‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Who Was Voted Out Last Night & Who Battled Back

Want to find out who was voted off Big Brother 18 last night and which Juror won their way back in to the Big Brother game for another chance at the prize? We’ve got the results below plus details on the endurance competition that followed on your Live Feeds.

Julie Chen and the Week 9 nominees on BB18

We were watching as Corey Brooks and Victor Arroyo faced the eviction vote with just three decision makers entering the Diary Room but would they regret that choice when they discovered one of the Jury members was set to return?

Amazingly the vote may have flipped in the last few hours before the show after Victor & Paul executed a strong strategy to convince James, Natalie, and Michelle the two guys were now at odds and Paul was planning to work with Corey and Nicole. It was a crazy, crazy afternoon of Feeds. Read all the background details while we wait on tonight’s events.

Ready to find out who was voted out and who takes control next? Here is our live recap for Thursday with the latest BB18 results. You can download our Big Brother App, find us on Facebook & Twitter, and get our Email Updates so you never miss anymore Big Brother spoilers all summer.

The Round Trip twist is over and set to be replaced tonight with the Jury Battle Back twist with Da’Vonne, Zakiyah, Bridgette, Paulie, and tonight’s evicted HG facing off in what could be a mega endurance competition combo. We’ve seen both separate competitions for a returning HG and the combined events so we’re waiting to see which way this goes tonight. Be sure you’re ready to watch tonight’s endurance HoH competition starting at 10PM ET!

Live Endurance comp on Big Brother 18

“But first” we’ve got some voting to take care of so let’s see who will be sent out the door.

Big Brother 18 Week 9 Votes:

  • Nicole votes to evict: Victor
  • Paul votes to evict: Corey
  • James votes to evict: Victor

So James decided to not flip the Vote. Victor has been voted out again.

The game isn’t over just yet for Victor so let’s see how Julie reveals the news to these Houseguests. Victor has been anticipating the chance to come back while James, Natalie, and Nicole are convinced that won’t happen. I’m thinking Paul’s eyes are about to light up with this news.

Big Brother 18 Week 10 Jury Battle Back:
Julie reveals the Jurors will join the HoH endurance comp with the regular HGs. Longest lasting Juror will be back in the game. If he or she is also the last standing over the regular HGs than that Juror is back and the new HoH!

  • Victor Arroyo beat out Paulie Calafiore to come back!

CBS is holding off the final round of the Care Package voting until 3AM ET (12AM PT) so they’re anticipating this being a long comp and likely over in five hours. This is a dedicated group of HGs when it comes to these comps so I wouldn’t be surprised if we go that long.

Big Brother 18 Live Feeds featuring HoH endurance comp

Big Brother 18 Week 10 HoH comp:

When tonight’s episode ends we’ll be racing back to the Big Brother Feeds to watch the live endurance competition! Join us on there with the Live Feeds’ Free Trial & see what the fun is all about.


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  1. This is looking like it will be good. A last minute effort by Vic/Paul that just might work!

    • James and natalie are just 2 stupid idiot players who have just sealed there fate in the game

      • It amazes me that they are still worried about who will be on their side. PLEASE..there are only a few left…everyone is at most…a 2 person team. If they don’t get rid of Victor…they are done. How can you NOT get rid of the strongest player in the game when you have a chance? OMG…STUPID.

      • Weren’t the guy who kept saying that Natalie was going to be your wife? What happened? Lol

      • They are so stupid – listen to Nicole. I hope they both go next. James first.

        Victor – be the Victor in the buy back! Win it and walk back in and clean house. Not scrubbing the shower – James and Nicole out

      • I will laugh when she nominates James and Natalie. To me an HOH comp deal is something you should honor and James has broken that more than once. He deserves for it to happen to him.

  2. If I decide to try the live feeds from this site, do you get credit? I’ve gotten so much free info from you guys, that would be great.

  3. There’s a pic on twitter with our 4 present jurors in the green room at CBS with the same shirt. Think the outfit has something to do with the comp ?

    twitter dot com/JulieChen/status/768969184206163968

    • This is one where we seriously don’t know! If Paul pulls this off I am truly impressed. If Paul doesn’t, great effort anyways

      • Come on Victor!!! James grow a pair and vote Corey out. Nicole will be distraught and mad as he**

  4. I give Paul credit for at least thinking a strategy…that’s how you play the game.

  5. Seems like production thinks Victor’s getting evicted. They only showed last night’s discussion, not today’s.

    • My dad thought his shoes had no shoelaces and asked if he just got off suicide watch lol

      • Hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha

  6. He’s being such an ass to Bridgette when she had a close relationship with Frank so obviously she has no trouble with men in general.

    • By virtue of, up until the DE week, he was the only one actually playing the game.

  7. You know, I never agree with Da’Vonne, but I agree – it’s good to see there’s a physical difference between Paul and Paulie again.

    • Wow, Z was lit up. Paulie tried to say let bygones be bygones? Say what ! That’s right Paulie shove it under the rug. Don’t address the elephant in the room

  8. Oh, SHUT UP! Take you ball and your pies, cry-baby and go home—like you threatened to your entire last week in the BB house, you misogynistic, egomaniacal, DICK.

  9. Just watch. Next year, Bridgette and Paulie will be BFFs, just like Rachel and Ragan.

  10. We never expected a jury segment to be THIS awesome…

    BB finally knows how to edit a show!

  11. The man who pissed in a hot tub is saying a girl standing up for herself is not classy

  12. Ooooh..they’re giving it to him (Paulie)..America must be loving this scene! ha!..Keep going Paulie! Exposed who you really are. lol

  13. Shucks, he didn’t have her “trained” after-all. AND couldn’t put them in their place. Good for them for putting him in his place!

  14. It will be funny if we are here making fun of Paulie and then Paulie proceeds to win his way back…

    • I’d like to share a story to put into perspective how much he deserved it:
      Last year, my dad said (mostly jokingly) if given the opportunity, he would stab Vanessa in an alley. I asked tonight how much he hated Paulie compared to that. He was left speechless for awhile just shaking his head.

  15. Julie just sent it – Victor will get an “unprecedented 3rd chance.” Still not sure how I feel about that. It hardly seems fair.

  16. If I ever meet Paulie, I’ll try not to smack him (no promises!) And at some point randomly point and cry out “PAULIE! WATCH OUT, A BUTTERFLY” then run away screaming “EVERY MAN FOR HIMSELF!”

  17. Haha my dad just said Julie has less glitter on than usual…I shrugged and said “eh, less”

  18. Nice question, Julie. “Why get out a strong player and ultimately put the target on yourself?” Well, not exactly what she said word-for-word, but that was the gist of it.

    • BB also edits these videos so they’re not too nasty. Hence why we didn’t see Nat’s message to Paulie.

  19. omg. I’m taking a shot of Patron right now…Cheering for the guy Vic!..let’s go!

    • I kinda want him back too. It would be priceless. I was thinking Bridgette, then I think they will treat her bad all.over again, so nah. She doing good in the jury house.

  20. With the “messiah” gone, Victor and Paul really started to play the game. Victor was able to grow….

      • If you want Paulie back, then James should have voted Corey out. I’d rather not see any more of Paulie after tonight’s battle back competition.

      • Jamesie is kicking himself, either way! But then again, he probably thought the best person out would keep paulie out. That was not Corey. James thought it through

      • Us fans cannot split votes this year. A lot of casuals are going to vote for James or Nicole

      • I still am not even sure it’s the best move. The showmances are still going on and why not break up the other one. Also, can’t trust Nicole and Corey at all.

      • He’s mentally trapped in BB17. He’s only goal is AFP. I think he would prefer that over the win.

    • Not only does James deserve the credit for seeing through it, but it’s also the best decision to vote Victor out. Corey would have no chance beating Paulie (or even one of the girls) in an endurance competition, and Victor can (and hopefully will). James made the right decision, and he doesn’t even know it yet.

  21. Well, let’s face it. It was gonna take longer than a week for them to find their way towards anything mimicking normalcy in the Jury House.

  22. How about a chance to apologize to her. Who cares what is going inside of you! UGH!

    • He’s like the Grinch…his heart is 3 sizes too small…but there’s no Whoville for him to find redemption in…

  23. I actually agree with Paulie here. To win this game, you need show that you came to play!

  24. For those who don’t want Paulie to return… I truly think he doesn’t want to go back…

  25. The voting for the care package means CBS has to reveal the winning juror before the Sunday show right?

    • He’s already doing like he usually does with endurance comps, not really holding on tight. I’m guessing to confused the other HG to loosen their grips. Just guessing

  26. IT’S THE WALL!!!

    This comp is geared towards the women, because the men tend to have big feet, but remember that Judd won one similar to this in BB15.

  27. Oh WOW!..Scary for the HG’s haha..They’ve better win, or they’ll see one pissed HoH.

  28. James won this in his season…why would they bring this comp back….rigged much?

    • They bring it back in some variation every year.

      People, please, stop with the conspiracies. I know it happens every year, but still, enough is enough.

      • I’ve been watching since Season 1, I realize this is not the first time it’s been on…however, if a returning HG, has previously won it, it shouldn’t be played again….get some new comps. It doesn’t make it fair….this is just my opinion and I certainly have free speech…don’t need to calm down thank you!

      • Sorry, didn’t mean to offend. When I say calm down I mean it as a “maybe you need to think about this another way” not “shut up already”. Apologies if it came off that way.

      • Yeah, but to say that they’re bringing back a comp they use every single year since they installed it into the game simply because they want one HG to win?

      • Exactly. And on that note, I’m off to watch some “Barney Miller” re-runs. ‘night, Doll! Sweet dreams.

      • Imagine, if you will, reading the statements of “it’s rigged” in the voice of the most whiny HG you can think of.

      • You lost me there. It’s no big deal for others to express their opinions about everything that has been going on. This is the placed for that.

      • As I stated above: I’ve been watching since Season 1, I realize this is not the first time
        it’s been on…however, if a returning HG, has previously won it, it
        shouldn’t be played again….get some new comps. It doesn’t make it
        fair….this is just my opinion and I certainly have free speech…don’t
        need to calm down thank you!

    • Typically I do, too, but I just happen to like Victor and want him to do well i.e come back.

      • I want Victor to come back too…I just wish they’d stop with the returning jurors. There’s no ‘Expect the Unexpected’ in it.

  29. The ultimate prize of a returnee is to outlast the HG’s…that’s really big deal..Ok time to watch feeds…will update if I can…see you guys

  30. The fix is in. I repeat, the fix is in. The walk on favors James completely and James has always said that the wall Compass his favorite. Could it not be any more blatant? Could not be any more obvious? Could it not be any more fixed? Look at how they’re lined up: Paulie Victor Day Z Bridget – Paul Corey Nicole James

    The fix is absolutely in. Did I mention that the fix is in?

    I can’t imagine James not winning this unless he throws it. I don’t see how he would throw his favorite comp. Either way I don’t see how this is an attempted hand out to James, yet again protecting them, by production.

    Absolutely sickening.

    • They bring this comp back every year! Why is it only NOW that people are calling it “fixed???”

      If you think it’s fixed and are not enjoying yourself, don’t watch. Simple as that.

      • Please go back a couple of days and read the thread about James and Nicole. All the evidence of the cheating that’s been going on is there for you to read including a copy of the Big Brother contract itself that they are violating, and that CBS is literally protecting them from harm.

      • Vanessa did it last year. And production hardly protected them. They had Nicole talk to James in front of everyone.

    • OK, come on. Yes, production might be trying to help James out. But on the bright side should James not win he will likely be sitting on the block no matter who wins HOH

      • Because clearly you’re not up to speed on what’s been going on the past week or so. Please go back and read the thread about James and Nicole and their cheating ways. All the proof you need is right there.

  31. After watching UnReal, I believe Production has a way to fix things in their favor or based on comments or to create higher viewership.

  32. This is the best comp for the girls to win, but I doubt they could stand the cold, especially Nicole.
    Anyone could win this one as long as they hold on tight and don’t start trembling too much. Please Z and Paulie fall first.

  33. It’s On guys!..Paulie is shivering.. Paul is talking crazy/mental game…comp is brutal.

  34. This will be going on for hours. I’m tapping out and will check back in later. Please do continue posting spoilers! :-D thanks!

  35. So people think it’s fixed because it’s a comp James is good at, yet it’s not a coincidence that Victor is getting ANOTHER chance to go back in. This is terrible programming by BB…. once you lose that’s it, you should be done no second let alone 3rd chances….pathetic this show is reaching.

  36. Listen people, well some people…I’ve been watching this show since Season 1…this is a forum of peoples opinions, freedom of speech. Just because i may think a comp is unfair or continuing to bring back former house guests and even redoing comps that they won in their season is just plain wrong or looks fixed/rigged by production…does not mean I am going crazy, calling people out or need to calm down. This is my opinion and I don’t feel it’s right. Do I like the show, yes! Do i agree with what production does all the time in favor or certain players, no! Will I keep watching, of course….because it is a game and this forum is for us to debate and converse with each other…as long as I’m not degrading and being hostile and nasty, some people on here should maybe calm down, as I was advised to. Please, can’t we all just get along…lol

    • There’s no reason to defend your position, especially on such a benign topic. Keep doing you

    • When Freedom of Speech is involved, it doesn’t seem like it. No matter what kind of opinion you express, everyone is gonna attack it if they’re of the opposite opinion. Sometimes, it’s attacked for pointless reasons (just for the sake of argument). Other times, such as with the rigged argument, it’s just that we’re so tired of hearing it.

      • Who is we? Not everyone is we. You might not agree with it, but the one’s who do have a right to speak their mind. There are things that we all tire of hearing about.

      • That’s nice. Please feel free to block me. But I’m not going to withhold my opinion just please you. That’s not freedom of speech at all. If you don’t like what I have to say then don’t listen to it. By all means don’t respond to it. You have the right to walk away but you don’t have the right to try to censor me.

        I have the upmost respect for Big Brother Network and I am well within the rules and I’m not attacking anyone personally. I would never do that. But I do feel strongly about what I feel strongly about, and I’ve done my research. I just keep asking you to please go back and read that thread that spells it all out and even gives links, timestamps and proof. If you’re not willing to do that then you only have yourself to blame.

      • ditto….let the comp play out We don’t get many chances to see the comps in their entirety

    • That’s fine, just as long as you don’t use your opinion to tell other people that they’re not allowed to have theirs.


      /mic drop!

    • I read that Paulie is struggling. Thank goodness. I hope Paul stays a little bit longer.

  37. Corey and Paulie are struggling. Paul looks all right – not great, but all right. Nicole and Victor are looking good. James is crouched down and looking cool as a cucumber.

  38. Big Brother Access

    HGs talking about how they don’t understand what happened with Da’Vonne and Zakiyah- ask if it was planned. Bridgette says no. #BB18 #BBLF

    It is of my opinion, they enjoyed jury house and want to go back and continue…lol

  39. So we get to watch the boring parts of this competition but if something happens, they cut away? I would call that false advertising! Because they have so much integrity.

    • Bridget is down, Paulie almost fell and then they cut away fast because they thought that something exciting might be happening.

  40. I’m so sick of James I could scream. If Victor does not get back in and they gang up on Paul, there’s no reason left to watch because the remaining players have the brains of biscuits in a can.

    • What did Paulie tell Victor? to fall off. It says that Vic shook his head no. Is he insane.

      • What a classy guy, that Paulie! He expects Victor to throw he competition, a chance to enter the game, again?

  41. This comp doesn’t favor larger guys–so, given this group of jurors, Bridgette might have a chance–in fact, in the last wall/hand raised endurance comp, she and Da’vonne were the last two left when James won (and sent Frank home–no way she drops for James’ promises this time). I’m not sure about Paulie or Victor. The muscle mass might work against them, but they could pull through.

  42. Nicole is barely getting wet. They others have water blasted in their face and she just get sprayed

  43. Frank is literally the only one in this season who didn’t get a chance to play back in (besides those still in the house)

    He got evicted the wrong week!

  44. Nicole is freezing….if she knew her mascara was running like that she would jump anyway…

  45. Should have told the jurors that there were only going to be 7 jurors this season so the first 2 to drop would be going home. Now that might have made it a little more exciting.

    • Would’ve been an interesting twist – you got a shot to come back, but if you fail, then you go home and not to jury to party – which it seems that Z/day did

      • It was pathetic how they threw it. Poor sports. They shouldn’t even have a vote for that. Waste of space in the jury house.

  46. don’t think Paulies gonna last hes shaking like crazy…and can’t seem to get in a good position

  47. James needs to be quiet. I really hope he falls on his face.
    Victor should not let James get this one.

  48. Just noticed that James on the end is out of range of the spray which is going NOT at him and Nicole but BETWEEN him and Nicole. Nicole has sprays going over her shoulders with her safe in between. While everyone else has to take a direct hit.

    Also it’s just perfect for him to be able to stand up and then comfortably Crouch down regularly so that he doesn’t get sore. Everyone else is either Too Tall or doesn’t have the upper body to be able to do it. It’s simple physics.

    Watch for it. James can’t even contain his BS. He feels Invincible because frankly, he is. But not for the right reasons.

    This is my opinion and you’re sticking to it. ;)

  49. James is getting a little too cocky up there – that could cost him.

    Paulie does seem to be struggling the most, but Victor’s also shifted a bit too much.

  50. I think final 3 tonite will be James, Victor and Paul. And it will go for quite a while after Paulie/Nicole fall in the next 1/2 hour to an hour

    • Whenever they talk about the ones that dropped, we get fish. Not to mention the singing. You would think by now they would stop

  51. Just so everyone’s aware, I’m getting annoyed texts from my friends that Joker’s is having issues tonight.

  52. Don’t forget that Victor was on slop all week. He is probably not at 100% tonite like he was in the prior battleback

  53. Sprays are in a “V” over Nichole’s shoulders and James only has to lean a little bit to the right to duck his.

    All others are taking it to the face no matter what they do.

  54. Paulie down! All house guests are celebrating and berating him. Called a scumbag they called him a d’head. They’re all celebrating.

      • Between the feeds and the show… They let him hear Nat’s strategy “Goodbye message” as he was evicted.. Stating the target and their intentions.. Others have not gotten that advantage.. Giving him outside information. And an Endurance comp both times evicted? No T or F? A lot working in his favor… The amount of evicts

      • Any one of them could have come back and had that advantage. Vic was the lucky one.

      • Natalie cheered really loud for Vic. James will definitely get him right back out the door

      • Natalie is on board with Vic though, and she has a vote this week, and Michelle, tooo

    • That’s what we got. If James wins HOH, Victor/Paul likely go right back up and it is a repeat of last week

      • Yup. And Victor’s gotta go even more now for them to win. He’s guaranteed the game now.

    • ME, and without James and Nicole in the house because they should have been expelled for cheating

  55. Victor down! He’s back in the house though. Now PAUL needs to win HOH.

    I don’t think it’s a mistake that James and Nicole are left since they’re not getting sprayed.

  56. Doesn’t matter. If James wins HOH and Vic or Paul get the ACP, James will be easily bribed for $5000.

    • Yeah last season they made it seem like Becky, Shelly and Jackie WANTED to leave. “Bye guys!” and then they rushed away….cocktails awaited them at the jury house!

  57. Michelle and Nat revealed to Victor in their goodbye message that they were after Paul.There is no doubt he is telling Paul.

    • Knowing there can always be twists and buybacks, I would never reveal anything like that during goodbye messages.

  58. Natalie and Meech’s HOH was a waste. If they had evicted Corey, he would have been long gone.

  59. It seems that the database of this website can’t handle the traffic. Quality problems I would say. :)

  60. Paulie showed his true colors yet again, this time in the jury house. I can’t believe how arrogant he is & he truly doesn’t think he’s a pig! So happy he didn’t win the battle back. He was oh-so-confident!!

  61. I wonder if Paulie will self evict, after hearing what everyone was saying to him…on top of what the ladies were saying to him in the jury house.

  62. Paul’s struggling. He’s stopped talking – which to me is a huge indicator.

    Nicole’s quiet. James looks really good.

    • So if Paul falls, does Nicole try to make a deal with James? Would show a lot of her cards. If she doesn’t try to deal, perhaps she is thinking other targets besides Paul/Vic.

      • They already have a final four deal. Let’s hope Natalie puts her foot down on that one. James has been defending Nicole a little too much and she is suspicious.

      • I know they do (did). But after the charade that Paul/Vic did – does Nicole think she can work with Paul. Would she target Meech instead of Vic/Paul??

        When I mentioned her making a deal – I did not mean that she needs safety from james. She has it. But she can save herself some pain if she just jumps down (after paul) if she is aligned with going after vic/paul (which james will do). BUT… If she doesn’t offer at all and goes for it, it is a red flag that the final 4 may not be as strong as james thinks

  63. So can the money be offered to someone and they renege on their offer and still take the money? lol

  64. I think Paul might win this one….James is shaking pretty bad not sure about Nicole hard to tell right now..

  65. I hope Nicole and James stand up after squatting and feel that pain running through their calves and knees.
    I’m old, maybe is just me that feels it.

  66. If they shorten/pull in the ledge in a quick motion one of em might fall I don’t think they have done that yet..

  67. Too much of a coincidence that people are saying this game was fixed for Nicole and James and they are the only two left standing.

  68. Nicole and James only are left and after all this scandal. Go figure. Nicole says to James I just want to let her from my mom you can even pick my nominations for me. Unbelievable dialogue going on right now at 8:31 p.m. BBT

  69. maybe James wants another letter from his daughter.. Nicole is not the only one with family..

    • Let’s hope Corey or Nicole gets voted out this week; there are different people voting to evict this week. Paul needs to win veto again to be safe. Michelle wants Nicole out, Natalie is on better terms with Victor… If James is HOH, the only power he has is nominating, not voting power.

      • True, but if james wins – Paul & Vic on the block. Meech is renom. Meech may go, but likely Paul if he does not win veto.

        No way James exposes Nicole to chance by putting her up

  70. EvelDick

    1m1 minute ago

    James keeps saying “My wall comp”
    How unfair is it that they used this comp when it is so pivotal to the end of the season. #BB18

    • Even if James is good at it, the rest of the HGs should have tried harder. Just because someone is good at something doesn’t mean they can’t be beat.

    • Production probably realized they couldn’t rig the crap shoot comp for James so they settled for this.