‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Week 10 Nominations

Nominations on Big Brother

Nominations are in for Week 10 with the latest Big Brother 19 spoilers from the Feeds as the Houseguests continue to march along to the beat of Paul’s drum.

We listened to seemingly endless circular discussions between Paul and Christmas over how she should handle these plans, but nothing ever changed on who she wanted to put up. It was always about how to handle the reveal and disclosure of her intentions this week.

Big Brother 19 Week 10 Nominations:

  • Christmas nominated: Alex & Jason

Jason is the target here and Christmas has the group’s support with Josh, Paul, and Raven. Kevin was never told the plan, but instructed to lay low. Alex and Jason thought Kevin was the target, but here was Christmas’s dilemma. She wondered if she should tell Jason she was out to get him, or keep him calm and pretend like there was a BD plan in action. Christmas feared a weakness in her ability to lie would make this tricky, so we waited to see what she’d say.

Turns out that Christmas did not reveal her true intentions as she said all day she would. Instead they left the meeting with both Alex and Jason still believing/hoping the plan was to get Kevin out. They probably still feel that way because Paul keeps pushing it to calm Jason and Christmas has been working on Alex. They’ll figure it out soon enough.

With both Alex and Jason on the Block there’s no chance for one to save the other and both remain safe. It’s one or the other at this point after neither of them had the smarts to take a gamble on the Tree of Temptation. That twist went empty again this week and they’re going to regret that later.

Veto comp is coming up on Saturday and we’ll be watching for the player draw and the results to share as soon the spoilers arrive. Who do you want to win the PoV?

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    • Agreed…..I would like to see Kevin win the Veto and take Jason off, but I know that’s an extreme long shot.

    • Yes I’m hoping Jason wins The veto since he’s the real target and mess up their entire plan

      • Actually, I’d like 2 see Kevin actually win something. If Kevin won & took Jason otb, Kevin could not be BD’D.

      • If it comes down to Alex and Raven on the block, the best thing to do would be to evict Alex so they could still split the power couple.

      • LMFAO yeah cause Kevin is totally going to win anything…..Kevin IS the Victoria of BB19.

      • Why not? How can 1 veto keep 2 people safe? Is it like a “gentleman’s code?” or actual rule? I thought years back I saw a dark skinned young guy (think Ramses personality , but darker) give it to a southern belle type & he was thrown in for trying to save her. And ended up getting ousted. Or am I remembering it incorrectly?

      • The difference was that Marcellas was on the block originally and won the VETO but used the VETO on Amy . A new nominee was put up but Marcellas was on the block was still on the block and the group voted him out. It was probably one of the dumbest moves in the history of the show.

      • That is great to hear because that was my ONLY worry about Jason winning the POV was Kevin being the replacement, but if Kevin won and took off Jason then that would work. And typically Paul would insist that Kevin not use the VETO….however, Kevin may say he has to since Jason took him off last week and needs to return the favor and Paul MIGHT go with that.

      • So if Kevin won the veto and decided to use it to take Jason off the block, then Kevin has immunity as well, and can’t be put otb, because he won the veto? I thought that the only perk from the veto was to take yourself, (or someone else), off the block; but the win itself doesn’t make you immune? That’s confusing me… (Btw, I’m being completely serious and asking. I don’t want it to sound argumentative.)

      • Thank you!! I wasn’t sure what the protocol was. That would be extremely crappy to take someone down, only to be the replacement! That would definitely be my luck! Haha

      • I didn’t take it as argumentative for sure, but you are right the rules are very confusing. I only hope that Kevin wins the VETO and takes off Jason AND our thoughts are that Kevin is immune. I can’t think of a scenario where a VETO winner was a replacement nom. I guess we MIGHT find out this week. Have a great weekend.

      • Thanks! I doubt we will find out since it’s not likely that Kevin wins. Hope you have a great weekend as well!

      • Good lord what is wrong with the guys on the show. I think if he did that, he wife would NOT be happy.

      • And then replace him with Raven! So we have either Alex or Raven leaving next eviction! That would make my week! Both repulse me!

      • You got that right! If only they would show it how she truly is on the episodes instead of cutting all of it out, and making her look like a “warrior”! That makes me just as disgusted as she does!

  1. OMG, Who cares who goes up at this point… This is ridiculous!! In all 19 Seasons have I ever canceled the feeds, and even turned down an offer of a “Month Free” …
    This Season, is Big Brother Paul…. I can’t believe these fools still, STILL, do not have a clue!!! I’d rather see Kevin Win!!

    • Then dont watch. Seriously. This is one of the best seasons in a long time and if whether you watch or not will not affect Big Brother in anyway

      • you are so sadly correct Kyle..no matter how disappointing or ridiculous we as fans see this show/season – the powers that be will never make a step towards making BB the great show it could be..crap is and always will be king.

      • Sensitive much. You ever buy any snake oil? It cures everything and can be used for almost anything.

      • There’s people like this every single year. “Worst cast ever, this person is ruining the show and the game”, yet the show has been one of the most entertaining seasons yet

      • There has been nothing entertaining about this season. I don’t see what you could possibly see as positive about this season.

      • Almost nobody played to win in 16. You had Nicole who figured out what was going on a bit too late, and you had Derrick. That was it.

      • I’m not sure its all that different than this season really. I mean, yes they were smarter about it and didn’t just immediately bow down to Derrick. However, it kinda ended up that way. Cody definitely didn’t play to win at the end though… He won the last HOH and had a chance to take Victoria.

        Sure, it says a lot for his loyalty because he gave Derrick his word. Maybe he and Paul can compare notes about what its like to lose simply because you’re so loyal that you take the stronger player (that you gave your word to).

      • Yea cody blew it that was terrible also. My word would be im going in to this house to win by any means necessary

      • You never know. They continue to let Christmas play with a bad foot, and players are throwing comps to her and Kevin hasn’t won anything but money…so there is hope they’ll let just about anyone in now to play, right?

      • i do jest but reading your comments btween you and true, it’s hillarious, i had a brutal week, and coming onto this site, reading your banter is funny!! thanks

      • You’re very welcome. This week has been quite pathetic in the BB house, so it’s always good to throw some humor in now and again!

      • you know it’s bad when the comments are better than the show itself..come for the show stay for the view comments lol

      • Derrick said to him after he e victed whatshername “why did you do that” or something along those lines

      • Here’s the thing, I don’t think Cody thought he’d lose. He had actually won more comps than Derrick. The thing was, Cody was not aware of everything Derrick was doing behind the scenes either. Derrick let Cody see a lot more than most, but not all of his machinations. Derrick only broke down the total control he had over that house on finale night in his speech.

      • The main difference between this season and 16 though… I stopped watching when Nicole was finally evicted for good. There was no feeling that anything other than Derrick winning would happen.

        This season… I’m not calling it a win for Paul yet. I just have this nagging feeling that someone is going to put that knife into his back. Hoping I’m wrong, but I think the season still bears watching.

      • I agree, its been a cakewalk so far. It could change very quickly though and thats what i am hoping for as well. Imo paul had his chance and blew it. I don’t care for vets.

      • I agree with you as a general rule. I’ve never been a huge fan of returning vets. I liked Nicole, and it was good to see her back, but she changed and I found myself not rooting for her.

        Its Paul’s sense of humor that is a big part of why I’m glad to be watching him again. With him, I don’t feel like its safe to take a drink when he’s talking. At any given moment, he’s going to say something or give a look that is going to have me spitting that drink all over.

      • That’s the kind of fun I’m talking about! If nothing else, the man knows not to take anything too seriously. LOL

      • Too bad that guy didn’t show up this season. I liked that Paul. Instigating bullying Paul…not so much.

      • I remember back to when my friends and I were that age and we were wise asses that acted out a bit and cursed too much. We probably thought a bit too highly of ourseleves too, lol.

        Its entertaining to me to see someone that can take the game seriously, but still have so much fun at the same time!

      • I understand, and even Paul admits that he is basically being a character when it comes to Big Brother. Not sure how he acts in real life, but he does do a lot of charity stuff for kids. Whenever CBS got him to do Big Brother appearances (after last season)… If it was for kids, Paul did the appearances for free.

        But, I have been the same way with other HGs throughout past seasons. No rhyme or reason for it… Sometimes, personalities just get on your nerves (and I know they have mine, lol)

      • Get real. You had Frankie and Zach who played real hard. You had Cody who was great at getting information from HGs. I think you need to watch again. If you do, you will see that it was a great season. This season sucks…..probably the worst out of 19. And yes even 15 was better because only 2 sucked on that season as opposed to 16 sucking this season.

      • If you like Paul, I can see that. With the start of college football, it is kinda like watching your favorite team in a blowout win. Only good for the “home fans”. But for folks looking for a quality game, there has been limited entertainment since jody left

      • Of course, its fairly obvious I’m a Paul guy, lol. Watching a blow out in football… I understand where you’re coming from. Unless I just really dislike the team that’s losing, I feel bad for them.

        The difference here is that I don’t really see anone in the house that deserves sympathy or Paul’s mercy really.

      • Agree 100% with the latter part and where my analogy falls apart a little :-/.

        It isn’t Paul’s fault that these others are who they are and they deserve what is coming for them with no sympathy

      • The ONLY thing that gives me a great feeling if Paul wins is when these idiots look back at the season and see how fooled their were. That and I hope Cody gets AFP so Paul can be shocked out of his skull. I also like the fact that Paul lost a huge amount of popularity this year and other HGs who think they are popular are in for a rude awakening.

      • Kyle I have been watching BB since season one and this one is the worst in history. Just clueless HG gameplay, rigged comps & they gave a VET like Paul a full month of safety with a ring kissing ceremony to start the show. I mean really, Paul came out like BB royalty and he came in 2nd the year before. Really disgusting CBS and Grodner should be fired.

      • “Oh boo boo one good player is ruining my enjoyment of the show”. Worst season ever? There has been drama every single week, fights every single week, plotting and scheming all across the board, and a fun and wild cast. People complain when everything is too boring, then they still complain when it’s not boring, so what do you want? The ratings have been through the roof for this season, so tell Grodner this is “the worst season ever”

      • Its not the worst season ever. Its more of a case of Paul being most dominant player in a season — ever.

      • I wouldn’t call Paul a dominant BB player. Everyone else is so weak that it makes him look dominant. Last year Paul made a good run, but was not dominant at all – so in a group of real players, he is probably just above average

      • I don’t think Paul is the greatest by any means. Me calling him the most dominant player in a season is partly based on the fact that he is a good BB player and partly on the ineptitude of the other HGs this season.

        He held his own last season especially considering how many times he was on the block (7 if I remember right), and I couldn’t help but root for the guy.

        I’m not sure how great this season might have been without Paul, but I think he’s probably the funniest person in the house this season. After 2 seasons in the BB House, the only way I’d want to see him back is in an All Star season. It would be really hard to predict how he would fair, but I’m sure he would give it his all.

        That’s really the bottom line. Whether you like Paul or hate him… The man definitely gives Big Brother his all.

      • Completely agree. Paul lives and breathes Big Brother 24/7, plus he continually makes me Laugh Out Loud. I thought for sure the producers would air a short vignette about Paul’s hilarious antics … maybe they still will … his makeup application tutorial (while applying makeup to Elena) was one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.

      • No disagreement with what you state. He likes to play this game and he has game. For my own entertainment, I just wish there was someone promising to challenge hiim. He deszerves to win this year amongst these HGs with how he has played.

      • Yeah, I really want him to win so he can have a sense of peace with the game. I know a lot of why he is playing so hard this season is the fact that he didn’t take James to the finale. He knows that sticking to his word of “not taking James because he didn’t respect his game play” is why he lost last season.

        I agree and I would love for there to be a bit more competition because that’s where he was at his best last year (when he was on the block playing for Vetos as an example). I still want him to win, but it would be more meaningful. Yeah, that’s probably the right way to say it, lol.

      • I’ll give him that, Carvin. He definitely approaches the game with all guns a blazin, but if he was in a house with serious players…I think many of them would see his crap a mile away. especially all the little talks between the HG. Usually that is a red flag waving big & loud, but these Hg are either oblivious to it or they simply do not care and I honestly think it is the latter. From the gate, most of them were saying “I just want to get to jury”. What true BB player says that? And lets not forget Alex’s interview with Jeff S. she already had herself losing this season so she can come back next season! Jeff was like WTF?? Um…let’s stay focused on this season. LMAO! Seriously? Does that sound like someone who is determined to win the game?

      • Yeah, this cast as a whole has got to be one of the worst. Everyone seems to think that just being on the show means instant fame afterwards. I think they must have been thinking, “Heck, I’ll just try to make Jury and get that $25K and anything after that is just too much work.” Elena basically cried when Josh was wanting her out a week before Jury. She had no job or anything else to go back to, and it wasn’t fair for Josh to send her out before Jury.

        The sheepish HGs are really why Paul is playing the way he is this year (with so many different discussions with everyone). If he was in the House with good players, I think you would see more of the player from last season out of Paul. The ability to “beast mode” through Veto comps is still there inside him. There is just no reason for him to show himself as a comp threat this time around.

        One thing is for certain though… Unless they do a season of All Time Buttwads… Alex will never be coming back!

      • Season of ALL-Time Buttwads: LMBO! Good one, my friend. That was funny as hell.

        Yes, that is another thing that bugs me. This group is a bunch of fame whores who think they’re going to use BB as some kind of stepping stone to fame and fortune and a career?? WTH? Name one BB player that has used BB to become famous,,,and I mean really famous or to get into acting or whatever. Yeah, some have gone on to do other shows for CBS, but still…they are not famous and BB is not some platform that will make you a star!! If someone goes on BB use it for what it is…a chance to win a boatload of money by playing a game, but in order to win that $$, you have to actually play the game people!! ;)

      • The closest one was probably Jessie Godderz. He went on to join TNA (now GFW) and has appeared in a couple soap operas and shows and whatnot. But then again, GFW is to WWE what Triple-A is to the majors.

      • Ah yes, Mr. Pectacular! ;) He was actually smart in how he used his BB notoriety. He took advantage of his 15 mins. of BB fame to further a career he had already started as a wrestler. Now that is definitely plausible, but using BB as a platform to become famous?? Not going to happen. Especially if you are detested like Alex is. I think Paul might be in for a rude awakening as well… he has lost quite a chunk of his fan base. If I was him, I would not expect as many meet & greets after this season.

      • Yeah, how is DaVonne’s acting career doing? Paul told the other HG’s this season that last season’s players have basically returned to their normal lives.

      • Dominance is a relative term. And like you said, everyone is so blatantly weak that comparatively, Paul is definitiely up there in terms of the most dominant player ever. Best player ever, no, but most dominant is quite likely

      • In a group of other vets he would of been gone pre jury. That’s why he was the only vet. CBS wants their baby to win.

      • Reminds me of that short guy on Survivor who claimed to be the King of Survivor. His brother/cousin(?) was on BB. He was great to watch.

      • It’s more like Paul being the smartest one in the class with a D-. Just because he is the smartest one there doesn’t mean he is smart.

      • Right. Paul’s at the top of the bottom quarter of the class. He wouldn’t last two weeks in an All Star season.

      • Notsomuch? It’s a “reality” game show. There’s no “correct” answer. Paul is controlling the game, and the other players don’t seem terribly good at furthering their own interests. I find this to be neither the most or least entertaining season. Very few fucks to give if someone else does or doesn’t. Vive la difference.


      • Hey, there’s no need to talk like that. He has a right to his opinions. That is what this board is for. We don’t always agree, but we need to respect each other here.

      • Yeah, well, it’s not as though I marketed myself as Placid Dog Kate. I am not saying that he can’t give his opinion. I am simply givng my opinion that I understood his opinion the first time around, and the subsequent reformulations weren’t necessary.

        It’s just my opinion?

      • Hahaha aren’t you glad she didn’t nominate David. He’s still safe. At least for now. I don’t think he’s the target.

      • Paul the Wolf came in to the Big Brother house and found a group of sheep. So he did what any wolf would have done: annihilate them systematically, one-by-one. And that’s why so many people don’t like Paul. But basically he just grabbed the perks CBS gave him and ran with them. And looking back over the last 10 weeks, the sheep really never had a chance.

      • Kyle,
        Are u OK??? Feeling sick?
        How is this the best season in a long time?? Please explain sir!!!!
        Oh I no, you are a “paul” lackey!!!!!
        No wonder.

      • Hard to call this one of the best seasons. It has been very predictable with a very petty nastiness to it. It isn’t a snooze fest – so for pure voyeuristic entertainment, it has been a lot to follow. But for solid gameplay, not so good

      • One of the best seasons ever?? You mean just for sheer drama I’m assuming b/c you cannot possibly mean for good BB game play. Even Paul, who is definitely playing the best game in the house, is not that impressive b/c of the worthless cast he is playing against/with. If he was playing with a group that was serious about winning I’d be far more impressed. For example, Alex & Jason just got put OTB together and yet neither one of them are worried. That is not Paul, that is them and a lackadaisical BB attitude… I will agree, this has been an exciting season with all the drama, but as far as good BB game playing…No way. Give me seasons like 6, 7, 13 and even 14 (although Dan was robbed). Those HG were playing BB. Not this group.

      • I don’t ever remember this may comps being thrown or given away. Pathetic.
        They do have picking fights and being nasty down to a tee.

      • LMBO! Yes they do have that down pat. Wish they played comps & the game of BB as vigorously as they pick fights with one another!

      • How about Season 15? I mean, I know this season’s cast is giving 15 a run for their money in terms of harassing other HGs and generally acting ugly, but at least the HGs in season 15 were playing the game and trying to win. A season can have both the drama plus actual game play.

        Okay, I feel a need to shower after talking about Season 15, lol.

      • No, I actually mentioned the Season 15 cast in another post on here somewhere Carvin and you’re right, they were awful people, but *at least* they were all trying to win BB! Not one of them were just looking for jury or to be 2nd place. They played hard to win, which is what BB players are supposed to do. This cast…? Not so much. And the only few that even tried just weren’t any good at BB. Cody could win comps, but he had zero social skills & Jessica was mean & petty, and tied herself to the guy with no game play. Mark could win comps too, but he could never make up his mind which side he wanted to pick and that got him evicted as well. So, what we have left are the ones who are quite content to come in 2nd place. That’s not how BB should be played. Not this season & not ever imo!

      • I agree entirely, and I’ll be honest… We might all be lucky that Paul showed up this season. Imagine if he wasn’t in the house and everyone was still only playing for 2nd place. Gawd, what a boring piece of crap this season would be then.

        They need to get back to just going with HGs that really want to play the game. No recruits or anything like that. Quit worrying about trying to find physically attractive people, and just get fans that will make good players.

        They need to pull the plug on returning HGs after this season too. The way this season has gone should let CBS know that’s a bad idea. By all means, do an entire season of returning vets (starting with like season 14). Just no more mingling Vets and newbies please!

      • The last all star cast was season 7 so they are long, long overdue for one. I’m crossing my fingers it’ll be next season on BB’s 20th anniversary. BB 14 was when the “coaches” came in (Boogie, Janelle, Dan & Brittany), but we all knew from the get go those coaches were going to join the game eventually. hehe

        I do think Paul always gives his all, but is he really a great player or is he playing with/against an extremely weak and easily led cast? I liken it to this Carvin… If a person with two good legs runs the fastest hundred yard dash ever in the special Olympics, is that really a win, especially when that person is competing against children in wheelchairs? ;)
        You tell me…

      • Wouldn’t it be nice tho, Joni? If they could get together a really great group like they did in BB7? And you could always shoot for BB21…more fun happens after 21 any how! haha

      • Hope they renew their contract then…or Season 20 may be their last season. I wouldn’t mind a season with former players!!! Could be fun!

      • I agree. I’d love to see some greats come back. Janelle. Danielle Donato. Dan for sure & Derrick too. See how well Derrick could do against a cast of vets as well, then I’ll determine if he deserves to be up there with Will & Dan. ;)

      • I think Vanessa would have to be involved. She was too good at the game to be left out. However, everyone is going to know she fake cries and is a professional Poker player this time around, so she won’t be sneaking up on anyone.

      • Interesting! I haven’t seen any BB Canada but I would have thought they would have gone after a Poker player. I mean they bluff for a living after all. I guess that might bode well for Vanessa after all.

      • I prefer bbcan. They are much more enforcing the rules. And the first and last season are the best. Worthed for you to find them online when you have a bb craving later on!!

      • Once done, you can go with 4. Tim , the winner of bb Australia is in it and he’s hysterical, funny.

      • They’re all good. I’m hooked on them. When the new season starts you can watch online with video brother.

      • Vanessa would have to take a whole new approach this time…but she was a very strategic BB player. I’d love JMac back & Zach-attack as well. Like I said, I’d really love to see Derrick play against Dan G. Too bad Will would never come back. Nobody is as smooth as Will Kirby! haha

      • I finally watched Will’s season and I agree! Sad he won’t even attempt to come back again, though.

      • It was definitely more organic that’s for sure, but Production had already started whispering in players ears in DRs at that point and Will didn’t like it, not one bit.

      • OMG. I would love to see Derrick, Dan & Will match wits. All three of them are so strategic & can lie so charmingly. hehe Even tho you know they are lying, they do it so good, you still believe them. Hell, Will even wears a shirt that says”I’m probably lying” and yet they still believe him. hahahaha

      • The only problem would be trying to narrow down the cast for an All Star season. Even if they started with 14, I think we would quickly come up with more than 16 potential candidates.

      • You make a very good point, but he did play very well last season against people who did want to try and win. Well, he played well all the way up til the finale that is. This season is a complete waste, and in a way, its a waste of Paul’s time too unless he wins the $500K of course.

        He outplayed the House last year which would make me think that he could have done it again if everyone else hadn’t been a follower.

        Back to your very good question though… I would have enjoyed seeing Paul have to rely on all his tricks and talents to make it to the finale again. As a fan of his, it would be more rewarding for him to earn it. Then again, the argument could definitely be made he’s already earned it. Still…

        Its almost like watching my favorite football team play their hated rival and win, but the other team was missing their star Quarterback. I’ll take the win, but it would have been more enjoyable against top notch competition.

      • The feeling is definitely mutual! I always look forward to talking with you because you make me think of things from other points of view. I see so many people getting carried away here (over a game, I might add, lol), so its nice to know I can always talk to you about it!

      • Anytime my friend. Anytime. Intelligent BB game talk always makes me happy. Then again…trashing a despicable person like Alex makes me kind of happy too! hahaha Sorry Carvin…can’t be diplomatic all the time. ;) ;)

      • Well, you know what they say about great minds thinking alike. I can’t stand Alex any more. I can’t remember any other HG that I started out liking, and then suddenly just loathed everything about them.

        Watching them on BB this season… Alex, Jessica and Elena give women everywhere a bad name. Still though…

        I think Alex is by far the worst. If Jason goes home in the first eviction, I can only hope Alex follows him out the door.

      • Oh yes. I think Alex is even worse than raven who is a fraud, liar and pretty gross individual with her dirty condoms in her drawers and blow drying her crotch for millions to see…as she’s looking at the camera mind you! But even after all that…I still think Alex is worse. She called Kevin a child molester, a murderer an old man with leathery skin, and then she said she’d kick him in the balls on live TV if he won AFP!! Yeah, she’s pretty loathsome!

      • Yeah, its pretty bad when Raven didn’t crack my list of bad examples for young women on this season of BB. She has to be a pathological liar, I guess.

        The nasty condom stash in her drawers. You did notice during the Hide and Go Veto that Josh ended up sticking his hand in there, right? I think Kevin did too for that matter. If I had stuck my hand in that drawer with their used…

        Yeah, Production would have had to stop me from making a “disturbance” with them after that Veto.

      • I’m going to have to call it a night, my friend. I’ll be back around this weekend of course because…

        Whenever there is someone bashing Paul for no good reason… I’ll be there, lol.

        Have a great evening!

      • Actually, it IS affecting the Show… and in all the worst ways.. Try Googling “Big Brother 19” … It’s making News, big time; unfortunately, it’s all Negative.

      • Oh come on. That is the most ridiculous thing ever said. Best Seasons????? There is no game play. They don’t participate in HOH events, they cheat and break rules like eating as HNs. The show is not supposed to be a dictatorship and have one idiot running things.

      • I agree. I started watching the 5th season and have not stopped since then.
        I have always had my favorite HGs but I think Paul tops them all. He is so smooth but crafty that he surpasses anyone else. I love how he maneuvers through the game,

      • Credit? He has used his “Reality” Character to completely fool and screw US, the Viewers/Fans, and The Majority of the Entire Cast!
        As for my ability to “Not Watch” , That is correct, if I do not like it, I will stop. I stated that I canceled the feeds. As for the Episodes, most of those I watch on DVR, so I can FF through them.

      • But I wouldn’t put the blame on Paul. I would put the blame on either casting for casting a bunch of idiot followers or the houseguests themselves.

    • Ohes Noes Paul is playing a FAAAAAARRRRRRRRRR better game than anyone in that house OMG…..

    • Kevin knows what’s going on but as soon as he warned Jason Jason went and told Josh what Kevin said and Paul letting Jason know not to listen to Kevin ugh,i use to like Paul but bbad took care of that

    • Totally agree. I usually DVR the episodes to watch when I get home. This is the first season I find myself fast forwarding threw most of them. So glad I didnt pay for the feeds this year, because I fast forward threw most of BBAD as well.

    • I agree. I’ll still watch because I love the show but I’m so disappointed in everyone in that house. Nobody deserves to win. People throwing comps right and left. Breaking all the rules and laughing about it. Instigating fights with everyone. I seriously can’t believe it. They really need to find someone new to do the casting. Oh well I’ll just have to have a few drinks and sit back and relax and not give a care who ends up winning.

    • I’d rather Big Brother just say “hell with it” and cancel the damn thing and give the 500K to the Hurricane relief fund. I have NEVER felt that way, but this year, I don’t think a single one deserves to win and that includes Kevin. He is the best of the horrid group. Not saying much.

  2. Just realized there has only been 3 HOH’s this season…Cody, Jessica and Paul lol. It’s mind boggling how the others aren’t playing to win nor have all season.

  3. Aside from Jason’x faux pas this week, I’d still much prefer to see Alex leave. SO over that conniving, rude little…

  4. So they’re OTB. Now all they (Alex/Jason) have to do, is throw the Veto Comp. to either Paul/Christmas/Josh, and mission accomplished…Best season ever!

  5. Alex needs to go from being so stupid as to throw an hoh this close to the end and with her and her ride to die are the strongest along with paul. sheer stupidity. Realize especially after this last week that hey, you may be the next pair targeted. SMH

  6. Regret? I don’t think any of them will regret anything. They all seem to willingly hand over their game.

  7. Jeez, just when I think these people cannot get any more petty and nasty…they are all eating steaks in front of Kevin (who can’t eat until midnight) and going on & on about how good it is and not one of them have made him one for later or put aside any food for him for later. I’m sorry, but in past seasons that is just something that the Hg usually do for one another and that is just sh*tty! It’s not game play it is just nasty, petty behavior!

  8. Just when I think this season’s houseguests can’t get any stupider… How can Jason and Alex not see this is what happened with Matt and Raven. Good grief

    • I know girl. It’s mind boggling. I’m not sure what game they’re playing, but it isn’t BB or they’d be worried right now!

      • I hear ya. I mean Kevin tried to quietly warn Jason and you know what Jason did? He turned around and went and told Josh, who ran right to Paul & now Kevin is in trouble…again. UGH! I have never seen a cast that has allowed another HG (b/c that is all Paul is people-just another HG) dictate to them who they can and cannot talk to in the house!

        This group is so pathetic…it’s sickening.

      • It is unreal how trusting these people are. It’s the big group mentality, they are missing the point of big brother. It does not matter if someone is trustworthy if they aren’t on your side.

      • Yeah. Paul keeps saying it’s good for the team… Do none of these people realize BB is NOT a team sport??!! It is an individual game. They don’t split the 500k between the “team”.

        smdh.. Morons. The whole lot of them are absolute morons!

      • Hey, I like that! And then Jason wins HoH in the DE and puts Paul up. Okay, maybe I’m getting carried away, but all of that would be good. I better settle down now

  9. Paul told the remaining HG in the house today, that he does NOT want to be OTB this season..Of course they all listened to Paul, & all agreed to it?! This has been the most nastiest, bullying, bunch of Sheeple Horrid People I have ever witnessed on BB.

    Every Single week has gone Paul’s Way, it been his HOH Every week, He decided who the Target was, & when they should go, he decide who would be Ganged Up On, & Bullied?! This has been the “most” Predictable, Void of the Unknown, Void of Excitement, Boring piece of Crap-O-La Big Brother ever…

    Survivor can’t get here soon enough…Big Brother could learn a lot from that Show?! Why not every Season give the HG an Immunity Idol, like a clue as to who is the Rat in the House, or Spreading the Lies??? Don’t tell who it is, just say “A Fellow HG is Making All the decisions in the House, & has an F2 will all of You!” Just do something, Allison Grodner, & her Casting Director have Ruined BB!!!

    • Paul could tell them to drown each other in the pool and they would do it. You know Alex would be the last one alive. She would drown herself

      • Alex is so far inside Paul’s ass, she will ask Paul how she should kill herself to please him! Probably, just get into the pool and start swallowing as much water as possible for a quick death! She would be the first one dead!

    • I can’t believe I’m typing this, but the idiot HGs this season deserve someone like Paul. They cannot come up with an original thought between them, so they dote on their fearless leader, who goes into the DR and laughs maniacally at how stupid they all are. They’ve brought his lordship on themselves, and they deserve to pay the price because of it.

  10. I really hope it’s Alex. She’s overly confident and thinks she’s made it to the final 3 with 7 people still in the house

    • I hope she goes to jury this week too! I wanted Raven to, but not anymore when it comes to game play.

    • I thought she was a BB nerd or whatever. At this point it’s a simple numbers game, every man or woman for themselves. Trust no one and guarantee your own safety. I think she by far the most disappointing house guest. Started with a bang, ending up a dud.

    • Alex has shown her stupidity by leaps and bounds! She deserves to be evicted next! I hope Jason wins VETO and saves himself!

  11. Kevin has not been my favorite player, have found him shady all season. But right now I’d like to get in that house, give him a hug, some dinner and just sit and talk to him cos he looks so alone

    • I know my friend. It’s so sad. They all ate steaks & mashed potatoes earlier (Kev can’t eat til midnight) and not one of them saved him some. Not a fu**ing one!! HG from every season of BB regularly save food for the HN(s) to eat when they finally come off HN status, but not this group of petty little a$$holes!

      smh Seriously, it’s utterly ridiculous. This behavior has nothing to do with game play either. It is simply mean spirited.

      • Especially when they should realize that any one of them can be ‘Kevin’ next week. They need to open their eyes and see the pattern here.

  12. Live feed showing all are ignoring Kev. He is on slop and they ate all the prepared steak dinner I do not recall any season that so many people were so horrible to others.

    • Me either. I was just commenting about that in a post below. It’s not game play. It’s just being mean not to save him some food. Ugh! So over these HG.

    • So it gets worse. It is 1145, Kevin gets few scraps of steak and makes eggs and BB says he ate 1:26 minutes before midnight, he is afraid to eat, talks to DR. He is finally able to eat, eats fast and goes to bedroom. The the rest of the house guests come down to the kitchen, make food, talk and laugh while Kevin is alone in bed.

  13. Alex just told raven that if she wins veto she will just pull Jason off cause she trusts everyone 100% I hope she does hahahahaha

  14. Paul is playing an awesome game! He deserves to win! Sorry for the Paul haters! But he has a great social game and he can win comps when needed!

    • Paul is playing and playing hard. I just have had a hard time with him threatening people the last few days. Last night he told Kevin he had to throw the HOH or He would win and send him home. Kevin didn’t want to be out quick (fear of have not again and asked Paul if he could wait a drop out and Paul threatened him to drop,out of feel the wrath), then tonight Paul orders Jason and Kevin not to talk or they will get evicted. I didn’t like derricks steamroll but he never bullied or threatened, he was able to manipulate with charm and made people like him, Paul is making people fear him, just hard to watch since you can see how hard Kevin and Mark especially felt.

      • Well, if they can’t stand up to him whose fault is that? He’s a leader and everyone wants to follow a leader. Is it Paul fault or the other people’s?

      • I agree, I can’t believe how much they are following him, I could see in the beginning for knowledge or safety but a few have said they don’t mind throwing their game away for him, or will do anything to keep him safe this late in the game. He is a master or words and debate for sure. Paul I think has had the game locked up for a few weeks without the threats , i think he is so nervous and worried he is taking a bad turned getting more mean and less strategy. When he got Dom gone and then Jody, he was on his way, and when he got the three sides all on his side he again was set to win, Mark, Elena, Matt all would have gone with or without mean tatics , Kevin would surely go without anything being done at any week, no need to be mean or threatening.

      • So you think he’s mean? No he’s playing everyone which is the game. To convince everyone to be on you’re side. Wouldn’t you want to see someone win who played well than someone who did absolutely nothing?

      • Right now only Jason or Alex have any case to win over Paul and that depends on what happens the next few weeks. I would be pissed is Raven or Xmas won over Paul, doing nothing or having a comp thrown to you does not deserve a win.

      • Pfffffftt. Leader of what? Only of a marching clown band that has yet to figure out how to make their kazoos work.

        No surprise he’s running the show when the BB house is filled with a group of sociopaths boasting the collective intelligence of a bowl of waxed fruit.

      • Leader of the whole group! The only only sociopath would be josh. He’s a little off. So basically you don’t like the entire cast this year because they won’t get rid of paul?

      • Has nothing to do with Paul. He’s playing the game with the cards he was dealt.

        It’s ridiculously easy to win a game of Monopoly when you own all the streets, all the utility companies, all the railroads, all the houses and all the hotels.

      • I sincerely hope Paul does go on to win.

        He is the only one who’s hustled and done the leg work necessary to further himself in the game while everyone else laid loafing in the sun like overfed gas station hound dogs.

        A win by anyone else would be like the second coming of Andy Herren. A notion so loathsome it will have me tossing back antacids like they were Skittles for months and months afterward.

      • “with the cards he was dealt”
        8 friendship/enemy bracelets, 3 weeks immunity, etc. etc. etc. :-)

    • Thank you Allison. Paul is treated very unfairly on this site. If what’s occurring now had occured in a vintage season, he’d be a god, but now, everything and everyone in past seasons is better than Paul. Here this little man has COMPLETELY and flawlessly brainwashed this entire cast, yet he gets no credit for it whatsoever. If I hadn’t witnessed it myself, I wouldn’t believe it. The boy is good! Yea the cast may be a lil “ditsy” but even taking that in consideration, it shows how far beyond his skills exceeds this ENTIRE cast. If he wins, I will never forget this season.

  15. I don’t like this BB season. No one even make a big move and it’s close to finale. They’re all Paul’s puppet. Paul is running the show. No one deserves the 500 hundred grans. I’m disappointed. Everybody sucks.

    • I’m with you Rizza. Hated Paul last season (I still thought he deserved to win) and hate him even more this season. In my opinion he has some deal with BB…it was made last year when he took Nicole to the finale instead of James. I think this season could have actually been good had he not shown up. If Jason and Alex go this week in DE, than we have Paul and a bunch of floaters.

      • Yes, it’s way too good to be true for Paul! As much as I think these HGs are stupid, they can’t possibly be this stupid! How can Alex and Jason (although he couldn’t play in the HOH comp so who knows if he would’ve fought for it, I think he would’ve!) Feel safe when they are a team/a duo?!? Plus Alex knowing everyone knows Jason is close with Kevin! Alex has to know Jason (her ride or die) is a HUGE threat to everyone’s game! and CLEARLY the target! How can she possibly be that stupid to enough think everyone really wants to get out Kevin when Kevin can’t win anything at all and technically is not aligned with anyone because even Jason would likely take Alex to the F2!!!!
        IT seriously does not make any sense! IF we all think back especially to the first couple weeks in the big brother house, Alex knew this game very well! She knew how to play this game and she knew what was up! She was playing smart and wise smart! How can she all of a sudden become completely oblivious to this game!!
        I personally I’m getting super annoyed with being played myself! Is this reality TV or not!!
        This has to be rigged! This is beyond me calling these HGs “mindless morons!” They can’t be this stupid! Honestly! Do they not see Paul talking to EVERYONE!!!!
        UGH πŸ˜‘ Sooooooo freaking frustrating!
        It just does not make any sense whatsoever!

  16. DE is this week. This is going to get real interesting. The second HOH could be the game changer. If Jason wins Paul is out.

  17. Jason- VETO PLEASE!!!!!!! YOU are the only one remaining in the house that I want to stay! Paul is not all that bad (he definitely deserves to win) & I still like Kevin but I just can’t deal with Raven, Alex, Christmas and Josh making it further and further to the end!
    So Jason win the Veto! And Alex can go home!
    I don’t know if it’s true?! But if Alex throw the HOH comp, she deserves to go! Jason would never have thrown it! Alex should’ve known better and she should’ve played to win the HOH to keep not only herself safe but also her ride or die Jason! SMH and I don’t know what happened with Kevin?! If he threw it also!? I wouldn’t think he did but, from my understanding it was a running comp (how Christmas cleared by doctors to play in a competition?? That confuses me!!)
    At this stage of the game, it is stupid for Alex (or any one of them for that matter aside from Paul of course!) to throw the comp! Even if she believed Kevin was the target (which is stupid for her to think, especially after she saw/was a part of the whole house easily turn on Matt and Raven) there still is the veto comp so why wouldn’t she think “what if Kevin wins the veto?” (Hey you never know!) She should be thinking of all scenarios!
    I really really hope Jason wins the veto comp! In your face Alex for being a dumba$$!!!!
    Ugh πŸ˜‘ This season is so frustrating!

    • They all threw the HOH comp. It was the the sprint comp where everyone holds a button until the screen says “GO” and then they take off down the track, first one to hit the button at the end wins. If you watched last season, you might remember Paulie won this comp last year, beating Victor by a second or so. And before you ask, no, I’m not kidding. Christmas (broken foot and all) actually won a sprinting comp because everybody let go of their buttons and handed it to her!!! That’s how ridiculous this season has gotten unfortunately.

  18. I don’t know the answer, do any of you?
    Did Alex and Kevin throw the HOH comp??
    I can see Alex being an idiot and doing it (& stupidly listening to Paul!) but Kevin as well!? It just doesn’t make any sense whatsoever! If it’s true??
    Honestly, at this stage of the game it makes no sense why the final duo(s) would feel safe! Jason has Alex/Alex has Jason! And Jason also has Kevin!
    WHY would they feel safe!? Jason couldn’t play in the HOH comp so why wouldn’t Alex be smart enough to know they might be being played so she needs to save her a ride or die!? Is it because she’s totally arrogant?? Probably!
    I am super annoyed and confused!
    AND SADLY, Jason will be going home this week because of Alex!
    Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhh πŸ˜‘
    I just do not understand how each and everyone of the HGs remaining still totally trust Paul! I know he’s good, but are these people that stupid!? Actually, no need to answer the last question!! LOL

  19. Christina’s RANT round 3 & GO….

    I don’t know about you guys but I am personally sick and tired of getting played by BB! Is this a reality TV show or not?? Why is it becoming so scripted??
    IT seriously does not make ANY sense!
    IF we all think back….. especially to the first couple weeks in the Big Brother house (even before Alex won HOH & allowed Paul to take it over!) Alex knew this game very well! She knew how to play this game and she knew what was up! She was playing smart & is/was smart! How can she all of a sudden become completely oblivious to this game!! She can’t possibly be as arrogant as she seems! And that goes for the rest of the house! They all think they are going to the end with Paul. Why? Because he says so!?!
    They have ALL watched & seen Paul play this entire summer! PLUS NOW more than ever, there’s not many people in the house, Paul can’t hide his secret long conversations with HG is anymore! Or hide himself popping in and out of different rooms talking to different HGs anymore! How are these people not paranoid?? How can not even one HG think “I wonder if Paul is saying the same things to everyone else as he is saying to me and has been all summer!” How do they all completely trust Paul and do not at all think they are being played!?
    It makes no freaking sense!!!!!!
    Yes, we all have watch them follow Paul around! Yes I have called most of the HGs all summer “Mindless Morons” but by now I thought people would be “onto him!” Didn’t you all?
    I truly did not think they were that stupid! There is absolutely no way they are all the stupid! Impossible!
    There’s only one clear answer and that is this Season especially is completely scripted!
    OK, rant over! LOL moving on to the feeds…… Maybe they will give me some clarity!

    • Oops πŸ™Š
      My 3rd post, (this one) was supposed to be a lot shorter! Sorry! “Talk to Type Ranting and Raving” is NOT a good combo sometimes!!! OK, most of the time!!
      My bad πŸ€—

    • That would be nice, but even if Kevin could win, Paul will probably threaten him, but it would be nice to see Kevin not listen to Paul, take Jason down then they team up and start winning and taking everyone out. Lol wishful thinking

  20. Its time the dumb house guest start thinking for themselves and get the snake Paul out!!

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