Big Brother 18 Spoilers: Secret Room & New Power Revealed [PICS] – Update: The Hunt Is Over! Discovered!

As Friday’s Battle Back episode came to a close host Julie Chen revealed a brand new twist just as we were told earlier to expect more coming our way. This one is the return of something familiar from way back in Big Brother history: a hidden, secret room.

Update: The hunt is over and the room has been discovered. Scroll down for the spoilers!

Julie Chen reveals a new twist on Big Brother 18

Julie’s announcement delivered a sneak peek at five special signs around the house which hints they could be used to unlock this secret room and gain access to what’s inside.

There’s a power inside that room capable of changing up the game but the HGs better hurry because it’s only available for a limited time! Here’s how Julie described it.

Julie Chen: The Battle Back has just shaken up the game, but another twist is about to be unleashed. Throughout the house are clues to a secret room. Any Houseguest who figures it out will unlock this room and could gain a power to change their fate in the Big Brother house. This secret room will only be in play for the next four weeks.

As Julie described the twist we saw images of travel posters (per the house’s theme) featuring these slogans plus a large view of the Departures sign added in:

  • Discover Your National Parks
  • Secret Tokyo
  • Ocho Rios – Your Dream Destination (Translation: eight rivers)
  • Departing On Quarter Hour – Big Ben – London
  • Nairobi – Your Adventure Starts NOW!
  • Departures (sign with listings in living room)

click images to see full-size views

We’re teased to check in next Thursday to see if anyone has discovered the secret room, but that’s silly because we’ll find out on the Live Feeds AND let’s start speculating right now!

In preseason exec producer Grodner said to expect the return of the room used for Pandora’s Box and the Coaches’ quarters. So right there I’d say we’ve got our secret room location. But how do they get in to it? I immediately guessed as it was revealed, so we’ll have to see if I was right.

Now nothing in Big Brother needs to be fair, but if they put the secret entrance in the HoH room, as that space is typically accessed, then it’d really restrict the chances for discovery. You know what’s on the outside of that space though? The metal phone booth. I’d wager you dial in a secret combination and bingo bango, you’ve got your secret room. I love it.

click images to see full-size views

In the posters we see details like “ocho” (eight), “quarter hour” (15), maybe a suggestion of a hint in the Tokyo room, and that Departures sign is full of numbers. But how in the world are the HGs suddenly going to be motivated to search for hidden messages? I’m guessing Big Brother will prompt them with some sort of vague clue to get the ball rolling. They’ve only got four weeks to figure it out!

And if you’re wondering about when this idea was used before, it was BB6 when an extra room was discovered by Rachel Plencner. Great season and probably my favorite. You should go back and watch it on CBS All Access.

What do you think of the new Big Brother twist? Lots of fun or just too much? Who do you hope finds the power and what sort of impact could it have on the game? We’ll keep watching to discover more!

Update: As a reader pointed out, if you take the green words in all four posters you get “Secret Destination Departing NOW!”. Awesome!

Update 1.2: Another poster in the backyard says “Discover Your National Parks” with “discover” in green. So that’s “Discover Secret Destination Departing NOW!”

If you check the Departures board you can see that Paris is the “now departing” entry. Hmm, so what’s the code to get in? Could be the flight number.

Update 2: This morning on the Feeds (10:06 AM BBT Cams 3/4) the camera operators zoomed in on both sides of the plane. One side says “CALL” spelled out in the windows and the other side says “PARIS.” If you look at the departures board you’ll find that to be number 211. First HG to dial that in on the upstairs phone booth will gain access to the secret room and possibly earn a game changing power with it.

Update 3: Is this the Paris room inside the old Pandora & Coaches room? These photos were released weeks ago in to the press photos section from CBS but were labeled as Roadkill related which was weird. I mistook them for part of that week’s RV set up.

It’d make more sense as the Paris themed secret room since Paris is the “Now Departing” destination.

Hat tip to @JustInTimeBB for putting those pieces together.

Update 4: The hunt is on! Big Brother announced via the TV screen for the HGs to start searching for clues. Flashback to 7/25 @ 4:20 PM BBT as the HGs start to scramble.

Someone got it! Check the next page to see who got in…


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      • I’m sure Michelle probably did, but DaVonne said she rarely watched other seasons…just here and there. I seriously doubt Z did, though! ha!

      • Day, Z, and Michelle are fans of he show. Zakiyah said she has been watching since Season 3, so I assume she has seen 6. Day is a huge fan of the show as well. But I don’t really know, I’m just repeating what those girls said.

      • If Z had, she’d know the #1 rule of BB is to not get into a showmance, especially with someone who would drop you like a hot potato than defend you! I rarely ever hear her talk about prior seasons like Michelle has. Day does occasionally, but if she’d watched her season, she’d have not made the same mistake she has this season…making up lies and spreading them around the whole house when it wasn’t necessary. hahaha

      • Only language I’ve heard her speak is smack about others! Is that even a language? haha

  1. To bad there is bigger targets, because I can’t wait to see Paul, and Big Beetch sent packing!!!!!!!

    • The, I kinda get the impression that you like Bronte. I could be wrong…lol. :)

      • Kinda. I didn’t really care for most of what she had to say on the live feeds. But she was nice to look at on mute. But I really dont care for what anybody has to say. There is usually at one person I can relate to, like Donny, or Steve. But this year there isn’t any. Not even James and Da’Vonne, who I really liked last year. I still like James though, I just can’t relate to him anymore.

      • I loved Donny! I wish he’d been able to come back, but I think production may have thought he wouldn’t have been exciting enough. I’m really disappointed in James. He seems…tired all of the time!

      • Loved Donny – I didn’t care for James’ gameplay first time he was there, and see he hasn’t changed

      • Althought there are no relatable players this year or not as relatable, at least the winner this year is still unknown. Im much happier with this season than the last one

      • I mean clear contenders for the final houseguests. Example: andy, vanessa, etc.

  2. the departure signs says “Paris departing NOW” so maybe they dial in the word Paris!

  3. I think maybe it all leads to the departure sign and perhaps one of the listings on there might be a code the houseguest must crack and repeat it into the phone booth. Or maybe at 8:15 someone must go to the phone booth and state the words Secret Destination Departing Now! With them having already chosen the correct destination from the departure listings. But what do I know? I’m just taking a stab at :)

      • Ha now we know that the house guest must state the correct number for the Paris departure listing but I was almost there :)

      • I’m way behind at Jokers so I didn’t know. It didn’t take them long to figure that out.

      • Can’t tell for sure, but it sounds like Bridgette is up, and possibly Frank. They haven’t come right out and said it, but the way they’re talking makes it sound like it.

      • No signs of James yet on the feeds, so we don’t know where his head is at. I’m not sure why Victor isn’t a target, especially with James as HoH.

        But no mention of targeting Vic for eviction at all. Maybe he’s safe for the week?

      • Nope…Jatalie confirm Vic was an option for nomination. Gotta wonder why he wasn’t.

  4. Paulie wearing his red hat for the first time in weeks…I can’t imagine why he’s sporting it now though. Hmm

  5. Ito many meatheads with rocks for brains, will be led by hand to the questions. And still know what to do

  6. So what does a secret power give you? A chance to send packing immediately? Yes big brother isn’t fair but if that’s the case Big Brother really isn’t fair at all! I could be wrong misread and maybe we already know what you get if you win it? Or find it or whatever LOL

  7. On the departures sign it says Paris is departing now. The flight number is 211. On the phone in the downstairs phone booth, it says 1957 and there’s part of a 727 plane if those are of any importance. There’s also a mini eiffel tower on top of the fridge.

    • yeah ! it says C-A-L-L and P-A-R-I-S on the plane so I’m guessing call 211 on the phone since Paris is flight 211

  8. Maybe the power is along the lines of the Golden Veto they used before. That would be neat.

  9. Seems the continued camera focus on the model plane located by the chess board holds the clue to access. Does the airplane have a Paris or flight 215 number on it somewhere? Possible that there is a code or phone number on, in, or under the base of the model plane.

  10. Michelle heard some banging from a locked room. I think she may already know the location but has not tried the doorknob lately. I think there maybe noising coming from the room at times to get someone to find it.

  11. I hope someone finds this room soon. I can’t wait to see what type power it beholds!

  12. I hope somehow Frank comes down and Da’vonne goes up. There’s no way in hell Da’vonne should outlast Frank!

  13. Ugh, …, it will probably be either Frank or Poochie, I mean, Paulie to discover the Secret Room, or if not, a close confident either that will spill the beans and use the room to protect one of them.


  14. Tokyo has a secret written on it. If you go to the flight departure board its tokyo at 2:25. I wonder if that the code to get into the area that is secret.

  15. Do the hamsters know to look for the clues? If not, that room may never be found

  16. Waikiki is the only one on the list that doesn’t have a picture and isn’t represented. Also it says 4 weeks.

    I think they’re looking for a key. And I think it will be in or on something green, or something tropical in some way. And I think the entrance to the secret room has something to do with Hawaii.

    Even Paris is represented when they put the Eiffel Tower in the middle of the Tokyo picture. only Waikiki doesn’t seem to be represented in the house so I’m thinking they’re looking for something Hawaiian or a “WaikiKEY”

  17. Thre room is there from the beginning, right? If after 5 weeks they can’t find it or bother to look for it, what can they do in the next 4 weeks? Probably daydreaming about being kissed or fingered again, I guess.

  18. The secret room will be connected to the phone booth downstairs because the signs talk about London and secret Tokyo and that’s where that phone booth is so the person to dial 211 will receive a message telling them where to go to gain entrance into the secret room

  19. These people will take awhile to get it. Except for Day with a little bit of productions help. She is the one Who spotted the twins lashed year. And this year she noticed Tiffany. Probably again with productions help. I think today is teachers pet

  20. It’s not coincidence that Frank is sitting there looking at the plane!!

  21. Is this what the game has come to?? The game is in the hands of Paul. Good grief!!

    • I was going to say good for Paul but I guess that’s another way of looking at it…

  22. Bummer! I wanted Frank or Bridge to figure it out. Paul of all people… REALLY?! Ugh!!! Maybe it’s a reset button or something that can give hope to Frank’s game?? A gal can hope!

  23. Paul won’t make a big move he is scared to that’s why big brother players suck scared to make big moves

  24. So evidently, Frank can still potentially save himself this week if he gets in the room. He’ll only find out if he gets to come back if he’s evicted though.

  25. From what I gather, there is a one-way plane ticket for everyone but only one round trip ticket. When evicted, it will be opened in front of Julie. If it’s round trip, you go back on the house.
    He had the option of giving everyone a ticket or keep it just to himself.
    Decisions Decisions!!

  26. PAUL YOU IDIOT why the hell are you giving them any information about this at all? This has to be the worst move made by a house guest in Big Brother history. Absolutely boneheaded move. He should have kept his mouth shut.

      • I guess you mean OLD and not ODD. Bottom line is really this simple. I thought DAY got a bum deal last year, as I have stated before and hopefully somehow in all your internet research of this BB site you could have seen that. NOT everyone on this site, cares for the way she is acting as I can and have seen MANY on here that feel the same as I do. If you can’t handle then please do yourself a favor and skip reading what I type about DAY. Several on here HATED Frank and wanted him off a couple of weeks ago and this week he will be gone unless he goes into the secret room and get’s the round trip ticket. YES, I have rooted for Frank and YES I would like to see him stay another week or two but we just can’t have everything we want. DAY has led and ruined to date at least three people’s game this season ALONE. Those are facts so suck it up and cry on someone else’s shoulder for I have no dry spot for you to do it on mine.

      • Funny! U r entitled to whatever opinion you want!
        I only want frank saved for the tv value of entertainment . Not sure if I am getting too old for this show but this season is very juvenile !

      • It made me giggle when that poster wrote that to u like u don’t have a right to like who u want .. We all like diff people for diff reasons & that is what makes this world so great! We are all
        Different !

      • OH well, I guess we all have our favorites LOL. Seriously though, if they treat DAY as bad or worse than they treated Frank and Bridgette, I hope she has it and comes back ready to rumble.

  27. Paul got caught lying!! Totally mislead them on what was in the room, as he (Paul) didn’t know that more than 1 person could enter. He’s trying to cover his arse. Houseguests do not seem pleased with him.

    • I would probably lie too. Let them figure it out for themselves. Nobody helped him

    • I think Paulie will be the one most upset with his lie especially if they’ve all been in there to get a ticket. Paulie is always a drama queen when he finds out someone has lied to him. You know, like all of them are just suppose to dismiss the lies he tells over and over. lol

  28. Why the frick am I paying for feeds if they show fish during the most important moments? So lame…

    • It’s totally lame. They seem determined not to let feeders see anything interesting as it is happening.

  29. Why the frick am I paying for feeds if they show fish during the most important moments? So lame…

  30. Paul, Vic and Corey are in…got their envelopes that can’t be opened unless they are evicted! 12 envelopes total! So they all have a chance! Paul isn’t giving any info but Corey said there might be an envelope for everyone…then fish. All on joker updates!

    • So glad I didn’t pay for feeds the most exciting part so far and they give you fish I would be so pissed if I bought feeds

  31. This will really change the game. Once they all have a ticket which I’m sure they will all get in there, then every person that they evict they will know has an envelope to open and could possibly re-enter the game. All the hoh’s will be shaking in their boots each week wondering if who they evicted will come back in. Now Julie said the room will be in play for the next 4 weeks. I wonder if that means the envelopes expire after 4 weeks as once they get down to say final 3 I can’t see an evictee being let back in at that point..or does it mean they have 4 weeks to get in the room? I think they will all be in by the end of tonight. I just can’t see this going on till the end of the game can u imagine there is final 3 and someone is voted out and they re enter at that point. They would basically have to just replay a week. So maybe there won’t be a jury buy back and still have 2 DE. Although on second thought other than making the hoh’s nervous I don’t really think it will change much with everyone having a ticket I think they will go ahead and still play like they would have….I just so hope frank has that round trip ticket..otherwise the rest of season will be hard to watch with mainly showmances and not many playing the game. Shall be interesting.

    • It’s probably that they have 4 weeks to access the room and 4 weeks to use whatever power they’ve been given, after which the twist ends.

  32. I have no doubt that out of all the people there Frank will be the one to find the card just when he’s on the block and about to leave. If that’s the case then I have no doubt that it’s rigged, BB has often been rigged but this will have been blatantly obvious.

    Come to think of it I did wonder why Frank was clowning during that HOH comp. production probably told him not to win it or veto so he could come back and so they could generate more drama for the show. How boring and unoriginal. I thought Grodner was more clever with this.

    • I think Frank was goofing around during the HOH because he knew he wasn’t going to win… I think you’re fishing for conspiracies.

      • I’m not fishing for anything. So you’re wrong that. But thanks for the laugh.

        Frank is a comp beast and he was acting really strange during that hoh comp

      • Didn’t you hear what he said in the DR? He’s the oldest one still competing and he wanted to “show off” that he’s strong and could last forever to those that were already eliminated, thus his pose, the Hercules pose I think and it got backfired on him.
        So his ‘cockiness’ that got him eliminated. Even Bridgette was like “seriously?”
        Same thing goes to Victor, if he didn’t try to catch the water bottle he could win it.
        Yeah conspiracy theory is fun but well we never know, I guess.

    • I don’t think so as I don’t think their names are on envelopes. So if they just choose a random envelope it would be hard if not impossible for them to know what envelope frank would pick. When I saw how it was happening I actually thought there is no way they could rig this for frank. Even though I do hope frank has it.

      • You have only to be a critical thinker to realize that BB could easily rig this for Frank. Feeds are to fish and have been for a while, when Vic, Corey and Paul left Production could have told Frank where it was while hes in the room or they could handed it to him or anything. The possibilities are endless.

        Also if they have to present their envelopes to the DR who’s to say they won’t switch Frank’s with a winning one.

      • Well I guess if they want to be that blatant about it they could but not sure they would go that far. It would have been much easier to just have one ticket and make sure frank is the first in room to get it..I think thats what everyone was expecting..but your right anything is possible but you know I would be ok with that cause without frank we only have ppl who don’t know the game and are barely playing and showmances left. So whatever I still hope frank gets that ticket just my opinion

      • I first thought you were just being a bit overly dramatized on this one but I read it not once but twice again. I came to wonder how can they keep their envelopes safe from the other HG’s, (if they each get one that is), and still have it when they get evicted. Now as much as I would love to see Frank get the round trip ticket, my guess and gut both tell me he WON’T be the one to get it. I got a feeling James or Paul will be the one to get it.

    • I agree. I actually posted that in another post. It’s to coincidental. Plus he has whined about his DR discussions of him bitching to production. I will be convinced of a rigged game if Frank comes back. Not so much Bridgette but definitely Frank. Plus he sat in front that plane too Lang starring at it. He was waiting for the perfect time to go in.

  33. I will laugh so hard if Frank gets that card, lol!

    Note – I’m not rooting for Frank to win. If he goes this week with no save, I won’t cry about it. The players I’m rooting for this season are still safe. I just hate that he’s getting a raw deal when Da’vonne is stirring up more trouble than Frank. Also, it’s feeds gold!

  34. Well Paulie just called out production on the suspicious timing of the secret return lol. That’s the only time I heard something I like what Paulie said.

    • If not Paulie, then it could have been any of the Hg’s that want Frank out. Just so happen’s it was Paulie because he has more to lose than the rest.

    • I think America get to be the HOH this coming up so I would vote to put up Paulie and Paul!

  35. And the Oscar goes to Big Beetch, for her performance in the storage room. She’s scared that Frank or Bridgette might have gotten some kind of power so she trying to cover her big @$$

  36. Come on Frank, figure the number and get into that room! You need a chance to get that life saving card!

    • Just read on Joker’s that all of the HG’s have now been in the secret room. A couple of them figured out the clues and told the rest of them how to get in

    • they all got a card one of the cards says round trip which means the holder gets back in the game if evicted…

    • You have to rewind…the special room had 12 plane tickets- 1 round trip that will send the evicted person back into the house. You don’t know if you have it until Julie open it.

  37. What is the big deal as to “Who” found the room??? It was what was in the room that was important…and while Paul found it and tried to keep it from Frank Bridgett and I believe Natalie it made no sense to do that and he got caught lying..

  38. Paul is a hateful man. The way he talks about Bridgette is beyond horrible. He’s the worse of the worse.

    • yes he is…a hateful weasel who lies everytime his mouth is opened…he thinks he really has an “in” with Paulie…What these wanna be bad boys ain’t thinking is “If Paulie will do in Frank am I next”?? I do believe that Corey has considered that Paulie is not so trustworthy ….

      • I figured Paul is a compulsive liar. He tells lies constantly more and more, it’s sickening.

    • He laughs just like Tom Cruise. I like it, but it does get annoying after a while.

  39. I just read Jokers, and I couldn’t believe how Paul is behaving now. He’s turning into a mother f….I want that gnome out of the house next.

    • It’s amazing how he went from being disliked to kind of being liked and then write back to being disliked! He did a complete 360°

      • Your description was perfect. I was like that towards him to be honest, but he figured out how to kiss a*s very well. It’s unbearable to watch. Now he thinks he’s the leader of the pack.

    • He’s acting like a little snitch, running from person to person blabbing everything he hears, trying to make himself look indispensable, no loyalty to anyone. Then he sits there and calls Frank a fool for going around talking to everyone.

      • Paul acts mental, the way he acts everyday is not normal. CBS need to do a thorough mental exam or get him out of there.

    • I totally agree! Once he got that secret he ran around like a lunatic! He’s like the little boy having secret looking for attention. The fact he doesn’t shut his mouth ever drives me crazy! He needs to get boot!

      • I pray he’s next! A girl can dream to get him booted! He’s so obnoxious & totally not cool ! I cannot wait for these HG to get back to real world thinking they got fame….. Um… Sorry HG nobody ever gets fame from BB ! The house is full of thirsty young fame seeking losers! Most jusr there for a summer vacation not even caring there is 500K to win! Day 40 and some still don’t know they are playing a game called Big Brother!

  40. Question: Wait so Paul got the card that will allow him to reenter the game if ever evicted? And if so is he only allowed to use it on his self? BB I have to say I’m liking this season’s twists! Keep it up!

    • No. Each HG entered the room and got a ticket. We won’t know who got the round trip ticket until they get evicted. Paul was simply the first person in the room and lied to the whole house which will probably come back and bite him in the arse.

      • Help me out here, what good is having a “secret” room if every player gets a chance to go into it? Am I misunderstanding what I’ve read? I assumed if it was secret with clues that whomever found the combo first would have to try and keep it secret so they could get one entry each time until they found the winning card. Am I wrong? If all 12 get a shot who cares if the combo is learned? (Apologies if I’m COMPLETELY wrong here!)

      • The way Paul played that was so dumb that it Is simply unbelievable. Here is how I would have played it:

        When I came out of the room I would have told them a lie that big brother told me not to talk about it, I am sorry. I also would have hidden or destroyed the card with the instructions. If production got mad at me I would just tell them that they didn’t tell me I couldn’t do it on the card or instructions itself so it was fair game and they need to let me do this.

        the reason I would do this is not because they wouldn’t eventually find their way into the room and find these envelopes and not know what to do with them but because during the ensuing time they would just be completely freaked out and paranoid and what started tagging each other. I would hold firm that I can’t talk about it I’m sorry. they can’t get mad at me for following instructions, right? Meanwhile they’ll go crazy for a while and it will raise tensions in the house which will then make people say and do stupid stuff which will cause new rifts.

        when and if the rest of them finally do discover the room and the envelopes and production of course finally tells them what the envelopes are for or puts another instruction card in their room or whatever, I would stick to my story that they told me specifically not to say anything and leave it at that. The real damage would be done and that would be to raise the tensions and paranoia of the house overall. That would make them weaker and tired and fatigued and thus easier to train and manipulate and control.

  41. I wonder if the clues tell us which one had the round trip or if it is just random

  42. The most interesting thing this season so far is how thoroughly unlikable most of these HG are.

    • Word… Usually every season there’s at least one person you root for. I’m rooting for everyone to fall flat on their faces.

    • really they are pitiful …no real game play no interest in winning money…just a bunch of high school jocks lovesick twits and mean girls….pathetic..

      • Casting is absolutely terrible this year. Even though I’m handicapped I wish I could play. I could bow out of the physical comps that I can’t do and still win the game. If I’m playing against people like this I would, to give just one example of many ideas I have from being a superfan, I would cause so much “bankshot mayhem” and confuse them relentlessly until they literally destroyed each other. While I watched. And laughed my way to the bank.

        I would also explain my game very clearly in the diary room and also to feed cameras everywhere and would also have a lot of fun with the live feeders by sneaking explanations of what I was up to whenever I would have the chance.

        So basically, people watching the feeds can just watch me execute plan after plan after plan that I told them all about in advance. “Here’s what I’m going to do– now watch the fireworks” kind of thing.

        By the time I was done they would all be convinced that there was a poltergeist in the house. And that would just be the tip of the iceberg.

        I would play the game from an entirely different angle than anything I’ve seen before.

    • Is there a comment card we can fill out and send to the producers? Lol.
      This is awful.

    • While this type of talk about how bad the house guests are seems to happen right around this time every season, this time I have to agree. These houseguests are frightening. But then again, last year with the twins and Austin and– I can’t even think about it anymore. Okay I’ll say it, Vanessa. How can I ever unsee season 17?

      And all of those stupid games of “pot ball”. Help me because they burned my brain.

  43. I want James or Da’vonne to get the special envelope. I think James would prefer money though.
    The girls this year are dumber than most past seasons. Other than Da’vonne who seems to be on top of things, everyone esle is busy trying to pair up.
    Corey loves that Vic is back, especially since Paulie is busy with Z.

  44. It’s hard watching Victor follow Paulie around just like my Shih-Tzu follows me.
    It’s even harder watching Z follow Paulie around. Her mother really will have to have a heart to heart adult conversation with her when she returns home. This is not a good look.

    • She’s young. I think some girls need to mature before they are able to realize that following men around like puppies turns them into exactly that for them.

      • What about all of the “girls (women) mature before men do” stuff we’re told from the age we hit 12?

      • That is true, but these guys are way below the level of a 12 year old so the girls are slightly more mature.

    • It’s sad, yeah, because if she knew how Paulie was talking about her to the guys she’d be over it. Paulie said “I’ll never let any girl get in the way of this game” talking about his alliance/bromance with Paul. Later Z was talking to James, saying the whole time they’ve been in the house Paulie’s never said a single nice thing to her or asked her anything about herself. All he talks about is himself. C’mon Z, you have everything going for you. Don’t waste it on a self absorbed guy like Paulie.

      • Z, would not care! All the signs are there but she still comes back for more! He also said at finale she better not cling to him!

      • She definitely appears to be codependent and possibly even disturbed. She’s incredibly self-absorbed and constantly does her makeup and then wash it off and then reapplies it. It’s very strange.

      • She takes half t he morning putting on makeup, then lay up w/Paulie throughout the day, and take half of the night taking it off. I noticed last night people were going to bed and she was putting on makeup, then getting ready for bed. ?????? Something is wrong w/her and this whole casting!

    • The way Z acts is unbelievable. Putting on a maxi pad in front of them in the storage room and national tv was too too much.

      • I think it was Sunday. Go to BB twitter and get the time stamp if you have the feeds u won’t believe it until u see it.

      • It was a tampon. Day asked her about it and she said she slid her bathing suit bottom to the side and popped it in smh.
        Doubt that it’s her first time doing it.

      • When Paul asked he said did you just put in a tampon and she said no a pad.
        That is still gross in the storage room and in front everyone else.

    • I am seriously wondering if there maybe is not a mother in her life .. and I am not expecting an adult conversation from the one who taught her to change a maxi pad in front of others. Unbelievable. Julie interview with Z: “America is wondering, do you squat and poop, too?”

  45. right now Production needs to get Paul in the DR and tell him to stop threating Bridgett using physical harm…He has been at it all day…it needs to be stopped

    • Yes, they really need to let him know that is not tolerated. He tries to satisfy Paulie by doing and saying anything just to be his “boy.” Paul really acts like he is mentally disturbed or he has some kind of mental problem going on. He is very mean and nasty!!

    • Do you happen to have any examples I can look up on the rewind? I really want to see this because frankly it’s disturbing. But I really would like to see how bad it is.

  46. What are Nicole and Corey arguing about? I use caption to read what they are saying, but still can’t understand their conversation. They speak in half sentences.

    • Corey did not tell her the code to get into the secret room….he was not sure he was supposed to tell her But Victor did tell her shes been whining about it for hours and hours and hours..

  47. is it just me or are most of the guests this year annoying AF i liked nicole on her season but this season she is just annoying and acting like a love sick 7th grader

    • Yep. They’re all incredibly juvenile (to me) this year. More so than in years past. I couldn’t agree any more about Nicole. She’s a vet and acting like a 13-year-old. I’ve said it before…The showmances are embarrassing this year. I know it’s good to have an ally but if Clay and his Mom Shelli taught us anything it’s that couples get marked. Does NO ONE see this? James too. What’s he thinking? Natalie is about as far from a brain trust as you can get yet he seems to be committed to that like a boy in high school. I don’t get it. Da’ is intolerable. They all are. I think CBS MUST have been aiming for the teen viewer demograph this season because they’re all hard to watch. For the first time in years I find myself not looking forward to eps and visiting here rarely. (No offense intended at ALL, Matt! I just don’t care this year due to the players.) But maybe that’s just me.

      • I have most of the ep dvred because there are too many commercials during regular showing. Then I can fast forward. I find I don’t even watch bbad because it is boring. So I stay on here. Thanks Matt so no it’s not just you. I think if frank leaves it is going to be worse

  48. So does anyone know why Michelle is upset? Someone said Frank made her cry. It seems like maybe Frank confronted her about her being a house bully.

    • Frank did not call Michelle a bully after the secret room event michelle frank zac and Bridgett were in the kitchen having a normal conversation and Michele starts questioning Bridgett about past incidents. Bridgett says she is over it for the most part and Michelle has a crying jag…most people think it was fake crying cause she is afraid that Frank might come back into the game if he has the right card and she wanted to get on his good side…this is my version of the incident another poster/viewer may have a different take..

    • Her nasally whining is absolutely on my nerves like fingernails on a chalkboard.

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