‘Big Brother Over The Top’: Julie Chen Will Be There – Update: Julie Confirms

After word continued to spread on Tuesday about the early arriving fall edition of Big Brother Over The Top there remained a big question as to whether or not we should expect Julie Chen’s company. Now we know.

Julie Chen hosts Big Brother 18

CBS released their own press statement today confirming the BBOTT season would start “soon after” the end of Big Brother 18 and when it does Julie Chen will be there for the fun.

My knee jerk reaction had been an expectation that Jeff Schroeder might end up doing hosting if CBS was going for a slimmer approach to the season since he already handles a lot of CBS’s online duties for All Access and Big Brother. We also saw speculation that Kathy Griffin, a repeat visitor and fan of the series, might be a possibility. Well move on over and make room for Julie cause here she comes.

While the details were about as thin as they could be, CBS did include in the announcement today that “Big Brother host Julie Chen will also be part of the digital edition.” So, what does that mean?

I’d assume she’ll be there as the host, but must admit the statement doesn’t actually say that, does it? Well, maybe it does and I’m getting too focused on the phrasing. It clearly says “Big Brother host Julie Chen” so I’ll stick with that. My expectation from this is that Julie will be there and she’ll be the host of Big Brother 19. Julie has confirmed. See update below.

If Julie Chen weren’t going to be hosting then who would you like to see be the face of the online-only All Access season of Big Brother 19? We’re likely only about two months away from the start of the new season which is overwhelming to consider, but nonetheless we’ll be here and covering every bit of BB19 from start to finish. I hope you’ll join us too!

And of course for the very bold and daring, you can apply for Big Brother 19 right now. Let’s get some awesome new faces and strong personalities in the game so if that’s you then put your name out there and see what happens. Best of luck to all who try out.

Update: Yes! Julie Chen has confirmed that she will indeed be back for BB19 and will most definitely be the host!

twitter-tweet" data-lang="en">

There's no Big Brother without the #Chenbot !! #BB19 I'll see you this fall .. #DefinitelyHosting pic.twitter.com/ZZOarywf56

— Julie Chen (@JulieChen) August 4, 2016


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  1. I would have preferred a different host for the online version of the show. It would be great if the viewers get opportunities to interact with the house guests a little more than just asking a question. The producers should show the HGs America’s favorite each week.

  2. Where is the official CBS press statement about this? I’m not seeing it and you didn’t cite it. Not saying I don’t believe you, i’m just curious to read it myself.

      • How much approx for the privilege of watching players with zero skills, needing immediate satisfaction & no life experience? Are these players going to pair up & have squeaky voices as well?
        Will there be an obsessive phsyco & a know it all in this edition too?

        BB how about putting ‘real’ players that want to play the game this time? That might include more mature, experienced people ranging 35-60? And please….. No returning players!!

        If you must have returning players have them as special guests, maybe host the POV ??

      • I remember the early seasons, where there were people of all walks of life, different ages. It was so much more interesting. Why can’t we have the same format back??? I don’t think the majority of BB watchers want to watch 20 something steroid induced guys and giggly boy obsessed girls. It isn’t interesting at all!

      • I know…. It was a rhetorical question. Lolo lol

        I just don’t want my hard earned money ($5.99) to be wasted on such stupid unentertaining figures of the CBS imagination!

    • It’s $5.99 a month, and you can cancel at anytime, but no refunds. if you’re a new subscriber, you have a small trial period, then they charge your card, and it’s automatically charged each month.

  3. They should allow the houseguest to nominate normally… but then have the online viewers vote on who goes home…. ANd don’t tell the houseguests that it was the online viewers who made the votes.. They might figure it out or they might just thinking everyone is lieing about how they voted etc etc.
    WOuld be great especialyl for a big twiist for the 1st season.

    • Not many people liked the set up of America voting in the first season. It would still be interesting if it was only a week or two though, to really get the house guests paranoid. :D

    • A week or 2 & they don’t know which weeks they are????

      Muah Hahahaha hahaha !!

      I know I already posted this but it refers to both comments.
      So there you go…..

  4. I’ve heard rumors for years that one day Julie (Chen) would enter as a Houseguest. I watch her show ‘The Talk’ every weekday, and while she occasionally mentions BB, I’ve never heard her express an intense interest in the show. But the way CBS is teasing us with “she’ll be there,” gives us something to discuss! Keep in mind she’s married to Les Moonves, who’s a “bigwig” at CBS, so anything is possible. Her primary interest is journalism, and that’s how she got started. But while I have All Access, I can only get satellite internet as I chose to live in a rural area (no cable or DSL). I am severely limited on data usage, so I depend on sites like this for updates. Thanks Matthew and others for your good work!!

    • Julie Chen a houseguest? For about an hour maybe. I don’t see her eating slop or changing under a towel. The BB House would have to really, really, really change along with the HGs. Put the whole cast of “The Talk” in there, then I don’t have to have them on regular programing all talking at once.

  5. Since, it is an online version, why not have the viewers vote on who one of the nominees for eviciton are? Chances are pretty good we will have the same type of house guests who do not want to play but, interested only in showmances or floating and collecting their stipend! CBS has done nothing to improve the cast, the past 3 seasons now! No thanks!

  6. If ratings aren’t as high as expected what will they will do? Unless there is enough people who have all access now they don’t see it being a problem.

  7. Of course Julie will do it. It’s the easiest job in the world. She gets $10 million to work one hour a week, and read off of cue cards.

  8. I don’t see why Julie wouldn’t be there. This is not a different version of the show. It’s season 19. I dont see how it will be any different from past seasons, other than the shorter length.

  9. I’m cautiously optimistic about this, hopefully since they’ll be appealing to a smaller (more hardcore) demographic, they’ll cool it on the twists and type casting. Who knows? Maybe BB19 won’t be watered down to cater to a vapid audience? One can dream.

  10. Thank god it is not Kathy Griffin. The occasional time they have her on is too much as it is.

    • Same. I know a lot of people say not going to watch if so and so— promise you this I would not watch her.

  11. I guess I won’t be cancelling my feeds anytime soon. Please do a better job of casting this time around…bring more people in who actually know how the game works and not a bunch of 20 something’s. And, if HG’s decide to have a showmance..each person should be assessed 1 penalty nom! Three showmances in one season have been too much to watch!

  12. Currently CBS All Access is terrible because of the commercials. It’s the same few spammed over and over. I don’t know if it’s actually more than the TV version but it sure feels like it

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