Big Brother 18 Week 2: Veto Comp Plans For Backdoor – Update: Players Picked

The Power of Veto competition is coming up today for the Big Brother 18 Houseguests and they’ve got a plan to target Victor but there’s a few things to work out before they can pull this one off. Overnight things got a little more complicated and plans had to adapt.

Tiffany and Paulie form Team Red

With the reveal of the Roadkill nominee the alliance in control had to work through paranoia and worries before setting a new course to get through Saturday’s Veto comp if they want to keep the Backdoor open for Thursday’s eviction.

The Eight Pack obviously didn’t want Victor to win the Roadkill comp and be in charge of naming the renom for that third spot, but that’s where they are. When the initial plan from Victor had James going up that would have been just fine since James doesn’t mind taking a bow to avoid Victor from being the one to name the renom. Well that didn’t last too long.

Victor instead put up Tiffany who immediately went in to paranoia mode and started talking about a conspiracy to get her evicted this week. She suggested the guys could have finally come together and decided to go after a woman instead. That’s not what’s going on, but can you be surprised by this reaction?

Tiffany’s allies swooped in and calmed her fears last night, at least this for the moment, while coming up for a plan on what they’d need to do to block a potential Victor Veto win.

Flashback to 12:48 AM BBT 7/2 Cams 1/2 on your Live Feeds (Free Trial).

Frank, Tiffany, and Paulie are together in the HoH room. Frank has just finished explaining why he hadn’t immediately told Tiffany that she was going up as Victor’s pick. He didn’t want her to freak out. Heh. Oh well.

Frank says they have a strong advantage going in to the comp with smart and athletic players on their side. The worst case for the draw would be Victor getting one of the two spots. As of now, both Bronte and Paul have agreed to not pick Victor as their HG Choice if they get the chance.

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If Victor is drawn to join in the Veto competition then Frank says everyone will need to go all out and win it, even Tiffany. The issue was that if Tiffany won it and used it on herself then Victor won’t name Victor as the renom, but if Tiffany wins it and uses it on Paul or Bronte then Paulie could send Victor to the Block.

Should Victor not get one of the two spots for PoV today then they’re encouraging everyone to let Paul or Bronte win it since they’d use it without question. That’s obviously the simplest scenario.

Now if you want maximum chaos this week then you’re hoping for either Victor playing and winning the comp or Tiffany winning PoV and then getting too paranoid to give it away. The latter of which seems totally plausible, but probably wouldn’t happen.

Later this morning we’ll get the Power of Veto players pick and will update this post here with the news. The competition should be held later on this afternoon and as soon as we have that news you’ll get an alert from us if you’ve got our Big Brother App.

What do you think of the Eight Pack’s plan? Can they pull off the Victor Backdoor this week or are things going to get too messy as it tends to happen with Big Brother? Either way, we’ve got some fun Live Feeds time ahead!

Update: Players picked for the Veto comp and Victor is not one of the two selected. Da’Vonne and Zakiyah will be competing, though they won’t really need to try. As Frank put it, today’s Veto comp is “just for bragging rights.” Operation Backdoor Victor is a go.

This week’s players: Paulie, Paul, Bronte, Tiffany, Da’Vonne, & Zakiyah.

What do you think of the draw? Glad Victor is one step closer to eviction or would it have been better for him to compete and have a shot at this?


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  1. I’ve never been a fan of the backdoor plan if you want someone on the block put them. There’s always to many scenarios. I’d like to see Victor or Paul go

    • The thing with backdoors is that people are always fascinated by the mere idea of it and we’ve always seen people successfully executing backdoors within the first two or three evictions of the past few seasons.
      So yeah, Victor is already a dead man walking at this point. I can’t be happier as the number of men start dwindling rapidly. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen a female win this game

    • I think the idea of backdoors is to blindside your target. Putting them up will give them more of a chance to win the Veto and leave you with little options

    • If you have everyone on board and your target doesn’t get to play it can go perfectly to get them out. If they’re up from the beginning they definitely get to play in POV and save themselves. With only 2 players getting drawn for POV odds are stacked against them as in this case where Victor doesn’t get to play.

    • Me too! I don’t even care which one. One this wk, the other next wk. They are both annoying

  2. So what I’m gathering from this article is that Tiffany doesn’t plan on taking herself off the block if she wins veto? If that’s true, then that’s just plain stupid! Even if you are 200% confident you’re not going home you always take yourself off. We know Tiffany is definitely not 200% confident based on her panic attacks last night.

    • If Tiffany takes herself off, Victor renom’s because he won the RK. If Tiffany uses the POV on another nominee, Paulie renom’s. Therefore, he’d put up Victorio.

      • In that case Tiffany should start looking for new allies. Not her problem if Victor can’t be put up. If Victor’s safe, why can’t they go for Bronte or Paul? She owes nothing to an alliance that’s telling her to sacrifice her own safety for the week just because it’s “absolutely unacceptable” to save Victor for a later week.

      • I agree. Tiff should use the Veto on herself if she wins it and tell the rest of the alliance that they should have worked harder to get James up there if he was so comfortable with it. No way I’d leave myself open to that ultimate risk.

      • But then she’d have the entire alliance against her including Paulie too. Who would she turn to Bridgette and Natalie? Because Bronte would be gone in that case. That’s the problem the other side doesn’t have the numbers. It’s a hard decision. I don’t know what I would do. If it works then she’ll trust her alliance moving forward. If she gets evicted then everyone will say stupid move.

      • I kinda agree with you Lav. James was willing to take one for the team and all of these alliances come down to trust and judgement on who you can and can’t. If Tiffany was being targeted by the 8pack, then she doesn’t have long anyway. For the most part this season, most of the people in the controlling alliance are quite likeable.Even MommaD is playing a smart game this time around and Nicole and Frank are playing like the vets they are.

      • It wouldn’t bother me in the least to see Tiff evicted, but if I was her, no way would I not use the veto. Now if I was James, I probably wouldn’t.

      • Too late and too soon for her to get a large enough group willing to turn on the major alliance. I don’t think there are enough people to save her who are willing to throw away their security with the big alliance, especially if they’re convinced she’s safe anyway and is just paranoid.

        She has to dial it back for her own safety. Step up and instill confidence in the alliance so that even her naysayers have nothing to point to as a reason to cut her loose.

        I think she is safe this week and she could use this as a badge of honor later that she took one for the team and someone else should be a pawn (if needed later). Plus freaking out isn’t going to encourage anyone to align with her. She can be planting seeds for later – the eventual cannibalization of the alliance but she’ll have to be cool about it and not an emo mess.

    • If tiffany stays up but cannot control her emotions then she will surely go. You have to be really confident to stay on the block and she has shown that she lacks confidence and cool headed thinking.

    • Exactly – never leave yourself on the block, if you have chance to take yourself down

  3. I’m glad Tiffany is up, but I think Bronte and not Victor should go.
    Tiffany and Vanessa should get some therapy.

      • Did she agree???….I didn’t follow yesterday since I live in Canada and yesterday was Canada Day, so I went out…

      • She SAID she agreed to it. But, if I were in her position I’d do my best to win and take myself off the block.

      • That would be a bad move. Then her entire alliance would be after her. She can’t risk that. She needs to trust her alliance this early in the game.

      • Paulie sucked it up. She has to do same. No one is going to risk their game for her this early and most would think she’s paranoid anyway. She’s not in danger.

        Do it now while it’s safe and later, tell someone else to take one for the team like she did. ;)

  4. Distrust among 8Pack alliance is starting to build up. A lot of positioning and contingent planning. Da’Vonne with Zak, Nicole and Frank are kinda against Tiff. Vets are picking up newbies. Frank has been playing both sides and using James to protect Nat and Bridgette. Tiff has Paulie and Michelle, while Nicole is getting closer with Paul….Someone’s going to pull the trigger.

    • Honestly this is like the Bomb Squad all over again. Eight people in an alliance is too much.

      • But atleast it was the Bomb Squad vs The House. While here, its The 8 Pack vs The 8 Pack & Paul, Victor, Bronte.

    • What!!! Nicole/Paul? Ugh! I like the Nicole and Frank against Tiff scenario, though. I think Frank might get burned soon.

    • Da is not as against Tiff as Frank. Just saw on Jokers Da telling Zak that they need to make sure that Tiff stays because Frank wants to replace her with Paulie. She thinks Frank wants to protect his team so he has the votes in jury.

      • Yeah, It’s evolving. It was my initial observation watching them on feeds but it’s obvious each Vets have their own contingency plan anticipating when 8Pack disintegrate…It would be exciting.

      • I’m impressed by how much Day’s game play has improved… And watching the vets work each other and the newbie’s is very interesting. Aside from James, the other 3 are already thinking end game and planting seeds against the other vets.

      • Right ..That’s what I’ve been noticing on feeds. It’s amazing to watch how seasoned player execute their game plan vs the players that are barely learning the game.

    • With the distrust and cracks forming within the 8 pack, it was in Vic’s best interest to keep his RK win to himself and nom a big target… The 8 pack would have more than likely imploded on itself with all the paranoia of thinking one of them put up one of their own. Too bad Vic doesn’t know anything about playing the game!

  5. I don’t like Tiffany since she started acting like her sister and it is pretty annoying. I do think that it is not her time to go home since the newbies still have 2 obnoxious people that need to go first. Victor and Bronte. I do think she shouldn’t be so stupid as not to play for herself and trust anyone even if they actually do have her back for this week.

    • Tiffany is really going to be entertaining to watch this week, that’s for sure whether she has a meltdown or not.
      I predict she will have a complete meltdown and try to ruin every alliance by Thursday. How dare anyone put Tiffany up? She probably won’t but it’ll be fun to watch her anyway.

  6. Zakiyah definitely playing, and as of now, it doesn’t sound like Victor’s playing.

    Mention of comp being comprised of 4 girls and 2 boys. Frank isn’t playing, confirmed.

    UPDATE: Pretty sure the Veto players are Paulie, Paul, Bronte, Tiffany, Da’Vonne & Zakiyah.

  7. I know this wont be a smart game move, but please i hope tiffany leaves asap. I CANNOT have a repeat of Vanessa freakouts from last year.

    And its gonna be boring that only one side of the house dominates week after week.

    • She has already proven to be too much like Vanessa for my liking. I’d rather not take the chance of a repeat, either.

      • I had some hope for T, but it seems she is just another nut from the family tree. Boo-Hoo

      • Oh K, If you have the feeds..When she talks to another HG, she just lets them talk and talk and she would look at you taking mental notes, Then she would interrupt to clarify, “who said it?” when?, what was said?..omg exactly like her sis. Reincarnate. Remember?..How she would use those info against you.

    • Thank goodness that Paulie and other HG have figured out that Tiffany’s behavior is very much like her sister’s and are planning to get rid of her when the time comes. Some of the HG are worried about talking to her the wrong way so she won’t throw a tantrum. That is a sign that she needs to go.

  8. They should have put up Victor with Bronte or Paul at the get go! So, what if he plays for POV? It is now guaranteed he will win. Also, it makes him compete against an ally of his be it Bronte or Paul!

    • Actually, by doing it this way now that the veto draw is over with… It is a guarantee that Vic can’t win. All they have to do is have whoever wins it use it to save Paul or Bronte so Paulie can put Vic on the block. By doing it this way, they ensured that Vic didn’t have the chance to win the veto.

  9. I almost fell out of my chair last night while Vic was in the HOH talking to Paulie and Frank. Vic straight out said something to the affect of “Ya’ll better not be playing me” and the entire room was dead silent for a second while Frank and Paulie both struggled to reply to his comment.

    Since J left, Vic has been a lot more pleasant on the feeds. Had he come into the game acting the way he is right now, he would prolly be in a much better spot and not on his way out the door.

    As I watched the feeds last night, Vic really has NO idea that he’s in danger. He was running around trying to find a way to save Paul and Bronte which he called his 2 closest allies. He has no clue that his 2 closest allies are keeping his BD demise a secret from him. He even told Bronte he put Tiffany up in hopes that she has annoyed enough people in the house that the house can be swayed to vote her out over Paul and Bronte. Bronte didn’t let anything slip during that convo.

    Paulie did say earlier today that he’s going to give Vic a heads up about going on the block AFTER the veto comp is played but before the veto ceremony so we will see how this plays out.

      • I don’t know. He said this while talking to Tiffany right before feeds cut for the veto comp. Something about him having compassion and being human.

  10. Whoever wins I hope they pull Paul down instead of Bronte or Tiff…or if it’s Paull, he uses the veto on himself…much easier then for Paulie to put Victor up! So Tiff doesn’t have the chance to mess it up! :-)

  11. Not sure if anyone mentioned this or not but what if Paul or Bronte is not the POV winner since Victor is not in the battle for POV. Would Tiffany try and win it if those two are out of the running?

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