Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Week 6: Tuesday Night Highlights

After the craziness earlier in the day in the Big Brother 19 house, the Houseguests spent Tuesday evening relaxing and keeping things relatively calm.

Jessica and Cody together on Big Brother 18

Don’t miss the first half of Tuesday’s events with the big fights between Josh and Jessica & Cody.

If you’ve got the Live Feeds (Free Trial) then you can watch all of these moments with the Flashback feature to go back and watch those important conversations or funny scenes you may have missed.

Big Brother 19 Live Feed Highlights – Tuesday, August 8, 2017:

4:05 PM BBT – Jason tells Alex that Josh is getting upset because there’s backlash from his behavior, not so much being upset over the things said to him. Jason doesn’t understand why HGs are getting mad then continuing to push Josh’s behavior. “Everybody in the house is a bully when it works for them,” says Jason.

4:15 PM BBT – Cody tells Jessica he wants to find a way for her to be able to stay and he could go in her place. Jessica reminds him the final noms are already set, but Cody says “there are ways.” Jessica warns Cody not to punch anyone. He says he wouldn’t do that.

4:45 PM BBT – Raven complaining that her wrist was hurt in the fight between Cody and Josh. Paul tells her to go to DR and show them.

5:00 PM BBT – Raven and Paul discover another pan that’s been destroyed by Josh. Raven notes that Josh isn’t allowed to do the pots and pans anymore. Matthew thinks that’s ridiculous since it’s just part of the game, but now Josh isn’t allowed to do that since HGs can’t control their reactions.

5:10 PM BBT – Raven tells Christmas that Jessica called her a fake b***h. Christmas says she liked Jessica personally but that she’s just a sh**ty game player who doesn’t understand the difference between game and personal.

5:30 PM BBT – Alex warns Kevin, Jason, and Paul that she wouldn’t trust Matthew or Raven winning HoH. Paul wants it to be one of them or Christmas. Alex volunteers to be a pawn so they can BD Cody, but Paul suggests they use Matthew and Raven instead.

5:40 PM BBT – Alex tells Josh that it’s not his fault about Raven hurting her wrist. Jason counters that Raven is faking that injury.

5:55 PM BBT – Raven says she was worried about Alex getting hit because she knows what it’s like to get hit by a man.

6:33 PM BBT – Cody says once Jessica is gone he’ll be silent. Jessica says she’s worried about him, but Cody says he’ll be fine.

6:35 PM BBT – Christmas checks with Paul to see if she should throw the Temptation comp but Paul warns her that if the Veto is physical she can’t compete and there goes the strategy.

7:06 PM BBT – Kevin and Christmas discuss who Cody might target it he’s HOH. Kevin says Cody obviously hates Josh but also doesn’t like Raven anymore.

7:09 PM BBT – Elena wonders how much she’d have to eat to get enough penalty votes to get evicted this week.

7:45 PM BBT – Alex tells Jason that Matthew and Raven are getting so weird and have been so aggressive this week.

7:47 PM BBT – Jason tells Kevin that Cody asked him to give an eviction vote to Raven. Kevin asks Jason if he’s going to do that and he says no.

8:37 PM BBT – Kevin tells Paul that his Cody theory is dumb. He says he’s not going to help him anymore. He says his behavior cost him Kevin’s help in the game.

8:39 PM BBT – Paul says he hopes his girl isn’t watching the show.

8:46 PM BBT – Elena still thinks she’s going to have a vote against her. Josh tells her that the only vote against her might be from Cody.

9:24 PM BBT – Production plays siren sound (previously heard on BB9 when their twist ended) and then they said this is a lockdown. Feeds cut. (Someone with a bullhorn tried to send a message to HGs to evict Raven. They announced the plans on Twitter in advance and production was prepared.)

9:26 PM BBT – Feeds back. They’re talking about being locked down but don’t know why.

10:09 PM BBT – Everyone is bored and talking about going to bed.

10:10 PM BBT – HGs think this is probably the most timeouts (production breaking up fights) have been called in any season (pretty sure that’s true).

10:20 PM BBT – Matt suspects Cody could possibly have PTSD. Jason agrees it’s possible.

11:25 PM BBT – Cody warns Jessica he’s going to be a lost puppy without her and not know what to do.

12:00 AM BBT – Kevin, Paul, Jason, Mark, and Josh hanging out in the open bedroom and joking around. More HGs start to join the chatter.

12:30 AM BBT – Raven couldn’t find her weave and was upset that someone may have taken it. Matthew has it and is wearing it.

1:00 AM BBT – The joking around continues in the open bedroom. Light chatter, no game talk.

1:50 AM BBT – HGs dispersing and getting ready for the night. Elena and Mark are flipping through the Bible looking for something interesting to read.

2:15 AM BBT – Lights out for most HGs and they’re calling it a night.

2:30 AM BBT – Elena and Mark are the only ones up and having their nightly talk in the HN room.

2:45 AM BBT – That’s it for the night. Lights are all out and HGs are asleep.

If Jessica had any shot at staying this week they sunk it with the blow up earlier. And on top of that Cody’s going to have to do some repairs to get Kevin to reverse course on aiding him in the weeks to come. Kevin says he won’t do that anymore, but if he still does he definitely can’t be as open about it as he had been before.

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  1. I just wish this week was over already, can’t wait to hear Paul, Christmas, Raven and Matt talk about other houseguests instead of Jessica and Cody. That is enough to make anyone snap..

  2. So tired of watching Cody and Jessica kissing every 2 minutes. All they seem to do is kiss, talk about hurting others and get busy in bed. I would try to if Cody the benefit of the doubt when I would see him actually speaking to someone besides Jessica or attempting to socialize but he just seems unable to do it. I doubt he Cody and Jessica will last very long outside the house. Jessica seems very social. Her job requires it.

  3. All I want to see Thursday night is Josh standing at the door, smiling and handing Jess her duffel bag.

    • I will get to watch this weeks show live for once. I normally work 8 PM until 8 AM Wednesday through Saturday. I’m on vacation this week. Yay!!!!!!

      • Happy for you Lynne. Thursday will be one of the highlights for me when that b**ch gets booted.

      • Jezebel, be back to work at 10:30 Friday night. I’m sure your customers miss you. So sad we won’t see you in the jury house, but we look forward to seeing your “Snapped” episode.

      • I wouldn’t be surprised to find out there was a sex tape or two of Jessica out there. Some of her customers might be a little camera friendly and she seems to have no problem doing any under cover work on TV.

      • And that might be profitable for Jezebel. :(
        You know, WW, I just read about this stuff every season, I don’t have feeds. But I am still shocked that these people are so openly sexual for people to view them on feeds. Then there are people like Elena, who might or might not be having sex, but she is such a teasing tart that she is disgusting, imo. I understand that modern day times have changed, but does the moral compass have to be so low to be modern day? Rant over…..

      • i can understand her teasing and innocent flirting better than the actual act Jess and Cody are doing.

      • At least someone observes that they weren’t the only ones showing their affection for each other.

      • Actually nothing. Just making a brain wonder out loud due to her actions in the house with Cody.

      • You know Jess well enuff to call her a bitch? Really? Cuz what I was watching was game play & frustration.
        But maybe you saw something I didn’t. Cuz I don’t know any of the house guests personally & I watch what I comment about.

      • Last time I checked you didn’t have to know someone personally to call them a B****…

        It’s called observing Jessica’s behavior buttercup.

      • I though ‘buttercup’ was droopydeedee’s schtick ?? With all your wisdom can you look up another word to describe me?? Like you know me…. bhahahaha! Mob mentality. You would be one of Paul’s minions…. I’m betting on it!

        But seriously, I just don’t see how anyone can comment with ‘bitch’ without knowing the person. To me, it appears she’s dug herself into a hole & is frustrated with her own game play…. maybe regrets. But I just have an issue with ppl calling houseguests things that maybe they are not.
        I’m not a bad person. I’m not an angry person. Not at all. I’m just making comments trying keep the hateful comments out. That’s all…… for real!
        And altho you may not think mentioning ‘bitch’ as hateful as I do & you’re totally invited to print what you’d like I just wanted to mention that it really isn’t ness to call anyone that. I hope I’ve cleared the air & that you can comprehend where my mind is coming from. Maybe I’m the messed up one but I really just want to play nice……
        I’d be a pushover for sure on this game. I just want everyone to like everyone. Rose glasses & sometimes just stoned. But at least I can say that I care. About everyone…..even the ones that are going to dos this reply.
        The world is bad enuff we can & should try to be nice. So there’s a start. Ok?
        Peace out!
        Tink…… ✌🏻🎈🌈🦄

    • It won’t happen. Cody won’t let it happen because she will hanging onto him and kissing and hugging him till she leaves. The other HG’s won’t get the same treatment as her main squeeze.

      • Unlike Jess, I’m not high maintenance. Just her azz out the door will make me so happy! 🚪 😃 🎆

  4. Will be such a relief when Jessica goes,always in bed with Cody,got news for these two lovebirds,that’s not real life,in the real world you have to spend 98% of your time out of bed,they do not have a chance whatsoever,will be like two strangers colliding in the dark.

  5. After watching Cody and Jess for the last few weeks,you can best describe them as always “Dancing on the Edge”,not a good basis for a relationship or life in general,just not normal or very healthy.

    • They are talking about getting engaged and picking out names for their kids, but I have a feeling their political and world views are vastly different. Marine corps macho and Hollywood liberal usually is not a great mix.

  6. Will Jessica be booed? That’s the real question! Will this be a repeat of Christine Brecht? Or not as bad? I think there might be a little booing but some people seem to actually like her for some reason.

  7. I just wonder how long Jess will be out of the house before she looks back and realizes that she truly wasted her BB experience

  8. 6:33 PM BBT – Cody says once Jessica is gone he’ll be silent. Jessica says she’s worried about him, but Cody says he’ll be fine.
    11:25 PM BBT – Cody warns Jessica he’s going to be a lost puppy without her and not know what to do.
    Blerg…so tired of these two. I will be glad when they are split up. Interested to see what Cody will do. Hope he fights and doesn’t just stare angrily at the wall!

  9. Cody and Jessica are really dumb, if they had any shot at Jessica staying they needed to work with the other HG;s not fight with them….They sunk their own ship for sure….

  10. Remember when Jessica was lecturing Cody about how she has to explain his behavior to her friend, family and clients? Now Jessica engages in the same childish behavior. She is who she is. I haven;t forgotten the week Cody was HoH and how she and Cody were BOTH behaving. They both made this game very personal from the beginning. The house is right to evict them because they are not very nice people.

    They deserve each other.

    • I was wondering what she thinks the diffence is between the two of their behaviors. In fact she may be a little worse. She reacts to everything! They remind me of Amy’s Baking Company from Kitchen Nightmares. LOL If you guys aren’t familiar with it, google it. Lol

      • You’re repeating yourself. And I highly doubt that ‘new’ nickname will come about. It’s a completely different ‘reality’ show.

      • It’s astute humor honey, you will never get it, you always will be several pages behind sweetheart. Proof being you defending the two biggest foolish dummies inside the house. The commenter (Tink)don’t fall too far from the tree(Jody). “Repeat” that, because I’m sure you won’t catch that shade the first time.

      • Duh….. what?? Ummmm?? Huhhhh! Wha….??? I’m stumped?!
        Ummmm mg, darlinggggggg!
        I’m over this!
        So I suggest you do the same.
        Stupid nickname tho. Esp since your advising ppl to google some show that pretty much no one I know watches.
        But I like the idea you tried. Good for you!

      • Not as stupid as you honey. Not nearly. Tink-Tink. Catch that. Let met know how stupid that nickname is.

      • What if I told you I was named after a famous family member from the 1700’s??
        Thanks! I’ll take everything you say as incompetence with being creative. & now I’m blocking you……. cya….. weirdo!

    • All but 2 will get evicted. I’m not worried about who goes cuz it’s just filling time in my day to watch, read & comment to these discussions.
      But I’d prefer Raven go. Not Jess.
      I think it’ll be boring without them.
      The sheep will follow Jesus to the end of the cliff & fall off.
      Jesus & the old guy will battle it out.

  11. I didn’t realize Raven had fake hair. Its a good job unlike Jessica’s which is so obvious. Makes me wonder how many woman on the show have fake hair. Plus does production tell them to get stuff like that done. In reality most woman have real hair except of some that have medical and biological reasons that prevent them from growing hair.

    • Raven’s fake hair is atrocious and you can tell it’s fake. If you look at the hair length, around her shoulders, you can clearly see where the real hair stops and the extensions continue. Her and Prncess Butthole are the only 2 with fake hair, the rest have real hair. Thank goodness, they look so much better with real hair, but most women do.

      • Correcta-mundo. She has clip ins and she also has the more permanent kind that a stylist has to put on in a Salon. She should have those taken out because they are really ruining her hair, what little she has of it. She needs to stick with the clip in’s. What she should ideally do is get her hair cut into a chic bob and lose all of the extensions.

      • Are you a certified hair stylist? Hmmmm? Just asking. And you’ve felt her hair to diagnosis what she needs. Eh? Huh? Ya!

      • LOL, yes as a matter of fact I am a stylist, with a working license. Beat it!

      • Actually they can’t. You have to go to school and get so many hours before you qualify to take the Beauticians License test. Yes, It’s called a license, you have to test for it. Anyone can get a certificate, you have it backwards.

      • And you people think Jess & Cody are nasty cuz they mention the word “fat” while discussing Josh’s body type?
        Now you mention her bald spots? Maybe it’s stress related to comments like this?
        Have you read up on her childhood? Could be caused by that. But go ahead & unleash your nasty comments about hair extensions, thinning hair & baldness.

        Good for you!
        Now I see how Trump hot in….. 🇨🇦 Thank goodness! Whew!

      • Give it a rest. This is the comment section where people air their opinions, not yours. You want to be the hall monitor, go to Readers Digest.

      • Nahhhh don’t want to. I’m just as privledged to comment as you are.
        And no! Stop telling me & others to go away…. I’m a big girl & can handle the nastiness of ppl like you. I just don’t get why your negative nancy has to pop out.
        I’m just saying do you have to always comment on people’s flaws or how they behave in a house that is confined. With not much to do??
        That’s all

      • What ar those tiny white things in Jessica’s scalp in the back? I keep hoping they’d leave the camera there long enough for me to figure it out.

      • Oh ok. That sure is what I’m seeing. Damn the heffer must be nearly bald because even the extensions are thin. Its like they’re hooked to nothing! Lol

      • Right and they are the worst kind of extensions she could be using, considering the kind of hair she has, very fine and the fact that she doesn’t have much of it to begin with makes it all that much worse.

      • Yup the only real thing we’ve seen of her so far is her personality and it’s not pretty!

      • On Jessica’s Instagram someone called her on them telling her that they were tired of looking at her bald-assed head.

      • Seriously? It’s come down to digs on hair extensions?? Wow!
        You’re just one negative nasty nancy, eh? Not much else to discuss?
        Like game play?
        But you must just be here to do as much damage to the underdogs as possible.

        Yes, I forgot to mention. IMHO……

      • Does she, I’ve never seen her put them in. Her hair is a mess too! LOL

  12. I can’t believe that fight from yesterday! Paul is the biggest hypocrite. He was grilling Mark to as why he didn’t say anything meanwhile HE was there himself and just watched! Geez! The ego on this guy! also didn’t he call Josh a blob the first night when Josh won HOH? ” yeah i’m sleeping next to this blob” and then he gets mad that Jody made personal attacks calling him fat? whoaaa this guy needs help!

  13. Josh thinks this is bad…wait until ZingBot comes out and starts making personal attacks “ohhh Jossshhhh…you keep calling everybody meatballssssss is it because you are shaped like one? zingggggg zingggggg” I can’t wait for his reaction

  14. Not sure I believe Kevin when he says he’s done with Cody but I hope it’s true. They all need to be done with Cody and get him out ASAP.

  15. PTSD is a disorder not a disease. It is something with the brain. Cody may have it or may not. I am not a Doctor! It maybe Jessica calms him down. He could not be aware what he is doing. PTSD can happen at anytime.

      • This is what I think, he’s a jackhole who doesn’t know how to interact with the human race.

      • I just think he’s too full of himself. He came into the house with the notion of running the place and winning while knocking the “nerds” and “victim noises” out. When Paul came in, he saw a threat, and instead of planning how to get him out strategically, he just threw a huge punch that missed. (ok, it hit, but Paul got to wear a helmet and was saved) This screwed his plan up. He didn’t have a backup plan because guys like Cody don’t think they are going to fail or need to change it up.
        So he pouted like a 5 year old, grabbed his pretty girl, and hid away in his cave.

      • He strategically tried to backdoor Paul knowing viewers and house guest normally hate returning players. But this cast of dummies loved Paul the second he stepped in the door. There is no logical reason to believe they would want to keep the 2nd place winner who was robbed of 1st place.

      • Strategically? No strategically would have been discussing it with your alliance and getting people on board.
        Just standing up and saying Paul you are on the block is not strategic. That’s why he fails at this game.

      • For sure the cast are a bunch of dumba$$es, but not telling your alliance you are about to do something like that in the first week is dumb in it’s own right.
        If he has ANY sense of social skills, he could have repaired relationships and got a few back on his side. But he instead chose to pout like a little baby and made it worse. that made it even easier for Paul to manipulate the whole house.

    • Mental health is one big conundrum. There are so many people in the world with it. A vsstness that probably has just hit the tip.
      I myself struggle with depression. I had 4 major surgeries in 5 years & ended up super depressed! My life isn’t the same. I used to be an extremely active 50 some year old & now I have to recreate things I like to do equivilant to my old life…… it’s freaking hard. Everyday is not the same. Some days I can’t even get out of the bedroom. But my husband has been great….. we even laugh at something Dr Phil said to one of the guests that had/has depression;
      “If you’ve been able to brush your teeth then you’ve done something & can call it a ‘good day’!”
      I haven’t brushed my teeth yet….. But I’m going to after I send this…..

      So people please don’t be so quick to judge. Cody has been an ass moves& I agree Jess has had some moments herself. But so has Raven & Josh & who’d really else.
      I like to see how you behave with mob mentality. And yes, it appears they are frustrated cuz no one wants to get Paul out. Their game seems different from others. Maybe it’s hard for them to de-personalize the comments & behavior of others.
      Omg! I know the world isn’t like that! But I keep those colourful glasses real close!

      To those I’ve offended I apologize. To those I’ve agreed with I’m happy we see the same things…. and yes people you can post what you want. But let’s keep it to gameplay like the outline of using this site suggests….!?

      What you see is your truth. Go for it!

      • I agree! Mental and physical limitations needs to be address and not attacked. We need to be sensitive to the person in need.

  16. Cody’s aggressive behavior is ruining the show. If it’s ptsd, then by all means get him help, please.

    • I have a strong feeling that Cody was an azz before he signed up and still is an azz and ain’t gonna change

      • PTSD can happen to anyone. It is not a sign of weakness. A number of factors can increase the chance that someone will have PTSD, many of which are not under that person’s control. For example, having a very intense or long-lasting traumatic event or getting injured during the event can make it more likely that a person will develop PTSD. PTSD is also more common after certain types of trauma, like combat and sexual assault.
        Personal factors, like previous traumatic exposure, age, and gender, can affect whether or not a person will develop PTSD. What happens after the traumatic event is also important. Stress can make PTSD more likely, while social support can make it less likely.
        What are the symptoms of PTSD?

        PTSD symptoms usually start soon after the traumatic event, but they may not appear until months or years later. They also may come and go over many years. If the symptoms last longer than four weeks, cause you great distress, or interfere with your work or home life, you might have PTSD.

      • If you can read then you’ll understand that if he does have PTSD it’s more than likely affecting Cody in the house. Frustration can bring out several different things in people. I’m def not a dr or have PTSD myself but I do know people with PTSD & I think you more than likely haven’t much knowledge of what it can do to a person.
        You think anyone wants to react like that??
        Maybe you have no sympathy for people with struggles…. maybe this will affect you or someone close to you one day. Hoping it doesn’t but it’s not made up.
        It’s real!
        So what if I copied & pasted….. I’m not an expert as I mentioned. Of course it’s going to be copied & pasted.
        That’s all!
        Toddle-do darling!

      • No you’re not an expert. IF he has PTSD he should not be on BB. and you are making assumptions simply because he’s a vet. He’s not a nice person end of story

      • So you’re saying ppl with mental health issues shouldn’t be on TV of just BB?
        That’s discrimination my dear….. not cewl!

      • Nah….. I didn’t make that up….. but thank you very much for the credit!
        I thought everyone knew that cewl word. I was trying to be cool but duh…. maybe I’m not as cool as people think I am? I’m prob not. But at least I’m a nice person. And I don’t have anything negative to say to the challenges people struggle with. Take a walk in their shoes!
        There is no rational for keeping a disabled person out of a reality or any other show. Disabled or challenging people are all around you. Maybe pay attention one day to the struggles some people have. I imagine you may have struggles too but for real….. people with disabilities are worthy of everything that a non-challenged person has or does. It might not look the same but so what?
        Don’t even bother to comment if you think they don’t. I’ll def flag you as prejudice. Then maybe block you….. I have t decided yet….

      • I don’t think Cody has disability. Do you have feeds? I watch him,he’s normal to me. Very, very normal.

      • I Watch the feeds. I see what goes on. I’m aware of his actions.

        Funny thing about disabilities; sometimes you can’t see them. Not all are visual.

        PTSD is a disability. It can disable a person from functioning, reacting & in general it can put that person in a depressive state.

        I honestly think that if you read up on PTSD you’d see that he does display some of the things mentioned.

        I’m by no means an authority on this topic.

        I’d like to know what your interpretation of what “normal” is?

      • Listen to yourself, you are actually advocating that someone with mental health issues lock themselves up for the summer in a house with strangers who do not have their best interests at heart. You’ve just lost all credibility

      • Ahhhhh another discriminating person attacks!
        I see no issue with a person with a disability doing ANYTHING & that includes BB
        I am advocating for people WITH disabilities. I do that for a living. Someone has to speak up for others that don’t have a voice!
        Shame shame on all of you that think disabled people shouldn’t be treated the same.
        So what if he’s in a house with strangers….. I bet there’s also someone there to talk things out with if he REALLY HAS PTSD.
        you’re all haters & will never understand.
        At least I don’t HATE Paul. I just don’t want him to win
        I don’t personally know this cast like you do, I guess??!
        I’m just filling time when I read, react or post.
        That’s all.

      • A post like that needs a reply as perceptive
        ‘Cause the players gonna play, play, play, play, play
        And the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate
        Baby, I’m just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake
        I shake it off, I shake it off’

      • Well you’re doing a horrible job “advocating” disabilities but a great job at advocating an a$$hole.

      • I don’t make assumptions about anyone’s disability.

        I know we have vets in Canada but I don’t know any personally.

        I know I certainly don’t have the authority to make thE call that his has PTSD. I DO, however, know people that were not on our military that do have PTSD & I don’t wish that on anyone.

      • He could be normal just an an a*s hole and a douche bag. or with PTSD, so he would be AHDB PTSD ha!…just kidding

      • Ok gotcha! Lol
        I’m not sure why BB would put someone without much of a personality in the house. Especially a marine cuz my opinion is that America loves their military, Air Force, etc.
        It’s hard to root for him cuz he’s not involving himself much in the social dept, but he’s not the 1st one to turn out less than production may have predicted.

        I think superfans should have a hand in selecting houseguests. Being that next year will be number 20 it would be a surprising twist. There’s got to be something different to commemorate BB 20.
        Maybe return the game to what it was to begin with. Or announce the twists that they are going to do so it doesn’t appear to some that it’s fixed.

        Or have the fans vote out who’s on the block. I think they do that somewhere if I recall.??

        But I’m still rooting for that marine even if it looks grim right now. I think he’ll perk up socially. He just has to……

      • For real? Cuz I think he could use a hand. Really. I’m sure he’s a nice guy but he does appear to have social issues. I’ll give you that. But I just think confinement might not be for everyone. Hard to be strong mentally Day after day after day. It’s like Groundhog Day. Lol

      • LOL…… Good thing, can you imagine what he’s going to be like when he’s not “getting help” from Jessica wink wink nudge nudge

    • Please just like I posted before…
      The problem is, Josh runs his mouth and start sh** and then when someone yells at him he cries!
      Mark nailed it to Paul on every point in this argument. Paul is just going in circles now because he knows he has been exposed! Just wait until Mark finds out Paul orchestrated the attack on him. Now Paul is saying Josh is the victim?! WTF Paul is a lier…he first blamed Mark for not saying anything to Cody while he was standing right there. Then he went on telling Josh how Mark didn’t defend him. Wow Paul. I just can’t keep up with where he stands on bullying because last week he had a hand in bullying and that’s funny, that’s the game. But this week you don’t like bullying? I watched the clip of the argument and you were standing there, why didn’t you say anything then? Listen, I don’t agree with some of the things Cody said, but he would not have said anything IF Josh just left them alone…it’s not all on Cody, Josh is definitely not innocent or a victim in this…

      • I think your comment is excellent.
        He said things, she said things, they all said things….. but being outright nasty isn’t cool. Paul did seethe whole thing & good on Mark for commenting.
        I’d like to see Mark go far…… I think he’s a good guy.

      • Princess Butthole started this fiasco all by herself, Tuesday. Remember earlier this week that Josh tried to be kind to her and get her off the block.

      • Like she knew that
        He’s been a crybaby victim bully all season, why would she think he changed!

  17. Wouldn’t it be nice this week when Julie will say “Jessica, you’ve been eliminated, get your belongings and go out…” and she would grab Cody with her on her way out!!! I think Julie would be speechless.

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