Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Week 6: Tuesday Daytime Highlights

It was another heated day in the Big Brother 19 house as Jessica and Josh went at it and then Cody and Josh went at it. A lot of words were said and apparently some threats made after production halted the Live Feeds when Cody was seen going toward Josh in the backyard.

Catch up on the latest fight or grab these times and rewind to watch what went down today in the house. Get ahead of the shows because you know they’re going to have to carve out time to cover this mess.

If you’ve got the Live Feeds (Free Trial) then you can watch all of these moments with the Flashback feature to go back and watch those important conversations or funny scenes you may have missed.

Big Brother 19 Live Feed Highlights – Tuesday, August 8, 2017:

8:42 AM BBT – Wake up time.

10:10 AM BBT – Josh and Christmas talking about Paul knowing Christmas was wondering if he was trying to protect Elena.

10:26 AM BBT – Christmas tells Josh they still have to get Cody out before they go after any of the others, no matter how over them they are (Matthew and Raven).

11:44 AM BBT – Alex and Jason talk about making a deal with Cody for next week.

11:50 AM BBT – Kevin and Jason doing their backyard walk and talk.

11:55 AM BBT – Jessica is giving Cody a hard time for not knowing enough about social media.

12:30 PM BBT – Cody and Jessica have moved back to the bedroom to cuddle in silence.

12:40 PM BBT – Christmas is sharing stories about life back home and things she’s done to build confidence.

12:50 PM BBT – Snapchat glasses have arrived. Mark gets them since he won the Veto this week.

1:10 PM BBT – Jessica tells Josh to go F himself. He says he’s done playing nice if she’s going to treat him that way.

1:20 PM BBT – Jessica and Cody are telling Josh he’s a “moron” and “the dumbest person we ever met.” Josh tells them he has a degree and a business.

1:21 PM BBT – Cody tells Josh, “I’m gonna rip you apart on the outside” and warns him “wait til you see the s**t I say about you.”

1:22 PM BBT – Jessica is banging the wooden spoon on things and getting in Josh’s face. Josh is laughing about it.

1:25 PM BBT – Jessica getting in Josh’s face and calling him fat.

1:27 PM BBT – Josh is upstairs sobbing after being called fat. HGs coming up to comfort him.

1:35 PM BBT – Mark came up to check on Josh but Josh told him to leave.

2:09 PM BBT – Cody and Jessica talking about what he has to win in order to stay in the game. He needs HOH, Safety or Veto (duh). Cody says he’s got a month and a half left with “these idiots.”

2:10 PM BBT – Most of the HGs are gathered in the lounge discussing Cody’s threats to Josh after the game ends. Kevin says Cody isn’t going to touch Josh.

2:13 PM BBT – Paul says Josh is sobbing his eyes out. Kevin said he went up and talked to him. He said he was trying to regroup. Kevin said if he was around when Cody was calling Josh fat he would’ve said something to him. Kevin suggests sitting everyone down to talk, but Christmas and Josh agree that Cody doesn’t have the emotional capacity to talk things out.

2:14 PM BBT – Paul asks Mark why he didn’t say anything about Cody being personal with Josh. Mark says he didn’t hear and he gets really defensive with Paul for being accusatory. Mark says no one came to his defense when Josh came at him on a personal level.

2:18 PM BBT – Mark says he’s felt bullied by Josh and applied he has a hard time feeling that bad about it. He says no one butted in on Josh when he was harassing Mark for 15 minutes straight.

2:21 PM BBT – Mark says the only person who was there for him was Cody.

2:22 PM BBT – Josh comes in and says he’s raising hell for the next two days.

2:24 PM BBT – Josh goes outside with the pots and pans to bug Jessica and Cody. Jessica says “go inside fat ass” and Cody goes toward Josh and the feeds cut.

2:30 PM BBT – Paul says to Mark that banging pots and pans is one thing but calling someone a fat ass and threatening them outside the game aren’t the same things. Mark says it’s all just hypocritical.

2:31 PM BBT – Matthew, Raven and Elena talking about Cody threatening violence for a fourth time. Raven says something about getting hurt trying to break it up.

2:32 PM BBT – Josh camtalks to his family to let them know he’s OK and even though they saw him cry he is  happy.

2:33 PM BBT – Alex and Jason are yelling at each other how everyone is handling the Josh situation. Jason says he thinks people are making Josh feel worse by asking if the things Cody and Jessica hurt his feelings. Alex starts yelling about Jason coming at her. Josh tells them to calm down. Josh says he’s not a victim and they’re not bullying him. He says he’s a man and can take care of himself.

2:36 PM BBT – Paul and Mark still going in circles about earlier. Paul says Mark is an intelligent person and he’s confused why Mark didn’t get upset about the fat comments. Mark says if you antagonize someone enough, they’re going to eventually say something.

2:38 PM BBT – Mark doesn’t think that Cody would hit anyone in the house. Paul says he thinks he would.

2:42 PM BBT – Raven says she was trying to get Alex out of the middle of the Cody/Josh fight and she said she got hit with a pan. She says her wrist hurts now.

2:48 PM BBT – Jason is annoyed that Matthew and Raven were saying things about people not stepping in. Alex said she’d hope if Cody hurt her Jason would step in. Jason asks and get kicked out?

2:54 PM BBT – Jessica wonders what Allison Grodner’s title and asks Cody if it’s “damage control.” Feeds cut.

2:59 PM BBT – Jessica tells Cody that Paul is going to be lurking behind him if he ever decides to hit Josh. She says Paul will be there ready to sucker punch him so be on the lookout.

3:15 PM BBT – Everyone has mellowed a bit after Jessica and Cody, and later Josh, were called to the Diary Room.

3:20 PM BBT – Josh explains that he was told in DR to stop it with the pots and pans. So that’s over.

3:30 PM BBT – Josh and Paul say they’re tired of living in the hostile environment. Josh doesn’t want them to even talk to Cody or Jessica.

3:35 PM BBT – Paul explains to Josh that he should not vote against Raven. No hinky votes. Both he (J) and Kevin should be sure to vote out Jessica.

Catch up on the overnight Feed Highlights Report for Tuesday to see what happened next that day.

Jessica will most definitely be walking out the door this Thursday, but the drama won’t be going with her. Expect at least another week of this kind of madness on the Live Feeds.

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  1. Seems to me production is playing with fire leaving Cody in the house. I’m no fan of Josh, but what he’s doing is annoying but relatively harmless. Cody comes off as an unstable psychopath and if he snaps and actually does harm someone in the house, it will be on production’s hands.

    • Exactly. Cody told Josh he will shred him to pieces and ‘f’ him up when he gets out of the house. That is a direct threat. Everyone keeps telling Cody that this is a game..Cody says No, this is his real life. Really? That is pretty pathetic. He is a ticking time bomb. He needs to just go ahead and leave with sleazy Jessica on Thursday. He brings the entire morale waaay down in the house. Can’t stand him.

      • Paul has never threatened anyone like Cody! Cody threatened to rip him apart on the outside! I take that a a physical threat and Paul has never said anything close to that!

      • Yes he did! He bullied them and got under their skin. He also incited violence. He wanted a physical confrontation to happen so Cody would be kicked. So Paul is a disgusting and horrible person.

      • You are a real idiot…what show are you watching? Must be UFC cause it sure as hell isn’t BB

      • Seriously?? Calling someone an idiot because you don’t agree with their opinion? So not cool.

      • No, no name calling . Everyone is entitled to their opinions and who they like and don’t , also …. this is a game !! The end result is Last man standing (or 2) and a $$$$ payout. No one here knows how hard it is in a house with those people, even past seasons. Production also has a hand in a lot of what happens, they go to DR to get a feel for that person and can sway them . I know they don’t act like they do outside the house , this cast is just extra ! Everyone said they wanted more action and it was getting boring , this season is giving what was asked and more 😂

      • Calling someone an idiot is so immature and what show are you watching? sure as hell isn’t BB

      • You don’t get it do you? SMH Please don’t resort to name-calling because you don’t agree with their opinion. Keep it civil, please. Thanks.

      • See .. great example . Even on a convo thread people can’t even be civil and we’re not even in the house . Respect each other . Remember it’s just a game . 🕊


      • Paul got Josh to harass Cody and Jessica all week/the whole house did nothing but watch! What show are you watching?

      • Paul is manipulative /got the whole house to bully Cody and Jessica/watch the night feed/ Cody wasn’t violent/just defended himself against the house/ not to mention bashing Marines who defend our country./ That didn’t air on cbs

      • I watched the live feeds yesterday. Jessica started that fight and of course Cody will follow as always. What he said was violent. Jody and Paul are bullies. What they did yesterday was horrible. Not to mention and article is brought to TMZ regarding Jessica. Look that up.

      • Jody were bullies the first week. Megan quit because of them. Alex should have drowned in the hot tub from Jessica’s mouth and then she starts on Josh and calls him names all because she is leaving on his HOH. Jody are bullies. I don’t care what anyone says.

      • No… she quit because of Josh…Josh was the one who got in her face and called her a liar etc not Cody or Jessica

      • Cody just added to it saying I just don’t like you . For whatever reason , she wasn’t even there long enough to do or say much . He’s just a total ass and hope someone (Alex) can send him packing !

      • Yup . Did anyone catch the comp where all the candies were falling ? Candy crush I think ? Xmas was on the ground opening and catching them, jess walked by and slapped the candy thing out of her hand!!! Xmas turned around and tried to poke her w her crutch . How does someone do that to someone who is crippled! They are terrible people, suited for one another . Smh

      • I am glad someone sees it. Reading the response people are sending me is just annoying as everything. Who would ever take their side, I don’t know. I am a Jason fan and I feel everyone else in the house such as Jody (DEF) and Paul with Josh are bullies but, yesterday Jody started that fight.

      • Christmas shouldn’t have been allowed back in the game after spending days away from the house to be in the hospital. The other HG’s will carry her far because she is no threat to their game. She will be a final four for sure. Not right along with Paul getting all of his goodies/favors from the BB producers with a month of safety, etc..

      • Yeah , it would have been my guess that she would have left . A lot of physical games and they get harder, I’m sure they will keep her Til 4-5 final maybe ?

      • How is that Paul’s fault ? Free will . He can manipulate , lie, scheme, irritate , mean .. anything goes . This is big brother !!! What are u watching? Has always been fighting and bs , maybe not to this extreme , but Jody started it . If any of them didn’t want to do what paul said then they should say no , just as Matt did and Kevin. They wanted to and so they did.

      • He didn’t want physical, he didn’t incite.. he just said amp it up .. not punch ppl in the face or rush them, it’s a game move and quite a good one .

      • Agree, Josh is Pauls puppet, Paul says jump and he says duh ok,
        Josh needs to man up, not run off crying cause someone called him a name, get over it.

      • No he did not want “Physical Violence” .. Paul has played this game and knows better. He wanted drama. There is a difference. How does that make him a disgusting and horrible person for playing the game? Just admit your don’t like Paul. smh

      • Paul did want this to happen he wants Cody to hit someone,so what show is she watching.

      • Jessica started this first so how did Paul have anything to do with yesterdays fight? Nothing!! He wanted drama and he received it but, never did he result into violence. Jody has been bullies since the first week with Megan then Alex needing to drown in the hot tub and now Josh! Get over it already, Jody are bullies.

      • Horrible ?? Or brilliant .. if u can get anyone to self evict , I call that winning !!!

      • Meh , is a game show . Put ur big pants on and play the game . If you can’t handle it then you shouldn’t have applied to play . It takes mental and physical strength. You are only bullied if you allow urself to be bullied, as some of them have witnessed and know who to avoid . Cody and Jess made a lot of that happen because of their actions. Stand up for urself and don’t be weak or keep threatening and bullying your own self.

      • Wow! Apparently you think bullying is ok. Please do not comment on my posts anymore.

      • Then stop replying to
        Mine !!! No , bullying is not ok ! Doing whatever you have to do to win a game , yes !!! You signed up for it ! If you can’t handle the emotional side of BB then sit down . It’s a game . Nothing more and you get to see just how far people will go. In the end there is ONE winner , who cares how they got there , that the point of the game. Apparently you have been bullied and you are projecting your feelings out on those you think are bully’s . Stand up for yourself if so , and don’t take a damn game show so literally . No reply necessary. Just sip 💀

      • Brilliant for trying to win and not hide behind a girl and pout and hide . Ugh . Same thing he probably did In the military

      • He has!!! Paul wanted a physical confrontation to happen to get Cody kicked out of the game. Paul wanted to put the other houseguests at risk just to get rid of Cody. What a horrible person!!!

      • Don’t tell people to “shut up”. They’re entitled to their opinions just like you. Really unnecessary.

      • Agree . We are just watching and we all have favs , ur fav isn’t any better or worse then any of our favs. Shut up is what jessica says !

      • Y’all don’t watch it and Alison G is gonn be calling y’all in to the DR to do “damage control” 🤣

      • Go back and watch the feeds. Paul told Josh to get in Cody face with the pots & pans, as well as other tactics, in the hope that Cody would hit Josh.

      • Not nice . There are always people who are with one side and the rest w other . House is usually divided as well as all of us . Saying shut up doesn’t make u more right or her wrong. Is just a convo and keep it civil. If u don’t like what u read skip over. Not shut up 🤐 she has every right to post whatever she wants.

      • How do you “shut up” when typing comments? Lololol
        They are silent.
        NEEDED HUMOUR! Hahahaha! 😁✌🏻
        And both of you can have your own opinion.
        If you can’t converse nicely then please take it to a private msg?? Or agree to disagree & mo e on??
        What do you think?

      • paul has never threatened to destroy anybody on the outside ,only crazy ass cody has done that

      • lol some of these people. I agree with you. Paul did want them to push Cody to the point of hitting someone so he’d get kicked from the show. He is controlling everything that happens in that house. Those idiots do realize that once Jody is gone, well and Mark that they’ll end up being the targets then.

      • But never did , and didn’t say to touch him , banging pots and pans and calling them meatballs is not even close to the trash that comes out of their mouth.

      • How about…they are all wrong…no Josh didn’t touch anyone however getting in someone’s face and banging pots is being aggressive period. And, people keep blaming Cody and Jessica for the 1st week bullying please tell me because I didn’t see that…what I saw was Josh going off on Megan and that was what caused her to self-evict. Josh started the pots and pans thing and Paul encouraged it and to turn it up even after the incident with Mark…so the things that they said are foul true enough but Paul and Josh’s actions were foul…so they’re all wrong.

      • Cody told Megan he didn’t like her , some other stuff was said , Cody was acting very egotistical and walking around like he owned the place ! Boy did he get shut down ! Megan did the smartest move , left !

      • And Jody isn’t a horrible person???? Two wrongs doesn’t make a right! Jody are horrible people! Megan, Alex and now Josh. Screw them.

      • They are, they isolate themselves, anti social , they don’t try and apologize for anything . It’s alllll good when they have power , as soon as anyone else does they have a meltdown . Weak weak minded . Agree it’s a tough season to watch , but Cody is a vile and repulsive person for making the comments about killing ppl and puppies !!! In my book, he’s nothing but a psycho hiding behind a girl

      • That’s just good game play , if u are that weak minded and don’t understand how big brother is played and can’t handle it then its best you leave.

      • No, but it’s a game And none of them are innocent !!! Cody has had his fair share of bullying and name calling , threats . It’s a heated house this season, but past seasons have also had a lot of the same stuff… I don’t see why this season is any diff from them .

      • Bye Cody !! Wah .. should I hand u a hanky? I’m sure you liked Elena as well . Even when she was a HUGE bully as big as her lips ! It was a bonus ! Cody gone , Elena bonus ! Couldn’t get any sweeter then that ! 🙌🙌

      • And …. all part of the game. No one does anything they don’t want to do ! Paul is just a player and using everything and everyone to his advantage . He didn’t say hit or get violent , he’s just tryin to get cody to crack and doesn’t take much . Paul talked to them ( civil) after noms, Cody was the one that got in his face!! F u paul f u and why??? He had safety. These guys don’t like one another period, but Paul was trying to just talk and not yelling , Cody and Jess were just disrespectful and couldn’t even handle a civil convo and walked out, or was asked to leave after the f u paul f u . He started it , paul is just gonna finish it .

      • If you watch live feeds, Cody has said this to Jessica before and he is referring to shredding him verbally as in watching the girls shower, etc.

      • Are u dumb??? Or just plain ignorant??? Pick one…
        What did Paul do at the hoh when jess won?? Hello encouragement from him to josh( the guy that can’t take it, but can dish it out) what about Paul encouraging josh once again( which Josh gladly did) to use pots and pans to ” harass” jess and Cody???
        Good word of advice::: Think before u write!!👍👍👍
        All that being said Cody is a did head in the um teen reguard, why BB doesn’t threaten these people is beyond me. Then Xmas still in house? Hun broke foot or whatever she is skating right along.
        Have a nice nite.

      • How does pots and pans have anything to do with threatening to shred someone into pieces. What about Jody the first week with Megan, or threatening Alex for drowning in the hot tub. everything that comes out of their mouth is violent.

      • Wow I guess u might be right, did u ever in your life here about the phrase ” sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me”?????
        That applies here. Use real logic, if BB really thought for one sec that someone was going to use “REAL” violence they kicked them out in a nano second.
        Yes u must be a Paul fan because he has been encouraging Josh the whole time.

      • I guess the ones who killed themselves because, of words from bullies didn’t hurt?? Words hurt, they hurt a lot. I am neither fan. I just think everyone needs to sit back and see that Paul and jody are bullies, not just one.

      • Wow great thought process butttttt you are including Josh in that category? Why not?

      • I finally agree with you, yes Josh. No innocent people. Just sick and tired of reading everyone pointing fingers at one specific person when its them too. Least half these people agree finally that Jody are bullies. They have been since day 2.

      • I am in Raliegh NC so its always nice to go for someone from my hometown but, I don’t. I don’t know how I feel about her floating throughout the game. I want someone who is actually playing. Not really interested in a lot of people. Maybe Jason or Alex or even Kevin but, that is about the only ones and that is pushing it seeing that this year is not much of anything like the past years.

      • No , bb has no idea what ppl are capable of if put in a bad situation, they can’t say oh he’s fine he’s just crazy but not harmful . He is !!!!! They threw that one guy out for pushing or maybe slapped that one guy ? So yes they react fast but a lot can happen before they get there and damage already done . They both just need to leave . Then BB will start.

      • everyone in there has said mean things/especially Josh/ how can you sit there and ignore someone banging pots and pans/yelling in your face all the time.

      • Christmas should have left/ she can’t compete /I would feel bad staying in the house as a floater / I’m sure they can bring her back when her foot heals.

      • of everybody in the house I want Paul, Mark, and Jessica with me on the outside. everyone else will run away like pussycats. this season is crap

      • Paul is not disgusting , he’s a pretty cool individual and mild mannered, to put up with all of the bs that’s going on I commend him on being so strong !! Once Cody and Jess are gone there is going to be a totally different vibe in the house🕊 I think . Josh may still bark a bit at mark but they are kinna ok now . The main ingredient in all this nasty mixture is the same component, JODY!!! 🤢

      • Paul is the pushiest person/even last year so bossy/why is he even allowed back if he won money last year. it’s not fair to the others. I’m sick of the old people always coming back.

      • Paul is a horrible momma’s boy who incites the others to do his dirty work. He is always telling Josh to be a burr in Cody’s saddle.

      • Just sounds like a lot of haters that would probably do the same actions that paul is doing for a half mill . Men usually threatened by Alfa Males. Sumit Mehta is an example, underdog.. bullied . Let’s all hate paul for not knowing him but to just jump on the “follow” other paul hater train” for doing something your not ! 😂😂 Jealous much.

      • paul has NEVER threatend to rip someone apart on the outside ,and if you think that,s ok then you are just as sick of a person as cody

      • Apparently you do not watch this show. Paul threatened to get Cody disqualified. He has been treating Jody badly since the beginning.

      • While I agree wholeheartedly that Paul encouraging shitty behaviour was wrong, never once has had he told anyone to attack anyone’s character, build or intelligence or threaten to harm someone outside of the house.
        What Cody has said and done to numerous people is not acceptable military personnel behaviour. The fact that he cannot distinguish between real life and a game is disconcerning to me as it should be to production.
        People call Megan weak for leaving the game so early however I think it was a strong move…she saw that she wasn’t going to be able to handle the situations/people that were bound to be posed this season and made a very hard decision.
        Cody has said numerous times that he should never have re-entered the game, knowing that, he should have bowed out gracefully and given the chance to someone who wanted it.
        I believe Cody has PTSD and this GAME is bringing it out and affecting him in ways production should be very concerned about.
        I think it’s wrong to switch the blame or focus to Paul. Annoying people and attacking people are 2 very different things.

      • Not sure it’s PTSD since I’m not a psychiatrist, but I do feel he’s a bit unstable at times and easily riled or angered which anger management classes might be useful to help provide him with better tools on how to handle conflicts and confrontation.

      • Lol , I thought so to . They supposed to be very disciplined and trained for any situation , if he can’t handle this house how was he able to handle combat if he did at all . He had a bad start from day one , if he wouldn’t have lied and gone behind his groups back maybe things would be different . The irritating and obnoxious things that some of the others do is not necessarily bullying , saying I will trash you or rip you to shreds isn’t bullying, that’s threatening !! Big difference. I agree yes some is a little bullying but they brought it all on themselves, you get what you give . I just hope he gets evicted , leaves before anything really does happen .

      • never lock a military, anti social and no feelings what so ever in a room with drama people for three months. This is what you get.

      • megan left because Jody bullied her. Cody stated he nominated her because he didn’t like her. He hardly knew her. That was not ok to say to her. Then Jessica ganged up on her in the kitchen. That wasn’t right either. She was forced to leave by Jody’s mouths. I agree with you 100% on what you are saying too. Sorry but, Paul did try to help josh. He knew it was wrong.

      • Your prob like Paul’s mom or something, one Megan left Bc of Josh not Jody get it right. 2 Paul’s was telling Josh to get in codys face and bother him with the pots and pans to get hi to self evicte. Paul’s is way more of a bully. There is no difference between real life and game. These people are acting the same way at they would on the outside. So ganging up on people and everything else they are doing is how they really are. Bc if they are playing a game they would have realize that getting the person who placed 2 last session would be the best thing for all their game. Why u might ask Bc he played the game and manipulates them to do what he wants. Just like the Josh vote. These people are weak sheep in real life like they are in the game. They need to be followers cause none of them are leaders l, case and point Josh wanted Elania out on his HOH and she’s got going home. Followers all of them

      • I agree with you partially. No Paul he didn’t say to attack anyone personally but people did that one thing on their own. He hasn’t attacked their character in person but he’s said plenty behind people’s backs that was personal…calling Dom crazy, confronting her harshly etc talking about Cody’s military career etc he has said some possibly damaging things that could effect these people’s personal lives…it’s almost like Charles Mason…he actually didn’t kill anyone but he did influence it which is why he went to prison too. The bullying everyone is accusing Cody of is all a part of the Paul propaganda machine… he started calling him a bully and everyone jumped on board, as well as some audience members…so anything that he did or said after that made it look like it was true. Cody didn’t bully Megan…that was Josh. Josh was also the one who came at Jessica hardcore and started the pot and pans thing and continued at Paul’s request…I can’t speak on whether Cody has PTSD or not (and unless you’re his personal doctor neither can anyone else) but I’m not sure if it’s actually fair to call it PTSD when someone is harassing you…the first pots and pans incident went on for 20 mins and when Mark grabbed the pots from Josh then suddenly he was a bully?? Really? Who did Cody attack?? That seems like a very extreme word to make him seem more like a villain than he really is. To label someone something because they aren’t fond of mental harassment doesn’t make them a bully. There is a such thing as “Playing too much” and that’s what this is, Paul is playing too much and much too hard, folks just don’t see it yet, but it seems like they are starting to…even Josh. People keep referring to this as a “game” but games don’t effect your life when they are over…Big Brother says it’s a social experiment that’s not a game…if anything this is a gamble to try and win some cash.

      • I feel like you are reading into more than what my words actually state.
        My PERCEPTION is that Cody may have PTSD. I am not assuming that I KNOW. Just from the way he acts and reacts.
        I, like everyone else who watches, can only make assumptions and comment on what we see/hear. I never claimed to be a psychiatrist or to have knowledge of his medical files, not do I want to. Being a military wife and involved with many military personnel and my personal research on it and many other mental health issues, is what I am basing my opinion on. It’s also what you are basing what you are saying on. It’s all anyone can do. Opinions are not right or wrong they are simply opinions.
        Everyone in that house is an adult and can make their own choices and decisions on how to act, react, say or do regardless what anyone tells them to. The onus is on each ibdivindividual person not someone who suggested it.
        It’s a social experiment but it’s also been said, for many years, it’s a game.

      • Also, nothing of what anyone says to anyone, they don’t know outside of a game, should affect their real/personal lives. What THEY say and do should be held against them but not what someone else says.

      • He has! He wanted confrontation to happen so Cody would get disqualified. He bullied Jessica the day her father died. He is nothing but garbage!

      • Paul have NEVER threaten anyone. He might have pushed buttons but, this is so over the top. What Jessica and Cody did is no way compared to what Paul did. Violence and threats were never part of Paul’s game.

      • He did! He wanted physical confrontation to happen so that Cody would get disqualified!! You are Paul follower so do not comment on my posts.

      • Really??? Its voice of opinion on this site! Also, remember BB is a game, should never take BB personal. lol

        Also, I am a Jason follower. Thank you.

      • That’s not what Cody said at all, according to the recap. Cody said he’s rip him apart on the outside…..wait ’til you see the s**t I SAY about you. Everyone is taking those words as a physical threat.

      • I only took that to mean any chance Cody gets outside the house to talk to media, reporters, or TV he’s going to rip on Josh. He’s going to ruin Josh’s reputation every chance he gets. TALK. I don’t think Cody would bother with Josh physically, in or out of the house.

      • He’s not gonna talk to no reporters, tv blah blah , he hardly talks at all. Probably have to do an interview or 2 but he will hide back in his turtle 🐢 shell.

      • I guess I should have read farther before posting. I see some explanations about Cody below….

      • When they let Josh and paul ( And most of the House ) bully Jessics, Cody and Msrk-then this is the outcome. Production is where it stsrts….Julie Chen is supposed to be anti-bullyi g and all she said was that Jessica and Cody were toughe.nuough to handle it. THAT is not the answer.

      • Julie Chen is the host of the show. Nothing more, nothing less. Production is the ones who should be stepping in. This is getting way out of control. And Jess and Cody are NOT the only guilty parties.

      • I’m talking about the entire situation. Not just today. It’s out of control and ALL of them need to be reprimanded for it.

      • True! I think people forget that Jessica walks around the house like she owns it and can’t stand anyone (except Cody) in the house. She has frequently started fights (verbal) and then pouts when she doesn’t get her way. I do agree Paul egging people on is not right, but he is not physically threatening anyone, like Cody has about four times. Jessica and Cody are not innocent in bullying anyone either.

      • Paul is making everyone do his dirty work! So pathetic they are all following him the game is boring none trying to play the actual game. Josh has been torturing people with his stupid banging pots and pans and then turns into a cry baby! This season is boring!

      • I am sorry, but IMO, everyone in that house has free will and unless Paul is holding a gun to their head, or threatening violence on them, he is not Making them do anything….they are choosing to do what they do.

      • Exactly!!!! I would be on his side as well , and stay way away from psycho boy and bitchy bald jess

      • I figured she’d be embarrassed about her balding head. Her hair is falling out from wearing hair extensions. You can see them. She should just let her hair grow back in, if it will…

      • What dirty work ? Josh is pretty much ok his one w his , he may say we need to amp it up … but they ALL aren’t innocent . Jody can be cruel and be more of a bully . banging some pots and pans to verbal threats about ripping u apart . Dispicacable me (lol) …couldn’t help myself ☺️

      • I love how Jessica was third choice. Cody tried to get up with /Alex that didn’t happen. Then he tried to get up with Raven the first week that didn’t happen so he got stuck with Jessica. He came into the house looking for a good time. He hardly even watched big brother. He will not win this game at all. He is def a ticking time bomb about to explode. He doesn’t have Jessica to back him up anymore after tomorrow.

      • Yes !!!! I wondered if anyone saw that also , and jess w paul and Elena with paul , I even think one other .. paul said no he had a girlfriend and wasn’t there to hook up ! Jess just mad that he doesn’t like her or her nasty hair oh the ground 🤢

      • Yup . They won’t be there long . Their time is up . Jess just wants attention and Cody wants nothing to do w attention .. bad pair . Horribly dysfunctional 😱

    • Just relax. Cody won`t hurt anyone. That crazy guy from the Bechelor last season that would threat all the guys in the house, said later in a interview Production always knew he was “just saying” that….I would not be surprised if production said something to Jody in the DR and that`s why they are acting like this….only Tuesday today, they need more dram till Thursday.

      • You Jody fans must’ve had amnesia when Cody was HOH. Cody started hour one as a smug, arrogant, power-drunk a–hole. He has threatened physical violence to several different HG’s and told Josh he would spread rumors of him being a sexual deviant. Cody even admitted to Jessica he’s a hot head and cannot control his emotions inside or outside the house.

        Cody admitted to Jessica he’s 32 years old, single, no friends, and no real connection to his family.

        For whatever reason, Cody is incapable of being civil around people who he doesn’t like without being violent… I’m pretty sure that’s exactly what a bully is.

      • You Paul fans must have amnesia. Did you guys forget about the bullying Paul and his dogs participated in. Paul even said he wanted a physical confrontation to happen so that Cody would be kicked out of the game. Paul is a disgusting person.

      • Agree 100% and I am not Cody’s fan. I dl believe game will get more interesting when minions will dig each other lol

      • do you not admit that Paul and jody both are bullies. Cant you just admit that. Jody isn’t sweet and innocent honey.

      • No , she is not . Calling josh fat and fat azz and ugly etc.. she’s not bullying she’s just a very mean girl and acts like an ahole when she doesn’t get her way. I wouldn’t say bullying , I think mentally challenged by anyone smarter then her . 😝

      • Josh deserves it!!! Josh has bullied Jody from the start. Paul was inciting violence and which is worse than calling someone fat.

      • At this point, I want Paul, Jody and Josh gone and let the chips fall where they may. So drained by all the antics.

      • Haha .. and we are outside the house !!! Can u even imagine being in there??? Cuckoo for sure ! 😜

      • Really, that’s not what he said, but ok. How long would you take the abuse. Most of the Men that I know wouldn’t have shown as much restraint. Since you are judging Cody you may want to look at others in the house as well, he may be an ass, but he is not a Bully.

      • I am not a fan of anyone…especially the people on this season…I’m not sure how many of you all have watched season 15 but that was bullying that BB let occur without putting people out of the house…and those people used racial and homophobic slurs as well as touching people’s personal things. Reason being is that BB is not a game but a social experiment. Everyone seems to be jumping on Cody (maybe because he was in the military) but not everyone is seeing how Paul manipulated everyone even the audience apparently. Maybe some of you all haven’t been bullied or actually seen bullying but it DOES involve harassing others and someone being the mastermind and having flunkies (Paul and the others) You said that Cody was violent…he hasn’t touched anyone…those are simply words in retaliation to what was being said and done to him and his girlfriend. Paul got up in Jessica’s face and that’s when Cody confronted Paul and he started this Cody is a bully thing…him having no friends as you say doesn’t mean he doesn’t have people he associates with…everyone isn’t so quick to call someone a friend as others. Being 32 and single? What does that mean? smh…and why isn’t being quiet around people you don’t like not being civil? Again I’m not a fan of anyone on here but let’s be fair…these points being made here are not reason to come to a definite conclusion about who a person is…

      • How??? How did he manage to get picked to play this season? He had to have passed the tests and psychological ones , right ? So that tells me that he may be ok, but he isn’t strong enough mentally to handle anything like this . He doesn’t have many friends and no connection to family though, and that makes me think that something is wrong with him and there is a reason he can’t really adjust to being in the house or outside of it either :/

      • That tells me the onus is on Josh.
        He is a grown man (ahem..), he has a mind of his own and he knows how to use it.
        If someone told him to climb the Backyard wall and jump off to the other side, would he do it?
        He enjoyed terrorizing Cody, Jessica and Mark.
        So put blame where blame is due on Cody, Mark & Josh.
        Otherwise you should blame the entire house for encouraging Josh to do what Paul said to do.

      • We may disagree so I am glad you respect my opinion. There are some people on this site that force their opinions on others

      • What is disgusting about Paul’s behavior ???? What did he do ?? Who did he threaten? And .. hahahah , comparing him to Charles Manson is sooooo silly 😜 . What I see is a vet that knows the game, and vets usually come back and get evicted pretty quick. He knew that going in so whatever he has to do to ensure his stay is all fair play . If you can get people to self evict or get in their heads enough to be total aholes that’s just smart . Getting other people to do whatever else is just brilliant!! He definitely has an advantage with this set of people , they don’t seem to have any problems following his direction or advice , if they did there is this litttle word .. NO!

      • Have you seen the show? He bullied Dominque, Jessica, and Cody. And now he is bullying Elena and Mark. He wanted physical confrontation to happen in the house so Cody would get disqualified. He told other cast members to bully people he did not like. Paul bullied Jessica on the day her father died. Paul is a heartless piece of garbage. If you do not see that then, please do not comment on my posts.

      • Just a game . It’s not anything more then that . Jess was a mean girl, she brought a lot of that on her felt . Cody was straight up bully his whole hoh , why he nominate Megan.. cause I don’t like you ! Umm .. he’s getting back what he gave !

      • After . AFTER they bullied or were just aholes to everyone !!! Cody was ok for saying fu fu paul and telling josh he was gonna shred him and other bs . It’s a game . Get over it .

      • I disagree. Someone swinging pots and pans in my face is not something I would accept lightly.

      • If anyone has ever seen Bad Girls Club , there was one that did the same thing , she banged pots and pans trying to wake and annoy another person . When it gets personal and stops being a game that is how people really react . Josh is obnoxious but he also doesn’t deserve to be called names and attack his character outside the house when this is all over just for defending himself against others that have harassed him also . It’s been like this almost every season!!! This one just has a few too many alphas w egos

    • I do not think he will! I think it is all talk. He wants to look like a tough guy that why he says these things.

      • What? I don’t see the anger issues with Paul, that I see with Cody and the nastiness of Jessica…

      • Amen Patti Paul has never said what Cody and Jessica have to everybody in the house!

      • Paul is a heartless and disgusting person. He bullied and tormented them for weeks. He even incited violence. He wanted a physical confrontation to happen so Cody would get kicked out. Paul is a horrible person.

      • No, actually Paul was trying to get Cody to snap. That’s why he was having Josh do all the annoying crap with the pans. Thing is, Paul wasn’t going to do it himself, because he knew he’d get booted too. So he had Josh do the dirty work. He didn’t care if Josh got kicked out too.

        Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like Cody at all. Wish he was the one going home this week. But none of this bullying and fighting would be happening if it weren’t for Paul stirring the pot.

      • thats true ,but Paul the dictator has not threatend to destroy anybody outside the house,only cody who i think is one crazy sob.or the spawn of TED BUNDY.

      • it does not make what he did right and what Cody did wrong. the only difference Paul is doing in bb house while cody is just a threat

      • that is wrong!!! The second day In the house when Cody was HOH he told Megan he didn’t like her. He hardly knew her. Then they ganged up on her in the kitchen. She eventually left. Sorry but they were bullies before Paul

      • and Jody isn’t. What about threatening Alex to drown in the hot tub. Or hating on Megan the second day in the house when Cody was HOH? Yeah, all of them are bullies

      • No one threatened drowning Alex…Jessica was talking trash that wasn’t a threat. People turned on Megan because of Josh’s outburst not because of Cody or Jessica…but let’s be real…if Jody is bullying it all started with Paul and his crew…so none of them are exempt

      • OH WOW! So I guess its ok for Jody to bully then. I think all three of them are bullies in my opionion and I feel like when Jessica is the worse one. She smacked candy out of Christmas’ hand when she was trying to play the candy crush game. She talks crap about everyone and torments them. I am just sick and tired of everyone pointing fingers at one person when in reality its all three Cody, Jess and Paul. There are no innocent people here. And yes, Read the feeds go back and watch or whatever, Jody made Megans three days there a living hell.

      • Alex bullied them first. Cody threw a veto comp for her. And she has been nothing but a ungrateful bitch. She also screamed at Jody multiple times. Paul’s behavior is worse. He told cast members to bully people and he wanted a physical confrontation to happen so Cody would get disqualified. He bullied Jessica on the day her father died. Paul is a inhumane piece of trash!!

      • That is because Paul lies and manipulates people to do all his bullying for him.

      • No , paul is not a grenade , I gotta give him kudos for pretty much handling all this pretty well . He’s good at playing this and people.. that’s what this is, a game to go after those you don’t like and get them out and win the GAME. He hasn’t threatened anyone or used violence or make stupid comments about loving the “kill feeling” and killing people and puppies ! True or not , that’s a disgusting and mentally ill person to even joke about it. He is vile and despicable for even saying that!

      • Naw . Just playing to win . Take it for whatever you want , but that what this show is .. some people worse then others but have always had mean people, bullying and bs every season . Just because you don’t like him doesn’t make any of your comments true . Just your opinion, like all of ours . Opinions . Someone is always the bad guy .

    • I thought if you hit someone that you are out. If Raven was hit even in the wrist why is he still there.

    • I think it is very risky to leave Cody and Jessica in the house! Cody shouldn’t have been their in the first place! Cody in the house is a dangerous think he threatened Josh! When Jessica leaves he should self evict he brings the whole house down and so does Jessica!

    • Why do people react so much to Cody’s reactions but find other HG provocations harmless and entertaining. Jessica call Josh fat for once and he began to sob. Meanwhile, they banged pots and pans on Cody without him reacting, questions his military credentials, bully him to get heated and self evict. All these have gone on and on for three weeks. Josh can’t take that for sure, which HG can, don’t even suggest Megan.

    • This is what they all wanted. They wanted to get Cody to snap and were tormenting him all last week. Now they’ve finally cracked him and they’re acting like they’re terrified.

  2. Why would Jessica and Cody do this?? Jessica should known she had a chance to stay. Now after all this of course she`s gone.

      • Have you lost it??? JOSH requested everyone be nice to Jess and Cody. He sat down with Jess, tried to mend things and hint at her that she is literally not his target and Jess couldnt stop the personal attacks even during that convo! JOSH’S TARGET THIS WEEK IS ELENA!!! Had Jessica gotten her mouth off Cody to play big brother this week she could have saved her game.

      • Some have seemed to have forgotten that. Jessica ‘s mouth is what is going to be her downfall now. Josh being HoH will no longer have Elena as his target anymore after today.

    • They are fed up with Paul and his dogs. When people constantly torment you, you end up losing it.

      • Hey, look. I want to apologize for my son’s behavior. He got on my computer when he visited last and I had this open at the time. I do not use that tone of language ever on BBN if you’ve looked at several of my posts. I did not raise him this way. I didn’t know he had done this until you replied to the comments recently. Again, I’m so very sorry he commented and said what he said to you.

      • That’s ok! Sometimes these conversation get heated! But it is ok he was just talking about the show.

  3. I’m so ready to see the fun game get started back up after Jessica and Cody get the HELL out of that house. I’m SO SICK of all 4 cameras being on those two.

  4. I don’t agree with the post that Mark got defensive with Paul. He was spot on when he told him how he got bullied by Josh and no one stopped Josh. They just watched in delight. That’s what happened in the feeds. Again, what Josh is doing is downright wrong and Paul and his minions are trying so hard to justify their behavior. It is getting ridiculous.

    • Mark really started the whole thing when he threw that horrible hot sauce mixture in Josh’s face.

      • Still that doesn’t give Josh the right to keep doing it. Perhaps once would be understandable, but doing it repeatedly is harassment and bullying.

      • Josh didn’t even flinch when he was hit with that “horrible” mixture. It could have been water the way he reacted. It wasn’t till minutes later that he made a big deal about it.

      • No. Josh started the whole thing when he refused to admit he had cheated and lost the pool game.

    • mark was right he was bullied by Josh and what they did was to encourage the behavior, so why are they complaining now

  5. Wow the ironic twist.
    Last week it was the house attacking Jody.
    Now its Jody attacking Josh.

  6. Editing did a misleading job last week with how, what seemed like hours, Paul goaded Josh and his gang to not let up antagonizing Cody a d Jess. They all laughed it up and Paul is heard to say, keep it up, more, more. Production totally downplayed it. Now everyone is aghast that they are standing up to these idiots. Just like Paul gets upset when anyone tries to make a game move. How dare they?!!lol

  7. Who ever typed this made Jess and Cody in bad light. They are all Guilty of bad behavior. Paul has been the one to get the house to turn on Cody. Inticing some to fight is wrong and a bully. Thats Paul

    • I totally agree with you. The first thing I noticed was how bias it was. However, it just tells us how people see one and the same situation differently and it is interesting.

      • Branden actually wrote this article, and he’s been pretty light on the bias this season (probably because he likes Paul and Jody, and they’re on opposite sides of the house).

    • WTF?? Now y’all have gone too far. Whoever typed it (his name is Brenden by the way) was way too nice. He didn’t even point out that JESSICA inserted herself into a convo Josh and Paul were having… SHE STARTED IT. Please tell me
      How Brenden was being biased when he neglected to point out that neither Paul or Josh were even talking to Jessica???

    • Don’t they just type what happens and what is said (with quotes with their opinion)?
      However the person who reads it takes it is on themselves, imo.

  8. So Jessica started it today and isn’t she the one to tell Cody not to get personal when she leaves?

  9. I’m gonna be honest, everyone is a freaking hypocrite.
    Josh for crying when Jody attacks him (he started it first)
    And Jody for doing the same thing the accuse Josh of doing.

    Double standards much?

  10. Production is completely responsible for all the bullying and harassment to date that has be heaped on Cody, Mark and Jessica by Paul and his minions. Letting Paul say and do what he wants is the reason the tension is at the level it is. And yes Josh is more that an annoyance and the whole break Cody plan concocted by Paul is targeted bullying and should have been stopped weeks ago. paul is the real problem and should be gone for what he has preached and promoted. This cast sucks across the board

    • Production isn’t responsible for the bullying and harassment, but they are responsible for not having stopped it before it got to this point. A bit of conniving, deception and meanness is all part of Big Brother, but violence or the threat of it is not fun to watch.

  11. So, this week, Josh tried to resolve things with Jody, had nothing to do with Jessica being in the block, asked other house guests to not antagonize her, and was campaigning to get Elana out, but Jody attacks him and it’s “deserved”?

    • That’s how it usually works. Cody and Jess were clearly in the wrong here but it will be all blamed on Josh or Paul.

      • yeah they were and of course paul or josh get the blame because Jessica and Cody cant handle when it is dished out to them!

      • Awwww, how sweet of you, thank you very much. I really appreciate that Mrs Scofield and it’s nice to see you as well. 💚

      • Well , it’s not too often that I agree with EVERYTHING someone says , lol. And by “not too often” , I mean NEVER !

      • What a nice compliment, thank you so much! :)

      • Everything is Paul’s fault according to some. He didn’t do anything to provoke today’s fight. I think Josh handled himself very well as Jessica was berating him. I’ve never been a huge Josh fan, but I have to give him kudos for this one.

    • THANK YOU!!! I have to wonder if these people on here even have the feeds and see what is actuallly going on in the house. Josh tried to freaking save Jessica this week. Jokes on her!!!!

  12. I’m sick of this cycle — Jody starts by insulting Josh (“victim noises”), Josh bangs pots and pans at Jody (on his own and on Paul’s command), Jody insults Josh again (“fat ass”). Jody is the common source at each stage and needs to go.

  13. Look at that! Cody is a WAAAAAAAAY bigger bully than you all claim Paul is! He threatened Josh with violence and him and Jessica called him fat! Who are the bullies now? Where are the Jody defenders?

    • Don’t even try, people will always claim princess butthole and her surly consort are the victims. Getting sick of their continuous victim noises.

    • Oh please. Cody said if Josh “tried” doing it outside the house. This site doesn’t transcribe every word the houseguests say. The writers go by what they feel.

      • Oh please can you tell me what your screen name is on th cbs chat room for the big brother live feeds? What’s that? You don’t have life feeds? Yes honey, it

      • Just because somebody doesn’t agree with you doesn’t mean they don’t watch the feeds. Everything is transcribed on jokers, and all of the major incidents on the feeds are posted on YouTube for free.

  14. So, from what I could tell from rewatching the Jody v Josh fight on the feeds, whatever set off Jody happened when the snapchat glasses arrived or sometime shortly after that. I wasn’t watching that far back. Did something happen?

    • Never mind, I just saw it. And, for once, it had nothing to do with the Paul Clone putting on the tutu and doing the circus song and dance with the pots and pans.

      • Josh and Paul were joking that Matt is the sole cause for the drought bc he takes a lot of showers. Jess and Cody were minding their own business in the kitchen when all the sudden Jess berates Josh asking him to spell drought. It went from there.

  15. The bullying in this season (on all sides of the house) is getting excessive and taking the fun out of the game for me. Sure there’s a place for playing mental games with people but it’s gotten to be too much. I’ll still continue to watch because I’ve loved this show since season one but I’m getting so tired of this cast. I need this season to either end or shift gears/focus. The only one I’m really rooting for at this point is Kevin because he’s stayed fairly likable through all this drama.

  16. This is so bizarre. To read these updates every day and then watch the t.v. shows….seems almost like two different situations. I enjoy the these updates way more than the t.v. What I don’t understand is that if Cody is this volatile, why isn’t something being done? I mean, so what about the fat comment….but the other ones, threatening Josh. Is Cody for real? And Jessica thinks that’s okay behaviour? And then there is the conversation with Paul and Mark. Good for Mark for mentioning how he was treated and bullied and nothing. yet Josh is called fat and you think the world has ended. My god, what kind of people are these??? Yuck!

    • The difference between the show and what actually happens is huge. It’s a real eye opener to say the least.

      • Precisely. It is sad that the show has yet to show Paul in a bad light. We are talking about eye openers, aren’t we?

    • Oh my. This site gives us a summary of what has transpired in the house. It really doesn’t tell us what the HGs say word per word. The TV show doesn’t show us everything. It favors some HGs.

    • Cody’s behavior is not good, but it’s not much different than what Paul, xmas and Josh have done for the past two weeks. Cody is not volatile, he’s a human being with emotions that is being pushed. I don’t know too many guys that wouldn’t want to kick Josh’s butt at this point.

      • Josh didn’t do anything today. Jessica started it. Josh has been campaigning all week for Jess to stay.

  17. Oh for Frik and Fakk’s Sake!!! I have single handedly ushered 22 second graders on a class trip to the zoo where both the children and the animals were better behaved than the current occupants of the Big Brother house.

    Unreal. Totally flippin’ unreal.

    They want to count their blessings that I’m not in charge of that society of misfits because I would have swapped their beds out for playpens and introduced some desperately needed structure into their day. Up at 7 a.m., bed at 9 p.m., gym led by a fitness instructor in the morning, arts and crafts in the afternoon and everybody sits down at the same table together for all meals – for a start and revised as necessary,

    p.s. none of the children fell into the gorilla enclosure or the duck pond either while under my watch.

    • I mean, sure……but who wants a house of well behaved model citizens. Frankly I’m innit for da drama and some good game play. What I’m not in it for is people isolating themselves and making victim noises. They can kick rocks.

      • I’d settle for civilized. Drama’s gonna happen regardless when competing for half a million bucks and only one can win. There is very little actual game play taking place right now, it’s all about who can out scream and out intimidate the other – not even remotely entertaining.

      • I think they will wind up in Jury together. Everyone wants Cody out next week if he doesn’t win HOH, and I will bet that the first person that little circle of friends will jettison after Cody will be Josh. Or maybe Mark, then Josh. Josh will be all alone in jury with his best buddies to ensure his safety and well being.

    • What exactly would you like to happen, have a pretty good idea, but I’d like to hear your version.

    • oh i hope josh gives it to cody if he goes to the jury house with them omg talk about drama it will be worse the Paulie and Devons fight for sure!

      • The thing is, if Josh can’t get himself under control it won’t be good for him.

  18. Cody just seems like a very volatile person to be around. Jessica seems to enjoy certain things in the house while Cody sits there stone faced and emotionless. He sucks the life out of things and kills the mood. I feel like Jessica isn’t that bad of a person, it’s just Cody is making her a bad person.

    • What makes Cody more volatile than anyone in that house? The fact that he was in the military? The other people in the house have been pushing him and pushing him for days / weeks. What would you do if you were in his shoes? Most people would have beat the crap out of Josh by now. I think he’s had great restraint by not hitting those jacka$e$$es.

      • Cody is a serial killer. I mean a sniper with multiple kills. Sociopaths are probably drawn to jobs that allow them to assassinate human targets with impunity. It relieves the tension of being a sociopath.

      • He was in service to his country. You can’t call him a serial killer. Stupidest remark I have read on here.

      • I couldn’t disagree with your comment more. I can’t stand Cody but one thing you have ZERO right to even speak of is his military service. Get the heck out of the USA if that is your position on those who serve to keep your butt able to live somewhere where you can make a crazy comment like this. I can’t help but think of Chris Kyle when reading your comment. You can knock Cody’s behavior all you want but keep your politics out of this and don’t disrespect our troops.

      • AMEN to Philly, La’darell, & Nicole!!! I’m not suggesting that all who serve/have served are above reproach simply due to their service because that’s not true. HOWEVER, those who have volunteered to protect our freedom to watch a flipping TV show in peace DO get my RESPECT & GRATITUDE for having done so!! Freedom isn’t free and I’ll never stop being grateful that *I* didn’t have to make that sacrifice. We live in the Land of the Free BECAUSE of the Brave! And yeah, let’s leave the politics at the door, shall we?
        *curtsies and steps off her soapbox* :D

      • I applaud all of our veterans, especially the boys who served in Vietnam. Many of them come back broken. They are addicted to drugs, suicidal, violent, and mentally ill. Not all the veterans come back as good people. Many end up incarcerated for violent crimes. We don’t know how Cody was before he went into the military but we do see the post military Cody. He does need serious help as do the majority of our vets. Instead of Ms. Munchausen being the poster child for her many diseases, Cody should be one for PSTD.

      • Idk if you have the life feeds or not but here’s what you need to understand – Cody has told Jessica he can’t control himself, he has no friends and rarely even talks to his own mom because “she contacts me too much”… I do not like Cody or his behavior but I am moved deeply by his service to our country. What you and every other person who keeps justifying Cody’s behavior needs to step back and realize that it even Cody himself likes his behavior (he admitted that to Jess) You are looking at a man whose so broken inside that he creates this huge ego, builds walls around himself and is rarely ever actually “in the moment” This man doesn’t need you and everyone else to sit here and stick up for him. This man needs you and everyone else to shine a light at what PTSD looks like because Cody is the poster boy for it and it honestly breaks my heart. He has killed many and seen things you and I can’t dream of. Stop assuming everyone here that doesn’t speak positive about Cody is just a hater – some of us here realize that Cody needs to seriously get help and I really hope one day he does.

      • Well said!! Earlier this season, I defended Megan’s choice to leave because of her PTSD as a very strong & wise one. I’ll stand with you on this issue as well. PTSD is real and what many don’t even begin to understand is that it’s INDIVIDUAL. Every human is different. Therefore, their experience while serving and/or experiencing trauma is different and so is their psyche’s reaction to what they’ve been through. To even *think* that you can throw every person diagnosed with PTSD into the same therapy pool & expect that it will help all of them is ludicrous! Like you, I hope he realizes he needs help, then seeks out the help he needs. It’s 2017 & we need to keep working on erasing the stigma related to seeking out mental health services – especially for those who have so bravely defended our freedoms!

      • P.S. I would REALLY love it if the American Psychiatric Association (or APA, publisher of the Diagnostic & Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) would change the diagnosis from “PTSD” to “PTSS,” making it a Syndrome because it is. JMHO.

  19. Awesome. So team Paul got Josh to flip to Jessica. And Cody is gonna be the hot head stuck in Jury with people that don’t like him

    • It’s glorious and nothing could be closer to torture for the Surly Consort.

      • They are all in his ear, every single one of them.

  20. To his detriment, Josh is emotionally immature, has a big mouth, and wears his feelings on his sleeve, but at least he’s not pure evil like Cody.

    • If you were in Cody’s shoes and they were pushing you and trying to get you to snap, you don’t think that would wear on you?

      • But Cody doesn’t get offended. How can he get so angry, even after hours or days of smack talk, if you can’t be offended? Cody’s words not mine.

  21. Did everyone notice before the big blowout today, when things were calmer, we started to see some kinks in the armor of the big alliance? People started getting annoyed with other people. If Cody could only lay low for a while, the target would probably move off his back and onto others.

  22. You guys talk about Jess and Cody but Paul, josh, christmas, alex and raven are no better….actually worse because they are a bunch of hypocrites.

  23. With Cody and Jess as good as gone, do you think Josh’s friends will start affectionately calling him ‘Dummy’ and ‘The Blob’ to his face instead of behind his back?

  24. The house guests in the Lounge photo pretty much sums up the season. Not even two months of Big Brother and I was bored by the time Dominique started asking who was the snake. Come on, Producers….give Jessica and Cody a week of walk on roles for The Bold and The Beautiful and lets get on with it!

  25. Hopefully cody can actually find a way to take jessicas place at eviction. He was talking to her earlier about figuring out what he can do to have him leave on thursday and jessica stay in the gane

  26. Geez I go out for a few hours to play tennis and come back to find out a fight has broken out and then I find out there was one in the house too

  27. These people need to realize that the things they say and/or do in the house can have some major ramifications when they get out. Remember a few seasons ago when the girl lost her job because of her racist comments? And weren’t there a couple of other people who had some consequences because of their actions? Sorry, my memory is bad at season numbers, so I can’t remember which season that was. I’m thinking either 15 or 16.

    • The short term consequences can be bad and you are referring to Aryan, but she has bounced back, has a happy life, 1 kid, 1 on the way. People have short memories when it comes to this kind of thing. There were a few others, can’t remember them either but as time goes by, it’s all forgotten at some point. The one that I think who is going to have the hardest time coming out of the house and re-integrating back into real life is Raven. She’s been lying the whole time about her “terminal” disease. Not sure how she thought she was going to get away with it. A few strokes on Google and anyone knows what her disease means and that it is NOT terminal. It will get very uncomfortable for her and her family of grifters.

      • I certainly hope not. I heard her twitter (Raven’s) has been made private. I know her mom is realizing the mistake she has made in trying to doxx all of these people on twitter, facebook etc…. That is some serious stuff, outing peoples info without their permission.

      • I don’t understand how someone, in this social media age, thinks they can go on national TV and play everybody. You just know people are going to dig into your background and personal life and expose what they find.

      • I don’t get it either. Literally, everything and anything you want to know is a click away on your computer, phone, laptop, etc…. It doesn’t make a lick of sense to me that they are trying to perpetrate this fraud. I’m now starting to think Rervin doesn’t have any disease. It’s more of a Munchausen thing. She eats all the time, she looks much better now than when she came into the house because, she is eating and out from under her mother’s care and clutches. Just a theory….

      • I was just thinking about the Munchhausen theory too. (For those who don’t know, Munchhausen is a mental disorder where a person acts like they have some illness or mental illness in order to get attention. Some even go as far as making themselves sick to get that attention.) It would explain a lot about her.

      • And it can also be by proxy. Meaning a parent would make their kid sick to get the attention. With what I read and see, I would not be surprised if it’s the case of raven. I saw video of her mom and it’s pathetic.

      • I was wondering about that. I wouldn’t be surprised either.

        I want to add that I am in no way diagnosing Raven with Munchhausen’s. But she does show the signs of the definition of it.

      • After seeing the video with Raven & her mom, I could easily see how she and her little brother may have been brainwashed into believing they have this illness that her mother claims to have. But, yeah, she really does look a lot healthier after almost 2 months inside the house and away from her mother…

      • Oops, I didn’t see you here until after I had commented something similar.
        Sisters, Sisters….
        Two different faces but in tight places
        We think and we act as one uh huh

      • Yes, she was the one I was thinking about. But she still had some consequences for her actions. And I agree with you 100% about Raven. There’s something about her that just seems “off”, if you know what I mean.

    • It was either Aaryn or Gina Marie. They said racist things against Helen who is Asian and a black woman who’s name I forgot at the moment.

    • Paul knows he can’t win. They put him in the house this year (with an automatic 3 weeks of safety) to put on a good entertaining show and that’s exactly what he’s doing.

      • Paul just likes to say he can’t win so people will feel safer with keeping him around longer.

      • Paul is licking his chops because he was put into the dumbest cast of BB players to ever play the game. He has a final 2 with just about everyone and they all think that is a good idea!

      • I really don’t think the jury ( no matter who it is) will give it to him over anyone else that makes it beside him. The only way I see him winning is if someone squeezes through like mark or Matt

      • What makes you say that? The majority of the people who’ll make jury love him, and the ones who aren’t as firmly up his ass still respect his gameplay. Even Cody recently said Paul never betrayed him like the other showmances did, so he’s got nothing personal against him.

      • Yeah, I don’t get it either. Their opinions most likely will change as the game goes on but he is well liked in the house and unless he has murdered one of the cam guys, why shouldn’t they like him, ya know?

      • Jess said the same thing , if she was in jury and anyone besides Cody sitting next to paul , she would vote for paul ! He has the jury votes and honestly should win for being the best puppet master with this group .

      • It may be true, he’s a vet and knew since day one that he would b the number one target, for him to flip everyone and stay on his side and have the alliances he has is brilliant ! If not for codys dumb azz being all arrogant and cocky during his hoh and putting up one of his own ppl then things would have been a lot diff !!! So yeah , you can blame Cody for making the stupid move so early in game and not making it paul vs Cody . He took the first shot and killed any chance of trust that he could have had! Hell he may have even made a deal w paul . He hated paul from the start , wout even trying to play/ talk to him . Being a newbie had nothing to do with it , was well known he hated paul . He’s just salty now cause he knew he fcked up first week . He just an ahole w a huge ego w no social skills and needs to just go !

      • Historically, juries recognize the big players regardless of whether or not they’re liked. Paul will win no matter who he’s against in F2 unless someone can step up in the next few weeks. No one else has won the amount of comps or manipulated the social situations he has.

      • Though now that I think of it, Paul will still have to careful with jury management (which was certainly not his strong suit last season). By promising to go far with practically everyone, he’ll have to make sure people aren’t bitter when he inevitably turns against most of them.

      • Exactly my thought. He stayed their on the side and look at the all thing without doing anything.

      • Paul’s all talk and full of BS. He will always ask why no one steps in….all the while he just sits back.

    • Are you freaking kidding me? I wanted to call Mark out myself. He didn’t say a single thing when bullying was happening to Dom but took up for Cody when he felt he was being bullied? And has since that night talked about his distaste for bullying and his intolance for it. Yet Jess and Cody crossed the line today and Mark didn’t say anything?? Paul simply asked Mark
      what a lot of us live feed watchers wanted to ask.

      • Mark claims to be intolerant of bullying, and if he truly was, would have stepped in no matter the target. Paul, to the best of my knowledge, has never made such a claim, so not stepping in would be natural for him.

      • Mark was bullied when he was younger. Shortly or awhile after, he ‘found’ the gym and started to work out, which has helped him.

      • Mark explained himself to Paul pretty well. It’s Josh. Why should Mark care about Josh getting back what he dishes out to others? Where was everyone else when Josh was doing that to Mark? And right after crying in the HoH room, Josh still went out and said he was going to put Jody through hell for the next two days. So really, why should Mark care about defending Josh? Oh and let’s not forget how the house has been trashing Mark behind his back for having the audacity to use the veto he won on himself.

        But regardless of Mark’s reasons, there was still no need for Paul to throw Mark’s name out there in the first place. The incident had nothing to do with Mark. It was totally unprompted and he just did it to stir up more crap, because Paul’s the biggest instigator in the house (despite how much he likes to claim he’s tired of all the drama and hostility). And Paul even knows all his minions are ready to target Mark whenever he tells them to, so it’s not like it even served a game purpose.

      • Mark was bullied when he was younger. Shortly or awhile after, he ‘found’ the gym and started to work out, which has helped him. /r;vjoyvk

      • Why were ppl mad he used the veto on himself ?? Duh .. that’s a given !! Was he supposed to save someone or not use it? That’s totally absurd, of course u use it on yourself !

      • Mark was bullied when he was younger. Shortly or awhile after, he ‘found’ the gym and started to work out, which has helped him. ok.

  28. I’m sooooo over RAVEN and her attention issues. She will literally do anything for attention

  29. Okay so it’s not okay when the big alliance “bullies” Jessica and cody but when Jessica calls josh “fat” and cody threatens his life it’s not bullying it’s self defense and standing up to the bully? Makes a lot of sense….

  30. Though it was great that Jody weren’t under Paul’s control they totally lack any social game that could have helped them … Jess literally could have saved herself with Josh earlier in the week when she wasn’t even his target

  31. Ok I just watched it. Jess is going home, Cody should follow. He still keep saying this game is ‘real life. First time I’ve heard a threat like that from a player. That guy has a lot of issues, he needs some therapy, meds, something…straight jacket, maybe idk..

  32. I really wish all these evel dick fans would stop. ✋ like really all this horrible person this horrible person that. This is the most action we have gotten out of a season in YEARS. All the fans do is complain. The reason I say evel dick fans is because most of you guys were probably cheering him on in his season but are damn near passing out on this pansy a$$ sh*t. Do I want people to get hurt? No, it’s productions job to make sure that doesn’t happen aaaaand it hasn’t. So WTF are people complaining about? I was able to go to davonnes evictions in season 17 and the producer said these people are under a lot of stress! so they are gonna do and say things! Like all us humans do.
    Rant over lol

  33. This Thursday – Jessica will go home. Next Thursday will be a double eviction. And Friday will be a battle back between the three

    • First place goes back into the house, second place is the first houseguest in jury and last place goes home

    • I am so tired of Battle Backs. Its just productions way of keeping Cody/Jessica in the game. Yes Josh and the house have provoked Cody but the things Cody says aren’t okay. Physically threatening someone with violence is against the law. Production should have done more to stop/punish Cody.

    • I highly doubt they will do a second BattleBack at this point. At this point in the season last year, they had a second special Friday episode and it was a concert and a carnival and a challenge for a power. It will likely be something like that

  34. Every season the cast gets dumber and dumber! Why bother watchin it’s just the Paul show! Everyone’s handing him the money , they just want to make jury and that’s all.

    • If there smart (big if), they need to get Paul out next week. We should know on Thursday if it is a DE week. It maybe because of the added Friday night show.

  35. You know what is bothering me? All this hate on Paul. Yes, he is arrogant and immature, but he has game. He has done bad things unprovoked, but SO HAVE JESSICA AND CODY. People online and in the BB house seem to take this game way too personally, but they don’t realize how much of a toll the BB house takes on a person.

  36. This season has so much drama! Cody is a loose cannon and for HG’s to try to incite him into violence is over the top. I know that production will step in before it gets physical but why take that chance? He has hated Paul since day one and I wonder why? Isn’t he a parent? He has to set an example as a father. There is no need to incite violence. I don’t understand why Jessica would want to be with a man who could get physical and maybe do harm to another person. She has seen the way he reacts and I know it must scare her. Wonder how her family feels about her being with a man like that. I think production need to talk to the HG’s and put a stop to this before it gets out of hand.

    • Or , how he joined military to kill people and killed lil animals to get that “kill” feeling . He is socially awkward , no personality or charisma. I don’t see any redeeming qualities

  37. I may be projecting my own feelings, but it seems like Julie Chen does not have a lot of enthusiasm for the show this season. She’s a grown-up, and I can believe a little embarrassed to be associated with this group. Wouldn’t surprise me if she decided not to return for the sake of her reputation.