‘Big Brother 18’ Live Feeds: Paul Warns Nicole – Betray Our Deal & Lose My Vote

We are getting down to the wire on Big Brother 18 and we’ve got some last minute drama as Nicole Franzel scrambles to decide her path ahead in hopes of reaching F2 and winning Big Brother. Last night we heard her whisper a new plan to take James over her deal with Paul, but now Paul has let her know the consequences if she does make that move against him.

Paul Abrahamian warns Nicole Franzel on BB18

For days now it looked like Nicole was going to make a potentially bad choice and take Paul over James if she won R3 during tonight’s Final HoH competition. She’s been promising Paul up and down they’re together til the end while warning James she wouldn’t take him. But will a last minute flip on that decision hurt her even more than taking Paul?

We’ve already fully detailed out Nicole’s overnight talks where she revealed in whispers her true plan appears to be for her to cut Paul after Round 3 if she has the chance and head on to the end with James. Nicole has avoided letting James know to keep him unprepared and she thinks she has a better shot at winning against James though believes she’ll need Paul’s and Victor’s votes to make sure she does. That may actually be in jeopardy if she makes the move she’s been detailing.

Paul and Nicole have been on endless loops for days now as both promises the other they’re going to take each other to the end. In Nicole’s whispering she said she doesn’t think that is Paul’s real plan, but I do think it is. She’s using this to free up potential guilt from flipping on yet another Final deal.

When Paul and Nicole sat down again last night for another round of assurances Paul made it clear to Nicole that any last minute reveal of decisions to cut him in favor of James could be very bad for her chances.

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Paul is telling Nicole he had been getting worried that maybe she’d ditch their deal and Nicole says she has the same worry. Paul jokingly offers to make a blood pact and shake on it to show how committed he is to their arrangement.

Nicole, referencing the chance of Paul taking James instead, says, “it is what it is. It’s a game. It’s a game so…” but Paul cuts her off. “No, at that point [if she cut Paul] I’d be like f**k you.”

Nicole continues, “I’m going to let you do whatever’s best for your game.” “That’s not what I’m doing. Don’t even say that because that’s not what I’m doing,” says Paul. Red flag, Paul. GIANT red flag here. Paul continues:

“At that point, right now, I’d be very hurt. I personally would be very hurt by that move. I’d be like, I don’t respect that. If you told me before, just let me know, that’s different. Then you gave me a fighting chance in the end. But if you just straight up screw me over like that you would probably never hear from me again in my life. Out of straight up just you are not a respectable player in my opinion.

Because at that point, what benefit do you have stringing someone along then telling them ‘f**k off’. That’s the way I look at it too. If I did that, you’d be like ‘f**k you.’ I would deserve a ‘f**k you’ from everybody. I don’t make empty promises to people. What gain? What benefit? No benefit other than pissing you off. Correct?”

Nicole has been mostly silently listening with a few “uh huh” responses. She grimaces a bit at the end when he asks her to agree that there’s no benefit to such a blatant betrayal after repeated commitments between them.

Their talk continues on the next page…


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  1. After the jury pre finale vote has been cast, Production know where things stand and can “lead” Dingus toward the right decision. She has gotten this far with their help, why would they not direct her to the “promised” land? Conspiracy #336

    • Ah but an angry Paul with his ability to speak can have an impact on some of those jury members in the short time he will have with them. He does get to ask a question of the F2. All he has to say is that she once again made a deal as recent as the day of the finale and stabbed him in the back and she could lose some predicted votes. Would be interesting TV but I hope for his sake it doesn’t happen

      • I could see Paul standing up and bold-faced asking her “Hey Nicole, was it your plan to stab all of us in the back to get to final 2, or were you just lucky to be carried by Corey for most of the game?”

      • Oh me too!! I’m trying to mentally prepare myself if he doesn’t win lol… I don’t respect Nicole’s game play AT ALL, even more annoyed that she doesn’t take accountability for her actions – even to herself. All of the past winners/ great players who have been backstabby that I can remember have owned their game. Dan (his 2nd time) did, Evel Dick did, etc. They didn’t pretend they were just innocently happening to fall into the F2.

      • That was the issue with Vanessa last year. She played a great game but had no ability to own up to what she did and that is why I was rooting for Steve into that finale.

      • Totally agree – and the weird tears —> laughter —> tears AND laughter —> tears but no more laughter thing Vanessa did just turned me of from rooting for her

      • That’s one if the things I hated about her. I could respect it a little if she owned it. But she truly believed she was the victim the entire time when she was a bully. Made me sick.

      • That’s a great point, maybe that’s what bothers me so much about her. If she admitted some of this, I may not love it but I doubt I’d hate her this much. She either has selective memory or is lying to everyone, including herself. And since she’s most likely going to be in the F2, I hope someone makes her face that.

      • Exactly. But this is what happens when you don’t watch your own season of BB. Both her and James said they didn’t watch their seasons and I about collapsed on the floor. How do you not watch it to see your gameplay?!?!! And also to see if you can improve??? Are you that cocky and confident that you’re a “good” player?!?!!! I personally would watch my own season not to be petty about what people said but to see my own behavior and be accountable for anything I did or said that was bad or horrible AND especially to see if I could learn something from mine and everyone else’s gameplay. It’s just crazy to me.

      • I know I would watch because I would want to know what the world saw of me and how I was portrayed. Did I look shallow? Stupid? Unreasonable? Offensive? I could keep going.
        I get that maybe you don’t feel the need to watch because, hey, you lived it. But in my mind I would still need to know so I could see how people will see me.

      • 100% agreed! It would absolutely bother me to NOT watch. I would have to because they’re obviously edited so I would want to know how I was edited and portrayed.

      • Lol!! Absolutely! I’d go with messy bun for me since my hair won’t keep a braid in to save it’s life lol!!

      • I hope Paul and Nicole get to F2 and in Pauls speech he absolutely trashes Nicole’s gameplay to 500k. Perfect ending to an awful season

      • Agree to disagree :) I feel like there are so many different opinions this year as compared to prior seasons, from the feeders and forum readers to previous HG and all-stars. It should be a crazy night.

        If I were Nicole I would say that I anticipated having a target on my back as a vet, and laid low for most of the season. And I would say that I stayed loyal to alliances as long as I could do so safely for my game. That to me is a very fluffy and nice way of explaining what I think of her being a floater who was lucky to get with Corey (a strong player) and have enough big/ competitive personalities in the house to make them bigger targets than her.

      • I”m just not sure how the jury would feel about that. I would think it a strategic part of game play to lie, lie, lie until the voting commenced. If I was either Paul or Dingus at this point, I would definitely be lying about taking the other to F2. If Dingus can get Paul to believe(and vice versa) they have an F2 come hell or high waters and at the end, the winner of HoH takes James, who knows if that would be the winning or losing game move. I sincerely hope Paul is lying to Dingus, just not sure if he was “allowed” any other choice. We’ll see. Conspiracy # 341

      • Espciially since Paul has had no problem with lying to james. His double standards when it coems to lying and betrayal is hilarious. Nicole owes him NOTHING.

      • It sure would be nice for Dingus to take accountability for her actions and stop playing innocent to America. We know better. That is where I have a huge problem with Dingus.

      • That was the same problem I had with Vanessa last year. She just keeps playing the innocent little girl who did nothing to anyone. She owns nothing but yet she deserves to win.

      • Paul’s going to win Round 3 and end up taking Nicole after all. He doesn’t go back on his promises like James and it now seems Nic too! hahahaha He’s going to win the 500k too! :-)

      • Although there are differing opinions regarding what to do in the case of diarrhea. Some say let it “run” it’s course. Others say, medicate. We’ll see what the ER nurse thinks about the remedy. Will she Depends or will she Imodium? Tune in for the “run” down. hehe

      • If Nic has this hidden agenda to take James all along. Who knows, maybe Mr. Miyagi has a killer speech he prepared why he deserves the 500K.(i doubt it lol)..’no fear in his dojo’…”wax on, wax off”

      • Sure Jan. The possibility of James being prepared with a speech is nil. It will be filled with Nat, this isn’t my first rodeo, Nat, my gut told me, Nat, Nat, Nat……

    • so, here’s the thing, when they have the BB geriatric season and we’re on it, we will all lie when we do the pre finale vote to screw Grodner up, tehe

    • Again, Paul doing his thing to bully for a batter lack of words to get to F2 if he doesn’t win the final HOH. Why can’t anyone see that Paul has anger issues and I wonder where that stems from.

      • I understand getting to Final 2 but to more or less demand someone to take you is over the top but now since I am a day behind, look at what that got him. He should have won this season hands down. He made the biggest newbie mistake and he took the wrong person.

      • He may have anger issues but I feel this is a perfectly valid tactic to get Nicole to keep her word.

      • I hope she calls his bluff and when he whines about it calls out the fatc that he claimed that James was unowrthy of winning so he would have a chocie – vote for the unworthy ojne or voite for the one who ‘betrayed’ him. She owes him NOTHING but a knife in the back.

      • No that is not a valid tactic and it will never be a valid tactic. Would call it a valid tactic if I came at you the same way forcing you to do what I want in this game knowing it could cost you 450,000.00? (side note, I am a day late).

      • That strategy is not new. It’s been used all the time. BB/Survivor. “I won’t vote for you and campaign against you” and Nic received the threat well…I hope it works.

      • Apparently it back fired on him. Not getting to Final 2 but the 450 thousand dollar difference he just lost.

      • If Nic had won the final round she would have taken him. Not sure if it worked or not. Paul lost because he didn’t take James in F2. In his mind he could beat Nic, and it was closed.

      • He is playing for 500k, of course he is going to bring out the big guns. It’s called playing the game, not bullying.

      • AGAIN, there is a difference between bulling and playing the game with big guns. Paul aggressive behavior this entire season although it is his style, should not be tolerated.

  2. I don’t understand why this isn’t just assumed to happen every time. If someone I trusted cut me to take someone else after we had a deal, there’s no way they’re getting my vote. It’s just plain and simple not gonna happen.
    I love how Paul has gotten her into a corner here. She tried to make excuses and exceptions but Paul is not having any of it. Love that.
    Also how does Nicole not see how utterly dishonest and untrustworthy she is? Is she lying to herself or is she just saying things like that in hopes that someone will believe it? If it’s the former, I really want to see someone to sit her down and explain to her face why everyone calls her a snake.

    • If Nicole wins this HOH tonight..she will take James because that is what the future father of her children told her to do..if that does happen..Paul needs to not vote for her..I still think Vic would because he has a major crush on Nicole…I hate the thought of James being there at the end..in contention for 500K.

      • I honestly don’t see her winning this HoH though. She spent all her time with Corey and doesn’t know these HGs at all. She keeps saying she doesn’t know how the votes will fall for her, and I think that’s because she doesn’t have a clue about how these people think.

      • That’s been my thought ever since Paul won the first round! I was like oh he better win round 3 because he was the only one of them 3 that actually paid attention to the other HG’s!!! I just praaaaay that he doesn’t over think things and lose. Oh I would be so upset!

      • She doesn’t know how they’ll vote because she’s had a hand in most of their evictions. (Great gameplay). And she doesn’t know if they’ll vote bitter and personal.

      • I didn’t say you or she would need to be “besties” with them. But they did live together for weeks so it’s not crazy that she could have an idea about what they’re like or how they think. IF she had actually spent time with them instead of playing in bed with a guy who has the intelligence and personality of a bag of a pigeons.

      • She was with the girls for several weeks. Her and Michelle were very close until Michelle took things personal when Day got voted out and she didn’t know. Michelle like a child never got over it. Bitter and Catty.

      • I know everyone is calling Meech a big baby but I really don’t think that’s fair. Having emotions doesn’t make you a baby. And not liking someone you once trusted because they were not honest with you isn’t unreasonable.
        I don’t get why people villify everyone with feelings or opinions.

      • You think a guy built on coimps would vote for James another one who betrayed him over Nic the girl he has a crush on? L0LZ

      • I honestly don’t think Vic had/has a crush on Nicole….Ewww….Trying to stroker her ego [which she desperately needs] was a part of his strategy! He no doubt has better taste in women the Nicole!!!

      • I think the same thing. For sure, if he was aware of what has been going on in the bedroom all season, he would not wish to be seen as desiring anyone’s sloppy seconds.

      • Even Paul notice dhis buddy’s crush. Just because you don’t like Nicoel doesn’t mean Vic doesn’t.

      • Haha – you might have seen it in the live feeds when Paul & Vic were talking one morning, but they were both saying how much they missed women. I think it was like being a male prisoner, where ANYTHING looks good.

    • There are just a few BB season where Jury awarded the other HG because they were bitter with the other player. They still end up voting for the best gamer. One I can remember was Dan G vs Ian. I still believe Dan played a better game, but even that was a close fight. Both of them were great. Now, in this case, Nic vs James? idk..how can they justify awarding James the 500K…it’ll be hilarious if that happens. lol

      • I know most juries overall vote that way. But people who come in third can be a bit more bitter because it’s still fresh. Such as Vanessa last year voting for Liz.

      • LOL she was soooo bitter – and shocked. She deserved it though. The look on Austin’s face (sweet revenge) was priceless

      • Oh absolutely that was epic. I was pretty vocal last year about how much I hated Van so when that happened I was thrilled.

      • Yep, I agree Cy. Dan played a far better game than Ian in season 14, but he also bathed in blood that season as well. Another example is in season 3: Danielle played a far better game than Lisa, but b/c the jury was able to see her DR sessions they were bitter against her and voted for Lisa to win. As a matter of fact, I believe it was after that season where they started sequestering the jury. Isn’t that right?

        Anyhow, those are two examples where a bitter jury can definitely work against a HG. If Nic burns TOO many bridges, she might end up losing.

      • Lol – can you imagine James winning F2, with all the confetti on his head, still being like “but did I win AFP??”

      • Dan and Ian both played really well but in all honesty, given a choice like that where I appreciated both their gameplay, I’d go with the newbie every time for the win

      • For his sake I hope that he doesn’t come to the after party tonight. Meech really likes him and he would have to run from her all night. Bet she’ll be extra scary when she’s had too much to drink — tears and vomit, lookout!

      • Really? I see your point, but I really wanted Dan to win that one. It was cute that Danielle voted for him

    • I do not think Nicole can win against either option due to bad jury management. I also think Paul wins no matter what if he get to the F2.

    • She is lying to herself. She thinks she is the sweet little virgin that has wronged no one. I respect players when they have the guts to own their game, Nicole hasn’t come close to doing it all season long.

    • And Paul is a rat and James is a cockroach and blah, blah, blah. They’ve all lied, backstabbed, broke promises. You do realize they’re playing for 500k don’t you?

      • I do realize they’ve all been dishonest. That’s why my comment was about how she won’t acknowledge her dishonesty and how annoying that is.

    • Would you really not vote for someone who deserved to win just because that person made the best choice to put him or herself in the position to win? You’d vote for James just to be spiteful?

      • Possibly. I really think bitter voting should not be viewed so harshly. Jury management is part of the game. If you’ve played a game that pissed off most people in the game, that’s on you.
        Members of the jury get to pick the winner. They are allowed to vote how they choose. If they want to vote for who they would rather win instead of who “should” win, that should be their choice.
        I feel that players who look down on personal voters are bitter themselves. They know that they wouldn’t have gotten their vote and are upset by that. I know that’s just my opinion but I think that’s how things should be.

  3. Paul feels like he’s being a bit of a scorned teenager here. If Nicole (wins and) takes Paul she’s crazy. Paul’s done a lot more in this game than James has. It’s funny. This season has creaked by for me and now that it’s been a week since the last ep it feels like there’s no highlight to come. It seems like it’s a bit of a let down of a Season ender this year.

    • I’ve felt that way about BB for a long time. But I hold out hope every season it will change.

  4. I will not watch the show tonight but only because i will be at work. I have to DVR it. I will not check into this site for the results either because I kind of want to wait and be surprised LOL. I am sure it won’t go the way I like but then again this whole season didn’t do as good as I liked or wanted it to go. I will take a short 9 month reprieve and start a fresh next season and see how long my predictions last.

    • very mature Willie, we’ll miss you tonight. As for myself, I’ll be screaming at the broadcast if it doesn’t go the way I want it to … in other words if James gets anything, lol.

      • If James gets rewarded for his disappointing performance this season…I’ll be right there with you tr8pping, screaming my head off!!
        Well, in spirit at least. ;)

    • I’m just happy I won’t have to hear Nicole’s whiny voice – I hope. Knowing BB, if there’s an AllStars, she will be back

  5. Nicole shouldn’t care about threats. One vote doesn’t really matter and he won’t be able to convince Victor not to vote for her.
    he could be the deciding vote, but I think she has a good chance against James or Paul.
    I still want her out and Paul is stupid enough to keep her if he wins. Hopefully he’s smarter than he looks.

  6. Last night when she was in Tokyo and talking about taking James…I got sick to my stomach. Yes I know it would probably be better in her eyes, but I want her and Paul to be the F2. James is worthless and does not deserve to even be in the position to get the 50k. It would almost be better for Paul to win the final HOH. I truly think he would take her.

    • If she does go to the end with James, I hope he wins. The look on her face will be worth it. Haven’t been a fan of Nic and don’t appreciate her “game”, but her end game play has been horrendous, more so than usual. At this point in the game she should be able to read Paul and give him what he wants to hear. As usual we get the waffling, uh huhing nasal whining. Sick of it. Paul for the win!

  7. Nicole reminds me of a girl that goes out of her way to convince a guy she likes him as more than a friend…then dumps him coldly. She could have just stayed friends with him and left it at a mutual respect level. Along the lines of what Paul said, Nicole doesn’t have to be trying so hard to pull the wool over Paul’s eyes. She could just say “let the best person win” in round 3, and let’s both do what’s best for our game. But she can’t own up to that. I don’t respect that at all.

    • The worse part was it wasn’t necessary. She went out of her way to convince she was disgusted with James and she would never take him. I wouldn’t blame him for not giving her his vote and I hope he would be able to convince others to vote against her.

      • Totally agree – why did she have to talk sh*t about James to Paul? Why not, you know, just be civil and friendly with them both? She could have just emphasized to both of them that she was trying to determine jury votes, and basing her decision on that. They each could have told her who would probably vote for her over them…and that’s that. She made the game personal.

      • Hmmm….good thing she wasn’t doing that a week ago. It could have hurt her chances for AFP lol (I heard somewhere that she’s in the running to win it – what??)

      • NO WAY….she has been extremely low on the polls all year so if she won AFP, everyone would know, THE FIX IS IN!!!

      • Same guy said “sometimes I just like to throw sh*t at the wall to see if it sticks” I know this to be a fact … Because it’s me! What can I say enjoy the show. Everyone was so sure on AFP just had to rattle their cages.

      • Just got back from confession the Father laughed then said ” go get yourself a nice steak and a couple of beers” then he said ” F Paul and Vic, Snacole and James for F2″

      • What polls are you following because she’s been in the top 3 all season. And she’s been number one on this site the last 3 weeks.

      • Oh please. the same exact thing. She should be playing tow in not to finish second to crybaby butthurt bully Paul.

      • That’s what I’m saying – she SHOULD be playing to win. No need for her (or anyone in the house) to be talking badly on a personal level about the other house guests. It doesn’t do anything to help her game.

      • Speaks boldly about her character. I have often felt nicole has a superiority complex which attributed to her inability to bond with anyone. She has repeatedly stated that she doesn’t want to have to deal with anyone from the hoyse but Coorreyy

      • She might regret that comment once she sees what Corey told Victor about his intentions with her outside of the house. It’s ironic that Julie Chen called out near the beginning of the game that Nicole had puppy love for Corey whereas he saw her as a little sister. I guess little sister with benefits anyways

      • I’m not going to makes excuses for Paul. He must have been feeling something prior to this statement that caused his outburst. Yes, he was wrong but I’d like to think he is not this bad. But again, speaks to character. None is better than the other.
        James – untrustworthy
        Nicole -untrustworthy
        Paul – Loyal

      • She has been civil and friendly to both of them. What has she said to either of them that wasn’t civil?

      • I also want to add: Even if she would have initially pissed off Paul by telling him last week that she wouldn’t commit to taking him to F2….Paul (before bonding with Nicole) would still do what’s in his best interest, even if that includes taking her. He’s not going to use that information against her to get her out of the house at a later date lol

        Well, she has been in and broken an alliance with them both…so let’s see what happens tonight

      • I was all for her going to f2 with Paul even with the chance that she might beat him but now I want it to be James and Paul. I’m getting bitter. lol

      • Oh I’m right there with you – I keep thinking it’s not healthy to feel bitterness and anger in my heart when I have never and will never meet these people in real life lol

      • And I’m thinking that this time tomorrow, I’ll have my life back, haha, because there is so much I have to do that I have let go the last few months. Life after BB.

    • Kind of like Corey trying to convince Nicole he liked her for his sexual pleasure just to dump her on finale night? And him dumping her on finale night so he can enjoy hanging out with all of the girls are Corey’s words to Vic in the hot tub on live feeds….not mine!!!

    • and i absolutely do not respect a pos that calls women c–ts and every other word is the f word ,i hope the pos gets knocked out by pissed of woman after the show and puts the a–hole in his place the arrogant ass.

  8. Fair is fair How do we know he is not gonna take James, I think they should vote first to let us know who they would take if they win! Then it can’t be changed because if I lost I would not tell anyone I was going to take James over you, It would be stupid!!

    • Worse case scenario for the sake of BB….the show is already struggling and this wouldn’t help them in the least having 2 people who stayed in bed and slept AND had extracurricular activities in bed all season actually win…not good for BB’s future!!!

      • Gotta give the boy kudos for patience. Gnat will be thankful for no videos of her sexing in up. Dingus will have regrets, I think.

      • however, if Vic had been interested I’m not so sure that Gnat would have been so restrained. So she should be thankful Vic wasn’t in to her and then she wasn’t in to James

      • I’m thankful that we as fans did not have to suffer through another sexmance. I would think Gnat’s family is, also.

      • I could honestly care less if they were somewhere private, but when people are behaving like that KNOWING there is a camera on them, they deserve all the public scrutiny they get.

      • I read on Jokers that Dingus was disappointed after they saw the family messages a few weeks ago because her parents didn’t say they were proud of her. Think she may find out why tonight when she has some alone time with them

      • I remember that. She also said her brother did not look happy. It wasn’t outright stated, but I took her comments to mean that she was thinking they were not happy with her behavior.

      • Goin to the chapel and their gonna get married going to the chapel o love! God i love a happy ending

      • “The show is already struggling.”

        Right… which is why it’s been renewed for another 2 seasons, plus the new BBOTT. Just curious, where are you getting your information about the ratings? Because whatever you’re reading is very clearly inaccurate.

      • But wouldn’t it be awesome if one of the best players this season won. Go Nicole. You deserve the win!

  9. I cannot think of a worse ending than Nicole taking James to final 2. Neither deserves to win. James is where he is by accident basically. He stayed out of everything while he pursued Natalie.

    Nicole hid behind Cory and he got evicted because he was a bigger threat. She spent the summer whining and chasing Corey. She may deserve it more than James but not because she played a great game.

    And one more thought. Remember the money deals James and Nicole got in trouble for talking about? What if she does take him? Did that deal have anything to do with it? If James wins and then spends money on Nicole and Corey its going to look really bad for BB.

    But, at the end of the day, Paul should be worried only about winning the final comp and the final HoH. That’s how he can assure himself of an F2 spot and probably the only way to assure himself of that spot. Nicole has broken more agreements this season then she can count and this last deal with Paul would mean nothing to her.

    • That’s how you play the game. You lie, backstab, break promises. They all did it and Nicole did it best. That’s why she’s in F3 and deserves to win.

  10. In life your word is suppose to be your
    bond. The inability to establish yourself as a truthful person will follow you through life. Nicole is laying the groundwork for her future to be construed as a dishonest person. I hope she realizes this game can have consequences on her future. It follows her even in a workplace environment.

    • Right. I automatically assume everyone who has ever played poker even once is a complete liar and that I can’t trust anything they say ever because they misrepresented the truth in a game where you have to misrepresent the truth to win.

      Any employer who bases hiring decisions on actions taken within a tv gameshow is such an utter imbecile that I wonder how they ever got in a position to hire/fire people in the first place.

    • wow….some serious thoughts in ur post…but its a game and Nicole (no matter how “snakey” she was) is gonna be fine. I don’t think taking James over Paul is going to mean a lifelong impact of woe and despair n her future ….Best of luck to all 3…I don’t have a favorite this season..

      • That’s a lot easier for you to say. You obviously don’t know the work force. No just know that I couldn’t trust someone who has portrayed themselves in this manner.

      • There has been 18 seasons of BB….Seasons 13 and 15 had HGs that lost their jobs due to their actions and certain statements they made.. Not because of who they chose to sit with in final 2..
        .I don’t recall any news stories that involved a HG in a final 2 situation that lost their job because of their chosen #2….The only place and time I think Nicoles choice is going to have an impact or be cause for concern is right here on this site…
        Best of luck to all 3…(no favorite)
        And my work history dates back some 48 years.. I am very astute in work force operations….lol

  11. she needs to tell Paul in no uncertain terms to stop threatening and bullying or be exposed for the a–hole he really is in front of the jury,i have hated that POS from day one and wish someone had ripped off the a–holes beard and wiped his ass with it

    • Paul likes to make those kinds of threats. He’s done it since the first week on the feeds, literally threatening to punch anyone who dared vote out his buddy Jozea.

      • I HATE THE POS ,and any other pos that would call a woman a c– thats how i really feel about him

      • My question was just a joke. Thats kind of what Laugh Out Loud means. But no I dont like how it has become so acceptable today to call women cunts and sluts on TV. I think it hurts all women to hear that buy shows little girls that they are words that dont matter when they do. If they cant use racial slurs because it hurts an entire people than why is it okay to hurt ALL women.

      • well here is 1 65 yr old man that believe,s that NO !!!! woman should ever be disrespected ,i was raised to respect all women ,and if any male in our family did not we would get our arrogant asses kicked by either my mom or even worse by my dad

  12. Honestly, at this point in time, it’s all about doing what’s best for your game. It’s about the jury vote. Paul’s been playing this last stage of the game very personally, which isn’t necessarily the best way to get to the end. So while I’m sure he’ll make good on his threat, it would be marked as the vote of a bitter juror and not someone who is viewing this game subjectively (which is, quite frankly, how just about everyone votes once they’ve been cut at the F3, so Paul wound’t be the only one accused of making a move like that in this scenario).

    As for Nicole, she’s been flipping back and forth since that conversation, worried about where the votes are gonna fall. She wants to win, and at any given time, she comes to a realization that she can’t beat whoever she’s considering going up against at the end, so she tries to recount the jury votes and see where they’re gonna fall. Naturally, though, none of the F3 have any idea what’s been going on with the jury, so any calculations she makes are going to be off. But if this is how she’s making her choice, then it’s no wonder that she was still worried about it when the feeds went off for the last time on BB18.

  13. I sort of hope this is just an empty threat to ensure that he’s sitting in the final two chairs, since Paul has been going on for weeks about how little he respects James’ game. If Nicole were to take James and Paul were to deny her the win (which he thinks she deserves more, from what I can tell) just out of spite, I’d lose a lot of respect for him.

    • Paul was badgering Nic so hard last night on bbad it could of been taken as bullying. I would of walked if I were her.

      • All I see is a brat who uses bullying to his own end then calls any and every body else out on how they get what they want

  14. I hope Paul is just manipulating her, because if actually believes that nonsense he’s spewing then he’s an idiot. She should take whomever she can beat. Who cares if he talks to her after the game.

  15. I am wondering if Paul’s big secret is that he is actually a superfan and not a newbie? He sure plays the game like he knows the ins and outs of it, doesn’t he.

    • He sure does….Some of his conversations and remarks he made gave me the “He knows more about the game than hes admitting” signals…We will see…

    • That’s because he is smart. He is a newbie, I could tell by some of the things he has said throughout the season, things a superfan would never say.

  16. he is getting in her head to give her the ammo she needs to take james…if someone badgered me that kind of way i woulda gone all meech on him…you aren’t suposed to tell the truth when you’re fighting for 500k at the end of BB…you tell them what they want to hear…this…this is why vic should be in the final…this right here

      • i don’t like nicole not even a little bit, but it came off as bullying a female and i’m not feeling that at all…i don’t like seeing anyone bullied and i think up til this point paul using humor to get through the things he probably really did want to say made it less intimidating to the individual with whom he had the exchange, but i see this time differently it just doesn’t feel right maybe the week got to him idk but it doesn’t feel like the right thing to do…

      • Yep, and I think he is smart to tell her if she doesn’t take him she won’t receive his vote. Good for Paul, that’s my boy!

      • I’m good, just busy again. I’m happy for the winner, even though I think Paul deserved it more. Hope he cleans up his language if he hopes to garner any future big cash wins! Oy vey! :-)

      • I was glad I pre-recoded BBAD. Skipped a ton of MF and F me. What made it worse, James picking it up.

      • I pre-recorded it too, but after the finale I erased it altogether after reading about all the crap that went on between Paul, Nic and James. Wasn’t interested in watching it rehashed! LOL

      • I watched the ending one more time, couldn’t believe Nicole asking her mother how they presented her, I’m like, girl you were in the house. You know what you did.
        Nicole was on the talk today and said corey was going on vacation with her and the family. Ugghhhh.

  17. Hoping for a Nicole win. But one thing I’m really happy about is that Survivor starts and I won’t have to read anymore of these delusional comments about production rigging the game.

  18. Paul played a nearly perfect BB game…and then blew it with his strong arm approach in the end. Definitely cost himself $450k by not taking James. Dumb decision.

  19. well, finale proved that michelle is a petty moron….why were corey and victor looking at you like that and that awkward silence? cause you are an irrational idiot…….what did nicole do to you? paul called you a cunt and you still voted for him. did you have some kind of stalker love for hayden or something that you hate nicole so much?

  20. I was hoping they would have called Paulie out on all the crying he did. Hard to believe he is even related to Cody.

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