‘Big Brother 18’: Da’Vonne Faces Continued Deception By Former Allies

There remains little hope for Da’Vonne Rogers to escape this week of Big Brother 18 without being evicted, but as she’s continued to try and discover the poorly hidden plans against her, Da’Vonne’s former allies are doing their best to hide the truth.

Da'Vonne Rogers on Big Brother 18

Since yesterday afternoon the flags have been going up for Da’Vonne but it’s almost been as if she was keeping herself from accepting the obvious reality in front of her. But at this point, even if someone will admit the truth her fate looks to be sealed.

Yesterday afternoon Da’Vonne dropped in on a talk between James, Nicole, Corey, and Paul about targeting Da’Vonne this week. Flashback to 2:55 PM BBT 8/2. Da’Vonne asks what the group is thinking for Double Eviction targets and James offers up Bridgette and Victor as ideas. Da’Vonne points out Bridgette shouldn’t be here after Thursday. Oops. She leaves the room on full alert and knows something is up.

A few hours later Da’Vonne pulls James aside (5:20 PM BBT) and she asks what’s going on. Day wants to know why he said Bridgette would be his target in a DE. James scrambles and says he thought the talk was about who was going next. She pushes again asking James if there’s anything he’s hiding and he can tell her. James continues to deny what he knows: Da’Vonne is the target and will be evicted.

Da’Vonne straight out asks James if she 100% has his vote. He says he does. Ouch. Not only that but James suggests she might be getting Natalie’s vote. Against her friend Bridgette? No way Da’Vonne is buying that. She already said the night before that she expects Natalie to vote to evict her.

You can put James over in the column for allies continuing to lie to Da’Vonne about what he knows and is planning to do.

Move forward a bit to 6:50 PM BBT as Da’Vonne is talking with Zakiyah. Day is very suspicious and asks for info saying she’s thinking the house is going against her. Zakiyah doesn’t offer up anything. She knows Paulie is targeting Da’Vonne but doesn’t warn her. There goes another ally.

Da’Vonne goes to Michelle to see what she knows. Flashback to 8:17 PM BBT. Michelle just had a long talk with Paulie so Da’Vonne is hoping for info. Well guess what, it won’t be coming from Michelle either as she tells Da’Vonne Paulie just promised her Bridgette is going home. We know Michelle is on to the Evict-Da’Vonne plan because she was upset earlier that she didn’t use the Veto last week and now it’s going to be another round of Bridgette staying in the house.

Now it’s Paulie’s turn. Move forward to 12:30 AM BBT to find Da’Vonne talking with Paulie in the HoH room. Paulie promises Da’Vonne that he’ll be voting out Bridgette. She leaves and Paulie lets Zakiyah knows he thinks it’d be the right thing to tell Day that he pushed for her to go up and out.

Back to James Da’Vonne goes as she may fear he could be the one last bastion of hope this week.


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  1. These girls. They need to get it together. Omg. The crying and whining is bad tv.

    • As stupid as this sounds I kinda wish Elissa came back instead of Day or Nicole.

      • I agree. It would have been interesting, her being both a vet and a sibling. She could have been the link between the 2 groups and might have sat pretty having Paulie & Tiff on one hand and the other 3 vets on the other hand.

        And Elissa could play. She had a husband so she wasn’t there for a flirt/show/romance.

      • Exactly. Unlike Nicole, she’s not looking for love being married and all. And unlike Day (or Rachel for that matter) she’s not gonna be overdramatic to the cast members. Plus she is actually better at not giving in to peer pressure (unlike James).

      • I would’ve loved to see Elissa come back. She’s pregnant right now though. I wonder if she would have come back if she had been able to?

      • Well congrats on her new baby I guess.

        And while she’s no Dr Will or Dan, atleast she’s not as horrible as Paulie or Michelle

  2. Yes Davonne, you do need James. You’ve always needed James, and you shouldn’t have said anything about getting rid of showmances becuz he’s the one person that would’ve had your back.

    …but then again he might’ve turned his back on you regardless based on what I’ve witnessed.

    • She should’ve kept Frank, Tiff, and Bronte over Paul. Those 3 had the BRAINS for the game and would’ve been one heck of a force to mess with against Paulie and the minions. I really don’t get what the rush was to target them and get them out on her behalf. It was stupid and ill calculated on her part. She should’ve known once the big targets were out it was either her or Paulie next.

      • Paulie and Day both were more than happy to get out 2 strong players that might’ve posed a threat to them being able to call the shots. In the long run this hurt Day’s game more than Paulie’s.
        Yesterday Day was in a pensive mood and said she still would’ve liked to have had a shot at getting out Blondie who she somehow see’s as a bigger threat than the guys running the game right now. Nat and Bridge are also focused on getting out Nicole instead of the guys.
        If Tiffany were still in the house she might have been able to help the gals think more clearly as to who is the bigger threat in the house.

      • Nat and Bridge believe Day and her lies. Day needs to remember that blondie is a vote. If she was smart she would be begging and doing anything for her vote.

      • Lucky for Nat and Bridge that they won’t have a chance for Day to stab them in the back – which she would do in a heartbeat if needed.
        Bridgette complained that the girls are isolating her but what does she expect since she would report every word they said back to P/P.
        I imagine that’s the reason Nicole has stopped hanging out so much with D/M/Z since Day has the habit of twisting her words around trying to get N. in trouble.
        I read on Jokers where Paul told paulie that Nicole was his favorite girl in the house so things are looking up for Nicole a little bit.

      • Would of been a totally different game if those 3 were still in the house. I think I would of liked it.

      • I would like Frank & Tiff in the house. Couldn’t stand Bronte/wouldn’t trust her. Would be more interesting than watching the Paulie show.

    • She should have laid low instead of being hellbent on getting Frank and Tiffany out from the get-go. They weren’t coming for her. Dumb move Day

      • Only because he got wind of what she was up to. Had she kept playing a low key game im almost certain she wouldn’t be on the block this week, and would still have her alliance that would’ve gotten her farther in the game.

    • He’s not the only one that had her back. She was in a strong alliance with the 5 girls and also an alliance with Nicole, Corey, Z and Paulie. She screwed that up by threatening to put them up. She also screwed it up by lying to Frank and Tiffany telling them they were after each other. She had plenty of time to go after them. Now she blames everyone else. Bad, bad game play. Now she makes up lies about Nicole who had her back in the beginning. And instead of trying to get Nicole’s and Corey’s votes she won’t even talk to Nicole. Bye Day. This is all your own fault. Hope you don’t have the return ticket.

      • Day is taking it hard that Nicole will stay in the game longer than herself.
        Day probably knows she has no credibility left with Nicorey so she doesn’t even try to talk game with them anymore. I still don’t know what Nicole did to Day to cause such animosity.

      • Frank is the reason that Day and Nicole are not getting along. Frank told Day that Nicole was telling him everything said (and she was). That is where the trust was lost. Now Nicole is doing the same thing with Paulie.

      • I replied to a very similar comment to yours so I’ll just briefly say this again.
        Do you remember on day 3 when Day told a big lie about Tiffany to one of the guys and also added that Nicole heard it as well. The thing is, Nicole didn’t hear it as well since it was all untrue. But Day brashly included Nicole in that lie with Nicole standing right there while she did it.
        Nicole said later to someone that she hasn’t trusted Day since then and I don’t blame her.
        Why do you think Day was trying so hard to get rid of Nicole next? Nicole is onto her and now that Day can’t control Nic she wants her out of the house.

      • Nicole was lying to Day first. Day found out. Nicole isn’t owning. Everyone heard Frank throw Nicole UTB but they are ignoring it. Day hasn’t done anything more than the rest. She is playing the Damn Game people.

      • Do you remember back to around day 3 when Day told one of the guys a lie about Tiffany and said that Nicole was there when Tiffany said it?. The thing is Nicole didn’t hear Tiffany say it, she wasn’t even there, and Nicole was standing right there by Day when Day was lying her face off about Tiffany and getting Tiff into deep trouble.
        Nor did Day even ask Nicole’s permission to include her in Day’s lie.
        Nicole said she stopped trusting Day at that time and I don’t blame her.
        Day has told too many lies to the point that no one can trust her anymore so that isn’t Nicole’s fault either.

      • I don’t remember the Day 3 lie. But I have watched Nicole continuing to go back with everything Da’vonne says first to Frank and then to Paulie to keep herself safe. It worked with Frank, but Nicole will be in jury soon wondering how/why Paulie turned on her. Da’vonne, Frank and Bridgette could have run the house if Frank wasn’t so busy trying to play everyone against each other.

      • By reading your comments I see that you think Nicole is a very dangerous player unlike most people here so I commend you for that :D
        Nicole wanted to play with Frank – what’s wrong with that? Isn’t that how you play BB?
        Frank couldn’t stop talking and kept telling all the info Nic was bringing him to everyone in the house. Nicole gave him 4 chances to straighten up and fly right but Frank could not stop talking for the life of him. Nic sadly had to give up all plans of working with Frank and suddenly Frank began a strange vendetta against Nicole of all people instead of the guys who were really running the house. Frank went bye-bye and it’s his own fault.
        I heard a rumor that Nicole is very friendly with Cody and Paulie outside of the house and that their parents are family friends now and that Nic has a secret final 2 with Paulie.
        Perhaps Nic and Paulie are keeping their out of the game friendship quiet while in the house? If so, I have to say this is a good move.

      • No, I wasn’t watching in the beginning. However. If they talked alliance, maybe Day thought she would go along. Don’t know. Nicole didn’t Day over this? Probably would have been a different outcome if she had.

      • Maybe Nicole thought it would be a better idea to not let Day know that she was onto her? Talking things over with Day would’ve been a bad move imo. Nicole gave Day enough rope to hang herself instead.
        After a great start Day became too impulsive of a player and this hurt her game tremendously. I remember in the beginning I had such high hopes for Day, Zak and Nicole playing together; too bad it didn’t work out.

      • Ya… Even tho I think she’d be the one to strike at Paulie it’s still time for her to go… If it ends up its all guys at the end someone else brought up it’d be a better show! I agree!

      • Nicole might have even been loyal to Day if Day hadn’t been so overbearing in that fatal five alliance!

    • She should have worded it differently saying power couples, but then again this is James we’re talking about- nice guy but dumb as rocks

  3. I would love to see DAY leave and not have the round trip ticket back in. Now for some more serious talk, I want DAY to have that round trip ticket and go back to target Paulie. Unsure as to who she should put up with him but only because the person sitting there on Thursday night could go home and Paulie might stay. After thinking about who is left in the house, who do you think would be the pawn to Paulie’s eviction? Keep in mind Paulie would have to be a BD option period. I think the best one for that job could be Corey. Here is my reason. He lays low (not as low as James) but he can get the votes to stay with Nicole, Natalie, James, Michelle and maybe Victor. What do each of you think?

    • Da going out then coming back in stomping all over the house and taking Paulie out by getting half the house to work with her and open their eyes to the possibility that one of them could win instead of handing the game to paulie. Sounds like a plan. Now how do we get word to everybody so they’ll catch on to this genius idea?

      • That would be ideal but this house doesn’t seem to have an original thought of their own. The only thoughts they seem to have are the ones that Paulie gives them.

      • Someone on that side of the house would have to win HOH….. I don’t see that happening.

      • Never going to happen. Even if she comes back, she doesn’t have enough pull to get Paulie out

      • She’s too stupid to do that though. She will play personal and go after Nicole.

    • I’m sitting in my office in AWE of how Paulie has the game on LOCK right now. These fools are so loyal to Paulie, they won’t even go against him and tell Day anything. What the hell has Paulie done to everyone???? It’s freaking amazing!!! Seriously…

      • I agree! I can’t believe it either. I don’t think these fools want to win anything! Wrong cast for this season.

    • Like you said, Corey is the best person to go up against Paulie for a possible eviction. I would put up Corey and Paul together to BD Paulie if either Corey or Paul came down. With the hope of Paul coming down.

    • YES!!! This would be epic but I don’t think it will happen. We couldn’t get that lucky!

    • Sounds awesome, but in order for that to happen Day would actually have to win a comp. lol. She sucks at them, and I dont get cuz she has such a strong looking body, and the mind power for the mental comps… But sad to say I think paulie is there to stay unless someone in the form of Bridgette take power next week and gets rid of him with help from the care package i really hope she gets this week lol

      • I can’t believe Paulie isn’t on anyone’s radar, except Day!!! Bridgette is gunning after James and maybe Meech, Z. I don’t see her putting up Paulie. Not after Frank told her to work with him.

    • Excellent plan. Now who can get it done? I’m afraid day is gone. I read Cody is getting bashed on Twitter due to paulie action last night on bbad.

      • That would depend on whether or not someone tells her it was all Paulie’s idea to get her out, can we say Paul.

  4. It will be really interesting if Day does come back into the game if she receives the two-way trip. However, she will be alone and would be an easier houseguest to target. Breaks my heart to see all of hers allies not willing to help her when she had their back since day 1.

  5. If only you had a couple of people that were not coming for you and could of helped you break up the couples. Oh wait you did and pitted them against each other in Frank and Tiff. Go home Day.

    • This is SO TRUE! I never understood why she didn’t bury the hatchet with Frank (Tiff can’t be trusted) get Brigette out and team up with Frank, Michelle and Paul. Although Paul is so far up Paulie’s butt. But why was she never trying to get an alliance with the singles. All it takes is one of them to get a part of a couple out and then they can unravel it.

      • Agree. She blew up Frank and Tiffany’s games for no reason whatsoever. The lies she told about them at the beginning of the game were totally unnecessary. I won’t be upset at all when she leaves.

      • I saw the same game play from miss mouth. She thinks all you need to do is sit and take notes and be bold and loud. That will not win BB.

      • But he wasn’t at the time, and Nicole and Corey just want to coast along, so he could have pulled those two dunderheads in

    • I wish that Frank and Tiffany could have gotten together alot sooner and compared notes on Day. Maybe they would both still be there…but, Tiffany probably wouldn’t since Mr. Ego Paulie was obsessed with her sister and refused to let Tiffany play the game as Tiffany.

      • Agreed but I think had they got together sooner everyone would of banned together to get out Day. Paulie might of been on Tiff and Franks side at that point. Hard to say.

      • Day couldn’t give Tiffany a break – just because she hated Vanessa, give her a chance

      • When she started that passive aggressive BS and the crying that reminded everyone of Vanessa. As usual the women always turn on each other and don’t pay attention to how they are being controlled by the guys. They always get when they get to Jury.

        Danielle and Rachel were the first to recognize that you needed to play your own game even if you are in a showmance. The women the past few seasons are doormats looking for modeling contracts.

  6. So, Da, how ’bout a cute DR show? Everybody blindsiding Frank was just fine with you … it’s just a game, right?

    • Yes, Da needs a reality check, but wrongwaywillie has a great idea on hos to turn the game into one, not that we have a chance in he–
      read below

    • “If I don’t see you – never” – something like that (for Frank’s g/b mssg)

  7. I think it’s horrible the way they are treating her. Especially the girls. The girls are following their boys around like lap dogs and once again it is going to be a guy who wins because girls are too dumb to think for themselves. So disappointed in Zakiyah and Michelle. Zakiyah is not playing the game, she’s worthless. Michelle is too busy being mad at Brigette to think straight. It’s silliness. I don’t know why the boys are so threatened by Da’Vonne anyway, she can’t seem to win any competitions. Either way it’s not the way I would want to be treated by people who were supposed to be my alliance.

    • Even if they tell her she’s going home, there’s really nothing she can do at this point to save herself. No one will ever go against Paulie for Day. I say enjoy the last couple of days in the house. Relax, chill and hope for the ticket to come back and reset.

    • She cant keep her mouth shut, she runs around throwing everybody under the bus. Who can work with her when she keeps telling the house every ones plans. She should have learned by now thats not going to get her anything but the door.

      • Exactly Sara, it’s even dangerous to talk to her anymore since she twists everything around and then tattles.

      • I believe she watched Derrick ‘s game and wanted to emulate him but Derrick, being a police officer knew how to covertly operate to bring him sitting at the end with stealth precision. He’s a pro.

    • Well she had the giggles at Tiff and Frank when she targeted them to go home. The only feelings I have for her is ” Da I am so sorry you are leaving”. Then I swing my hair and snap my fingers and say — ha/ha you got played.

    • Go back and listen to her DRs and goodbye messages … do unto others is just what’s happening. Da taught them how to do it.

  8. Good, she deserves it. She’s reaping what she’s sown. Maybe if she had been more loyal to Frank & Tiffany, instead of pitting them against each other unprovoked, she wouldn’t be in this situation right now. I have no sympathy for her; if anything, I hope someone leaves her a goodbye message as nasty and mean-spirited as the ones she’s left other evicted Houseguests…

  9. Davon is simply getting what she dishes out. Lies, betrayal and dishonesty. In other words she’s only getting what she deserves. It’s called karma. Honestly, I hope to see her cry.

      • If by ‘entertaining’ you mean ‘disgusting.’ She’s such a bad sport. She gloats, she bitches… it’s gotten to the point where I turn off the feeds when she comes on the screen.

      • Maybe not, we really have no idea what these people are like in real life. Let’s just have a little compassion. They came to play a game and Da, Paulie, Paul(sort of) and sometimes Christmas Corey seen to be the only ones involved. But the rest are total duds. Meech is pretty entertaining sometimes. I hope she ups it up a notch and brings some drama and meltdowns. I know she has it in her. LOL

      • I certainly do have a good idea of what Day is like in real life after watching her so far this season.
        I don’t agree that most of the players this year are duds as I find many of them entertaining to watch; even Meech :D

      • Please Britney Haynes also gloated and was kind of a bad sport. But everyone loves Britney and gives her a pass and I love Britney.

      • I didn’t. She’s a nice woman outside the house, as I’m sure is Da’Vonne, but gloating and being a bad sport does not garner my support in this game, or ANY game.

    • I guess her sassy behavior in 17 and the only one to call Clay out on his douchiness.

  10. Day is leaving this week but I hope she has the round trip ticket to come back in. I’m voting for her to get the next American package to protect her for a week which would give her a chance to rebuild her relationship with her allies

      • only Nicole,Corey,Paulie,and Victor want her out. Paulie manipulated Paul into getting what he wants and she has James,Zakiyah,Michelle,and Natalie would rather keep her.

      • Unfortunately, you just described the two sides and they are the winners and the losers and the question is can Paul, James and Da flip the house and go against the winners?? Apparently they don’t think so.

      • Nicole pointed out to Z last night that she (Z) is attached to the strongest player in the house -don’t blow up your game. Even if that means tolerating a little demeaning behavior everyday smh
        That’s what friends are for. I guess

  11. This is Big Brother. Lie Lie Lie Lie, until about 10 min before eviction. Then tell her. Oh and hey, leave a nice goodbye message for her to see with Julie.

  12. Paulie needs a wake up call. He thinks he’s running this game and they’re letting it happen

    • It’s not Paule that needs the wake-up call, it’s the rest of the HGs. They are the ones who need to open their eyes, and see what’s going on.

      • I meant he needs his bell rung by someone who will take him down a notch. His effing errogance is sickening

      • I think you meant to say that Paulie needs a reality check on his ego, correct?

      • The only one willing to do it will be going home tonight — Da’vonne. The rest of them are a bunch of lemmings going over a cliff.

    • He IS running the game and they ARE letting it happen. Paulie is playing a hell of a game, even though it’s against cowardly idiots.

      • And remember, for the first few weeks he was the ONLY person not in an alliance, while most of them had more than one. Heck of a comeback.

    • I don’t think she did. She thought that she was sitting pretty and had a nice spot. If she comes back and plays as dumb as she did, then I hope she goes, even though I wanted for her to win. I will be voting for her until Friday.

  13. I hope Day has the roundtrip ticket. I cannot stand to watch 10 clueless players hand Paulie the game.

  14. Da’Vonne needs to be taught a lesson in karma and humility. But there are at least a few more players left in that house that also need to be taken to school for their own lessons … and not necessarily in karma and humility.

    • She reads her Bible as a tactic to try to make people feel sorry for her. She only reads it when she’s in big trouble.

  15. I’m still not convinced that if it came down to a tie that Paul would send Dayvonne home, I think he would coward out and vote out Bridgette.

  16. I’m glad to see momma Day go. She should have kept Frank and Tiffany instead of starting drama to get them out of the house. I knew she would be next!

    • Regardless if Frank would have stayed he would have taken her out sooner. She is the only girl that speaks up and the rest of the house are intimidated by her. This is why they are avoiding telling her that she is leaving. A bunch of cowards.

  17. It is unfortunate that James and Natalie are voting for her to go, but hopefully Paulie will get them soon. I hope she has the golden ticket and actually wins, because she will come back for nothing if she doesn’t win HOH.

  18. I am only sad that Day is not accepting her fate in time to blow up everybody’s game! If she leaves without being able to stick it to them one last time, it won’t be worth it to me as a viewer. Of course, she has to hold her tongue just in case she has the round trip ticket.

    • Yes, yet again another so-called twist is actually making the game worse not better.

    • The guy is just not focused and it would be hard to flip the house with only the losers following you, so I guess his only chance is to hope he can be there with Paulie at the end and I think Paulie believes he (Paulie) can beat any one of them so I don’t think he cares who is left and James is much, much, much less annoying than anyone else.

  19. Really sad to see a player like Da’vonne go. She has everyone in the house summed up. She knows Paulie is calling all the shots and i think she is the only one in that house who would take a swing at him. Unfortunately, she is incapable of winning competitions when it matters most. Evicting Day is not good for Paul’s game either because she is the type of person who can sway a jury and being out of that house and in the jury house I see no reason she should hold her tongue. Would love to see her go off on that rat called Nicole and give her a proper verbal lashing. Nicole is a big disappointment.

    • Every season my favorite players get evicted because I don’t always choose the best ones, just who I like more. I loved Nicole and Hayden and hated when they got evicted, but this season I can’t stand her and wish for both her and Corey to go home.

      • Loved Nicole the last time she played as well, but this time not so much. Cannot stand Corey! Would rather watch paint dry than see him on my TV screen. These house guests are not playing the game.

      • Lol. You’re right. Had high hopes for this season because the last time returners played it was pretty good. I keep re-watching episodes from season 6 and 7 because this really isn’t worth my time to be honest.

      • I’ve only been watching eviction night. I used to get so excited for BB and really enjoyed it but that’s not the case for at least the last 2 seasons.

      • Too bad ’cause you always had entertaining things to say, so I’ve missed your comments.

      • Awww, you’re so sweet Linda. I do comment once in a while but not often for sure because I’m not watching BB. I’ll be back for sure for Survivor and hopefully next year’s BB. Thank you for your kind words :-)

      • After last night, I’m done with the live feeds. I put my laptop in the shop to keep from being tempted it’s just that bad. I’ll read joker updates and watch the TV broadcast but I can’t watch Paulie another day.

    • If she truly knew that and she also knew she was going home and that there was nothing she can do about it then why she doesn’t blow up Paulie’s game makes no sense. no, I don’t think she knows as much as some are giving her credit for.

      • I think she has the RT. If she doesn’t, she can still blow it up in the jury house. That’s why Frank was so adamant on getting her out before jury. She can easily influence the other weak minds if nothing is on the line.

  20. Well everyone it had been nice
    I have not posted much but I have
    Not had much to say I just can’t handle
    This and these aholes guys in this house
    Very nasty guys my time watching big brother is done I may read some of the stuff but Iam done later peace to all

  21. She destroyed her own game by going for Frank. As long as he was in the house there would have been a larger target.

  22. Day sealed her fate in this game by going after Frank and getting rid of him PLUS Tiff — BOTH of them would have been loyal to Day to the end of the game but instead she wanted to pit them against each other and it ended up costing her big time — literally cost Day her game!

  23. I’m loving this. She opened her mouth too much again this season… and that’s why she’s in this situation. As smug as she was last week to Frank I can not wait to see JUlie open her one way ticket and send her ass off.

  24. Day has been playing a creepy and intimidating game from the start. That is no way to build allies. By alienating herself via lying too low, she also alienated other people from her. It’s no wonder that she has no true connections right now. She is every bit as isolated as Bridgette.

    • Does anyone remember Evil Dick or Dr. Will? Neither had allies and both told the truth. If Da’vonne had won some comps she would be running the house.

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