Big Brother 18 Spoilers: Week 2 Veto Competition Results

Power of Veto spoilers are in for Big Brother 18 this week after Friday’s nominations and Roadkill comp set us up for another backyard battle. Now we can start preparing for the week’s final nominees.

Power of Veto Medallion on Big Brother

Just as before, six Houseguests gathered to compete after two players were drawn to join the HoH and this week’s three nominees. One of them now has the option to Veto one of this week’s threatened HGs at the upcoming Veto meeting.

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Big Brother 18 Spoilers: Week 2 Veto Competition Results:

  • Paulie won the Power of Veto!

Well this win makes things easy for Paulie’s plan. He’ll remove either Bronte or Paul and then send Victor to the Block for a Backdoor eviction.

Players today were Paulie as HoH plus his noms Bronte and Paul plus Tiffany, the extra nom from the Roadkill comp, and then Da’Vonne and Zakiyah, who were drawn. Corey hosted. This was the annual spelling competition that has produced some hilarious results in the past, but it sounds like everyone had a real word this time! We’ll see it on Wednesday’s show.

On a bit of drama with the comp, Da’Vonne feels that Tiffany looked at her word and then went back to outperform her. She’s upset at Tiffany about that since it’d indicate mistrust and Tiffany was trying to win it to potentially free herself from the block instead of sticking to the plan to let Paulie name the renom.

What do you think of the PoV Comp results? What will happen at the ceremony? The Veto Ceremony will be coming up soon and we’ll post spoilers when they happen.

Turn on your Live Feeds and enjoy the drama. Watch it all now live & uncensored.



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    • SUPER happy about that however why would he not take Tiffany off the block and instead is going to be taking Brontë or Paul off the block?!? Why? I mean I clearly am missing a lot of gossip because if they do back door Victor wouldn’t Paul and Brontë vote for him to stay over Tiffany??? I’m so lost LOL

      • If he takes Tiffany down he doesn’t nominate the replacement, the roadkill winner (Victor) would… And he clearly wouldn’t nominate himself…

      • True but would he nominate another female as he suggested he would do or nominate James? Decisions decisions.

      • right! Someone else pointed that out to me right before you did. Clearly I shouldn’t read anything that makes perfect sense late at night LOL I’m a dumbass LOL

      • If he took Tiffany down then he couldn’t backdoor Victor. They have plenty of votes to vote out Victor.

      • oh I keep getting confused with this whatever it’s called. The four groups. So if he takes Tiffany down he can’t replace her with Victor? I still don’t get it LOL it takes me a little longer. LOL

      • No because Tiffany was put up by Victor from winning the Road Kill comp. so if she gets taken off the block Victor gets to name the replacement. That’s why Paulie is going to use the veto on either Paul or Bronte so he can name the replacement which will be Victor.

      • No you’re not dumb. It can get confusing with all the comps and teams and different nominations going on. It’s hard to keep it straight.

      • The road kill(er) controls that third seat. If that third seat, the one Tiff is holding, becomes vacant, wether the player wins veto, or someone else wins veto and takes Tiff off, then the road kill(er) Victor names a replacement. This is why they didn’t want Tiff to win. If she won, Vic would be filling that third chair. The whole plan was for Tiff not to win and Paulie replacing one of the other seats. Paul or Bronte. Think about it, this is why Day was telling everyone that Tiff was looking at her cards and was trying (Tiff) to win the veto. Day not only wants her out of the 8 pack, she wants her out of the house. Can not stand Day nor Zak. Go Paulie,Nichole, and Tiff. Hope you understand the road kill twist?

      • Yeah I wasn’t thinking clearly when I posted that post. I get it now LOL I was thinking the HOH picked the replacement nominee but I forgot the winner of the Roadkill is the one who picks the replacement nominee if it’s their nominee who gets taken down. Makes sense now, I just wasn’t thinking clearly lol my bad!
        As for Mamma day, looks like she’s digging herself a big grave! And what’s funny is she is calling out Tiffany for being paranoid and look at her now! She’s the one who’s totally paranoid and boo-hooing!

  1. I guess it’s a sure thing that Vic is a goner. Hope it’s the last we see of him and Jozea in the BB house.

    • Glen’s not going to beat Jozea unless its a brain type challenge. I am convinced Jozea doesn’t have a brain. If Josea beats Glenn I am sure he will not defeat either Victor or Paul. His big obnoxious mouth will go home.

      • Glitter and Froot Loops.

        Oh- and the celebrities he does makeup on. ;)

      • That’s what that weird noise was that disappeared when he was evicted.
        Hi, BHFan. Happy 4th!

      • Glenn DID almost beat Corey, though. He got to the flag first in that SOS comp. If his piece hadn’t moved, we’d be watching Glenn on the feeds now instead of Corey.

      • If Glenn’s arms had been as long as Corey’s I think he might have won instead.

      • really you think he’s a meathead? I haven’t read much spoilers and Gossip but from what I see he’s actually pretty quiet and not too much of a meathead but again I don’t really know much about what’s going on right now LOL
        there’s too many people right now for me to keep track, when people start to dwindle down it gets easier for me LOL

      • Time will tell but he seems pretty cool and nice despite the goat story! Also he has final 5 deal and should stay close to the end!

      • that is a very very true! Cory being so tall was what made him win however then again Glenn did knock off a bunch of his balls so even if Cory crawled over like Glenn did then it is likely Cory still would have one. But I totally understand what you mean

      • I hope you’re right! I cannot watch or listen to him drone on about nothing but himself

    • Unless Paulie loses his nerve – he was already feeling bad about doing this to Victor yesterday.

      • I think Paulie will nom Vic, unless something unforeseen happens that changes his target. And we all know that has happened before.

      • Too bad Paulie doesn’t know about the buy back and Vic could be returning. I’m still rooting for a Glenn victory!

      • The ratings might tank if Josie returns.
        I hope Glenn is busy exercising and watching his diet so he’ll be raring to go when he returns – there’s a chance he could become a comp beast :D

      • Me, too, India. I’m anxious but not excited to see who returns. It will be at least two more weeks, right?

      • I thought Julie said there would be 5 people competing total so it should be more than 2 weeks.

      • Yes I think she said that the whoever wins of the 5 will return to the house July 22.

      • Each week the one that gets evicted will battle the one from the previous eviction. Josea will battle Glenn, the winner of those two will battle the evictee this week. Then that winner will battle the evictee the next week and so forth until after the first five people have battled and there is a clear winner. They will show a special show July 22, for us, the fans to watch but until then (unless someone on social media lets the cat out of the bag), we will not, I repeat NOT know until then.

      • Thanks Willie, I do want to be surprised so I hope there are no leaks as well.

      • I hear what you’re saying but I think if Paulie Lost his nerve then he would have a lot of people pissed off at him so I think he will stay strong. Plus he will have his brothers advice in the back of his head and that will be ” don’t piss off the house!” LOL

    • Amen. That beard is disgusting…and those TATTS!!! His exit will put the girls in the majority, though.

      • Agreed. As it turns out though I had Paul and Victor mixed up – my bad. Paul’s the one with the disgusting beard and ugly tatts. Victor is just meh but probably deserves to go because he’s just not that bright – I mean he runs and tells Paulie and Frank about winning Road Kill – really??!!! Even with another male gone tho I totally agree that the girls won’t get it together to take control.

  2. He spelled ‘sustainability’ to win (remembered it from a wine bottle they got the other day)

    • On Jokers, I read where Nicole said something that made me remember Cody misspelled his word during a similar comp. He spelled “competively”. I did have to look that up.

  3. Allright, Paulie can do whatever he want now. Altough now, if he pull someone and put Victor on the block, there is no hiding what the goal is.

  4. Da’Vonne needs to settle down. This constant aggravation with Tiffany is becoming ridiculous…I am sure if Da’Vonne were on the block..she would try her hardest to win that veto. Not a fan of Mama Day. I know Tiff gets emotional..but, Da’Vonne just picks on her does Zakiyah.

    • You know his good work would carry on next week … whoever wins HoH would not put his up. James and Tiffany and probably Michelle are the most vulnerable if Paul/Bronte wins.

      • I’m looking forward to seeing the majority of the house shrink a bit. I don’t want a repeat of James’ season where the majority ganged up on the minority. Right now it’s 9-5…so unfair.

  5. I’m sure Cody’s cheering for his brother.

    It’s drama for the feeds, too, so win-win for all!

  6. Paulie should keep Paul because he’s a very unlikeble version of Cody – a loyal bro to manipulate as he sees fit. Lets see what he learned from watching Derrick.

  7. I just read where Paul is licking Qtips and cleaning his ears out. I’ve never seen anyone do that or heard of anyone doing that. It makes me wonder how he cleans other orifices. OK, enough of that.

  8. Bridgette just asked Paul if he believes there are evil inter-dimensional beings dropping into our dimension to mess with us.
    I hope Paul knows the answer to that question cause I sure don’t.

      • I missed a lot at the beginning on Jokers so if she did I missed it. I’d love to know what it was though, should be hilarious.

      • Maybe someone who knows will remind us, and then again, I might be totally wrong. It might have been something in her interview. I’ll watch it tomorrow(if I remember).

      • I reread her bio and details and there was nothing there. I also watched her interview and nothing was mentioned. I’m fairly certain that I read something early in the season, but I can’t remember what she said. Sorry, India.

      • Don’t worry about it Karen :D Since she lives in CA I’m sure she has more ‘out there’ hilarious ideas to share with us lol.
        In the old days those interdimensional beings interfering with humans were called demons I think…

  9. Day just told Nicole and Zak that Tiffy wants to get rid of all the guys and have all girls. I hope someone rats her out to Paulie.

    • I noticed on Jokers that Tiffy has been playing nice with Bronte and Nat. She definitely is scheming. It would make me happy if she was the first female to hit the exit.

      • Even though Tiffy is probably the only female capable of out-thinking the guys I do not want to see a house full of girls.
        Day is so sneaky. Earlier Day and Tiffy just casually mentioned the all girl/get rid of guys idea and now Day is telling everyone it’s Tiffy’s idea. Since it is Tiffy I really don’t mind that Day is doing this. I still have a feeling Tiffy will be leaving next.

      • I’m watching Da and have been a little leery of her from the start. Most of that is because of last season. She’s on my radar.

      • Day started out strong but she’s starting to get petty, I’m leery of her too.

      • I agree, India. She was on my top 3 but she’s slipping fast.

      • I know it’s tough in the BB house but her attitude is going down fast. Maybe Zak and Nicole can keep her focused.
        Day really shouldn’t mess with Frank right now because I don’t think she’ll fare well against him as he’s way too strong at present. She should wait till he makes mistakes and then pounce; even though I wouldn’t mind Frank winning it all this year.

      • She is busy planting seeds and spreading seeds all over the house. She is hard at work for sure.

      • One of these days people will start noticing that. Then Day will have a super meltdown that she keeps dissing about Tiffany … can’t hardly wait for that!

      • It’s coming… It’s building up each day and soon I think we will see Day have her own meltdown!!

      • That’s true… Frank’s been planting seeds about Tiffany too… Even Nicole has. The only vet that hasn’t really talked much about her is James… Well, aside from the convo he just had in the storage room with Frank

      • Why shouldn’t she be scheming? Should she just sit back and let others screw her over? Scheming is what Big Brother is all about. GO TIFFANY!

      • No one even insinuated, much less said, that she shouldn’t be scheming. You’re not her mother that got thrown out of a chat room, are ya? lol
        Yes, please GO Tiffy, and the sooner the better.

    • Out of everyone in the house, Paulie seems to have a soft spot for Tiffany — I guess because of the sibiling thing so Tiffany could prolly talk her way out of that one with Paulie by blaming it on Day or whatever. He just seems to always give her the benefit of the doubt.

      • Paulie really is able to tolerate Tiffy I’ve noticed that as well.
        Maybe they should rat her out to Frank or James instead. Once the guys get a whiff of ‘all girl alliance’ they might go against paulie’s wishes and get rid of Tiff anyway.
        It does seem that Day is on a mission to get rid of T., I suppose because of bad feelings toward Vanessa.

      • Paulie was a little star struck when Tiff revealed to him she was Van’s sister. He was excited that he gets to play with her. Apparently, Van is his dad’s favorite player….I think the Vets have negative view of Van though….Lets just say, they’re not fans.

      • That would explain a lot of things then if paulie is stark struck – Tiffy is going to need all the luck she can get this season. I’m on the side of the vets when it comes to her though as I wasn’t a Van fan at all.

      • It means they and you have a biased opinion. Well nothing wrong really, since it doesn’t say you can’t have it in this game. It’s Big Sister, one big super catty bitchy conniving Sister, hehehehe.

      • Aren’t all opinions biased? :D
        It’s been a tough day for Tiffy fans I know and Mama Day is out to get her from what I’m reading at Jokers.

      • I won’t be having a field day unless she leaves Thursday hahaha.
        You might want to just skip over a lot of my Tiff comments here :D

      • Wow out for blood huh? Hahaha.
        It’s okay I can munch it. I just grind my teeth while poking a needle into a doll with India Ink written on it hahahaha.
        Just kidding hehehe.

      • It wasn’t me! It’s probably from all the empty bottles laying on the floor. Hahaha.

      • I think Tiffany reminds Day of Vanessa and for that reason Day just can’t get past her issues with V to fully trust Tiffany — Tiffany reminds me of her sister also though. I was listening to the feeds the other day and I had to do a double take because I could have swore Vanessa was talking!

        They’d do better ratting her out to James and Frank… Both of them are already ready to cut her lose as it is and I can’t really blame them… Tiffany makes ME nervous… I never know what she’s going to blurt out when she’s upset. I’ve already seen her let things accidentally slip when she’s having her moments… It’s one thing to purposely let things slip but it’s another to accidentally do it like she does.

      • Well… Tiffany won’t be upset if they don’t push her to be upset. Day has been doing that … laying the seeds of mistrust about Tiffany since Day One or Two. It affects what people think about her, making people talk about her behind her back and so forth.

      • Day One or Two since live feeds started. Not from the first day they entered the house since I wouldn’t know hehehe.

      • Day is probably still bitter about Vanessa making her look so bad last season. No one likes to be made to look foolish on national TV so this is her way to get back at Van maybe, not that I blame Day for that.

      • Tiff needs to be able to play her own game. She shouldn’t be targeted just because she is Van’s sister.

      • No, it does not seem fair, but that would probably be enough reason for me to target her if I was a HG. And I have 3 sisters who I am nothing like at all. But after Vanessa, I would not be willing to chance getting to the last few weeks and all of a sudden having to contend with another Rousso monster, which there have been signs it could be lurking beneath the surface.

      • People are always shortening names and nicknames result. Tiffy is much better than a lot of other possible names she could rightfully be given, and might be if she’s not evicted(hopefully) soon. lol

      • My pet cat is named Tiffy so I kinda hate to tarnish that name by connecting it to Tiffy Rousso.

      • Exactly. I am not a Day fan at all. I feel for Tiff. I think I would be suspicious of everyone. Especially if someone keeps throwing you under the bus. Like Day is doing. Unfortunately, Zak is listening to everything Day is saying.

      • I agree. I don’t think she’s gotten a fair shot. I just feel like she can’t show any emotion without someone comparing her to Van. I know it’s not a popular opinion, but I like her.

      • Seems to me that Frank is the one with the big mouth. I want him or James to go soon.

    • Of course Day would say that about Tiffany or just about anything about her. One of these days they will realize that.

      • Her mouth got her in a lot of trouble last year too.
        She might need to go before Tiffany.

      • You caught me :D
        But really, just listening to Day she doesn’t have a loyal bone in her body and is therefore useless to her alliance. Why keep her? She’s nothing but trouble.

      • She’s useful as a member of the alliance right now. When it’s time to cut down the numbers she’ll probably be the first one on everyone’s lips.

      • Day is already complaining about Frank still having his team intact and other petty things about him, stuff that could get back to him. She’s becoming too careless. Tiffy needs to strike first when it comes to Day.

  10. good. If he chooses to leave things the same and not put Victor up, then I hope Tiffany or Bronte go home.

  11. Is Frank the biggest fish in the house right now? He’s proactive in the game., and James always following his lead.

      • I’ve been watching the feeds lately, and I can say he’s controlling or trying to control the game in his favor. Soon he will stand out. lol Anytime you see a player spending too much time in the storage room…whispering, they’re in the zone.

      • I noticed that Frank was more or less running Paulie’s HOH too. I think F. is getting a little sloppy though and is missing a few things. He needs a better system of gathering information as he is way off base about the possibility of a girl alliance.
        Frank might be underestimating some of the female players in this instance.

      • He’s so busy, touching all his bases. Demeanor definitely changed from his first week. It’s no longer “old Frank” He’s on speed. I think we’re in for a good fight..oh,,Frank is a comp beast, remember? lol

      • Yes! Can’t wait to see Frank start winning the comps again – another reason Victor needs to go next.

    • James’ a good soldier, but an expendable one. That’s why he can never win. He knows that actually, that’s why he keeps the pranks overdrive in hope he wins the AFP again.
      Frank is on his way to be a tyrant and you know what happens to a tyrant? Dethroned sooner or later.
      If they play it smart, super smart and cool, Paulie, Nicole and Zakiyah could win this. This is a game of marathon, not a sprint.

      • Agreed, I started watching BB towards the end of Frank’s season and didn’t like him then. He’s only worse now. And James is just his useful idiot.

      • I didn’t watch Season 14 so I’m curious how he won the AFP?
        I know why James won last year. He’s funny, loyal and brave.
        How about Frank in his season?

      • I didn’t like him at all. I didn’t vote for him. I’m team Dan G….but I remember he wins comp when needs to. Comp. beast.

      • You know what, I liked Frank at first and he’s my fave to win this all with Paulie as the F2.
        But these past few days he just irritates me hahaha.
        A lot of things that he does or says, like yelling at the production crews and stuff, well and of course the backstabbing of Tiffany is the icing on the cake haha.
        Now I want Paulie to win it all.

      • Didn’t you hear? Frank mooned the production staff earlier in the day according to Jokers.

      • Backstabbing Tiff?..You’re an emotional fan, nothings wrong, but you can’t play the game. lol

      • Everyone’s emotional. Wait till Frank’s ass on the block and he starts to throw temper tantrum haha.
        And there’s a reason why I am watching not playing hahaha.

      • Can’t explain the AFP either, except people seem to either really like or dislike him.

      • Yeah that’s what I was getting at. Most people here didn’t like Frank in Season 14.

  12. What happen the other night between James and Victor that caused fishes at the beginning of BBAD? I have been looking all over and can’t find a answer.

  13. Not liking Day at all. Didn’t like her last year, and still don’t. But I think she has production in her pockets. She will be another one who will some how avoid going out the door. At least till jury. People better keep an eye on her and Zak. That is a tight bond.

  14. I agree and am a little disappointed because I actually liked her a little bit last year. She’s playing a catty, nasty game.

  15. When isn’t Da pissed about something?! I mean maybe it’s true and that’s kind of uncool of Tiffany if they if they were able to have the opportunity and, who wouldn’t peek if they could! I mean I guess if Paulie was supposed to be the one that won & Tiffany went against that then I can understand the miss trust however isn’t the eight pack turning against her? And does she know?? Sense it?? If so then of course she’s going to want to win! Who wants to put a lot of trust in an alliance that’s not trusting?? Seems logical to me! I’m still confused as to why Victor put her up?? & I am confused why Paulie would take down Brontë or Paul instead of Tiffany?? I clearly am missing a lot in between here LOL please fill me in :-) captain? Are you there LOL send me a Facebook message and get me on track LOL I am having troubles keeping up!

    • I read that Victor decided to nom Tiff because he was under the impression that the votes were there to evict her, more so than James, who was his first thought. If Tiff is taken off the block by anyone, my understanding is that since she was nom’d by Victor, he would get to choose the replacement nom. Now, Vic is Paulie’s intended BD target. If Paulie took Tiff off the block, he would not be able to nom Vic.

      • Which is why Paulie won’t take Tiff down. He’ll take down one of his own nominees and renom Victor.

      • oh OK! That makes complete complete complete sense LOL I seriously need to give my head a shake sometimes LOL thanks for pointing out the extremely obvious to me. Maybe I should read these spoilers and feeds earlier on in the day LOL thanks again :-)

      • Exactly understand Tina? Tiff is mad at Frank for lying to her about going up but he just did not want her to freak out as he said! Paulie ended up I believe a few minutes later telling her she was going on the block but not to freak out as he was going to back door Vic! She is paranoid way too much! She over thinks plenty and it gets her in trouble! Looking at Day’s word in veto comp for example etc She should have felt reassured by Paulie because she has good relationship with him plus he is HOH! Also the fact he told her so she should not thought it was an all out plan to remove her! She finally calmed down but now will not trust Frank and it will be bad for 8 pack! They all know she must go after VIC Bronte and maybe Paul? Only Paulie and maybe Michelle will try and save her but she is going to ruin their game and she can be another easy choice of someone to get rid of. The next 2-3 evictions are obvious. It would be easy to tell from inside the house even with half a brain to get what the alliances are and will be!

  16. curious ( because I’m so out of touch with what’s going on and don’t understand why Tiffany is being kicked out of the eight pack and Natalie is being invited in!?)
    is Tiffany going to be 100% safe regardless of what happens with the veto??
    I don’t know much about her on a personal level, I’ve never met her just Vanessa but from what I know of Tiffany she’s very smart and has a huge heart! Why do they want to get rid of her in the alliance? I heard it’s because they think she might crack? What would give them that impression? I assume they all know she is Vanessa sister by now?? Is that why? If so that’s totally unfair! As I said yesterday she needs a fair shot! If my one sister Sheri was on big brother and I was on big brother we would play to completely completely completely different games! Completely! I would be aligning with people and staying strong, very friendly and nonconfrontational whereas my sister would be full on confrontational, jumping around here there and everywhere and super dramatic! LOL no offence to my sister :-) haha

    • From what I’ve seen, Tiffany has shown signs of being Vanessa part 2: lots of tears and paranoia!

      • Remember Day in the DR. Every time she went in there, the tears are flowing. Then she has the nerve to bash Tiff for doing the same. Only Tiff does it in the open.

      • i’ve seen a lot of people would tears, even men! Victor!! Boo-hooing because his best friend of a whole what one week went home! So Tiffany’s not allowed emotions because Vanessa had too many of them? And Tiffany is not allowed to feel paranoid ( like every other houseguests, every season, on every reality TV show like BB) because she is Vanessa sister?
        and she’s not allowed to be paranoid rightfully so because her alliance is wanting her out? So she’s not allowed to have feelings about that and emotions? Makes no sense to me! And it’s just because Vanessa was so unliked ! so Tiffany’s not getting a fair shot!

      • Tiffany is too much like her sister! She is paranoid even though no one wanted her to go home this week! She cries too much. She is just so annoying and her personality just creates problems! Even her best friend in the house Michelle was giving her tips on how to talk with people as she talks down to people like if she is teaching her students in class! Yes she can have emotions but you need to have balance! She already should have been extra careful because she is Vanessa’s sister and she has gone from keeping low profile to causing problems with too many people in her alliance that were on her side! Natalie is easy to talk to fun sweet etc while Tiff is just mostly annoying and you feel like at any sec she will blow up. Would you want someone who will overreact and blow up your game! Of course you wouldn’t. She needs to go in the next 3-4 evictions! Right after Vic and Bronte! I even gave her the benefit she cried the 1st 2 times but her paranoia and personality would drive most people crazy and they cant go anywhere! Imagine being trapped with her? It would suck! Hope this helps Tina!

      • Yeah it makes sense and I don’t watch the live feeds so honestly I don’t have a clear picture of Tiffany or really anyone in the house for that matter. I just wanted Tiffany have a fair chance but because she is Vanessa’s sister she’s not allowed to be paranoid or cry too much. It makes sense

      • It is fine for anyone to cry for a legit reason but too much crying and paranoia for anyone is bad not just her! I just found out earlier today Day is way overplaying her game even more than I thought! After Vic it may be Bronte next as the obvious one but Day Tiff Frank are all on people radars the past week! Day has been plotting Tiff and F against each other! Also she has a new secret alliance with Nicorey and Zaulie for final 5! Things change so much by the hour in that house if you do not watch the after dark live feeds you will be CLUELESS! Watching the 3 40 minute plus shows only tells you obvious stuff! Also unless you are in that house no one can really know all! Day and 4 others were going to blindside the Vic eviction tonight and then changed her mind about sending Tiff home tonight! She also decided to wait a few weeks for F but we shall see as the 8 pk really is no more! Everyone making side deals especially F and he is caught in too many alliances side deals F2’s etc Also F is being way too annoying and aggressive and mean to all the women in the house! He should know better! He is telling them they should not eat like animals etc inappropriate touching with most of the girls with the ones in the 8 pk etc Should be 10-0 vote to send Vic packing! Frank is actually worse than that mean jerk Vic!

      • and see I didn’t even know Victor was mean. LOL I wish I could watch the feeds 24/7 or at least half the time LOL hopefully you can just keep me up-to-date LOL I did hear about the five alliance with day but apparently the other four are in showmances so if that’s true that’s a bad spot for mama day to put herself in. Has she been caught yet telling all these false stories? And Frank? Has he been caught? He’s creepy! But I didn’t know he was saying things like that to the women! Good to know, now I don’t like him even more. And I agree about Tiffany, I only see what I see on the episodes pretty much so I just wondered if people were being unfair!? We shall see how she is this week now that she is safe. Hopefully she can get her emotions in check and hopefully these women can come together and get all these boys out of the house! I would love that :-) I would so so love to see that! And now that Bridget is HOH what do you think she will do? Put up two guys? Hopefully! Which guys do you think she’ll put up? I don’t like how because she’s HOH her team is safe. I hope that ends soon. It has to because they’re just going to run out of people to pick from and have to put up people they don’t want to. And I wonder how long this roadkill thing will last. Anyways I hope Bridget! from and have to put up people they don’t want to. And I wonder how long this roadkill thing will last. Anyways I hope Bridget puts up to you guys. Unfortunately it can’t be frank though. So hopefully John no wait it’s Paul LOL I don’t know why I always call him John. So Paul and I don’t know who else is there LOL Paulie but what’s her face likes him so she’ll probably say no to that if they are working together all the girls and then there’s Cory but nicole will say no to that. It’s way way too late I can’t even think of anyone else oh yeah james but I like him. He’s funny! At least what I see. anyway thanks for the up-to-date play-by-play :-) I appreciate it :-) I’m just really curious who Bridget is thinking about putting up. Hopefully not a girl and hopefully not Tiffany! I want her to resurrect herself this week and show everybody she’s not her sister! Although I like Vanessa, I didn’t agree with a lot of her gameplay but I know her and she is super super nice and not at all like she was in the house. It messes with your head and some people just can’t deal with it. Plus she is a gamer so she could never turn the game off so that’s why she came across so paranoid and what not. Anyways I defended her all last season, her character in real life anyway. I don’t know Tiffany but I know that she is super nice and super smart! Anyways thanks again :-)

      • Day has not been found out and may escape as she was the one who lied about Tiff or F in some regard! Eventually it will come back and get her down the road! F has been caught big time so he would be possibly going home this week except B won HOH as you know! Yes I do not know when the team thing will end maybe not at all? No wonder you are defending T so much! You actually know V? Point is if you are her sis or not and are too emotional shady with the glasses inside the house a personality that rubs people wrong and they do not know what to think she has done this too herself! Maybe she is nice like her sis on the outside but she would be way too annoying to be around other than a quick hello unless she was actually just chilling which is rare! She over thinks and stares without talking which is creepy also! F has B’s ear so she will most likely do T and Paul! That was their conversation on the live feeds. B does not want to put up anyone on the block and get people upset with her! Tiff has really no one at this point and no one would care if T goes home so that would be good safe move for B! T has even annoyed her 2 closest allies which are Michelle and Paulie with her paranoia crying and other annoying habits! She wears the glasses to spy on people and to cover up her crying! Shady and creepy! If you have questions just ask I will watch what I can! Thanks

      • you are the best! I appreciate the info :-) yeah I totally agree if Tiffany is doing nothing but crying all the time then that’s super annoying! But is she really? Or is she being unfairly targeted because she is Vanessa’s sister and Vanessa was so unlike last season? Are all eyes on Tiffany’s reactions all the time? Plus, she’s been put on the block twice now and she supposed to have this strong alliance so that would make sense of her paranoia and her feelings! It just so happens it’s Vanessa’s sister. Can you imagine if it was mama day!? I keep seeing her cry all the time too and she’s not even on the block LOL I don’t know, I don’t totally disagree with you or some other people but at the same time I think she was unfairly targeted from the beginning. A single tear or slight paranoia and automatically she’s going to be a repeat of Vanessa and people are not going to want that. But if she was given a fair chance then I think we’d see a different Tiffany. Just my opinion and I know you know way more than I do LOL so I will just go with what you said :-) but right from the get-go people were unfairly targeting her as another Vanessa. And that’s a fact :-) anyways I really really appreciate your feedback! And your info and would not! I truly do :-) all in good fun right!? Off to my sisters wedding tomorrow so I’m pretty much gonna miss two days of action so feel free to keep me up to speed LOL take care

      • Only the people in the house knows how much she cries! She has been caught crying 3 times already that I know of with 2-3 after dark feeds I saw! Others have said she wears those shady dark glasses inside the house to cover up her crying and to spy on people! The spy girls said she disappears a lot and do not know what to make of her? She is sketchy and even a sketchy person like Bridgette said she cannot trust her. T has a way of talking down to people like they are dumb or her students. She needs to learn how to talk/socialize with adults better. Yes naturally she had a target on her back because of her sis but only the Vets and maybe Paulie knew from the 1st day! She had convo with Paulie and she told him the 1st week she was V’s sis! I forgot if he knew? She knew she needed to not be over emotional or cry little as she was on thin ice to begin with. But she dug her own grave with constant paranoia from her alliance who tried to comfort and be there for her. But when you are causing stress and problems there is only so much people can take! Also this is BB and everyone is a target from the second they enter the house! I am not saying all of it is her fault but still. I hope next year I get to play and I will show people how this game is played! Tiff is a goner now that Bridgette won pov. She may leave noms the same or save Bronte? Either way the house has had enough of her! She had allies but drove them crazy! Like I said would you want to be with someone who is too emotional paranoid sketchy has personality/talking issues. If she just chilled more she would have been fine till jury now she is done. F is done next week after his butt slapping name calling to Day and Z! He also called bad names to most of the women in the house! Day has over played way too much and Bronte Paul Bridgette will be the next to go after Tiff and F! Actually people understood her crying the 1st and maybe 2nd time but her constant paranoia and not trusting the alliance when she was on the block even though she knew Vic put her up and Paulie told her the plan and that Vic was getting back doored and the backup plan was Bronte! She did not throw veto comp and got caught by Day as Tiff was looking at Days letters. She is acting like very weird girl and people get afraid of her sketchiness and paranoia. She drives people nuts! I was actually giving her the benefit of the doubt until she made Paulie feel uncomfortable when he told her plan. He told her they had the votes and she knew that and needed to show some faith. Vic went home as planned but her paranoia etc people could not take it anymore! Hope you enjoyed your sisters wedding! Try and watch some of the live after dark feeds. The show just shows mostly what happened for comps and maybe something funny that happened in the house! WE shall see if they show F and Days incident and F and Z’s incident and the talk with the girls and how he says mean nasty things to them! He was raised in the stone age it seems and his dad was a famous WWE wrestler! Sid Vicious and it fits him perfectly! He is way worse than Victor!

    • I don’t know why Paulie isn’t a part of the 8 pack. I believe Natalie was brought in cuz she is Frank’s girl. Frank has a plan going on in his head. Right now I am pulling for Nichole. Paulie and Tiff

      • frank’s girl? Showmance? or they are playing each other? LOL yeah I’m totally for Tiffany Paulie Nicole and I think James is hilarious!

      • Not a showmance, but he can control her. He started working on her when he blew the blindside on Jozea last week. He was working her good. I have a feeling he is going to start forming a smaller alliance away from the 8 pack. It will be Frank Natalie James, Bridgette and squeaky voice bitch.

      • Bronte will be gone after Vic goes! F James Nat and maybe B form group for later?

    • This is BB nothing is fair! Also yes people are afraid she would tell people about the alliances she was in and blow up their game! She is too much like her sis in all the bad ways! You cannot do that on BB! She does not know how to relax enough! She comes across fake to people also! I am sure in real life she is different. She does not have to be paranoid so much and sketchy that people are after her etc. In BB anything can make you a target as everyone is playing for BIG MONEY! Zaulie Nicorey Jatalie and M are my favorites! I can definitely be friends with them in real life! I hope any one of those 7 wins! Also it seems this year lots of sexism as everyone seems to want the women to win. Do all the BB fans hate the guys? I know they like Paulie and Corey because of their looks and James because of his personality but it seems to me just like in the house it is mostly girls vs guys! I go by personality and character mostly! I am rooting for 3 showmances and M! So 4 women and 3 guys I would like to see win it all! Who do you want to win? Only Tiff

      • No no, it’s not like I want Tiffany to win the game. Honestly I don’t know any of them well enough to really make a decision right now on who I want to win although I know I want Frank to go home and Mama day! But like you, I base that on their characters. I honestly don’t know Tiffany’s so I can’t say either way. I like funny people and people who don’t take life too seriously so I really like James!
        I will respond more tomorrow to everything else. I’m exhausted from my sister’s wedding. :-) Thanks again :-)

      • I agree tinalee, I really want Frank gone. Hope you had a good time at your sister’s wedding.

      • Well for me I am rooting for any of these 7! The 3 showmances and M! Zaulie Nicorey and Jatalie! So I hope any of these 4 girls or 3 guys win and I will be happy! It seems to me most people want their own sex to win! Me I want the better player/character/person to win! These 7 people I definitely could be good friends with in real life! Very down to earth funny athletic sweet real etc plus those girls are cute! I really like Natalie James is blessed right now!

      • And if I couldn’t be more out of touch already, I’m even more out of touch with what’s going on in the house….
        3 showmances??
        I don’t know who is aligned with her anymore and if the 8 pack is still strong. Oh wait no they’re not LOL they all want Frank gone & Tiffany’s going home so obviously not 8 strong.
        Honestly I want Tiffany gone because I see the good in everyone and I do still believe she was unfairly judged from the get-go so that messed up her game! And of course it didn’t help Frank was running the show initially and because of his paranoia about her paranoia that ruined it all. Anyways I must get sleep

      • Well I am surprised you don’t know 2 of the 3! Zaulie Nicorey are the obvious ones and Jatalie now! After the show 2 of the 3 will date for real! Zaulie for sure! The other 2 may just be good friends but we shall see! 3 close couples! Tiff is basically on an island! She lost M and Paulie and Nic and Z and Day! Honestly it was not the V thing that ruined her game actually as no one held it against her but when she started acting like V in 4-5 bad ways continuously she brought it on herself so really being V’s sis did not matter! She just does not know how to socialize well. Her emotions and paranoia are ridiculous and wearing dark glasses inside house to hide your crying and spying on people is shady! I still think she probably is nice person in real life. But this is a game and she just rubs people the wrong way. I am sure all these things i mentioned would bother you or any BB fan here! Even the Spy kids said she disappears plenty and it looks shady to them. That says plenty right there! She could have worked with all the girls and Paulie even James and Corey! Her only true enemy is F! If you watched the after dark feeds she ruined the game herself! Even Day was helping her until she did not try and throw veto comp! Tiff F Bronte Paul should be the next 4 to go in that order! Hoh can change things next week for F but when the entire house is against you your game is done! You cannot win game on your own! Day started the pitting F against T I believe? Or definitely after she knew T had issues with F and used it to her advantage! Day is very wishy washy and it will lead to her downfall after these next 4 obvious ones go! But anything can happen so we shall see what happens! Till next time!

  17. OK live feeders,….is Day coming across as b*tchy on feeds as she has on the updates? I’m not sure if I’m reading more into it, or if she’s letting “last season’s Day” creep out?

      • I don’t have feeds and haven’t watched AD in a while. We know it’s coming, just don’t know the when.

      • I can’t help it, India, I’m wishing they would evict her this week. I hope everything blows up in her face and soon. I see Nessie the Monster when I look at Tiffany. Ugh!

      • I can’t help it either Karen. If only Tiffy wasn’t a carbon copy of Nessie I could tolerate her maybe. I gave her a chance but then she started out with the ‘secret squirrel’ hat and sunglasses.
        Sans sunglasses she just watches people when they’re talking in such a predatory manner. No sign of human emotion whatsoever when talking to others, she’s constantly observing everyone. She’s not nearly as good as Nessie when doing this either.
        I have a sneaky feeling she’s leaving this week.

      • I agree with everything you said. I hope your “sneaky feeling” is plain old good intuition!

  18. Yeh for polie. I like him in newbies. He is playing a good game. Victor needs to go. Don’t like his game but he is cute too.

    • The Roadkill winner (Victor) can only pick the replacement nominee if his/her original nominee (Tiffany) is removed from the block. In this case Paulie won POV, so it will be him who either removes someone from the block (Paul, Tiffany or Bronte) and chooses a replacement or he will leave the nominees the same. (Look for Paulie to remove someone and name Victor as the replacement.)

  19. I am actually starting to feel sorry for Paul and victor. I feel bad for them. They are loosing so badly. I like Bronte. She is a smart girl. I hope she goes far in this game.

    • They made wrong alliance with Jozea and they all will leave week after week! Victor and Bronte will be gone in that order the next 2 evictions! Then Paul or maybe B or Nat or Tiff.

  20. I kind of miss the old way of the nomination of passing the key around. Just that suspense in everyone’s eyes. Bb can u go back to that nomination cermoney.
    Davon girl. Stop rubbing your nose with your bear Palm. Yuq.

    • I miss the turning of the keys too!! Bring the keys back. I love the comments on this site ?! I’m team Nicole!!
      GO Nicole!!!!!

  21. Am I the only person that actually likes Victor? I mean, his personality isn’t the greatest but, he told Frank and Paulie that he won the Roadkill.. I believe Victor is being 110% honest that he’s with them. I say give him another chance as an ally and if he screws up, well no problem cause all eight of the 8 Pack will be playing in next week’s HoH, and if one wins, then 7 of 8 will be playing the next week. I think there’s a good chance to get him out in the future, if he’s lying about being on their side.

    • Victor clearly was targeting Paulie with Josea! He is gone come next eviction! Would you want to keep someone who obviously disliked you?

      • I know he was targeting Paulie with Josea.. I’m talking about now. He seems to want to be loyal to Paulie and Frank. Telling Paulie he won the Roadkill, and telling Paul that Paulie and Frank are with them.. It seems like Victor NOW is on Frank and Paulie’s side. I wouldn’t vote him out. I’d rather vote out Bronte and keep Victor as an ally.

      • That may have been true but if I was in the BB house and maybe next year I will be Victor still needs to go as he is good at comps and there is a good plan to eliminate the rest of that group! Also Victor is desperate so he would say anything so I would not believe him. He has now become super nice this week since he knew he may be backdoored! Everyone wants him gone and they should not change that plan! He also said if he does not go home he is coming after Paulie next! I understand about keeping him as an ally but he is not someone to align with as he also would bring trouble to your alliance! Everyone but Paul really dislikes him!!!!

    • I. Actually like Victor more than Bronte. Problem is he has drawn the line with James.

  22. D`vonne didn´t change a thing… she is the same crap that she was on her season.
    I have to give her points… this time she could hold on for a while, before destroying herself.
    She can´t be trusted and just kills out anyone that trusts her.

  23. I agree Vic will be put up but I think the guys needs to regroup. I think eventually the girls will get together and take out the guys… is sorta happening now. I think it will be a 3-girl finale.

    • Lots of truth in this about the girls wanting to eliminate all the guys 1st except Bronte and Tiff but there is a final 5 that most people don’t know that I do! It is Nicole Frank Corey Paulie and Zak which would be cool in my book. Frank can go and instead James and Natalie can stay as i really like them! Zaulie Nic and Corey I really like too!

      • You think there is Zak without Day? I like Zak a lot when she is away from Day. But those two are tight.

      • Yes I totally agree they are a tight pair. Final 2! But Day will get evicted around final 7-8? Zak will go far even possibly win it all!

  24. Paulie will take Paul off the block as he likes him more than Bronte and Victor. Of course he may take Bronte down but I doubt it as he cannot stand her. He was actually having private conversations with Paul and how he wanted to work with him and keep him around. He could be lying to him but he can work with Paul as an ally where Bronte would never be anything except an enemy. He wants Victor Bronte and Paul gone in that order although Bridgette and Natalie may go before Paul? It is so obvious the girls are pulling for each other while the only show mance is Zaulie and they are trying to keep low profile. Honestly though it is obvious they like each other.

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