Big Brother 19: Counting The Votes In Week 9 [POLL]

Matthew finally wakes up on Big Brother 19

Big Brother 19 Houseguests are closing in on the weekly eviction and this time around they’re getting an assist from production when it comes to this week’s decision. There’s a penalty vote in the mix and it’s set to pile on the group’s decision.

Five Houseguests will be voting but with a penalty vote coming from Big Brother we’ll be seeing six total votes cast on Thursday night. There’s no mystery over where these are going or who will be leaving the house next.

Jason left the noms the same at the Veto meeting which makes Matthew and Raven the final noms of the week. That leaves Alex, Christmas, Josh, Kevin, and Paul to visit the Diary Room live on Thursday night.

Everyone is planning to vote out Matthew and after his refusal to follow the rules of the game he’s got a sixth vote already set against him. Matthew decided to make sure he left the game instead of Raven so he’s been eating regular food, taking hot showers, and sleeping in a regular bed. The goal here is to add as many penalty votes as possible, but I’m not sure you get more than one.

How certain are the HG votes against Matthew? It’s fairly cemented. Kevin spoke about trying to get Raven out first, but he’d need two other HGs to join him to even get things to a tie thanks to the penalty vote taking us up to six. I’m not even sure Jason would follow suit though given the choice which means Kevin would need three more HGs to come along for the ride. That isn’t going to happen.

Matthew will be evicted on Thursday, if he’s not expelled sooner as I’d like to see, and Raven will survive to screech another week.

So what do you think? Will anything change the plans for eviction this week? Cast a vote below for who you think will be evicted and share your thoughts on what’s ahead.



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  1. So if Matt is evicted off Jury for him..due to blatant violations, then we can have someone else go up and still evict Raven. Then with all the previous events that threw off the seasons eviction counts we should be back on schedule. Am I right that we have too many houseguests for the number of weeks left?

      • No they wouldn’t. So one of three things could happen. They can either expel Matt and call it a week. They can expel Matt and have Jason renom someone else to be evicted, which more than likely Raven will leave. This is highly likely but with more HG’s than weeks for eviction, this could eliminate a second DE. It also brings into question, who Jason would renom since he is the reigning HOH. The last possible outcome is this, leave Matt OTB and let the HG’s evict the one they see fit. This is more than likely the case this week but whether or not he gets more penalty votes is still up for debate.

      • I’m guessing that if he gets expelled, they’ll call it a week and have a somewhat highlight show on Thursday and go to the HoH comp.

      • When Megan self-evicted this season, Cody had to put up someone else. Matt is sort of self evicting so Jason should put someone else up. Maybe Paul? :-)

  2. Honestly this bb has been nothing but a sh.t show. Most years everything stops to watch the live feeds, but this year could care less. Really bad casting this year,unstable people, and everyone serving the win up to Paul. This being said I still watch.

  3. If anything, this season has left us as viewer’s concerned for the safety of HG’s. We as viewer’s, have seen these people at their worst and we have seen one person control the game. I wonder what they are promised to give this money to Paul?

  4. Could this season get anymore boring and predictable . I mean the Paul the puppet master is a captain obvious observation so no need to beat a dead horse. I have actually stuck to my guns and have been barely watching anything , just catching up on stuff through social media! Just bad HG and bad T.V. Can’t believe I actually miss Jody!

  5. As a houseguest, I would vte Raven just piss Matt off. Also to make it known to him that I was displeased of his breaking the rules, making a mockery out of the game I love and behaving like a temper tantrum throwing child.

  6. Raven’s nasty, b#*%*iness…down right meaness, ugliness….is spewing out of her mouth now…I really can’t stand her, she is vile. Oops, sorry did I say that out loud!

  7. In the Matthew poll, if you put that he is expelled, does it mean he also loses his stipend? Just wondering, they also have a lose stipend choice.

  8. So if Matt gets expelled, does that mean Jessica can go to jury? Or are they going to do what BB11 did after Chima was explled & give America Matt’s vote?

  9. Maybe expelling Matt would be the best option.. It would let the remaining HGs know that are are expendable as well….It might also curb some of the unnecessary uncalled for attacks on certain HGs…

  10. He should be ejected, go directly home with no jury stipend for breach of contract. She should be evicted by default. If that messes up BB’s timeline then do a jury battle back (without Raven being eligible) and let one of the jury who is following the rules come back. I don’t like Cody but it would be very interesting for the feeds. LOL!

    • Yes, that he exploited the weakness in Josh. If anyone exploited Josh’s weakness it was Paul but she is ignoring that. What a disgusting comment to make.

      • And I don’t believe either one but the Josh comment is what really bothered me. She is so cool with Paul and he really used Josh earlier on. She’s either blind to it or just ignoring it cos now Kevin is the house target

    • I know. This cast & this season is just wow…we have reached an all time low in this game I’m afraid. smh

    • What? So disappointed in ALex. She is throwing her game away & acting like an idiot! She was my fav to win at one point.

    • This weeks apple pick is over. Matt and Raven both laughed at the tree and didn’t pick. In fact, no one in the house picked an apple this week.

  11. I’ve never seen such a dumb bunch of contestants. Cody, the only smart one, wanted Paul out the first week. Hope all of them watch afterward to see how stupid they look.

      • Exactly. If he was smart and knew the game from watching past seasons with veterans where there’s always something to protect them early on, he would have waited to strike at Paul.

      • If he was so smart why is he on the jury and his paramour didn’t even make it that far?

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