Big Brother 19 Spoilers: Temptation Twists Leaked

CBS has managed to spoil their own twist thanks to their website code revealing the upcoming Den of Temptation twists set to follow this week’s Pendant of Protection, and there’s no shortage of alliteration to go with them.

Den of Temptation twist on Big Brother 19

As reported by Reddit, fans can go straight to CBS’s voting page for the Temptations this season, pull up the page’s source code, and scroll down to find the next two temptations detailed out. Those are some nice, spoon fed Big Brother spoilers! Here’s what the remaining eligible Houseguests will have up for grabs.

Den Of Temptation Spoilers:

First up we’ve got the “Ring of Replacement”:

The winning houseguest will be tempted with the Ring of Replacement, which will give them the power to play in any Veto Competition they want this summer! If they’re not one of the six houseguests playing, they can swap places with one of the three players chosen by random draw. The Ring of Replacement can only be used once, but remember, every temptation comes with a consequence.

So a one-time Veto “pass” that gets them a seat in the game. That’s pretty cool and especially cool that it’s not a 7th player but rather a replacement that you can cherry pick. This could be major for a Backdoor plan if they play it right. And heck, there’s no expiration on it either? Wow. You can lie in wait until the time is right. It’d only be better if you could transfer its power in case you get picked to play the week you want to BD your target.

Next temptation is the “Halting Hex”:

The winning houseguest will be tempted with the Halting Hex! Whether on the block or not, they can halt any one of the next four evictions during the live show, making it a non-eviction night. But remember, every temptation comes with a consequence.

Okay, the last one seemed strong but this is serious. It’s the front door alarm gimmick here. No one gets evicted the night you play it right in the middle of the live show. That’s craziness! Julie’s out there with her cards ready to chat away and then nothing! You get to save someone and ruin Julie’s plans? I’d be afraid of the fallout for that move! I’m kidding, of course, but probably have to spell that out.

These are much stronger temptation twists than I would have guessed. We’ve seen enough Slop Pass handouts over the year to limit my expectations so this is nice and I’m interested to see where they go from here. So far we only know the first 3 temptations and unless the twist flops like in past seasons then I’d expect this to go a little longer than that.

What’s your take on the Den of Temptation offerings? If we’re assuming Paul gets this first Pendant with 3 rounds of safety then who do you want to see get the next two powers? Share your thoughts below.


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  1. Mixed feelings about these temptations. While it’s good to see that BB is coming up with temptations that can have significant implications for the game, it’s concerning to me how this makes the game so much more of a crap shoot for the HG’s. While luck is certainly an element of the game I wouldn’t want to see it overshadow strategy. Want to see the HG’s who play with skill and strategy advance and not the ‘floaters’ who may get lucky. Have to reserve judgement on this one

    • I like that “Halting Hex”, pretty powerfull. But if it use, it good for us, it mean they will have to add another double eviction week.

      • Yeah… if they insisted on implementing that twist, no wonder they had to evict someone on day 1

      • I don’t think so. Because last year there were two returns and 1 double eviction, with 16 houseguests, and they got rid of someone on night 2. I think it’ll just take the place of one of the returns they did

      • Not sure, it started a couple of days later, but I don’t think that’d affect the overall schedule, but it’s hard to tell, especially with how many twists they seem to want to throw our way. They may be bringing people back left and right at one point thanks to all these “consequences”

      • Yeah, it’s going to be interesting to watch CBS ‘react’ to the developments that could happen with these temptations being used. Would be interesting to see how the storyboards are laid out for each week with the what if this’ and what if that’s accounted for

      • The thing about it though is I’m sure CBS isn’t really too concerned with the “if they don’t accept it” option, because they make all these temptations really powerful, leading the houseguests to think they absolutely NEED it no matter what, like they did with the $25,000, which allowed Paul to come back into the game. I know from now on it’ll only be one person choosing, but like, you have to look at how strong some of these powers are. (Safety for 3 weeks, the power to stop an eviction) The only one that doesn’t really seem that good so far is the replacement ring, because it’s not guaranteed you’ll win the veto. You can’t choose to replace one of the nominees, so you’d only want to be competing if you can ensure your target will go home no matter what if you do it

      • Another reason to use the replacement in the veto picks would be if a very strong competitor were picked and one of your allies is on the block. You may want to try to increase the chances of getting your ally off the block

      • The Halting Hex would be good if the person that has it happens to be on the block. Then they’re safe.

    • Agree tr8p. There’s a real risk of luck overshadowing strategy, which changes the game, and why many of us enjoy it. While I do like the entertainment value of a random twist here and there just to keep HG on their toes, people behave very differently when they believe that their choices may have no actual impact on their fate in the fans. Jury is definitely out.

      • Agree with you meerkat, a feeling of powerlessness does impact our behavior. So far, the temptations have results that I like, will be a whole different story when it negatively effects someone I’m cheering for

  2. The non eviction night must be taking the place of the return they did last year through the Battleback comp

    • There might be a battleback again this year. Matt said he couldn’t get an exit interview with Cameron, which probably mean he is gone in sequester.

      • Could be a consequence too, who really knows. There’s a lot of mystery and speculation around this season of Big Brother, that’s for sure

      • Would like to see Cameron get another chance. You could tell he loved the game and really wanted to be there. Rather see him than some of the ‘filler’ like Jillian, Jessica, Kevin and the ones I don’t like already, lol

      • Jessica could be a dark horse, like well Natalie last year, but hopefully less annoying.

      • I strongly think like you. I would be surprised if I’d be sequestered and will come back in the game. The other way don’t make sense.

      • I think he’s going to have a chance to get back in. If CBS looks at social media (which they do) they’ll see a lot of people aren’t happy about Cameron being replaced with a vet.

  3. I think both powers are very cool. The veto power may be a good one to give to a strong competition player we like as it could minimize the chances of them being a backdoor victim. The no eviction power would make for amazing TV. Just imagine said person being on the block and on the way out then you hear “tires squealing to a halt”. “Oh yah, my eviction? It’s canceled fellas. The president gave me a pardon, but nice try!” I am really loving the twists so far this year.

    • Kind of like when Jeff used the Coup d’etat to overthrow Chima’s nominations in BB11! That was really cool and (even though I couldn’t stand Russel) it made for great BB action!

  4. Just wanted to point out that the Ring of Replacement does have an expiration date. It can only be used until the top six.

  5. I sure don’t want Paul safe for 3 weeks. Anyone but him or Josh. I like this temptation twist. But I wish we knew what the consequences were. By not knowing CBS can manipulate things. I know they don’t fix competitions or who gets voted out but we all know how persuasive the DR is to make things go their way so the show stays exciting. Just sayin.

    • Yeah, we’ve heard that first hand from HGs in the past. Like Jeff talking to Jordan about how the DR was trying to get him to rethink working with Natalie in BB11.

  6. I love the temptations twists this year! So far so much more interesting than last year.

  7. I think a consequence will be an evicted houseguest can come back. If they were having a battle back comp, wouldn’t they have already announced it? It wasn’t a secret last season they told each evicted houseguest.

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