Big Brother 19 Episode 27 Recap: Zingbot Returns, HGs Slip And Slide For Veto

Zingbot made his return to the Big Brother 19 house and he was out for blood this time. He came in to kick off a slippery veto competition and he did not hold back on the zings this year.

Before we get to Zingbot’s visit, though, the episode picks up right after Christmas nominated Jason and Matthew for eviction. She let’s us know via the Diary Room that Mark is her backdoor target this week, but if that falls through, Jason is her number two target.

Mark realizes he doesn’t have much of a chance to stick around this week, so he’s pretty torn down and lonely. He tells us from the DR that he knows the Power of Veto is his only chance. So let’s see if he gets picked to play.

At the veto draw Christmas draws houseguest’s choice and picks Raven. And that immediately sketches Paul, Jason and Alex out. Matthew also gets HG’s choice and he picks Paul. And the third and final chip is Mark. He gets the chance to play and save himself.

After some whining from people over Mark getting picked and Christmas picking Raven, it’s time for Zingbot! Let’s get to those zings!

Mark gets it first. “I Think you might be bye-sexual because everytime you try to get sexual with Elena she says bye,” Zingbot says.

Next up is Jason. “Alex, I see you’ve been forced to carry around a bunch of dead weight or as I like to call it, Jason” he zings.

Zingbot is ready to let Raven have it. “Poor Raven,” Zingbot begins. “You got the clownitard. This is the worst punishment ever. Oh wait, that’s just your face.”

And now for the harshest zing. Wait, the second harshest zing. “Josh… My heart goes out to you. You shed so many tears this summer. Too bad you can’t shed any weight.”


And Paul’s was too easy. “Paul, last season you taught me so much. Like how to have friendship, how to be pissed and how to lose half a million dollars.”

Matt’s was a pretty good one, though. “Matt, congrats on making it so far in the game,” Zingbot says. “Especially since the only thing you’ve done is Raven.”

Kevin’s is sort of lame, but it leaves to Kevin giving him the double bird Raven style. “Kevin, I hear you like to use saran wrap to preserve your youth. Newsflash: too freaking late.”

And I’m not sure what Alex’s zing was. “Alex, what do you call someone with bleach blonde hair, wears cat ears, and handles a lot of wieners. A *bleep*!” Yeah, no idea. A hoe apparently.

And now for one that was actually pretty hard to laugh at. “Christmas. you’ll find no coal in your stocking this holiday season. However, you will find: ten shattered bones, nine weeks in a cast, eight surgeries, seven more x-rays, six years of rehab, five titanium screws, four hospitals, three pain pills, two crutches, and a guilty rodeo clown.”

OK, the zings are over, so let’s get to the veto competition. For some reason this season the slippery, fill the bowl competition is a veto competition. That’s so weird to me. After a lot of slipping, sliding and falling Jason wins the Power of Veto.

Mark’s last shot at staying is trying to convince Christmas to not put him on the block. He goes to her to offer anything she wants from him. He pledges his allegiance to her and reminds her that there’s a big move that could be made. And for some reason Josh is sitting there, too. But anyway, Josh’s big idea isn’t Paul, it’s Alex. He says she’s probably the biggest competitor in the house and if she gets to final four and final three, she’s going to win.

Christmas tells Mark he has a good argument and tells him she will think about what he said. Josh and Christmas do discuss getting rid of Alex sooner rather than later, but let’s see what happens at the veto ceremony.

Jason, of course, uses the veto on himself and Christmas, of course, puts Mark up in his place. Mark’s game is done. He will definitely be going home Thursday because this season doesn’t flip on what Paul wants and Paul wants Mark gone.


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  1. Bad move on the part of Christmas. She had a great opportunity to break up one of the two couples and instead she is aiming for Mark who is not really a threat! Not smart!!!

  2. Zingbot was ruined by an every other second cut-a-way production of Josh’s Pumpkin Head and Fake Laugh.

    • I agree. For whatever reason BB likes to keep shoving Josh down our throats. #obnoxious

  3. The game is about to get real interesting after Thursday night,this game could shift in several directions depending on the next HOH win and that just might pressure a second person to grab an apple from the temptation tree..hep.

    • There could be one more full week, if it turns into gang up on Kevin week. There won’t be anything interesting until it is down to just couples and Paul. Paul hopes to get out Matt or Jason next week but Kevin is his solid back up if he gets nervous.

  4. Wow…I’m not easily offended, and I’m not even really a fan or hers, but that was a classless low blow to Christmas.

    I can understand f*ing with someone over something that they can change (education, BB game moves, makeup, choice of sex partner), but making fun of something like a permanent disease, disability, death of a family member, etc is trashy and uncalled for.

    • I was not offended and it didn’t seem like Xmas was either. I don’t believe she is permanently disabled. She is fairly young, in good physical condition and motivated. She will most likely recover well. She will have arthritis but that’s what happens to many people after an injury to a joint. I’m not being critical but I’m just really surprised that you took such offence.

      • I took offense because of the fact she said that in 5 years she is going to have to have her foot bones “fused,” or something like that after the arthritis (Arthur-itis, if you’re Raven) sets in, and will never get full mobility for the rest of her life.

        I was never a fan of hers, but that’s serious real-life stuff, and I can feel for her.

      • I’ve had 4 major orthopedic surgeries and they give you a time frame for what may happen and subsequent surgeries you may need but for me, I have recovered very well and have never had to have the subsequent more serious surgeries. So, I think with Xmas being super fit and super motivated, she may find the same outcome .I hope so for her

      • Oh man…happy for you tr8ppng3. And I appreciate your perspective (always do, but especially on this topic considering what you’ve experienced).

        To put out a disclaimer, I haven’t had access to viewing the episode yet (I have every TV app, but chose not to get cable so I can’t watch anything until midnight). I just read the recap. Maybe I took it out of context.

      • Then I think you’ll be relieved to see how much she laughed at the Zing. She seemed to enjoy it. In a way, you’re lucky to be able to read the zings before you see it, you’ll understand them better. I always find I catch about half of what Zingbot says and then have to read the other half.

      • I know, I always say I’m only staying on for 1 hour and then it’s midnight, lol.
        Pleasant dreams.

      • Side tangent #2: Do you think that this Zing has gotten Jason more nervous?? Since he might think it will re-remind Xmas about Jason having a hand in f*ing up her foot?

      • She was planning on competing for the Olympics or something and she was told that was out of the picture. Though I don’t think it was as offensive as others, I can understand your point.

      • Yep, one of them ritis boys is moving into my right foot. Sucks but too many sprains and one major injury back in the 70’s is what caused it. I know what to expect and during the Winter it hurts more than it does now but I will adapt and move on.

      • I can predict the weather with my arthritis in my knees,if my left knee hurts its going to rain,if my right knee hurts its going to snow,if both hurt its sleet or hail if neither of them hurt then the weather is most likely warm of hot,and they have never been wrong

      • Yeah , I’m sure she will recover pretty well . She’s strong and it makes not have effected her , but still was a terrible reminder of an awful accident.

      • Production take this things seriously. on what makes the the episode. The fact that they made a ‘jingle out of her surgery makes me think that her prognosis is good. Otherwise she would have been taken out of the game. what fans want to happen. Not concern about her health issues, they want her out. Crying ‘unfair. They adressed it by making the song. (somewhat) I thought it was humorous…exagerated too.

      • It was a pretty low blow , and happened first week , and she didn’t do it by herself , darn clowns ! She was very upset about it and could be Job/life changing . I agree .. they could have left that out . Agree don’t think she took offense , but didn’t have to remind her how bad off she is Ugh

      • Actually she is permanently affected by this… she won’t ever have full mobility back and will require another surgery once the arthritis kicks in. I don’t think she took offense though. Jason could have taken more of an offense to that IMO

  5. So predictable.. my opinion worst season ever. There has been 0 big moves in this game.

  6. You’re not alone in your confusion, Branden. I’m still very curious why they changed this comp from an HOH to a Veto this season. It clearly has nothing to do with Christmas, because she couldn’t play as the HOH for the chance to keep her noms the same. It would have made more sense to use this comp as this week’s HOH, since Christmas can’t play as the outgoing HOH anyway.

    • I wondered if it had to do with Paul stinking at the comp last year. Didn’t he sit down last year and not even finish? I would have loved to be able to watch the comp as an HOH. Another fail for BB19.

  7. Omg Kevin…stop asking with your bluffing puffed out chest, “should I say something, because you know I’ll say something!”

    NO.YOU.WON’T. Kevin isn’t going to call anyone out, the HGs know it, and it seems like he’s just making himself look silly/ full of sh*t by repeating that.

    I like him as a person, and I’d love to have a friend like him in my life, but I think his game is taking a nosedive due to getting too quietly cocky/ complacent. He needed to think like a Mobster “Capo” or “Consigliere,” not a “Boss.”

  8. Maybe it was the angle of cameras, but the slant of the walk/sliding lanes looked steeper than usual. Some falls looked pretty hard, maybe even breakable.(?)

  9. When Raven and Matt are on the block for real, I am going to pop some bubbly, watch the sh*t out of that episode, re-wind, watch again, laugh loudly and comment in a fake accent, and then have a great night of sleep.

    • But remember the result, Matt will leave over Raven. Then Raven will have no Matt and follow Paul? Or Xmas? Or some other HG around 24/7. She doesn’t seem like Mark or Cody reading the Bible alone at night after their showmance left.

  10. If they would have voted out Alex, then it would have been Jason teaming up with Mark. Though this season has been boring, it was a good move. Paul would do well not to win the next HOH and see where the chips land.

  11. Matt and Raven drive me nuts! That ridiculous laugh of his..they are constantly clinging, playing around, having sex…Raven is such a obvious. I wish Matt were going tomorrow instead of Mark.

    • I wish Raven were leaving. I can’t stand her. First I didn’t really like her because I just found her catty and annoying then when she started with the “I have two TERMINAL diseases” I went to I absolutely can’t stand her because while she may have a chronic illness or multiple chronic illnesses there is no way production cast her if she has TWO FREAKING TERMINAL ILLNESSES. I am somewhat familiar with gastro-paresis and eats the way she does with anything but a VERY MILD form which would likely be considered chronic, not terminal.
      As someone with a collection of chronic, incurable diseases- a couple of which could progress and potentially become terminal but so far thanks to some amazing doctors and nurses none have- I find her offensive.

      • I was reading up a little bit and her disease. It said the majority of people with it are lactose intolerant . She sure as heck eats a lot of ice cream.

  12. Jason got two funny Zings. when he said robot at the beginning I thought he was talking about Matt.

  13. If Christmas was as smart as she says she is, she would team up with Josh, Alex, Kevin and Jason to get Matt out this week. Tell Mark he owes her and move on to Paul next because he will be severely pissed that Mark is staying.

  14. The slip and slide is the one comp I would not want to do – Yikes!

    But I was laughing so hard I had to press Pause until I collected myself, and rewind a little. Oh my goodness! Especially the “after shocks”. I can’t help it. I know it hurts but I laugh so hard!

  15. And I’m not sure what Alex’s zing was. “Alex, what do you call someone with bleach blonde
    hair, wears cat ears, and handles a lot of wieners. A *bleep*!” Yeah, no idea. A hoe apparently.
    This I was not sure of either , I thought he may have said pu**y ? But it’s not a someone , but could be a blonde cat w ears and handles a lot of other male cats ? Dunno. Why was it bleeped so had to have been a bad word ? I wanna know !

  16. Christmas said if she won HOH that she would make ‘big moves”. Going after Mark isnt exactly making a big move, as much as i love Mark and him being my favorite player this season. All it is really is a house move because thats what they all want this week. The obvious big move would have been to get rid of Paul or break up the other couples. IMO, this was a wasted HOH for Christmas. Josh i absolutely CANNOT stand!!! Hes one of those who can dish out insults but cant take them as he goes into another room and cries like a big baby the moment someone fires back an insult at him. I hate when he calls himself ” Ya boy”. Josh, you need to stop stealing catchphrases and come up with one of your own or better yet, just leave the house altogether. Also, i cannot believe how so blind these people are to Paul. Right now, he can hands down beat anyone left in the final 2. Might as well just hand him over the check for $500,000. Its like theyre afraid to go after him. No spines whatsoever.

    • they don’t seem to be looking ahead ,next head of household should tell a lot ,my guess is Paul wont throw next one

      • Yes, I think he will throw HOH. Josh and paul were talking the other day and paul said he’d rather have HOH for F3. That way he can pick and choose who he ends up with as F2. If paul is close to getting HOH, he will throw it to someone he an direct under his (p) control, like Alex, Josh, ??Raven??.

        If paul gets any HOH, other than the one we just had, I think part (his control of the marionette strings of the pairs) of his plan will be blown or become a little apparent to other pairs because of who he puts on the block. I say “other than the one we just had” because the seemingly apparent one to get out was Mark, since Mark isn’t in any of the power pairs paul has hooked his 3rd with.

        If paul would get HOH, I see him putting up Matt or Raven. They (M&R) just seem to be loosey goosey here, just in it for the cereal, sleep, sex, complaint air time/audience and make-up.

      • If by some odd luck Paul wins HOH , I don’t think he wants it, my guess is he puts up Matt/Kevin. Raven would freak about going up. He would tell Kevin it’s his turn, and I don’t see Kevin fighting going up. I think Matt would be the target. Paul wants Raven and Kevin to go further then Jason or Matt. Paul wants the weakest at the end with him.
        I can’t flashback on my tv feeds, but tomorrow I’m going to watch when the house found Maven birth control wrappers stash , I guess some didn’t believe till they saw the proof what Maven was doing under the blankets. I guess it sparked a conversation about Raven illnesses and all her stories and house guests started comparing notes and casting some doubts. Curious after the talk today if anyone but Alex wants Raven gone. I know Paul wants weak Raven at the end, but who else still does?

      • Check out the photos in each of the past 5-6 posting threads.
        There’s a photo with Jason pulling out a drawer and used condoms are shown in the drawer right beside the bed where Matt and Raven sleep.
        Jason has on a red shirt and is bent over, towards (us) the camera, you can see his ‘balding’ head he talked about tonight with that 20 pound X helmet on his head.

  17. End of the Punishments:
    Gee, with Jason back in real clothe,s he looks really good!! He’s been in the Xtremo-tard so long, almost forgot what he looked like without a big pink X on his head.
    Alex, on the other hand, looked better in her Camp Hot Dog Uniform. With her hair all skraggly and that flowey whatever it was dress or top or crap, she had on, she looked like crap.

    • Jason proves that one doesn’t need the gym. Just work outside and toss some hay bails around or chop some wood for optimal fitness. Country strong.

      • Just talked to a guy mowing lawn and he tol me where Jason lives. About 15-18 miles from where I live.
        Saw when he graduated from high school. He may have been in one or more of the classes where I substitute taught in his school 1995-96.
        His mom taught French and some foreign language and I subbed in her classes a couple times.

  18. I can’t think of any ONE HOH coming up for the rest of the season that won’t be controlled by Paul. Admittedly, I loved hating Vanessa and screaming for Moses to get a brain – act dude, act! V’s manipulation of the twins and Austin at the end had us all going .., but this season – it’s just a matter of ho-hum. I like watching BB, and I’m sure we’ll have more of their antics thanks to the feeds and the commenters here – which does keep the fun going.

  19. Everyone’s going after Alex. Path is wide open for Paul now. Nobody outside of those two deserves a dime.

    • Right!! I was saying that to my husband last night watching the episode. I was cringing as I do every season. No helmets or kneepads or elbow pads! It has to be a super soft landing and it just looks hard like ice. There’s no way BB/CBS would allow these morons to just slip and fall like that without at least a helmet if it was a very hard surface.
      Some/most of those falls would’ve seriously hurt someone if it was a hard surface. It has to be super super soft!
      People would be stuck on the ground in pain for sure if it was a hard surface! There’s no way.
      But they do make it look like ice.
      Most of these people should hit their head hard, maybe it will knock some sense into them! Ha ha
      Raven having that one big face plant for was priceless! I loved every minute of it. I hope her section was actually ice! 😆
      I am so evil!

  20. Can someone PLEASE answer this for me!
    I LOVE BB, it is my favourite TV show since FOREVER!!
    I have watched BB since Season One, Episode One (I was a teenager) AND
    I DO NOT EVER recall there being “2 Houseguests Choice Chips” during the “Veto Comp Player Selection!?! NEVER!!!
    But that could just be me! I am super forgetful!
    I am definitely a “Super Fan” but a “Superfan with NO memory!”
    I have a Terrible Memory! Awful!

    But I truly do not recall EVER seeing “2 HGs choice chips” being drawn for the veto selection! Never! has it ever happened before? Doesn’t happen often? I seriously cannot believe I am asking this question LOL I should know it! I think I do, I don’t think it’s ever happened & that would be very weird & obviously set up by BB if this is the case.

    So, my series if it has never happened before………
    Did BB put a bunch of “HGs choice” in the selection box and one of Mark’s chips?! Were they favouring Mark? Or were they favouring Paul so Mark had less of a chance to have his name drawn!? 🤔 Unsure!

    I have to be wrong! But how could that be such a shock to me after watching tonight/Wednesday nights episode! I am so confused LOL Shocking, I know!

    AND if they have had multiple HGs Choice Chips, how many do they put in? Do they put multiples in from the very beginning? Or just later on in the game?

    As I say this- (talk to type,) I still think I am right and there has never been 2 HGs Choice drawn before! Am I crazy? Do I belong on this season of crazy BB!? LOL

    • I can’t remember a time when 2 houseguest choice chips were pulled. I was pretty sure there was each players name and 1 houseguest choice to be pulled. However, the rule may be even if there is only 1 houseguest choice chip it may be returned to the bag after being pulled making it possible to be pulled again. This rule may have been added recently and this is the first time it has happened. I am not sure.

      To answer your many houseguest choice chips and 1 Mark chip question although production would likely want Mark to be chosen as it would add excitement to the veto legally they can’t put in a bunch of houseguest choice chips and one Mark chip. Game show laws are extremely strict since the Quiz Show scandal years ago. Having only Mark’s chip in the bag and not other players would break a few laws and CBS would be liable for some pretty significant fines not to mention fans being mad at a rigged game.

  21. I just went through some of the comments and no one (that I read) has said anything about there being “2 Houseguest Choice Chips” during the players pick for the veto so I must be wrong and they have multiple!?!
    WHY do I not remember this!! Crazy

      • Right! Someone else said that to me also. Still reading replies so maybe others agree also or it has happened but, I do not ever remember “2 houseguest choice” being polled. Yeah, people pull their own name and can choose but never “2 houseguest choice chips”
        Super weird

      • I am a big numbers nerd, hence my poor spelling and grammar. I frequently look when people are making statistical guesses about the chance someone will play in veto on many forums. I have never seen the odds factor in 2 houseguest choice chips, it is always 1 houseguest choice chip and whatever number of players left. I’ll be keeping my eye out for more information on this.

      • Thank you! I’m not going crazy LOL
        I am super surprised there wasn’t a lot of talk/any talk regarding the “2 houseguest choice chips.” I didn’t see anyone talking about it on here at all. Maybe I missed it!?
        PS. Your spelling and grammar is good :-)

  22. I just got to say, even Zigbot is a “mindless moron” this season! *****ZING****
    His zings were awful! I could do better and I have read better! Horrible!

    Zinging Paul for last season only?
    Raven and her clown make up
    Josh being fat
    Is he just calling it like he sees it this year? LOL
    Mark boo-hooing about Elena
    Alex’s I didn’t even understand
    What was Kevin’s again?
    Matt’s was all right! (Mainly because it left the house scratching their heads)
    Jasons was lame 😒

    His only decent one was Christmas’s
    Did I forget anybody? LOL

    Zingbot must’ve Lost some brain cells when he entered that house! *********Zing********

  23. Does Alex’s hair bother anyone than just myself? omg…why would you come into the house with a blonde ombre? there is no one to maintain it! she looks really bad..matches her game play.

    • Not just you; me too. I don’t get the obsession in this country with having artificial blonde hair.

      • Yeah, the only time I get blonde in my naturally brown hair is when I put in highlights – and that’s only when my own natural golden highlights have faded in the winter.

  24. Lamest Zingbot yet. Why didn’t Zing call Paul out for the dictator he is? Making fun of X-mas’ injury. Josh has so much potential for zinging, they chose to call him fat. Disappointed.

  25. Ugh, I don’t normally watch the Wed night show but did last night and it is an hour of my life I won’t get back. Zingbot is so stupid and Raven’s reaction to all of it was worse. yuck. I kept hoping I read things wrong on here and that Mark would miraculously win the veto.

  26. Can someone tell me what the purpose of bringing in a robot that insults people have to do with big brother?…it’s so dumb..and it’s not a real robot lol

    • … You must be knew. Zingbot has been an infamous and welcomed part of Big Brother since BB12.

  27. that is the funniest competition… the editing/camera kept making the ground shake every-time Mark hit the ground- too funny
    good zings- an entertaining episode- funny and light just the way BB should be

  28. I was thinking Alex’s zing was perhaps more along the lines of something related to a porn star than a prostitute/ho…were the feeds down when Zingbot was in the house, is that why no one knows for certain what was really said?

    I thinks Matt’s was the funniest, Raven’s facial expressions show she clearly cannot laugh at herself, and I thought Christmas’s zing was overly long and also kind of cruel, since it’s not really her fault she broke her foot – seemed like rubbing salt into an already sore wound, but that’s just me…

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