‘Big Brother 19’ Live Feeds: 8-Ball, Pickle Juice, & A House Meeting

Well that escalated quickly. It was a hot afternoon on the Big Brother 19 Feeds after Mark and Josh moved beyond angry words to actions and I’m still amazed that neither of them threw a punch.

Mark and Josh fight on Big Brother 19

To set the scene, you’ve got Mark and Josh in the backyard playing a high-stakes game of billiards with the loser having to drink a cup of pickle juice with hot sauce mixed in.

Flashback to 3:17 PM BBT on your Live Feeds. Get the Free Trial now to watch it play out.

The game comes down to one last ball when Josh takes a shot and Mark calls out that he scratched and has lost. Josh denies he lost and says he wants to redo the shot. Mark isn’t agreeing to that so Josh insists he won.

At 3:30 PM BBT Josh brings Mark a cup of pickle juice with hot sauce. Mark asks him again if Josh really feels he won and Josh says he does. Mark takes the cup and throws the contents in Josh’s face. Hot sauce in the eyes, not to mention the pickle juice. Yikes.

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If you missed the fun, Flashback to 3:30 PM then 3:33 PM & 4:23 PM for fallout, near-house meeting. Watch it: https://t.co/nsJOatQ2un #BB19 pic.twitter.com/k8yN6N0eOz

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Josh is upset, understandably, and goes inside to wash off his face. He returns at 3:33 PM BBT armed with ketchup and ranch dressing. Big Brother is announcing “Stop That!” but it doesn’t work. Josh throws it all over Mark who gets up and chases him across the yard, but instead of punching at each other Mark just wipes some of it off on Josh.

Elena can’t believe Mark did that and urges him to apologize. Mark says he will and tries, but it’s no good. Josh is furious and goes to relax in the hot tub. Soon he’s surrounded by inquiring HGs and things heat up again.

Josh is angry and when Mark returns around 4:23 PM BBT there’s quite the audience. Josh is yelling at Mark that he deserves no respect and Mark is upset back at him. Soon Jessica gets involved asking if Josh had lied to her. He takes a few pot shots back at her before she tries to dip out of the argument.

Gallery: Mark & Josh Food Fight & Argue

Things escalate to Josh accusing Mark of being involved in Cody’s attempts to target Christmas and Paul in the first week. Josh calls out Mark’s reaction to Dominique’s talk show disaster with Cody last week, suggesting his reaction was that of a guilty man.

Josh just can’t stop himself. He continues to yell and shout about conspiracies, liars, and disrespect. He’s gone off the rails. Eventually Mark leaves and Josh continues with his smaller audience at the hot tub.

It’s great Feeds and total chaos. I can’t imagine this will be good long term for Josh’s game, but then again he did this sort of behavior in week one and hasn’t been that much of a target since so maybe he can roll away from this one too.

The house is hot today and maybe it won’t be quite so quiet this week as I thought it’d be with a set target for Thursday’s eviction. What do you think? Can the HGs keep up this pace of crazy?

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    • Your right but regardless if Josh thinks he won or not, Mark had no business to throw that mixture in Josh’s face. I get why he did it but it still doesn’t make it right.

  1. Mark and Josh are a couple of babies. BB, can you bring these two some pacifiers? I know Josh has been a basket case since he came into the house..but, Mark should have never thrown pickle juice and hot sauce right at his face.

      • If it was a prank gone wrong as you say..I don’t think Baby Mark would have thrown it right at Josh’s face. Hot sauce and all and around his microphone. We all know how BB treasures their mics.

      • I don’t think it was a prank gone wrong when Josh blew up Mark’s game in front of all those hg. lol

      • Josh can’t play pool….he always cheats and lies. He double hits.
        Not sure what you mean “Josh blew up Mark’s game in front of all the hg’s”.

      • I should say he “tried” blowing up his game by calling him out and a liar and not loyal to anyone.

      • Josh failed a play and wanted to repeat. He just don´t know the rules and started bashing Mark… like he does to everyone (Josh thinks he is a latino machoman and everyone should bow to him… or die trying). Mark just got the “penalty” and throw it into Josh face. Right now Josh didn´t say a true about any game move… he even told Paul that it was Mark that told Cody to take Paul out on the first week and that Josh was against it. A massive lie…

      • I doubt this was a prank, I believe Mark knew exactly what he was doing. I will say that Josh showed great restraint from hitting Mark over this. I believe I would have tried to knock his arse out had he done that o me but that is my opinion.

      • Mark and josh were playing a game of pool, with the bet that the loser would drink a cup of pickle juice and hot sauce, josh scratched when hitting the eyeball in and wanted to redo his shot, but mark explained, if you scratch on the 8ball it’s over, josh still insisted he won and was following mark around with the cup… mark keeps explaining the rules of pool, while josh yells like a little baby that mark isnt a man of his word, so mark asks josh 1 more time, do you really believe you won like that and after josh says yes, mark hits him with the pickle juice hot sauce… no prank here… just a sore loser who should have let it go before he got sauced in the face.

  2. Wow, even if it’s hot i dont think id ever do that to anyone, granted Josh being annoying af. This season has sooo much more drama than the last. Just please people dont play into paul’s game.

    • I mean there are still plenty of opportunities to backdoor Paul once his PoP expires this week, and the only way he could come back is from a battle back. If he’s up against Cody, that would be a toss up in my books. That would also be much like the battle back which featured Paulie and Victor last season.

  3. I doubt Josh would win even if he did get to the final 2. I don’t think the majority of the jury would vote for him.

  4. Where did Big Brother find these people? It’s been day after day of Turmoil and it’s week three. Self Evict, Resting B.itch Face from a man, Man Child crying since day one, Broken foot, Surgery, staying and can’t compete, Daily arguments & following a Clown/Snake who seems to have put some hex over the rest of the houseguests…..This has got to be the most active lot ever.

  5. If Cody hadn’t been such a dolt, Josh would probably have been gone week 2 after taking that golden apple.

    • A lot could happen in a week, so I wouldn’t immediately jump to that conclusion. Just look at Dom. She was under the radar before her talk show, and it looks like Jessica won’t be evicted before the battle back.

    • I think Josh started to grow on them since he wasn’t acting erratic. His outburst today may have made him a target, but I think Paul is after Mark and he thinks Josh will be loyal to him.

    • Everyone hates Josh… so they can keep him. He can´t win anything and doesn´t have a side.

  6. “A genious and, an, um, uh, a ‘not a genious’, are arguing heatedly, gesticulating wildly. You are one hundred feet away. How can you tell one from the other?”. The answer is that you cannot. Similar to watching from a distance as someone walks into a spider web in that all you see is someone freaking out a little bit, and you cannot immediately know why. Mark made a bet with someone that refuses to obey the clearest of all rules of billiards: Do Not Hit The Cueball Twice With Your Cuestick While Taking A Shot. Josh has behaved this way consistantly while playing pool in the bb house, a known pattern of abuse demanding his immaturity be tolerated, and Mark still allowed himself to be drawn into an argument. Mark is at fault for allowing himself to be drawn into the known irrationality of the world Josh believes Josh is entitled to. So when does the Diary Room inform Josh, privately of course, he is embarasing his family?

    • In my professional opinion, J.M. should never have been accepted to be on a show like this. It is not just a personality issue with him. From nearly the outset of the game, he has repeatedly exhibited irrational behavior and shown emotional instability. One example: He grabbed the golden apple because he assumed that everyone was out to get him, which no one was. After that event, he openly, loudly, aggressively attacked Megan without saying what she had done that was offensive. Minutes later, in the house, he again attacked Megan in front of everyone, but offered no specifics of what she had done. Later (that evening?) he came to Megan to apologize and say he was completely wrong for attacking her, he was sorry, and he hugged her. Second example: His repeatedly, openly crying about missing his family. This is atypical of a grown adult. (It would be understandable if he were a five-year-old on his first sleepover.) No one forced him to apply to be on the show, nor to accept the invitation to be on.

      The producers love this kind of thing, because it’s drama, draws attention to the show, and they can say that they are being “diverse” by allowing every type of person a chance to be on the show. However, if J.M. ever gets professional help and grows up emotionally, which I hope he does, his conduct on this show will live on indefinitely and taint his reputation.

  7. I hope production sits them both down and explains to them that this type of behavior is unacceptable. It didn’t come to blows today, but tomorrow….

  8. This sounds like a whole bunch of stupid to me. I mean technically, Josh did lose so he is being a baby, then Mark acted like a baby, then Josh and back and forth. They can’t get out Josh this week and I am pretty certain that by next week they will forget. Heck they will probably forget by Friday. They just don’t seem like consistent people.

  9. Is it me or is Josh…. mentally unstable.
    I mean its not my place to judge but at the same time he tends to get into fights with everyone, he throws a fit, he cries like a baby.

    I mean he chased Mark around with ketchup and I think ranch it was. All because he lost a pool game? I really think he needs to be taken out of this game for his own good. Because honestly he’s displayed some disturbing behavior.

    • You realize Josh was responding to having pickle juice and hot sauce thrown in his face. I don’t know about pickle juice but hot sauce in the eye would burn. Sure Josh is emotional and gets upset easy but your response seems to place all the blame on Josh in this situation. I think it escalated further than it needed to but it sounds like Mark initiated.

      • Did you see the feeds? Josh was acting like a child. I mean a total baby! And it isn’t the first time. He’s done this so-so-so many times when they play pool, it’s almost a running gag…don’t play with him b/c he’s a poor sport and won’t ever say he loses. Anyhow, yeah, Mark was way out of line to throw that in his face, but Josh…
        I think Josh has a mental disorder, possibly oppositional defiant disorder or conduct disorder…not sure, can’t really diagnose from TV but he has issues. Production should have recognized it.

      • Did you read my comment? I’m not discounting how easily upset/emotional Josh gets. I was just responding to the fact that the original comment seemed to focus primarily on Josh as being at fault.

      • I think Mark overreacted, but this has been brewing for days. They snapped at each other earlier today at about 1pm and they got into it about pool the other day as well… That’s all I’m saying. Mark’s reaction was not all about today.

      • Josh lost but did not hold up his end of the bet. It is Josh’s fault. I guess you can blame the producers for selecting a mentally challenged person to play a mentally challenging game.

      • Each season there is someone who is mentally unstable. I just find josh’s behavior as childish. Very immature and has yet to grow up. He just behaves like a brat, but today he had all the right to stand up to Mark.

      • He’s really not the first person with a disorder that’s been blatantly ignored by production.

    • He’s really stupid and lacks any form of impluse control. What puzzles me is how he somehow edged out thousands of other applicants.

    • Most of the HGs tend to pick on Josh and call him names. Although he is quite annoying, he takes it as kidding around, but I believe they are intentionally being mean. I don’t think that he is mentally unstable, but it seems if there was someone in the house who had some kind of mental disability and was slow the HGs will be mean to them. Josh has had enough and took it out on Mark who didn’t do something very nice as throwing hot sauce in his face.

      • Remember when Josh started all his Craziness from the beginning when he blamed Megan for nothing in front of everyone why he wuzzied out of the first game.

        He brings this on himself.

      • He is extremely annoying, but he has changed somewhat since the beginning. He tries to calm himself down. I don’t like him, but if he wins HOH and goes after the right people, then I will be on his side.

      • Josh thinks that he is superior to everyone. That´s why he bulliyes people around him. That´s why he bashs everyone and targets everyone.

      • Josh is one of those unfortunate people that goes through life with a Kick Me sign on his back. He’s a braggart and a baby. If you have to constantly remind everyone around you in the loudest terms that you are a man, you aren’t a man. He also confessed to Dom that he’s never touched a girl in his life. 24 year old Baby Huey.

    • Exactly! You Nailed it!

      I also wonder if they haven’t been given any alcohol yet because Josh would not be able to handle it.

      I am very sick of Josh. He is such an annoying big adult crybaby mama’s boy. And he won’t shut up either.

    • I agree completely, but that’s what makes this such a great season. I’m not really rooting for anyone yet and the drama is ridiculous. I think it’s the best season since 16

      • Agreed. I had a strange hunch this would be a wild season before the hgs even entered the house and haven’t been disappointed!

      • Alex is still an outsider. We will see the next couple of weeks how the others feel about her and Paul’s new closeness.

      • I did until she became brainwashed with Paul and he is basically running her game.

      • I was so disappointed when Alex told Paul that she’s onto Kevin about the votes.

      • Yep it is like she has to report to him. At least Jason is starting to wise up. He may be my favorite if I really had to pick.

    • It is hard to find anybody to like. That’s why I’m sticking with the outsiders for now.

  10. Off the subject, but maybe someone here can help me. I’ve been watching feeds today. I needed to clean cache, cookies, etc. in Chrome, soooo I did. I rebooted my computer, and now all I have is black box on the feeds. I checked flash, flash updates, enabled for chrome, etc., also opened up IE browser and still nothing. Out of the blue, I suddenly have a problem? Any ideas, anyone?

    • Try to enable ads. Someone else had the same problem and that was it. CBS doesn’t allow Ads to be disabled on their site.

    • IE and FF have ways to reset the browser to all the defaults. I dunno about Chrome, you’d have to go look. I use SeaMonkey, based on FF code but far better IMO.

    • Problem # 1 was that my email did not match my account info….Got that fixed…Then my cameras stopped working..I had to disable the Ad Blocker… Now my PC seems to be playing feeds fine but my Laptop is having issues….

  11. Jason is another crazy character.there. Can’t wait to see him be HoH. ha! How did he managed to sneak in some ‘speed or something in the house is amazing.

  12. Well I thought this week was going to be a quiet week with Jessica leaving. I was wrong turned out to be very interesting week. Dom accusing people of being snakes and not having any proof. Caused a huge blow up with her and Paul. Week surprised me on how active it was.
    Josh is already known for his BB paranoia, but this was an over reaction.
    He obviously can’t handle joking. Really think the house is making him crazy.
    it’s only the start we have Veto episode and live eviction and a Battle Back.
    And of course the den of temptation.

    • I don’t think throwing vinegar and hot sauce in the face of someone joking around. Josh is full of paranoia but mark was very wrong doing what he did.

      • what mark did was commit assault, and he needs to be tossed out ,hot sauce to the eyes is just as bad as being pepper sprayed,and mixed with pickle juice could cause temporary or sometimes permanent blindness,BB production could potenially be prosecuted for allowing it,if the parents of Josh want they could file a lawsuit in court against cbs and BB production,it might be thrown out of court but it could stand too depending on the judge,but regardless it was very very stupid and assinine.

      • I doubt it because CBS makes them sign their lives away before they enter that house. CBS doesn’t pay for anything…even if you get hurt…it is all on you (the HG’s). Everything is on them…they are responsible. CBS has them sign a contract that is very tight, according to past HG’s.

      • Pepper spray is made from the same thing, peppers, yep. If a hazardous chemical mixture from ingredients in the house can be made and used in an assault, it may not matter what kind of waivers the HGs had signed. Negligence considerations can override that.

      • Yeah, I have to agree. I’m not crazy about Josh but throwing that in his face was uncalled for. Hot sauce and vinegar??? That’s worth a fist pump to the face.

  13. I heard someone mention that in some past seasons Production gave the houseguests alcohol frequently. In the past it seemed like they would pass out booze when the feeds were boring. At this rate the folks will never get any alcohol…lol

    • I remember them getting wine and beer. This is not a close knit group so they don’t deserve anything.

  14. I can’t believe Mark tossed that in Josh’s face lol… Josh is definitely crazy and not cut out for this game, but that was a little far, don’t you think?

  15. Outside of the house throwing hot sauce in someone’s face would be considered assault. I have no idea why production didn’t step in more.

    • I would imagine he’s been warned. BB UK throws the HGs out after a couple warnings, and sometimes after one instance if it’s bad enough. BB UK is running right now. They tossed out some gal named Karleigh for going bat shirt and threatening people. She was way off the chain but didn’t assault anyone. Yet. :oD

  16. FUNNY stuff! Hey Josh, scratching on the 8 ball shot IS losing! Throwing stuff at somebody in anger is a problem though. This is a game of deception. The problem is, folks usually speak their mind when they’re mad and/or drunk. Good job Joshy boy! Just keep diggin’ that hole pal! Freaky furbag and Alex must love it. Distractions for the house.

    Reminds me. So I was tending bar at my friend’s pool hall. A regular comes in. He’s not having a good day. Some kid I never saw before comes in. Wants to play pool with the regular for money. The kid loses and is broke, can’t pay his bet! He was going from bar to bar trying to make some money and kept losing and getting tossed out. So “bad day” guy collects his debt. He’s got the punk over the pool table just wailing on him. I’m yelling across the bar, “Don’t get any blood on them pool tables, we just replaced the greens!” So he drags the kid near me in front of the bar on the floor, pounding. Yeah, ok, so I’m looking over the bar watching for a bit. “Take that outside now!” And out the door they went. I have no idea what happened out there. The regular came back. Don’t squelch on pool games, especially when the other guy is having a bad day. Don’t get any blood on my pool tables either dammit! Tending bar in a pool hall leaves me with plenty of crazy stories.

    • Josh is a squelcher, sure, but it’s just a lousy pool game, yeah. He got mad at a chess game too? He can even play chess at all?

      • There was a situation on the feeds when he stormed off raging mad because he didn’t want an audience watching him play chess because it can mess up concentration 😂

    • Yeah, I get that. Some people are just sore losers but, did Mark lose? That’s what I’m trying to figure out LOL but regardless, Josh needed that in his face! I love it! Happy dance 💃🏼 over here!!! hee hee 😜

      • Now I can’t remember my question LOL I think I asked if Mark won??
        Mark didn’t win? In any event, I’m happy Mark did that b/c I cannot stand Josh but I think I made that clear already LOL 😂
        Thanks for listening :-) :-)

  17. Josh is a few cards short of a full deck. He seriously has some emotional issues. WTH. I remember the 1st episode in the DR he was like, I’m here for the ladies, and they’re gonna all want me.
    All this dude does is start stuff with everyone.

    • Exactly, he starts stuff & then turns around & says “I like you man, I wish you nothing but the best man, you’re a good man!”
      He is way too much of a mama’s boy to be on BB! Or he needs his mama with him wiping his ass, and changing his diaper!

      • Haha! Yup! So true! And won’t Shut-Up up! He says the same things over and over.

  18. I don’t know if is “roid rage” or what but it’s obvious Mark has anger issues and is quick to show his temper and you can see this on a regular basis on the After Dark shows.. That was way out of line to throw something in someone’s face as Mark did with Josh… No it isn’t being “out of line” or being a baby as some twits on here are saying if you get upset about something hot being thrown in your face and it goes into your eyes.. If that is something some of you want to argue about then by all means ask someone to go ahead and throw a cup of hot sauce mixed with pickle juice in your face.. By the way pickle juice is made with vinegar which isn’t meant to thrown in your eyes.. Neither is hot sauce meant to be thrown into your eyes it could not only burn your eyes but damage them. Sooner or later Mark will get into a psychical confrontation with someone in the Big Brother house and it is just a matter of when and with whom..

    • He’s throwing stuff so it may move to taking a swing at somebody. Some seasons back some hothead got tossed right away for going wacky and shoving somebody. Don’t recall the punk’s name.

    • He wasn’t mad when he threw the drink, he thought it would be funny like the baby powder fight Jessica and Matt had the day before. He definitely misjudged and did something stupid he tried to apologize, he didn’t get mad until Josh started blowing up his game.

    • The loser of the game was supposed to drink it and when Baby Huey refused to accept that he lost the game he told Mark to drink it and Mark pitched it at him.

  19. Wow 😳 Immature much!
    Any of this play out on big brother after dark?
    Who started it? LMAO 😆
    But in all seriousness, did Josh loose or did Mark lose at Pool?
    Because, from the sounds of it, it sounds like Mark did win, shockingly enough Josh was a poor loser and couldn’t except defeat. Then went on to make that drink and bring it to Mark! Being the typical Josh that he is! A crybaby, gets tough when more people are around! My 10-year-old daughter is more mature than him! I just can’t stand Josh so even if Mark was wrong, I still love it! Pickle juice and hot sauce right to the eyes 👀 I love it! Sorry folks, but all the whining and snivelling Josh has shown thus far drives me crazy! He needs to go home to his mama!
    Anything more happened? Anything happened before that? I guess I should read the two other blogs before this one…….

    • I am watching the BB After Dark and they keep talking about it….but, unfortunately they didn’t show it.

      Oh I agree with everything you said about Josh. I can’t stand him. I didn’t like him from day one. He is such a CryBaby Whiner. He is a huge Mama’s Boy! He needs to get evicted….ASAP! I can tell he has a Nasty temper too because he is used to getting away with Sheeett because he is a Mama’s Boy CryBaby Whiny Loser Big Adult Brat! ;-D

      • I’ll guess he was wussy boy that was chosen to be “food” in the house. Same as being fed to lions.

      • Yup! That’s exactly why he got picked.

        You can tell he is also a very selfish person….and that’s his personality.

        Haha! I am watching BB after dark right now….and He (Josh) won’t Shut-Up!! Hahaha! Omg! Kevin is making fun of Josh to Jason….I literally just Laughed out Loud.

        Omg!! Hahaha! ;-)

      • LMAO! Yeah everything you said…… Sadly, I don’t see him going home anytime soon because he is just a flip-flopper & Will do what he’s told each week by whomever is in power! Lame! It sucks! But, hopefully he continues to get less air time!
        “Are you reading this big brother??? No one likes Josh! Don’t give him air time! If we don’t have a choice to get rid of him, at least don’t make us look at him or hear him! Only exception is if someone punches him in the face! Then show that over and over and over again! An entire episode of Josh getting punched in the face works for me! Are you listening to me big brother? I’m not alone here……….!” LOL 😂

    • Says above that “The game comes down to one last ball when Josh takes a shot”. If playing 8 ball, (likely), and it’s the last ball for him to shoot at, (the 8 ball), then scratching on that shot, (cue ball goes into a pocket), would mean that Josh lost the game. Scratch on the 8 = lose in 8 ball.

      I like how it says Josh goes off on a baby tantrum starts yammering about all kinds of stupid crap. Digging his own BB grave. I would imagine he’s on the slate for these early herd thinning evictions where an HOH wants to play it safe. I’m sure that there’s folks back home in his neighborhood that know him that are laughing their butts off!

      • Josh said in his “Normal Life” people know Not to “F” with him!

        Bwhaaaaaaaa! Bwhaaaaaaaa! Bwhaaaaaaaa!

        You Nailed it when you said that there’s folks back in his home neighborhood that know him that are laughing their Butts off at him!

        Dominique just told Josh (BBAD) that the Live Feeders are going to Love him! Hahahaha! Hahahaha! She said that because he keeps whispering something about what’s going to happen to him after he leaves the house. Hahaha! Man…he is a Tool!

      • I 300% agreed that if you pocket the cue on the 8, you have lost!!!!! But I’ve been once in the situation that the people I played with didn’t knew that rule. I almost did a Mark of myself with my beer. I was so frustrated and still believe I won that game!

      • Rules can vary according to league play, and there’s also world standardized rules. The double tap or “table scratch” mentioned above may only be for certain leagues. Sinking the 8 and scratching at the same time may not be a global foul but is generally applied in the USA. Kevin the Dollar Store Mafioso is using his local league rules.

        Pool leagues NEED very detailed rules even if they may not the traditional ones or the global standard. Pool players WILL get very upset and beat the snot out of each other over small details. :oD

        Playing bars in my area, I always played no slop call your shots. That needs to be agreed to before the game starts! Not hitting another ball with the cue ball was ok, and simply moving the cue ball (not by hand) to provide a difficult position for the other player wasn’t an issue. It varies.

        Casual play, sink the 8 with a scratch is about the only foul anyone pays attention to.

      • it could have been a Table Scratch. if you don’t make contact with the 8 Ball on your shot, it is also considered a scratch

      • It didn’t go in the pocket he double tapped the eight ball and by Kevin’s official rules that is the same as a scratch, it is all fun and games until someone gets hot sauce in his eye.

      • That’s how I would play it. If the white ball goes into the pocket when said player is trying to get the eight ball in the pocket, they lose! So Josh lost! I’ve never heard of it any other way!?
        I was thinking the exact same thing, he is probably a laughing joke in his neighborhood! What an embarrassment!
        Unfortunately, I disagree and I don’t think he will be headed home anytime soon because he does flip-flops so much, every person that gets HOH is going to know that he will come sucking up to them and work with them that week.
        Sadly I don’t think Josh will be going home anytime soon! Gag! But there’s not a chance for him to win! Nothing! Even if he started winning every HOH possible, Veto and anything else he could win, he still sucks! LOL

      • The inert wall fixtures are a vote to use, yep. If they aren’t TOO unstable and annoying, they can stay around to be inert ingredients. Dom is just too annoying and keeps going batty. She’s not even good for a vote! Early HOH too so it’s better for Alex to get extra clowns like dom out rather than try to make any bis moves. Timing is critical.

        8 ball has different rule sets as per league or location. It was said that Kevin was blathering about a double-kiss. That’s only in certain USA leagues. He’s full of crap. Scratching on the 8 varies, and is not considered a foul outside of the USA so much. If dropping the 8 AND scratching at the same time? That’s a foul nearly everywhere in the USA that I’m aware. Thing is, people want to snivel over details that vary a lot. Make the rules known BEFORE starting the game! Otherwise there isn’t any and NO crying!

      • Exactly! You’re going to want to get rid of the people you know you can’t control/they are wildcards like Dominique whereas unfortunately someone like Josh will probably go far only because he Will vote “with the house.” There are quite a few minions in the house this season. And I got to give credit where credit is due, Paul is definitely setting himself up in a good position however, once his safety is gone peoples mindset may change but I just don’t see that happening because too many people look up to him/have deals with him and believe him!
        That guy is a master manipulator! LOL 😂 Watching last nights episode when he told Alex to use the veto and convince Jason to use it and then he went to Jason and made it seem as though it was Alex’s idea and when the three of them were in the HOH room he pretty much said to Alex that it was “her great idea!” And she should do it! Alex didn’t even catch on! She’s a smart girl but he manipulated her big time! That was super funny and good game play!
        Love Paul or hate Paul, he is good at this game!
        Plus paul’s DR sessions are hilarious!

      • I don’t get it. Paul is just a two bit punk. Seems to me these HGs are sheltered little wussies that never saw a punk like that before? OMG! I dunno how it could be more obvious! I’ve seen hundreds of cheap two bit punks like him! :oD The wacky furbrain also says all the same stuff that every delusional idiot always says in these games. He controls everyone and they don’t know it. They all do as he says and he secretly controls them. Blah blah blah. Paul is a big loser that lies, cheats, and steals his way through life. A common criminal type. What IS saving him THIS time around is he’s not being as offensive as he was last time. THAT part he figured out. What he won’t figure out is you can’t fool all of the people all of the time. :oD He got a free ride that’s over now. When it gets under 10 people in the house, I bet he gets tossed out. He wanted to get Mark on the block. Didn’t happen. So much for his fantasy of control.

      • Actually, I am pretty sure Paul’s parents have quite a bit of money. They showed his parents last season, and they had a very very very very nice house and backyard!
        & it seemed like he was super close to his family. So I think you might be reading him wrong, of course I don’t know. But, from my knowledge from last year outside the house he is well liked by many. Some of his friends were at the house also. I’m not sure if they were in his band or just good friends, but they all look the same. Well not look the same but dressed the same.

      • His attitude and all his mannerisms speak volumes. All common for a street punk. But then, somebody would have to have seen enough street punks to see it I guess. Very emotional insecure guy that is quick to attack folks I see. I wouldn’t want to be like that guy for all the tea in China. I see a guy that lives his life like a spoiled 12 year old. Other folks see something else or can relate, I dunno. :oD Do understand that this is coming from somebody who has worked very hard to learn many skill sets and is very independent. Paul obviously has no practical skills and will spend his life hanging on his mother’s apron strings. He’s not the only one. There’s plenty of kids like that to go around.

      • You have to keep in mind that Paul is what only 24 years old? Probably very privileged and lives with his parents. I think, I’m not sure but I think he is an only child.
        So I think he puts off this persona like he’s a badass but in all actuality, he’s not at all. I don’t know

    • Oh I’m glad, I thought it was just me who can’t stand josh, when I first seen him and he opened his mouth, I wish I can throw something at him, he thinks he’s a tough guy coz of his size but his all a big mouth Latino baby. Thank you mark coz for sure it’s boiling inside him, outside the house somebody’s going to do that to baby josh anyway and he’ll just go back crying to his mama.

      • Ugh 😑
        I cannot stand him! Nothing about him is entertaining, he has no game and I just want him gone! He is a waste of space

  20. Haha. I can’t defend Mark but it’s so funny. Just the other day Gordon Ramsay shove ice cream into his customer’s face in the F Word in the name of entertainment.
    Anyway, hopefully Mark is not gonna hulk up soon.

  21. Question……
    I have every single “BB After Dark” episode still & I am wondering if any of the old ones are worth going back to? (If you can even remember!?)
    Dominique’s “Talk Show” is on BB After Dark right? (That’s why I haven’t just deleted a most of the old ones) 🙄 The only BB After Dark episode I quickly watched was the controversial one regarding the “Organic Alliance/Cody saying he wasn’t working alone when trying to backdoor Paul/Christmas.”
    Are any of them worth watching?
    I guess the ‘big argument’ between Paul & Dominique in the HOH room the other night isn’t on there?
    Tonight/ Monday night episode any good? Sundays? & Saturday? Fridays………?? TIA

      • Sorry, just getting around to my notifications now. It’s been a week! I am currently about 15 in and on day three, so this message you sent me was from three days ago. Sorry! Thanks for the info on watching big Brother After Dark :-)

    • There is one a week or two ago when Mark and Kevin were playing chess, and Paul was there watching, wearing his infamous “black mask”, the skin goop he puts on his face. It’s actually a dark blue and he referred to it as looking like Braveheart.

  22. Why does Dominique keep bringing up that she is Black!?? Does she want a Medal….or a sympathy vote!??? Big deal!! Geezee!! I used to like her too!! Not anymore!

  23. The reason Mark & Josh fight is because they are just alike – emotional crybabies. I get that guys are competitive, but seriously?! Grow up!

    • Mark thought it was a joke and they would laugh about it. And actually Elana told him he should do it, then later said “I was joking you should have known better”

    • I can kind of understand why Mark behaved this way. Josh is crazy and immature. But Mark should have ignored Josh because now Mark is ruining his own game.

    • NO! :oD All she and her sister do is cry cry cry. Seemed like half the show was her face on the screen while she cried like the biggest baby I ever saw. Serious train wrecks, both of ’em. You can bet every guy that meets them in RL will RUN!

  24. Josh is very lucky to still be around. Usually HGs like him are one of the first to go. Especially after he took that Golden Apple. But then again I’m glad that he’s there, he keeps things interesting.

    • He double tapped the eight ball, by the game rules he lost, his argument was that they have played before and nobody has called that rule out. The house was kind of split last night Christmas was on Josh’s side saying that throwing the hot sauce in his eyes was assault, while Kevin thinks Josh is a sore looser.

      • Kevin was insisting his local league rules should apply. Rule sets vary a lot from league to league and country to country. Kevin doesn’t doesn’t get out of his own back yard much. :oD

    • Kevin was likely insisting his local league rules should apply. Rule sets vary a lot from league to league and country to country. Kevin doesn’t get out of his own back yard much and really just needed to STFU. :oD In general global terms for casual play, that wasn’t a foul. The variations in rule sets is why the HGs were confused. :o)

  25. He also called out Raven for always talking under her breath and behind his back, but she wasn’t present and nobody informed her.

    • Who? This Mark wack job? He wants to say who can talk and when? :oD Sounds like that guy is digging his own hole faster and deeper than Josh!

      • Mark has also been acting crazy lately!!! When he first came I thought he was mature and calm. Now my opinion has completely changed.

      • I think Mark and Cody are a couple of these steroid musclehead guys with ‘roid rage.

  26. Whose bright idea was it to drink a glass of pickle juice mixed with hot sauce anyway?

  27. Not sure what has gotten into Mark lately. Guess he does have anger issues.

    • Yeah, the initial HG honeymoon is over. True colors will start to emerge as they crack up and pop off. We’re not seeing anything unusual, we’re starting to see what these people are really like.

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