Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Week 8: Wednesday Highlights

It was eviction eve in the Big Brother 19 house and Mark continued to work on sticking around this week, but he kept running into dead ends. It seems the only think Mark achieved by campaigning was making the target on Kevin’s back larger. But that’s only because Paul and Alex have been looking for reasons.

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Big Brother 19 Live Feed Highlights – Wednesday, August 23, 2017:

10:06 AM BBT – HGs getting wakeup call. Time to start the day.

10:55 AM BBT – People speculating if there’s a live show today since the DR is calling people in early.

12:21 PM BBT – Paul tells Matthew and Raven that Mark was campaigning to Alex and Jason but they told him they don’t trust him. Paul tells them that Alex hates Kevin so don’t worry about targeting Kevin if they win HOH.

12:25 PM BBT – Matthew says if Jason or Alex win HOH and get Kevin out then one of them can’t win HOH next week. Paul says that’s perfect but they still want to try to beat them in HOH so they can get Jason out. Paul also reminds Matthew and Raven not to go for a temptation apple. He says it’s too risky.

12:29 PM BBT – Raven still thinks Kevin is the one who hid her bracelet.

12:46 PM BBT – Paul and Christmas trash Raven. Christmas says she’s stupid but Paul says it’s an act.

12:47 PM BBT – Paul suggests they can try to get Alex with them if Matthew and Raven take Jason out.

12:50 PM BBT – Paul complains to Jason about Raven calling him fat and calling Alex her mom. Jason doesn’t understand her either.

1:20 PM BBT – Christmas mentioned the nerves in her foot have been hurting worse since she got her cast off.

1:40 PM BBT – Paul is retelling stories from last season.

2:00 PM BBT – Houseguests hanging around talking about tattoos.

3:00 PM BBT – Alex, Jason, and Paul complain about Raven and Matthew. They don’t like how they’re always hanging out in the HoH room or napping up there even though they have their own beds.

3:05 PM BBT – Jason says Raven is getting a pass on things because no one wants to look insensitive while going after her.

3:10 PM BBT – Group discussion continues as they question if she’s really sick. Kevin points out Raven doesn’t even know how to say arthritis but says she has it. Jason says he’s going to punch her if she’s been lying about all this.

3:10 PM BBT – Matthew and Raven discuss how they want to see Jason go next week. They think Alex and Jason are distracted right now and getting too confident.

3:40 PM BBT – HGs hanging around and chatting.

4:30 PM BBT – Mark says he doesn’t expect Josh to have any chance if he makes F2.

4:30 PM BBT – Josh is upset at Mark. Christmas says Mark is just trying to get a reaction out of them.

4:35 PM BBT – Christmas tells Josh she’s still ready to evict Mark if there’s a tie from Alex and Jason flipping. Josh wants to get HoH to go after Alex and Jason, but isn’t sure if it’s too early for that. Christmas suggests they could get Alex on their side if Jason goes. Christmas wants Jason then Matt and Alex out.

4:40 PM BBT – Josh and Christmas are practicing days and events.

4:55 PM BBT – Mark says the old BB5 Horsemen alliance is what made him what to be on Big Brother.

5:40 PM BBT – Paul and Mark are arguing about Cody and why Mark keeps defending him.

6:10 PM BBT – Group continues to argue about Cody. Alex still complains about him eating her cereal.

6:35 PM BBT – Paul and company see Kevin talking to Mark and think something shady is going on.

6:45 PM BBT – Christmas asks Kevin what Mark campaigned to him. Kevin says nothing and he told him he would go with whatever Jason and Alex decided. Kevin says he doesn’t think Mark is even campaigning anymore. Paul says then why is he starting drama.

6:57 PM BBT – Jason says he can’t wait to see what Raven does when Matthew is evicted. Kevin thinks she’ll latch onto Paul.

7:08 PM BBT – Kevin is upset Paul and Christmas and Alex are acting weird with him and suspecting him of wanting to keep Mark. Jason tells him not to worry.

7:15 PM BBT – Mark and Paul play chess and no one thinks anything shady is going on.

7:26 PM BBT – Kevin tells Jason he doesn’t understand why anyone is doubting him. He said he agreed to the four and would never vote against him, Paul or Alex.

7:30 PM BBT – Paul telling Mark he doesn’t want him being blind to Cody who was taking advantage of him. Paul says Cody doesn’t deserve his kindness.

7:39 PM BBT – Kevin tells Alex that he never promised his vote to Mark.

8:05 PM BBT – Alex tells Matthew that Kevin asked if they were voting him (Matthew) out this week. Josh says that’s Kevin subtly campaigning for Mark.

8:30 PM BBT – Alex says Kevin can’t be trusted anymore (note: she never has trusted him). Alex says Derrick called him “Kev” when he was in the house and says only someone who knows him would call him that.

9:38 PM BBT – Raven camtalks about her illness. She says she doesn’t want to be a Debbie Downer about it though.

9:55 PM BBT – Jason telling HGs about his bull riding days and about raising bulls.

10:00 PM BBT – Paul talks about past HGs, mostly BB18, and what they’re up to these days. He says not everyone had a good time and some don’t want to be reminded of the show.

10:20 PM BBT – Josh reveals he was a semi-finalist on another show, but didn’t want to miss getting to be on Big Brother.

10:35 PM BBT – Paul and Josh already looking ahead to who might get to be on The Bold & The Beautiful this year.

11:30 PM BBT – HGs hanging around discussing movies and general chatter.

11:45 PM BBT – Christmas was crying alone in the HoH room. She’s a little overwhelmed by everything right now.

12:10 AM BBT – Mark asks Alex and Jason to not send Matthew and Raven next week so he can have some rest.

12:20 AM BBT – Mark gave another pitch to Alex and Jason for keeping him. Alex tells him it was a good effort.

12:40 AM BBT – Josh stops by the HoH room. They talk about if Jason should go next before Matthew.

1:00 AM BBT – Christmas is feeling upset again. Josh is comforting her and tells Christmas she’s doing really well in the game.

1:10 AM BBT – Christmas says they need to get Jason out next so they can have Alex for their side. Josh wants to work with Paul and Raven to get them along in the game.

1:15 AM BBT – Josh says he’s worried about either Matthew or Raven winning HoH. They don’t trust the two of them. Christmas wants to try and BD Jason, but Josh says they need to just go for him.

1:25 AM BBT – Josh and Christmas hope there is a tie on Thursday so Matthew would be mad then go after Jason and Alex for them.

1:45 AM BBT – Lights are out and HGs are off to sleep.

Mark didn’t give up on Wednesday and continued to pitch a way for him to stay. It won’t work though and he’ll be the next to go. The rest of the HGs better get ready for the endurance competition coming up!

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  1. “Paul suggests they can try to get Alex with them if Matthew and Raven take Jason out.”

    Plant seeds with everyone about Jason. Take away Alexs number one ally and set up a feud between Raven, Matt and Jason. The house is still thinking about evicting Mark and he’s already setting up next week. One step ahead.

    • And that’s why it’s unfair to have a ” vet” in house!!!!
      admittedly the players are playing ” dumb” doesn’t help but this only makes it worse!!

      • right, put James back in the game instead of Paul and he’d have spent the summer trolling for a gf and hiding behind couches.

      • There was no playing the game for James BB18 cause of his fawning over Natalie and a faux showmance..His actions were pathetic as it was plain that Natalie was using him to stay in the game…She jumped from man to man till dumbass James took the bait…Lessons learned $ 500,000 too late..

      • If they had watched one season of BB, Survivor, then they should know to plan several scenarios and several moves ahead.

        They don’t want to put the effort into the game(Matt), so they let Paul do the dirty work . This way if they are dragged to the alter, they can claim “Paul did it, not me. Paul, Paul, Paul….”

        This also the problem with some viewers blaming Paul for others apathetic, lazy game.

      • What is truly fascinating is how Jessica, Christmas, Raven, all hooked up with a guy in the game. Christmas with Paul (although not a showmance), but they all say yes sir, yes sir, three bags full to the guys. Unlike Alex (snake), at least she is her own woman.

      • They are all floaters with the exception of Cody, Jessica and Paul. Whether you like them is irrelevant but, they were the only ones playing.
        Everyone else wants a paid vacation which is why everyone wants to just get to jury. If that is the case, they should give the 2nd place prize of $50,000 to the winner as well! They sure as hell have not earned it!
        All they want is to collect their weekly stipend so, why even be there? There are hundreds of applicants who wanted to be on Big Brother and all they can pick are these losers who won’t do a damn thing? For the past couple of seasons now, Big Brother keeps casting the same type of do nothing house guests! Why can Survivor cast people who really want to play but, Big Brother cannot? It is beyond stupid!

      • I hope CBS & Julie read our blogs….glad you said it; and sick of return contestants who have the “edge” over others.

      • True. But look like Dominique tried to play but was outwitted. Ramses also wanted to take his destiny to his own hands and became a scapegoat for having not being loyal.
        So I will consider Dominique and Ramses as HGs who probably attempted/tried to play.

      • Dominique was undoubtedly very smart but when she started preaching the bible, she turned a lot of people off. That would turn you off whether or not you are in the BB house.

      • Cody and Jessica may have been playing something, but it sure wasn’t Big Brother!

        Let’s not pretend that the two of them (Cody and Jessica) are in anyway shape or form, in a league with Paul when it comes to playing this game.

      • Because Survivor doesn,t have Grodner as an executive producer,JEFF PROBST is a much better producer than AG who seems to like lazy game players for BB

      • Let’s face it, BB is not Survivor and vice versa. If BB cast Survivor-type contestants, they might have to beef up the security in the house.

      • CBS/Big Brother will continue to cast lazy houseguests because they know that no matter how much we complain, we will be still watching year after year.

      • I understand what you are saying. I have watched both Big Brother and Survivor for years and you are so right. Survivor seems to want fans that have seen Survivor and will really fight. The last several seasons BB group seems to be people that either have never watched BB or have only seen a few or parts of a season. Kevin doesn’t even know what is going to happen. He doesn’t even know about Zingbot. I don’t know how any one that has seen BB can forget Zingbot. I love Zingbot.

      • Is paul seen talking game plans with Matt and Raven? I’m not on feeds so don’t know.
        From the network programs, seems like paul is into Jingle Bells ear with Josh on the side since it’s her week. And he was in Alex’s ear and some Jason when it was Al’s last week.

      • Why of course he’s in everyone’s ear. He is working with all 3 couples right now. That’s our boy.

      • It has zero to do with being a vet!

        It has to do with strategic thinking and manipulation. Give the man his due! Paul is playing a masterful game.

      • TOTALLY AGREE…and what a big “edge” he has in doing comps that he’s already done! Stop bringing prior contestants back, CBS!!

    • paul even said that last year he had not even thought of anything the week ahead let alone towards the end. That’s why he’s so much into the planning and finagling of other HGs and what they should and shouldn’t say, do, think, poop, and breathe.

  2. Kevin talks to Mark=he’s being shady.
    Paul talks to Mark=no problem.

    Why aren’t the rest of the HGs allowed to be at least a little civil with someone they know is getting evicted? You don’t have to completely isolate and shun them. Damn these people are just mean and spiteful for no reason.

    • It’s because of raggedy ass Paul. Whenever he has a target, nobody is allowed to talk to that person. You need to shun them or you become the next target. Also let’s not forget that these players this season, including Paul, has some of the worst jury management ever. They like to shun and ignore the people about to get evicted and they like to pick fights with them.

    • Reason is overriding influence by some HG over others. The influentials use that as a strategy to keep themselves secured, cover their ploys and advance their goals while shading the others for easy target after. Not fair, but it is the game. It’s up to the players who ought to have stand their ground but allow themselves to be used as stooge

    • Christmas and josh are talking to mark. They are not shady…its because of kevin. they don’t trust him.

      • Wth? Why an ALL ATAR?
        Aren’t you sick of returning rejects? Rejects meaning HG that win the next season?
        I’m over it!

      • if they do have all star or returning vets, ditch all the existing comps and start with everything new.

    • I’m sure your threats of not watching anymore will cause production to find a way to keep him lol. Some people are so childish! People are threatening not to watch all season. Marks going home so you don’t even have to watch the live eviction tonight! What a bunch of whining crybabies this season!

      • That’s how I feel. Everyday someone is whining or boo-hooing that they’re never watching again if so and so wins or doesn’t win or is eliminated or not. Nobody is forcing anyone to watch these reality game shows and everyday there are the crybabies stating they will no longer watch. They sound worse than my seven year old grandson.

  3. What is the problem with viewers voting to evict nominated HGs. I know viewers getting to suspect possible rigging by production will be a flaw. But are there really other problems associated by such? Maybe I’m kind of use to public vote. But I’m enjoying the season though.

  4. So the writer says a ” endurance” comp is coming up!! How does he know this?
    More importantly why didn’t the have a ” endurance” comp for the last hoh competition? I guess they wanted to help out ” poor injured x-mas “!!!
    Nothing like good ole cCBS helping out certain people!!

    • Don’t worry. Christmas is so up Paul’s ass they would have to dig her out to find her! Like she is in danger even if she does not play for HOH? It doesn’t really matter at this point. Minions, Raven, Matthew vs Alex, Jason. That is the scenario of Paul and Josh, Christmas, Kevin will just watch and wait to see who wins HOH. The winner of the HOH, gets to put the other couple in the hot seat. Isn’t that exciting? LOL

      • Maybe they could get Jessica back to dig up Paul’s ass for 12/25. Isn’t that her specialty?

      • Paul will continue to ‘throw’ the comps. He’s a smart player..playing under the radar. He will become HOH when he feels he needs to.

    • Endurance comp should favor Alex. Hopefully keeps Paul from targeting Jason. Maybe go after Matt and Raven instead. Would be a good week if so.

  5. Cody isn’t even in the game and Paul is trying to get people to avoid him, alienate him WTF clearly he had no influence in the house why would Paul think he could sway the jury. That right there is why I can’t stand Paul. Nuff said.

    • because Paul is scared of Cody. Let’s face it, he is scared of everyone playing. That is why the isolation of the outgoing players.

      This is SOOO boring. Remember back in the good old days when there were a bunch of alliances, everyone played to WIN and very seldom did the whole house all vote one person out. Back then, there was drama and excitement. And NO return players!!

      • LOL… Paul scared of Cody? Yeah, I don’t really think so. Remember it was Cody who got scared of a vet player and went directly after Paul (when all of his alliance liked Paul, mind you).

        If you mean Paul was scared of Cody physically… Don’t forget Paul has some Amateur MMA training along with martial arts training. Just because Cody was in the Marines doesn’t mean Paul couldn’t take him in a fight.

      • Instead of watching this season’s episodes I have decided to go back and watch the old episodes, I watched season 8 with Evel Dick, now watching season 7 All Stars….so much better than the last 3 years no isolation and everyone is playing “the game” not isolating for personal reasons and personal attacks….well maybe Evel personally attacked but the whole house took it so well and almost expected it.

    • The rivalry between Cody and Paul is beyond game and more of personal. Yet some point fingers at Cody as taking things personal.
      Paul always go against anything Cody even if it’s not game related.

      • That’s because Cody came in to the BB game with a preconceived dislike of Paul. When he nominated him for eviction he even said it was because he didn’t like Paul. Cody made it personal..not Paul

      • No, I disagree. Paul made it personal when he attacked Cody about whether or not he really had a kid, and if he really was a marine. THAT made it personal. But also, Paul knew Cody was a force to be reckoned with and tried to get him out, and succeeded.

    • True. And now lil man is starting to think about the jury house. He’s afraid Cody will be able to convince them not to vote for him when they get in the jury house. I hope Cody is able to do exactly that.

      • Oh yes. I think I remember that. I think it probably has something to do with if he makes it to F2 then that jus shows how dumb the rest of them are. He might have a point there.

      • Well it’s left to be seen if he still feels the same way considering the way his last few days in the house went

      • Who do you think Cody would vote for instead? Raven, Matt, Josh, Xmas? The only other person Cody had ever showed respect for was Alex. If either of those make F2, they’ll get his vote. Otherwise, he is admitting that he got beat by an ‘idiot’ so what does that make him, lol?

      • I’m not sure he might care about looking like an idiot at this point. I can’t speak for him, but he seems to not really care too much about what other ppl think.

      • I’m not convinced he cared by the time he left the house. Technically, anyone left in the house after him already beat him.

      • Historically, Juries vote for the best gamer. Fans however, (if they could vote) would vote based on their emotions.

      • True. They’re probably reminded of that in the jury house as well. But I don’t know if historically they’ve had a Paul and Cody situation with the same intensity. I haven’t watched all seasons tho, so I may be way off.

      • That’s because Cody will show them all that they were fools for letting Paul get as far as he has.

  6. I think Xmas is joining the crazy club with Raven. Her speech to Alex after she picked Raven to play in the veto was incoherent at best. It made no sense and went on too long. Next she’s having panic attacks during the Veto comp. Now she’s crying in the HoH. Is this what she’s really like or is it time to taper off those pills?

      • well, if she thinks she’s getting to F2, things are going to get harder in the next few weeks so she better get a grip on herself soon

      • she is trying to suppress that mean girl, testosterone side of her that she knows so well.

      • mornin’ alf,
        i’m thinking she just said when she was trying out for bb, they told her she acts like a man and cody even said she thinks she’s a man. paul told her to roll it back too. sure, feminism is a thing but xmas is conflicted with her beast side.

      • You’re a deep well. Women exploring their Masculinity is a subject that doesn’t often come up. Most mainstream talk is about the feminine side.

      • the feminine side is a wonderful thing to be graced with and xmas is a pretty woman. however when women step a little too far into somethings, people react viscerally. the genders aren’t evolved that much, quite yet.
        I don’t know, i’m tired from painting (a mans job)? I come from a long line of women painters in my family though.

      • What’s that saying — in similar situations men are considered assertive, women are aggressive: men are strong leaders, women are bossy. Not surprised that Cody would react negatively to someone like Xmas. She’s built her own successful career, is confident, strong; that can be threatening to someone who has perhaps not been as successful in his recent life.

      • Interesting. I know a handful of female truck drivers more competent than most and probably dealing with those issues The world hasn’t evolved or caught up to them yet. A strong masculine Women such as Christmas scares the bejebus out of most.

      • that’s it for xams, that is what they are making her wrestle with and as a sign that she better be careful how she uses power.

      • It would have been interesting to have seen Xmas play the game without the injury, see how differently she might have played.She has had to hold herself back because she couldn’t rely on winning comps to protect herself. She’s had to adapt her game play as a result and you’re right, its not her style to be reticent and rely on others so much as she’s had to.

    • I said in a few post that CHRISTMAS is nutty…Her off the wall rants and comments would indicate she has issues…I DON’T BELIEVE IT THE MEDS…BB would not give her hard drugs or allow her to stay on the show if she needed them…

      • Pretty sure she would have been on a narcotic for pain after the surgery and she did talk about her ‘nerve’ pills. Both can make you loopy. She is weird though. I don’t remember the weirdness before the injury but the focus was really on Jody/Paul so maybe she wasn’t getting air time then. Certainly noticing it now.

      • possibly but they would not have allowed her to have something that made her groggy or knocked her out..had/has to be low dose..She has had no issues with being sleepy or maybe slow in her normal days in the house…Guess they can supply meds to surpress the pain but won’t put her out..

      • Christmas before the injury was seek and destroy. I thought she was highly aggressive and arrogant and extremely confident in her abilities….. but that’s coming from a semi evolved male perspective.

      • Yes! She probably would have been voted out! But since her injury, she had to take a giant step back and heal. The badass became vulnerable, but slowly she is heading back in the direction of her true self.

      • little yeah she would have been on them right after the injury on her foot because the pain would be so bad that she couldnt stand it! And they make you loopier then sin! I have been on major pain killers and it made me see five of people and stuff like that!

      • I wish I could feed the world….nobody comes into my house that they are not offered food and or drink…I supply drinks to plumbers electricians painters social workers CNTS just everybody and if I’m cooking they get a plate… just my way I reckon..

      • ok, that’s it. I’ll wrap the roller and brush and go to the kitchen to make a cheese omelets and sausage! you happy now?
        all my best regards to your brother! is that sweet tea?

      • lmao….yes it is sweet tea….u ever in Tennessee u let me know and I will be happy to invite u to my house for supper…

      • Everyone I know seems to love soup. I mean, I like soup too, but give me a good stew any day! Heck, I could live on Beef Stew, lol.

        That Hamburger Stew looks delicious, by the way!

      • I cook all kinds of soups and stews..I made the HB Stew at the request of my neice…my 1st time to make it…turned out well..cooked it in a 12 gallon stock pot and as of now I have maybe a quart left…Its like feeding vultures at my house..they devour food..

      • That sounds like my mom’s house when I was a kid, lol. My dad and I could go through some soup/stew!

        I’ve been meaning to make some Hearty Halloween Stew again, and your picture has inspired me to go ahead and do it.

        Its got hamburger, veggies (corn, potatoes, green peas, carrots) and a few other odds and ends like onion, tomato, thyme, and some Jalapeno peppers for the heat.

        I remember when my dad and I first made that. I was a kid, and the recipe only called for 1 or 2 jalapenos. My dad didn’t think that was enough, so he got like 5 of them (didn’t bother to remove seeds) and then added some hot sauce. It was HOT! LOL

        We watered that sucker down and it was still hot. Now, I’ve grown to really like spicy food, so its time for me to try it again!

      • Hmmm Fried cucumbers. Sounds intriguing. Would they taste like fried zucchini slices in bread crumbs? MMmmmmmm Cornbread with lots of melty butter and honey. Ohhhh Meatloaf. Makes me miss my mom’s meatloaf.
        That’s quite a meal he (and you) have there. Yummy!!!

      • yep u can get recipe on internet…taste same as fried pickles…Cause they actually are what we get pickles from…lol…yep u can use bread crumbs but I use cracker crumbs so I have to use less salt..

      • Thanks. I got a bag of frozen breaded dill pickles to heat and eat sometime. Didn’t want to use oil cause of grease and calories so got an air fryer but haven’t used it yet.
        Will check the net for fried cucumbers!!! tx.

      • Did you make him put a shirt on to eat, lol? Looks good, I’d like to grab a fork and dig in, never had fried okra or cukes

      • yes I did…lol…oh fried okra is awesome…find someplace that serves fried pickles cucumbers cooked same fashion..

  7. Production 1: What do we put in our live show now that Cody and Jessica is gone? hmmmm.
    We can put Paul taking a crap, people might like to see that.

    Production 2: We can always cut to Paul sleeping. That has to be more entertaining than these morons.

    • YES! at first i thought they screwed up and aired an old episode but nope! They don’t have any interesting footage of the minons

  8. Why does Josh say he wants to get Raven farther along in the game one minute and then in the next breath he he doesn’t trust her?

    • Cos he’s Josh? Honestly, all of them are so all over the place it’s hard to keep track of who is who’s target. Paranoia is increasing and of course, Paul is feeding it LOL

      • They all change their minds with their moods in this house. What was Josh talking about having former reality tv experience? What show was he on?

    • Josh also creeped on Elena one moment, then the next talked about how untrustworthy she was.
      I’m starting to think he may be bipolar.

  9. They all suck and they all need a good kick in the pants. WTF makes these people tick, then again, I have heard the same thing said about me so what do I know.

  10. I’m both disgusted by & fascinated by Raven & Matthew. More disgusted than fascinated. They are both SO gross. Used condoms stuffed in their bedside drawer? At first I couldn’t understand how Matthew cannot see what everyone else is seeing re Raven, but he’s just as bizarre as she is. Has anyone heard him explain why he wears the same orange shirt every day?

    Bums me out that it sounds like everyone is plotting to drag Raven along to the finals. I get it, but she so doesn’t deserve it. Paul is definitely not making the same mistake he did last year, bringing along someone with potential to beat him.

  11. Xmas crying in her room. What in the world does she feel so overwhelmed about? It’s not like she put any thought into her HOH run.

      • I think a lot of it is that she actually likes Mark and knows he’s a good guy. She knows he is the house’s target, but she still feels bad for the guy, especially with him trying as hard as he can to stay. It seems to be breaking her heart to be honest.

      • Do you really think she’s broken up about it? I thought she sounded rather callous at the Veto ceremony when she told him, in front of everyone, she had listened to his pleas but nope, she was nominating him. If that were me and I was truly sorry about what I was doing, I would have of had a one on one to tell him I was nominating him and the reasons. Better jury management too.

      • I hear what you’re saying, but I think she was playing it up for the other HGs honestly. I understand the jury part, but I think she knows she is only risking 1 potential vote (Mark’s) the way she handled it.

        If she had honestly shown remorse about nominating him, she could have potentially lost all the other HGs votes. She does seem to be sad about it when its just her and Josh though.

      • Ah, but ask Paul about the importance of 1 vote. He probably still has nightmares about that, lol

      • True enough. However, I think back to the early days of this season though, and it was a crying Christmas who was consoled by Mark (at the expense of pissing off his very unlady-like gal Elena). Xmas doesn’t have romantic feelings or anything like that, but I think her heart does go out to Mark (which were his words about Xmas back then).

      • Just sayin I think she could have handled him better this week if that is the case. She doesn’t have to make a show of it in front of everyone but a few kind words one on one,or even in front of Josh, would go far. Probably won’t matter down the road cos I do believe her days are numbered too.

      • I understand what you’re saying, and I do agree she could have handled it a bit better for sure. As far as her days being numbered goes…

        This season of BB is finally about to start. Every HOH going forward is going to be very important. Paul seems to be wanting to throw the next HOH, and Josh isn’t going to win an Endurance comp (apparently the next HOH comp) unless something shocking happens.

        That means, Christmas definitely won’t be 100% safe. Then again, it seems like only Paul is in everyone’s plans to move forward with, so I’m not sure anyone is safe (I really don’t even think Paul is 100% safe).

        I’ll say one thing though… If I’m Paul, I sure wouldn’t throw the comp until I REALLY felt comfortable with the few people that were left fighting for the HOH.

      • I agree, that’s why I think she more than anyone is not safe. She has few opportunities to keep herself safe with an HoH win or Veto. The shots are going to start coming, she’s going to have duck a few to keep going.

      • you are giving Christmas way too much credit trying to imply that she even has a heart, the girl is completely NASTY…she has been so mean to Mark and others for that matter…..

      • **Slapping my own face** Sheesh, thank you Allie for that wake-up call! We all needed that because I think you are right. This woman is a competitor, a bit of a bad-ass in the real world. She’s got a big gun tattoo on the side of her hip, I mean come on, let’s not get all carried away with her tears, because I don’t think she’s that nice of a person either.

      • Christmas told josh how sweet Mark was in last nights episode as well. But, she has to evict him. It is upsetting her.

      • I don’t buy it either, Christmas being broke up about Mark. Nope, nada, nein, no way, no how.

      • I agree. I think she had time to think and she realizes the position she’s in. She prob didn’t intend to be one of Paul’s fools and is realizing too late that she got sucked in.

      • Yep, and as much as I was rooting for Paul last season (and still like him now)….

        If you would have told me when he first came into the house this season, that he would end up with this much control… I would have said you were crazy. I mean Paul played a great game last season, but he must have found some mind control powers in the past year, lol.

      • paul just recently said, in last night’s network episode 8/23, that last year at this time, he had not even thought of what was going on that week let alone anything in the next or future weeks.

        This season he is making amends for that and it seems like REALLY cracking the whip of planning and finagling and scheming and back-stabbing and telling everyone not to talk to any else, here not in the house and when they get to jury.

        paul has more than made up for not planning last year. Some ppl wrote that paul didn’t have much if any time before coming in the house so he could have hardly planned anything.

        B/ll Sh][t !!! He started planning last year on the way home from the studio after attaining second place !!!

        Don’t tell me he hasn’t thought anything about it (revenge).

      • That, and quite possibly she is in a lot of pain (foot). She went off her medication, and trying to wing it without it must be difficult.

    • lol i can’t stand her…she was so close with kevin and then she had to turn on him because of paul…another dumb one

  12. I know everyone seems to be on Mark’s case for his crying and ‘begging’ Jingle Bells and such to keep him.
    I would like to give him a BIG HUG to let him know somebody does care about him for something more than just his vote.

    • Mark was talking about how alone he felt in the game right now. I mean, the guy knew he was leaving tonight, so I think everyone in the house should have really gone out of their way to include him.

      I think as the week progressed, they did that to a degree because (at least on BBAD) it seemed like Mark was always around someone or at least he was being involved in chit chat and that sort of thing. Paul played chess with him a couple of times, and people played pool with him.

      I’m not sure how Mark will feel when the season ends, but I think he would be one of the HGs that a lot of the others would like to hang out with.

      One hopeful note… I really hope he doesn’t follow Elena around the Jury House like a puppy dog. The guy could do so much better, lol.

      • I believe hes over that….If she goes her way in the jury house and don’t hang on him all the better..

      • I definitely hope you are right! I think it would serve her right if Cody and Mark hung out and ignored her to be honest. It might make her think about how mean she was to Mark, but I doubt it.

        She would just accuse Mark of being a jerk and ignoring her. Still, that would be one of the best things that could happen for Mark. Something tells me that he will have a decent size “dating pool” to choose from when he gets home.

      • Marvin, I found my “Hot in Cleveland” serie, I got it all, it take about 12Gigs. So it will fit on one google drive. So send me an email at: I’ll send you the address of a google drive.

      • I think when he goes back out in the real world there are going to be scads of young ladies vying for his attention! I think he will do well, and see Elena in his back mirror, so to speak. Then she’ll want him, but it will be a little too late.

      • That’s the one consolation for Mark, there will be oodles of woman waiting and more than willing to throw themselves at him. I hope he takes advantage of it and enjoys himself.

    • I like Mark and have felt for some time he has been the BB punching bag. He has never been mean and vile to anyone but people seem to have no problem getting vicious with him, that includes HOlena. I hope he does’t fall back into fawning over her when he gets in jury house. I’m sure he will. The guy needs to buy a backbone and get it installed stat!

  13. I think Alex will win HOH. She seems the right physical shape fir endurance type contests.

    • Initially when BB started back in June she appeared to be in good shape but since her diet of Coke and sugary cereals, she has put on a few pounds. I don’t think she is in good shape anymore.

  14. Paul is working EVERYONE…and they can’t see it? GMAB!! I like Mark, what a compassionate sensitive “big guy” he is…and when troubled often reads his Bible (but yet not preaching to others). I’d love Christmas and Mark to get close. I’m impressed with Josh/Meatball…he’s really thinking! Kevin and Raven should go; Matt has been a good sport about going up on the block and should be in the last group to go. Alex has played hard and good at Comps…hopefully ends up in the finals.

    • They see it and they know it. Elena talked about it in her exit interview. They are all fully aware that Paul is running the show/game and are perfectly content with it, wherever it takes them in the game.

  15. I’d love Alex, Jason, Christmas, Josh & Mark (if still around) to secretly team up against Paul.
    Right now he thinks he’s “King / The Boss” and no one except Cody has tried to back door him or even put him on the block as a pawn. I don’t trust Kevin with any group…a blab’s!

  16. I think you all are being way too hard on Raven! I mean the poor girl has…..

    HAHAHAHA! I’m sorry, I thought I could BS my way through that but I just can’t do it!

  17. The HGs are all plotting to take out whomever Paul wants to go. He wants nuisance to stay, so they will keep her around a bit longer and probably all the way to the end.

  18. Mark’s pleading with everyone reminds me of a running joke on this one forum I was a part of. “If you have an idea for this thread name, let us know. We’ll pretend to consider it before ultimately using one we already came up with.”

  19. On bbad, Jason to Alex, after staring at her combing her hair says, “I think it’s something wrong with the bottom part of your hair!” HILARIOUS! He looked looked so concerned. (2:15mins)

  20. “7:15 PM BBT – Mark and Paul play chess and no one thinks anything shady is going on.”

    Of course, because Paul is the house boss and openly does as he pleases. The house flunkies might be too afraid to even think about asking why he is doing exactly what he insists they not do.

  21. “8:30 PM BBT – Alex says Kevin can’t be trusted anymore (note: she never has trusted him). Alex says Derrick called him “Kev” when he was in the house and says only someone who knows him would call him that.”

    Why does it matter to Alex or anyone whether Kevin knows Derrick or whether Kevin is a cop? My question: Who cares?!!!

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