Big Brother 18: Who Will Win Battle Back?

Five will enter, but only one Houseguest will return from the Battle Back arena tonight on Big Brother 18. Who will emerge victorious and who will be sent back home?

Update: We have spoiler results for tonight’s comp. Find out who won Battle Back!

Battle Back Houseguests for Big Brother 18

With each competition presented as a duel between the first five outgoing Houseguests we’ll see four separate competitions and our sneak peek of what they’ll face could give us a clue as to who is already back in the game.

Yes, I suspect the comps have already played out and the HG is back in the house. Feeds are down until after Friday night’s show so they’re looking to hide the results that we’d otherwise see. Now we’ve got to play catch up.

Our sneak peek from earlier revealed that at least the first round of the competition would feature the Berry Balanced HoH comp. You’ll remember the HGs had to traverse a series of balance beams and move balls from one side to the other. Originally it was forty balls, but now it looks to be twenty and that’s with just one player instead of a team.

Let’s do a cascading bracket to predict who I think could get back in the game with the Battle Back twist. Caveat: I’m basing these decisions on the premise that they will all be doing the Berry Balance comp.

Update: We’ve got a new, extended look at tonight’s Battle Back comp and now I’m pretty sure all four rounds will be competing in this same challenge. Video added at the bottom.

Round 1: Glenn Garcia vs Jozea Flores
Glenn has been waiting the longest for this opportunity after just barely being beaten by Corey during the season premiere. Corey’s no athletic slouch which really says a lot for Glenn so I think he won’t be easily beaten.

Neither Glenn nor Jozea participated in the Berry Balanced comp, but everyone beyond them has so by the time we get to round two everyone should be even in experience. Seems reasonable.

I’m going with Glenn over Jozea on this one. Glenn is very capable and I think he’ll make safer choices during the comp so I’m thinking he’ll beat out a more “jump first, think later” Jozea.

Round 2: Glenn vs Victor Arroyo
Victor did very well in the original comp. Had James not thrown the comp he might have been able to pull off the win. Victor will not be easy for Glenn to defeat so I’m going with Victor on this one.

Round 3: Victor vs Bronte D’Acquisto
This would be Victor’s third time playing this comp (including the original HoH comp) and he could be on a roll going in to his duel with Bronte. Bronte did well in the original comp too, but I think she’ll be up against too big a challenge here. I’ll give this one to Victor too.

Round 4: Victor vs Tiffany Rousso
This will be Victor’s third straight comp if he makes it here and we don’t know how much time they’ll have had in between. Tiffany will be fresh and ready to go. I went back and watched her last performance in this challenge and she did very well with Corey before intentionally stepping off to clear the path for him to complete the comp.

I think it’d be close, but what the heck, I’ll give it to Tiffany. She’ll have more of a fire still lit in her than all the rest considering she’s the most recent evictee and that could give her the edge. But if Victor wins then I won’t be surprised at all and I expect him to be a strong contender in this.

Now what if this isn’t going to be the Berry Balance for all of them and instead just round one? Glenn and Bronte are smart people so maybe they could beat out Victor in a mental comp, but what’s the one comp Victor won? A mental comp where he defeated what thirteen other HGs? Hmm, maybe Victor is the best overall contender to return. Whoever it is, we’ll find out soon!

Who do you think will win his or her way back in to the Big Brother 18 game? We’ll watch all four comps during tonight’s special Friday night episode at 8/7c and we’ll be here on the site doing a live recap as it happens. Hope you’ll join us back here at 8PM ET!

Update: New video added showing what looks to be the Battle Back arena for all four comps:


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    • She flat-out admitted that she was not there to play just to party. Why would you want someone like that back in the game?

      • Because I think she’s pretty. And I would rather look at her wearing booty shorts, than Jozea wearing booty shorts.

      • I’m not so sure that’s necessarily true. Bronte has admitted that she suffers from major social anxiety, why would she subject herself to the BB house without some type of reward.

        She also talked at end about wanting to use the winnings to attend grad school.

  1. I am rooting for Tiffany to win, Bronte would be my second choice, then Glenn, then Jozea, and Victor is the last person I want to win.

      • I was shocked Tiff couldn’t even do ice cream challenge when it’s right there in front of her

      • Actually there is a difference. Vanessa was volatile and very aggressive. Tiffany cried a lot yes, but wasn’t given a chance just because she looks like Vanessa with brown hair.

  2. Well I hope tiffany wins and goes back in but I’m just not sure if tiffany wants to win and go back in. She didn’t seem to have much fight to stay in and sat back and let frank and Nicole do all her campaigning…just saying..I think the winner will be the one who wants back in the most and I think that is Glenn or victor or josea. I just don’t know if Tiffany or Bronte want it enough. I think Bronte was mostly at summer camp. But I am cheering for tiffany

    • Bronte flat-out admitted that our only goal was to get ti jury so that she could make the money to go to school and get paid to party all summer in the jury house.

      I think that is BS. There are a lot of people who would love to be in that house and would actually play the game, myself included. People that waste this opportunity and just want to turn it into a summer camp party experience, I have no respect for. That is selfish as hell.

      If I went into that house, then I would go in to play.

    • The thing about Tiffany is that everyone looks at Tiffany and sees Vanessas so they want her out and I don’t see that changing. Unfortunately for Tiffany she’s not her sister and has only won 1 competition so unless she sudden gets good at comps even if she gets back in the house she will be voted out again.

    • I’m I the only one who noticed that Tiff seemed less than thrilled with the idea of returning to the house when Julie broke the twist to her?

      She was shocked by the possibility, but as Julie continued to explain the process it was as if you could see Tiff thinking, “Yeah, no thanks. I’ve had enough of that torment, I’d like to go home”

      Can’t blame her myself, she had a tough go in there.

  3. For the 1st time in history I feel like a returnee comp is justified. None of the 1st 5 really got to play the game since they were stuck in teams and never had much control of there own game.

    The game really starts after re-entry

  4. Tiffany obviously has the best chance to return to the house as she only has to win one competition, but if every competition is the Log Challenge, Victor should take it hands down. I would be legit shocked if he couldn’t beat everyone in that specific comp.

  5. Hopefully not Tiffany or Jozea.
    Tiffany will beat Bronte, but not the others.

  6. Yeah the team twist was an epic failure and it unbalanced the game horribly. At the most it should have only lasted 2 weeks. Or the winner should have been able to pick only one member of their team to be safe that week. Or something. Anything other than what it was.

    That being said, I just hope that this competition isn’t too stacked in favor of Tiffany.

  7. I would be happy with anyone but Jozea. Not wild about Victor either, but cannot stand Jozea.

    • Agreed. Cannot stand Jozea and not overly impressed with Victor.
      Given how sweet and gracious Bronte was with Julie I actually wouldn’t mind seeing her back – just on account of nice:) She’d be well positioned to go far in the game on back in the house ‘cuz no-one would really view her as any kind of threat. She could then lay low as much stronger and more threatening HGs are evicted week after week.

      • I’ve actually now changed my mind about Bronte because apparently she said she’s not really interested in playing the game, she just wants to make it to jury so she can goof around all summer and get paid for it to cover her schooling.
        They should only allow serious contestants in the bb house – people who are there to play the game and are serious about winning.
        I think I would like to see Glenn back in the house now.

      • That’s why I didn’t want her back. I can’t believe with all of the people would would kill to be in BB, she actually would say OUT LOUD that’s the reason she’s there. Some people just don’t get it.
        I wouldn’t mind seeing Glenn—only because I think he actually beat Corey and we didn’t get to know him. But after the way Tiff was treated, I want her back.

      • yeah I wouldn’t mind seeing some poetic justice be served by the return of Tiff – I actually like her and think she was treated very unfairly – but I just can’t handle the constant crying and emotion. Although I must say I found Nicole’s crying jag over Corey in the DR much more obnoxious – haha.

      • I’m so disappointed in Nicole. I didn’t see her cry in the DR…I heard about it though. I REALLY thought she had a shot at winning this thing. She learned nothing and it makes me sad. And mad.

      • yeah none of the girls this summer have any game. Tiff seemed to have the fighting spirit but she just couldn’t keep her emotions in check. And Nicole’s performance in the Diary Room was stomach churning. Sad.

  8. I really hope Glenn wins. He was not voted out. He never really got the chance to play the game. I feel anyone else that would be brought back in, except Bronte, would be the first right out the door again. I don’t want to hear her voice though.

    • Yeah I’m starting to think the same way – Glenn would be my choice as well.

    • I hope Glenn comes back and doesn’t get Jodied. Because he seemed to have a lot of potential as a player.

  9. Glenn because they should have listen to him during the first competition.

  10. I hope for Glenn because he was not voted out by the house, and lost in a photo finish. Supposed spoilers on the Jokers site say Josea won, but take those with a huge grain of salt.

    • If you go in at look at the pic of Jozea and Paulie it was pre Paulie hair cut. IMO just rumours .

      • speaking of Paulie’s haircut, WTF?!!! He’s a good looking kid, but that Paul-like modified mohawk does not suit him at all. Painful to look at actually.

      • IMO Paul and Paulie are in a bromance. Paulie also has a beard. Not sure if he is trying to look like Paul or not. Just saying

      • haha – I think you may be right!!!
        as weird and/or inappropriate as this might sound, Paulie could do SO MUCH BETTER than Paul! If he’s looking for bromance, I’d say Corey is more his type….haha:)

      • I think Paulie and Paul now look like the Lollipop Guild from the Wizard of Oz , especially with those cute little shorts and suspenders from the previous competition…….

  11. Sadly or gladly (depending on their gameplay), either tiff or victor will be back in all probability. If Victor does come back, i hope he learns from his mistakes and shakes up the house

    • Victor’s just not that bright – remember how he went running to Paulie, his arch-nemesis, about winning RoadKill? If Victor does return, methinks it will be a quick in-‘n-out….

      • haha. kinda like Day telling James that she’s gunning for the showmance couples. hoo gurl these peeps just ain’t that bright!

  12. Tiffany coming back would Really throw everyone for a loop ! She would I personally think put a lot of people on edge ;)

  13. Rooting for Tiffany to come back to bring drama and hopefully, if she wins HOH, put people on the block like Paulie and Zakiyeh! I think even if she lasts just 1 or 2 weeks, if she is able to evict one of these guys, it will change the dynamics and alliances and force people to play! For that reason, drama and to put pressure on people to play the game, I hope it is Tiffany!

  14. According to a post by Heavy Entertainment, Big Brother stated the battle back comps line up lIke this:
    Round 1: Glenn vs. Jose
    Round 2: Glenn vs. Victor
    Round 3: Victor vs. Bronte
    Round 4: Victor vs. Tiffany

    If that’s the line up, then it must be a battle between Victor and Tiffany in Round 5.

    I’m so hoping Tiffany wins. However, with Victor having a warm up game plus being a better comp winner, he may very well re-enter. If so, he’ll go right back out cause his boy has a new Master: King Paulie!! The only one who stands a chance of stirring the pot with some HG on their side is Tiffany.


  15. It’s funny that people want Tiffany back in the house, considering nobody liked Vanessa

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