • How come once he wasn’t protected anymore no one never nominated him? As well, the first week when Cody failed to nominate him, he turned the all house to keep Christmas. I’m not that sure this 3 weeks really changed anything.

  27. SUPER! You, Josh are one more win closer to being in the final two and being the first one not only to put Paul on the block but to also get him out of the house.
    I truly never, ever thought I would ever be cheering for Josh in the end. Less than a month ago I was saying if Josh made it to the end I would stop watching because I hated him that much! But he has redeemed himself )a Little Bit) over the past few weeks.
    Mainly because he said “no” when Paul “ordered him to attack Kevin!” He should’ve said “no “from the very beginning!
    I obviously think Paul is the better player this season, because he was playing and even though I was a fan after last season and I am no longer a fan of his, I still think he deserves it. His soul will be crushed if Josh wins and takes Christmas.
    But, I would not feel sorry for Paul. I know it’s a game but Paul took it way to far on many different levels and is just a mean spirited little man!
    Sooooo for selfish reasons and entertainment purposes and because this entire season sucked, I would love to get my way at least one time this season and see Paul lose! It would be super entertaining although I do have a heart and I would feel bad for the guy. But we have to remember, it’s a game just like Paul said and if Paul loses, Paul loses! We can’t be hypocritical. Like Paul said, at this point there’s no friendship LOL
    & because Paul was “bragging” (as usual) about “not getting the full experience of big brother because he never went to the jury house” I want to grant him his wish and send him to the jury house. Although it wouldn’t be the jury house but still, he would be voting and not be voted for 😆

    • I would be desapointed if Paul doesn’t get it. This week someone did an amazing post with all stats about best player ever in number of comp win. Paul beats everyone out their. He’s also at this point the only person that never been on the block (assuming he wins R3) and the player that has played the most number of days. He’s really incredible.

      But I hear you about josh, he’s the player that grows the most in this game. If he wins, it would be ok. But I’m rooting for Paul even if I cannot stand the guy.

      • Paul deserves to win for actually playing the game. Josh deserves to
        lose for not acting on his suspicions about Paul’s game. Christmas …
        did she even really play? I don’t mean this from the broken leg
        perspective, but other than counselling Josh, I’m not really sure what
        she did. She supported Paul’s moves the same way Josh did. Come to
        think of it, the only reason Josh stands out over Christmas is because
        Josh had a couple of moments where he questioned Paul’s motives. It’s really unfortunate that we don’t end up with an F2 that is actually even in terms of game play, but Paul (love him or hate him) is the only one who played the game.

      • I will never watch again if Josh wins. I couldn’t. That decision would be out of complete bitterness of the jury and I wouldn’t be able to trust the jury to make a sensible decision again. It would be out of complete retaliation and I couldn’t support that. It would insult my intelligence. Anyone in their right mind can determine who deserves to win between Paul and Josh whether they admit it or not, anything less, is a complete joke and will cheapen the game tremendously. I couldn’t overlook that an continue. Nicole is about as far as I can go in taking this show seriously anymore. I’ve always had faith in the jury, but it’s wearing thin and ruining my experience. Surely a bitter jury will start a new trend, watch and see, because it would be epic! Things seem to evolve backwards these days. The quality is diminishing in damn near everything. Smh forgive me, I’m rambling. Lol.

      • Ok!!! Don’t get mad yet!!! Lol. But in the event it’s josh and Christmas, to me josh is better. But let’s hope we won’t get their.

      • Well for me, I still think Xmas. I don’t see what everyone sees in Josh, it could be me. I just see a player carried to the end because he’s incompetent. We’ve seen it a million times. I actually saw Xmas strategizing, I can admit that even though I hate her too. She was also carried, but for her handicap, but I see a little more there than I see in Josh. But like you said, hope it doesn’t get there! Lol

      • I am so hoping the opposite. With who is left I want Josh to win. Hopefully Paul goes to jury.

      • Go Josh, Go Josh, Go Josh !! Hee hee hee ( pee wee laugh )
        That was just too easy !
        Did you hear that Meryl Street is engaged to Robert Redford … Yah .. I knoooowww !! A la Craig Ferguson .
        The article said that they have been ‘ close ‘ for some time 😸

      • You said you would stop watching if Josh won .
        That means you would stop commenting does it not ?
        It was just a joke, I like your comments MG
        Are you low ? 😺
        Oh and Josh is a HG so that is why my comment is pertinent to this page , sorry thought you knew 😺
        That is another joke, you do not have to get ruffled I was trying to be light hearted
        Maybe I am not doing it right 😺

      • Let me do a magic trick on you because you’re out of your mind. You must be on some kind of drugs. Get help. Goodbye

      • Yeah I can’t stand Paul but I do believe he deserves to win. At least he was playing since the beginning of this game. He definitely deserves it but, for entertainment purposes and also to slap Paul in the face for his bad behaviour it would be funny to see Josh win!
        AND that my friend is something I never, ever thought I would say! LOL

  28. Why is it that the winner of round 1 and the winner of round 2 don’t automatically become the f2? The last round never made any sense to me.

    • They do automatically go to round 3.
      Round 3 is the winner from round one and two competing to win round three to decide who wins the last HOH and who decides they are taking in the final three.
      I understand what you’re saying after I just reread it, (I was thinking MG knows better than that) LOL
      They have always done it this way. A lot of competitions and fight to get that final HOH. Again I get what you mean but, it’s just the way the game was designed.

  29. Been watching BB for 19 years….These was, by far, the worst season ever! Producers should have never rigged the show for Paul!

  30. Will there be a bitter jury if Paul makes F2? Matt and Raven will definitely vote for Paul, maybe Kevin too. Alex, Jason are wildcards. I think Paul will win but he came in with his Friendship bracelets and he played and lied to the majority of them. I know, I know, it’s big brother…but Pauls style of play left a bad taste in the mouth of the majority of its viewers who would prefer to see Paul lose out in the end, so what will that mean for the people who actually lived in the house and experienced Pauls game play first-hand.

    • There will be bitterness but not sure if it will matter. Paul is smooth and will give a great speech. Josh is smart and was able to understand what happened with each juror but not confident enough to tell the jury all of Pauls secrets.

    • At this point, from what we saw of the jury house, raven is working against Paul. With her delusional puppet master (not) she makes everyone angree and just to prove her wrong they’ll vote against what she campaigned. Ohhhh raven. She never fails to surprise me.

      • Raven is going to stand up during the juror questions and give her reasons why they should declare Her the winner of Big Brother 19. I’m sure it will be a great speech.

      • Remember the face of josh when he saw the devil??? Exactly my face when they showed her in the jury and she claims to be the puppet master. I’m telling you, she never stop to entertain me!!!

      • Once I realized what you were saying about Raven, that’s when I got your wit with you, Nope. It took me a little while, but you were so right all along! lol

      • That’s my problem. It takes time to get me!!! lol.

        But this raven thing will make history. It’s unbelievable. How can someone be that lost and… I don’t even have words. Is it stupidity or reall she needs a very good doctor. And I’m not talking about her gastroparasis…

      • After this season of BB, I think we have an official diagnosis of Ravenitis, but I’m not sure there is a school of training for a physician to treat it. I would die if that word, Ravenitis, ever appeared as a medical term.

    • Alex is not a wild card at all. She was pretty vocal about supporting Paul and understanding it as playing the game.

  31. Josh has about equal chance as winning or losing to both Christmas and Paul based on how the jury vote. Paul could win for game play because he’s the only one in the house that actually tried to play this year. Christmas could win because most of the jury doesn’t like Josh. I hope Josh wins because in my opinion he is the best person out of the three that are left.

  32. Josh wins final HOH,curbs Paul,takes Xmas and wins!! Getting rid of Paul earns Josh the win!!

  33. Josh needs to be working on a great speech should he make the end. I think he can win but I have no idea with this group how their thinking process works because it seems like most of them let Paul think for them all summer.

  34. I have a CBS All Access account but not a paid account, no feeds.The first day of voting, I could tell it wasn’t working properly as others noticed, because I was allowed to vote more than 20 times and it did not cut me off after 20 votes. Since then, it has only allowed me to vote 20 times. So I do believe as long as you have an official CBS All Access account, you’re votes will count.

    • I emailed CBS to verify if you had to have an All Access account and this is the reply I received “Thank you for contacting CBS All Access. Yes the information you were given is accurate. You must have a CBS All Access account in order to vote for America’s Favorite House guest.”

      CBS Support Team.


      © CBS Interactive, all rights reserved.

      I didn’t know you could have an All Access account and not pay for it.

      • I have had for three years. When I go to CBS, my initials show up where you log in. I have never had a paid account. Like I said, Philly, that first night the voting started, something was screwed up and like others, I could vote as many times as I wanted. But the next evening, things had been fixed and the whole page looked different. I’ve been able to vote since using my account that I have had for the past 3 seasons.

      • I did the same thing the first evening. I signed up for the free trial last year but never paid for it, so I just assumed I didn’t have an account. I also see my initials on the CBS site. I went to another devise to vote, but it wouldn’t let me because it didn’t recognize me as a member. You can sign up for free, and it doesn’t ask for a credit card. Good info KSJB. Thanks.

      • Try again on the CBS site. I think as long as you are allowed no more than 20, it is recognizing and counting them.

  35. Do you all feel that this season was a particularly hateful season, or is this standard fare for Big Brother? This is the first season I’ve been on BB super fan groups and wow, such nastiness being thrown around. They think this has been one of the worst seasons ever! Do you?

    • My opinion … a particularly hateful season.

      Some people believe anything goes. I believe players should have respect for others and exercise civility. After all, there are very impressionable people watching them who may think that behavior is acceptable.

      • Why would a parent/guardian permit “very impressionable people” to watch BB feeds? It’s not the HGs fault if that happens.

      • I’m confused. Are you arguing that people don’t have a responsibility to be respectful and act in a civil manner?

      • I do NOT feel a person on a game show has the responsibility to do anything except whatever they deem necessary to achieve their goal of winning. It’s not real life….well, except to Cody! haha

      • I question any one watching a show like Big Brother for a role model. Not to mention, they can see far worse behaviour play out on the political stage, or in their twitter feed. Reality TV makes no obligation to provide anyone with model behaviour. In fact, it is probably more the opposite.

      • There is one essential point also to be considered. There is also a social dimension to the “game”. The jury aspect requires that your gameplay be acceptable. That, of course, is different for people as evidenced by the different comments on this site. What is considered “bitter” to some may just be unacceptable behavior to others. It is only a game seems to be the excuse. The end justifies the means attitude may not be respected. Hence, the jury has the last word and they set the standard.

      • The jury definitely does decide, but you can’t convince me that they will decide based on a HG crossing some invisible line dealing with morals or integrity. If they are bitter, it will be more so due to spitefulness and being bad sports and sore losers.

      • We can just agree to disagree. Jury will decide based on who they are. If you believe integrity is an invisible line then that is your understanding. Do not believe spitefulness or the other terms apply in this case. But only my opinion.

      • Moral or ethical rules in the game of BB, the game of deceit???? It is a line the viewers each have to draw for themselves and any HG might draw out of convenience to justify their decision, when in all reality and in all probability, the decision would be based on spitefulness, not integrity and/or morals issues.

      • The decisions one makes always will conform to their ethical and moral code or lack of it. One can engage in a game of deceit and still be true to themselves. No need to justify their decision. Spitefulness is in the eye of the beholder. We are each entitled to draw our own conclusions.

      • One can also engage in a game of deceit and have a complete different set of morals in real life. Just like an actor who portrays a very bad character in a movie but is nothing like that in real life. There is a lot of acting in the game of BB.

      • A movie is scripted. The actor reads the words written by another to advance the story line. No scripting here but I do agree there is some acting. Alex with fake tears. Paul with fake tears. Just a couple of the most obvious.

      • Girl you betta READ honey! You are so good at it! ( “read” aka tell’em off or check them.) Don’t know if they used that slang in the hills. Lol

      • Well honey whatever y’all called it, you certainly mastered it! We call it “shade” too! Just watch one of Atlanta Housewives, you will be all hip to the lango. Lol

      • I watched a few years of Atlanta, NY, NJ, and OC. I had to stop about 4 seasons ago. I started watching less stressful shows like, Alaska Last Frontier, Life Below Zero, Mountain Man, lol. I save my stress TV now for BB and Flipping Out, cause Jeff REALLY stresses me out. I don’t see how anybody works for that man.

      • Flipping Out! Crazy! I saw a few episodes of that. You’re right about the stress levels, I need to stop too! Lol I decompress with Nat geo wild, and true tv, LOVE The Carbonaro Effect!

      • Jeff is one really F’d up individual who loves playing mind games on his employees. It amazes me that anyone would put up with him in real life. I wonder if he has ever been sued for harassment of an employee. My husband has me watching Carbonaro Effect. Love it! After BB, it’s Survivor time, not nearly as stressful as BB can get. :)

      • I’m surprised he hasn’t gotten socked in the face! They filmed a whole season of The Carbonaro Effect right here in Chicago and at my frequent grocery store and I had no idea until the season aired. I would have stalked Michael! Lol he’s so cute. Lol

      • Just think, one well-timed trip to the grocery store and you could have ended up with a stalking charge. JK lol

      • HA haaa! I was so SALTY when the episode aired in my grocery store and I’m there at least twice a week. If I had any idea, it would have been 7! Lol You and hubby may have seen it. It’s the episode where he turned cabbage into Brussels sprouts and took a complete breakfast out of a cereal box. Lol

      • I remember one in a store where he was the cashier and a woman saw her face on a milk carton. I’m not recalling the Brussels sprouts but I’m sure my hubby has seen most of them. I’m sorry you missed that, MG! :-(

      • HA! Yea that about 2 seasons ago that was incredible, one of my favorite tricks. My grocery store was a very recent episode, most don’t see them until their old for reason.

      • Right I just told someone the other day my kids can’t this demonic show! They don’t even know what it is! Lol

      • My daughter will not allow her 3 children to watch it either, thank goodness. Some parents say, they see worse at school, but that doesn’t mean we have to permit it in our house, right, MG! JMO

      • I don’t see why any parent would allow their kids to watch the feeds either, and I don’t think most kids would be interested to pay attention to something that long especially when there’s not much going on. My kids aren’t really interested in the show, but if they’re playing in their room when it’s on they’ll tell me to call them when the game starts. The games sets are always wacky looking, and they think that’s entertaining, but after that they usually tune out and go back to the room or get ready for bed. Some of the houseguests have said that they watched the show since they were kids, maybe that’s why they were picked since they learned some life lessons from BB lol. Maybe he was just talking about impressionable 23 year olds like Josh are watching, and BB needs to set a better example lol

      • All of TV needs to set a better example, in that case. Parents need to set a better example first and foremost.

      • Say it gorgeous!! I’m shocked by some of the stuff on TV. We don’t watch a lot of TV, which I’m truly thankful for. My oldest was telling me one of his friends watches Game of Thrones, floored me that a parent would be okay with their child watching GOT.

    • Not the best season, but not the worst. The nastiness has been off the rails this season, and I don’t care for that. It’s also been very one sided and mostly predictable. Very boring to watch except if you like fights. Personally not a fan of that type of “play.”

    • 15 will always be the worst for me. I think this season, something has fundamentally changed. That being, the HG’s went for the personal, which is never easy to watch and for me, it’s weak, it’s easy to go personal when you don’t have anything else to work with. I love BB and will continue to watch BB, I hope it won’t become a trend to continue using personal attacks as gameplay.

  36. I was reading back Matthew Boyer prediction for this season. It’s funny how things change with the time!! No, matt is really not the player we all thought he was.

  37. I have hope now, I will watch the finale hoping Josh wins and evicts Paul. “You had your chance last year Meatball” That would be too good

  38. While I didn’t find this season to be the “worst season ever” it certainly doesn’t rank in my top five, or even ten, BB seasons. Not a Paul fan but he’s the most deserving of winning. I am looking forward to never having to read about how “intelligent” and what “great game players” Jessica and Cody are and hope they never appear again on my TV screen in any capacity.

    • I’m still baffled how people come to the conclusion Princess Butthole and victim noises played a great game, unless BB has changed to mean, lying in bed 90% of the time and sequestering yourself away from the rest of the house.

      • Yep, they essentially had no game other than hating Paul and they were a nasty twosome so I don’t understand their appeal at all.

  39. Paul will have to beat the meatball to get to F2. Meatball will not take him. Meatball knows he will not have enough votes to beat Paul. Even the last jury episode showed that. Alex and Raven were trying very hard to get others to vote for Paul because Big Brother is a game and you have to make alliances and break them to get further in the game. Kevin’s eviction questions showed Kevin will vote for Paul. Alex, Raven, and Matt are going to vote for Paul. So Paul will need vote of final evicted HG to win.

    • didn’t Cody say at one point during the season that he would vote for Paul if he made it to F2? I think he was in a conversation with Jess, but I can’t remember which one of them said it.
      I know Cody hates Paul but he has said time and time again that Paul ran the house, and I think he respects that enough to vote for him.

      • he did, he said it a few times. how he admired Paul’s game and would vote for him in the end b/c he respected the game-play. i think he told Paul this (and shook his hand) and he also told the camera. Cody can separate emotion though and would probably vote for Paul, the others would vote based on their hurt feelings of being evicted

    • he really does deserve it for game-play. i wonder if a Paul win means CBS would bring back vets more regularly

  40. If the jury round table rumors are true and the jury is that bitter to the point where only maven will vote paul then i think josh wins either way. I wouldnt bank on the jury being that bitter though bc they still have time to think. If josh wins round three he should just be safe and take xmas.

  41. Paul had a funny look on his face last night. I think he’s reevaluating something. I think he’s figuring out Josh won’t take him if he wins and also if he should take Josh. Josh seems to be winning luckily this season, Paul may not want to chance that. I know when Paul is thinking. He gets a blank look, looking at you but not looking at you at the same time REALLY looking INTO you. Lol . I know that doesn’t make sense but it does to me. Lol it’s how he was looking at josh last night.

    • I know the look you are speaking about. One thing that I think is concerning Paul if he makes it to F2 is, if he cuts Josh, would Josh vote for him? I’m fairly certain Christmas would. Josh might be VERY salty about it. The way this jury has acted with the bad sportsmanship and sore loser attitudes, that one vote could be the difference between 50K and 500K. But also taking Josh to F2, if Paul gets the choice, would be a totally different scenario for Paul, according to the jury mentality after the Jury Round Table discussion. He could be between a rock and a hard place.

      • Yep. I’m horrifyingly coming to the realization of that. It has progressed from Josh winning being ridiculous to, Oh no, I can see this happening. It’s like a slow death. Lol

      • We’ll cheer for Paul until the end. Hopefully, we’ll get some retribution from watching the disgusting Dingus Nicole win after playing with Corey’s tallywhacker all season. That was definitely an unearned win. The only work she did was the kind a ho gets paid to perform.

      • That was no prize, imo, but she isn’t either. Now Victor is getting Corey’s and Hayden’s spoiled sloppy seconds. :(

      • Well not for us but for her! She loved that big goofy looking frat boy. TOTALLY aint my type on any level. Lol and wouldn’t that be sloppy 3rds? Lol gross.

      • Paul would be crushed after giving up a half year of his life for 2nd the look on his face…Priceless!!

      • Paul is a realist. He took a huge chance to compete again. I give him kudos for just having the kahunas to do so. He would never have walked out of BB like the spoiled brat, sore losers, bad sports Alex, Jason, and Cody did. Paul is the type of person who will find success in life with or without the win. That is priceless.

      • Thought Josh gets to choose if he goes to F2 with Christmas or Paul and he is flippity flopping on it . it looks like the jury has turned against Paul … They FINALLY started talking to each other and figured out that Paul was playing them , this is a game right ?
        So if Josh dumps Paul now it could be the winning move .
        Oh and sorry Big Orange, literally turned on the telly and saw the last play in the Swamp, they showed it twenty more times but I do not believe the timing, hey good is good, that was some toss 😸

      • That was a really good game down to the final 9 seconds, just the way I like them….not a sleeper for sure. :)
        Yes, whoever wins round 3 will choose who goes to F2 with them. At this point, I think BB is playing with the viewers to keep us guessing. I won’t even fathom a guess at this point who would take whom given the choice. If Josh wins and dumps Paul, imo, it should be the winning move. But would this jury then turn their bitterness toward Josh since Paul is out? I have no idea with this bunch of sore loser bad sports.

      • Thanks was not clear on the rules, treat BB more like a ride than an exam, I figure if I get confused they will tell me what to think !
        Please BB could you be more clear, how am I supposed to view this show as competition / sideshow / reality / fiction ???
        All of the above, none … Oh heck I’m back to exam mode and I am just in it for the drama, and to see who wins
        Oh enough of the doom and gloom, time for breakfast
        Later dudes and dudettes https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/478358d79e553354570bae4acc30cf9f6b0f228a5441f376babe8dc770ee885c.gif

      • You have summed up BB perfectly!! BB is more like a ride than an exam.

      • Sorry, I got it backwards, blame my dyslexia! LOL Will edit, thanks.

      • LOL!!! Yes, I’m against dyslexia, unfortunately it won’t listen to me!!

      • Your mind plays tricks on you !

        You play tricks back !

        From the movie Pee Wees Big Adventure
        Phil Hartman was a writer and has a cameo in the drive in at the end of the movie 😸

      • I agree, I think Josh would be salty whereas 12/25, she’s smitten and has been sold on a Paul win, no worries with her. I’ve said it before, I’m convinced BB brought 12/25 in the house to do their bidding, they went over and above to keep her there after breaking her foot.

  42. BB why did you keep Christmas? She was injured and should have gone home.
    If Josh wins R 3 and takes Paul. ..what a meatball ! !!

    • this is the most confusing part to me also, why Xmas was allowed to remain in the game?? i guess i was naive and didn’t believe the show was scripted, but 1) BB is scripted and she’s a “character” they needed to keep or 2) her injury was not as severe as we were led to believe. EVERY comp was geared around her injury. So bizarre

  43. My take on house guests….Cody-brilliant, but got railroaded by BB rigging Paul…Jessica-perfect mate for Cody…Mark-Musclebound nice guy.Alena-Collogen lipped airhead..Raven-total airhead..Matt-Cereal eating dope who should have stayed aligned with Cody…Josh-Crybaby moron…Christmas-benefited greatly by her injury, as producers eased the comps to protect her…Paul-A brilliant jerk who was rigged by BB to stay in the house.

  44. Everyone that left before and up to Mark seem like they might have some sense, except for Cody he is a dink , sorry auto correct :)

  45. The truth must hurt…..BB eliminated my last post cuz I stated how they rigged the show for Paul and made it too easy for Xmas since her injury!

    • There are probably 3000 comments saying the game is rigged for Paul. Mathew Boyer is not Team Paul so there must have been another reason for the deletion.

    • They shuffle the posts around sometimes if you sort by best ..
      Was it gone on your disqus page ?
      You probably know this but tap your name or avatar to get there 😸

  46. i think the F2 should be Paul and Josh. i wouldn’t even know who to vote for… the puppet who did the work or the puppetmaster who directed it all. probably the master…

    • I say the one who actually did the work, but everyone was on Paul’s sh** in the house so I think they’ll choose him.

    • I always thought it was weird as well. It’s a psychological play, imo.

  47. The truth must hurt…..BB eliminated my last post cuz I stated how they rigged the show for Paul and made it too easy for Xmas since her injury!

  48. The truth must hurt…..BB eliminated my last post cuz I stated how they rigged the show for Paul and made it too easy for Xmas since her injury!

  49. NO matter how much of an aswhole Josh was this season I feel like he deserves to win over Paul and Christmas

  50. I woke up early this morning just to post how I hate this season! It makes me feel good. Now…I’m going back to bed, and watch TBN….bye…GO PAUL!!!!

  51. How much weight did Josh lose? He went from looking like Fred Flintstone to Will Smith. Lol He looks good. I ain’t a hater, just can’t stand him personally.

  52. Connected but not quite off topic-

    Does Survivor have a thread chat post like this one when Survivor starts later in September??

  53. My personal opinion is that if Paul is F2 he wins. Yes, a lot of people on the jury are pissed at him, but you could tell from their discussions that they believe him to be the only one who has actually played something that resembles a game. Krampus and Josh have just floated in his wake.

    Paul likely understands that Josh made a lot of enemies, not just from a game standpoint, but literally made the other players hate him. So if he wins HoH he will probably bring Josh with him. But, then again, he has the hots for Krampus and that might influence his decision. But the only way Paul doesn’t win it all is if Josh wins HoH and decides to take Krampus to F2.

  54. If Josh wins and uses his meatball brain he’ll take hop Miss hop along. She hasn’t “WON” anything or really done anything. IMO

  55. I can really see some of the just members not voting for either member if it comes down to Paul and Josh. I think than Christmas would win over Paul or Josh because there is so much animosity with the jury members and the other guys.

      • I don’t know what kind of contract they signed or if they get paid a stipend to finish it out. Let’s face it, this season was a disaster. I think they chose the most dysfunctional people they could…

      • They sign a contract and have to do as they’re told. I’m not sure why they allow Cody to get away with not participating.

      • IDK, AG/BB have made some spectacularly big blunders when it comes to casting, starting with season 15. Something happened, don’t know what it was but it was the start of bonehead casting moves.

      • Now that I think of it, I believe it. I came back from my break from the show to 15 barely recognizing it. Smh

  56. I laugh at all the talk of “sore losers in jury”, who need to understand “it’s just part of the game”.

    Well, jury management is part of the game, too. So remember that sore loser speech if Paul’s horrendous jury management bites him in the buttocks. He chose to try lying to them on the way out, rather that let them know how they got played. Now, he’s dependent on Alex not being bitter ( to me she has the most to be bitter about) and Maven maintaining their puppet master delusion. If Paul doesn’t portray them as his “real” alliance in his speech/Q&A, they may be bitter and emotional right at vote casting time. The cowboy is not gonna vote for him, nor Cody. Mark, Elena, and the goodfella are prolly his sure votes.

    • Agreed. Will people respect his gameplay. I personally dont but I know more of what he did than the players. His puppets only have themselves to blame but also, you have to have alliances and people you can trust to get far. So people like Matt, raven, Alex, Jason and Kevin trusted him. Threw comps for him. Attacked other players for him. Depends how much they know.

      • I’m truly interested to see which way he votes, I think it’s 50/50 either way.

      • If Christmas is there, then he’ll probably give her his vote, but I think he knows Paul played the best game and he can’t stand Josh. I’ll be surprised if he gives his vote to Josh.

      • I thought Cody said he would vote for the one that Paul out or was I just off the beaten path on that one?

      • I think he knows, as others do, that Josh was used as a weapon against him. Few things would be more satisfying than returning the favor.

        And I think Cody’s personality is such that he still believes this was HIS season and Paul usurped him.

    • They always feel bitter after their eviction. Some more than others. Paul will explain eloquently his game strategy and why he deserved the win. ..I still think it will be a landslide.

      Dr. Will’s take on Paul’s game:
      ‘Paul is implementing a dirty version of Derrick or Dan’s strategy. preying on the naive and impressionable. And that strategy can obviously work. Those guys mastered their respective season because they crafted alliances with people they knew they could manipulate. Just like Paul, they weren’t born with good looks and charisma so they sharpened their predatory skills. to trick the mentally vulnerable. It works and kudos to all of them! Mad respect to them and all the winners”

  57. Did anyone used to follow Grapevine BB coverage? What happened to them this year? They stopped doing the articles. It was my favorite, they didn’t miss a beat! The authors were so funny, a little bit more down to earth than this site. They totally changed it. Wonder what happened.

    • I’ve never heard of it. I used to read a site called BBDish, simply amazing. This was before I had feeds and it was literally like I was watching feeds when reading the daily updates/blogs. I was so sad when she hung up her hat. :(

      Took me a while to find another spot to read. I had never commented before I found BBN, too scared but finally gave it a shot last year. This year has been a blast, good little group of people to share your thoughts on BB, and that includes you MG!! 💋💋

      • Awe thank you. Ditto, I wouldn’t be on this site if wasn’t for you, K and Tgj. That’s how grapevine was, you would have loved it! They’d describe stuff to the tee! Later I would see it on YouTube or bbad and it would be MIRRORED! Plus, they would put in their 2 cents just as we talk. Honey they used to read Nichol, Cory, Nat, Shelley, clay etc anybody that you can’t stand to filth and go right back to narrating! Girl it would be so funny! I checked them every hour. It’s why I never bought feeds, I didn’t feel like I missed anything. Best coverage ever! This year I felt in the dark most of the time. I’m going to get feeds if grapevine don’t return.

      • Sounds exactly like BBDish, she would be telling what was going on and then add her 2 cents worth in for entertainment purposes. I was always checking for updates/new blogs. I was obsessed with her blogs.

        I don’t know why it took me so long to get feeds. Probably because I’m super stubborn. It’s the best money I spend all summer long, $18 bucks, that’s it! Wish I could entertain my kids on $18 for a full summer. The feed chat is fun as well, you would have a blast.

      • Lol we’re so similar. It wasn’t the price, I’m just stubborn. Plus that site filled the void, I really never felt handicapped until this year. Without grapevine, now I see the use for having them. I found out stuff hours later now after everyone has talked about it and things has simmered down. Lol one time they stopped and described and roasted one of Nicole ‘s veto ceremony outfits, lol, honey I died when the episode aired because it was TO THE TEE! Lol hot pants and heels, girl it was hidious, they were on point! I really missed them this year. They may have gotten pi$$ed that Nicole won…Smh idk lol

      • I wish I was aware of this place last year. Hated Miss Dances with Bedsheets. She annoyed the ever living ph*ck out of me and I was in the minority here on that one. Took a beating for it, every single day. I still don’t understand what people liked about her, I could barely stand to listen to that nasally droning whine.

      • Ooo! Couldn’t stand anything about her! I barely frequented this site last year, too one-sided and uptight. I still don’t care for it. I just found some good down to earth people in you and a few others kept me coming back this season. The commenters are waay more entertaining than the articles.

      • I know, I usually just skim the article, the commenters are much more entertaining!

      • Lol. I often read two or three sentences, get irritated or bored, maybe both and scroll right down to what these crazy folks are saying, myself included. Lol

      • You took a beating for it?
        I must not give a f*** about others opinions about my opinions since I don’t recall that happening to me. I did delete a couple of mental patients obsessed with the who**.

      • It was every single comment I made. Every. Single. One. I had people coming at me, at ME, I engendered a lot of hate, still do. Now I have some backup and others who agree with me, so it’s much easier. It’s gets tiring and wears on you after awhile when all you get is negative feedback. I will never be one of those people online that is looking for attention in any form.

      • The problem I had was people upset because I had a different opinion then theirs. They replied to my hate Nichole comments and then didn’t expect me to reply back. I deleted a couple and the others I just didn’t care since they seems to understand it was still my opinion.

      • I was also a newbie last year, was feeling my way around, this year I’m more attuned to what happens in these posts, so I have a better handle on things, at least I’d like to think so. :)

      • You do girl! And provide a lot of humor in your valid points. That’s how it should be done. I’ve learned from you. I had no idea you were new to the site. It was like you owned it.

      • Oh really? That’s terrible. Your name was Baby something right? Was I mean to you? I don’t think so, and don’t remember you that much. I’m sure you have a better understanding of my humor now. lol ..I think you’re funny and witty.

      • Yes, I was Baby Gordon. I don’t think I ever tangled with you, maybe the odd agreement here or there.

      • You know I was anti Dingus and Doofus and a few tried to give me he!! over my nicknames for them. Hahaha! Dingus and Doofus somehow managed to insult a few posters….so I used the names as often as possible. :D

      • What is up with that? I was coming from RT, where it’s totally expected of commenters to come up with funny and snarky names. I come over here and everyone (minus a few like you and others) is so damn serious all the time. “How dare you call Jessica Princess Butthole”. It’s as if these dumbos on TV are these peoples children, husbands, wives, brothers, sisters etc….. I pay money (cable, feeds) to snark on these fameho’s, relax for heaven’s sake!!

      • There have always been a few here with that know it all, better than thou attitude and the humor and wit of a dead fish. They probably need to take a lomotil before they get on the site, to keep them from losing their sh*t. Then a valium when they get off, to keep them emotional stable. smh

      • LMBO! Caution, do not read and or comment unless you can take a joke.

    • I accidentally came across BBN and since have discovered that there are many others out there. Never heard of Grapevine.

  58. Paul and Christmas looked worried last night they both thought Josh could never win I hope Josh wins the last one and takes bad Christmas to final 2 and wins it all leaving bad Christmas and Paul with their jaws on the floor and Paul in a temper tantrum. Here’s to Kevin winning Americas favorite player rah, rah, rah go Kevin

    • I agree whole heartedly! I sure wish us Canadians could vote as we watch it too but nope Canadians can’t vote!!!

      • Think you’re right Willie. Think all through the season Paul believed that he could beat Josh easily, now it looks like it could get interesting if it is those two. A lot would depend on the Q&A and final speeches, cos it sounds like it’s a bitter jury. Paul would have to admit what he did in the game and try to justify it to the people he used. Josh would have to explain how he let Paul use him just like they all did and somehow make a case for himself to win. Personally, I want Josh to win R3 and boot Paul out.

      • That is a real threat to Paul’s game and plan. Josh has already said he loves Paul but he has to look out for his game. He also said he will take Christmas to the end if he wins R3. Either way, it is going to be an interesting comp and eviction.

    • I wish we had live diary rooms, josh has been telling Paul he is going to pick him if he wins final 3. I hope Josh is lying to Paul? But wouldn’t that be bad jury management to lie to some right before you send them to jury?

      • Paul seems to be counting on the fact he has never been on the block, only vet and his list of comp wins to win. He somehow didn’t think that the jurors wouldn’t talk like in the house, he is in jury to tell them to be quiet.

      • And they will remember that he lied to them and used them. Someone posted the Maya Angelou quote early on and it sounds like it is happening with the jury “people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.’

      • Not if the person is Paul. That is his MO. Would be really hypocritical to get upset over a lie. This is Paul we are talking about!

  59. Gotta say, Paul, Josh & Christmas are a pretty fun/funny final three. Mainly thanks to Josh. There’s a funny video on youtube of Christmas & Paul forcing a “cuddle” on Josh. And more talk of crazy Raven.

    • Of all the hg’s this season, Josh will have enjoyed his summer the most and appreciated the opportunity the most

      • I think so as well. I also think Kevin will never forget this experience. He tried to enjoy every moment until Paul send people to attack him.

      • i think i enjoyed it b/c of Josh… the only time i ever really laughed was when he was in a scene

  60. Over the years, I’ve heard many arguments about which is the more challenging game: BB, Survivor or TAR. Somehow, if a person who broke her foot, had surgery and was on crutches/scooter during the season ends up winning, that will definitely eliminate BB from that argument.

  61. The truth must hurt…..BB eliminated my last post cuz I stated how they rigged the show for Paul and made it too easy for Xmas since her injury!…Cody=smartest player that got screwed by BB in giving Paul 3 immunities..Jessica=Cody sweetheart..Mark=Muscle bound nice special treatment fromguy..Alena=Collagen lipped airhead..Matt=cereal eating fool who should have stayed aligned with cody..Raven=total airhead..Josh=crybaby obnoxious jerk..Christmas=dummy who got special treatment from BB cuz of injury..Kevin=floater who did absolutely nothing but being a puppet for Paul..Alex=tough player who was dumb enough to be Paul’s puppet until he stabbed her in the back..Paul=Brilliant idiot who was given the rigged game by BB.

  62. The truth must hurt…..BB eliminated my last post cuz I stated how they rigged the show for Paul and made it too easy for Xmas since her injury!…Cody=smartest player that got screwed by BB in giving Paul 3 immunities..Jessica=Cody sweetheart..Mark=Muscle bound nice guy..Alena=Collagen lipped airhead..Matt=cereal eating fool who should have stayed aligned with cody..Raven=total airhead..Josh=crybaby obnoxious jerk..Christmas=dummy who got special treatment from BB cuz of injury..Kevin=floater who did absolutely nothing but being a puppet for Paul..Alex=tough player who was dumb enough to be Paul’s puppet until he stabbed her in the back..Paul=Brilliant idiot who was given the rigged game by BB.

    see more0

  63. If Josh wins round 3 and he doesn’t evict Paul immediately then I’m absolutely going to scream. I’m going to go over there with a bullhorn and call him a meatball myself.

  64. If Josh wins round 3 and he doesn’t evict Paul immediately then I’m absolutely going to scream. I’m going to go over there with a bullhorn and call him a meatball myself.

    For Josh, the best way to play this would be to tell Paul anything he wants to hear so that Paul thinks that Josh is his ride or die and so that Paul thinks that Josh thinks that Paul is his ride or die. That way, Paul might relax a little and not try as hard in round 3, giving Josh a better chance to win.

    But I am here to tell you, if Josh wins round 3 and doesn’t cut Paul, it will be one of the biggest bonehead moves in Big Brother history, even worse than S16.

  65. The truth must hurt…..BB eliminated my last post cuz I stated how they rigged the show for Paul and made it too easy for Xmas since her injury!…Cody=smartest player that got screwed by BB in giving Paul 3 immunities..Jessica=Cody sweetheart..Mark=Muscle bound nice guy..Alena=Collagen lipped airhead..Matt=cereal eating fool who should have stayed aligned with cody..Raven=total airhead..Josh=crybaby obnoxious jerk..Christmas=dummy who got special treatment from BB cuz of injury..Kevin=floater who did absolutely nothing but being a puppet for Paul..Alex=tough player who was dumb enough to be Paul’s puppet until he stabbed her in the back..Paul=Brilliant idiot who was given the rigged game by BB.

    see more0

  66. Cody=smartest player that got screwed by BB in giving Paul 3 immunities..Jessica=Cody sweetheart..Mark=Muscle bound nice guy..Alena=Collagen lipped airhead..Matt=cereal eating fool who should have stayed aligned with cody..Raven=total airhead..Josh=crybaby obnoxious jerk..Christmas=dummy who got special treatment from BB cuz of injury..Kevin=floater who did absolutely nothing but being a puppet for Paul..Alex=tough player who was dumb enough to be Paul’s puppet until he stabbed her in the back..Paul=Brilliant idiot who was given the rigged game by BB

  67. I see why they gain weight in that house! I’m watching clips on YouTube and just now paying attention to the food in that storage room! Wow! I can’t store that much junk food in my house, I’d eat it all! LOL. The only will power I have is not buying it. If it’s around me, I’m eating it. Lol cookies, frozen pizza, chips, pop, child I’d be big as a house!

    • I know!! I’m shocked when they don’t gain weight. I thought for sure Captain Cereal would put on 30 lbs, obviously he’s young enough and had a good metabolism, for now. He better get it in check, otherwise he will be on my 600lb Life in no time!

      • I swear, though, Miss Fiddle, before I got into my mid 40’s, I could(and did) eat anything I wanted to and never gained weight. Some people are just lucky in that sense. Metabolism is a strange phenomenon, isn’t it?

      • I’ve always been pretty lucky with weight issues but at a certain point, it does become a struggle. The perils of getting old. :(
        Good to see you Miss K! 💋

      • I am definitely that…a realist! 700 club was a rerun and I had already had my prayer answered from when I watched that one the first time. :D

      • Wish I was like that at any age. I never could eat whatever I want. Seems like I’d gain smelling food! Lol

      • I know how lucky I was. I’m seen my own daughter struggle with weight issues. It’s strange how different it can be for people who basically live the same lifestyle. Maybe stress?The BB house is a constant stressful atmosphere just due to the nature of the competition, not really being able to trust anyone.

      • Yeah up until a few years ago I can’t eat anything and not gain weight. When I delivered my first baby, my daughter I pretty much lost all the weight before I left the hospital. I was wearing half tops one week later, No lie. When my second daughter was born I lost all the weight within a couple weeks and kept on 10 pounds. I needed to keep that on so it brought me to 110 pounds. After our third daughter I still managed to lose all the weight just a tiny bit slower but I didn’t do anything aside from breast-feed and I kept another 10 pounds on which brought me to 120 which was ideal for my height. But the last few years I have gained 10 pounds which I need to lose immediately! Not happy about it. Part of it’s the medication I have to take for my back, it makes me puffy but also my metabolism slows right down. It sucks!

      • I’m right there with you, around 125-130, but I’m also only 5’2″ so yes, it sucks! I used to couldn’t give blood because I was under weight. They want my blood ALL the time now! lol My excuse is sweet tea with REAL sugar which I will never give up. NEVER! :)

      • Yeah it’s difficult to change your diet when I have been eating anything and everything in my entire life without giving it a second thought. Definitely sucks getting old!

      • Sure does LOL. I’ve always been small, but my daughter takes after the women on my husband’s side of the family & they all all big women. She’s five foot ten inches tall & im five foot two inches. Not only that, she’s gained a LOT of weight, and must weigh almost 300lbs now. I’ve always weighed around 110. This has always been a problem between us. She’s sort of hated me at times because I’m small. It’s been very difficult between us for quite sometime. The guy she married is a Momma’s boy, which is terrible for her. This woman rules their marriage. One day my daughter called & invited me for coffee. I met her & her husband & they gave me such a hard time. I was told that mother’s were supposed to get older not younger, and what did I think I was doing by working out every day & dying my hair. They were both SO nasty to me that I left in tears. She still hasn’t lost any weight and still makes me feel guilty for taking care of myself. If it were me, I’d be very proud of my mother, but not her.

      • OMG, that’s awful! I am very very sorry you have that relationship with your daughter. I have three daughters and I could not even imagine. That’s very strange how she blames you for her size. Does she still talk to her dad? She should be mad at him, he’s the one with the big people on his side LOL
        A mama’s boy is the absolute worst! My brother-in-law is a huge mama’s boy and it’s very difficult for my sister.
        Keep doing what you’re doing! Take care of yourself, stay healthy, keep working out, dye your hair, wear trendy clothes etc.! There is absolutely no shame in that!

      • Thanks so much. It’s SO difficult when dealing with this type of behavior from your own daughter. I love her so much & just want us to be happy. Unfortunately, her husband’s mother stands in the way of that. I can only pray things will gat better.

      • It sounds like there are too many outsiders getting involved in your relationship with your daughter. Perhaps the two of you can try talking one-on-one. If she is overweight and unhealthy, maybe you can help her in someway without insulting her of course!
        I think it’s safe to assume you never mentioned her weight when she was younger? It was never an issue or anything you used negatively towards her? So it’s strange that she would blame you. That’s got to be tough!
        I hope everything works out for you and your daughter and the two of you can resolve this silly it’s you!
        I am not a spiritual person but I just said a prayer for “Liz from the Big Brother Network” ❤️

      • Thanks so much. We have no other family in Canada as we emigrated here in 1971. All our family live in Wales, so it’s pretty lonely here now. We feel like abandoned parents lol. We are even thinking of selling everything and moving. I don’t think we’d move back to Wales, but perhaps somewhere warmer. The winters here here in Manitoba are brutal. Even spending winters down south can get very expensive!! I’m sure we’ll find a way to weather our winters for a little while longer. Perhaps my daughter will realize she misses us and call. I pray for that each night. ♥️♥️

      • well your problem is you’re living in Manitoba LOL you need to be living in Vancouver :-) I love it here! My mom and grandparents moved here from England when my mom was still quite young. But we have lots of family here.
        It’s going to be lonely for you, especially in the winter. 😭
        Funny you should mention moving somewhere warm. We are moving to Mexico. We were going to be gone by this winter but, we didn’t achieve all the goals we had set out for ourselves and our middle daughter who is 14 is really putting up a fuss about it which I understand so, we’re not in any hurry but we do want to go.
        Thankfully we own our company and we can run it anywhere in the world that has good Internet :-)

      • That’s such great plans for you. I can imagine your 14 year old is not too fussy on leaving her friends. That’s such a hard age for them. My husband’s in the process of selling his company. It’s really tough on him because he’s finally having to let go!! Hopefully he’ll have a buyer by November. We’ve had some interest already, so things are looking up. If we ever go away for any length of time, he’s always fretting about how the business is doing without him!! Drives me nuts, so I’ll be happy when it’s gone!! Hopefully then I can drag him around with me & our two dogs, traveling everywhere!! I think I’d like to move to a warmer part of Canada & BC sounds great to me. Not fussy about the East coast & all the French!! We could get a condo in BC & travel south for winter. I really like Newport Beach, so I guess we could do a long term rental. Anyway, I’m sure we’ll find somewhere out of the -40!! I’m so envious of you guys moving to Mexico!! Sunshine all year!! What part are you moving too? I’ve only been to Cozumel. ♥️♥️

      • Sweet tea is your downfall? With real sugar? Try Chapmans ice cream with Kimberly’s vanilla bean cupcakes as a downfall LOL

        Why do they want your blood all the time?

      • Oooh, those cupcakes sound delish!
        Medic always needs donors and I get calls often to donate when they have a mobile center in our area.

      • Ha! Ooo I love that show! You got that right, I don’t see how they don’t gain in there either. I’ve fluctuated from size 6 to 8 all my life but I bet I’d leave there averaging 10-12!

      • Matt had a weird almost conplusive routine, eat cereal do like 100 sit ups and 50 push ups, change shirt, shower, change shirt, eat, sit ups,….maybe he knew how many sit ups he needed to burn off the calories? Or he was just kind of OCD.

      • Yeah no doubt, same with Christmas because of her foot obviously but we both managed to stay in shape. Alex and Raven not so much. And Josh looks healthier than he did in the beginning. The same can be said for Raven

      • do you watch feeds? i don’t think people who watch the feeds get it. network viewers LIKE Paul and are happy to see him back. it’s feed-watchers and (some) jury who do not like him. Network viewers find him funny and interesting and social and unique, which is why he came back (and likely will again). he is edited in such a way that we like him. feed-watchers see 99% of him, we see like 1%

      • Paul comes across as an obnoxious mental case…..Really upset that BB gave him those 3 immunities..He would have been gone the 2nd week! However, very unfair to the other houseguests, BB wouldn’t let that happen as they rigged it for Paul…..Did u not see that?

      • I don’t think “persononhere” is disagreeing with you, I think they are just saying that people who do not watch the feeds etc. do not see the real Paul.

      • yep, i see it, and what i was trying to say was that it’s rigged for Paul because viewers like Paul. he’s edited to be very likeable. they don’t care about feed-watchers, they care about network ratings, and Paul sticking around = good for ratings

      • U seem to forget that these players are playing for $500,000…Do u think it fair that BB rigged it for Paul to win $500,000?

      • Christmas should get a lawyer & sue Jason. He’s a real asshole for what he said about her. He wanted her evicted because he couldn’t stand looking at her & her broken foot anymore. What a douche bag.

      • yes? because it’s a game, a game show, a reality show, etc. the people who sign up know nothing that happens in there is really ‘real’ – it’s for entertainment first and foremost. no one should be getting serious about a reality show, and they are being used for our entertainment and for their 15 minutes of fame. if they happen to win, hooray for them.

      • He is funny, unique & has the gift of talking himself out of anything. He should definitely be a used car salesman!! Other than that, I find him to be abrasive self-involved and very much in love with himself. His parents went a little overboard telling him how great he was. Let’s face it, he’s still living with mummy & daddy, calls himself a clothing designer?, talks about his amazing travel experience, seems to have been “smashed” in different places ALL over the world, and he’s done ALL this in….22 years!! Yea, right. He talks about “years ago” when he was in some country or another, tells of great parties, smoking dope, and all kinds of fun he had. Now, years ago to me means approximately 10 years, but to him it MUST mean 2 years, because he’d have been way too young to have been allowed in drinking establishments in Europe & the U.K. So, I think all his talk is mostly BS. Just said to make him look good. Just like the way he talks about HIS house & how big it is. It’s NOT his house, but belongs to his parents, & it’s not that big either!! It’s just your average California home!! He lives in Tarzana, which is nowhere special in LA. Most of his talk is just hot air, said to inflate his ego.

    • There’s is no way in H-E- double hockey sticks the producers could have known that the house guests were so stupid.

      • He’s got to be pulling paul’s leg. He knows Paul can win and he has said that he would 100% take Christmas because he knows he cannot delete beat Paul.

      • I do not think he will take Paul. I am 99% sure he will take Christmas. Josh knows he doesn’t stand a chance against Paul. And I’m sure Josh has said he was going to take Christmas? Unless something is changed?