Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Week 4: Tuesday Night Highlights

The Big Brother 19 houseguests spent Tuesday evening privately bashing each other while Ramses started to sweat a little more over being on the block. Cody continued to plot agains Paul while most of the rest of the house are looking at Cody and Mark as their two biggest targets.

Josh Martinez sick on Big Brother 19

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Big Brother 19 Live Feed Highlights – Tuesday, July 25, 2017:

4:45 PM BBT – Paul tells Matthew and Raven that Mark commented about their agendas might not always match up. He also warns them that Mark was saying he didn’t like one of the couples for how they’re playing and he thinks Mark meant them (Matthew and Raven).

4:50 PM BBT – Paul retells Matthew and Raven about his talk with Mark and Elena where he (Paul) and Elena said they wouldn’t put Raven up but Mark said he would. They all agree that Mark is the weak player of that group and should be left in the game while Elena needs to go.

5:05 PM BBT – Josh lost a bet and has to drink the pickle juice and hot sauce concoction. He smells it and runs to the bathroom to vomit.

5:10 PM BBT – Jessica checked with Jason about the votes. He warned her that it may not be unanimous. Jessica goes back to Cody and says she thinks the vote will be okay because Mark and Elena have promised to vote out Josh. (She hasn’t dug deeper than those 3 votes in recent days.)

5:15 PM BBT – Cody suggests Paul is probably coaching Josh to play it cool this week to try and help with rallying votes.

5:25 PM BBT – Jessica tells Cody that they should stop using Ramses as a pawn and make him a stronger number for their side after this week, if he makes it.

5:30 PM BBT – Cody is worried about Paul and Matthew talking too much. He think Paul is using Matthew for numbers and Matthew is using Paul for safety. Cody says he would nominate Matthew and Raven then take down Matthew and renom Paul to Backdoor him. Jessica wants Paul to make Jury, but Cody says every newbie player this season including Cameron deserves to be here more than Paul.

5:35 PM BBT – Cody and Jessica argue over his choice to try and side with Alex. Jessica agrees that they could probably have gone far with Alex and Jason, but she doesn’t think they can get along well enough to do it. Cody says they’ll have to side with Mark and Elena now instead.

5:45 PM BBT – Cody tells Jessica that he thinks it weighs heavily on Paul that every time he and Paul go up against each other Cody has won.

5:51 PM BBT – Cody and Jessica now bashing Josh. Cody still saying he’s going to make sure everyone hates Josh when they’re out of the game. Jessica tells him he won’t because they will all have moved on by then. She says their revenge on Josh is getting him out of the house this week and preventing him from winning the $500,000.

6:20 PM BBT – Jessica tells Cody to just relax this week and next and then they can go all out once jury starts. They agree there’s no playing it safe then.

6:28 PM BBT – Everyone tells Josh he needs to stop acting happy or he’s going to blow their plan. They say he needs to get back to acting sad.

6:30 PM BBT – Josh tells Kevin it’s just too nerve-racking to be on the block. Kevin tells him to calm down because he’s safe.

6:33 PM BBT – Jason says he’s going to tell Jessica and Cody that he confronted Ramses about the $25K (that Kevin actually won) and he admitted he won so that’s why Jason voted to evict Ramses instead of Mark.

6:41 PM BBT – Jason tells Alex he wants Matthew out. She gets frustrated and tells him to worry about targeting people not on their side at the moment. Jason is mad that he has to lie to Jessica and Cody about his vote this week.

7:15 PM BBT – Alex, Paul and Jason discussing the lies they think Cody has told. Alex again questioning whether or not Cody was actually a Marine. Jason says he thinks Cody’s war stories were from movies.

7:45 PM BBT – Josh doing what has become his nightly cam talks. This time he uses Orwell the owl to help him out.

7:55 PM  BBT – Josh is now dancing with Orwell the Owl.

8:22 PM BBT – Christmas and Raven talk about plans for the next week. Christmas asks Raven if she’d be willing to put Cody up if she wins HOH. She says yes. Matt says if he wins HOH Mark is going home. Christmas says it would be a good idea to nominate Mark and then if he wins Veto, he could put Cody up.

9:45 PM BBT – Kevin asks Ramses if he won the $25,000. Ramses says no and asks if people would want him out over that and Kevin says yes. Kevin says he won $27.

9:46 PM BBT – Jessica and Cody discuss what the Halting Hex means. She wonders if she can use it as soon as one of them gets nominated (no). Cody tells her not to even worry about it because they can just tell whoever gets HOH that they will waste their HOH if they nominate them.

9:47 PM BBT – Jessica is trying to tell Cody something about the Diary Room talking to her about what she told Kevin about her power but they keep telling her to stop talking about production. She manages to get out that she can’t lie about what the power does (she can’t use production as strategy).

10:00 PM BBT – Mark and Elena agree that they want to work with Cody again, as long as it doesn’t keep them from working with Paul too.

10:18 PM BBT – BB is getting frustrated with Josh for not wearing his microphone. He’s about to shower but keeps stalling and talking without his mic.

10:22 PM BBT – Paul is making up his have-not bed and everyone is laughing because he has so many blankets and pillows that he can hardly climb into the bed.

10:28 PM BBT – Raven doing that thing she does where she tries to get Matthew to say how many people want her to get to the end. Then she says she’s a realist and knows here chances are slim. Matthew says her chances are better than she thinks.

10:30 PM BBT – Alex tells Matthew and Raven about her conversation with Jessica about the nominations this week. Alex says she told Jessica she didn’t like either nominees so she has to decide which one she dislikes the most. Matthew asks Alex why Ramses is so nervous about the vote because he keeps asking people if they’re still voting to keep him.

10:33 PM BBT – Matthew and Raven trashing Mark. Matthew make fun of Mark’s pink shorts and Raven brings up Mark’s spandex shorts. Matthew says you have to be packing a lot more than Mark is to wear those shorts.

10:34 PM BBT – Matthew is confused what happened to Elena because she was about third on his list of who he trusts the most but now she’s not even on the list at all.

11:33 PM BBT – Kevin retelling to Paul about Raven asking HGs for money so she can get her eggs frozen since she can’t have children after Christmas started talking about having kids.

12:03 AM BBT – Josh is screaming because he saw the silhouette of a cameraman. This sets off a series of HGs running around playing with Josh and laughing about him being so easily scared.

12:40 AM BBT – HGs hanging out talking in the open bedroom while Elena is teaching Mark how to do a cartwheel in the backyard.

1:25 AM BBT – Mark and Elena are up wandering the house while Raven, ahem, handles Matthew in the bedroom.

1:45 AM BBT – A re-energized Matthew is busy cleaning the kitchen.

There were no shifts in the voting plans on Tuesday. Ramses remains in danger of eviction and the majority of the Houseguests have moved on to planning for next week’s targets. There are going to be five upset HGs on Thursday night.

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  1. You missed all the fun when Josh couldn’t handle looking at Elena in a bikini with her booty on display. The guys started teasing him, and yanked his blankets away so he was “exposed”!

    • Wow. Did jason actually accuse cody, albeit not to his face, of being a “military honor thief”? Accuse cody of fabricating his military service? For jason to accuse cody of telling lies about his military service without a shred of proof is mighty low. Up until that point i considered jason to be a likable happy-go-lucky kind of guy, and now i believe him lower than whale poop. Anything less than an immediate apology is unforgivable.

      • I press on the wrong button and deleted my comment. Lol. In any case, I don’t like his shirts and the way he wears it by putting everything to his neck. It’s strange.

        I guess I would like it better if he would do something in the game. Now all we can talk about it’s his shirts and cereals.

      • I love that I don’t even have to see the comment to know who it was about. Just shirts and cereal. Can only be one guy!

      • I hope Matt wins HOH one of these days just so they can send him some clothes.

  2. I find Elena irritating as hell. I find most of them annoying and last year I hated Paul. But this season, he is about the only one I find playing the game of big brother. Seems this cast is more interested in hooking up. Such a waste of a season these people suck

    • Elana was eating ice cream and I was hysterical that she uses what looks like a serving spoon to eat with,probably a tablespoon, and fills it up and shoves the entire thing in her mouth. And if she doesn’t start wearing a bra, those girls will be bouncing off her knees very soon.

      • So you mean men, in general. ;)
        I’m only kidding. The females on this show are many times much worse than the males.

      • Lol! For realz! Jess & Elena are def more perv than most of those guys. I’ve heard their talks on AD. Yuck!

      • I agree wholeheartedly. I’m sure the men have “thoughts”…many thoughts, but most of the time they don’t openly speak them like Jeszibel and HOlena, who are disgusting.

      • I agree ,i think they are both disgusting ,self centered and think they are gods gift to men,both wear too much makeup and have as much personality as a lump of coal.

      • Mark and Ramses who has no interest are the only one noticing her. Paul is just amusing her.

      • I still have no idea what Mark sees in her. I think he’s a doll, but he has horrible taste in women.

      • And vice versa, what can she possibly see in that crying baby? Has appeared to me that Mark actually liked Dom and Elena likes Paul.

      • Guys with that much muscle always send alarm bells ringing to me … I think high maintenance 😃😜😃

      • Totally agree. She is disgusting, and I can’t understand why Mark likes her (other than her enormous breasts). She’s infatuated with herself and completely rude to him.

      • Everything about her, Raven and Jessica irritates me. Christmas looks better than all 3 and she has respect for herself. Maybe that’s why they behave that way. Insecurity.

      • Due to the fact that Christmas actually does respect herself and carries herself well makes her much prettier than the others. You’re right – insecurity is a big factor here.

  3. I’ll never understand the rationale of using a “pawn” that no one really cares about keeping. The pawn is supposed to m=be someone that the other side would never vote out to make sure your target goes home. I was happy Jessica won HOH and POV but she squandered all her power this week.. they could have gotten Paul out…It’s just crazy to me what she did….

      • She wants Paul staying till jury.
        Despite her winning HoH and POV, she’s only like 3rd or 4th on Paul’s extermination list. He seems to want to delay her departure, too, even though he complains about her harassing him. Strange.

    • That would require them actually thinking for themselves and not letting others dictate how they play the game.

    • Who would Paul have gone home against except MAYBE Raven? No one. He’s the classic Double eviction boot. Get him when he can’t defend himself using his social game. Jessica had the right idea in going for a soft target in Josh that few people would miss — she just misfired badly by putting up a “pawn” that NO ONE would miss.

    • Jessica nominating Josh was personal..not strategic or game play ..Cody nominated 5 people all for personal reasons not strategic/game play related….

      • I’ll agree with you about Jessica nominating Josh for personal reasons. But don’t blame her I wanted him out day 1. Cody nominated the people he did because he did not trust them so that is game play to me.

      • Cody nominated Megan because he did not like her,,Jillian was nominated cause she was a friend of Megans..Alex was nominated cause she was their friend Cody nominated Paul cause Paul did not give him a friendship bracelet..Christmas was nominated cause at the time she was closest to Paul…Jessica nominated Josh cause she hates him…None of the people C & J nominated were a threat at that time..not even Paul who was in an alliance with the 2….Josh is not a threat just an idiot who won’t keep his mouth shut…I don’t recall anybody ever winning BB by playing the game on a “personal” level…

      • Did anyone else catch codys revalation regarding megan while he was being “interviewed” by dominique? He said that megan told him she “does not like marines”. I am sure her comment resulted directly in his saying to her “i just dont like you” as his reason for nominating her.

      • Paul was his target the whole time. That was a great move. Too bad Paul was gifted safety for 3 weeks or he would have been gone. At that point Cody still had his alliance.

      • U did not get what I said… Jessica and Cody are playing a personal game not a strategic game…They vote people out because they don’t like them not because they are a threat….And no it was not a great move…Paul is still in the house…

      • How is Paul not a threat. Cody watched his season and saw him as a threat. He knew what kind of player Paul was before the game actually started.

      • duh…at the time Cody nominated Paul they were in an “alliance” together..What part of that do u not grasp??? Paul at that time was “not ” a threat to Cody or Jessica…That is why the house turned on Cody.. It was a stupid personal move..

      • Right. Cody didn’t perceive Paul as a threat, in fact he still doesn’t, he didn’t like Paul from the start. He didn’t like how Paul played his first season. He didn’t trust him, but never saw him as a threat. The “funny” thing about Cody if you listen to him talk about others and what he doesn’t like about them you can see it in him in spades. He didn’t like Megan because he thought she was selfish when she had the nerve to go to talk him after he won HOH. Well Cody going against your alliance all on your own is selfish. Blowing up your girls game is selfish. He thinks Paul is obnoxious and a bully…hello pot calling kettle here. I understand his dislike of Josh that is self explanatory, but as stated Jillian was an outsider and a friend of Megan’s. Cody doesn’t like people lying but he spent the whole first week lying to everyone about being in an alliance with Paul and Christmas then went behind their backs and nominated both. Paul had protection and so he went after Christmas. This move is what lost him his alliance. They felt he couldn’t be trusted There is not an ounce of strategy in any of this. It’s all just personal.

      • Cody in his DR sessions was dead against any vet returning. He wanted and wants paul out. Paul felt the same way during bb18, and exactly like a hypocrite paul himself became a returning vet for bb19. Paul stated, at the time, “they had their chance”. It will be interesting to see if cody allows himself to also be a hypocrite and return for a future bb season. I guess money talks, and i would bet a couple bucks that paul contracted a gauranteed sum to return.

      • I really don’t think much would’ve changed had Paul not been given the safety. The same people that voted to evict Jillian would’ve likely still voted to evict her even if Paul was up there instead of Christmas. Cody backstabbed his alliance. Whether it was Paul or Christmas on the block, they would’ve voted against Cody’s wishes, and he still would’ve lost his alliance.

        Then in future weeks, Paul would’ve still won HOH and been safe, and Alex wouldn’t have put him up either because they’re working together. So I really don’t think his safety changed the game all that much. Cody just straight up sucks at this game. Even Jess (who I also dislike) is better at this game than him. If she hadn’t listened to her dumb boyfriend, she would’ve gotten her target out this week.

  4. The only GoFundMe Raven needs is one to raise money to send her to a make up class.

    • She is so pretty when she wears a little makeup but when she packs it on her face it looks terrible. Maybe after she watches the show she will realize…

      • Agree – she is a lovely looking girl but she makes herself look like Carrie at the end of the film (after she’d killed everyone).

    • Like I said before, waterproof cosmetic please!! It would be a start. But I agree she’s horrible at it. Also does she have a single clothes that cover her belly? I know she wants everyone to see her pacemaker but too much it’s too much. Happy Kevin start to question it.

      • Yes, I can’t say I respect her ‘BTW did I tell you I am going to DIE’ approach to the game.

      • She says she cannot have children because a genetic disease her mom and her have. Like one of my friend said : you cannot inherited your parents infertility.

      • Her parents aren’t infertile. They had Raven and I believe she has a brother.

      • Exactly my point. And her mom is alive. She didn’t die in her 20s like raven say about her lifespan of 2-3 years.

      • Ahhh …the gene factor in her illness has not been proven..I read up on the illness..A person with gastroparesis can live a long and happy life…A female with the illness can get pregnant (no pacemaker) but strict medical care is advised..The pacemaker is a new procedure and is still being perfected….I read several blogs on the subject and online information ….Raven is not lying per say she is just twisting (better word) some of the facts…

      • She was going on and on about her disease on AD the other night and everyone was getting so bored with it. Enough is enough. Your life & self worth should not revolve around your disease.

    • I know!! It bugs me so bad. Her makeup is soooooo extreme most of the time and makes her look so harsh. She is prettier with much less.

  5. Seriously, do they pick the dumbest people to play this game or what? Can we have a do-over (WITHOUT Paul) and get players who aren’t interested in “show-mances” and are interested in actually winning $500k? Paul pulling all the strings is getting old. These people seriously cannot think for themselves.

    • They play for jury. “Let’s not split the couple before jury”. Why bordering let’s send all of them in jury and let they other play. Or better split the 500k.

      • Exactly. Even better, let’s just end it now and hand Paul the $500k. Because that’s exactly how it’s gonna turn out.

    • They probably decided to cast Paul first, then filled the house with his fans to give him the best chance at winning. The only one against him is Cody.

    • What they can do is change the format to like Survivor. Each week, everyone can play for HOH even if they were HOH the previous week! That changes the game considerably because if you have a competition beast, that person can conceivably win one HOH after another and keep power! A big alliance would be less potent and people have to play because they could win up as the nominees for eviction!

  6. Everyone STILL wants to work with Paul…am I missing something here? Did they come here to win money, or to hang out with Paul?

    • Them that are hanging with Paul are still in the house/game…. ain’t they???

      • I thought I was watching a show where someone gets evicted every week…they’re not all going to the finale together as one big happy family, and Paul won’t give them the time of day once the game is over now that he’s an A-list celebrity.

      • If Kathy Griffin is D list, then I doubt Paul is anything higher than an F.

      • Because they haven’t gone against him yet. Once they stop kissing his rear end, they’ll be his target. If they were smart (which they seriously don’t seem to be), they’d get him out. But if they did that, they’d have to actually play the game. As it stands now, Paul’s playing the game for them and they can spend their summer making out with some random stranger they just met.

      • The winner of last season was in bed ALL summer with a guy she just met and it was S I C K E N I N G! (I digress, lol)…while Paul was having to work his patootie off. We know how that ended.

      • Ugh, I like Nicole on her first season but last season she don’t deserve the 500k at all, I was rooting for Paul last season even though I hate his mouth at first. I seem to not like returning houseguests except for Rachel who played better the second time.

      • I agree with everything you said. I could hardly watch Paul the first part of last season. But it quickly became better than the alternative.

      • I didn’t like Paul or Nicole, but over the two he should have won. It doesn’t mean that production should gift him the win this season. I watch the show because it is addictive especially once the cast is introduced I want to see more, but they need to stop calling it a reality show. It is not even a game show, but more like a soap opera.

      • I miss when showmance were rare, if at all. Now at least one happens every season, and it’s never fun to watch =/

      • Are you including in the tally for last year all of the attempted showmances Natalie tried to get going .. Victor, Paulie, Corey, LOL

      • I think the show cast people for potential showmances and the cast goes in now with the thought of one already on their mind IMO

    • Well six of them appear to have come so they can make like bunnies and schtup their brains out every chance they get… Blarf!!

    • It’s the Paul $hit show!!! Cody was spot on, he is holding court in that house and they are listening to his every word.

    • Let s see, if I was in the house would I be allied with someone who 4 weeks in hasn t betrayed me – yes; someone who actually interacts with me instead of holing themselves up in the HoH or HN room – yes; someone who has a proven track record of surviving in the BB house – yes; someone who has listened to his group when they voice concern about his potential noms – yes; someone who had enough respect for me that he actually told me what his plan was – yes: someone who then changed his potential nom based on our feedback – yes.
      Alright, call me a minion but I would stick with that guy as long as it helped me in the game.

      • For real, why people freak out that they haven’t gotten Paul out is beyond me. Paul said it best, to win BB, luck and chance, to get FAR is STRATEGY! You work with Paul until you don’t NEED to anymore, THEN get rid of him. Cripe people, slow your roll, you’d be terrible at BB, it’s a marathon, not a sprint.

      • None of that matters if EVERYONE in the house feels that way. Do you think Elena has any idea that Paul wants her out? Do you think Josh is aware that Paul hated him for the first couple of weeks? Do you think Jason believes he’s disposable to Paul once the other side is out? The people in the house that have the most trust from the most number of people are the ones you should watch, because pretty soon he’s going to have to take a shot at his allies and it’ll be too late for them to do anything.

      • Yup it’s a game and that’s how you play it. As I said you stick with people as long as it helps you.

      • I don’t see how following his every specific order helps anyone but himself, but I guess that’s the interesting social aspect of this game. Cult mentality is strong.

      • Going after him and not hanging on his every word are two different things, just ask Jason.

      • Yes and it is still early in the season. At this point last season you could have called Paul Paulie’s minion. That changed and he did go after him and got him out. Things will change this season too. The game is months long not a few weeks.

      • You need one die or ride in that house. This season the ride or dies are in my opinion:
        Alex and Jason.
        Paul and Kevin.
        Mark and Cody.
        Christmas and Jessica.
        Showmances are as follows but keep in mind these could be considered ride or dies too:
        Cody and Jessica.
        Mark and Elena.
        Matthew and Raven.

        Here is the rest who don’t quite have a ride or die and need to align with a more powerful person in the house.
        Josh, Ramses,

        Ironically, those two are on the block together. Paul can change up with his group and who he needs too to stay in the game. Cody has a one track mind and should Paul ever go before him, his game play is done. Jessica could bounce back faster without Cody but she has proven through the battle back that she can’t be trusted even if she played it safe this week. Jason is a loose cannon just as is Josh and I see Alex ditching him the first chance she gets to further her game. Raven will continue to play the sick card while Christmas just goes along with the hand she was dealt.

      • Really? Christmas and Jess ride or die? Am I missing something? Because these 2 never interact lol

      • OK I see where I screwed up, it should have been Elena instead of Christmas. But I was thinking this back in week one but now the times have changed.

  7. This show needs new producers…all they’re interested in is casting hard bodies for showmances and annoying returning players that they wanna groom for entertainment careers. We’ll never have casts like season 6 again.

    • I agree. It’s sad that Cameron was out so fast. He seems more a player. I cannot believe how producer thought raven, Matt, Elena and Mark would do a nice cast. Even if he gets on my nerve, josh is at least entertaining.

      • This season has been entertaining, but production has been so blatant about pulling strings so far that it’s frustrating to watch as someone who has been watching since the first season.

    • Unfortunately there don’t seems to be any sign from CBS to replace the production company “Fly on the Wall” any time soon. Lots of people said the same thing here for many, many years.

    • I agree. They need to bring the show back to its roots. I haven’t seen a really decent cast since like season 10. There’s no one I’m really rooting for, they are all kind of meh.
      And I think a lot of it is their recruiting. I don’t doubt thousands of people try out for BB every year, so for once ignore the models and espiring tv personalities and bring in a full cast of people who WANT to be there. I feel like it would make a world of a difference.

      • I agree, I think they “Cast” 80% of the people and then throw in maybe two regular folk

    • The problem is Grodner but she apparently is in tight with the CBS honchos.

    • Hard bodies?! I may have agreed in past seasons but the majority of the season is soft! The majority is unathletic at best. Additionally, the showmances are totally uninteresting

  8. Jeszibel was told by production that she couldn’t lie about the details of her temptation. She did, so does she have to set the record straight with Kevin? That would be nice, but I don’t see it happening.

    • I read her comments about that…Very interesting..If there is a rule that she is not to discuss it or if she does reveal it she can’t lie…hmmmm She could lose the power if Production deemed it so….

  9. Is it me or is Jess extremely jealous & intimidated by Alex?? She wishes she was as awesome as Alex! Ha!

  10. I am so sick of Raven. I missed that part where she was asking for money. How pathetic is this girl. Why doesn’t she use her BB money to freeze her eggs. Whenever she speaks I cringe and last night Christmas was actually listening to her babbling. Jess and Cody tend to mention things that are actually happening, like Paul coaching Josh, but don’t get suspicious about him staying over Ramses. I do hope that production tells Kevin the real power that Jessica has. He may not be able to tell the others if they tell him instead of Jessica.

    • Especially when she told them her eggs have an 80% chance of carrying the same disease she has. That’s just irresponsible. Not everybody has to have children.

      • Using in vitro fertilization, as soon as the foetus has a few cells they can test the DNA for the genetic marker of her disease and only use foetus that would not carry it. As long as she has $$$$$$

    • How does someone who can afford vacations, owns a dance studio, and received tons of money from people still be in need of money? I get that medical bills are probably up the roof, and that it can be overwhelming, but then why start a business? idk she doesnt rub me the right way and it is getting on my nerves

  11. I just want to see Paul do the Blindside Friendship Dance this Thursday!!! Lol

  12. Here’s a novel idea – let’s judge people on their actual game play/strategy! Not whether we hate them personally for whatever reason. In my opinion, Paul, Christmas, and Alex are by far playing the best games! Yeah yeah yeah, Paul’s a returnee, Christmas has a cast and left the house, etc. but they are playing the game and implementing strategy! They have followers because of this. Don’t hate the player – hate the game! Ha!

    • I don’t like the irritating players. Usually those are the ones worried about themselves rather than the game.

    • Well, this season only talking about game play would severely limit the conversation, cos only a few are playing the game lol

      • That is a good point! (IMO) Being that Paul is playing the best game thus far, why wouldn’t you follow him to jury?

    • ABSOLUTELY! Thats how I feel to. Personal feelings aside look at who is playing the game, and the ACTUAL game not whatever Raven and Matt are doing lol. I think she thought it was Rock of love or something u know, where you go to get laid on tv.
      Speaking of Raven and back to one of my previous comments about her so called “expose raven” video, her asking for money for her eggs is adding to my suspicions that maybe she is a con artist to some degree. It seems like shes always exaggerating her illness for sympathy, and asking for money whenever shes not up Matts Arse.

  13. Raven was almost as annoying as Josh last night when she was screaming at Matt in the kitchen. I wanted to reach in the TV and slap her!

  14. “Cody suggests Paul is probably coaching Josh to play it cool this week to try and help with rallying votes.”



  15. As annoying as Paul is (trust me he makes me go ugh in 4 different languages) I say he’s playing an excellent game. I mean he took advantage of being blindsided and used it to make his own army. Part of it was the stupidity of Cody but I digress.

    Plus with his little army, I think Paul is gonna pull a Derrick as long as he tones down his personality…. though considering who we’re talking about…. chances are slim

    Also I love how people say the game is rigged for Paul when nobody said anything about Cody and Jessica. Cody came back, Jess has ultimate power. Granted Jess screwed up with it but again- the Nickson stupidity. Besides Jody is pretty much edited to be the next Brendon and Rachel. Only difference is Brenchel CAN be likeable and Jody is petty and bland.

    • I agree with most of what you said, EXCEPT for the BrenChel likabily part.
      They both still make me itch.

    • I agree with you, I think Paul is playing a great game! I don’t see how anyone can see he isn’t. He has 3/4 of the house wrapped around his finger. That’s crazy good!

    • PS……
      Josh makes me say a lot of bad things in “four languages” LMAO 😆

  16. Jessica and Cody should let the house know about the Halting Hex. Telling them that they can stop an eviction! That could buy them an extra week. If that stops the big alliance from nominating them this week, they can use it next week when and if they are targeted! That would give them 2 weeks safety. If they can win HOH, they can start evicting people! That extra week can replace this wasted week of theirs. Remove Matthew, Raven, Paul, Mark, Elena, etc. if they win HOH. Nominate two from that bunch. Forget about Josh for a minute.

    • I feel like that wouldn’t work and they would both be put up for sure to flush it out. And then you have a whole boring week where you know exactly what’s going to happen. If they don’t tell then they have a chance of not going up and getting an extra week of safety.

      • I agree and disagree LOL I think it just depends who the HOH is.
        Yes, I agree that they might just want to get rid of the HH, but some of the HG’s might not want to just waste their HOH getting rid of the HH.
        That’s a lot of ‘H’s’ LOL 😆

    • I just said pretty much the same thing you did. Yes, it might be a good idea for Jessica to tell the next HOH about her safety in hopes that the next HOH doesn’t want to waste their HOH. I think it just depends who gets the HOH.
      A lot of them will likely want to put them on the block this week so that HH comes into play and is gone. So again, it just depends on who has the HOH this week. Hopefully Cody or Mark and they can put up Josh! I want Josh to go home next because if not, he will make it to Jury and that would be a travesty!

  17. Wowzer. Did jason actually accuse cody, albeit not to his face, of being an “honor thief”, claiming codys military service is a lie? To suggest such a thing without a hint of proof is mighty low. Right up until that point i really believed jason a likable happy-go-lucky kind of guy. Now i just believe jason to be a complete jacka##. A suggestion of such moral terpitude without any basis is unforgivable.

    • Yup, not cool at all! In Jason’s defense, I do really think he likes Cody and Jessica but, he knows where the power is and he’s just kissing butt
      I don’t necessarily think Jason really believes what he is saying. But I don’t know

  18. Wowzer. Did jason actually acuse cody, albeit not to his face, of being an “honor theif”, and stating he believes cody fabricated his military service? Making that statement without a shred of evidence is mighty low. Right up untill this point i had considered jason a very likable happy-go-lucky kind of guy. Now i just believe jason, based solely on his groundless assertion of cody telling a lie and saying he served in the marines, yhat jason is lowere than whale poop. If jason lets that statement stand and makes no immediate effort to walk back his statement, it is simply unforgivable.

  19. Apparently Jessica and Cody haven’t learned there lesson from last time.

  20. First of all, super funny last few feed posts regarding Raven/Matt, & Matt “re-energized cleaning the kitchen!” I was laughing out loud reading this to my husband.
    Secondly, Raven is asking the HG’s for money so she can freeze her eggs?? For real? She’s actually asking people in the house for money?? Wow 😳

    On to Jessica and her HH. I think it’s BS that she can’t lie about what her DOT is. Paul got to blindside the house/Cody with his! Ugh 😑 The entire game is about deception! Whatever! 🙄

  21. I didn’t want Jessica to tell anyone about her HH because it would be ‘priceless’ watching the HGs reactions when she uses it however, I think it might be a good idea for her to tell the next HOH about it because this with then ‘save/possibly save’ her and Cody next week. The HOH can put up Mark &/or whoever & they go home next week. That way Cody and Jessica are guaranteed jury! Ramses is sent home this week, and someone goes home next week, and then everyone else goes to the jury house?!? I believe? 2 more? I know that the HOH could just put up Jessica and/or Cody to get rid of the HH (smart) however, it’s likely that the HOH wouldn’t want to waste their week of being HOH.
    I guess it just really depends on who the HOH is.
    As much as I would lLOVE ❤️ to see everyone’s reactions when Jessica and/or Cody are on the block (when she pulls out the HH,) telling the next HOH could possibly guarantee them longevity or at the very least guarantee they make it to jury together. Money plus they can hump like rabbits once in the jury house LOL 😂

  22. “10:00 PM BBT – Mark and Elena agree that they want to work with Cody
    again, as long as it doesn’t keep them from working with Paul too.”

    Huh? Do they not get that Paul and Cody are on opposite sides?

  23. I know I’m in the minority here but I’m thrilled to see Paul back this year. People are acting like it’s the first time they ever brought a vet back. I wasn’t keeping up with the feeds highlights in the earlier parts of last season but were people complaining just as much about the newbies who were part of the 8 pack? Some of them are just teaming up with Paul as a strategy because it’s early in the game and he knows what he’s doing. Even Alex herself has said that she’s using Paul to further her game and will get him out later on.

    I love Paul. I still think he should’ve won last year and I’m happy he gets another chance to. It’s still early in the game. We’ll start to see which newbies are using Paul as strategy and which ones are just riding coattails, but going after big players too early is what landed Cody and Jessica in the spot they’re in. Although I’m still rooting for Paul even though I think his chances of winning are slim.

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