‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Week 4 Nominations

Nominations are in for Week 4 with the Big Brother 19 spoilers here from the Feeds after the Blackout ended and we were once again watching the Houseguests after the Battle Back special episode that put Cody back in the mix.

Nominations on Big Brother

Once Feeds came back we quickly confirmed the spoilers that Jessica had won Head of Household. Sure enough, there she was in the HoH room with Cody, so you’ve got another week of that. Enjoy! But what about the noms? Those were soon revealed as well.

Big Brother 19 Week 4 Nominations:

  • Jessica nominated: Josh & Ramses

So it seems Josh is the target and after his huge blow up in the backyard involving Jessica and his earlier lie to her and Cody about voting out Christmas, well it’s no surprise. However, Josh is voicing a lot of confidence that he’ll be safe this week. He says his loyalty will protect him. Okay, he might be right. Paul really, really wants Ramses out.

Gallery: Josh Has Lost His Mind. Again

If these noms stay the same then we could see Paul rally the votes to keep Josh and get out Ramses. BUT, Paul went up and told the new HoH that the house was unified in their mission, evicting Josh. We’re gonna have some fun this week, aren’t we?

Veto comp is coming up on Saturday and we’ll be watching for the player draw and the results to share as soon the spoilers arrive. Who do you want to win the PoV?

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  1. I am so lost. I just found out Jess won and now that she nominated Ramses. I really hope her HOH goes to the sh**s.

    • Sigh… if Josh is evicted this week I’ll call it an OK week for Jody. But I now take back everything I’ve said about Jody taking out Paul

      • hmmm there is always the “backdoor” plan….trust is not a word I use in describing “JODY”

      • I was going to say the same thing, there is always the back door
        But, I would be jumping for joy if Josh got the boot this week! I’ve been praying to the big brother gods that Josh goes home before jury!

      • They should nominate Paul and tell him he is just a pawn. I bet it would piss him off. Just explain to paul “we really want Josh gone and fear people would vote Ramses out over him. We are confident you are safe this week. ” Then just wait and see if Paul explodes. If not, they would have at least three votes against Paul: Cody, Ramses, and Jason. They just need to get two more people on board. Perhaps Alex, Kevin, and/or Mark. I’m hoping Mark realizes he is next on the chopping block for Paul’s Army.

      • I agree 100%, I am listening to the live feeds waiting for them to return to see if Jessica has the balls to do it. Come on girl you can do it. Or put up someone else, just take Ramses off.

      • Jody doesn’t have the votes to take Paul out. No one likes Jody. Jessica is really a trashy girl

      • I thought Paul is safe this week because of his temptation? This is his last week of safety.

      • I think Paul was safe during, Jillian, Cody, & Dom’s evictions.
        That should be the 3.

      • I don’t know anything really other than what I’m reading, but from the sound of things I’m thinking they’ll backdoor Paul so I hope he’s chosen and wins POV. If he isn’t or doesn’t and one of the two up now goes home, I’ll be doing the dance of joy. BB taking all joy out of this season, as usual, rigging everything. Expect this BB – fans done with not letting a game play out fairly. 😢

      • This game has been handed to Paul on a silver platter so far, if we are gonna talk about rigged lets be real. Four evictions of safety, basically a month of the game, and hidden at that which has never been done before, and completely ruined Cody’s game. Entering the game he was given bracelets to go secure easy early alliances.

        He has used production as a means to further his game by telling house guests he gets an extra week of safety since he didn’t need it when he was HoH, which is flat out against the rules.

        You can’t cherry pick what “rigged” parts of the game you don’t like, its an all or nothing thing and the first month of the game was just given to Paul.

        They did an amazing job casting this season and as much as I REALLY liked Paul last year, bringing him back was a mistake. Don’t you want to see these people figure out the game for themselves, develop unique strategies and recover from their mistakes? All of this is taken away when you have a vet in the house telling people how this is done, how that’s done, how to handle this and that, etc etc..

      • Reefguy I couldn’t agree with you more. The DR room is full of producers telling Paul what to do and how to manipulate the other HG’s along with the rigged contests/rules/matchups. You have a producer favorite in Christmas allowed to linger in the game until I guess the final 4 take her out. These HG’s and especially Alex just follow the “Snake” Paul around like the true Shaman he is and will not dare make a move without the “Bearded” one’s suggestion.

      • Agreed. Have a version with nothing but vets but keep the vets out of the main game.

        It was kind of like the comp between Cody and Paul, the maze comp. That’s a great example: Of course Cody is going to win, he got to practice first. Same thing with bringing a vet back in the house– they’ve already practice playing the game themselves so of course they have an advantage.

      • I was do irritated that occurred. Not that I wanted Paul to win but should have been even chance for both.

      • They used to have limited foods they had to do comps for, have and have nots obvious through the week, spend time outside doing things in pool and talking or laundry. Never used to have alcohol unless something special, people won comps to leave the house, too many people playing sucky toe that the game has gone away and it has become like a bachelor is paradise gone bad show. When shows like this have a chance not to be plastic and the powers that be seem to hand out scripts, that gives option to change channels or shut TV off. Too much of life out there to sit and watch all the monkey’s butt scratch.

        What it is when they pick through each others hair, etc. TROOP of monkeys…more than one.

      • I just knew that cody would win and jessica hoh.Agree that BB is rigging it this year.

      • Oh now people see it. I sure was a lonely voice when Paul got a month of safety and a rigged HOH.

      • Now Jessica also won Power of Veto? Since when did she get to be so good in comps?

      • They won’t have enough votes to evict Paul if Jody tries to backdoor him, but may have enough to evict Josh or Ramses!

      • I’m just shocked nobody even thinking about it. Perfect week to get rid of him. They’re all so lame or mean. The mean ones are Cody and Jess.

      • Trust me, Cody was thinking about it, but he doesn’t hold much weight with the others anymore, so he has to wait and see for awhile.

      • As much as I dislike Jessica when she plays with Cody I really wish that Josh is evicted. I can’t handle his whispering to the cameras on BBAD. For the first time I began hitting the mute button when he was shown on camera.

      • No his safety is over. Although he is trying to tell people production told him he gets an extra week of safety since he didn’t need it when he was HoH, which is BS and against the rules. You are not allowed to use production as part of your strategy.

      • I think his safety time is up but, I’m hoping more than Anything that’s the case and if it isn’t, that would be why he didn’t get put up!

      • Pawns go home, and from what I’m hearing so far, it seems like the alliance has no intention in taking Josh out

      • Seriously of Jody turns out anything like Brenchel I won’t be surprised. At least Jessica is 100% more tolerable than Rachel lmao

      • Hell of a lot better looking except she needs to hit the showers once a day at least.

      • Can we just stop pretending that pawns go home. That so rarely happens it just sound so ridiculous every time anyone says it….Its beyond rare that pawns go home

      • Very true! There were a few seasons in a row that it seem like all the pawns were going home, but it hasn’t happened that often in years! But it did seem to be a thing for a while there.
        I think it’s better to say “people go home,” people flip and people go home! Everyone that goes is just a number closer to the money.

      • There’s still a POV to play, so while we can speculate until we’re all blue in the face, we won’t officially have a firmer grasp of everything until tomorrow night.

      • But Paul wants Ramses GONE!! That was their plan this week if their side of the house had the HOH…

      • Me either! I think it is because Paul is still butt hurt that Ramses came very close to beating him during week three with the veto and had he won it, he would have pulled himself off the block and they would not be able to back door Cody.
        Soooooo Paul doesn’t have pull over Ramses so he just wants him gone.

    • Jessica has no control over her HOH, as team Jody has no allies. Vote out Ramses and keep Josh for his pure entertainment melt downs, of which there will be many. Make a F2 with Josh and you win and we are entertained.

    • Maybe she will pull Ramses off and put up Paul. Maybe a backdoor plan involved!!! I don’t think Ramses the target, he just dont seem to be worth worring about right now, he is a good player, he could win and pull him self off, would be the smart thing to do, Josh and Paul need to Go pick em off one at a time!!

      • But then people will complain about not having enough drama in the house. Do we really want to sit around and watch them all play pot ball night after night after night?

    • Not only Josh go home but let it be known that he is the target.
      He will go bat-shit crazy.
      I bet right now he regrets that veto speech he gave Cody.

      • I would keep Josh till the end. A F2 with the crybaby endures you a win, plus so much more drama.

      • Josh’s drama is not entertaining for me! Not at all.
        Gag 🤢 I totally understand why it would be smart for some of the HG’s to bring him to the F2 but, I can’t deal with him much longer LOL he has to go! He had to go week one LOL
        The last thing I want is for him to make the money for Second! And have those bragging rights although undeserved. No no no, I don’t care about his drama. It’s not good enough drama LOL

      • The kind of drama in watching a mentally disturbed person taking a dump in the park.

      • Exactly. Have they all forgotten that keeping weak players makes it easier to win the game yourself?

      • I understand where you’re coming from but Josh isn’t drama, he’s just annoying

  2. Wow! This season has been full of drama and back and forth. It has been an amazing season. While I am not Cody and Jessica’s biggest fan – I will say that Jessica winning HOH and Cody getting back in the game will make this season even more interesting than it already was. It’s nice to have a season where everyone is playing the game and there is not one side running the house. Cheers to a great season guys! Also – thank you for this webpage. I check it nearly daily to get the latest information. Granted I have to keep my mouth shut b/c my mom doesn’t want to know what is going to happen before CBS airs it. My daughter – on the other hand – LOVES when I tell her what is coming up. Downside – she is little so she blurts it out to Grandma. LOL Love this show!! Every BB night there are 3 generations watching together. :-)

  3. Paul to Josh – “If you wanna stay this week, all you gotta do is cry and shut the f*ck up”
    That may be the best advice Josh has ever been given

  4. ROFLMAO! This is just too good!

    First, Jess wins the DoT. Then, Cody wins the Battle Back (called it). Then, Paul fails to stop Cody from reentering the house (priceless). Then, Jess wins HOH in the classic BB from the doghouse to the penthouse move. And, of course, Paul makes yet another rookie mistake (which he shouldn’t be doing since he’s, ya know, the vet) and tells the HOH that the house is going against her wishes and keeping her target safe. Now, maybe Paul has a strategy here, but I honestly don’t see it right now. This, to me, just seems like a stupid thing to reveal before the Veto has been played. Because with this knowledge, Jess will most likely bust her ass to win the Veto to save Ramses and put up someone else from Paul’s STILL UNNAMED alliance.

    Seriously hoping Josh goes home this week. He’s driving me crazy on the feeds.

    • You must of misread your updates. Paul told Jessica/Cody that everyone is unified in getting Josh out which is what they (Jessica/Cody) want.

      • Yes, the dangers of getting up at 6:30 to go to work, getting home from work at 2:30, then heading right out to NYC to see a Broadway musical that gets out at 10:30 (or 11, as they never start on time), then spending an hour in traffic because the tunnel is under construction and some idiot is actively harassing cars and trying to get hit by them while his girlfriend records the entire thing on her phone, and then only getting home just before 12:30, then having to check the spoilers and watch the episode.

  5. Anyone that would piss Cody off—and that would be Paul who I want to get POV.

  6. Short of the POV, Jody has a huge credit to them this week. I wonders now how this will turn out for them. I would be willing to bet a Cameron style striptease that Paul gets back doored this week. If not him, then Christmas.

    • I think it may be Mark that is up for a backdoor..but with this bunch u never know.. I still think at some point there will be a double eviction forcing Jessica to use the HH…

      • True but this week will make two eviction nights and that would only leave her two more weeks of being able to use it. I would like to see both Jessica and Cody on the block and that would force her to use it for sure then.

    • The way Paul wears that Snake Dress, leggings & tight booty shorts, he may want a Back Door from any manly house guest which leaves out Josh.

    • I don’t see it happening. Even if Paul did get backdoor nominated, the votes wouldn’t be there.

  7. WHY RAMSES??????
    If she wants Josh out she should have put up a pawn!!!
    Does she NOT know that Paul wants Ramses out badly?? & WHY put up someone (Ramses) who is alone in the game??
    I guess in all fairness to Jessica, she doesn’t know what we know!

    Curious, is/was Paul up in the HOH room as fast as he was when Alex was HOH??

    Fingers crossed 🤞 this works out for Jody!!!

    • Ramses is boring and doesn’t have any competitive drive, so he is very expendanable. Jody has no allies so voting out Ramses is the easy way to go and they have no blood on their hands and Messica saves the hex if her or Cody are nominated.

      • Actually, if you’re playing the game of Big Brother, keeping people like Ramses in the house is extremely valuable. You want people around, as the numbers dwindle, that become easy to beat later. Voting out weak people early is stupid stupid stupid.

        If I was playing the game I would want to keep Christmas around all the way to final two if I could. For that very reason.

      • True. That’s what I was thinking, they just try to get the least amount of blood on their hands this week, to avoid being nominated next week. Perhaps called a truce for a couple weeks with Paul. Get out the bottom feeders and battle it out. Now I feel like I’m talking about a movie LOL if Jody can make it with not getting nominated next week then Jessica can use her HH the following week/the last week she can use it

    • I think he wants to eliminate all of Alex’s allies, with Jason being next on his list so it’ll just be he and Alex working together. Just a thought.

      • A very smart thought!
        but Jessica is the HOH, not Paul. Jessica/Cody are not going to bend over for Paul! If anything, they called a two weeks truce! It would be great for Jessica/Cody because if Paul stays true to his word and Paul/his minions got the HOH next week, & do not nominate or back door Jessica/Cody then Jessica will still have her HH week 3 ( The last week she could have it )
        Just a guess due to Jessica’s nominations. Fingers crossed 🤞 times 10 that Josh goes home. Please please please
        But again, there is no way whatsoever that Cody will bend over and listen to Paul. Not a chance! I just don’t see it.

      • Not only should Josh be evicted, but the rules of BB need to be rewritten to say that no one under the age of 5 gets to be on the show in the future.

      • You know how Paul is always trying to take over other people HOH. 😄but you’re right, I don’t see Jess and Cody letting big run this one but you never know, always expect the unexpected on BB. this will be an interesting week.😄

      • & now I don’t understand why Jessica is using Ramses as a pawn. Why not Raven or Alex or Christmas? They don’t like Jessica so even if Josh stayed, those three going would be good for Jessica’s game. It makes no sense!
        The only thing I can think of is, they made a deal with Paul. They don’t go after him & his minions this week & Paul and his minions don’t go after them next week and the following week Jessica can use her HH.
        I don’t know! Jessica/Cody could get screwed come Thursday night & their target Josh sadly might not go home. It’s looking that way!
        Just another big slap in the face to Cody/Jessica but, Jessica will have the last laugh when she uses her HH :-)
        What goes around, comes around! Each week we see that happen.

    • Ramses knows much about the game, so they are afraid that he can win competitions.

      • They as in Jessica as well?
        I know Paul wants him gone. Even before Cody came back and Jessica won HOH, Paul wanted Ramses on the block this week. Ramses was initially supposed to go on the block last week against Jessica but because of what Dominique did, they decided to put her up instead.
        I think it’s because Paul doesn’t have control of him, (so of course Paul doesn’t like that!) Plus Ramses was not supposed to compete/try and win the veto during Paul’s HOH and he almost beat Paul. If he beat Paul then Ramses would have pulled himself off the block and Paul wouldn’t have been able to back door Cody. Paul has been super bitter about that ever since. Ramses insisted he didn’t try and win it but his time was super close to Paul’s! Less than 10 seconds….Ramses came very very very very close to ruining Paul’s HOH. I was hoping he did! But ufortunately we know what happened.

      • Josh had 7:48 I believe and Ramses had 7:44…Paul had 4 minutes plus…So there was no 10 second difference in Paul and Ramses score….just to clarify…

      • Thanks for clarifying that. I thought it was less than 10 seconds. Well, that makes sense now why Ramses was at least trying to pretend he threw it. When I thought it was something like four seconds, I was like don’t even bother trying to pretend LOL but that makes sense now. Thanks

      • I’ve been trying to figure out why so many seem to see Ramses as a threat. That makes a LOT of sense, that Paul can’t control him, and as puppet master, he has others gunning for him, too. Also makes sense that he’ll be a threat when they have a competition that involves knowledge of the game.

      • yup! Just one of few that Paul does not have complete control over and that makes Paul super on edge. Paul has the numbers behind him right now to keep him safe even if he was on the block so I don’t understand why he so worried about Ramses!!!
        But I also don’t understand why so many HG’s listen to Paul! Why they have no intentions of getting rid of him! Why most of them want to go to the end with him! These people need to start thinking for themselves! It’s pathetic! Cody and Jessica won’t listen to Paul, so I respect them big time for that. I don’t understand what all the hate is about on here with Jessica and Cody! Everyone complains about Paul, and about all his minions but then they also don’t like Jessica and Cody.
        I’m just so confused LOL

      • I don’t see Ramses as a threat to anyone, and he actually kept his word when telling JODY that he would vote to evict Christmas. However, since Jody did not believe him back then, and he’s an easy target (no power, not a leader), maybe that’s why they put him up…unless they really are using him as a pawn and maybe without him knowing.

  8. To execute a ‘backdoor, you have to have allies, and these two have none. lol

    • That’s my thought . IF they were to get Paul up, would the houseguest be smart enough to send him home while they have the chance?

      • That’s a lot of work, especially for Cody, who’s like a robot. He needs to play the game (social game) Jess was telling him they need to integrate themselves. She is right.

      • Yes! If Cody wants to do better this time, he needs to not go it alone, but rather listen to Jessica as well as use all of his skills. I think he will do just that. He saw things did not work out for him last time. Nonetheless, in the house remains bitterness over Cody and dislike/distrust for Jessica because of her looks and loyalty to Cody, and since Paul has secured a lot of support in the past two weeks, JODY ought to really ensure they have the votes before making any big moves.

        Power is repeatedly changing hands in this game. They need to not only have a successful eviction this week, but gain some allies in the process. That’s going to be tough, though.

        – I would not trust MARLENA, since Mark is still mad at Cody and wishy-washy about his votes.
        – I would not trust MAVIN, since Raven said a few days ago that she wants Jessica out, and Matt’s only skill seems to be shoveling down one bowl of cereal after another while wearing that orange tank top.
        – I would not trust Alex, since she dislikes Jessica and has no regard for Cody (even though Cody has been her biggest supporter)
        – I would not trust Kevin, since he lied about voting for Christmas
        – I would not trust Christmas, since she strikes me as someone who will hold a grudge indefinitely (even though was able to get back at JODY with that toad costume curse)

    • True, but people change quickly! But, Ramses would be one of those people they needed so my guess is, they didn’t want to rock the boat too much this week, Cody wanted to try and patch things up with Mark, Matt etc. so because Jessica and Josh don’t get along and Josh said all of those things to Cody, they just decided to go a safer route this time instead of being aggressive like Cody was during his HOH.
      Regardless, for the next three weeks, Jessica and Cody are staying/safe!
      Jessica is HOH so they are safe this week, whoever goes home on Thursday goes home, the following week if Jessica and or Cody are targeted, two weeks yesterday during the live eviction Jessica can use her DOT reward and stop the evection. Done ✅ Start all over again and even if they/Jody does not get HOH and is nominated again, they will not go home for a week. So, they are safe for the next two weeks for sure and in the house together for three weeks.
      Would that take them to jury?

      • Lol I was thinking the same thing! That Cody could win next week! He has a good chance, as long as it is physical. BB clearly wants Cody to stick around for a bit, so the next HOH challenge could be designed for him to win. No guarantees though, never in the big brother house!!!

      • I was glad to see that the Battle Back Showdown challenges did not require great physical strength or stamina. All four contestants had a reasonable chance at winning. As for future competitions, who knows?

      • Hopefully Dominique is praying to her God at home for Jessica LOL actually, scratch that. Her God didn’t answer her prayers……

      • That would be the best case scenario oh if Cody won the HOH next week! I am praying to the big brother God’s Josh goes home and Cody gets HOH but at the very least, Josh goes home!

      • Only ONE would be safe…say Paul or Alex wins next HOH THEY PUT UP JESSICA AND CODY…Christmas can use her DoT…to replace a veto player..Jess can save only One of her or Cody

      • No, I am pretty sure Jessica’s power is to completely halt an entire eviction ceremony. So, if her and Cody are both on the block on Thursday evening, well next Thursday evening, before Julie tells the HGs that it is time to vote, Jessica has to stand up and announce she is using her HH. And that vetoes the “entire evection ceremony.” It’s done and over and then I guess they then move on to a new HOH competition.
        I am 99% sure Jessica “halts” the eviction ceremony & regardless of who Jessica or Cody is sitting next to, they are all safe.

      • Yes, Christmas can veto any player from playing in the veto comp ( Athough someone told me yesterday Christmas cannot Veto the HOH or the 2 nominees. I don’t know if that’s true, but that’s what someone told me)
        So it makes no difference what Christmas does, if both Cody and Jessica are both on the block together, or even just one of them, Jessica can use her HH & whomever is on the block is saved. Both of them. There is no evection ceremony. That is my understanding, and that’s what I have read everyone else say
        I dunno 🤷‍♀️ but I’m pretty sure that’s it.

      • tinalee, you’re correct — the Halting Hex will stop the entire eviction for that week. That would be good for JODY if one or both are nominated. The only problem is, what happens the week after that? Unless they were able to garner support, one or both could be back up on the bock the next week.

    • You have a 50% chance to get a backdoor strategy to work every week so long as the people playing win: The HoH, and either nominee.

      The ONLY way you can guarantee a backdoor to never happen is if your target wins the Veto.

  9. Glad Cody made it back. I’m not a fan of his, just wanted him to shake up the game. But then Jessica wins HOH, and he can’t convince her to put up some real targets?! Weak.

    Also, watching the Battle Back, I realized Cameron looks like Steve from American Dad. Lol

    • I’m sooooo happy Cameron is not back. His 3 minutes of DR where too much for me. That voice! ouch!!!!

      • I feel the same way. On the one hand, Cameron never got a real chance to play the game, so it was good to see him given a chance to return. On the other hand, he comes across in the diary room as trying too hard to sound wild, but instead comes across to me as annoying.

  10. Vote out Ramses, he is boring and doesn’t provide any drama. Jody has no allies, so they really aren’t in control, unless Messica uses her hex, which could provide some drama. Could be a good week if Josh had continuous melt downs.

  11. So jess and Cody are safe for two solid weeks now, ugh, thrilled but thoroughly surprised those are her noms, like is she planning a BD? Why is she targeting Josh and Ramses? Weird very weird.

      • If it goes that way, Josh will be gone and Cody needs to win the VETO right away. It looks like there will be a DE, if Jessica doesn´t use the Halting Hex. It´s looking like that the ones that goes out the door will get the HOH power and will nominate 3 that will play in a special VETO, so one can get out and one of the 2 will be voted out the same night. So Cody and Jessica will be on the chopping board and will need to use the halting hex.

      • Have they even talked about that though? Like from from what I’ve heard they legitimately want Josh gone and he’s already nominated so I’m very confused why Jess isn’t targeting someone like Paul or his alliance, what that’s awesome bc I love Paul and his squad

  12. That is another thing….anybody hoping for a Paul backdoor this week, it’s not possible. They wouldn’t have the votes to do it

    • I wouldn’t be so sure…I think that at this point, they’d have the votes. Jessica, Cody, Jason, Ramses and possibly Alex (since she talks about making big moves all the time AND she’s tight with Jason). That’s five right there. I’m not sure it’d take too much for Mark to be swayed into getting Paul out. If Mark is swayed, Elena could likely be swayed too.

      • Jessica cannot vote, she is hoh. I doubt Alex would vote Paul, she hates Jessica and seems to be allied with Paul. And Jason will vote like Alex. I think it’s too soon to try a backdoor and that would back fire on them.

      • Sure. I think it’s too soon too, but if Cody pretty much changes everything about his personality and becomes likable, maybe in the next couple of weeks they could rally some votes. Be interesting to see.

  13. I wanna give kudos for Jody for trying to fight back but I find them so unlikeable with Cody’s cold behavior and Jessica’s Aaryn like behavior. If they take out Paul props for them, but I don’t see them as redeemable so far.

  14. Couple of questions w/comments
    Please help ❤️

    Because Jessica is HOH & the following week if nominated she can use her HH thus guaranteeing Jessica and Cody are safe for the next 2 evictions/3 weeks, does this guarantee them both jury? Or just one of them? Because one of them is guaranteed 4 weeks in the house because she won the HOH tonight and she also has that HH.
    Make sense? So I’m just wondering if they are guaranteed jury?
    Also wondering if Paul slithered up to the HOH room quickly following Jessica’s win?? Like he did with Alex!
    Why did she put up Ramses?
    Has Cody kissed and made up with anyone? Mark for example? Any new alliances forming?
    Of course most of these questions are directed to those of you who have the feeds :-) thanks so much 💜

    • Jury start after the 2 next elections. So if jess use the hh next week let say, they won’t be any eviction. Therefore she can be nominated the following week and go home, not to jury. The way I understand the hh it can be use once inversée the next 4 eviction (now3). I would also think that if it’s a double eviction, it count as 2.

      I don’t think they should BD Paul, I think he would have the votes. Taking josh away it a vote for Paul gone.

      • OK that makes sense. I DID understand Jessica’s HH but I didn’t know if it would bring her to jury or not so thanks for clearing that up :-)
        IMO I don’t see there being a double evection over the next 3weeks. Not unless Jessica uses the HH next week if she is on the block and/or Cody. But that is tricky, I wonder how it works if there was a double eviction. I mean I guess there wouldn’t be an eviction, then they would just go on playing the double eviction as per usual. So I guess technically Cody and Jessica are not guaranteed three weeks in the house together/this week and next week safety. if there is a double eviction. Interesting!
        By three weeks I mean, this week she is HOH, the following week (if they put them up) she just uses the HH and they are safe, and even if they are nominated again, they still have another week together. So three weeks together although 2 of those weeks they could be on the block LOL 😂
        I am thinking because of Jessica’s nominations that Cody Jessica and Paul made a two week? Truce!?. “We will keep you safe this week Paul, you keep us safe the following week.” It would be a great move for Jessica/Cody because then week 3 she could use the HH therefor giving them another week. But, I don’t know if Paul would stay true to his word!?
        A few people think Cody “bent over for Paul” and is doing what Paul tells him to do but I call BS to that! There is NONway Cody would listen to Paul aside from (maybe) calling a truce for a couple weeks. I could see Paul wanting that because of course Jessica being HOH is a huge threat to Paul’s game (whether he has the numbers or not, people can flip) & I do think Paul does now have respect for Cody plus, Paul feels threatened by Cody’s return. Anyway blah blah let’s just hope Josh goes home on Thursday :-)

      • Sorry for the long comment! I really do try and keep them shorter LOL 😂
        And I forgot to add that, I agree with you. Jessica couldn’t back door Paul because he has the numbers and she does not however, now that Paul is not safe, & if his minions woke up and started to play the game for themselves, they could see that it would be a smart game move to get rid of Paul. You never know! Some of them want like Jessica and of course Josh because Josh is such a big baby he need someone to tell him what to do. But the “couples” could always re-align with Cody. Maybe Christmas!
        Stranger things happen in the BB house and things change so quickly so you never know. But yeah, for now it’s a safe bet for Jessica to lay low because she does not have the numbers. Her and Cody have a lot of work ahead of them! Should be interesting

      • So two more HGs need to go before jury? So, as it looks like right now, Ramses goes home. Then next week if Cody and/or Jessica or on the block, Jessica uses her age age and they are safe. Following that no one is evicted that night, leaving still one more HG to go until jury. So the following week if Jessica and Cody are on the block, it’s pretty much guaranteed one of them will go home and will not make it to jury but, it’s guaranteed one of them will make it to Jury but not both.
        The reason I am asking this is because I am trying to think of where Jessica’s head is at with these noms!
        I personally think she doesn’t want to rock the boat too much/not get blood on her hands , in hopes that next week the other side doesn’t put them up thus guaranteeing them they both make it to jury.
        Jessica could have made a deal with Paul this week that she would not target his side (Josh doesn’t count) and in return, Paul & his minions don’t target her side!! Well…..just her and Cody the following week.
        The likelihood of that/Paul sticking to that deal is pretty low, considering he is already planning on blindsiding her and not evicting Josh….
        But that would explain why she didn’t put up Christmas, Alex or Reaven next to Josh. She promised Paul and his minions safety this week for her and Cody safety next week knowing this would at the very least get her and Pau but that would explain why she didn’t put up Christmas, Alex or Reaven next to Josh. She promised Paul and his minions safety this week for her and Cody safety next week knowing this would at the very least get her & Cody to jury. Maybe?

  15. Have a question here: technically the Halting Hex can only save the Cody/Jess team if they should be both on the block together, correct? If only one of them is on the block with someone else and Jess uses the Hex to either save herself or Cody separately, the other one could be a replacement nominee right away, put up by the then HOH, and voted out immediately if the house wants to do so? My understanding was that the Hex could only be used immediately before Thursday’s live eviction.
    Am I missing something?

    • They can cancel the eviction period. Whether it’s them or other HG’s on the block. As if there’s no eviction that day, and they’re all happy. lol

    • The HH stops an entire eviction. It doesn’t just pull someone off the block. If the HH is used, no one goes home.

  16. This is the season that got me back into Big Brother, where even the bad guys can be rooted for due to them actively playing the game and not just being assholes. I went from cheering Paul early to cheering on Jess and Cody because they dare to change the game (and with a bigger reason to now that Paul’s pendant is gone). Hell, I even believe Jess was sincere in wanting to recover her game.

    I remember in seasons a few years ago the game kinda actively stepped in and prevented some people from leaving (NEVER FORGET RACHEL), but Cody earned his spot back into the game fair and square, given a chance to be stopped. This is the perfect time to see people trick each other. The Den of Temptation is the best addition to the show in years and I’d love to see it stick around as a mainstay in some way.

  17. Ramses as a pawn??? Really jessica? Isn’t she the one who said all the outsiders need to come together in one of her DR’s

  18. Jody should have used Raven as a pawn and then put up whoever next to her, that way after the POV(granted one of them wins it) they could put up Paul as a replacement nominee up against Raven since we all know most HGs would never vote the southern bell out. Just my thoughts, what do ya’ll think??

    • I think Paul might stay over Raven. There are people in the house who are just tolerating her. I think some want Paul’s help to get further in the game.

    • I agree but putting raven. I want them to stat playing. I had big hopes for Matt and I’m completely disappointed. But I would like to have more time of Paul/Cody. Those 2 are really entertaining and are the only 2 big brother players in the house. The other play bachelorette or are invisible.

  19. And I hate to admit it, but I’m really pulling for Jody at this point. Most of everyone else(including Alex who I love) are just pushing Paul towards the finish line. Hopefully Jody can pull a big blindside this week while gathering some more allies into next week because by the way its going ‘Friendship’ is going to be all that check. Also really bummed Cameron couldn’t make it back in. I really thought he’d be one of the top players this season!

  20. Sooo happy Cody and Jess are back together again. They got screwed by Big Brother when Big Brother literally gave Paul 3 weeks of immunity from eviction!..Was not fair..Hope Josh and Paul both leave soon!

    • I agree fully! And I think it was four weeks safety?
      I truly truly truly want Josh gone so very badly this Thursday! But I am super worried about a blindside because Paul wants Ramses gone!!!
      Why did Jessica have to go and put up Paul’s #1 Target next to Josh!?!?? How did she not know? Or did she know!? And she’s just not wanting to make big moves at the moment.……!?!
      I truly am hoping that she called a peace ✌️ With Paul and agreed to not target each other plus each other’s allies over the next couple weeks!?! So she put up Josh & Ramses!!! And they all agree whoever goes home, goes home! And Jessica/Cody are not blindsided on Thursday night! Fingers crossed 🤞

  21. I have no idea why Jessica would put up Ramses…. fingers crossed 🤞 she doesn’t think by doing that Josh will for sure go home!?!? Ramses (as we all know,) has been a target for Paul since week 2!
    So the very last thing I want to see on Thursday a huge upset for Jessica/Cody & Ramses goes home!
    To watch/hear/see Josh gloat about being saved, rubbing it in Cody’s face, feeling like everyone really saved him because they “like him so much,” dancing around being totally disrespectful & immature towards Cody/Jessica etc. will put me over the edge!! & I “seriously” might consider tuning BB out until Josh is evicted! Or until Jessica uses her HH & can then she can “throw it back in Josh’s face!” But until then….. I don’t know! I don’t think I can deal with him if that happens!
    It’s one thing for him to be a huge baby, but another for him to be walking around the house like he is the king while he has been a baby and a jerk the entire game!!!
    I don’t think I could do it! I really don’t! It may be the FIRST time in 19 seasons of BB & 5 seasons of BB Canada that I may NOT watch every single episode, every single week! Every single season!
    I truly hope there is more to jessica’s noms!!! A backdoor plan or something, anything!
    Please BB God’s DO NOT let Jessica/Cody be blindsided on Thursday! Please please please! Even if Josh wins the veto, I can deal with that! But not if Josh (actually Paul using Josh & really wanting Ramses gone) blindside’s Jessica/Cody!! I just don’t think I could deal with it! And I don’t think I’m alone here!
    Sorry, rant over! 😳I’m worried😩

    • I don’t think you can deal with it! Lol. Don’t stop watching because of that. Use ffwed when it got on you nerves!

      I don’t think josh should have been cleared by the psychologist. I couldn’t stop laughing from his pickle juice crisis. Mark was wrong but he tried to apologize but josh forbid him to even look at him. It was like a kid… “mom, he’s looking at me…”

  22. I had a feeling Jessica and Cody we’re going to bend over and do Paul’s bidding.

    • Really? Why do you think that?
      I could see them calling a “truce” for a couple weeks with Paul, but they would never bend over & allow Paul to dictate their HOH or game. Never! Not Cody. No way! (I could be eating my words) but Cody’s actions speak volumes. He is not interested in sucking up to Paul, hence the “friendship bracelets,” also Cody was not afraid to make a big move by backdooring his biggest threat Paul week 2.
      Cody knew the second Paul walked through the doors that he had to get him out! & he was so right! Look at Paul now, he has everyone listening to him and even doing some of his dirty work! Paul is sitting back & laughing at how easy this is/was for him. Now that Cody is back, Paul is shaking and his boots! Guaranteed!
      Again, maybe a truce for a couple weeks but there’s no way Cody is bending over for Paul or anyone else! No way

      • I hope you’re right about that, cause I can’t take another wk of Paul and his manipulation.

      • They nominated Ramses. Who wants Ramses out? Paul. Who is leaving this week? Paul. If they were really after Paul they would have nominated him right away or at least plan to backdoor him and save Ramses. If Jess and Cody were in touch with the game they would realize Ramses and Jason are the only two not under Paul’s spell. Furthermore, Cody told Julie, Jeff, and I believe some people in the house he would work with Paul if he were to return to the game. Now here he is doing Paul’s work for him whether he realizes it or not.

    • Why?
      They are guaranteed safely for 2 HOHs/Noms & will have at the very least 3 weeks together in the house!
      1. Jessica is HOH this week
      2. If they are targeted next week, Jessica will use the HH, giving them another week together in the house (even if they are both nominated.)
      One of them is guaranteed 4 weeks in the house!
      I have a lot of respect for Cody for not sucking up to Paul! Staying true to himself no matter what the consequences are!!

    • You and me both! I truly hope it’s not because she thinks Ramses would be a good “pawn!!!”
      Because Ramses is a huge target of Paul’s and therefore she would just be doing him a favour! I think/hope they just called a truce for the next few weeks!! Josh & Ramses going home is fine for everyone!
      Josh going home is ideal for me!

  23. it will be interesting to see paul get out of this. if he can keep his minions loyal for a few more weeks he may survive jody

    • I’m torn with thinking this too. Paul being a target. I think Paul is worried and should be. Cody did say in an after eviction interview with Jeff that if he comes back he’d work with Paul. Here’s where I find indifference, if that’s true, things will be over for Cody’s old alliance * which I feel is anyways*, but it will swing the house towards Paul more and possibly be good for the game as in the end it will be these two. Then there’s what if Cody just said those words and didn’t mean them? He and Jessica and whom ever else does flock back toward Cody will have tons of work to do before a back door could happen. Now’s not the time and if they choose to do it now it will completely end his and Jessica’s game.

      • Did you not hear what he said when it was down to the last challenge, he said he WAS going after Paul, plus Dom told Cody Paul was the one who put her on the block and got her out….

      • Didn’t know that, thanks. Now you gotta know things will be completely different. Thing is can Jody get support?

    • For real? Or are you just assuming? I mean it’s great if they do but, they don’t have the numbers to vote out Paul!? Unless a lot is changed and that HGs finally woke up and realized Paul is a mass manipulator, has deals with almost everyone and he is no longer safe so get him out!?

  24. Not gonna lie I’m pretty disappointed. I thought for sure since she has the Halting Hex and her boyfriend back in the game that she would go straight for the jugular on Paul or a showmance, but she instead nominated two outsiders… She still has her halting hex to save herself and Cody next week, but this was the perfect opportunity to make a big move. Regardless, I’m sure Josh will give hilarious drama

  25. I like Jessica but these noms are foolish and personal (in regards to Josh). I don’t think this is her best game move. Paul need to be nominated.

  26. I think if Ramses stays on the block he will be gone. The people in the house already believe he got the $25k from the first night bringing Paul into the game, and people don’t forget that kind of thing.

  27. As an Avid Hater of King Paul, I am so glad that CODY & Jessica are back in power.

  28. I don’t know why, I’m so obsessed with this season, but damn, it’s entertaining.

  29. Can’t stand Cody or Jessica, but at least they aren’t bland. I don’t have the lives feeds, so just based on what I see on the show, is Matt even there? Not even sure what his voice sounds like. Re the nominations, I wonder if Jessica put Josh up there just to mess with him, but maybe their ultimate goal is to backdoor Paul. Josh is annoying & volatile, but everyone has his number. He doesn’t have any chance at winning this thing.

    • It has to do with the VETO, Christmas can use her power to play in any one VETO comp for the rest of the season by replacing someone who had their chip drawn only, not HOH or a nominee.

  30. I wish someone would have the balls to get Paul out of the house, Come on people you act like you can’t play the game without him.

  31. Leave Christmas alone she is truly the best person along with Kelvin in the house and Raven.

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