‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Who Was Voted Out Last Night & Who Won HoH

We have your results of who was voted off Big Brother 18 last night and what happened with the anticipated blindside and tiebreaker vote leading us in to a critical HoH for the Final 6 HGs.

Julie Chen with Week 10 noms

We were watching as the remaining Houseguests decided between voting out Michelle Meyer or Paul Abrahamian as the outgoing HoH Nicole Franzel prepared to step in from the sidelines. One of them would be walking out the front door and off to Jury.

Ready to find out who was voted out and who takes control next? Here is our live recap for Thursday with the latest BB18 results. You can download our Big Brother App, find us on Facebook & Twitter, and get our Email Updates so you never miss anymore Big Brother spoilers all summer.

Alert: New season of Big Brother starts Sept 28th! Seriously! Details on Big Brother Over The Top.

First up we’ve got the vote and Paul is feeling good while Michelle has been worrying though not enough to ask Nicole, Corey, or Victor even once this week. It’s amazing, sad, and true.

Big Brother 18 Week 10 Votes:

  • Victor votes to evict: Michelle
  • Natalie votes to evict: Paul
  • Corey votes to evict: Michelle
  • James votes to evict: Paul

It’s a tie! Nicole needs to break the tie and she votes to evict… Michelle!

Michelle gives a long talk as she walks out the door attacking Nicole. Nicole responds, “see this is why I had to evict you.”

Spoilers suggest we’ll get the chicken wire & egg competition tonight which hopefully converts to an online endurance competition like we got last year. If that happens then make sure you’ve got your Live Feeds ready to go because everyone will be in overdrive to secure safety for their side.

Yes, it’s the chicken wire comp and HGs have to work eggs across the mesh then aim them down a ramp to take out letters H O H then there’s also the chance to make sure you’re not a Have-Not by getting an egg in a special basket.

We have a dedicated post to tonight’s HoH comp here with live results.

Big Brother 18 Week 11 HoH comp:

When tonight’s episode ends we’ll be racing back to the Big Brother Feeds to watch the fallout! Join us on there with the Live Feeds’ Free Trial & see what the fun is all about.


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  1. I wish CBS would set some alarms off when Michelle walks out the door and have a security guard standing there to check her bag

  2. I thought Christmas Corey’s edit yesterday was amazing. lol They did it to this tall, blond, good looking jock that Nic loves. Corey looking at the reindeer,..”Wow..that would be fun to ride” .It’s like watching BB on acid. ha!

  3. I really hope Nat wins this one. I think being aligned with James has been terrible for her ability to think through others’ actions. Though she does seem defeated right now, so who knows

  4. As of this afternoon when the feeds went down Michelle still said she wasn’t going to talk to Nicole. Blindside maybe???

  5. Christmas Corey reminds me of Shane..”right…aha..absolutely..right..Corey, you’re full of sh*t…”right..right..aha..lol

  6. Really shocked they were able to take last night’s footage and splice it into tonight’s episode. Usually anything that happens on Wednesday isn’t shown until Sunday

    • I haven’t posted in some time and I’m late, but OMG I love Victor and so happy he got the $5,000. He was so emotional when Corey gave it to him.

      • Wasn’t that a great moment? I love this guy!
        Have you been OK? I’ve been a little worried that you haven’t been around. It hasn’t been due to your health has it? I’m hoping it’s been because of the lackluster cast and interference by Production! Whatever the reason, it’s great to see you. :)

      • Never thought you would be on, but yes so happy to see you too. I’ve been watching carefully and cheering for a F2 of Vic and Paul with Vic for the win. I haven’t been posting for a variety of reasons, some to do with my health because I end up falling asleep which I haven’t ever done during BB season, but my energy hasn’t been there and just can’t seem to keep my eyes open so just like now I’m behind. The good news is that I just went for my huge test and received good news so I feel a whole lot better about that. Another reason is I am still having issues with this site which I think we talked about before. I still don’t know why I just have a hard time reading or commenting on here so I usually just give up because it takes so long to post. Also, we are having our MB remodeled to make things easier for me so have had a stream of people working in the house for the last 7 weeks while I try to keep my little toy poodle amused instead of chasing the workers around trying to show me that she is protecting me. lol I just left a long response to Jackson which is below and who asked who we wanted to see win. I gave all my reasons of who I wanted and why so if you get a chance you can read that there and I won’t repeat it again here. I wonder what your thoughts are? Again, so glad to get a chance to talk with you again and thank you so much for your concerns. Means the world to me. :)

      • So glad you got some good news!! I actually did too…only downside, is that I’ll have to go to Dallas to have things taken care of (I’m in Michigan), but it will be worth it!! Probably won’t take place for a few months, but I’ve waited a loooong time, so a few months more is nuthin’!
        Can’t believe you’re still having trouble posting. Captain hasn’t been able to help? When I had that trouble, it almost drove me out of my mind. ;( I’ll read your other comment…
        I’m hoping for P/V for F2, but I really think Vic deserves the win ONLY because he’s truly the ‘Comeback Kid.’ Paul’s social game has been phenomenal though, so…it’s really up to the jury.
        If I don’t see you again, take care of yourself! It’s been wonderful talking with you. Hopefully, I’ll see you next year and both of our computers will allow us to post AND the cast will be much more fun.
        Again, take care!

      • So sorry I never saw this and just now got an email with the post. Didn’t realize you were in Michigan and whatever you have to go to Dallas for just know I wish you only the best and you will be in my thoughts and prayers. I agree with you about Vic and just hope he doesn’t get messed with again. I will try to write more when I see you post again. Right now I can barely type on this site so will try on another update and hopefully it will be a better experience than what is going on now. (((HUGS)))

      • Thanks, Sweetie! Hugs right back at you! Don’t worry about writing back…I know how maddening it is. OK? I know you’ll be thinking about me, and I’ll be thinking about you. :)

  7. I wonder if this HOH comp will have a luxury prize attached to it, since they haven’t given away a day out of the house yet this season? Last year it was Liz and Vanessa who went to the Ariana Grande concert(Although I would consider that more of a punishment than a prize-ha, ha!). Hmmmmmmmm.

  8. Might explain why Nat was into Vic….Latin connection, makes sense. Also looks like BB is trying to put their support behind Vic if he’s getting a video package now.

    • Victor winning would be a nice survival story. Next would be Paul. I would be disappointed if the others won, but not that angry.

    • I want Vic and Paul for F2 with Victor winning because he needs the money more than Paul. It’s not the only reason I want Vic to win – Vic had to battle back into this game like no one before. The two of them stuck together through everything and I see them like brothers. I’m sure either one would be happy for the other one to win, that’s why I think Paul would agree Victor needs the $500,000 more than he does. Personally, I wouldn’t be happy if anyone, but these two guys were at the end because they worked far harder imo than Nat who I find fake and hooked onto to James to get as far as she did, James who really thought more about the girl and was always happy to win AFP over the game and Nicole and Corey who imo didn’t have to play while under the protection of Pauli. They were very happy to sit in bed most of the game doing what they wanted and just recently decided it was time to play the game. jmho

  9. The loved ones segment was a nice change, love to see the family of the players. Anyone know where Meech’s mom is from?

  10. OK, not that I didn’t already love Vic, but after the home videos and this segment, I now super duper love him. I see BB is getting behind him.

      • I love when they show the families. I have been waiting all season. We saw Paul and Victor’s. I don’t think they will show anyone else’s.

      • They did show video clips of everybody’s family. They just did another segment just on Vic. But, yes, I do like the family segments.

    • Because they know the HOH comp won’t be resolved on tonight’s episode. Had a feeling its the egg comp

  11. It was nice seeing James’ daughter but Victor’s reaction seeing his parents, priceless….. made me drop a tear.

  12. Michelle should’ve done campaigning like that all week. She might still be in the game if she made that argument but she didn’t do anything until now

  13. Thank God! So long, Michelle! Will not miss you in the slightest.

    I absolutely LOVE Corey’s dog and Paul’s cat!

    • Haven’t seen the show yet, but she told James in the live feeds last night she was going to “blow up Nicole’s game”! How? Nicole has never had word one with Michelle. Perhaps, this is why Michelle hates her so much? IDK. Ugh. This girl…she is not a super fan, she is a super stalker and when someone does not give her the required attention to feed her delusions her love turns to hate! She once told Nicole she made a video of Nicole’s season 16 entrance on the BB credits with the same dress and everything! It’s just stalker scary! She told Frank some creepy stuff too…which had him running the other way! Hmm, wonder why?? So so so so glad to see this super stalker (fan) go.
      Jeez, I’m not sure even Paulie deserves Meech at this point…

  14. Michelle is a mess. A serious basket case. I wasn’t even impressed by her “blowing up” Nic’s game.

  15. Your last input Michelle, you haven’t had any input the last 3 weeks, it is about time you woke up and quit eating, too late though!

  16. I will miss Michelle. The minute she mentioned going after Victor I was happy that she was leaving.
    Paul was still butter kissing her to get her jury vote and she stole Pablo.

  17. Bye bye Meech. But I hope that James or Nat wins HOH and James feels the blindside and goes after NiCorey. Nicole needs to go next. She is annoying

  18. The egg comp takes gentle and small fingers without being so small that they can’t hold the egg. I don’t think this is Corey’s comp. Of the rest . . . the height of the arc might be an issue for Nat. Vic and Paul looked pretty steady, and James was looking a bit out of his groove.

  19. Didn’t someone say Natalie was coming after Nicole? I would almost hope she wins but I know production would get in her ear again. I’m hoping James goes

  20. All I have for watching Big Brother is CBS All Access Live, so football has ruined my night. I’m bummed over it.

  21. This has nothing to do with tonight’s show, but—what happened to the pretty beach balls and the little rubber ducky that used to be in the pool? I hate those log floats. The rubber ducky is iconic to this show.

  22. What did Michelle tell Nicole? I couldn’t understand anything. It sounded like she was cursing a lot.

    • They may be fixing the game to choose whomever they want to win and don’t want the viewers to see that.

      • I just wonder if their contract says that the producers could pick whomever they want to get the HOH or veto for that week and that’s how is going to be. The losers have to drop the eggs if they asked them to.

    • I don’t understand because we got to watch it last year. They’re blocking too many HOH’s.

  23. Why am I still seeing BIg Jeff…what in the heck am I paying for..this has happened more than once this season.

  24. I am not suppose to hate anyone but Nicole becomes very close! I can’t stand her, I like her in season she played in but this I can’t stand her in! All she does is stay in bed a rub on Corey and she has lied to all of her Vets she was suppose to in aligns with! I hope James wins comp and puts her and Corey up!!

  25. Did you guys hear what I heard, Meech said on her way out of the house that Dan Geesling is her cousin in law. Do you think she’s telling the truth?

  26. Well, it’s been a long day so I’m gonna curl up with my kitty and call it a night. See you all later!

  27. It seems like they may be trying to rig it. The BBNetwork twitter feed says that…

    “Eagles can drop from the sky and crush the eggs as you work them across. Yikes again.”

    I’m guessing that eagle can come at any time. For example when anyone but James or Natalie are about to win, here comes the eagle to their rescue.

    • Kind of thinking that too. But on the live show Corey was the only one with an egg on top and the eagle dropped a few times on his egg.

      • If that’s true, that makes me feel a bit better about it. I always cut eviction night short when I know for sure the HOH won’t be decided until later. Though I do record it on the DVR just in case.

      • I notice that Corey had his egg right there where the eagle was landing. I think he was trying to shield it with his fingers.

      • Thanks for the clarification! I fast forwarded my recording so I see what you’re talking about now. Seems like it could be a distraction like Cyril said… Especially for Corey! If he couldn’t handle the Christmas Veto’s distractions, he’s going to have troubles here too, lol

    • Apparently something was said to Meech or James before the live show that she would be going home.

      • I expect that Production was afraid Big Meech might go Ape$hit on live TV if she wasn’t warned.
        Not that it stopped her…

      • Oh I think she knew long before that. She said Paul looked too confident and she was right, but she did NOTHING to change that. I mean hello?? She never even talked to Nicole about her vote. She told James Nicole should come downstairs and tell *her* (Michelle) which way she was voting!!!! SERIOUSLY?? Michelle, what BB game have you been watching?? When has any HOH come down and explained to their nominee which way the vote was going??!! Get a grip! Better yet, get a life..one that does not include BB!!

  28. Brrring brrring…
    Oh hey Frank.
    Yeah sorry your girl didn’t win?
    Oh wait? Michelle isn’t your girl.
    Oh wait you’re not into the catty type?

    *looks at camera*

      • Ok. Didn’t like him much either.
        Boogie replaced Will with Frank and they did the same thing.

      • How could you not like Will & Boogie and Chilltown? They played the game with perfection. Each week Will had someone else do his dirty work for him and the only reason he went home in the F4 was because Janelle finally got a clue and booted his bum! IMO, Janelle was the comp beast in that season, but Will was the master at social games. I mean c’mon…you cannot look at BB history and not think Chilltown…

      • I hated them.
        Frank and Boogie are no Will.
        Will is one of the greatest players in BB history, but I couldn’t stand the way he played. I hated Derrick and he is in the top best as well. I root for the people that get rid of the best players.

      • You know what season I would LOVE to see…???? Heroes VS. Villains. On one side you have Team Captains Evel Dick and Dr. Will… on the other you have Jeff & Derrick… the nice guys… And you know what would be the best part…is watching Evel Dick and Dr. Will try and work together!! hahaha! Doubt it could happen. Most likely scenario, ED tries to take out Will, but ends up getting backdoored coz Will was already one step ahead of that game move! haha! Or ED takes out Will b/c WQill is just not evil enough! ;) Whatever happened, I know I would watch any BB season with those two on it together.

        What about anyone else…? Who would watch a season led by ED and Dr. Will?

      • Nooo…really? I loved Chill town, especially in season 7… Will & Boogie’s DR sessions were freakin HILARIOUS!! Yes, I know they were crass and they lied, but they were really good at it and isn’t that what BB is kind of about???

  29. Looks like everyone’s managed to knock down the O… well, apart from James.

    Corey and Paul both missed their shots and must start again.

      • Such stupidity. We know they exist.
        I hope none of that happens when I start paying for season 19. I want to see it all, even when they are preparing the backyard for a comp.

  30. Corey narrowly missed knocking out one of his H’s.

    Poor thing’s gonna have a bad back when this is over. Ouch.

  31. I want Corey, Paul and James to lose this game.
    Paul does flip flop each week, so he may be on the other side this week if he wins.

  32. Corey’s hit one of his H’s. One more to go.

    He’s also a Have this week, regardless of whether he wins or loses.

    EDIT: Oh, and I had to back up for a minute, so before Corey scored, Natalie was forced to start again when an eagle hit her egg. So they do cause damage.

    • Unless something’s changed (which I haven’t seen any signs of), then Jatalie and the Sitting Ducks are set to take each other out this week.

      • If the Meech vote was truly a blindside to James, perhaps Jatalie goes after Nicole. Wouldn’t surprise me

  33. Epic fail by Natalie as she tosses the egg up into the air. Why, you may ask? Well… uh… I have no idea.

  34. C’MON Vic!! Grrr! So hard…can’t see the comp coz live feeds shut me down, but I had to know…but this is so worse… ugh!! Please win Vic!

  35. I think Corey is set up to win this and they are lasting long to make it seemed as if it is not rigged. I just love to speculate when my faves are not winning.

  36. Nooooo… Please Vic… Please win this. I trust Corey not to take Vic out, but I really, really want him to be HOH~!!

  37. Victor misses yet again.

    These eggs have a thing about rolling right through the middle of the “H.”

  38. Corey hit his last letter and the egg just sat there in front of it. The letter didn’t even budge.

  39. Noooo…Vic cannot be a HN again. He needs to be HOH and regain his strength! PLZ BB Gods… Bless him!!