‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Week 3 Veto Ceremony Results

This week’s Veto Ceremony is over and we have our final Big Brother 19 noms. Read on for the latest Big Brother spoilers for Week 3’s Power of Veto events.

Power of Veto Medallion on Big Brother

There was plenty of back and forth this week as Jason, this week’s Veto winner, was trying to decide whether or not to save Jessica and let Alex renom someone from the other side. They didn’t want a new target, they were just considering toying with the nominations and seeing if anything came out of it with the hinky votes. Not sure if that’s a good enough reason or not, but hey, Feeds drama potential.

Power of Veto Ceremony Spoilers – Week 3

  • Jason decided to not use the Veto.
  • Dominique & Jessica are this week’s final noms

This was a HOT meeting from what we’re hearing. Dominique apparently called out a lot of HGs as either minions or snakes and the house was riled up when Feeds came back. Paul wore a snake costume complete with a diamond on his forehead and may have even “hissed” at her. That goes back to Dominique calling him a snake the other night. Dominique has continued to argue with the other HGs and that’s not going to help her cause this week if she can’t change tactics.

Gallery: Power of Veto Ceremony Fallout

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  1. If they only knew that Cody was likely to return, Jessica would be out of there so fast she wouldn’t even bounce.

      • Really? Did they go out of their way to cast people who know nothing of the show/game? They’ve been doing battle backs for the past 2-4 seasons. Paul and Ramses at the very least, should know this is happening after 4 weeks. For Paul to think there was going to be an eviction on Sunday, was just ludicrous. The house is already down a player with Meagan leaving early. Plus the show lives for two double evictions. The naivety of the players is only adding to boringness of the season so far, a lot of floating, to the point that the show has to throw in so many twists and temptations, that the kitchen sink doesn’t stand a chance of getting any recognition.

      • Everyone is being an idiot.
        Jillian: Didn’t fight hard enough
        Cody: Didn’t connect with anyone and backdoored Paul without any consulting
        Dominique: Her talk show.
        Mark: Muscle head
        Alex: Playing too safe.
        Elena: Dumb blonde
        Josh: Just… Josh
        Jessica: Forgot she was on Big Brother and plays for Bachlorette
        Matt: Hasn’t done much
        Raven: Same as Matt

      • Agreed, but even if Cody does come back what difference does it make if Jessica is there or not? Cody is going to come back playing hard, not hiding in a bedroom making out with Jessica. I mean I could be wrong! I have been wrong about a lot of the HG’s. I expected the men & some of the women to be stronger and not follow Paul around because at this point anyway, it doesn’t look like anyone is going to turn on Paul come Thursday when he is no longer safe.
        ( sorry, veered off topic there) LOL

    • Who cares? Cody doesn’t really have any allies left. He’ll be easy to get out again, even if Jessica is still there.

      • Agreed. It’s not like Jessica is a power house ally, I can really only see her winning a comp based on pure luck

      • Difference is Victor actually had allies! And his biggest one is playing this season too! Cody has no allies! So yeah, even if he comes back, he’ll likely walk out the front door again this time with no buyback to save him!

      • Cody told Paul he would like to work with him if he comes back into the house. The show will really be boring if that happens.

      • When 1 alliance dominates the house and everyone votes with the house…that’s a boring scenario!!

      • That won’t happen! Remember, Paul caused his demise! So I think he’ll sed Cody right back out the front door again if he comes back!

      • Truthfully, I think Paul is smart enough to realize that you keep your friends close and your enemies closer. A Paul/Cody alliance would be … very powerful, and I think both of them realize it.

      • Maybe that is why they won’t vote Jess out because they remember people coming back but they aren’t saying anything about it. So Paul might have the plan to get with Cody if he comes back.

      • it’s true that he doesn’t currently have any allies. But if/when he does come back, the people on the bottom of the heap will be anxious to make a deal with him. All but Josh LOL.

    • so true !!! I want him back ! It will be fabulous !! TONS of drama !!

  2. Oh good. Let’s hope in the next 3 days, they come to their sense and evict Jessica.

  3. I like Alex but I don’t know what she’s thinking.
    I get it that people may not know about battle back competition but is evicting Dom a smart idea?
    Though to be fair its erroneous to say if Cody will come back.

    • Cody coming back will bite Alex in the behind if she stays loyal to Paul, unless Jessica changes his mind about Paul. Alex did nominate Jess though.

      • Honestly if Cody comes back, I could see him trying to work with both Alex and Paul. He thinks those two are the only “alphas” in the house, and that seems to be the only thing he bases his respect on.

      • That’s Cody’s problem- he plays this game personally and emotionally…. oh wait I forgot who I was talking about! Lol

        Joking aside he needs to put personal feelings aside and focus on one step at a time.

      • Alex and Jason were talking this morning that they need to get rid of Paul before long. If Cody does come back I think they would take him in and getting rid of Dom would weaken the rest of the other side. I’m not a Cody fan but it could get interesting.

      • I don’t think it will weaken them. There is 2 couples 4 people that won’t vote against each other.

  4. America this and America that. Season of idiots. They think that something will come out of this show,. No entertainment career for you dummies.

  5. I think from past experience and BB fan Paul and Ramses should know a BB battle back is coming.

  6. That’s right Dominique, snakes and minions, how dare they play the game against you when you so clearly deserve to say whatever you want and be given total impunity for all the stupid things you say about people all the time….pfffft…. At least if she goes, they can take out the other crybaby and spoilsport at any time and not have to worry about her coming back, although it would be pretty funny to see Cody step on his own dill to let Jessica Large Forehead win the Battle Back.

  7. Seems the veto meetings this year are more heated than nominations and eviction night!

  8. I still think it’s a bad move to leave Jessica up on the Block and not take her down and put another person from that side of the house up. I’m not a Jessica fan by any means but she’s one person (she has no one else at this point) and could be a vote for Alex. Even if Cody comes back (which they don’t know about) then it’s still only Cody and Jessica versus everyone else. I think they can easily get either of them out again. With Jessica up there, that leaves a very tempting eviction for the others who may want to keep Dominique. And if the other side is smart, the WOULD keep Dominique so they have another number on their side and someone who would push against Paul.

    • If Dominique stays i bet she will end up back with Paul. He’ll sweet talk her. If I were Alex I’d get rid of Jessica. They are still very distant and icey to one another. Now, they just tolorate each other…that wouldn’t be good enough for me to work with her. Plus Jessica’s social game is a tab bit better than Alex’s post Cody. I believe she will reposition herself and go after Alex and josh when the time is right.

  9. The creator of this website.. are you going to address how the house is being racist and Paul’s racist plans to put on a black face to mock Dominique at the eviction night?

  10. Nobody is going home this week. The Halting Hex Temptation will go to Dominique, she will halt the eviction during the live show, the house will blow up. Good times ahead

      • I don’t know. Since Temptation voting ends midday wednesday i’m guessing the houseguests will enter the Den either wednesday night or thursday morning and it will be edited in the live broadcast so we will probably find out then. But that’s just me guessing. But the consequence must be something big since the Temptation is rather big

    • Nope. The Temptation Den twist will be done after the eviction this week.

      Friday night will be the battle back. Once there is a winner, then the Temptation will be awarded. If the player choose the Halting Hex, the curse will be that the player who won the battle back will enter the house.

    • The Halting Hex isn’t in play until next week. Getting used this week would interfere with the Battle Back.

      • The cbs site states “they can hlalt any one of the next four evictions during the live show” so next four is including this week in my book?

      • But Julie also said the Battle Back would feature this week’s evictee. As in it’s set in stone that someone is getting evicted this week.

      • You think they care that much about her? If you want to include production conspiracies, I think they didn’t want Jessica out this week. This Dom thing came out of nowhere.

      • The Halting Hex temptation is tied to the Battle Back. If winner of the Temptation refuse the Halting Hex, then the winner of the Battle Back doesn’t enter the house. That’s what Julie meant when she said one player could block the returning palyer from coming in.

        But the Temptation is design so nobody will turn it down and the curse will happen. 2 things that BB want to see happen.

      • Agreed!! That sounds like the most logical and interesting theory so far, Capt. So, who do you think is coming back? Cody the super sniper or Cameron the super geek? ;) Y’know, I’d love to see Cameron back, just to see if he’s a decent player or not. I already know Cody is not a good BB player! haha

      • Me too. We know he’s a super fan & that’s it. I’d like to see him get a chance to play.

      • Assuming it’s a similar 1v1 format to last year, I expect Cameron to beat Jillian fairly easily. Cody will most likely have the advantage over Cameron in the next round, but if it ends up being something mental/skill based in addition to physical, I think Cameron is athletic enough that it could maybe go either way. It’s hard to say how Dom would do because we haven’t really seen her compete much. 50/50 against Cameron, lower odds against Cody probably.

      • Lol smh. I feel so dumb because I’m still confused. I wish you guys draw me a picture…lol

      • Exactly. So the Den of Temptation will be revealed at the end of the friday show or at the beginning of the sunday show.

      • That’s what I thought mg. But then again, I’ve been sick for a week and I’ve missed a lot. ;)

      • You sure have! Lol Glad you’re better though. And don’t feel bad, I’m confused too lol

    • If she gets it, she’ll be able to use it on herself…since she’s not yet gone due to the Battle Back.

      • We’ll have to wait and see. If not, it won’t ever get played…if she was the recipient of it.

      • I guess the HoH on Thursday will involve those evictees, to be shown on Friday episode of Battle Back. If one of the evictees wins HoH, he or she is guaranteed to reenter the house. If one of the HGs wins the HoH instead, she or he prevents the evictees from reentering the house. Just my idea.

      • Thank you but I am so confused. Not that you are negligently explaining it, im just not comprehending. Lol

      • Idk, Julie seemed pretty confident there would be an eviction on Thursday.. You’d think she’d have hinted at there being the possibility of a “no eviction” situation.

      • It all depends on who gets the DoT too. She told Cody he may have a chance to come back into the game in the Battle Back…guess we’ll just have to wait to see how it all unfolds. If Dom is evicted and has to battle Cody…I can only hope he beats her. After this week, I don’t want Dom to return now.

      • Voting ends on Wed. They can enter the Den on Wed night and use it on Live Eviction on Thu.

      • Do you think they will?

        Idk, Julie didn’t even hint at there not being an eviction. What she did say was the a HG might prevent another HG return and, to me, that hints towards the DoT use, not this week’s eviction.

      • That’s about battle back. Halting Hex is a completely different thing.
        Of course Julie can’t hint there could be a non-eviction coz she doesn’t know who are gonna be nominated and who’s gonna win the temptation.

      • Since I am not in Productions ear, I can’t say for sure and you could be right, but even so…I doubt Dom won the halting hex, do you?
        so…I doubt it’ll be used this week even if it is in play. I bet Alex won it.

      • Jessica is the popular choice to win it on other sites. Here she’s somehow still disliked.

      • Really??!! Jessica is the popular choice??!! Wow! Okay, so things have *drastically* changed since last week. She was detested on both twitter & Jokers last week. How in the heck did she turn that around so fast?? And iif she did, then that’s impressive!

      • She didn’t really do anything. It’s Paul that suddenly decide Dom was bad for his game.

      • Just have a look at Jokers’ HG Ratings. Jess and Cody are up. Paul falls hard and Raven is at bottom.

      • Wow! I see that. Cray-zy! Last I checked, Jessica was at the very bottom of the charts. I’ve seen in the feeds since Cody left & she’s definitely been more social…looks like it’s working.

        What shocks me in these new Joker ratings is Jason!!! C’mon, 3rd?? Seriously?!!! The guy is ALL-over the place!

      • Most polls I’ve seen on twitter has Kevin leading. I’m certainly giving him my 10 votes every day.

      • Wow! See how a week changes everything. I didn’t vote at all for five days coz I was sick, but today I gave my votes to Alex. It seemed she was the fave last week. This was before she won HOH tho, so…gues that’s changing. I’m still trying to catch up Capt. been out of the game for a week!! haha

      • That’s who I’ve been giving the most of my votes to. Never gave them to Dom…but scattered a few to Kevin and Jason.

      • I am glad that Alex is still loved here and on Jokers of course. On Reddit every other comment is about hating her hehehe.

      • Again, your experience and logic? You know, I will come for you if it doesn’t happen, coz you sound like your boy, Paul now. Hehehe.

      • Well since I can’t see you eat crow or chocolate I might as well take your words for it.

      • Let’s see if your experience and logic prevails … like Paul insisted there would eviction on Sunday because veto was on Friday.

      • If they awared the Halting Hex before Thrusday eviction, there would be a massive problem with what Julie sayed to Cody: “Next week, on Friday, you and the other 3 players that got out, may be can get back into the house.”
        If the den was before the eviction, that would make false Julie sentence. So, it will happen after the eviction (probably the HOH will be a question-answer game) and the winner will accept or not on that same night. They can tape the Friday show in the morning and show the competition in the evening with the winner returning to the house live.

      • Haha, yeah. This is really a moot point because in no way do I see Dominique winning it.

    • That’s been my understanding too, but some others don’t think it will go into effect until the eviction after that.

      • I always like the underdogs. I’m hoping he wins to put 2 players that I don’t like. He has done nothing and they are after him. I hate the couples and PAUL. I hope if he wins 2 of them are up on the block.

      • Funny you mentioned that because I was thinking this was the FIRST year, I dont like the underdogs. Its weird for me. Never happened before. Its just somet about the ppl on that side I dont like.

      • Idk that’s what’s weird. Its usually just a feeling I cant articulate.. I dont like Ramses, Josh, Kevin, and especially Jason. I want to root for them but I just cant. I dont have a connection with them.

      • I like all of those except Josh and Alex is also an underdog who is now up Paul’s A**hole so I’m not sure if I want to root for her. I’ll wait another week. I’m hoping Jason stops trying to throw Kevin under the bus. They are buddies.

      • That’s the only smart thing I’ve seen Jason do. He’s correct not to trust kevin. Kevin is following Paul and Paul surely will be coming for Jason after Ramses and snaky Kevin will deliver him on a silver platter to Paul no doubt.

      • He was talking to Christmas about Jason earlier, giving away that Jason would put up a couple guys if he wins HoH, but not who Christmas would expect. While not directly anything bad about Jason, any talk like that always has a chance to cause problems.

      • Alex and Jason are onto Kevin, They want to go after him next per their recent convo today after veto.
        While Kevin genuinely wants F4 with him, Paul, Alex and Jason.

      • You’ll be quite surprised. He knows how the game is played. And he’s been quite observant too, more than we know.

      • You think he doesn’t want it? I have a feeling Ramses is ready to do some serious damage! Lol

      • Not saying he isn’t playing the game, but he’s trying to keep calm and try to play a more strategical game as opposed to a physical game.

      • Well he isnt doing a good job. He’s is at least 4 ppls targets in the house. If he doesnt win after this hoh He’s in serious trouble.

  11. So my comment got deleted. Smh. No one is going to address Paul being a blatant racist in wanting to do black face? This is disgusting.

  12. If they knew about the battle back…I think they’d vote Jess out…Considering they don’t I think it’s pretty likely that D is gonna get the vote out

  13. Elena and especially raven are so confident that they will make it to jury. Not that they will win though.

    • That’s what I hate about some casting… not everyone wants to win. Sure getting to jury is a first step, but after that people just roll over and die.

      • Meh, Nicole said early last season she just wanted to get to jury, but then she still went and won the whole thing anyway. What these houseguests say now doesn’t necessarily hold up to what they’ll actually do later.

      • True.

        I think I’m referring to people who just roll over and die once they reach jury. As if they stopped trying. Nicole kept going which is why she won.

      • Yeah nobody is gung-ho saying I want to win, it would probably put target on their backs.

  14. Can someone pls recheck about POV?? Other sites are saying it was used and Mark was put up???

    • Not sure what sites those are, but here & Joker’s both say that Jason did NOT use the POV.

  15. Wow! I get sick for a week & the entire house flips! Last I had heard, before I caught the worst summer chest cold ever, was Jessica was next to go after Cody, and now, I see Dominique has completely imploded and her game is totally ruined! Trying to get caught up here, but it looks like Paul set this whole thing in motion. Never really liked Dom b/c she likes to use God as a cosigner for her word too often for my taste, but wth! What happened to make her public enemy numero uno??

    • Wondered where you went! Welcome back! Alex had her in mind after she and Elena talked. Dom has rubbed Alex the wrong way from the get go.

      • Hey Joni! Thank you, glad to be back. Heck, I’m glad to be conscious and not feeling like you know what!! haha

        Yeah, all day I’ve been checking jokers’ quick view and then going back and watching feeds. I can’t believe how Do has just… *kapow* exploded her game. She is feeding right into Paul’s plan, but then again, I don’t really care fr her, so I won’t shed a tear if she goes.

      • She needs to rein herself in big time. May not be enough by then. She truly has shown her true colors once her safety was jeopardized.

      • I know. I have been catching up on the feeds and she is losing it. Accusing Elena of being the second head of the snake, when Elena was one of the *only* people going to bat for her to stay!
        She just got into it with Christmas too a little while ago.
        She’s definitely sealed her fate I think.

        Aaahh…the drama! I missed Big Brother!! ;)

      • I know right! But Dom totally attacked Elena today. I think she’s done…but who knows, according to her, God is going to get the people who betrayed her, so that might make a really interesting episode of BB huh? BB the wrath of Dominique the Dominator! hahaha

      • She’d isolated herself for the first day and a half after being nommed like Cody did. I thought, oh Gosh, not another Audrey.

      • I think that’s where she made the mistake. Anyone talks bad about Paul and they will go down. None of these HGs know how to keep their mouths shut. They tell Paul everything. Paul pulls the strings and the puppets do as he says. She should have gone and talked to the whole house about Paul and why he is against her now.

      • Lol! I saw her wearing the sunglasses and shutting herself off & I thought all she needs is a blanket and it’s Audrey 2.0. ;)

      • Dom’s true colors came out after she went onto the block, just as I predicted they would. Before that, I’d made a comment that some in that house was feeling way tooo safe!

      • Yeah, as I said never really liked her, but most of the HG did. Today I’ve been catching up on the feeds and saw the crazy blowout she had with Paul in the HOH room w/pretty much the entire house present after she was nom’d…I guess shes just gone downhill from there huh?

    • I hope you’re feeling much better. The simplest answer to what happened with Dom is that she does not play well with others. I’m not a psychiatrist who plays golf, so there won’t be a direct diagnosis. 5 cents!

      • Thanks hon! I am. Ugh. Nothing worse than being sick, especially when it makes me miss BB! hehe!
        I think what bothers me the most about Dom is how she uses God to further her game. As if God is in the house and can actually speak up for her or do her dirty work. It’s disturbing actually.

      • As I’ve stated in the past…religion and Big Brother do not belong in the same sentence. Did Dom really think that people shouldn’t lie, cheat and steal in this game?

      • Exactly. I mean, think about it…Who is considered pretty much the best *all around* BB player of ALL TIME? Will Kirby, right? And if anyone has watched WK’s season of BB they would know he lied, manipulated and straight up sabotaged people all the while smiling to their faces and feeling absolutely NO empathy for their suffering!

        THAT is BB! Don’t play the game if you can’t handle it is all I have to say…and please don’t bring religion into it!!!!

  16. While getting Jess out is the best move, Dom has herself to blame.
    (message to the HG’s)
    You realize you’re on Big Brother right?

    • Lol! Exactly, Dan! It’s like they’re surprised when someone lies to them or backstabs them! I mean, seriously, have you *ever* watched the show or what?? ;)
      Welcome to BB Dom…

      • Yeah, except Alex. I know she seems like she’s playing Paul’s game right now, but if you listen to her…she is not all googley eyed like the rest of the house. She’s playing nice now, but I think Alex will take a shot at Paul if she gets the chance–and especially if Cody comes back. I bet she aims him right at Paul pronto!

      • The problem is Alex is convinced that Paul won’t lie to her. Jason’s trying to get it through to her that Paul will do whatever he has to, but she still thinks his “friendship” persona from last season won’t allow him to backstab her.

      • Idk. She says that to Jason, but Alex knows how this game is played too and she’s watching Paul. I actually like Paul, so I wouldn’t mind them working together, but Paul sometimes does not know when to just shut up and I think he’ll say or do something to let Alex know he isn’t really on anyone’s team but his own, so I don’t think it’ll last.

    • The best move for who? I’d argue that the majority of the voters are better off evicting Dominique.

      • Explain.
        Not saying you’re wrong, but I’m honestly curious of how it would help.
        Because the counterargument would be that Cody would return.

      • Well getting out Dom is definitely the best move for Jason, Kevin, Ramses, and Josh. I don’t think there’s any question about that. And now since she’s been nominated, she’s turned against Paul and Elena. So I think they’re better off getting rid of her too. Alex is also sort of “an outsider” so if it were a tie, I think she should evict Dom because if Dom stayed, she’d be more with the big group than Jessica would be. Mark is better off evicting Jessica, and I’m not really sure where Matt, Raven, and Christmas stand. So my count is 6 should evict Dom, 1 should evict Jessica, 3 unsure, and the tiebreaker should evict Dom.

      • Also, I don’t think Cody would be too big of a threat even with Jessica there because she’s really all he has. Maybe he’d win the first HOH, but he should be easy to take out the week after if they want.

  17. Wow that was quick – Dom went from under-the-radar to reviled target faster than Oprah devouring her daily weight watcher rations!
    And not to trigger anyone here, but for someone who’s never watched bb, she sure seems to be playing Day’s game!

    • I now! I was sick fr a week and I came back yesterday & was like WTH happened to Dominique’s game?? Not even Cody imploded that fast! haha

      • Well I was watching and I still cant tell you what happened with Dominique! Lol it came out of nowhere

      • Cody started it when he told Paul that both Mark & Dom knew about his plans.
        After that, it was only a matter of time before Paul targeted her. He wanted Mark up there as well this week. I think Elena got that quashed!

      • That’s not correct. Cody clarified to Paul that Dominique and Mark didn’t know about his plans of backdooring Paul. Paul has come out of nowhere with this using it as a reason to come after them. Paul knows straight from Cody’s mouth Dom and Mark are innocent. That’s what i meant by I don’t know what this stems from.

      • Not true. He did tell Mark and Dom, but that was before the other teammates told him to change his mind about trying that that week.

      • No no In the hoh Paul and Cody one on one talk, Paul specifically asked Cody did Mark and Dominique know Cody was backdooring him. Cody said ” no they didn’t know”but their was small talk about xmas. Paul knows they wasnt in the plan, Paul is up to something. Paul asked him twice! No one knows but Paul that Cody cleared them in privately. Go back and watch you’ll see. Paul is actually doing what Cody intended to do but Cody didn’t do it well enough. Paul’s finishing what Cody started for his own agenda.

      • Must have totally missed that talk…dang it. Where was I? Geesh! Thnx for the clarity on this!

      • I noticed a lot of ppl think it happened they way you thought. It’s why they are giving Cody underserved credit for stirring the pot. He didn’t even do that right bcz he told Paul the truth. The whole point was to get to Paul’s head. If he were good he would’ve lied and said they knew. So, I still dont know why he wants Dom out. Btwn you and I, I believe production wanted Dominique out and told Paul to make it happen.

      • Paul knows his immunity will be up next eviction and he’ll be a target so he’s using what Cody said to create new targets.

      • Exactly! The point I was making was ppl talking about Cody stirred the pot as if he’s some brilliant master mind. He tried but he failed. In order for that execution to be a success, people wld have had to believe it, no one did. He goes up to hoh and Paul the truth! Great job stirring the pot Cody. The objective is to create reasonable doubt.duh! He failed. The way most ppl take in this show blows my mind! Like, what are they watching?? Lol

      • The guilt caught up with her. She and Mark were the two that knew what Cody was planning to do. Mark got flustered about voting Cody out and Dom, being the host of her “show” wasn’t afraid he’d spill who those two people were when she questioned him on it.

  18. Dominique had such a great game going…until she was nominated. Really shows how much the pressure can get to you in this game

    • Because Dominique is a fraud. I dont believe for a second she is as deep as say’s. She cracked in one day.

    • I think her talk show screwed her game up! I never like it and thought it seemed strange. She seemed to think she could ask anything and be immune from the game somehow. Doesn’t work that way!

      • Hey, Cheryl here. Your’e right, but where she really messed up was when she said ‘organic alliances and what not, an alliance that she she was a part of. That’s what raised a red flag with Paul.

  19. Do yall think Cody will work with Paul? I don’t trust that. If so, no longer than two weeks tops.

  20. I was really thinking Dom had a good chance at this game, but her talk show got her. She got more consumed with that than playing BB. You can’t ask uncomfortable/awkward questions and think that you are immune just because you’re hosting your “talk show” meanwhile blowing everyone’s games up.

    • It’s not really about the talkshow, it’s more about Paul playing eenie meenie miney mo with Dom and Mark to ensure target is not on his back once his safety expires next week. It happened to land on Dom that Alex supported. So of course Paul went overdrive to “blow” Dom’s game.

  21. They just got through talking about Paul doing black face in the case of Dom 2 min ago on TMZ, they had Marcellis from season 3 on there via sype

  22. Can`t wait to watch Cody and Jessica reunited in Thursday, and Jessica winning HOH<

  23. As much as I want Cody to come back and gung-ho kicking Paul all the way to his mom’s mansion, I prefer Cameron to reenter the house. Poor guy doesn’t have a chance and he’s a super fan. He deserves at least a few more hours in the house.

    • Depending on the comps… he’s coming back. Jillian and Dom won’t beat him in a physical comp. Don’t know about Cameron because we didn’t see him get to compete much, but he’s still going up against someone who’s beaten him in a physical/endurance comp before.

  24. I think it would be smart to get rid of Jessica but I really don’t care who they pick this week. For me it is just kind of a meh week. But everyone has to go.

    • I don’t think Jess will go. Although WHY Paul isn’t sending her home…??? Totally not getting it. It would make sense for Paul to get rid of her considering Jessica is (and always will be) on Cody’s side, but he seems to have let that go for some reason.

      Not sure why considering he *should* know there will be a Battle Back-I mean, hello, his biggest ally (Vic) returned 3 freaking times last season…

      But, if it bites him in the bum, then he’ll have no one to blame but himself cuz he got this Dom train a’rollin.

      • He did Alex a favor by getting Cody out and splitting one showmance up. Alex is now getting rid of someone that could become an ally for Jess and Cody when he returns…hahaha

      • I think Alex is working with Paul right now b/c it is in her best interest…
        She’s smart. I think she has a good chance of winning it if she keeps putting big targets in front of herself.

      • If she is using Paul, otherwise as long as she sticks with him it may cost her.

      • I don’t think so b/c he will always be a bigger target than her. Plus, she is letting him have the big blowouts with everyone…while staying relatively bloodless.

        Not to mention, if Cody comes back, Cody wants to work with Alex. Keeping Jessica is another number if Alex decides to work with Cody.

      • I don’t think Paul will be a target for the majority of the house. If Paul wants Alex out, she will go.

      • But that is why it’s smart for Alex to keep Jessica. If Cody comes back, that is two votes her way. Plus, she isn’t targeting Paul. She’s playing nice. That’s why she got so pissed at Jason when he was going to rock the boat. She told him if he did anything to screw up what she had going on, she couldn’t help him anymore.

        I’m telling you, she’s on to Paul, but she wants to work with him until it comes time to take her shot.

        IMO, that is smart BB game playing.

      • Oh yeah, I won’t feel bad at all if Cody comes back and it bites Paul. I feel like these people can’t settle on a target and keep their sites on the person for longer than 2 days. As soon as they see something shiny they change direction.

  25. It would be funny to see Cody and Jessica having to compete against each other to get back into the game. I hope she will be evicted and that becomes a reality.

  26. LOL, Dom is sinking her own ship. All Jess needs to do is keep laying low, and she’s safe for at least another week.

  27. Honestly I don’t really see what the differences if Cody comes back & Jessica is still there or not? Sure a duo, but no different than all the other duos & strong alliances (most of the house in Paul’s back pocket) if anything, I hope Cody can come back, repair some relationships and open peoples eyes & make them stop following Paul around! It is pretty pathetic! It’s not like Paul is Channing Tatum! LOL
    So I don’t quite understand what difference it would make if she is still there or not!?
    I’m hoping if Cody returns he is going to shake the house up a lot! Open up people eyes & make them realize that Paul is “running the show” & that he is no longer safe, so hopefully Cody can get people to start flipping on each!
    Cody will have a lot of work to do though! & hopefully Jessica has been mending some relationships!? So her still being in the house might make it more exciting.……
    Of course, we don’t even know if it will be Cody.

  28. I’m disappointed with Jason! He said even before he got picked to play in the Veto comp that he was going to use it to “save Jessica no matter what!” I was like “good for you, do your thing Jason!”
    Sure, I get he’s not sitting pretty! But I still wanted to see it……
    AND Dom…… she really really messed up any chances she had to campaign against Jessica! What was she thinking?! Seriously! I thought she was a lot more levelheaded than this!
    Do you think there’s any chance whatsoever that Dominique can stay alive in the game? Or is she πŸ’―% done?

  29. We could really jump start some powerful moves people. Let vote to give Dominique the hex. She will take her self and Jessica off the block. Cody will return from the buy back, and it will be the sexiest hot you have evert seen. Everyone will be playing all out, no more puppets!!! Many of us voted for Alex but she is weak, she talked a good game and is not as smart as she lead us to believe. Take a chance America vote Dom.

  30. Just being devils advocate…what if Cody doesn’t make it back in? Stranger things have happened. The battle backs are not just physical, just saying

  31. the thing that really gets under my skin is the fact they are letting Christmas stay on the show ,it not fair to the others that she cannot compete. let her come back next year just not now

    • I totally agree…I’m disappointed, I thought she was more of a competitive person, I would of thought she would want to go home and take care of herself and come back next year so she would be able to participate in the game instead of just floating hoping to get enough pity from other HG’s. Such a waste…

  32. I cannot believe the HOH is not trying to take down a big threat. Jessica is not a threat right now but others such as Josh, Matt, Christmas, Mark, and Raven are threats. They have the numbers that need to be broken up. How and these players be so stupid when it comes to big plays! I just don’t get it!

  33. The frustrating part is the two people have Paul’s number are either gone (Cody) or going to be gone soon (Dom). Need someone to start plotting against Paul or it’s just not that interesting. He is a snake because he wriggles out of every situation. If he were gone maybe we’d see some other people actually step up and start playing.

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