Big Brother 19: Final 3 Houseguests Reveal Their Final 2 Plans

Final 3 HGs on Big Brother 19

We’re down to the final stretch on Big Brother 19 and the Houseguests are preparing for their big night with the season finale on Wednesday (8/7c). One of them will win the third round, make the final eviction, and take the other HG to the end. Who is planning to make the right choice? One of them has their mind made up, another is waffling, and the third doesn’t seem to care to bother.

The first two rounds of the final Head of Household competition is over. Paul took round one while Josh barely nudged out Christmas for round two in a physical competition. Sheesh. Whichever one of them wins R3 will get to pick whether to take the other or Christmas. Christmas has no choice and could only hope to campaign, but apparently she’s not too interested in that idea.

Paul’s Final 2 Plans:

Paul has been working for a long time now to keep Josh safe and with him to the very end. He wants to get there with Josh because he’s used Josh to blow up in the house and attack the other HGs. This makes Josh look bad and despised by the Jurors so there’s no way they would want to vote for him, at least according to Paul’s plan. What Paul doesn’t know is that Josh has been blowing up Paul’s game in those goodbye messages in hopes of course correcting votes his way.

Here’s what Paul has been telling the cameras over the past few days about how he wants F2 to go:

Flashback on your Live Feeds to 9:49 PM BBT 9/13 Cams 3/4.

“I don’t know how the Jury feels, but my plan is to take Josh all the way to the end and hopefully it’s a clean sweep.”

Flashback to 1:59 AM BBT 9/15 Cams 3/4 as Paul describes his F2 goals.

“I’ve been telling you guys my game plan the entire season. Week by week I’ve been telling you my plans… my perfect F3 scenario… and I’m in it. I just need Josh to win [Round 2] because then I secure myself a spot in Final 2 because in that last comp, if I by some chance lose he’s still going to pull me up.”

So there’s no doubt here that Paul wants Josh with him in the F2 and even thinks that Josh is a sure thing to take him to F2 if Paul loses R3. But make no mistake, Paul is not trying to throw R3. He wants to win that and make sure he gets there. He just might need that win to make it happen.

Josh’s Final 2 Plans:

Josh has spent weeks detailing how dangerous Paul is for his chances of winning. He’s been telling Christmas since early September and had even talked about it privately before that. Then he did nothing about it, not that he could have gotten him out even if he tried. Josh held it all back saying he’d take the swing at F3… only now he’s saying maybe he won’t.

Flashback to 6:10 PM BBT 9/15 Cams 1/2 to hear Josh’s hopes for F2.

“When it comes down to the decision, I really don’t know what I’m going to do. I don’t know if I’m going to take Christmas or if I’m going to take Paul. I have no idea because I don’t know if people are going to look at Paul with distaste… and he kinda played everyone and [they might be] bitter. Or people are going to look at him like he played the hell out of all of his and give him the check.

But with Christmas, she hasn’t really pissed people off and she’s made it this far. She’s been straight forward and played a clean game. I’ve cursed out half the Jury. I got in to it with half the Jury. [Lists all his fights with members of the Jury.] So I don’t know. I think I have a better chance at winning this game against Paul in F2 because people are going to be equally pissed off at both of us. I’ve been thinking about that since last week.

I think it’s going to come down to that split second and I’m going to have to choose. I think if I make the big move and get Paul out, people will be like [shocked face]. That would be the vote move, like Steve taking out Vanessa [BB17]. That would be the one move that would take my game full circle, but I don’t know.”

Josh has to be just talking things up for the sake of the cameras, right? He can’t really be thinking to stay with Paul to the end, right? And to wonder if he’d lose to Christmas? Come on. Considering Josh points out that evicting Paul would likely put him over the edge, I think he has to know that evicting Paul is his best move, if he gets the chance.

Christmas’s Final 2 Plans:

Christmas lost both rounds one and two, not a surprise but she did come really close to beating Josh in a running around challenge that spanned several hours. All the same, she’s now at the mercy of the other two guys if she wants to get to the end. Time to campaign, right? Ehh, maybe not.

Flashback to 12:34 AM BBT 9/18 Cams 3/4 to hear Christmas share her own F2 plans.

“I don’t know if I should talk to both of them separately and tell them to bring the other person to F2 and I’ll just take third. Take a knee.

I honestly don’t think anyone else would have stayed with a broken foot. So does that make me exceptional or does that make me the girl that got carried through because she has a broken foot? I’m just having a hard time deciphering that right now, especially with that last performance.”

Christmas admits she’s having a pity party in this same talk, so she better just be feeling down about her game right now. If she seriously goes and has this talk with the guys that they should ditch her and take each other instead then someone should unlatch the front door, let her wander off, and never go looking for her. Awful.

Christmas has been dragged along all season because she’s a non-threat, malleable, and a bonus vote for her allies, but now she could be a bonus $450K to Josh if he takes her (over him possibly getting $50K if he takes Paul) and she gets an extra $50K for herself. If that’s not worth opening your mouth and at least trying then I don’t know what is.

So now we wait and watch. There will probably be a few more camtalks between now and the end of the season. The comps are over. The decision will be either Paul or Josh’s and then we’ll find out on Wednesday night.

What do you think of each of the F3’s plans? Share your thoughts on what you think each of them should be doing or planning to do to get to the end.


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  1. Josh, you meatball! Don’t take Paul.

    Not like we have to actually worry about you beating Paul in a mental comp.

    • I’m beginning to feel really sorry for Christmas Abbott – watching her is painful how she keeps throwing herself at Paul and Paul not reciprocating. Paul and Josh are constantly asking Christmas to groom them, massage them, scratch them, and Christmas keeps asking, “When is someone going to give my back or neck or feet a rub?” It gets silent and no one answers. Paul is now making comments to Josh about how he can’t get any sleep because Koala Bear keeps wrapping her icicles around him and smothers him. NOW, Paul is trying to get Josh to sleep with Christmas so he can go to the round bed and get some sleep, while Christmas is running around quickly trying to get back to Paul and he plays her off.

      Last night, Christmas went back to the hammock after everyone when to sleep and you could tell that within a few days her dance with Paul is over and she knows it. SAD

      Christmas continues to laugh hysterically at everything Paul says and does… acts submissive when he asks where something is…and will jump to do what Paul wants at a moments notice. Excruciating!

      The poor girl is one step away from either going crazy or going to have to tell him how she feels. This feels like high school where a nerd kid likes the cheerleader and sits and froths and acts way out of character to get her attention and will be miserable for their entire high school career.

      Please, Christmas Abbott, tell Paul or give up the ghost. For someone who is badas*, this sure is painful to watch. Every single time you lay next to Paul you have to smother him? Do you not see him ONE TIME giving back? (a tear just went out to all the frustrated high school kids who never will get the one they love)

      • Isn’t she like almost 40 and Paul is in his early 20s? Christmas was a member of the bullies led by Paul — but when have they not been led by Paul — so no respect for the old girl here.

    • Paul said on Friday’s show up till now he has been helping others get to the end, but now, it’s every man for himself. He obviously has played the entire season with a steely resolve to get to exactly where he is (based on his comments above). Even though he’s said he’s exhausted, if there is still more of that resolve left in him – and he’s in F2 – neither Josh nor Christmas stands a chance against him. Count on Paul’s F2 speech to be exactly what it needs to be for his win.

      • Paul will only win due to the rest of the players being so unbelievably stupid.
        God. Stupidest houseguests ever (with possible exception of Jody)

      • No argument there…..when players say they are just happy to get to jury…the game becomes a farce.

      • Jody said that , please just let us make it to jury . They just as big of clueless bunch of nitwits as the rest , cept jess couldn’t even make it to jury , thank gawd !

      • OH MY GOSH !!!!!
        I’ve been sitting far enough away from the screen that couldn’t make out your pict. Thought it was a bird with a music director’s baton.
        BUT –
        As I Look Closer, You’re none other than . . .

        EL KaBONG!!! with his Kabonger!!!!
        Quick Draw McGraw’s southern masked bandit!!!
        Do you have Baba Looey with you???
        Miss you all !!!

      • I think Paul has played a great game. It is not Paul’s fault that the other hgs were so stupid. I believe Paul’s deserves the win. Paul is the only one that actually played the game. The others all said that they just wanted to make jury. That is my opinion. Also, I can’t pick anyone for AFP. I looked at the pictures of the hgs for a good while. I would not vote for Cody. He could have played a great game but he was too dumb to know he had to convince his group to agree with him. He didn’t want anyone to question him about anything. He would not answer any questions of any of the hgs. No one can win without help for the other hgs.He messed that up. He had no social game. You have to have a social game in BB. Jessica talked to Josh like he was something not of this earth. Why do some of you think that is alright? Josh may have deserved some fussing but I think that what she said was terrible. I wanted to vote for Kevin but he lies and then lies to us. I really wanted to vote for Jason but after his comment about Kevin’s wife and children I just couldn’t.

      • i love Paul and he will like i said before if the jurors are honest with themselves and not bitter bettys then they will have to vote for Paul because by far he played the better game! He outplayed them all including Josh and Christmas and they were to stupid to realize it!

      • No way! If he played such great game, then y do so many of his fans done a 360 and y is the jury so butt hurt? Paul played a dirty game, even in his goodbye messages! He played himself . As he said about SO many others. He doesn’t deserve to win. Karma baby. It’s a bitch.

      • I agree with most of the things you’ve said. But wasn’t Jessica defending herself after Josh (led by Paul of course) tried to intimidate with verbal abuse when Jessica and Cody were trying to win an HOH? Believe Josh started the whole bully saga. I remember clearly Paul, Josh, Christmas and Raven shouting “Go home! We don’t want you here”. Even Raven’s cheerleader, Matt, was embarrassed. Raven and Christmas showed their ugly colors then. Josh just seemed to want pity and to be a bully. Paul was playing the idiots.

        Yes. Paul should win. But just god. I so don’t like him. He’s arrogant, pretentious, narcissistic, self-righteous — and generally simply a fake human being. But you’re right, not his fault the other houseguests are so frigging stupid.

        I can’t pick anyone for AFP either. It’s been a sad (and bad) season and one I’ve not particularly enjoyed. Too predictable and too CBS influenced. It was too obvious production wanted Paul in the game.
        Yes Cody did not have a social game and is socially awkward. But he did comprehend the danger of Paul, unlike virtually everyone in the house.
        Least intelligent BB cast ever!

      • Like it or not Paul really knows how to play this game, that is why he is there right? You have to admit he is and was the biggest player, always planning ahead, always has a plan B. It’s not his fault others don’t have a mind of there own. I for one love his game. It wouldn’t of been near as interesting without him.

      • Paul hooked up with Josh the first night of the show during “interviews” for a fraudship bracelet.

      • Yay! I hope so . There wasn’t anyone that I would hand any type of award to but Paul . The others , pffft . Hope they didn’t quit their day jobs.

    • I think people hate josh so much that they will give it to Christmas, but I think people are so angry at Paul that they may give it to josh just to see Paul loose. Idk

    • Have you watched the show? Josh is the stupidest player to ever play BB.
      And he’s also a dumb bully with zero morals.

      • Every so often his light-bulb blinks, but the energy exerted to light it causes it to rotate right back in the socket, so the light goes out.


      • He did! Unfortunately the rest of them followed Paul like the sheep they are. I don’t like Paul but he probably deserves the win. But it’s due to CBS manipulation and the stupidity of the other players more than anything.

      • Don’t you think that’s a little unfair how they do that. If you played the game you made it all the way to the top, but the jury gets to vote who wins. I mean of course your going to make alot of enemies along the way. ????

      • Yes, but only because he didn’t like Paul last season. That is what Cody said. Also Cody didn’t realize that he had to convince the others that he was right. He didn’t. Cody just wanted for the others to follow him blindly. Why would they? They knew nothing about Cody. That was dumb on Cody’s part. If Cody was so great like a lot of you think why didn’t Cody just try and convince the others. No, he did not do that. He decided to be a jerk. So was his honey, Jessica. I can’t stand her. I liked nothing about her.
        Why are you yelling?

      • Cody must not have been too stupid. His instincts were spot on about Paul’s game and actually targeted Christmas too. Cody and jess targets are now sitting in the top 3. It appears Cody was not delusional as the rest of the house guest and trusting Paul. Evidently they didn’t play close enough attention to last season to see what a threat Paul was, and really shouldn’t have been explained to the rest since they are “big brother fans who know the game.” Most of them all thought Paul had their backs.

        Josh was a total clown. Attacking a girl for no reason to try and draw attention away from him. I can’t believe he would try and bully people and then cries in the corner.

      • Copy was smarter then the rest. But boy did he go about the game the whole wrong way. Instead of not playing at all he should of pretended to be with Paul until he could of made his move. Instead he was a ass to everyone

      • He is not so dumb. He was the only one to figure out Paul’s game. He just figured it out too late. By that time no one would have voted Paul out. Even in jury a lot of them still have not figured Paul out. To me that makes the other hgs dumber than Josh.

      • How do come up with that? To be fair, just was able to see how Paul was playing the game longer then the rest of the guest. It only stands to reason that he should be able to pick up Paul strategy.

        I will give josh one credit…..those goodbye messages were a nice touch and unique. It could be a double edge sword. One end with someone trying to not get blood on their hands, it definitely paints a different picture. On the other… basically shows him riding on the coatails.

      • Josh also apologized to all he hurt….paul just laughed at them and made it look like it was all Josh.

      • Matt maybe the stupidest player. He gave up his spot for crazy girl Raven! He believed her ridiculous health stories and thought she was an amazing player! Delusional idiot. Waste of bb house space!

      • That man is good looking but boy is he weird. The way he laughed like a crazed lunatic in the jury house while Raven was making a spectacle of herself was so bizarre. Strange man. Those two are meant for each other.

    • josh doesnt have the guts to do it he had the opportunity to take him out before but our boy josh didnt do it what makes you think he has grown some guts now he wont do it!

  2. IMO, Josh is going to win BUT, only because the jury is pissed off that Paul sent them packing. If they voted the right way Paul would win. It would be a waste of time for Paul to come back a third time because any time he didn’t win HOH or POV he would be a goner!

    • Maybe if they booked some houseguests with double digit IQs?
      Paul should have been a “goner” a long time ago. He’s not even interesting or fun or handsome. He’s a little shrimp. Leprechaun Paul. But more deserving than the big crybaby, bully Josh. Don’t you recall how he tormented and bullied Jody? during competitions? at all times? what a travesty if that stupid meatball wins.

      • If we went by IQ’s….then according to Raven….the puppet master…she should of won…she’s in MENSA !!!!

      • I couldn’t stop laughing when Paul asked raven if she got a degree. She said yes, a itty bitty one!

      • Jody, really, make me laugh, they brought it ALL on themselves! They can dish it out but they can’t take it, GOH!

      • They were interesting! And only Cody had the guts to take on Paul. The rest were pissing themselves.

      • So, you had no problem with their actions while they were in the house? THEY were the ones who started the bullying.

      • Obviously you didn’t watch the same episodes as I did. Josh was a baby and they all had their turns at being bullies. The first week in the house both Jess and Cody bullied Josh. Its part of the game.

      • They can take a hell of a lot! Paul’s the one who got his panties in a bunch when Cody called him out and when Dominque called him a snake! Paul told lies about people. Cody and dom spoke the truth .

      • Yes, the big crybaby bully Josh did those things, but he was only carrying out orders from Paul. Of course he should have stood up to Paul and told him to do his own dirty work, but still, Josh was acting on Paul’s orders.

      • Josh was not the only one that did what Paul wanted. If that is the reason you think Josh doesn’t have a brain then you must believe no one had a brain but Paul. If Cody and Jessica had a brain they would have figured out that the way to get Paul out was to be nice to the others and convince them. They didn’t even try so I don’t that they had a brain at all.
        I know you didn’t say this but others have so I wanted to address it. As far as Josh crying, he is a crier. I am a crier myself. Have been since I was a child. I am up in years now and am still a crier. I have been called a number of bad names because of this my whole life. Even from my parents and family. Being a crier is not something that we are proud of. It is just who we are. Since none of you must be criers it must be easy to put down someone that really has no control over it. I know most of you don’t believe that but after going thru that all my life now at my age I could care less what people think. I felt sorry for Josh because I know he didn’t want to cry so much. It is embarrassing. I know.

      • Basically Jody had no chance once Cody went after Paul. It was Paul and the house against public enemy of paul choice….hence why we see people are targeted and isolated. I can tell you right now if Jody had made as far as Alex….they wouldn’t throw stupid comps.

        Yea you maybe a cryer. No one would have a problem with Josh being a cryer either, except he instigates stuff and cries in the corner later. I am sure you don’t put your self as a tough person/intimidating person then turn around and cry about it because you got your feeling hurt.

        Most sensitive people I have met are not ones looking for fights or conflicts.

      • I totally agree with your last statement. I have never liked to get into fights. I will stand up for myself but I don’t like to argue but I will if I am backed into a corner. I still don’t like Jody and I think Cody & Jessica are more of a bully than Josh. That is what I think.

      • Josh had no guts to take out Paul when it mattered so he deserves to lose and Paul is going to win period! Josh could have made an impact a big one in the game if only he had the guts to take out Paul and he didnt do it! And it is a sissy move to sit their in his good bye messages and be shady! So no josh isnt going to win Paul is and rightfully so!

      • I agree. Cody will get the 25K. America’s Favorite Houseguest and he deserves every penny. Jessica will get to be with the love of her life. That couple deserve everything they got. You are correct.

    • Anita that will not happen! Paul is going to win and i am going to say this right off I love Paul and I am not a Paul hater! He outplayed everyone and they were to stupid to realize it! Josh has no guts what so ever he doesnt deserve to win at all! Josh had opportunities to take paul out and he didnt so why in the world would they let him win!

      • Good Morning Paige, I sure hope you are right! I am Team Paul 100%. The only way I see Josh winning if he is in the final 2 is if they face a bitter jury. I hear Raven is causing a lot of BS in the jury house and it is NOT helping Paul at all.

  3. Christmas is in exactly the position I thought she be in since she hurt herself. Wished they forced her out of the game. I wish she would try and fight for 2nd place, maybe its the medication.

    • I’m with you, that’s what I said as soon as she got hurt. She’s going all the way because she’s completely beatable in a comp and a f2 vote

    • When she first broke her foot I was hoping that they would bring her back. But after seeing what type of person she is and how she said such awful things about Kevin after she spent so much time laying next to him, playing with him like she had a crush on him made me sick. Now she wants Paul!!! The man has a girlfriend!! I hope she never comes back. I also didn’t like the way she talked to Josh. I know most of you don’t like Josh but I do. He made me laugh a lot.

  4. I think Josh would be a complete idiot to take Paul to F2….no no no! I think each of them should take Christmas to guarantee the $$$. Christmas should be happy w/ $50K being she did hang in there with a broken foot and all, but I don’t think that deems her to win by no means.

    • I was reading somewhere that in spite of a “bitter” jury, Paul could win against Josh. Matt, Raven (the puppet masters) and Alex would vote for Paul; and, most likely, Kevin and Christmas would vote for Paul.

      • Exactly! That’s why I don’t think Josh should take Paul if he beats him. Although, highly unlikely Josh will beat Paul in the mental comp, but could happen.

      • Paul WILL win against either Christmas or Josh. The bottom line is, if you don’t want Paul to win, he cannot be in F2.

      • honestly I think Cody will vote for Paul too. All season he has said that Paul was the only other one who was playing the game besides himself and on more than one occasion called the pair of the the alphas in the house. As much as he hates Paul I think he will throw him his vote for that reason

      • yeah I do too. he knew Paul was the threat but couldn’t do much with that CBS given protection advantage.

    • These jury members are stupid and they might vote Christmas over josh just because she was nice to them

  5. If Josh actually believes the jury would award the big bucks to Paul, then why wouldn’t he do everything in his power to keep that from happening?! If Josh wins R3, he has to cut Paul, take X, and probably walk off with $500K. If he takes Paul, he is nowhere near the superfan he claims to be.
    Here are a couple more pics of Josh’s sister. She’s a model.

  6. Admit it Paul you were scared of Cody, like a little Be-atch You didn’t say anything to Cody in the hoh room you just stood their and wet yourself!

    • Paul was not scared of cody. Paul stood there like a man and he didn’t move even with cody getting in his face. What show are you watching?

    • Paul was terrified of Cody. He’s a cockroach. Loved how Cody didn’t try to win a stupid friendship bracelet and ignored Paul. If not for the CBS Paul advantage (and WHAT an advantage), it would have been a far better season.

      • If America did not temp Paul with the safety, this show would have been a hate fest put on by Cody. He started the hateful talk about everyone that wasn’t althletic as soon as he became HOH that first day.

  7. Josh is highly unlikely to win the third round. But if he does, the better move is to take Christmas to final 2.

  8. “If she seriously goes and has this talk with the guys that they should
    ditch her and take each other instead then someone should unlatch the
    front door, let her wander off, and never go looking for her. Awful.”

    Remember Christmas when first in the house? Scared most of the Men in the house with her aggressiveness and confidence. She was fun to watch. Wonder what her friends think of her giving it all up for Paul with only a whimper instead of a fight?

  9. Josh said Xmas “played a clean game”….where was he when she bad mouthed and stirred the pot and got the mob mentality going….she played no clean game.

    • Yes, we can’t call Christmas’s game clean, but that’s true of Josh and Paul too. If we’re talking clean–all of them got their hands dirty. Paul thinks he didn’t, but that’s because he was wading in blood up to his chin and couldn’t see it on his hands. So, it’s about perception.

      Josh feels like he’s talking himself out of moving the way he has most of the rest of the summer.

  10. Two factors Josh verbalized why not to take Paul: One, “People are going to look at him like he played the hell out of all of his and give him the check”. Two

    “I think if I make the big move and get Paul out, people
    will be like [shocked face]. That would be the vote move, like Steve
    taking out Vanessa [BB17]. That would be the one move that would take my
    game full circle” I really think he will take Christmas. Paul should win the last comp. to seal his win.

  11. If he is in the top 2 I think Paul deserves the win, even more after reading this (again)

    Do you have a strategy for winning the game?
    If there’s one trait I’m confident about, it’s that I’m sneaky. I’m very observant, remember things and handle high-stress situations well.

    I’ll probably use people’s weaknesses against them. It’s very hard to get underneath my skin, but very easy for me to get underneath yours, so I think I can mentally crack any member.

    I’m really good at getting people to do what I want. Also, getting them to think that they’re on top of a situation, when really, they’re not.

  12. I am hoping Josh wins round 3 and takes Christmas to final two. It would be sweet to see Paul`s face when Josh picks Christmas. It would be the best back door move and would get alot of the jurors votes I think.

    • Not necessarily…Paul has brain washed a few of the jurors and the round table meeting will remind them to judge him on game play not on a personal level…and a few will vote Paul because they will say they were “game victims” to his ruthless game play and don’t look like idiots in the public eye….like a person that’s been conned by a con artist….they say he was just good and convincing….but in reality they are idiots for being conned.

      • Yes, Paul has played the best game. He has conned all of them except for Cody but the best move for Josh would be to pick Christmas and con the con artist.

      • It is more likely Paul will take 3rd round especially if it is mental, the other two are not good at mental comps. So yes if Paul wins 3rd round he will take it all

      • I am hoping Josh wins. Even though he was quite annoying at times, I still would love to see him win and put Paul in his place once and for all.

      • Round two was a combination of mental and physical. Josh barely beat Christmas who had to hobble on one good foot. I think he won by only five minutes.

      • Isn’t that what Alex said to Jason when he asked if she was going to vote for Paul? Actually he said “You’re not going to vote for him, are you!” and she was all “it’s a game”
        And yeah conned by a con sums it up pretty well. Idiots!

      • The ultimate con would be for Josh to pick Christmas overr Paul and the jury would love him for it.

      • It would not be a total shock if Paul picks Christmas over Josh to go to F2. Paul might just have one more con up his smarmy little sleeve.

      • Yes…that is totally possible….less risk with Xmas than Josh I think…most of the jury has gotten over their anger…and they have all one thing in common….they are there because of Paul….BB is a game and should be judged as a game…personal feelings aside.

      • Here’s the thing. Everybody got played. Fifteen people – nine in the jury house – are where they are because they were played by Paul. So that being the common denominator, the jury HGs need to throw that off the table and judge by other standards – like actual game play. In that scenario, Christmas “won” two competitions, both of which were given to her. Paul won significantly more than she did and, by those standards alone, he should win the game. But the jurors need to get past the common denominator …

      • Just think about their two speeches to the jury – Josh and Christmas both in the F2 chairs with Paul –
        Josh: Yes, I did all those things. I harassed you, bullied you, intimidated you, destroyed CBS’s property and acted like a spoiled brat when you made me cry, but I did it all on Paul’s orders. I’m sorry I did all that, but the devil (points to Paul) made me do it.
        Christmas: I’m here with a broken foot, did nothing all season because of my foot, and the two competitions I won were thrown to me. I don’t deserve to win, but I’ll take the $50K – and Jason, the least you could do is toss me a vote.

      • But Josh did win comps on his own, not like Christmas. She was pitied because of her foot. And why is it that this year they are constantly called to the diary room before comps and just after. I have been wondering if they are telling them who to put on the block and evict, or even the answers to the mental comps. Could explain why Paul seems to know the answers.

      • It is scripted to some degree because it is still a TV show! Storage Wars was hauled into court by Dave Hester who accused them of planting nice stuff in the lockers. The judge sided with A & E the producers of Storage Wars saying that since, it is a show, they had creative license to do as they please! The fights, bullying, etc. could be staged by the producers. Even the vile things they say! I would not discount it because the house guests have confidentially agreements and cannot say it was all staged and fake! Shades of the WWE wrestling where the drama is all fake!

    • Josh doesnt have the brains or the guts to do it! He didnt have the guts to take him out when he was HOH and i dont think he has the guts to now!

      • Yep I’m thinking the same. He had an opportunity to take Paul out and didn’t. He’s brains/guts free of making the right decision.

    • If Josh has any brain cells left, if he manages to somehow win Round 3 of the HOH then, he should take Christmas! There is no bigger move than removing the biggest threat which is Paul in this case! How can anyone miss that! For that reason, Josh should win that $500,000! Christmas has done nothing except, be nasty but, better to take her if Josh wants to win!

  13. The chances of Josh winning the 3rd comp is very slim, especially if it is a mental one. I just hope Josh wins it and makes the right choice. The jurors will vote for the best player and although Josh played a good game, it was Paul’s game he was playing. He needs to make sure to say he worked with Paul and not for him. Christmas is not fooling anyone. She just wants to pretend like she doesn’t want the comp 3 winner to take her.

    So Will says that he will ask the questions we want answers to. Hopefully he will ask Raven why is she so delusional and Jason why he made that comment about his friend’s wife and children. Alex why is she so pathetic and why does she mumble her words. he’ll ask Cody why did he sign up for BB and Matt why is he such a pu**y.

    • From what you are saying….I think America should vote….none of them deserve to vote…they are all losers !!!!

      • i also think we should pick the winner, i don’t really think the jury picking is all that interesting. American viewers usually do a good (and fair) job

    • The most puzzling HG of the Summer was Matt. I have no idea why he was even there, except to babysit his bats**t crazy ‘girlfriend.’
      It’s honestly like he really was there for some other reason which had nothing to do with playing, yet alone winning a game. In fact, he openly mocked the rules and the game. And if leaving used condoms in a common bedroom isn’t disrespectful, I don’t know what is. If there was any justice, he would have been kicked out on his azz, and his stipend given to the animal shelter.

    • I don’t know Josh might surprise us. He did really well in the comp knowing the days things happened.

  14. Worst season EVER! Bullying, crying and whining. That was it.
    Paul, Christmas and Josh are the biggest losers in the history of TV. I kinda want to puke when I think of any of them. Sad that Christmas is almost 40! No wisdom with age! And Paul is like the worst kid you’d ever want to have. And Josh! God. Crying, bullying and void of a personality. What a freak!

    • Excellently stated!!! And they r all so delusional and arrogant to believe that they r going to b over the top popular when they get out! I can’t stand the three of them! Yuck! So glad this season of the Paul show is ending

  15. I laughed out loud when Jason asked Alex how could she vote for Paul (“It’s a game”) she simply didn’t want to believe how badly she’d been had and for so long. It was so obvious!

    • I agree…it was from I think the total guilt of looking so stupid in front of America…as she thinks she is going to AFP…..I laughed also when right to the end when Paul won veto…she said…”me and Paul F2…woo! woo!…she was so excited to be saved by her man Paul….who she called counterfeit later….there is a lack of brain cell in that woman.

  16. According to BB Network the ratings went up slightly from last season. Not worth bringing back a vet. Just make better comps,like eating gross things and casting actual BB fans that know how to play the game.

    • Seems like the downward spiral started when they started ignoring applicants and started recruiting people who neither knew or cared about BB, but looked good on TV. There was a real shift in BB 17 when Clay and Shelli were on. People wondered why Clay was even on the show.

      • Yes, it is baffling why they cast people who have no idea what BB is and have never watched it. There are probably hundreds, if not thousands,of applicants who would love to play and would be better at it and more entertaining for us to watch.

    • I would love to see them bring back some comps from the past, get rid of have nots and have more age variation. It does not have to be a cast of pretty people to make me watch.

  17. Is it bad that I really lost interest in the final three selection? I like Paul last season for sure, but this season he lost me. He did have an unfair advantage and he just encouraged all these brainless people to bully each other which was distasteful imo. I hated josh in the beginning but recently started to like him because he says things that make him sound so smart like he knows the big move he needs to do, he really did try switching targets but all of those plans diffused which is upsetting. If he does win the last round and decides not to take Paul then he FINALLY would have executed an actual smart plan and I would be super proud! Imagine how mad Paul will be tho if he comes in second again to josh. Lol.

    • If Paul’s in F2, he will win against either Josh or X. I don’t see any way he won’t, unless there are some MAJOR overhauls in the jury. Is it bad that you’ve lost interest in the final three selection? I would say you’re probably in the majority with that one.

    • It’s not Christmas’s destiny to win this one. Christmas will win BB when production brings her back for her encore performance.

      • Oh PLEASE don’t bring her back. She’s so BORING. And then there’s that proclivity of being a freaking sheep. Not an original thought in her head.
        And she has a crush (or loves him?) on Paul? Tooooo sad. And pathetic.

  18. As far as I’m concerned, all the house guests with the exception of Cody and Jessica didn’t want to win, and wanted to just give the money to Paul. I have never seen such a pathetic bunch of sheep in my life. If Paul gets to final 2, they may as well give it to him since they already decided to throw their own game and do everything he wanted all season. I hate all 3 of the final 3. Paul is the most manipulative $@%^# I’ve ever seen. He would stab his own mother in the back and then try to convince her she did it to herself. Josh is an immature meatball that would never have made it without Paul carrying him to the end. Christmas… all I can say is, the only reason she is there is also because of Paul. She would not have had a chance, and had they not made it clear to BB that they all intended to throw the comp to her, she would not have even been allowed to compete in that competition. Sadly, this is probably the worst season ever of Big Brother, and none of the final 3 deserve to win.

    • Wow. Most excellent.

      Spot on. Every single word.

      “Sadly, this is probably the worst season ever of Big Brother, and none of the final 3 deserve to win.”

  19. Personally I don’t believe anyone that has played the game before should be given a second chance to play. They had their shot and blew it. Then I can’t believe this was the stupidest group of hg in the history of BB to let Paul get this far in the game. Cody, Jessica and Josh were on to him but either couldn’t get votes to get him out or to afraid to take the shot at him. No one deserves to win. CBS stop bringing these losers back for a second chance.

    • Job well done . Crown him and be done with it . I actually liked this season , it made me laugh and cringe at the same time , overall .. it is just a game ! People need to stop
      Being so gdamn sensitive . It’s a harsh world . Just try and live your life to the fullest and if you’re too sensitive go play Wheel Of Fortune ๐Ÿ”ฎ.

      • I agree. These were all grown azz people who knew what the game was all about. All season long we read bully, bully, bully when in reality, the biggest bullies were here on this site. If none of the fools tried to take Paul out when they had a shot, than they can’t whine and cry now that they were lied to. Did they actually believe Paul was going to take them to the end so he could lose? One winner, the guy who played the best game and that’s Paul.

      • You need to learn proper paragraphing, lol.

        All joking aside, I’m really hoping Josh brings that up in his F2 speech, or maybe even after the votes are in. I just want to see Alex’s face when she realizes how hard she got played.

  20. How is he doing that ??? How ? How ? Haha .. Josh is hilarious!! I did actually laugh at loud ๐Ÿ˜‚

  21. 3 pair ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ ohhh I just can’t ! Every one gets a skittle!

  22. I was just watching BBAD and there must have been a tremor in LA while they were playing cards. POP went to commercial and when they came back, the HGs were standing in the middle of the yard and mentioned they just went through an earthquake together. Ironic, they started talking about hurricanes. I never heard if Josh’s family’s home was affected, but his family members must be fine.

  23. Paul played an awesome game. He worked hard at manipulating every single HG. He deserves to win. He talked most of the HG’s to throw a comp & the fact that they listenend to him, blows my mind. That in itself is a victory. This is a game & you dont win by playing nice. Someone has to be betrayed. I rooting for Paul. Friendship.

  24. Christmas doesn’t need a plan. She can win HoH and make a choice. Her plan is to cross her fingers.

    • Christmas can only go to F2 if either josh or Paul take her. Otherwise her game is over.

  25. Paul already won $50k last season….he didn’t even deserve to be in the house again. I can’t stand him!!

  26. an article in mens fitness magazine says Christmas was smoking and drinking at age 12 and then got into drugs, she has since cleaned up her life and is a body fitness devotee

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