Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Week 10: Friday Night Highlights

Nominations hit the Big Brother 19 house Friday evening and Christmas actually went through with the plan to put Jason and Alex on the block together. Jason panicked a bit, but Alex assured him that Kevin is the target this week.

Meanwhile Paul pretended to think he was a backdoor target instead. Everyone remained basically clueless and Christmas caught no blowback from her nominations.

Catch up on Friday’s Daytime Feed Highlights before moving on to read the overnight events below.

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Big Brother 19 Live Feed Highlights – Friday, September 1, 2017:

4:30 PM BBT – Paul and Christmas try to figure out Alex’s motives in her recent strategy shifts. They think she’s focused on Jury at this point and that’s why she’s she agreed to go on the Block. Paul also suggests their trio (with Josh) is sure to get AFP between them because they’re underdogs.

4:35 PM BBT – Josh and Kevin hanging out in the Lounge tossing something (maybe an apple) and talking about life back home.

4:45 PM BBT – Paul and Raven are napping with Josh has moved on to helping Alex prepare dinner in the kitchen.

5:10 PM BBT – HGs starting to gather in the kitchen and working on dinner.

5:23 PM BBT – Feeds cuts for Nominations.

6:23 PM BBT – Feeds return. Alex and Jason were nominated. Alex is all smiles, but Jason is freaked.

6:25 PM BBT – Paul asks if Christmas is trying to backdoor him? Jason says he doesn’t know and is so confused. Paul says she said she needed to get a strong male competitor out this week so either he’s being paranoid or he and Jason are screwed. Jason says if he wins veto he’s pulling himself up. Paul says he’ll go up then. Jason wonders why she didn’t put Kevin up like everyone thought she would.

6:40 PM BBT – Jason tells Kevin he doesn’t know what is going on with the nominations. Kevin tells him to use his head and see that they clearly want either him (Jason) or Alex gone this week. Kevin says they probably think they won’t have a chance to break up Alex and Jason later. Kevin says Jason has to win veto or he’ll probably go home.

6:45 PM BBT – Alex tells Jason not to worry and that Christmas is just trying to throw Kevin off.

6:47 PM BBT – Jason tells Josh he thinks Paul knows what’s going on because he was up in the HOH room with Christmas all day today. He says Paul is pretending to be paranoid about getting backdoored this week just to play dumb with him.

7:15 PM BBT – Jason tells his thoughts on Paul to Kevin. He says he thinks Paul has to know what’s going on this week. Kevin agrees.

7:19 PM BBT – Jason tells Christmas and Alex that Kevin said he thinks he (J) or Alex are going home this week.

7:20 PM BBT – Josh tells Paul that Jason thinks Alex and Paul are in on whatever the plan is this week. Josh says he doesn’t believe Paul is really worried about being backdoored. Paul blames it on Kevin for freaking Jason out. Paul says they just need to ignore Kevin and not tell him anything anymore.

7:24 PPM BBT – Alex tells everyone she’s confident she and Jason will have the votes to stay after one of them wins veto.

7:28 PM BBT – Alex suggests everyone go to bed at 10 PM so Kevin is all alone when he’s off slop at midnight. She also says not to leave him any food to eat so he’ll be forced to cook his own food.

7:33 PM BBT – Paul tells Raven and Josh that he’s going to win veto and not use it.

7:38 PM BBT – Alex tells Jason once Kevin is out they’ll take out Christmas and Josh the next couple of HOHs.

7:45 PM BBT – Jason tells Paul he thought he knew Christmas was putting him and Alex up. Paul says no and asks again if they’re all trying to backdoor him or get Kevin out. Alex says Kevin goes and Jason agrees and says no one is backdooring Paul.

7:54 PM BBT – Josh tells Christmas she and Paul have got to keep their distance. She says they have been but Josh says no, Paul was in the HOH room all day (he was).

7:58 PM BBT – Christmas and Josh agree that Paul needs to lighten up on Kevin before he turns on Paul.

8:00 PM BBT – Alex tells Jason and Paul she can’t wait until it’s just them in the final 3 and they can just play it straight with each other.

8:47 PM BBT –  Paul asks Jason if Christmas is going to F him this week. He says Christmas has been acting weird. Paul says when one of them (Jason and Alex) comes down she might put him (Paul) up. Jason asks why she didn’t just put Kevin up. Paul asks if he’s just being paranoid and Jason says yes.

8:51 PM BBT – Jason asks Paul if he thinks Christmas and Kevin are a team? Paul doesn’t get to respond before Jason says there’s no way.

8:58 PM BBT – Jason tells Paul that Alex was making him so mad he was almost ready to suggest clipping her. He says he loves Alex but when she’s angry she’s unbearable.

9:24 PM BBT – Paul starts lecturing Kevin. He says people talk in the house and he needs to stop talking to people. Kevin asks if he’s supposed to just sit there and be silent? Paul says yes. Kevin asks why he’s telling him that because he didn’t say anything. Paul says it doesn’t matter and just stop talking to people. Kevin said he didn’t say anything. Paul says nothing will turn into something. Paul says if anyone asks him anything, just say you have no idea.

9:31 PM BBT – Paul lies and tells Josh and Jason he just flat-out told Kevin not to talk to him ever again.

10:15 PM BBT – Paul tells the HoH crew about how Meet & Greets will work after they get out.

10:35 PM BBT – Jason tries talking to Kevin to get more information, but Kevin tells him he’s not telling him anything. Kevin asks Jason if he’ll have some eggs and bacon with him at midnight. Jason agrees.

11:15 PM BBT – Paul retelling that he told Kevin to keep quiet or he’d get evicted this week.

11:20 PM BBT – Paul suggests they force a tie this week if either Alex or Jason wins the Veto. He thinks if Alex stays this week then he can still convince her to throw HoH to him and they can still get her out next.

11:55 PM BBT – Jason is preparing some food for Kevin as his HN run is about to end.

11:59 PM BBT – Kevin goes to eat and Big Brother tells him to stop. He asks in DR why and they said he had another 1m20s until he was allowed to eat.

12:40 AM BBT – Paul and Christmas comparing notes on Raven’s “conditions.” They note how she at beef jerky and a hamburger but when it came to a steak she said she couldn’t eat red meat. They also laugh about her claims of “rough kneecap syndrome” and don’t believe that’s an actual thing.

12:45 AM BBT – Kevin tells Jason he’s hoping with all his heart that Jason wins the Veto. Kevin says he thought he’d be nominated this week. Jason said he thought Kevin would too.

1:15 AM BBT – HGs still up and chatting about life back home.

1:30 AM BBT – Lights out and HGs off to sleep aside from the occasional DR call.

These Houseguests. You could look them in the face, tell them they’re going home this week, and then Paul could stop by to say he’s the actual target and they’d all walk off smiling and nodding. Things will be decided on Saturday by the Veto competition and like Kevin tried to warn Jason, he needs that Veto or he will be going out the door next.

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Gallery: Live Feeds Highlights


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  1. I really hope Alex goes. She is overly confident and I’d like to see her face when she gets booted out. Alex thinks she made it to the final 3 with 7 people left in the house. Win that veto JASON!

  2. Paul told Christmas they should keep their distance but when it mattered and looked most suspicious, he was in her room all day after noms. Surprised Alex isn’t least bit worried since she hasn’t even confirmed with xmas her plans. That tree might look more tempting next week.

  3. I am praying Jason pulls that veto win out then Alex’s evil behind will walk out the door!
    I love reading your thoughts on these idiots! Cracks me up and I think your thoughts are right on the money! Great job, Adam!

  4. For Paul’s game, Jason needs to be evicted. Jason would have Kevin and Alex wouldn’t really have anyone. I like Jason much more than I do Alex, but I want Paul to win, so I’m hoping Jason doesn’t win the veto. The DE HOH will be pivotal in the game. I think Paul needs to win it or it could very well be his last day in the BB house.

    • He’s know it…and that a DE is coming up but….winning comps isn’t like flicking a light switch…sometimes you can’t win when you want to…I’m sure has a Plan B and C under his sleeve if he doesn’t win.

      • He’s had plan B, C, and D all along but when it get’s down to so few people, he knows and expects even his closest allies to take their shot. I’m not sure he’ll be able to get out of this one.

      • It’s going to be tough for him….he just has to get by the DE and then you can use his “loyalty” speech to each Hg remaining that he’s been nurturing all season…none of them can question that he hasn’t steered them the right way.

      • They definitely have used him to further their games. Of course he has his own interests in mind as he is steering them, but that is how the game is played. He has used them and they have used him. Easy for them, as they are watching out for one or two people. Paul has had to watch out for most of them. He has worked his patootie off this season. People can say over and over and over that he had it easy because these HGs are so stupid, but to me, that made his job even more difficult in other ways at times. He’s had to be on his toes constantly strategizing and he hasn’t stopped.

      • At the beginning I liked how Cody knew Paul had to go but no one listened to him. That burnt him really bad. I thought that Alex had a serious shot at winning this year but I never dreamed she would turn out the way she has, she needs to go before Jason. I would have liked to seen Jason win but that joke about Kevin’s wife, well that rubbed me wrong. Hopefully he can address that comment when he meets Julie. Josh is a big baby who can dish it out but can’t take it. I thought Christmas was a very strong person, even staying after her broken foot. However, the only big move she ever made was getting that heavy cast off her foot.

      • Alex is truly a desapointment this season. I started to don’t like her a while ago, but now she proved to be a very ugly person. Jealous, mean petty. She’s goes way to far with Kevin.

      • I hope she reads all of these post’s when she gets out and she how she lost this game. Let her go cry a river then.

      • Yes especially she thinks she’s loved by America. She said she has good chance to win AFP. It’s not because she imitated james’ jokes that she’s likes by us!

        She’s on for a huge reality check. And she was hoping to further her career with that. Nope!

      • I think she may be loved by America in general, the people that don’t watch the feeds…. They have given her an amazing edit.

      • I agree. It’s starting to really upsetting me. They show josh every little crack, but show alex as a sweetheart. I was hoping this Thursday they would show how she treated Kevin. But nothing !

      • Completely disagree. I only watch the broadcasts, and started disliking her weeks ago. It started when every time Cody/Josh/Mark went at it, you could see the glee in her eyes and those cheerleader kicks with Paul at the carnage. I liked her at first, but seeing take glee in other people coming to near blows, showed me what kind of person she is.

      • I wasn’t thrilled when Paul was brought into the game, but Cody just went about it ALL wrong. I didn’t like Alex in the beginning. IMO, Jason is around crude talking guys in the rodeo circuit, and they spout off nonsense all the time and don’t mean a word they say. It’s habitual and normal to him. He will learn a well-needed lesson, but probably will not change a bit as a result, maybe just be more aware in certain circumstances. Josh will continued to be babied by his mother and will never really grow up. Christmas will be fine and I hope she is able to continue with her life as she has really worked hard to improve it.

      • Sorry to disagree with you, but can’t buy it.
        When u have a bunch of people that have no clue how the game goes, and just want a summer vacation it makes it that much easier fir him.
        Let PAUL join a all star season and see what happens. Evil dick, dr will, boggie, Derek, the list goes on and on. No way could he compete with these players. They would not fall his tactics of ganging up on other players and the like.
        Sure he might have another stragey but I doubt it, plus if PAUL was that brilliant why was he given “advantages” right away? Please don’t me ” friendship ” bracelets aren’t a “huge “advantage.
        Buttt he has played a fantastic game and it was made easier with a cast full of Stoopid” people.

      • That’s true Paul…would not be the same player in an All Sstar scenario….but again the world is made up of a lot of different people and different IQ’s

      • Paul has proven he can change his strategy as needed and I have no doubt he could do so in any scenario given to him.

      • Yes he can…he would definitely have to in a All Star situation….he wouldn’t be letting others win comps to keep his hands clean.

      • We just said same thing sista from another mista, lol. 🥂 (You said it first but just saw your comment)

      • Paul has played a great game. I’m aware that some people hate him so much they can’t see through the hate and are unable to man up, be honest and give him the credit he deserves, so I’ll be there to take up the slack. :)

      • I think Paul would hold his own in all star cast. He is playing game with the cast he got. He had to make a lot of u turns last season and was quick to make last minute strategy changes under pressure. He knows how to pivot.

      • Yeah, Paul is one smart guy and knows how to play the hand he is dealt. He played a different game last season, because it was a different group of people, and almost won. This year what does he do? Same thing. Adapts his game to the people and the circumstances. It is what the really good players have done, whether we like them or not.

      • Yep, he spent most of the day going over it with xmas. He’s getting a little careless though. Coming on too strong with Kevin, bad acting with Jason and overselling his position. He needs to take a breath! Running on adrenaline now it seems.

      • You know they all have to be mentally drained. They stay awake half the night and then DR starts calling people while some are trying to sleep. Maybe it’s easier to fall back to sleep when you are younger, but when I’m awoken from sleep, my mind usually starts wandering and it takes me forever to get back to sleep. Just the atmosphere of the house is draining. I would be so mentally exhausted from lack of sleep and head games that adrenaline is all that would keep me going.

      • Totally agree with you….it’s not an easy environment to keep a clear head in….24/7 listening to conversations that are sometimes totally stupid and discussing petty things that are said just to make conversation….not knowing you are your true allies or friends.

      • Absolutely, exhaustion combined with realization he is so close to the end has to be a challenge in keeping it all together.

      • I can fall asleep any time and any where. Head games is one thing but I have been through that before. Anyone who has been through Boot camp will know what I mean there. The last 22 years I have worked around the clock, up to 7 days a week and 12 hours a day. Jumping from Day shift to night shift and the swing shift. Starting at 5 in the morning all the way to starting at 11 at night and every hour in between. I could handle the house and everything it throws at me but I could falter when it comes to the people in the house but I have always had a good read on people and I trust my first instinct over everything else.

      • Maybe not, there just might be a lot of sitting around in underwear, Cheetos eating and scracthing kind of show LOL.

      • I can handle that as long as the there is hand sanitizing in between the scratching and reaching back into the Cheetos bag. :(

      • Not really lucky but more like my body tells itself to recharge. lord help us all when I am fully charged though LOL.

      • I have been having the same thoughts. 😊I would probably just tell them to send me to jury so I could get some sleep. 😴😁

      • You can see it in their faces, how exhausted they are. Jury would sound pretty good. BB shouldn’t make it so easy for people in jury. A few weeks of vacation in a very nice house with a pool and free food is very tempting to a lot of people. Why stay in the BB house? I mean come on, only one is going to win and the $1000/wk to vacation in the jury house is not bad with no work, no stress, no mess(I bet someone comes in to clean that house every week). Too easy!

      • Where did I read PAUL know there is a DE coming up??
        I think no of them have a clue, this week is a DE!!!!;)
        If they do find out, it’s because of unno who!!;(;(

      • Every week except last one Paul says it’s a double eviction. He is right this time but I don’t think that means someone filed it to him.

      • All Paul has to do is count the number of people left and the number of weeks left in the season. Yes, it might be difficult for the average HG, but Paul isn’t average. ;)

    • No one is coming after Paul. Whether or not he wins the DE HOH, he has positioned himself so well that everyone thinks he’s on their team. Guaranteed he’s in F3.

      • I’m very surprised he is still there. I don’t feel nearly as sure about that F3 as you do, but I hope you are correct.

      • Paul is so confident right now, he is slipping just a little. He says to Jason and Josh he told Kevin to not talk to him anymore. That will come back to bite him. Kevin on the other hand, in a subtle way told Jason either Jason or Alex will go home so try hard to win the VETO. We’re almost there but then Paul yanks that dang hook a little harder. If anything, Paul is one hell of a fisherman. He has these HG’s hook, line and sinker.

      • I think Jason sees what is happening but does not want to believe it. Same with Josh. Kevin sees it. If only they could all believe what the see at the same time and talk. SMH

      • The Jason/Alex duo benefited Jason for a while, but in the long run, Jason should have taken a more aggressive stance with Alex instead of always backing down when he was seeing things different from the way she saw them.

      • So true…they bonded and Jason kept looking for direction but he wasn’t aware of the Paul/Alex alliance that was in the shadows…he should have jumped the bronco and started to think on his own.

      • Jason cant keep his mouth shut. Just when he starts to get it he runs to them & spills everything he has been told & thinks. They talk him down & back to square 1…

  5. Jason still not getting the picture that he’s is the target….do they have to write it on the wall…and Alex not realizing that if Jason goes she’s next….they are going to keep Kevin cause he can’t win anything.

    • You could tattoo it on Whistle Nutless’s @ss in bright, sparkly, glittering letters, shine a spot light on it and for a small fee conduct guided tours of it… and those two d0uche nozzles still wouldn’t “get it”.

    • I can understand it. After that many weeks in the house scheming and plotting. Pretty soon some people just don’t [want to] see it coming. In their mental condition, I can see them all saying…”naw, I just being paranoid. Chill out.”

  6. Nothing like a double standard in BB house!!! U have to be kidding me!! Right???
    11:55 PM BBT – Jason is preparing some food for Kevin as his HN run is about to end.

    11:59 PM BBT – Kevin goes to eat and Big Brother tells him to stop. He asks in DR why and they said he had another 1m20s until he was allowed to eat.
    So if Kevin really ate, I wonder if they would have given him a penalty vote???

  7. 1 minute and 20 seconds? How about if BB comes back for another season..they do away with HN’s. That is a little petty..especially this season with the way Matt ignored HN rules for a week.

  8. Two things will redeem this season for me. Kevin wins America’s Favorite. And Raven’s family gets fully exposed as the grifters that they are. I do feel some sympathy for Raven, as she was born into and raised by professional swindlers. Look at pictures of Raven when she went into the house, and look at how much healthier she looks physically now. She was skin and bones and pale when she went in. She is so clearly obsessed with food, because she’s probably purposely kept half-starved by her mom, so that she “looks the part” of someone in poor health. Her mom is probably watching the show, screaming at the tv for her to stop porking out, and stop dancing & high-kicking and doing the splits all over the house. Well, dance a jig, Raven, cuz the jig is up. Maybe you can get away from your family, get some serious psychiatric help, and still have a life. Cuz you’re not dying, sweetie.

    • I don’t see how raven and her family can get more exposed then they already are. But I’m 100% agreeing with you.

    • I think most of these women probably instantly begin starving themselves and try to get into shape so they will look good(in their minds) when they go in the BB house. I saw a video of Raven from 2015, I think, and she looked about how she looks now.

    • There are few of them that will have a rude awakening when they get out…they aren’t viewed by America as they think they are….based on what they’ve done and said.

    • I would love the see her binge watching the season. The girl has no clue how the public or the hgs feel about her!

  9. In a worst-case scenario, Kevin would get POV and use it on Jason, thereby keeping BOTH of them off the block. In a DE, I’d like to see both of them evicted.

  10. I root for the New England Patriots, Chicago Cubs, Alabama Crimson Tide, Golden State Warriors and Paul.

  11. I wish Kevin would tell a few of them to STHU! Slap sense into Jason and tell him to look at the writing on the wall. AND Raven and her “victim noise”/con noises that no one believes her and her made up illnesses. “rough kneecap syndrome” ? WTH is that, dry kneecaps?

  12. Holy crap…….Matt eats and showers and sleep where he wants….nothing is done by production.
    Kevin goes to eat and they tell him he has 1hr20minutes to go?!?!?! Geez louise…

    And is Alex really that stupid?!?! Not to mention the rest of the houseguests. What a joke these people are.

    • Not 1 hour & 20 min., it was worse than that…he was only 1 min & 27 seconds early & they said “stop that”!!! Can you freaking believe that after Matt got away with breaking the rules again & again & again & again…add infinitum here… Ridiculous. Production should be ashamed.

  13. I think BB pulled that 1m 20sec stunt to piss America off so they would vote Kevin AFP! I think it worked! 😀I’ve been reading other comments on FB and they’re not happy .

  14. Paul is pretending to be paranoid about getting back doored, it would be absolutely fantastic if Christmas really did it!!!!!

  15. I heard Paul tell the other houseguests awhile back that he was americas favorite player last year but since he got 2nd they gave it to the next person which was victor, does anyone know if that’s true. I thought people hated him last season, I know I did lol

    • I voted for Victor last year. He was more deserving and came back, what, 2 or 3x. I didn’t like Paul last year or this year. If they do have an All Star season, if Paul comes back, I hope he is evicted b4 jury!!!

      • I couldn’t agree more.He is a constant whiner and I’m tired of listening to him complain when something doesn’t go his way; which hasn’t been too often this season

    • Yeah I noticed that also! I am 99% sure Paul did not lose by default because he was in the F2
      ANYONE can receive AFP

  16. “11:59 PM BBT – Kevin goes to eat and Big Brother tells him to stop. He asks in DR why and they said he had another 1m20s until he was allowed to eat.”

    You have to be effin’ kidding me.

    • I know right! After Matt’s BS all week long, and the crap Alex has been dishing out to him for weeks now…production has a lot of freaking nerve doing that to Kevin b/c he’s 1 min & 27 seconds early!! Give me a fu**ing break!!

  17. Alex is obsessed with Kevin. You know what they say about a fine line between love and hate…or she has daddy issues or something. She is positively vile when it comes to Kevin. I can’t wait to see Kevin’s, “Alex, take care. Bye.” goodbye message.

    7:28 PM BBT – Alex suggests everyone go to bed at 10 PM so Kevin is all alone when he’s off slop at midnight. She also says not to leave him any food to eat so he’ll be forced to cook his own food.

  18. Seriously? After all the crap Matt did this past week to get ONE penalty vote, production gets nit picky about 80 seconds???? Way to suddenly grow balls and put your foot down!

  19. I said it a million times. Alex is an idiot. What votes does she have to guarantee safety for both her and Jason with just a handful of ppl left? She is only tight with Paul and Jason.
    Plus she is a mean spirited person without a strategy.

  20. At this point I wouldn’t mind voting for Cameron for AFP since everyone else hasnt done anything to make me think otherwise. Either Cameron or Kevin for AFP if he doesn’t make it to final night.

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