‘Big Brother 18’ Finale: Who Wins Big Brother 18 & Favorite Houseguest?

Our other most likely scenario features Nicole and James together at F2 and is what I expect if she wins R3 tonight.

Nicole vs James:
James and Nicole played a very similar game. Both came in as Vets, soon paired up with a newbie, hung out together for as much as possible, then watched their partner get voted out while on the Block against them. Nicole started “playing” pretty late but James’s game was somehow even more passive than Nicole’s. This will hurt his chances but on the flip side of that, he’s got barely any enemies as a result.

  • Da’Vonne: Nicole
  • Zakiyah: Nicole
  • Bridgette: James
  • Paulie: Nicole
  • Michelle: James
  • Natalie: James
  • Victor: ?
  • Corey: Nicole
  • Paul: James

Day said she just might have to give Nicole her vote and up against James seems like an easy case to make that happen. Zakiyah doesn’t have anything against Nicole and just like in the last case I think she’ll vote with Paulie.

Bridgette probably won’t be happy with either choice but if she’s good again with Natalie then she could vote for James as an extension of that friendship. Michelle, same as before, there’s no way she votes for Nicole, right? Give her vote to James especially since she went out while aligned with him and Natalie.

Speaking of Natalie, that one is easy. She’ll obviously vote for James. Likewise, Corey’s vote is a gimme for Nicole.

Now we’ve got Paul and Victor. Paul warned Nicole last night that she’ll lose his vote if she flips on him at the last minute after their week of deep promises to the contrary. He said he won’t be able to respect her game and it would mark poor Jury management to me so I don’t take that as a personal move especially since he said if she needs to do that for what’s best for her game then just don’t blindside him with it.

So Nicole can vote him out and not lose his vote unless she does it in a way he can’t respect for game play. Would Victor be willing to forgive Nicole’s betrayal after this much time or would a backstab against Paul tear open that freshly healed wound for Victor? She could end up losing both of those votes and the game if she blindsides Paul.

Although both the Vets played an effective game to reach the end I don’t think either James or Nicole played a “great game” as both worked so hard to “lay low” and I think that goes back to their trigger shy caution of being a returning player. Both were scared to repeat their mistakes of the past, just like we saw a much more reserved Da’Vonne, in the main game at least, and we got a shadow of their potential here.

However, despite all that I think Nicole gets the edge for her game over his and will beat out James in this F2 match up to be the winner of Big Brother 18.

Now on to the AFP predictions plus a stack of polls for all the F2 possibilities.

America’s Favorite Houseguest:
As for AFP this season, James now says he was told all of the F3 are also eligible (after previously saying DR told him they weren’t, so who knows) which puts him in the running to win this. Nicole was in the Top 3 of her season and James won AFP his season. Both started with a major leg up in the battle for America’s Fav HG which I think is horrendously unfair to the newbies and they should have been part of something else for a smaller Fav Vet award instead.

Victor took a big lead over James (2nd) in our AFP poll here, but last year I believe JMac won our poll and lost to James. I’m going to hope for Victor winning it but am expecting James to get this win again. He’s been playing for it all season and probably pulled it off this time too.

So what do you think for all of these potential wins? Who gets R3? Who pulls off the BB18 victory? And who becomes the new Fav HG? Share your thoughts below and vote in our polls as well.

Join us back here at 9:30 PM ET for our live coverage of the Big Brother 18 winner reveal at the finale!


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  1. Great write up, really puts it in black and white what the jurors are thinking and whom they will vote for. Paul for the win!

    • No, it doesn’t. It just puts it in black and white what Matt THINKS will happen, not what the jury’s actually thinking. We won’t know that until the Dr. Will segment. And even then, the show’s not gonna tell us everything.

  2. Da and Bridge both told Vic to get James out. I don’t see either of them voting for James. In saying that..I see both Da and Bridge voting for Nic whether she is against Paul or James.

    • Amazingly, Michelle would still vote for Paul to win despite calling her a c**t, because Nicole actually had the nerve to evict someone who was coming after her and attempted to blow up her game in front of the entire house at least twice.

      • amazingly, she was a c word and anyone who wouldn’t vote for someone based on this wholly misinterpreted word, that does not mean what americans have ascribed it to mean (and if it did, what is the defference between calling someone that or twat or pussy? how is the c word somehow worse if they mean the same thing to you?)nis also, a c-word.

      • I have 2 sisters they would absolutely kill me if i even thought about using either c or t. If someone used it on them regardless of where they’re from they’d cease to exist

      • The c word is the most disgusting word there is. I would not even call my worst enemy that name..let alone stand by as someone said that to another woman.

      • That’s pretty ethnocentric of you. Words may have different meanings or degrees of harshness depending on where they are said, but that doesn’t mean those meanings aren’t valid.

        Paul said what he said and he knew the implications of it. It’s alright. People make mistakes. I’ve long forgiven him for it and was rooting for him to win. That doesn’t mean I need to make up silly justifications for him, though. We all are responsible for our own actions.

  3. It’s been such a long road that I still can’t believe we’re actually trying to predict who will win here.

    However, as much as I would say we can expect a bitter jury, I can’t shake what Dr. Will said about his time with them. That the HGs he expected to be bitter weren’t. This, to me, is about Michelle. All we’ve seen of her in the jury segments is a continual bitterness towards Nicole. Could it be that, being the self-proclaimed “super fan” of the season, she actually does see that Nic was just playing the game? Or am I totally wrong and was he referring to someone else entirely?

    Either way, I’m sure our assessments of what’s going to happen will be more clear once we’ve seen tonight’s jury discussion with Dr. Will.

  4. Agree with your votes except Michelle’s. I think she votes for James if he’s F2 but votes for Nicole over Paul. She hates Paul more. Especially after the huge fight before she was evicted.

  5. It also points to a pre-season alliance between Nicole and James, doesn’t it? It’s not like they didn’t say that wasn’t true many times throughout the season or anything. Because they did.

  6. Anyone else getting anxious for the finale? I’m getting nervous like I’M the one who has something on the line lol

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  8. Totally agree with Matt! Here’s to hoping that Paul and Vic win tonite. They really deserve it.

  9. Hi, everyone. I’m sick :( not contiguous to the forum. I could not wait for tonight team Paul for the 500k team Vic for AFP

  10. IMHO it was dumb for Paul to take Nicole and it cost him $450k. James was the person to take for both of them. While I like James, he didn’t do half as much as Paul and Nicole did in the game and the jury would’ve seen that.

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