‘Big Brother 18’: Veto Meeting Plans – Week 9

We’re coming up on this week’s Power of Veto Ceremony and there’s about to be a change, but unlike most Big Brother 18 weeks we’re actually continuing to watch a lot of wavering on the Feeds while this anticipated renom decision is still being made.

Michelle is busy making plans on BB18

When the Veto results came in on Saturday things looked clear that we’d be seeing a change of the noms and that’s still a go, but those in control this week seem to be caught up in endless loops over just what to do.

Paul is going to save himself. No question about it. Now since we have two HoH’s, Michelle and Natalie, the renom choice goes to the HoH who put Paul on the Block. That would be Michelle. It’s time for her to choose.

Now the plan last week for the F5 was to target Nicole and Corey and Michelle is starting to see that’s no longer the plan. James and Natalie talked with Michelle last night and it became clear that Victor needed to go since he’s so strong in comps. She’s not thrilled, but I think Michelle knows she’s in a bind here and has no leverage to stop this plan. Michelle has told James and Natalie that she’ll be upset if Victor goes, but what’s she going to do about it?

So the choice is between Nicole and Corey for Michelle’s renom. Michelle announced soon after the Veto comp that she really wanted Nicole out this week. James is about to be the deciding vote and he has no interest in doing that. Of course James sees an opportunity there and spoke with Natalie that if they can get Michelle to go ahead and renom Nicole then James can say he’d be crazy to vote out Nicole over Victor the comp beast.

Round and round the talks have gone while Michelle never seems to settle on a choice. She even went to Nicole and Corey offering them the chance to pick who would go up while even suggesting James would vote that person out. Again, we know he won’t do that.

Wrapping things up overnight Michelle stayed up very late with Natalie discussing what to do. Flashback to 5:25 AM BBT to listen in on the talk. Michelle clearly still wants Nicole in the hot seat but I think she knows it’ll make things even more likely for Victor to be voted out.

Michelle is telling Natalie how Nicole cuddled with James early on in the season and did so to distract James from Natalie. It’s been so long I have no idea if this is true, but I imagine Michelle got her desired reaction. Natalie is annoyed and says that makes her not want Nicole here anymore. Natalie begins mentioning how much she wants Nicole to go. She even tells Michelle that if Nicole is up and she gets a bad feeling about her on Thursday then she’ll forcefully persuade James to vote Nicole out. Natalie is confident she holds that power of persuasion over James.

There’s even an “eeny meeny” exercise by Natalie as she tries to decide for Michelle who to renom. Natalie lands on Nicole. So does that mean Nicole is going up? Hold that thought. A moment later Natalie is advising Michelle to go ahead and put Corey on the Block saying Nicole won’t win the HoH so she isn’t a concern.

In the end it sounds like Natalie is pushing for Corey to go up and I think that’s where Michelle will go with this one. She wants Nicole up but likely knows that Victor is as good as gone this week. If she wants to get him to stay her best shot is to get Corey up and then see what happens during the week. I don’t think James will be swayed like Natalie suggests and he’ll vote Victor out on Thursday. But, as we’ve seen, anything can happen or change in just a short time on Big Brother 18.

We’ll be watching for the Veto Ceremony later this afternoon and will have the spoiler results then. What do you think of Michelle’s situation? Does she have any options here or is it pointless with James set on Victor going?

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    • He’s so focused on this week that he is not looking forward. The two showmances do not have a track record of winning comps but they think that will suddenly change. Not likely.

      • Yeah. But also it’s just that he’s has no dynamic ability what so ever. He can only focus on one concept/thought at a time and furthermore is seemingly incapable of snapping out of that 1 thought. It was like that last season and it’s like that again.

      • He’s the only one at this point that I think cannot win this game. He would lose to every other player. Maybe him vs. Corey would be a close final, but in order for Corey to make it there I think that would put him over the top.

      • He might be able to bel the girls too unless the women jurers go with ‘female power’ .

      • I think James understands perfectly…that they have to get out Vic and Paul…once those 2 are gone…it’s pretty much anyone’s game with the contests. If it were me, I would get Vic out, then Paul, then Corey…now you have an even match ups for comps. James best way to win this, is to get the other guys OUT. Michelle needs to stick with James and Nat…at least that will get her down to the final 3…then she actually has a chance to win.

      • With all the females that are in the jury Corey and James might want to take each other to the end.

      • James already said once Vic out Paul and Michelle is going on the block. Dumb James even wants to leave msgs around the house to inform them of this.

    • Bad for trying to take out the biggest threat? I don’t understand you people. You guys will criticize someone for being too scared to make a big move and then you’ll criticize someone for making a big move the next day. Wat

      • I don’t like it, because Victor is my favorite, but I understand why voting out Victor is James best move. My only other point is James has totally ruled out a jury member returning to the game. Which means he’s being very shortsighted and it will come back to bite him in the end.

      • That is true. It will totally change the game, however I don’t think Nicole will throw James under the bus she has stated numerous times that she could never put James on the block or vote to evict him, unless he was up against Cory.

      • Nicole and James got called out by production for the bribe that if either one wins they will split the money, so no wonder Nicole doesn’t want james out! This is against the rules!

      • I don’t think it will matter if someone comes back in…you can’t count on that happening or on who it will be that comes back, even if it does happen. Best plan is still to get out the biggest threats NOW. I really like Vic…but for anyone else to have a chance, they gotta get him out.

      • It most certainly will matter Deb. The entire dynamics of the game will change when a jury member returns. James and Natalie will be in the crosshair of Victor and Paulie, if either one return. To hedge their bets, they should assume the return of a jury member. The number of jury members plus the finale date should be key indicators that a member will be returning. But that’s thinking too much and far ahead for this flip flopping crew.

      • I guess I said that wrong…it’s not that it won’t matter…but the fact is, no matter who comes back or who leaves…you are gonna make people mad. You can’t think about what “might” happen, when you don’t even know if someone is coming back in…you can only go by the facts you have now. They may not get another chance at Victor or Paul, if they don’t get them out now. After both of them going on the block, you can bet your ass that even if they stay in, that they are coming after James and Nat…and probably Corey.

      • Wouldn’t it be funny if Paulie returns and starts working with Paul and Michelle? They would still be outnumbered by Nicorey and Jatalie though.

      • It will matter, Paulie comes he comiing straight for James and Paulie and Ncorey will hook back up! Vic comes he told James he can respect him more if he tells him he’s going home and he will accept that he has been beat but if he gets blindside and Vic comes back there will be h*ll to pay for the blindside and it will start w/James. James trying to be macho now but he really keeps knocking everyone down and laughing that there will be no blindside and he is running the house but that’s until Thursday when the jury return then we will see a shift and the roaches run!

  1. New to discussions here but not the site and I am a TV episode only viewer. However, I’ve read these spoilers and watched BB since BB1. I only have one question right now. Since when did the majority of voters in this site want Paulie to return to game from jury and why? Have I missed something? A projected strategy maybe? Just curious.Okay that was three….

      • I saw it just above the comment section here and just below the update with Michelle propped up on her elbows. Took a second to load it. He has dropped from 29% to 28% with Bridgette at a close second.

    • I may have missed some posts so I can’t say for sure. The only time I seen comments about Paulie stating that if he comes back from jury, James is in trouble. And someone is coming back from jury. If Victor goes this week, and either Paulie or Victor come back, James is definitely in trouble.

      • I think James is in trouble no matter what. The only way James has any shot at all, is if Victor, Paul, and Paulie are out of the house and STAY out of the house.

    • I would like to see Paulie return, but I am pretty sure I am a minority but he did make for some pretty good TV. I agree his FT comment was going way overboard, but flirting with Natalie was blown out of proportion, how many times has she made comments or smacked him on the butt.
      I would like to see him return because I think he played a great game, but got a little over zealous. Look at what he did this week, he isn’t even in the house and got them to flip on big mouth Paul. I like Victor, but his strategy is only to win comps (which is strong) but I like to see strong and strategic players win. And lets face it we can’t give it to both Paul and Victor.

      • I hope that Paulie returns. I like him and was sad to see him go. I think he made the show much more interesting.

      • If Paulie does return I think the remaining episodes of BB will be riveting to watch – although I’m not a Paulie fan at all but he would make a great villain.

  2. Natalie and Michelle should have put up one person from Paul/Vic and one person from Corey/Nicole and told them both that they were a pawn. Why on earth would they want to keep Corey and Nicole in the game?

    • James said on camera he would gift Nicole, Nat and Corey a share of his winnings “maybe $l0k” each. This is against the CBS rules and I bet it would be against California State law as a version of fixing the contest. James and Nicole are good friends outside the game, James talks to her Father frequently, and clearly they had an understanding before this started. We haven’t seen them working together on camera and suddenly they are final four together, wonder why? This is an excellent example of why we shouldn’t have returnees who are good friends.

      • Agree 100%. Added note: DR called in Nicole and James in the middle of the night and told them that it is against the rules to gift some one or even offer to. Apparently, they were both pretty shaken up, so production must have really laid it to them. I’m hoping that’s enough to get them to split so it doesn’t look rigged.

      • I agree….but I’m sure they can do whatever they want with the money after the game. I can’t believe how idiotic they are to discuss it publically!!

      • James told Nat about the money discussion between he and Dingus. He told her that the girls would have to get rid of Dingus because he couldn’t. He also told her that he had Dingus in his back pocket because her parents love him. I’m still unsure if Nat realizes that James has been protecting Dingus since the start of the season.

      • He definitely has. And as a player and a ‘gf’, Nat needs to wake up and take issue with that.

      • How do you know that’s what they were told? And when did this happen please?

        If the rigging took place before they even entered the house then the game is already tainted. It doesn’t matter if they talk now or not.

      • It was on Jokers, and both Nicole and James came out saying that’s what they were told. I will find the time and get back to you in a min.

      • 3:54 a.m BBT – Nicole comes out of the DR and says she has to say on camera that she cant get James a “gift” ED: Nicole & James – taylorandtom

        talked about giving each other some money if they won the game.

        3:55 a.m. BBT – Nicole out of DR to HOH. Tells HOH crowd she got in trouble (with BB). – Scott3325

        Tells James she will not get him something nice (present) if she wins BB. (She had told that to James earlier & had just been called to DR for a warning for telling him that.) N back to LBR and relates the story to Corey. N asks C when their first legit makeout session will be instead of beating around the bush. C says that will be his Christmas present to her.

        3:56 a.m. BBT – Nicole leaves, Victor said Big Brother just ruined James game, James is called to the DR. Michelle says that was super sketch. – taylorandtom

        Natalie is trying to figure out what that all was about, Natalie wonders if Nicole did that to upset her, everyone in the HOH are trying to figure out what Nicole was talking about.

        4:20 a.m. BBT – After Nicole makes her HOH statement, James was called to DR. Came back with same statement, explains that they got a warning. – WhyNotMe

        explains that this was due to them talking about being generous with the cast if they won the game.

        Michelle asks “are you sure she wasn’t asking you for a vote?” James says “No, I know she wasn’t”

        (ed… this warning is in reference to the James/Nicole conversation earlier today regarding each of them wanting to do something nice for their F4 if they win – WHICH James did tell Natalie about earlier in the hot tub)

      • If that is the case then this entire season should be forfeit. Who knows, maybe they feel bad about this and have a way of covering their tracks– they’re going to try to distract us with a quick turnaround to an online-only season so that we don’t have 9 months to talk about this travesty?

      • Vanessa was doing the same thing last season, even badgering some of the more vulnerable ones into investing their BB earning with her and she would increase their winnings by investing their money in a professional poker game. DR didn’t stop her from saying this repeatedly until there was an uproar from the BB fans.
        Didn’t Derrick buy Cody a new truck with his winnings?

    • Because they feel that Paul and Victor will steamroll anyone left after next eviction, but they have a chance with Cory and Nicole.

      • Like Meech said, there have been several BB winners who’ve never won a comp. If part of their strategy is to keep Corey and Nicole because they’re weaker in comps, then good luck to them winning the $500k, It may very well come back and bite them in the a$$.

    • As much as I don’t care for Corey and Nicole…I would keep them in…mostly because they are of little threat in the comps. Paulie and Vic are much more a threat and if anyone plans on winning…besides one of those 2, they better get them out while they can.

  3. James is too worried about saving Natalie to play this game right. Because he wants to save Natalie and himself he needs to evict Victor rather than aligning with him.

    But James is overestimating his ability to win comps. He is a one trick pony. James has zero chance of winning any mental comps. He can win endurance comps where he just stands there and holds on. He will not win comps that require movement.

    I do not want to see a final 4 of the two showmances. That would be a horrible outcome as would an F2 with Natalie and Nicole.

  4. I think that Michelle is playing this wrong and should be trying to mend her idiotic speech to Paul. This way, when Victor is gone she can team up with Paul and try to take out the other 2 pairs.

    • She did amend her speech to Paul. Paul and Vic realize that she was pressured, have forgiven her, and Paul will still work with Michelle. So will Vic if he is able to make it through the week or comes back from jury.

      • Paul won’t have much choice although he did tell Victor last night/this AM that Michelle annoys him.

      • True. And she can be quite annoying! But he also realizes she’s one of he and Vic’s best shots at winning.

      • She is everyone’s Victoria, except for Dingus and Doofus. I don’t see her in their plans, as of yet anyway. I hope to heaven that we don’t see them making F3 plans.

      • They did talk briefly about F3 at one point. Definitely talked F4 if I recall correctly.

        Edit: I’m talking about Vic/Paul. Remind me which ones Dingus and Doofus are? lol

      • I may not have understood your comment correctly earlier. :( I edited my comment. Paul/Vic talked F3 with Michelle. Are we talking about them or Dufus and Dingus…and please remind me which two those are. lol

      • Lmbo… I put my gloves on after that Mom & Dad comment from Nat and determined that from then on I was referring to Nicole & Corey as Dingus(as in fruit loop) and Doofus( as in needing no explanation). They probably did discuss F3 before Pimp Paulie was evicted.

      • Ok…I was confused. You are correct. I don’t think Corey and Nicole discussed F3, except maybe with Paulie, but not sure of that either! lmao

  5. Ooooh my goodness. You just cant win this season lol. So i split my votes between michelle and paul thinking the “team” would stick together this week and get fruit loop dingus and her boo out, but of course, thats not the case. Id hate to see someone like Nicole get to the final 4 or 3. shes not there for the game, shes there for the D. How can you flat out tell someone youll tell jury to vote for them?!? WTF is wrong with this girl. My boy Hayden mustve screwed the sense outta her…. ok that was rude, and i kinda feel bad for saying it, but I am just over it. Still hoping Paul and Victor can somehow pull through this week.

  6. We hopefully can award the Bribe ACP to the returning HG! No matter who it is, having a Bribe will make it pretty interesting!

    • The thing of it is, the card is read in front of all the HG’s. So I’m wondering how that works. Example only: If Corey gets the package, all he has to do is….well Nicole will agree to anything.

  7. Nat should just go ask Mom & Dad to give her a clue as to what their preference would be and relay that to Michelle.

  8. Not sure if there ever has been a 2x evicted HG to return a third time and win Big Brother or has there been??
    From a conspiracy theory point of view … if the Jury Buyback is a physical/endurance competition, I would suspect that the odds would be pretty good for whomever is evicted on Thursday and, if it is some sort of random competition, like spin the wheel, pachinko type of game, it would be wide open ..
    I guess the good/bad thing is that neither Michelle nor Natalie are eligible to play for HOH this coming week … so should be an epic battle for the Alphas … or will it ??

  9. Pointless, James will vote out Victor and hopefully Victor will squeak out another win and return to the house.

    • How so? Cory/Nicole would just vote out Victor anyways. They’d be dumb to vote out James at this point.

  10. So..what in the heck is this issue with the vets and their “deals?” Nicole and James both were called into DR because they were talking about “taking care” of each other. I do know that Frank was telling Bridgette about the thousands of dollars each of the vets got just to return to the game..which they had already received..I think it was at least 50 grand each..plus they get more for each day there are in the house and more if they make it to jury house. So, IMO..the vets could have really cared less to go into the house and actually play the game to win the grand prize at the end..they already have their back accounts padded. Hey..production..NO MORE RETURNING PLAYERS AGAIN AND NO RELATIVES OF PAST PLAYERS!!..Yes, I yelled!

  11. Michelle is such a dumb a$$, I remember the feeds where Nicole said that James cuddled her and it was kind of weird. It was before Natalie was even interested in James. Michelle is being the snake, and yet I see everyone posting stuff about Nicole? RRREEEEEAAAALLLLY lol

  12. I have been thinking about this, and its pretty obvious to everyone when things took a turn for the worse, but there is never a definitive answer as to why, but there are a laundry list of reasons.

    We all pretty much unanimously agree that BB6 through BB10 are the best seasons, with BB9 being the outlier, and this is because these seasons had the most, and best gameplay.

    Why? there are 3 reasons:

    This is the most obvious, good casting. BB6, 7, 8 and 10 all have great casts that really haven’t been matched.

    These seasons either have no twists, very few twists at all, or twists that dont change the tried and true big brother formula.

    Season 6 had Secret partners, and a secret room. two twists that were well executed and didn’t fix what wasn’t broken

    Season 7 did have joint HOH, but only for week 1 and it was pretty much what Natalie and Michelle have now. nothing too out of the ordinary and something to get the All-star season kickstarted.

    Season 8: Rivals, and America’s Player. Two of the weaker twists, but definitely not a weaker season thanks to the gameplay.

    Season 10: No twist at all except in Week 4.

    What sets the twists of this era of BB apart from the modern one? Current era BB twists are too focused on fixing what isn’t broken with Roadkill, Battle of the Block, and all of the opportunities to get back into the house.

    3.Twists were put in place to effect the cast, and not the game.

    Every season had its “Main” twist, Partners, All-stars, Rivals, or No twist.

    And every season had its “Side” twist, Secret room, Coup de’tat / Joint HOH, America’s Player x2.

    I don’t think they should necessarily rehash old twists, but return to the old formula of throwing a curveball at the cast, and not curving the formula of big brother that doesn’t need to be changed like we have seen in S16, S17, and S18.

    just to add here, a short list of things old seasons had that are now gone:

    -Nomination Wheel

    -Certain soundtracks were swapped out for less intense ones

    -Houseguests are much more scripted in competitions and DRs

    -HoH room reveal

    -Houseguests reacting to smaller table

    -No buybacks, if you’re out you’re out. (Seasons like S14 and S18 should have a buyback where someone goes out Day 1, but not 3 of them.. just one.)

    Definitely my longest post, let me know if i missed anything.

  13. James has always had a tendency to be stubborn when it came to changing his mind about a decision. Even if it is a bad decision he will stick by it come hell or high water. So now that he wants to go to the end with Nicorey (which I think is best for his game) I don’t see anyone changing his mind…and that includes Miss Natalie.

  14. Michelle’s loser mentality is rather bizarre from what I’ve been reading. She says she has no chance to win the game so she’s willing to go to the end with Vic and Paul so she’ll make final 3. I don’t recall any other HG shooting for the third overall position at the end instead of trying to win the top spot, in fact, I think Vanessa was really bummed about this placement.
    Her only goal now is to be spiteful and get rid of Nicole. Some super fan she turned out to be.

    • I think it’s because she sees herself as the 7th wheel, in the house with 3 pairs that she does not think would turn against each other. Maybe Vic or Paul would take her to F2, so it would be her best bet to align with those two, if one of them wasn’t leaving.

      And to be fair, at one point Nicole said she’d be okay leaving at final 5 to Corey.

      • I don’t think Nicole was serious about being ok with final 5; just that if she went out at final 5 she could deal with that.
        I can see why Michelle thinks she’s in a bad position but maybe she has a chance now that the duos will be turning on other duos to weaken their competition. Michelle could manage to squeak by week to week if she can put aside her obsession with Nicole.

      • Isn’t that the same as Michelle saying she’d be okay with going out F3? It’s weird for any HG to say anything like that.

        That’s true, I’be been thinking is in a good spot. She needs to stop volunteering to be a pawn though. If the showmance F4 sticks around, and Nicorey had the votes, she’d be gone. I don’t know how the votes would fall if say, Nicole and Meech were on the block together. I think Nat and James would be at odds. But these are just scenarios. (In my best Jozea voice).

        It is hard enough being in the house, it must be even harder for her.

      • I seem to remember hearing Michelle say that she’d rather finish in 3rd place than 6th place when explaining her actions. I’m just a little puzzled that she wouldn’t try to win even though things are not looking good for her right now.
        I wonder if Meech could win over Nicole if they were the F2?
        If Nicole takes Corey to the F2 she might could beat him since everyone seems to know that his family is well off. I don’t think they’ve made a final 2 deal yet which I find odd.

      • That is weird, but doesn’t necessarily mean she does not want to win.

        I think Meech would win in that situation. I can see Nicole getting Corey, Paulie, and maybe James’ and Zak’s vote.

        They haven’t? That is odd. Maybe it’s because Corey planned on taking Paulie to F2, and Nicole just assumes he’d take her.

      • It is weird; Corey had a firm final 2 with Paulie and didn’t tell Nicole and she’s not even upset about it. Nicole did make a F2 with Frank early in the season yet not with Corey. Maybe she had a secret final 2 with James all along, going by recent updates.

      • Or James and Nic had some deal to keep each other safe. I don’t understand these HG’s, there has been so much flip flopping this season.

  15. Michelle needs to think if Victor gets voted out, who she think is going on the block next week w/Paul? of course she would. She should of thought about this before she let Nat take over her CO-HOH decision. Vic and Paulie could of kept Michelle safe. It will be the 2 couples and then there is Michelle. Michelle will go soon. She hardly ever think things through and she has the nerve to keep calling herself a Superfan but always asking about the basics of BB. Bye Munchelle!

  16. God, what is with these girls? They’re so fickle! Why did America and the fans want these 2 to win HOH again? Especially Natalie???

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