Big Brother 19 Spoilers: Week 1 Veto Competition Results

Spoilers are in for the Big Brother 19 Power of Veto competition this week after our first Head of Household made his picks and they had their chance to battle it out for safety.

Power of Veto Medallion on Big Brother

Of course these weren’t Cody’s first picks. No, these are his new nominations after Megan left the game and Alex replaced her on the Block. So instead we had Alex, Jillian, and Cody competing along with three other drawn players. Raven, Matthew, and Jason joined the party with Kevin hosting.

It was practically 4 vs 2 out there as everyone but the noms seem interested in keeping things just the way they are right now. So did either nom pull off a chance at safety this week?

Big Brother 19 Spoilers: Week 1 Veto Competition Results:

  • Alex won the Power of Veto!

That’s definitely going to throw a wrench in Cody & company’s plans here. Good news for us Feedsters! Now they’ll need a new nom, four in one week! Do you think Jillian will just shift down the line or will we get a new target with the renom?

Update: We’ve got the new plan from the HoH group. Jason could go up & out this week while they let Jillian hang around.

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New plan for the HoH group: Jason is the renom when Alex saves herself w/ her Veto. Jason is new target. Jillian sticks around. #BB19

— Big Brother Network (@bigbrothernet) June 30, 2017

We’re still getting details on what was involved, but the HGs were apparently doing some sort of slipping and sliding around. Players came back inside wearing swimsuits as well.

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Good times ahead on the Feeds! Grab your Free Trial to watch the next week for free then keep it for $5.99/month. That’s 20 cents a day for 24/7 access to Feeds content. Silly cheap.


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  1. Well, we saw the first night that Alex was good in endurance/physical comps. This isn’t much of a surprise.

  2. When I seen her walking around with it on, I was like dang. I was hoping she didn’t win.

    • Yeah, me, too. Something about that girl gets to me. She was kinda obnoxious last night, so that could be it.

    • love how it got Jess all railed up…this chick is used to getting her way all the time, well this is BB sweetheart ;)

  3. Good for Alex, that girl has spunk. I hope she wins HOH next and puts some fear into the showmances.

    • Um… I think there’s a chance that BB wishes work just like birthday wishes. If you say it aloud it’s not gonna come true

  4. YAAAS! You go, girl!

    Now I’d just like to propose to my fellow BB fans on this forum to start a prayer circle for Cody to nom Paul and then find out he can’t. That’ll create so much drama!

  5. I`m so glad she won. Jason? I still can`t remember who he is yet, I will check on the photos to see who Jason is… But I`m fine with him leaving LOL

  6. Alex is quickly growing on me. I thought she was going to suck but I guess she’s not so far!!

    • I find her a bit obnoxious, but credit where credit is due – the girl is good at comps.

  7. If I remember right Cody told Paul he`s 27. I just checked his profile and he`s 33. I think he lacks some self-confidence having to lie about his age.

  8. I think Cody is becoming insecure about his game. He’s totally playing a game similar to Tom from CAN1- arrogant, insecure, grouchy with a showmance.

    Jess is petty about Alex. Why?

    Matt is the only sane man

    • Jess is petty about Alex because she views her as someone she has to compete against.

    • Jess is used to being the best looking girl, getting her way all the time and she knows she is not the only attractive girl in that House…Alex is attractive so that is a threat to Jess…petty, catty, very high school, the “in” crowd vs the out crowd

      • Cody, not surprisingly her showmance, is a jerk. Like to see him eat some humble pie too.

      • Alex is not just cute, but can compete in comps. I don’t think Jessica will be strong in comps, and is counting on a strong male to protect her. Alex’s looks, but also her strength and independence, seem a natural source of resentment for someone like Jess.

  9. Cody and his “pretty people club” need a major attitude adjustment, hopefully the other side wins HOH next week…the Cody clique are already becoming seriously entitled and annoying

  10. I am very glad to hear Jason is the new target, but I thought he got the golden apple, can someone explain how he could be nominated, I really hope he goes then Cody next week! Very let down that Megan quit too.

  11. I have the feeds but haven’t been able to watch a lot yet and I haven’t had time to read all the comments here yet or the updates on jokers… but I’ve read all the updates here… still I’m wondering why a lot of them seem to hate Alex? What’s she done or doing that they dislike her so much? Anyone know?

    • There doesn’t seem to be any real reason. My opinion is that Jessica is jealous of her and Jessica is insecure in her ‘relationship’ with Cody. Jessica is in the ‘cool kids’ group and seemed to pull all the HG’s on board with her. Dom doesn’t like her either. She did mention today that she caught Alex ‘lying on her’, but I don’t know about what.

  12. Jillian, Alex, Megan and Ramses had formed an alliance and it is possible that Cody knew about it and he is trying to get rid of them.
    I’m surprised he didn’t put up Ramses and instead chose Jason.

    • Jason is close to Alex, I think. Alex was hoping if Jason won the veto, he could pull her off. And Jason along with Kevin and the oddball alliance are all the targets for Cody, behind his ‘babes’ and ‘3 guy crew’.

  13. I think Cody believes he is going to have control of this game wire to wire. Not new. Someone always gets cocky and then gets the boot. With Cody, let’s hope it happens sooner rather than later. You hear me Matt?

  14. Darnit, looks like our resident cowboy may be leaving sooner than he expected! :-)

  15. Hey everybody, can someone tell me what happened to the girl with the blue and green hair, I think her name is Megan, I missed something, I did not see her in the house when I watched BBAD last night.

    • She self evicted. The pressure got to her. She has PTSD and couldn’t handle the house.

  16. I want to watch the live feeds,I should move back to the states during BB season.LOL #notahappyCanadianresident

  17. Cody is the jerk! As long as Paul is in the house is not “big man on campus” . He is someone who needs to be out! He had the nerve to call people outsiders because of their looks. Not a good person.

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