Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Week 4: Friday Night Highlights

The Big Brother 19 Live Feeds returned Friday night following the Battle Back Showdown, so Cody is back in the house and we’ve got a new HOH and our first set of nominees already for the week. The target, however, is unclear as there’s already some sneaky plans being tossed around.

Jessica Graf is in charge on BB19

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Big Brother 19 Live Feed Highlights – Friday, July 21, 2017:

9:04 PM BBT – Feeds return, several mins after After Dark began where noms were revealed to be Josh & Ramses.

9:05 PM BBT – Jessica and Cody are kissing away in the HoH room. We’ve got a whole week of this. She’s HoH.

9:10 PM BBT – Matthew is eating something out of a bowl while wearing his orange, sleeveless shirt. He’s right where we left him, folks.

9:15 PM BBT – Paul goes to talk with Jessica and thanks her, presumably for not putting him on the Block. He tells Jessica that Josh is downstairs crying alone. Paul assures her the house is unified against the target (Josh).

9:20 PM BBT – Josh is laughing to the camera while alone in the HN room. He says his loyalty will keep him safe this week. It appears he’s playing it up per Paul’s guidance to keep Jessica & Cody thinking they can get him out.

9:25 PM BBT – Matthew, Raven, and Christmas discuss keeping Josh this week and building trust with him for that.

9:35 PM BBT – Christmas saying she feels guilty about not pulling through on the HoH comp. (Rumor had it that she lost to Jessica after a long duration.)

9:40 PM BBT – Christmas chatting up Alex and it sounds like she’s trying to get Alex to want to keep Josh over Ramses. Paul comes in and discuss more of the same idea. He suggests they can cover their tracks.

9:42 PM BBT – Paul talked with Mark and promised Mark he’d be safe even if he got renom’d.

9:45 PM BBT – Alex and Christmas regret not taking out Jessica. Alex says it was suspicious that Jessica knew someone was coming back. (Likely knowledge foreshadowed by her Temptation.)

10:20 PM BBT – Matthew and Raven ask Ramses who he wants to target. He says he doesn’t know.

10:30 PM BBT – Matthew promises he’s trying at these comps, but just isn’t any good at them. He also admits having only seen BB16. No kidding.

10:35 PM BBT – Raven tells Matthew they should vote with the numbers and just keep Josh. They’d only upset the other two showmances, she says. Matthew says he’s fine with getting rid of Ramses. Matthew feels like they’d be okay next week even if Cody got HoH.

10:45 PM BBT – Raven and Christmas tell Matthew that if they decide to keep Josh then they should not tell Mark and Elena in advance.

10:55 PM BBT – Jessica warns Cody they can isolate themselves again this week, even if they don’t like the rest of them. She explains that last week the other HGs didn’t understand why Dominique was isolating herself so much, but she understood the feeling of being over it all. Jessica tells Cody that Elena wants to end up as Paul’s right hand.

11:45 PM BBT – Elena tells Mark she’s getting nervous about Kevin because he seems to be on to her game. She retells how he said she’s surprised him the most in the house and noted how observant she was.

11:50 PM BBT – Christmas lets Kevin know that Matthew and Raven are considering keeping Josh this week.

12:00 AM BBT – Midnight arrives and ends the Have-Not status for Mark, Jason, and Ramses. HGs gather in the kitchen to eat.

12:40 AM BBT – Paul and Mark worry about what the curse could be since it hasn’t been revealed yet. (Julie Chen noted it’d be announced next Thursday, so apparently it wasn’t just Cody coming back.) They wonder if it could be a Reset Week.

12:45 AM BBT – Mark asks Paul to make sure the plan is to get Josh out this week and then Ramses next week.

1:00 AM BBT – Josh excitedly discussing the plan with Jason. He’s happy that Jessica and Cody could get blindsided by this.

1:15 AM BBT – Jessica laughs with Cody about how Josh said they’d be going home before him and now she’s got him on the Block. She’s excited to both have Cody back and her target on the Block. Cody hopes he can compete in the Veto and help send Josh out the door.

What a night. It wasn’t a firefight when the Feeds return, but instead we’re getting a subtle, sneaky blindside in the works. Jessica thinks she’s getting Josh out this week and Paul is working to calm her fears otherwise. Meanwhile HGs are working behind the scenes to keep Josh and send Ramses out the door. The Veto will influence a lot, but if nothing changes then we could have some fun drama with these noms alone come Thursday night!

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  1. Stupid stupid stupid….Why would anyone blab and “assure” Josh that he is safe and will not be leaving???? Josh is a loose cannon… Josh has a mouth bigger than the Mississippi River…There is no way that he will not mouth off to Cody or Jessica before the veto comp/ceremony as to why he will not be evicted …I realize that he is a vote ..but he is not stable…he uses bad judgement..he is not a team player tho he claims to be…He is more of a liability than ally..So in the long run would it not be better to just vote him off and put an end to part of the drama??? Or do the HGs wanna babysit Josh for the next 2/3 weeks?? They already have Christmas to tend to and do for would think that taking care of her would be enough..

    • I dunno. Keeping Josh around would not only provide a bracing blindside slap-in-the-face to Jody (provided he doesn’t blab), it keeps a real wild card in play who just happens to despise at least 2 of the showmances. Of any hg, Paul can probably keep Josh pointed at the right targets.
      Josh is actually starting to grow on me. Just imagine the drama and bitterness from Jody if this blindside goes through! LOL

      • I understand what ur saying…But thats the point…Josh does not know how to keep his dam mouth shut.. If Josh starts blabbing that he is safe the house blows up…Good for feeds/TV but not for the HGs trying to keep him in the game..hopefully veto will be held today and we can get a better insight of whats to come…

      • Ha ha too funny…
        I just replied to “Oily” & my first line was almost identical to yours. “I hear what you’re saying”
        sorry, it just made me giggle so I thought I would share that with you :-)

      • Paul (and others who oppose JODY) want Josh around not because they like him, but because they know how much he annoys (and can distract) Jessica and Cody. That helps the game of Paul et al.

      • But wouldn’t it be just as good to watch Josh get blindsided!?
        Sure he’s just one instead of two, but his face would be priceless!

      • So true!
        As much as I like a blindside, I just don’t want Josh to be on the winning end! I cannot stand the kid!!!
        Plus, it would still be a good blindside if Josh was evicted. Just a blindside to Josh and probably Josh only! I would pay lots of money to see that happen!
        Ramses was already Paul’s #1 Target since week 2 when he almost beat Paul in the veto. So Jessica is doing Paul a favour without knowing it. Unfortunately she has no idea that Ramses is Paul’s target 🎯
        Ugh 😑 I wouldn’t care if “Jody” got blindsided this week if ANYONE aside from Josh was on the block with Ramses!

      • I don’t want to see Josh anymore either. His entertainment value was gone four weeks ago, and yes, I realize the show has only been on for four weeks!

      • Absolutely! I have not like the guy since day 2 and he just keeps getting worse! If he stays on Thursday…… OMG he is just going to be worse! So arrogant! No no no

      • He’s better for Paul’s game than Ramses so of course Paul’s gonna find a way for him to stay

      • I totally hear what you’re saying but, I personally just cannot deal with Josh any longer!
        & it would still be a blindside if Josh went home, a nice blindside in his face ha ha
        That would be priceless! I would pay money for that to happen

    • I hope he does blab, then Jessica can take Rames off with the veto, and put up Raven or Matt to assure Josh goes home.

    • Christmas is just there IMO, what is she offering besides a social game * what can she offer*,? How long will she will she sit there adding nothing to comps? Why keep her at all, why have they kept her? Is she a good Jury vote? Paul maybe thinks so as he is the only one thinking about the game, with few exceptions. Most of the others are just there having fun and eating & thinking about the money they get just for being in Jury. That’s enough to keep them there. I don’t see too many people concerning themselves with their own game and what’s good for it. Maybe because of who’s been HOH, there’s been no real chance for a lot of the other HG to shine, so to speak. I’d love to see the Man/Child leave and am OK with Ramses going too, both won’t ruffle feathers. Though a wasted week for Cody and Jessica it’s smart.

      • I’ve noticed this too, how most of them just sit around looking pretty, what a disappointment Matt, Elena, and Mark have turned out to be, simply eye candy and nothing more.

      • no. the plan is vote out Ramses to upset Jess and Cody. Only Elena and Mark are on board with voting out Josh

      • nooo Josh does not fully understand the game,,,while he is a wild card and big mouth his lack of common sense and finessse it is an advantage to the other HGs…on the other hand Ramses is major fan of BB He knows the ends and outs and he is decent at comps and He cannot be trusted ..Neither Josh nor Ramses are committed team players ..

    • so JODY has already told Jason he wan’t going home this week and how JODY will be blindsided. NEWS FLASH JOSH, Jason will tell JODY what you just said.

      • Jason has a big mouth but he wants to keep Josh. He’s not going to tell them anything.

      • I just read that he was telling Cody things. I wonder if he is doing what I suspected he would do.

    • They told him last night if he opens his mouth they’ll vote to evict him. So I think on this one he’ll probably keep his mouth shut.

    • I completely agree! I hope Josh blows up his own game!
      If he is still there on Thursday night I truly don’t think I will be able to watch him be so smug, arrogant & immature because he was saved! It will not be “entertainment” at all!
      19 seasons of BB & 5 seasons of BB Canada, I ‘might’ (for the first time ever) not watch the episodes &/or come on here until he’s gone or at least a target & NOT feeling “safe/protected anymore! That will become “entertaining” for me again! LOADS of entertainment watching Josh boo-hoo all the way out the door!
      I have never ever “disliked” someone on BB as much as I dislike Josh!
      I don’t like to use the word “hate” But, I am almost at the point where “I hate Josh!”

    • PS. I thought I read on here last night? That Josh was already in Jessica’s face saying “he is safe, his people are going to protect him!”
      Sooooo either Jessica isn’t thinking twice about what he said because Paul is in her head reassuring her (WHY which she trust him at all!?)
      Or, maybe because she has the veto now, hopefully her & Cody will take Ramses off the block and put up Alex, Christmas or Raven, ATLEAST someone she knows will not go home! Or at the VERY LEAST if they do go home, it’s still a win for her. But I want Josh to go home LOL I think I made that clear already in my last comment LOL sorry! Blah blah
      I don’t understand her thought process with using Ramses as a pawn????

  2. Glad for the update as couldn’t stomach watching Cody and Jessica in HOH room. Jessica to Cody: ‘ if you fart or burp you won’t see me naked again’ Cody: so we wait until we’re married (paraphrasing). Jessica: ‘I stopped listening after you said married. ‘. That’s when I turned it off and looked for highlights here, lol.

    • IKR. They’re even worse than the early days of Brenchel LOL!
      Really hoping this blindside goes through – will put them right back at Square One!

    • I cannot stand these two, they have lost me as a viewer for awhile, til I hear one of them is gone, reminds me so much of last season when Victor got back in the house again and again, but at least he wasn’t there to get his itch scratched the whole time, just disgusting!!

  3. I wonder if Jessica and Christmas struck a deal on safety during the comp that included Paul….It will come out in the next show..or we will hear Paul & Christmas discussing it..

  4. Its funny, as much as I hated Cody, he did try and go after Paul. Since then, they are all such followers. Oh Paul, let me kiss your feet for you. Jess and Cody are safe. Ramses is such a non threat why do they always want him out. Grow a pair people. And Josh, I mean I don’t like him but I just think it seems like a waste to go after him now. Keeping people no one likes is good strategy.

    • I know Josh is not a threat but I can’t even imagine what it is like to live with him 24/7. I want to punch my tv screen everytime he speaks!!!!
      I would want him gone too.

      • Agreed, but then put up Josh and Paul. There is no reason why Paul is not on the block right now. If they keep Paul safe week after week then he will win. If he does, I will be so pissed off…..I guess it doesn’t matter but these guys are stupid.

      • Do we all not think there will be a backdoor for Paul?? I mean he didn’t let Cody play in the veto and back doored him and Cody tried to backdoor him on week 1. I think it will suck if Ramses goes home just because it is a waste of HOH but I think Veto usage will get Paul up not Raven or Matt…what a waste if it does!

      • Seems like half of them haven’t even seen multiple seasons of BB let alone learn strategy; and was it Kevin that didn’t even know who Nicole was when she showed up to do the comp? Where do they get these people? A truly skillful player would eliminate their competition as soon as they could, in this case: Paul, the sheep would wander around in chaos without their shepherd, and if C/J were smart they would start forming some alliances rather than make love 24/7.

      • Remember that Jessica told Cody right after he won the right to be back in the house to not do anything crazy until she gets him caught up on everything. Makes me wonder if an alliance with Paul and Alex could be in the works.

      • They don’t have the votes to get Paul out. If they want Paul gone they should of put up Raven and Paul. Nobody will vote Raven out.

    • U are a 1000000% correct!!
      These People don’t no how to pay the game. Ramses is no threat why put him on block?
      I really thought there be fireworks, not,,,,,,
      Hope the next twist is somthing big. At least they still have the Halting hex in play,,,, They seem tohave forgotten about that to.

    • He can’t control him. Paul’s strength has always been in controlling the votes. Ramses didn’t throw that veto so Paul knows he has to go. The others to exactly as he says

  5. Another idiot move by the houseguests. Why is Paul not the target???? Good grief these people are so stupid. I don’t care how bad Josh is. The person that all of them should be going after now is Paul. Everyday he is in that house gets him closer to 500K. I am telling you that he will win. These houseguests are amateurs. Slobbering all over Paul is gross. I thought Cody was smarter then this. Ok put Josh and Paul up….Ramses???? Ridiculous.

    • To be fair, I don’t think there’s enough votes to evict Paul this week even if he was on the block. Mark/Elena/Raven/Matt/Alex/Xmas/etc. are still firmly up his ass; no way they’d vote to evict him. I think Jess/Cody realize they can’t that a shot at Paul until his numbers decrease.

      • Thank you. Ppl dont get that. When you attempt to make a move that big, you need the support of the house.

      • Correct! Paul has so many sycophants in the house, that I think it would be a waste to try to rush and get him out. Cody saw before that being HoH is not enough. You also have to have the votes to support an eviction. I just don’t see the votes existing right now to eject Paul.

      • Exactly. That’s what I’ve been saying. Look how well that worked for Cody during his HOH.

    • Jessica’s being smart actually she wont get Paul out. This move is better for HER not so much Cody. Jessica’s not dumb, Cody is. I wouldn’t want to be on the wrong side of Paul this early either. Having a hard on for revenge is not always the most strategic move.

    • That’s a big move. It requires a lot of scheming, and they know it. Cody is not Dan Gheesling.

    • They don’t have the numbers to get him out. Matt, Raven, Mark, Elena, Kevin, Christmas, Alex won’t vote Paul out.

  6. Yes, let’s have another blindside vote and pi** Cody off, even if it means keeping Josh in the house. Can’t believe I’m saying that.
    Wonder if Christmas would use her Veto Temptation to stop Cody playing in the Veto, if he was chosen, to try and ensure noms stay the same? It’s a risk but depends what she wants to happen. Realistically, she’s probably not going to be there much longer, so hopefully she uses it before she goes.

    • My strategy would be to resist Jess and Cody immediately. I think they’re making the right choice. It will mess with them psychologically. They have to dive in head first against cody.

  7. Jessica and Cody should realise they will be targets first time the larger alliance gets its chance. Why waste it on Josh and Ramses? She should have nominated Mark and Matthew on the block and if one gets off, put in Paul. That would guarantee that one of them goes home! Jessica and Cody has only a limited life span in this game. If they shake it up, they might have a chance to last longer. And to shake it up, you have to vote people off! Atleast, force the others to make a move one way or the other and take sides!

      • But on the block with a few votes to get him out would psyche him out for sure, cause some ripples in the water or even some major waves, but this group knows little about psychology, sunning on the patio seems to be their only skill.

      • It probably wld be 1 vote against Paul. Do you think that’s smart? Jessica is playing smart. I think she made a perfect move. You cant always swing, you must bob and weave as well.

      • You just say that because your boy is not on the block. Just wait till he gets renom’d hehehe.
        Didn’t you say you’d quit BB if Paul’s BD on the other thread?

      • Even if Paul was on the block, lets say with Matt. Paul would still be there because most would vote out Matt to save Paul.

      • But then one of Paul’s minions would be out. It would still be a win for Jessica and Cody.

      • True and all they have to do to get Paul out is to keep picking off his minions and numbers one by one.

      • I agree isn’t what big brother all about STRATEGY and Paul is the only one playing the game. Why send him home, he is playing like a winner should.

    • The big alliance/Paul still dictates who goes. However, I agree with your suggestion. (Mark and Matt) and backdoor Paul. It’s not fool proof but it forces them to choose and negotiate. They have zero leverage nor negotiating skills.

      • Lets look at the possible outcome had this scenario was in play.

        To evict Paul: Cody, Raven and possibly Jason.

        To evict Matt: Christmas, Alex, Josh, Kevin, Ramses, Elena are the ones I would say and just stop there. Paul would stay.

        To evict Paul over Mark: Change Raven to Elena and drop Jason from that list.

        To Evict Mark: insert many of the same votes that would evict Matt.
        The numbers are not there to evict Paul right now so yes, Jessica is playing smart.

      • What do you think would happen if they somehow managed to get the final noms to be Paul and Raven? Could Raven stay over Paul or would they still vote her out?

      • Raven is not only with an alliance (of sorts) she is part of a showmance..Cody & Jessica have mentioned breaking up the couples…Everybody including myself just needs to stop guessing and over thinking whats gonna happen till after the VETO COMP and see who wins…The winner could open a whole new can of worms…

      • It’s tough evict Paul right now, but not Mark/Matt. They could at least try to break the showmance.

    • Keep in mind if both Jessica and Cody was on the block or either one for that matter come Thursday night, Jessica could stop the eviction.

  8. It could just be pawns to get Paul out. If he went it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world.

      • Another blow-up could change that. Who knows? Pray to BB Gods. Josh vs Paul as final noms is gonna be LIT! See how Josh reacts!

      • I pray to the BB Gods that I do not waste my feeds payment this coming week watching Jessica and Cody lip locking and making out in the HOH…I am sooo sick of showmances and some pervert camera person trying to catch somebody naked or having sex…Neither scenario is what I pay fees for…

      • I don’t pay to watch anyway but if I did, I don’t think I want to watch these fools bumping uglies at al

  9. Matthew, you just made my day with, “9:10 PM BBT – Matthew is eating something out of a bowl while wearing his orange, sleeveless shirt. He’s right where we left him, folks.”

    Cereal to Matt is like Tweety Bird to Sylvester.

  10. I was wondering if Jessica told Cody about getting the DOT & what it entails. She should really stop worrying about Cody’s game & focus on her own. If Cody knew she had that DOT & he went on the block he would beg her to use it on him. I bet since the curse isnt going to be revealed until Thurday when they do the live evictions, I think the curse is a double eviction on Thursday. They only have so many weeks left to get down to 2 players, so there is going to have to be a double eviction. That kind of curse would punishbthe whole house & it suits the fact taking the temptation allowed an evicted HG back in.

      • Question seems to be…Does using the Hex stop both noms from being evicted or just one,,,I am not clear on the rules of the Hex and it seems alot of people are confused…No matter how straight forward hearing how the Hex is played there is usually a catch..and I don’t mean the curse that comes with it…,

      • What I took from it (and I could be wrong, hence the name LOL), is that it stops the live eviction. The curse, since now the temptation has been selected, is still coming to the house regardless if it is used or not.

    • Last year there were 2 DE I think. Yeah I agree, the consequence of taking the Hex (Julie mentioned consequence, not curse) is probably DE to be held this coming Thursday.

      • How much would it suck if we get the double eviction but Jess halts the second eviction. Would be such a disappointment, the sped up week/second vote is the best… But this could also lead to the 2nd DE later in the game…

    • Paul surely already knows that Jessica/Cody might try to backdoor him; he’s a guy who is always planning ahead 2+ weeks. The smart thing Paul did over the past two weeks is gain the trust of everyone in the house. Look how he convinced Alex and Josh to be pawns even though they were not part of the original alliance. Alex knew she was being used by Paul, but felt it was in her best long-term interest to go along with him. After Cody was evicted, Alex continued to allow Paul to advise her and now considers him her ally. (As an aside, Josh probably thought he had Paul’s top respect since Paul protected him with the PoV. Probably the reason Paul protected Josh is because Paul feared that some people might consider Josh to be so much of a pain in the a$$ that they would give him the boot over Cody).

      I want to see JODY build a new team of supporters, but it will be very challenging due to the above, and they could easily get blindsided by a betrayal.

    • Won’t happen. Jessica made the best move. You ppl wont last half the game with the decisions you all would make. She dont have the support to make a move that big. If she tries to backdoor him and fails which she will, her az is grass. She’s already not liked. You must play smart ppl! smh

    • maybe this veto comp will be memory/ spelling/ puzzle….Something they have to use their brain to win…I know there are only a couple of HGs that appear to actually have a brain but Production has got to work with what/who they allowed in the house…

      • Its “KISS MY RUMP” day in the house according to Cody just a few minutes ago…Jason handed Cody some damming info…Jason is playing both sides and he ain’t that smart…Kevin is also playing both sides so we will see where this goes…

      • What info? No, Jason isn’t that smart, but I don’t think a lot of people in the house are either. If Cody can use that info to his advantage, I’ll think differently. Some people are on to Kevin, so we’ll see how long that lasts.

      • I think he will go to the side that he feels would be the best interest to further himself in the game.

    • It wasn’t going to happen, that’s why production gave her the power so she can stay in case the votes go her way.

  11. I do not understand why the house wants to keep Josh. He is loud and obnoxious. He is also a stronger competitior than Ramses. I am not sure why everyone wants Ramses out he is not a threat right now. Josh is really emotional and can ruin many people’s game. They should all evict Josh. He has already fought with many people in the game. He fought with Megan, Cody, Mark, and Jessica. Who knows who he will fight with next.

      • Maybe but Josh is a loose cannon he will fight with anyone. They really do not need a pitbull against Jody. Paul, Alex, and Christmas are strong competitiors that can go after Jody. Who knows maybe Josh will turn on Paul and who knows who else. Him and Mark were on the same team and he fought with him.

      • I understand but I do not think they need Josh for that. They have enough people who can get Cody out of the house.

      • It is only Alex, Josh, Kevin, Jason and Paul. They are using Christmas, Ramses, Raven and Matt for now.

      • All of them are his minions and will do whatever he says. So he does not need Josh. Josh may even cause more problems for Paul . I am surprised Paul is not worried about that.

    • A number for Alex’s alliance and Josh loves Paul, so he keeps him around to get worshiped by him.

  12. I still think Ramses is a pawn. We didn’t know what they discussed before nomination. Yes Josh is one of the targets. The other should be Paul via renom. If Paul vs Josh as final noms, whoever gets evicted, Josh or Paul is a WIN in Jody’s book.

    • Ramses is Cody and Jessica’s pawn, but they don’t realize that Josh has a lot of people in the house on his side because although obnoxiously annoying, he is a number for them.

  13. I don’t like Jessica and I would love to see her go. Her best move, imo, would be to put Cody OTB if one of the noms come down. She would gain a lot of respect from the other HG’s and go a lot further in the game if she were to do so.

    • good thought…But that would be a DERRICK or DAN move..Jessica does not strike me as that smart of a person or player…

    • Then Cody would leave, and she would be back in a bad position in the house. Jessica tried to re-integrate into the house, but I think her days are numbered regardless.

    • one reason to put Cody up…If Jessica gets an inkling that Cody has an interest in Alex other than game wise She might see fit to boot his ass along with Alex…

      • And i so think he likes her. That will be so goooood! Nothing will top it. I’ve never seen a shomance split and evict the other, but I haven’t seen all the seasons. That would euphoric for me. I HATE shomances! Lol

      • Lol. She is a girl. She will keep him tighter to her side and get rid of Alex instead. Girls always blame other girls rather than their cheating partner.

    • That’s her boyfriend. I doubt anyone would ever put someone they were involved with on the block. Even if it is just a showmance.

  14. I realize the show is influenced by the producers but to flat out publicly cheat Big Brother ruined the game for me. We all know that how to control the pulleys and ropes was the hard part to that maze game. Not how the maze was configured. Even July knew that as she tried to convince the audience several times that Cody had a completely new maze. As if that made a difference. I think they should redo it with another battle. Not just gloss over the cheating but to own up to it as a mistake and do something about it.

  15. Why do I have a feeling the BD plan won’t be Paul but Mark? Cody said he respects Paul and wanted to play with him further in the game, plus Paul/Alex are tight now and Cody has always wanted to play with Alex (and this would keep his attraction to her underwraps)

    And Jessica’s pep talk to Mark in the bathroom seemed fake. Either she forces the house to vote out Josh, or Mark goes, and it splinters the other side of the house…

  16. Cant wait to learn the curse. May be a double eviction or rewind. The producers are thinking of something to drive us all crazy! Lol

      • They can do a rewind since megan left on her own. They can afford to throw the last evictee back in

      • once again…DE is expected…The HGs have discussed possible rewind they know it can happen…The twist with the curse is not something that they are expecting..totally unexpected occurrence ..unless Production runs out of ideas and has to use an old ploy/game

      • Production probably doesn’t even know what they are going to do yet. Lol Bet they are waiting to see who the final target is after veto.

  17. Jessica didn’t tell Cody about her dot? I read it somewhere down below. If that’s true, Jessica may be smarter than I thought! I’m impressed. (If its true)

      • Royally. I watched bbad this morning and he was saying some crazy shish to her that will put them right back into the same situation she is trying to depart from. Telling her to tell ppl get out of her face n stuff basically. He’s an idiot. Smh. He hasn’t learned anything from his experience.

      • I saw that! Isn’t he ridiculous? I couldn’t believe what he was telling dumb!

      • Man! Smh meat head. He’s a meatheaded bully. Bullying wont work well in there. You have to make some friends or fake it or something. What a d–ck head!

      • I bet Jessica is doing a lot of faking it with that meat head. I don’t want to imagine how cold that salami would be under the covers. I wonder if he keeps his eyes open. NO, I don’t wonder. I just got cold chills.

      • He was just saying that it will be great if she did that, but they know better. They also went to the room where Kevin was having his show to pretend and be sociable. It was great before they got there and extremely awkward after. They awkwardly and barely answered the questions. After they left it was fun again.

    • Jessica is a lot of things – apparently stupid isn’t one of them. She’s learning from hers and others’ mistakes, and she is adjusting and playing smart. I don’t know if she’s told Cody about her temptation, but if she hasn’t – very, very smart.

  18. I think the nominees are a smokescreen, if either Jess or Cody get the Veto they will put up and backdoor Paul.

  19. I have no idea why everyone voted for Paul to go against Cody in the battle back showdown, it’s Alex that wins or comes in second in EVERY SINGLE competition. Paul is a just a loud mouthed fashion don’t.

    • Paul won a good number of comps last season, he won 4 of the last 5 he was in to get to the final

  20. I think the Den of Temptation votes are fixed, how did Jessica win when three days ago she was voted the most hated house guest in the national poll?

  21. Last night on BB after Dark Alex and her alliance talked about keeping Josh and making sure he keeps his mouth shut. Jason was crying after talking about his baby and Josh was soothing him.

  22. Moderator Matthew, in the above summary, where you wrote, “10:55 PM BBT – Jessica warns Cody they can isolate themselves again this week, even if they don’t like the rest of them”, did you actually mean to say “can’t isolate themselves”?

  23. My guess is that anyone over the age of 7 would find Josh annoying, but especially is it true for Jessica and Cody. That must be why Paul et al want him to stay. If he can distract and bug the he11 out of Jessica and Cody, it will work well for everyone who is against them.

  24. WHY??? Isn’t Jason telling Jessica that they are planning on keeping Josh? I know he wants to “lay low” & clearly not just announce it out loud for everyone (Paul) to hear but why isn’t he secretly telling her?
    I thought Jason was kind of close to Jessica? Why didn’t I know that Paul has another minion? Jason! Ugh 😑
    Do you think anyone of the HG’s will let Jessica know?? I hope so! The last thing in the world I want to see happen right now is a blindside Thursday & Josh stays!
    MAINLY because I CAN NOT STAND Josh!!!!!! If Josh is saved, he is going to walk around the house like an IMMATURE CHILD! He is going to taunt Jessica and Cody to no end! 😡
    I love me some blindsides but not any that work in Josh’s favour!!!! Please please please please please SOMEONE tell Jessica! Please please please please please. Subliminal messages?!?!?! Something! I just couldn’t deal with it!!!!! & I might have to (for the first time ever,) stop watching BB 😭 until Josh is gone or at least things change dramatically for him in a negative way!
    I have never disliked an HG as much as I dislike Josh! I can’t believe I’m saying this but, I would prefer to see Frankie back in the house over Josh still being there on Thursday! 😭

  25. I am just reading the comments & obviously everyone wants to see a blindside, including myself! But……
    Would it NOT be a huge blindside (plus SO much fun) to watch Josh get blindsided with an eviction!?!? He is so arrogant and sure of himself! Watching Josh get blindsided & booted out of the house would be PRICELESS!!!!!
    I would pay LOTS of money for that! LOL
    “A girl can dream!! & pray to the BB gods this happens!”
    Right!? Jody vs Josh blindside, I choose Josh getting blindsided!!! Over “Jody” 💯%

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