Big Brother 19 Spoilers: Weekend Roundup – Week 8

The latest round of spoilers for Big Brother 19 this week reveal who had taken control, who is on the Block, our latest target for the week, and what’s going on with this new Temptation twist. Catch up on what’s been going inside the house since the last episode.

Big Brother 19 Spoilers – Weekend 8 – Roundup:

Head of Household Comp:

Feeds returned from their lengthy downtime and it only took a few minutes for us to discover that Christmas won the “Tales From Decrypt” HoH comp. Seems that a worthwhile Feeds block, huh? Sheesh.

So Christmas is safe and Mark is in danger. If he didn’t pull of this win he was going to be in trouble either way, but his game isn’t done just yet. Along with Veto there was an extra opportunity to sway the game. Read More >>

Temptation Twist:

We don’t know the official name yet, so let’s just use Apple Tree Temptation for now. This latest installment in the Summer of Temptations has five apples on the tree in the foyer. So far it sounds like there will be three rounds of it and the first one is over.

There are five separate temptations: second Veto, eliminate 2 votes, bounty on your head, can’t play in next HoH, and save a friend.

Mark had the chance to do the first blind pick and his selection ended up being the “save a friend” power. Too bad for Mark it wasn’t “save yourself.” Mark used the power to benefit Paul and HGs assumed that was because Paul was likely already safe with Christmas in charge. Read More >>


Christmas had to make two picks for her nominations and since they’re trying for a Backdoor on Mark she went with Matthew and Jason as her two pawns. Christmas was discussing her speech later and mentioned something about “I don’t like you Matt and Jason, you’re guilty by association.”

Matthew later speculated with Raven that in the worst case scenario he’d be able to get votes from her, Paul, and Josh to get to a tie and then he’d hope for Christmas to keep him. The dangerous life of the cereal chomper. Read More >>

Have Nots:

Christmas, as Head of Household, was given the task to choose Have Nots and she went with Mark and Josh. And they were pretty light-hearted about it as they jokingly snuggled up in a Have Not bed, declaring themselves “Mosh.”

Power of Veto:

During the veto draw, Christmas chose Raven to play via HG choice. Joining them, along with the noms, were Mark and Paul. Mark’s name being drawn had people scrambling for a new target in case he were to win the veto. Paul decided on Jason as the new target.

It was a late-night Power of Veto competition that followed a visit from Zing Bot. From what we gathered from the Live Feeds, it was the slippery fill-the-bowl competition that has always been reserved for HOH competitions. In the end, it was Jason who won the Power of Veto, so he will be able to remove himself from the block and Christmas will be able to name Mark as the replacement nominee. Mark sees the writing on the wall and even told Christmas “at least I got to compete” (instead of getting a true backdoor). Read More >>

That should catch you up on everything since Thursday’s episode ended. The PoV Ceremony is coming up on Monday and we’ll get the latest results when it’s over.

What do you think of this weekend’s Big Brother spoilers? Are you happy with the results or did you want someone else to pull off the wins? If you have our Big Brother App then you received alert notifications as these results arrived. If you don’t have it, then be sure to download our app now!


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  1. It would be great if Christmas (the HOH, whoever it is, and currently just happens to be Christmas) would make a big move. Mark is predictable. Jason would have been a surprise, but replacing him with Alex would be an even bigger one. I would love to hear some talk about it, just to know these HGs are thinking about some strategic moves. Christmas would have the votes to make it happen. If she got Mark to promise in return for not noming him, that he would vote out Alex and do all in his power to keep her safe for, say, the next two weeks, she would have the votes. I think Mark would keep his word. She could run it by Paul to see if he is on board just to try to stay in his good graces, but she doesn’t need him. She would have Josh, Mark, and Raven for sure, and if there is a tie, she would break it. Does she have the guts? Doubtful. Would it be a big move? Absofreakinglutely, it would!

    • Yeah I wasn’t happy when I found out she won, but then I let myself get hopeful that she would shake things up. I think she’s going to go with the safe move like everyone else. *sigh*

      • I’m hoping, probably in vain, that when these HGs wake up today, we’ll get some game talk. Wouldn’t that be a welcomed change?!?!

      • I think Xmas told Mark he was going up, he accepted it. The appreciated him being gracious and they agreed on a peaceful final days for Mark. I don’t think Mark wants Paul’s screaming every time he hears Mark talked game with anyone. Paul has josh watching Mark, if game talk happens,Paul will know and the angry man comes out.

      • She has time to put her thinking cap on and change her mind. I wouldn’t put money on her doing so, though.

      • It’s really her only chance of winning since she has not been able to play much. Even if she made f2 who would vote for her? This could be her only chance unless she is just aiming for 2nd place.

      • If Christmas makes it to F2, I will be shocked, but not as shocked as I was about Paul choosing Dingus Nicole to take to F2.

      • So, if she made a move on Paul, who still there would be her ally going forward? I think she only has Josh and he can’t get her much further in the game. Seems like Paul is her best bet even though she’s most likely not in his long term plans

      • Probably nobody unless they didn’t see her as a threat because of the foot (lol). But on other hand her name did come up by some of the others to target, so hard to say.

      • Think going after Paul may be like jumping into a cold lake, just plug your nose, jump in and hope for the best!

      • Say Christmas did make a move on Alex without Paul’s permission. Christmas would have Mark, Josh, Matt and Raven, possibly even Snitchy. Raven and Matt because Paul would have shown his allegiance to Alex if he indeed voted to keep her. It would then be Paul and Jason, there again, possibly Snitchy, who knows. Paul would have to turn against Jason.

      • So Alex and Matt are on the block when Paul wanted Mark? You would have Jason, Paul and Snitchy to keep Alex (Snitchy has said numerous times that Alex is his girl); Raven and Josh to keep Matt. Mark is the question mark. My guess given a scenario like that he’d go for the Alex side cos he’s a floater and that’s the power side down the road.
        Edit: by Alex side I mean vote to keep her
        But these are only guesses

      • But, for Christmas keeping him OTB, he agrees to vote for her target, Alex. That is Christmas’s ace in the hole. I think Mark would keep his word, too. Paul would be in a conundrum, too, about whether to vote for Alex, which would turn Raven and Matt against him or whether to go with Christmas, who will win this one because she is the tie breaker.

      • But for Paul his choice is how does he get to F2, if its Alex or Matt — he’s keeping Alex, Maven ain’t helping him get there. He has deals with everyone, that’s how he has set it up and I think he wants Josh at F2 so he’ll cut and then think he can talk the others into his plans. Mark may promise Xmas but Paul could talk him out of keeping that promise. Mark desperately wants to get back on Paul’s good side.

      • Well, I’d love to see the whole scenario play out. But I don’t think we will. It would sure make for an exciting week to see if Paul could talk Mark out of keeping his word.

      • If only that could happen. I like the idea. Mark needs to take a seat anyway. That float has sunk…too many times. I think Kevin might vote against Alex.

      • Snitchy is questionable. He has a hard on for Matt, for some reason but has also been a little ticked off with Alex. I think he would fall in with Paul wherever that led, but not sure.

      • Christmas could pull this off if she has the guts, like K said, Xmas isn’t going to have many opportunities to make big moves after this since she likely can’t compete anymore. This could be the move that shakes up the game and could potentially make her credible. She’s likely losing anyways, she should gamble this and just see what happens.
        I don’t believe she’ll do this tho.

      • I was thinking out loud and wishing for a miracle. It doesn’t hurt to do my own strategizing since no one else seems to be. :(

      • She can try Alex, but how good of a campaigner she is? Paul is out of the equation, she will fail and ruin her game.I think Alex is Paul’s secret alliance, and he will protect her and block it effectively.

      • I don’t think Paul or Alex either are planning to take the other to F2 if they can avoid it. Just trying to look at things from Christmas’s game perspective only, this is the only chance that I think she will get to make a big move. If she doesn’t, she will not make it long. If she does, she might not make it long either, but from my perspective of her perspective, lol, she would have a better shot by making this move. No way she would lose this one unless Mark didn’t keep his word, which I think he would.

      • At this point, I have to wonder if Christmas really cares. Yeah she said she was going to make a big move. She didn’t, not sure I really believe her when she said it. Of course Jason winning POV put her HOH on a predetermined course, Mark leaving this week. But….the fact that Christmas has said many times over her goal is jury, why should she make big moves or rock the boat?

      • I believe very few actually mean it when they say their goal is jury. Good Lord, it would be very easily accomplished after jury starts, if that is true. I could understand wanting to go to jury to get away from someone like raving lunatic Raven, though. lol Obviously, they are still in the house because they want to be. So, just saying, if Christmas really wants to make a big move, she has the opportunity. It’s staring her straight in the face.

      • I agree K, from your perspective of her perspective. lol (I like that) Yeah, she’s the one that keeps saying ‘she’ll do a ‘big move.

      • It sure would be nice to see a big move that puts the “big man” in a bit of a dilemma. We’d see if he can talk good guy Mark into going back on his word or if he would even try. Don’t know why I’m bothering. I’m sure it will all be a mute point. But hey, I’m looking at things from all angles. It’s fun.

      • I thought maybe you knew me. I have had a lot of friends and family tell me in the past that I need a keeper. I can’t help it if I like what K says. I told you I need a keeper. You are so funny. That is my kind of person!

      • Ah Barb, so does she! You could get along very well then. We just let her out periodically through the day, ha ha

      • I’ll look you up just to get an upvote. I can’t get any of these old fogies to see how intelligent I am. ;)

      • Did you watch a little while ago Paul talking to the cameras about his plan? He’s planning on cutting Jason and Alex. He wants F3 with Christmas and Josh. Thinks he can beat them. SMH

      • It’s smart for Paul tho… Josh is looked at as a child. Christmas can’t compete. Paul easily wins and takes Josh to the F2 and he wins the game.

      • I’m not liking angry Paul. Wish he would dial it back a bit. He can call him out without the indignancy.

    • Paul told Xmas no Alex. Paul’s plan needs Alex to take out Matt.
      Xmas feels she needs Paul. He is the only person promising her an end deal and safety. He might be lying, though I think he has like 4-5 targets before her.

      • This will most probably be Christmas’s last chance to make a defining move in the game. If she doesn’t do something different/surprising, and especially independent of Paul if necessary, she will remain on the lemming list. She doesn’t need him to make this move. I have no respect for her game if, at this point, she is still playing follow the leader.

      • Everyone brace yourself, Christmas is making a game changing move. OH Wait!!! That was only if Mark won POV. Good bye Mark, hate to see you leave. I do not see another alliance forming. Just Paul changing his pecking order. Let’s get Kevin, no wait Jason, boring!

    • If the big moves means putting Paul up, that won`t happen. Because the HOH will always need to get Paul`s permission, unless Paul allows the HOH putting him up LOLOL, otherwise that will never happen

    • I would love it if she put up Alex and she was voted out!!!! I can’t stand Alex, absolutely hate her and her little barking dog act she has going on.

    • I’ve been hoping for a big move for some time now, I am starting to think we’re not going to see one LOL. If Paul guns after Jason and Alex, that could make for some interesting gameplay maybe

      • Jason and Alex are good competitors so I could see them finally shaking the game up, but it’ll have to be Alex to make the decision to go after Paul because Jason follows her command. If Paul convinces Alex that Jason is bad for her game then she’d probably easily let him go imo

      • I don’t know if Alex would let Jason go that easily unless she was in a pinch, like it was her or Jason. I truly believe Alex’s plans all along were to haul Jason kicking and screaming to F2 because she should/could beat him and she realized that she could mold him in the process. He has tried, and failed, more than once to get Alex to consider targeting Paul, but she has refused to…..yet. But I think it will happen soon.

      • I like the scenario where Alex has to choose between Paul or Jason (A.K.A play for 2nd or play to win)talk about DRAMA!!
        I know I’ve been very harsh on Alex, but if she chose Jason over Paul I would finally recognize that I have been wrong about her all season and she is trying to win. However, she’s guilty until proven innocent for me ;)

      • They are all guilty at this point. I’m just waiting on someone that will stand out and somehow prove they haven’t been just a lemming all season, but waiting to pounce at the right time. Am I asking for too much?!?!

      • Jason needs to win HOH this next week or he’s probably gone. He’s starting to see red flags when Christmas picked Raven to play veto instead of Alex. He’ll go after Christmas because he can’t stand her and thinks she’s shady. Let’s just hope it’s an endurance comp because he’s killing those. And since production has been fixing comps so Christmas can play I think this will be endurance since she can’t play in this one.

      • I thought Paul was trying to get everyone after Kevin? Or did he switch gears already since Jason/Alex have been open about their loyalty?

      • He’s switched again. He’s going to promise Kevin a F2 deal until he gets rid of a few then cut him at F4

    • I only came to this site to get some updates and everytimes hoping and praying that someone, anyone would get some brains and start playing the fricken game. BB was so much fun, now it’s just boring. I would rather go out fighting than being called the worst group of BB houseguests in the history, buncha losers.

  2. So…..this is what Big Brother, the show I used to eagerly look forward to every summer has become? Bullying, shunning, openly throwing comps …not to mention setting up a so called returning “fan favorite ” with over the top advantages like ” friendship bracelets ” three weeks immunity…it seems every HOH is Paul’s to do what he wants…. never have I seen such a clueless cast… My interest has been on the wane the entire season…I just check in from time to time and nothing changes , this has been the most unlikeable and most predictable BB ever…

    • Yes it’s always been this. Every year people complain and every year ya come back. See ya next year 👍🤣

      • Wait, what seasons were people OPENLY throwing comps other than this one? I thought they were always trying to be sneaky about it, even when other house guests would realize what they were doing. The game has definitely felt different this season than in the past.

      • Every season has it’s negative and positive. This is the 19th season, and throwing comps is not even unique. What you said was not factual. What seasons where the winner stayed in bed all season? lol rating is up btw.

      • Wait, what?

        Yes, people have thrown comps before. That’s not new, but from what I remember they wouldn’t advertise it. They wanted to make it seem like they actually tried, but just lost. If someone remembers a specific time then they are free to share it here. I’ve missed a season here and there so it might have happened and I just didn’t see it. I’m not immune to being wrong.

        So, what did I say that wasn’t factual? I was asking a question…

        Oh, and “the game has definitely felt different” is an opinion. You may be seeing something else, but that doesn’t mean I’m wrong in how it feels to me.

      • 19 seasons to review my BB archive is a lot of work to disprove you, but that doesn’t mean I’m wrong in how it feels to me.

      • To disprove me of what? I never stated anything as fact. I also never said you were wrong. I never claimed throwing comps was unique. I never said someone won by staying in bed all season. Where are you even coming up with this?

        Am I in the twilight zone? Are you high?

      • You need to rewatch 16, 17 and 18. Lot of comp throwing going on and people openly admitting to it.

      • 16 comes to mind. Everyone was throwing comps. Same with 17 and 18. James was famous for throwing comps and remember Johnny Mac, he did it as well too. Dan threw the majority of comps on season 14 except for the last one with Ian, if I remember correctly. It’s nothing new for BB.

      • 18 is the only season that I remember where the winner sucked more lollipop and played tootsies in bed than actually play the game.

      • Jello you are the best!..For that, I’ll send you a gift certificate from ‘Dollar you have that store?

      • Yes, we do. Dollar Tree, Dollar General, Dollar Market, and Dollar Store….all within eyesight of the others. I won’t go unless they have a sale, though.

      • They’re great.very inexpensive..I have used them. If you need 50 to 100 plates/glasses for parties. I order online and pick it up in their store.

      • lol No I’ve never been to that store but I learned about that store from a friend of mine that owns a small eatery. Dollar Store’s big revenue are from restaurants/bar supplies. You go online, you order, then you pick it up in their store. They a lot of selections, and they’re cheap.

      • There is also a store called Everything’s A Dollar, but I’ve never seen in my area. Maybe I should build it and they will come.

      • Throwing comps – oh yeah, 100%. Not new at all for BB. But they seemed to at least try to deny it or deflect to something else in the past from what I saw. I don’t remember hearing “yup, I THREW it and I’ll THROW it again! bwah ah ah ah.” C’mon I want some drama, haha.

        Oh man, I can’t wait for next season to start already.

      • I love JMack. BB Podcasters like him too. I always look forward to his ‘loud, funny DR’s. He’s a great cast member.

      • After sleeping on it, is everyone else talking about how they were open about it to us via the diary room? Or open about it with their fellow house guests? I’ve never had the feeds so maybe they did sit around and talk about which comps they threw and which they actually played.

        But I thought they at least tried to be subtle about it like when they would purposefully lose and then tell the winner “wow, congratulations that was a tough one!” Even though we knew at home that they hadn’t really tried.

        All of the past seasons are starting to jumble together at this point for me, haha!

    • I think the cast that played with Derrick was more clueless than this bunch. Nicole was the only one who caught on to his game and, just like Paul, he made sure she was gone. Difference is that people liked Derrick more than they like Paul so they don’t acknowledge the similarities in how this season is playing out.

      • I agree. The difference being that this cast knows Paul is in charge, Derricks season, no one had a clue except Nicole and even she didn’t know the full extent of it until the end.

      • Donny had his own problems. I won’t tell you anything, but please align your game with mine.

      • Exactly. Cody was flabbergasted when he got grilled by the jury. Everyone knows Paul is running the show and they are happy to give him the win… it’s crazy lol!

      • Derrick’s cast wasn’t stupid, they were just being put in a sleeper hold and didn’t realize it until too late. Paul has been telling everyone what is going to happen, they just think it will happen to someone else and it can’t happen without his permission. After all, the goal this season isn’t to win, it is who can stay ‘friends’ with Paul the longest.

      • Not sure what a sleeper hold is, lol, but Derrick was definitely controlling all the HOHs his season too, they just never caught on. Different styles, same results so I don’t find this season so unusual.

      • I have been saying this from the beginning. Paul is just a louder Derrick. Say what you want to about Paul….the man is running this game. And it is a game.

    • Yep. This year it’s summer camp, and Paul is the camp counselor. Do as I say, and we’ll all have a wonderful summer. And my salary for amusing you campers (and teaching Alex how to pitch a tent and make hotdogs) this summer is $500,000.

  3. Raven. Get her out. Such a complete floater and waste of space. Paul should be the winner period. He has been able to influence every move and with little blood on his hands. That’s how you win this game. People hating him should remember previous years when floaters have won. I’m sick of non game playing people winning this game. I would have loved to see mark. Cody and Paul at the end. It would have been epic to have three hard players in the end instead of flip floppers or floaters. Say what ya all want about Paul but he is PLaYING BB!

    • For hard players at end I would trade your Cody pick for Alex. Other than being physically strong he really didn’t play. Just moped and secluded himself.

    • Right now since Cody isn’t an option, I would settle for Alex, Jason, Mark to give Paul a run for his money. Jason Alex, and Mark have proven they can win when they need to.
      Paul is playing the game , but his game is to take the weak floaters to the end. He wants Raven and josh with him at the end.

    • Paul is playing, but he`s playing against a bunch of stupid clue less morons. It is basically if a NBA player was playing against a High School player…

  4. Maybe I’m clueless, but WHY wouldn’t 12/25 consider putting up Paul as a backdoor nominee? Yes, Paul has a lot of friends in the house, but they MUST see Paul for the threat that he is. BB isn’t a popularity contest among HGs, it’s a game in which $500,000 is up for grabs. Doesn’t it stand to reason that if Paul did somehow wind up on the block, he’d be voted out, presumably by all the HGs? I mean, NO ONE would be stupid enough to vote to save him.

    Would they?

      • That is what he claimed. He felt safe enough she would do what he wanted and he could play in the next comp which he think is physical.

      • I didn’t see anything that made me feel like she was planning on Paul going up. By nomination time, Paul had made Xmas feel like she was his solid final 3, and she had no solid conversations with others to get Paul out. If she wanted Paul out, she could have talked to Josh and Mark about it and got a feeling about if it was doable, before going to others. If it ever got out she was talking nominating Paul, she knows she would be a Paul target. I think his talk with her after her HOH win, sealed her not putting him up, he made her feel he was protecting her and who else has made Xmas feel safe? Josh?

      • Ah, remember HOH week 1 not telling anyone his game plan so it wouldn’t get out and how everyone was all MAD that he (C) didn’t let them in on it?
        Well, maybe that’s what Jingle Bells is/was going to do so there wouldn’t be anyone leaking/telling paul about it and then trying to talk her out of it.?.!.?.
        The BDing of paul would have been a major move.

      • Who did she talk to about putting Paul up? I saw her win HOH and Paul was on her like glue promising her safety and f3. I saw her have a short conversation with josh and Mark in the kitchen but Paul was in that kitchen fast to break it up.

      • I really don’t think she would. She couldn’t have beaten Paul’s tempting strategy even if she had considered it. First Mark, a certified target. Kevin already in Paul’s black book. Immediately Xmas won HOH, Jason suddenly became Paul’s priority target ahead of all including Maven, thereby undermining the solid Alex/Paul/Jason F3 alliance.
        Xmas now see herself as Paul’s F2/3 favorite ahead of Jason&Alex. An alliance that wasn’t so visible weeks before.

    • Calling her “12/25” instead of “Christmas”? Ha ha! I love it!

      You give the remaining house guests too much credit. Just hanging around, eating cereal, having multiple personalities, and being in jury — I think those are the things that these people are there for. Most of them probably forgot that there even is a $500,000 grand prize.

      • Sure. Why work for a $500K prize only one person can win when you can sit in a jury house, do nothing, and get paid for it?

    • Probably if she even considered that she’d have to run to Paul and pass that thought by him, and of course he’d say no. So I’m sure that wouldn’t be an option.

  5. Someone tell me, is Paul a Clone? I swear he is everywhere!! This dude doesn’t miss a beat. Gets on my nerves sometime. I guess that makes him a Player, Player….lol

    • paul did say he was exhausted the other night. That comes from running around paying catch-up with everyone, listening to all and keep telling all to not say anything, to not talk and to not breathe.

  6. Just got to take a moment to say a fond farewell to Jerry Lewis who has passed. What a talent and great all around human being.

    • Thanks for the info KSJB! When my dad was 19, he moved to France for a few years. He kind of looked like Jerry Lewis and the french love Jerry Lewis. He said he was treated like a minor celebrity because of the resemblance.

      • LOL, no. My humor came from my mom. Not that my dad wasn’t a fun guy but my mom’s sense of humor is more of a dry cutting kind of humor.

      • Awww, what a sweet thing to say. She was an amazing woman and I miss her her every single day. RIP

      • It’s always hard when you lose your mom, no matter how old you are. Just keep thinking of those good times.

      • Thank you tr8, I appreciate it. That’s all there is, great, fond, loving, funny memories of an exceptional woman whom I had the good fortune of not only knowing, but having her as my mother. It was an honor.

      • Thanks KSJB. Both of my parents were exceptional people and led exceptional lives. :)

    • TY for JL news. Am so sorry to hear it. I know he has had lots of health concerns/problems building up over the last several years. :-(

    • Thanks for that announcement. For the past few years, I figured that that news was imminent, considering that Jerry Lewis has been in bad health for decades. I wonder how many people who used to watch his 21.5-hour Muscular Dystrophy Telethon (a defining feature of the Labor Day weekend) know that he was in perpetual pain throughout Telethon. All those years of falling down repeatedly on camera in sketches, when he played the funny guy to Dean Martin’s straight (non-funny) character, caught up with him. I can think of no one else with the status and demeanor to host a telethon the way that Lewis did, and garner hundreds of millions of dollars of corporate donations along with those from people at home. He was a true, all-encompassing entertainer in every respect: A comedian, an actor, a singer, a dancer, a host, incredibly charming, and never at a loss for words. Yeah, people in entertainment said he was a pain in the ass to work with, but that’s balanced by the quality of 70+ years of work that he contributed to.

      After the Lewis and Martin team broke up, the extent of Lewis’ talent showed as any one or more of writer, producer, and director of countless feature films. Even on the technical side he was great. The video feedback system that enabled a film’s director and the director of photography (and others) to see in real time what recorded footage on film would look like when later developed was a creation by Lewis and used for decades while film was still the preferred recording media.

      Gradually, these older giants of entertainment have been dying (including Don Rickles earlier this year), and sadly all too many people under 30 have never heard of them.

      Not being show-struck, there are few people in entertainment I ever wanted to meet. Lewis was one of them, but that chance never came. I did however get to meet Don Rickles at CBS Studio Center (the same place Big Brother supposedly is recorded) in the late 1990’s. Both are missed very much.

      • I watched those telethons for many years, back when we had ABC, CBS, and NBC to choose from, rabbit ears, and had to go outside to manually turn the antenna for better viewing. Some people have no idea what I am talking about either. :)

  7. Has DoorMatt ever been a have not this season? I’m getting tired of him shoving cereal and anything else that isn’t nailed down into his pie hole. I wouldn’t be surprised if they caught the rat mouse, he would fry it up and eat it for a snack.

      • I still don’t understand how he can stand to be around her but he’s no prize himself. I think he takes on other peoples personalities when he’s around them. He’s a colossal bore. What BB saw in this guy is beyond me. I don’t even think he’s good looking, just a waste of space.

      • You’re right with you door mat where he’s concerned. He is one I had hopes for at the start of the season, didn’t last long

      • My first impressions of HG’s, before they enter the house, based on interviews are usually spot on and I had a feeling that Matt was going to deliver zero value to the game. He looked boring from the onset. I was right.

      • I seriously questioned in the first weeks of this season whether BB was punking us and had put a few actors in the house and then were going to say this was the unexpected. How else could you explain Cody, Raven, Kevin and Jess? lol

      • IKR The Cody casting is the one that completely blows me away. The guy has no personality, none whatsoever. Why would you want to put him on TV and then BB/CBS shoving Cody/Jess down our throats was very off putting to me. The feeds always had 2 cams dedicated to those 2, making victim noises. I watched RHAP yesterday and they are all convinced AG will be woo’ing Cody with whatever it takes to come back next season. I guess he is her kind of guy, whatever that means. I take it to mean that AG doesn’t care about BB.

      • What a depressing thought. That would only be okay, and barely, if he came back without the babe or have a season of partners and partner him with Josh.

      • I think Cody’s personality shines when he is around people he likes. I’m sure outside he is not that tense, but being trapped in a house with disgusting strangers can make a person either go mad or isolate themselves.

      • I’m still speculating Jess knows “someone” through her VIP concierge job and that’s how she got cast. Cody??… that’s baffling and even more baffling is the idea that AG would consider him as a candidate for another season of BB. This would seem to give considerable credence to your last statement, imo.

      • LOL @ Jess knowing “someone”. I think there is merit to your statement.

      • Jess knows the Nolan twins, they aren’t pals, but they work for the same company Jess works for. She says she never talked to them about BB.

      • I’ve heard she works with one of them, although that’s not the “someone” I meant. Sadly, those three are on about the same wavelength, though. I did like Julia more than Liz.

      • So true, but Cody and Jess make me shudder more. Not sure if or how long Austin and Liz made it in the real world. Can’t wait for Cody to see that BB is NOT the real world.

      • Liztin didn’t last too long – this is from an article (Matt Boyer) dated Feb.15, 2016:

        Writing to her fans, Liz explained, “Thank you for following Austin and I on our crazy/incredible/special journey, & as we navigated life outside the Big Brother house. Unfortunately, yes, Austin and I ended the relationship. I have nothing but the utmost respect and love for him, and just as our #liztin romance began in the BB house- we started out as friends and I hope we can remain the same.”

      • I watched Liz and Julia on their youtube channel and Liz said Austin doesn’t talk to her anymore. Julia said that Austin was her friend.

      • I don’t agree with RHAP’s speculation. Cody’s casting was a bust. He doesn’t have the ‘it’ factor to being re-casted again, not for BB. Survivor..Yes!

      • I was shocked when they said that and I hope you are right. I don’t even think Cody is a good candidate for Survivor. He would want to be in charge of everything and we have seen how that plays out. People don’t last long when they want to be the boss of everyone. Cody does’t have the social skills to be on these kind of shows or any show for that matter. He needs to stick to civilian life.

      • I’m sure his call girl aka Jess will be happy with that life. LOL

      • I don’t think her idea of real life and Cody’s are going to mesh up very well. They’ll put up a front for a while just to see what perks come their way. Have you looked at the latest BB popularity poll lately? Cody hit 32.48% and Paul is at 21.6%. Is it possible that Cody could get AFP? I’m hoping it’s just a phase pollsters are going through and it doesn’t last until the AFP vote. I would literally vomit.

      • I was just reading an article about how much everyone is hating on this season and obviously it’s all Paul’s fault, insert eyeroll. I’m not seeing it. 15-18 were the worst of the worst, 19 doesn’t even come close to being the worst imo. I guess I’m more tolerant or have realized BB isn’t really a fair reality game show. They manipulate the hell out of it and that’s just how it is. You either watch it and accept it for what it is or just move on to something else you enjoy.

      • There are a handful of people who really get it and take it with a grain of salt. Until last season, I was one of those that got peeved about the fact that production is like having another HG in the house, but this HG knows all and sees all and manipulates accordingly. Now, I watch it from the perspective of wondering what is on production’s agenda today. And frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn. lolol

      • I’m just looking at him on physical comps, with the same attitude…in the cut throat island lol I would cast him.

      • Yep, Cody was upset with the house because he wanted and expected to be playing Paul’s role but what he forgot to factor in is that he has no social skills and zero personality. Not sure why he even wanted to be on the show as he clearly has issues with people in general. So I don’t understand how he thought being locked in a house with 16(?) people for three months would be a good idea for him let alone that he would actually be successful. Didn’t he say he has no friends and doesn’t speak to his mother? Sounds like a catch to me. Lol

      • Maybe Cody could do “Naked & Afraid”? I’m not suggesting that because of his physique, (which wouldn’t be a bad thing), but because he would be better off with just one other person. Or by himself. Maybe the show “alone”? Either way, putting him in ANYTHING that involves a group, is a bad idea!

      • Agree with you,Cody was a huge blow for CBS,a complete dud..he simply fell apart after the Paul debacle and retreated to the bedroom with “Fanny Hill”,hated the other house guests,hated being in the BB house,in other words hated everything around him..a very sullen man with a hair trigger temper.

      • I’ll bet Matt ate bowlful after bowlful of the Slop … I understand a basic ingredient is oatmeal.

      • LOL, can’t stand him. Now that Princess Butthole and her Surly Consort are gone, there are no sides for me.

      • Ha! I can’t wait to see what happens after Mark. Its refreshing to see an alliance actually stick and get the job done before they chop each other’s head off. I love that. At last i get to witness how things are supposed to go. Paul deserves credit for leading an effective alliance!

      • It really is amazing they haven’t splintered into smaller factions. Like you point out, to Paul’s credit, he’s the one who has kept them together, no small feat imo.

      • They may have talked their smack behind each other’s backs but at the end of the day, when the hoh was won they still went for the targets still! No one has noticed that because the hate for Paul. That alliance was on POINT! I’ve never seen one that organized and focused. I’m truly impressed.

      • The Paul hate is obnoxious. If you hate this guy and the show so much, why watch? There are many other shows out there to get caught up in and enjoy. Move on to greener pastures, easy peasy imo.

  8. I understand that being in the house some a** kissing has to happen, but all of these people are pathetic. Mark’s form of a** kissing just shows that books can’t be judged by the cover. This huge muscle guy who is really a pu**y. This tiny half a man who is in charge of the house and Matt. what a waste.

  9. “The latest round of spoilers for Big Brother 19 this week reveal who had taken control …”
    Well, that would be Paul, this time wearing his Christmas costume.

    • I think paul would make one of the best Santa elves ever!! green& red striped long sleeved shirt with white cuffs,, solid green knickers to just below the knee, red felt shoes that have that big long curved toes with jingle bells at the end that have curled up over the foot, green felt hat with ///// cut edge brim trim and the top of hat goes up over the top in a curved C-hook with lots of bells on the end that jingle-jangle in front of his face. Color the beard and other facial/head hair white, give him a high squeeky voice and TAH DAH ! ! !
      paul is now Christmas ! ! !

  10. OOO MMM GGG ! ! !
    I went on this site earlier today and I just cracked up!!! I mean I snap – crackled – popped!!!

    You know there are always these ads and ads around the compute screen/BB site when you log on and refresh it? Well, today when I got on, there was an ad for
    Kellogg’s Special K cereal, the strawberry flavor kind ! ! I just about XX my XXX !
    I thought of Matt. I don’t think the Special K series is his kind tho, but, like I said I just about XX my XXX !!!

    K – E double LL, O double GG, Kellogg’s BEST TO YOU !!! (cue music in the background)

    • As I said a few weeks ago, Matt alone could keep the American cereal industry in business based on his daily consumption.

      He might want to abandon his past work as a “renovation consultant” for “consultant to cereal manufacturers” as a career move.

      • Matt could come to Iowa and live in Cedar Rapids!
        There is a General Mills Company there. Everywhere you go it smells like oatmeal. Matt would love it!!! He could offer to be the taste tester and new product innovator.

    • Every night on bbad they advertise this stuff(kinda like spray paint) that makes your hair thicker or appear thicker. In honor of jessica,no doubt! Lolol

  11. Since slippery ape is usually a hoh comp did they change it so Xmas could win the hoh Comp Friday night?

  12. Interesting article I found – Google this for more: The New Big Brother Is Showing Exactly How Reality TV Hides Its Most Political Material

    • He’s a tall one and Kevin is 6’3″, Mark and Josh are both tall as well. Poor Paul, they all tower over him. LOL

  13. Don’t quite understand some of the Matt blowback here,irrational as the Paul hate club this year,Matt is a nice guy period and has won a comp. or two,granted not the flashiest guy on the planet and his romance with Typhoid Mary remains a mystery to us and we do worry he might nod off one night and drown in a bowl of cereal but beyond that give him a break,made it this far and from where i sit,that looks pretty darn good!

    • I think Mark is a nice guy and I don’t make a huge deal about him being emotional, but because of his attraction to Elena, I was and remain a little unenthusiastic about him. Kind of the same way with Matthew, and admittedly, it has a bit to do with raving lunatic Raven. It makes the guys kind of unappealing, imo.

      • Lord yes,if CBS gets another Mark next year,then they will forced to change the name to “The Crying Game” .

      • Ah, he’s just a big ole’ teddy bear, but a foolish one that got stung reaching for the honey. I hope he might have learned a valuable lesson, but for some reason, I have my doubts.

  14. Is Paul changing his appearance, ala’ Derrick, by affecting that truly horrendous combover to make himself look less threatening?

  15. It’s a so so season. I’m sure it will get really good when they have to turn on each other. Josh will not do well emotionally when that happens. My one complaint with the season is Christmas being allowed to stay in the game but being excused from all physical competitions.

  16. Mark just said if someone comes back he thinks it will be America’s vote. According to BBN poll and quite a few others, from what I am hearing, that would be Cody. Does production really want that in play again? We need to get rid of people, not bring more in. Someone please assure me this ain’t going to happen.

      • I know she said something to that effect. I don’t remember her exact words….and when it comes to Julie, that is important to know.

      • She specified no jury battle back, but I’m sure she was implying no returning player via any method. If somehow it’s happening I would welcome Cody back and I’d shrug and smile at thoughts of “No fair a 3rd chance??” after what Victor got last year.

      • Loved Victor. And unlike Cody he was wise enough to change up his game when given a second (and third) chance.

      • Yes, he did. Although we did see that Cody was capable of being a different, seemingly nicer person without Jezebel as an anchor, he definitely still is not made of the right stuff to be on BB.

      • Agree, Cody is not reality TV material. Hopefully we never see him again on BB, Survivor or my favorite Amazing Race.

      • I’m probably a terrible person, but I would LOVE to see Jody on the Amazing Race. Just to see them attempt to get through it without losing it on one another, tee-hee!

      • That far from makes you a terrible person. I wouldn’t watch it, but we all have our idea of entertainment and just because they differ doesn’t mean one is right or wrong. But I hope they are not on AR, because I would miss watching it. Let me know when they leave. lol

      • I find them endlessly entertaining to watch (which makes me at least a *wee* bit insane, haha). But, c’mon! That “hymen/Heisman” mix-up was gold! I couldn’t stop giggling especially because my husband had dropped his head into his palms, shaking back and forth while saying “no, just…what? no…..”

        Oh, and they’ve had people on AR that I wasn’t into, but I can’t stop watching. Too addicting.

  17. Is there a new thread for the show? I don’t see a new posting, help! :)

    • Sorry, forgot to check here before the show started. On sunday and wednesday, always look for the thread with a title that start with “Tonight on Big Brother …”.

  18. paul said he was tired. Boo Hoo.
    Notice he was in on the Alex/Kevin/Jason diatribe, well actually, Triatribe, in the supply room?
    No wonder he’s tired,following everyone around to listen to everything and be there for them.

  19. So, back-dooring Mark is what Sociopath Xmas thinks is a ‘big move’?? lmao…..most of this seasons cast are delusional; sociopathic sheeple with zero brains.

  20. snitchy aka kevin…pretty good…how about the “bahstan babbluh” too? boston babbler for non-northeasterners there…lol

  21. At this point it makes no sense not to target alex or matt. Regardless of what happens this week, the line will be drawn next week & couples will be taking shots at each other. Why wouldn’t you want to have Mark on your side for that.

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