Big Brother 19 Episode 22 Recap: Players Are Fighting To Lose

Something is off with Big Brother 19. Players are literally battling each other to lose competitions and seemingly the season. And during Sunday night’s episode a couple of players are finally starting to see the light.

The episode kicks off with the players celebrating more than any other season about making jury. They’re all like “yay jury! We did it!” What about trying to win the game? But anyway.

After the jury celebration, it starts sounding like that everyone is sort of expecting Cody to win safety this week, so talk turns to Mark and Elena as targets. And even if Cody doesn’t win safety, then they seem to have their next targets already locked down.

Mark finally decides to start feeling other people out about Paul. He starts with Jason by asking him what he thinks about Paul. Jason is aware that Paul is running the house, but he’s so far in Alex’s corner, who is so far in Paul’s corner, that it doesn’t really go anywhere.

Meanwhile, the HOH group decide that they need Matt to throw the temptation competition so Cody can’t in case that’s Cody’s strategy this week to get himself into the veto competition.

It’s now time for the Temptation Competition this week. Everyone chooses to compete this week to try to block Cody from winning or throwing it. And this week’s competition is called Where Were You. The HGs have to answer where they were when they head the weird sounds played in the house this week. Sounds like an easy win for Cody since he didn’t much hang out with anyone besides Jessica. But he decides he wants to try to throw it. But so does Matt.

Cody is doing a good job throwing the competition until he forgets that he was actually in the Have-Not room during one of the sound effects. So that means Matt is currently doing a better job at throwing the competition.

In the end, Mark wins safety and Matt loses. That means Matt is the third nominee and Cody will have to rely on his chip being drawn for the veto competition. And Matt is way too happy to be the third nominee. What is wrong with this cast?

Alex now has to rethink her nominations since Mark has safety and they don’t want Cody playing in the veto. So Alex is sure she’s going with Elena, but who else? Jason agrees to be OK with it and Paul pretends like he’s OK with going up.

Elena is a little nervous about being a “pawn,” and rightly so. She thinks she’s a pawn but she’s really just an alternate evictee. Cody makes sure to plant more doubt with her, which is enjoyable to see Cody talk game with someone who isn’t Jessica. Cody makes Elena see that the house is seemingly playing to lose the game to Paul.

Enter Mark to help make Elena’s target larger. Actually, I think Christmas gets the credit for that. She decides to call Mark out for talking to Cody, which results in her calling him a flip-flopper. And since Josh can’t come within a 5 mile radius of a fight without joining in, he joins in. So if Cody is safe this week, Elena’s fate has pretty much been sealed.

Let’s get to the nomination ceremony. Alex takes Jason up on his offer to be a pawn and puts him up next to Elena and Matt.

Can’t wait to find out who won the Power of Veto? Check out our PoV spoilers for this week!


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  1. omg, Cody can’t even lose a comp. He’s been hanging out by himself in the HN room, and that’s his strategy to pick the room he spends the most time in. Brains and personality — Jessica really picked a winner.

      • He would not have been out in the first place if there was no pendant, and the house was following him.

      • You don’t know if the house would have voted Paul out. Ibam leaning towards no since everyone was mad that he tried to put him OTB.

      • Paul would have still entered the game because there were several who hit the button but Kevin was the first one who did, thus getting the $25,000.

      • That’s right,but if nobody went for the money Paul would be watching this season from home. Hey, I would have taken the money too in that situation.

      • Yeah, Paul’s not at fault for entering the game. Greed got in the way, I would have hit the button as well. 25K is America’s Vote $, why not?

      • Besides Paul, Cody is one player that deserves more respect than the other players in this game. He is the outright target every week, subject of every game discussion, the entire house competes against him from both ends (win or loose) in every competition. The house forbids everyone from talking to him except with intent for lies and deceits, when he discusses games, anybody takes the discussion to his arch enemy to backstab him, constantly been mocked and lied to. They have tried to bully him yet they still feared he might be the one to hurt them. Yet he is keeping on without self evicting. What is the ratio? 10 HG against 1 Cody. He never personally had a protection unlike the vet who came in with bracelets and pendant from production. He chose to play and never to be a puppet.
        How many of the HGs when asessed by their character so far can be that strong. Try it on Paul and see if he will survive without constantly breaking down and crying out been victim. We saw Josh cry after a woman staged him for the first time. It took the entire house to get him up and he could have been battered up thereafter with his pots and pans in his hands but for the intervention of some other women and production who called him up to the DR.

      • Poor Cody! He set himself up for this the first week when he went rogue. Than he isolated himself in bed with Jess. He made a bad play right out of the gate and is still paying for it.

    • How much do you think Cody has control over when Matt and I’m sure others were also trying to throw it? It’s hard to plan or strategize for out-throwing somebody in a competition. Cody probably also decided to throw it when he saw it was a competition that was more up other players’ alley than his own (wasn’t physical, endurance, etc). Cody didn’t play this stupidly. I’m aware he’s everyone’s favourite whipping boy though so I’m not surprised at people taking every chance they get to criticize him.

    • I appreciate the effort (anything’s better than doing what Audrey did back in BB17), but I think it’s just too little, too late for him.

    • You can just BD him the week after he’s HOH,…if he ever gets it again. And even if his name is drawn for veto, the odds are still stacked against him like they’ve been all season.

  2. I’m not crazy about Cody, but he gave me one of my biggest laughs of the season when he kept choosing the Have Not room. Even more hilarious that he was actually right once.

  3. Cody needs to remind Alex that he let her win that veto that would have sent her packing. I respected her for not joining cody cause she wanted to go after the shomances but lost respect climbing up Pauls butt instead of playing her own game just like every other moron in that house. Would someone do something without Pauls say so. geeeez

    • He did not let her win. He saw tyat she was ahead of him and gave up. Big difference. She would probably have won either way. Maybe his pride got in the way. Giving up aka letting her win, was just a way to save face from getting beat by the girl who was OTB.

  4. “What is wrong with this cast?”

    Oh, Branden, that is a VERY loaded question. I don’t even know how to start answering that one.

  5. It made me cringe tonight when Alex gets up to her HOH room, and the first thing out of Paul’s mouth is “who do WE want on the block this week?” That particular question should have come from Alex – if it was asked at all, don’t WE think? And they all sat there and bought it. Just incredible.

  6. Can someone tell me why Christmas didn’t participate? She could have done this comp.

    • She drank the red “no” potion. Guess production didn’t let her know she would be physically able to compete. Shows again that she should have gone home after being injured in the first place.

      • It almost felt like she was afraid to lose, which would have put her on the block as the pawn and prevented Cody from being able to throw it. But then again Christmas has been 100% useless this season.

      • I have a hard time believing Christmas thinks she would get voted out if she had been the third nom. She holds more rank within the group then Matt does. That comp may have been drastically edited for time, since Alex would’ve had to scroll down a huge list of names to figure out each round who was in the right or wrong room. In her case, it may have involved prolonged standing on the scooter.

      • She is just floating her way to the end. Just the fact that she is not able to participate when needed is a good reason tot get rid of her. Paul doesn’t really need her vote at this point in the game.

      • No one has nominated her, not even as a pawn. It’s essentially like she’s working her way toward the end via sympathy votes.

  7. I found it hilarious that they stopped showing where they actually where when they got to the baby sound…. supposedly cody and jessica were doing it when it happened…. then cody couldn’t finish cause of it.

  8. So disappointed Cody screwed that up. Ugh. He was never in the hoh room and he should have picked that room. I hope Matt or Elena goes home. I see Paul avoided noms and Alex put up Jason. Are these idiots taking Paul to the end for the win??? Smh

    • copy and paste from above:
      “Cody is doing a good job throwing the competition until he forgets that he was actually in the Have-Not room during one of the sound effects. So that means Matt is currently doing a better job at throwing the competition.”

  9. Anyone else find it odd that the question Cody got “wrong” was about the THIRD time they heard something? Each and every other question was the “first time” they heard a sound.

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