Big Brother 18: They Said What? Week 1

We all know Big Brother Houseguests are known for saying some outrageous things. Some things are funny, some are ridiculous and some are downright offensive.


So we’ve decided to keep track of the most ridiculous things we’ve heard from the Big Brother 18 Live Feeds and episodes in “They Said WHAT?” And it starts today!

We’ve already heard a lot from this batch of hamsters, mostly from Jozea, Paul and Bronte. Who would’ve thought Bronte would say things like she wants to bash out all of Michelle’s teeth? Not me, that’s for sure. For the record, that quote isn’t funny and is pretty harsh, so we won’t focus on that here. Hopefully we can stay away from the negative quotes and don’t end up with another Big Brother 15.

So lets go. Feel free to save and share the graphic!

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Say What? Big Brother 18 Week 1

As I mentioned, these guys have said a lot, so it was tough to narrow it down to the four most ridiculous quotes this week. First up is Bronte. She and Paul were all touchy-feely on the couch but their conversation was anything but cute. They were dogging Tiffany and Michelle. Bronte said some things that made Twitter cringe, but what I found most ridiculous was that she and Paul think Corey is putting on a dumb jock act and that he’s really a genius. “I think he’s the secret nerd of the house,” Bronte said.

And we’ve got the king, or should I say the Messiah, of Big Brother 18 quotes, Jozea. When he’s not talking himself up he’s … well … that’s all he does. And usually he does so half naked. Aside from the messiah quote, the most ridiculous was after the veto competition when he compared himself to our commander-in-chief. “I feel like I’m preaching like Obama,” the messiah said.

It’s time for a geography lesson from Natalie. “Maybe I should just move to Cali and become a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader,” she said. I have nothing to add.

And finally, we’ve got Corey. Oh “I’m not gay, mom, I promise” Corey. Saying things like “Alright, pull your pants down” to Victor is not helping your case.

What outrageous things have you heard the Houseguests say? Include Live Feeds times in your comments and we might feature your favorite HG quote next week!



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  1. Glad to see I’m not the only one who’s getting a strong gay/bi vibe from Corey. A number of things he’s said about the other guys appearances, combined with a lack of similar comments about the female players’ appearances, has had me wondering about him since day one…

    • Production certainly had keyed in on that. A controversial comment he made on twitter. In the opening, Production seems to link it anytime they can. He’s giving them enough material to put on the show. though. They feel it’s a concern of his that he may have. I’m glad they’re doing this to him. lol

      • This is 2016 and he needs to come out of the closet. No big deal If he is gay.

      • What? Are you serious? None of anybody’s fucking business. Nobody needs to do anything but live their life and be left alone.

      • Chill out! I’m just stating that nobody cares if you’re straight or gay anymore so relax.

    • It’s all in the edit I suppose…he could be lusting after Nichole or Tiffany in the DR but it’s not being shown.

      • Corey’s bromancing is amusing, but I think speculating is really out of bounds. Maybe he was in a fraternity. All kinds of homoerotic humor there, but means nothing.

      • So true, and it’s a little mean-spirited of BB to play this kind of ‘joke’ on him with the hinting around he might be gay edit.
        But at least he’s not accused of being a racist – then everyone would have an excuse to ruin his life forever.

  2. Was it Bronte or Bridgette who said that she wanted to bash Michelle’s teeth in (I thought it was the latter)? I also still don’t understand all the hate she has for Michelle (not that they need a reason to hate).

    And I definitely think Nicole is barking up the wrong tree with Corey too. Hope this experience makes him more confident about who he is if that’s really the case.

    And love this new feature! However, you guys definitely have your work cut out for you with this bunch (Jozea leaving this week will cut the ridiculousness down by half, but I’m sure there will still be plenty of fodder from the rest). I mean, I know they’re young, but they’re not THAT young (like high school teenager young). SMH.

      • I’m confusing the comment Bridgette made about shaving Michelle’s eyebrows—not that that’s any better…

    • It got around that Michelle was the secret nominator that put up Bronte and that’s why she was pissed at Michelle. I think Paul started that rumor.

      • Well that makes sense. I don’t Twit (yes, THAT’S a joke), so I didn’t know.

    • I think it’s because he made some comments about not wanting to seem gay. No one would care if he were, it’s just weird that he thinks about it so much. I think I read somewhere that when the feeds went live before the HGs realized it, he got upset worrying about if something he did made him seem gay.

      • Weird. Zach was all over Frankie and vice versa — I don’t remember anybody having a problem with that.

        That was a true bromance.

      • Yeah, but there was all kinds of speculation about Zach and he was pretty hurt by it when the season was over and everyone thought he was gay. (athough in his case he asked for it.)

  3. BaHaha these houseguests should really watch what comes out of their mouths! And I now understand why there were no more words spoken for Nat’s comment. Woowza! Let’s just say the recruiter for cheerleaders won’t be knocking on her door any time soon!

    • Funny thing is that Natalie was once a New York Jets cheerleader….so she KNOWS that the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders are the cream of the crop when it comes to NFL cheer/dance teams! She HAS to be playing dumb with that one.

      • I wouldn’t be shocked at all. She works for the Garden of Dreams Foundation at Madison Square Garden in NYC (my inference from her statements about planning events for children + I’m a HUGE hockey fan so I’m familiar w/the organization), but I wouldn’t bet against her trying to get on Kelli Finglass’ (head of DCC) radar!

      • I think so too, because she said she should play dumb as a social and physical strategy!

  4. ..Mon 12:52 PM BBT Bronte wondering why Paulie isn’t mad at Nicole for putting him up.
    “I wonder what trick they have up their pocket”.

  5. Assuming the HOH is going to play in teams, will Nichole be able to play, just not be HOH?

    • Good question?!?! Maybe Nicole’s entire team is unable to play for HOH. I wonder…

      • I’m sure her team can play. She just can’t. If one of them wins it, then she’s safe for another week along with the other member of the team.

      • Yes, I agree…Corey and Michelle who will take advice from Nic so the vets will be safe as will the siblings and the rest of their alliance. If they also take the Roadkill challenge, they could potentially put up Paul, Bronte & Bridgette on the block at the same time. Only 1 could potentially win POV so 1 of them definitely goes next (if this perfect scenario played out). :)

      • I was under the impression that the team picked who out of the team is HOH so I am guessing they just can’t pick Nicole

      • I think that was just for that first HoH comp since it was the 3rd part of 3 challenges. I’m under the impression that HoH comps will revert back to individual comps where the winner is HoH and their team is also safe for the week. I could be completely off-base, though, because they haven’t told us a danged thing about how HoH will work from here out. Haha

      • I thought Julie said they would be playing in teams all season. Correct me if I’m wrong!

      • That Premiere was so freaking insane – it’s possible that we could all be wrong! Haha

  6. I may be in the minority, but I don’t get the impression that Corey is bi/gay. Every year there seems to be someone who is gay or who people think are closet gays. I remember people thought Jeff Schoder was gay, who now is married and a father (or going to be a daddy) Corey’s interview with Jeff I thought was great. Just because someone is a gentleman, soft spoken, have feminine habits, does not make a man gay. My soulmate and love of my life, has all three of these traits. We have been married for over 15 years?

    • Haven’t seen the feeds, but would tend to agree with you… People are usually very quick to assume things about another person’s sexuality, intent, and whatnot… could be he is gay, could be that he is comfortable being physically close to guys, or heck, it could even be that he’s using it as a strategy… so hard to know without actually knowing a person.

      • Zach was also being physically comfortable with guys. I am one to speculate that both Zach and Corey are into men and not just as friends. Corey may be out, but hasn’t said anything yet or he’ll remain in the closet, while I’m not sure what’s going on these days with Zach, but it is better to be comfortable with who they are before revealing anything.

      • I agree. Unfortunately sometimes it is hard to change public opinion. What bothers me is when rumors affects the players outside the house. Especially with Corey coaching little league baseball.

    • Jeff did not seem feminine to me, but everyone has their own opinions. There are plenty of gay men who end up getting married because, either they don’t want to be or are hiding, but Corey is not feminine at all and I don’t think he is soft spoken either.

  7. The only two girls that I don’t like are Bronte and Tifanny. Tiffany acts too much like her sister and I don’t think that she is actually that way outside of the house and Bronte’s behavior gets on my nerves and she is the secret nerd of the house. Tiffany already knows about the 3 girls alliance so I see them leaving the house one by one pretty soon.

  8. natalie is the one to me that makes ” stupid statements” to me. she said something totally wrong or asked what something was on premiere night that just made my jaw drop-as in children would know. i sure wish i could remember what it was, but she says some of the dumbest things.

  9. Can I ask an unrelated question? What’s up with everyone hijacking the HOH room? If I won HOH, I’d want to sleep by myself and enjoy having a break from being around everyone all the time. Would people hold it against Nicole if she wanted to sleep alone? 4 people in a bed is just stupid.

    • there are times when HOH is alone, but its also a stratagie to let others use HOH room. i would want alone time too, but you gotta play your cards right on that one

  10. oh, and im totally lost on the corey stuff. this is the first time i am hearing about it.

    • He had previously made homophobic tweets a few years ago that have been deleted, but not before the media got ahold of it. It’s ironic because the show is kind of giving him a “gay” cut because he has talked about guys and their bodies being good-looking, while trying very hard to convince everybody that he’s straight.

  11. Day needs to get over her paranoia with Tiffany. Day has spent almost the entire time up in Nicole’s HOH room..sleeping in her has Zakiyah..if I were Nicole I would tell them that I would like one night to myself. Bridgette is as fake as they come..I think Bronte has an evil side to her, Natalie..I think she thinks she is at a dance camp, Paul is just BB stupid, Victor eats all the food..Jozea is in for a very rude awakening this week..those are just a few observations I have made so far..more to follow!!

    • As far as food, James is wasting a lot of food in the house. His prank is going too far. lol He put mayo on Natalie’s lotion. All day she didn’t realized she was wearing Miracle Whip.

      • I’m over his pranks. Enough is enough. They’re not even funny anymore. He over kills a funny thing.

      • I’ve only heard about the mayo and something in the kitchen. pranks are best when not over done

      • At least it wasn’t hair gel. lol.
        I love James and he is good for comic relief but even I’m kinda yawning at the pranks I’ve seen. I think it is part of his personality and part of his strategy to come off as benign and friendly and fun for the newbs to drop their guard around him so I doubt they stop any time soon. :)

      • But mayo is good to use as a conditioner for frizzy hair! And when applied to skin can make it baby soft. So I’ve read!

      • Yeah I’m tired of James using food as pranks. Remember last year he threw all of the food as part of the veto game … what a horror hahaha. Maybe because I don’t like to waste food, remember all those African children, people!

    • I totally agree with your observations. Will see if things change after Jozea goes.

    • I was thinking that Day and Zak were trying to catch up on their sleep where they couldn’t be caught since they are having to sleep in the uncomfortable looking have-not room.

  12. It’s difficult for the minority alliance to kinda regain control of the house, even to put a dent on the majority alliance. 8 Pack has 2 different chances to control the game, to put anybody on the block and be able to control the vote. Not to mention the anonymous winner of a comp who can make some sneaky nomination. This..I have to say, creates some interesting scenario.

    • it does. I want at least 2 more gone before changes in the 8 begin, but won’t that be fun to watch

      • I don’t see D’vonne staying for too long. She is too chummy with Zakiyah and Her mouth will get her in trouble with the group soon.

      • i see her staying for a while, but she will need to keep her mouth in check and be sneakier when trying to get others to vote the way that’s best for her.

      • If D’vonne’s alliance wins the HOH back to back, she will stay long. She needs to not get on her own alliance bad side.

    • It’s definitely possible, more so than previous seasons with the new 3-person-nominee twist. If the minority alliance (who think they’re the majority) were smart (which so far they’ve proven not to be), they could utilize and strategize to flip only 1 or 2 on the majority side and pool their votes to get out the third Road Kill nominee (if it benefitted them). (RE: 2000 presidential election in Florida between Bush Jr. vs. Gore vs. Nader.) It could happen, but I wouldn’t hold my breath…at least not with this bunch (Paul, Victor, Bronte & Natalie).

  13. After watching a few episodes of BBAD the super pretentious Tiffany is starting to get on my nerves as she continues to wear those extremely large sun glasses with the hideous gray hat covering half her face.
    Let me guess Tiffany, you’re trying to outsmart everybody by not letting them see your eyes and be all ‘secret squirrel’ like.
    Did it ever occur to you that the other HG’s might not be inclined to trust you when you behave in such a paranoid manner?
    UGH! I eagerly await her eviction.

    • I actually agree with Paul when he mentioned how weird/shady she was about wearing sunglasses indoors at night. It’ll probably be the first/last thing I agree with him on, but then again, I was never a fan of Vanessa’s last year, either, and she and Tiffany could be fraternal twins since they’re so alike. But I don’t think many trust her fully, at least the smarter ones, like the vets, since they’re wiser knowing she’s Vanessa’s sister.

      • See, if even Paul recognizes she’s being weird/shady how can Tiffany not be aware?
        Vanessa and Tiff’s voice are so much alike I’m wondering if they’re twins now.

      • Lack of self-awareness is a real thing/disease. I used to think Vanessa was weird because she was a professional poker player and, well, many of them are at least a little off due to their profession. But Tiffany is a teacher/tutor, so she should be better with interacting with people. That being said, I’ve had some CRAZY teachers/professors, both in high school and college, so I guess that’s not saying much. Aside from their voice (more genetics than anything), their mannerisms are practically identical too—and they’ve got some strange mannerisms too. Like the whole bunny hat pulled over her eyes when Frank was trying to apologize to her for like the third time (BBAD). Weird indeed.

      • Yes, that’s another thing; how many people sound exactly like their sibling when they’re not twins? The same tone and inflection – it’s so disturbing. Did the BB producers somehow think the audience really liked V.’s voice that much last season so they brought her sister back or are they perhaps just torturing us?
        Someone else opined that Tiff is really Vanessa and although I didn’t think so at the time now I’m starting to wonder. Why else would Tiff hide her face like this.
        I certainly hope this isn’t one of the twists this season. Were they so afraid that nobody would watch if we knew V. was returning so soon? I wouldn’t have watched but now I’m already addicted.

      • So to add to that conspiracy, her BB intro they never showed Vanessa and Tiffany together in one shot like they did with Cody and Paulie (at least not to my recollection). Have you seen “Orphan Black”? Possibly clones. And just think, they have a “third sister”! BB19, Vanessa 3.0?

      • HAHAHA! I love it! Vanessa and Tiffany are clones, that would explain everything.
        If this really is Vanessa in disguise I hope Day and James get her out ASAP.

  14. I’ve heard this from Jozea too, “I always tell the truth. I know everything. I’m very observant.”

    • He’s so confident, he feels he’s not gonna pack his bag. He has only one vote against him…In his mind.

      • He’s got Paul’s vote, at least that’s what Paul told him and possibly Victor’s vote.

      • Bronte and Natalie, I’m sure.
        Part of me would kinda like to see Bridgette get a vote just to put her on alert and heighten her paranoia. She’d prolly end up blaming/believing it was Michelle anyway. So I don’t want it to be Michelle.
        But I will settle for it being a 2-way between Paulie & Jozea 7-4 for Jozea to go home. :)

      • Yeah, a vote for Bridget would be delicious. I like your kind of evil. Haha

      • I didn’t like Jozea at all, and I’m gay. He’s lives up to an unpleasant stereotype. This first eviction is changing up my feelings for some of the house guests, specifically, all of the people that voted for Paulie to go, what the heck did he do to anyone?

  15. Jozea said he trusted Da’ and that she turned on the vets so he was going to let her stay til Jury. #saywhat

    • I about died over that comment! Too dang funny. Can’t wait til he watches the season back to see just how much she didn’t trust him! :-)

      • Bless his heart – He is going to be in for a rude awakening, I think. But it will start Thursday night! 6:55pm Start the popcorn! lol

  16. Jozea & Paul don’t need to study previous years / strategy. They don’t want anyone else to influence their brain. #saywhat #JessieGodderz #sleepallday #messiahallnight

  17. Paul said his friend has Abe Lincoln’s “death mask”, a flag flown on the moon and a museum’s rejection letter to Andy Warhol #saywhat

    • It would actually be a “life mask”.

      Any of those are possible, but the areas of collecting as so disparate it would be quite unusual for a private collector to have all three.

  18. “I’m never wrong.” – Jozea, BB Contestant/Messiah June 22-30, 2016
    #saywhat #wrongsowrong #andwrongagain

      • I still chuckle when I see him telling Frank that Paulie definitely won the Roadkill comp…He reads faces… Literally laughed out loud. Frank’s face – so stoic. Listening to that without laughing had to be harder than the comp. Love it!

        And the irony that he couldn’t read Frank’s face either! Ha!

  19. Would like for someone to tell Nic that Jozea keeps referring to her as a “thing” so when she evicts him,
    she can correct him by saying, “That’s MS Thing to you!” #pinkyout

  20. What does Bronte/Bridgette think payback will be for if/when they EVER get the gall to shave Michelle’s brows??? #givemeaminute #nopeonlyneedasecond

  21. Jozea said he is the glue that holds people together. #saywhat #when?
    Possibly, but your eviction may contain some acetone and you may come unglued Thursday night. #justsayin #unglued #dontpack

  22. Jozea told Paul he isn’t packing for Thursday because that’s how confident he is.
    #dontpack #please #goingham #JulieWaits

    If confidence is a drug… Don’t OD
    If confidence is a really long, tangledy cord… Don’t get tripped up #WatchYourStep before you #GetToSteppin
    If confidence is a toothy beast…. Don’t let it bite cha in the keister #DontGetBit

  23. Don’t know why you’ve not focused on the “trying to set a goat on fire” story that Corey told.

  24. I’d like to see BB create a montage to go with the other HG’s goodbyes for Jozea – maybe call it “The Crazy $h!t You’ve Said”. Since he’s already gonna be completely blindsided & not believe one word of the ‘goodbyes’ b/c he KNOWS he’s got the votes. But then again, what should you expect from someone who didn’t even know who Zingbot is???

  25. Thank god Jozea is gone, queen of the incredibly stupid. I do not get why these other guys seem to truly like him, it does not make sense to me. I did like Paul and Victor, now not so much at all. I’m hoping that some big good fortune comes Paulie’s way this next week. On another topic, which remaining guys are pinging your gaydar, if any? For me, Paul and Corey. I know Corey is saying that he’s not gay, but that doesn’t mean anything. I understand that Corey is getting edited to make him seem gay, but still, they wouldn’t have anything to work with if Corey didn’t give it to them.

  26. I thought I heard Cory commenting during the opener about how built and good looking the guys were and how a “bro-mance” would be nice (or something to that effect). No comments on the pretty girls at all. Did I just imagine that? I feel bad for him if he’s truly gay or bi and in denial or struggling with it. I’ve heard it’s not a comfortable place to be in…

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