Big Brother 18: Voting Open – America’s Care Package Round 2

The latest round of voting has begun for the new Big Brother 18 twist America’s Care Package. This time the prize is the chance to change up the outcome of an eviction vote by cherry picking two votes to cancel out. Now this could be good.

America's Vote on Big Brother 18

This week we’ve got eight votes and we’re seeing how powerful two votes removed could be, but this twist won’t help the upcoming eviction target. Instead the voting going on now will impact the following week’s vote when we’re down to just seven votes and an easier gap to close on making an impact.

Last week Natalie won the first care package, a Never-Not Pass, which means she won’t be eligible to receive any further prizes. She’s done for the twist’s run, though her pass is good all season. Instead one of the other ten Houseguests will have a shot at this new power, well except for the HG who is going to be evicted on Thursday so keep that in mind when casting your votes. Well, unless that Round Trip ticket hits on Thursday night then it’d be worthwhile.

CBS’s specific explanation of this round’s awarded power is as such: “The winner of this care package could single-handedly flip the house by preventing two Houseguests of their choosing from voting in next week’s eviction.”

When you’re deciding which of the other remaining HGs to support cautiously support Da’Vonne because she’s the most likely evictee this week then your votes go to no one unless she has the Round Trip ticket. You’ll also want to keep in mind the other pending prizes. The following three packages will be “super safety,” “co-HoH,” and “BB Bribe.” Whoever wins this package won’t be eligible for those next three.

Voting for this week’s care package opened Sunday (vote here now) and will continue until Friday, August 5th at 10AM PT. You have 20 votes each day. Shortly after that the HGs will learn who has won the next prize and remember all the details will be openly revealed. We don’t know if the HG who receives this has to make a publicly reveal of the canceled votes or even when that decision must be made.

This could be interesting. If an ally of Da’Vonne had this ability for Thursday’s vote then they could likely force the tie-breaker or even avoid it altogether, but that’s not going to happen. But just try and imagine what scrambling we could see next week if the house starts dividing over the latest target.

Who do you want to win the ability to cancel out two votes for Week 7’s eviction? Vote now at and make your decision wisely.


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  1. Bridgette is at risk of going home so it would waste your vote for ACP 2 wBridgette & Da prob on the block at end of week

    ACP2 Void 2 Votes: Victor (he could shake up HOH votes next week)
    ACP3 Super Safety: James or Bridgette (they may need it for DBL eviction)
    ACP4 Co-HOH: Bridgette or James
    ACP5 BB Bribe : Corey, Nicole or Da. (TBD too far away yet).

      • Victor can compete and BEAT Paulie. He’s just laying low for his first week back. PP are arrogant and he would be pne of the few to flip the house- Cory and the girls won’t do anything worthwhile.

  2. I feel like CBS over-complicated things here. I bet there are still TONS of people who think that whoever they vote for will have the power to void votes for this upcoming eviction; thus tons of people are going to vote for Day.

    They should have waited till nominations were set for next week to open up the voting, that way we could give this power to one of the nominees. That’d really make things interesting. By voting now, we could be giving all this power to the HOH, who already has tons of power. Seems like overkill.

    • Agree!! I don’t think this is a fair twist in the game. Yeah sure twists are not fair but something that could KILL your game you worked this far in!
      maybe if big brother did this earlier then fine but a twist like this just seems bullshit to me! Same way I feel about HOH competition’s that are by chance! just getting lucky! I really really really dislike those HOH comps!

  3. Wouldn’t it make sense to wait until we know who is evicted and who is HoH on Thursday night before voting?

    • Yeah that’s why I’m voting Friday… that way I have some idea of who the nominees might be.

      • I’d rather my choice have my full number of votes! IF the get evicted, oh well… I at least tried. Good point Matthew

    • I’m voting for Paulie all in every day just because I actually think he deserves to win and this could help, but also because if Da has the return trip, and tries to flip the house, Paulie can stop it with this and hopefully send her back out.

    • You would be behind voting 80 votes per person voting for the first 4 days……

  4. I don’t expect this twist to do anything. This week it could have been incredible because Day could have been saved. Next week Bridgette will go home and the votes won’t matter. It could be useful in the future if it can be saved for future votes.

    • I’m thinking Bridgette is probably safe-ish if she can skate through this week until the house turns on Paulie (which let’s face it will probably happen eventually – he’s much more blatant about his game than Derrick was). Paulie is going to have the guys gunning after the girls that are actually coming after them (not Bridgette). I think there are pretty high odds that the sides of the house are going to see they’re starting to hit the point where they have to take hits at each other and unless there are more people aware of the fact that Bridgette is definitely a number for Paulie than I’m aware of, I think there are going to be much larger fish to fry.

  5. This Veto ceremony suspense is killing me lol……. I totally gave all my votes to Bridgette even if she is the one to be evicted this week (which I doubt if things go as planned) I think it would be EPIC!

  6. Im sending them all to Bridgette this week. I believe Day will go home and Bridgette will be on the block again next week, maybe even the target. This way she will be able to potentially save herself. I think that most of the other HG will just let PP tell them who to cut out from voting anyway. It would have been much more effective if the HGs knew that the prize had been awarded but not who got it so they couldn’t badger them into using it to go with the house.

    • Noo. If you want Bridgette to be safe next week then vote for her for the super safety instead of this one.

      • That’s totally valid and it crossed my mind, but there has been talk of putting her up next week if she doesn’t win HOH so she may not make it to super safety week. That was my thought process.

  7. Mama da needs this and I hope Paul does no allow paulie to run his HOH make the decis that is best for u not some one else I ho mama da fights back and targets paulie back

  8. Oh shoot, I voted too soon. I gave 20 votes to Paul to test his backbone if he won it, but the package comes after this weeks eviction. Well I guess if I want to play along now I have 60 votes left.

  9. Probably James. To prevent Natalie being voted out.
    Super safety: Bridge.
    Co-HoH: Corey, can he play?
    BB Bribe: Paulie. Put the money where your mouth is!

  10. Suppose Day won this package and she was the evictee, what happens then? Is it void and the house guests will never know what it was?

      • In the notes on the website it says anyone evicted voids theACP 2. I dont know if the evictee has the ACP. 2 and has the RT ticket, does it come back in play so they can use it….?

    • Just a guess but I imagine with a power that strong the producers would be horribly upset if that happened. I don’t think it’s a concern though. Based on comments posted I don’t think there’s any danger of Da’ winning a care package. But if she DID (and got voted out) I’d bet the houseguests would be informed of it so they can know that one of them lost a pretty powerful “Save Me” tool.

    • If she won after being evicted I think they’d just give it to the person with the next highest votes.

  11. I just don’t get how the female HGs could start off the season so well and then just throw it all away. It’s their own fault if a female doesn’t win this season. Most of them stopped playing the game and got into other things like showmances or being catty. If they stuck together they could have been seriously controlling this game by now.

      • The females are more interested in romance than playing BB18. Gave my votes to Bridgette. I will never vote for James……hope Natalie goes on the block next week with Nicole.

  12. I’ve giving them to the person that I think would be more likely to go against Paulie if given the right opportunity. I’ve just got to figure out who that is.

      • If she is still there, I agree. I don’t think she will be unless she has the round trip ticket. I hope she does. If she comes back in the house, I will definitely give her my Thurs and Friday votes so she can slap someone around with those braids.

      • Gurrrrl, if Day re-enters, all hell is gonna break loose. I can’t wait, front row seat. Look put Paulie….
        Weave-a-roo is coming after you.

  13. Whoever gets this has to open it in front of the other houseguests, which pretty much renders it useless. Once everyone knows that someone can nullify 2 votes, they’ll likely plan the entire week around it. That person might even get nominated. This is so dumb. I don’t understand why the care packages can’t be delivered in the diary room — doing it this way ruins rhe surprise AND puts a target on whomever gets it.

  14. just like HOH comps that are won by fluke, complete chance, total luck! STUPID!! NO Gameplaying there! That’s how I feel about these care packages! Sure the have not pass is fine, it doesn’t really affect the game but this late in the game it could be a game changer Soo that said …………..
    do I vote or not?! I guess at least if I vote then I can at least potentially help someone in the house I like and think he deserves to be there to get it!! But at this point I can’t even think of who that would be LOL LOL I’m not a big fan of any of them aside from Natalie just b/c shes so cute & a positive person & James only because I think he’s super funny! so I guess James it is?!

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