‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Weekend Round-Up Week 8

The Big Brother 18 Houseguests were busy this weekend with competitions and betrayals which kept the Live Feed running hot. Just the way we like it! Now we have the latest spoilers on everything that’s been going on to show us which way things are going next.

Nicole & Victor together on BB18

With another HoH cliffhanger the game was left in the lurch as HGs waited to see which side of the new game divide would take control. The rest of the season’s direction could all be decided this week which put the pressure on these HGs to deliver.

Big Brother 18 Spoilers – Week 8 Round-Up:

Head of Household: Once the backyard was cleaned up the HGs went outside for a quick knock-out style competition. Paulie and Nicole were playing on one side against Victor, Paul, James, Natalie, and Michelle. Those are tough odds so things weren’t a surprise when Victor pulled off the win to become the new HoH. It was time for him and Paul to pick a side. Read more >>

America’s Care Package: “Super Safety” was up for grabs this week giving the recipient complete safety from eviction this week. Nicole won the viewers’ vote so she won’t be going near the Block this week but she does have to wear a silly orange safety themed costume. It’s pretty funny. Unfortunately for Nicole she was already deemed safe this week which means she won’t be eligible for next week’s prize when she could be in danger again. Read more >>

Nominations: Victor played along with Paulie that he’d go after the girls with his nominations this week but the real plan all along was to get his former allies Paulie and Corey up on the Block. Sure enough he took a swing and it shocked the targets. They knew it might happen, but never thought Victor would really do it. This has all lead to several heated confrontations in the house. Paulie is the top target this week which meant his game could all come down to the Veto. Read more >>

Power of Veto: It was do or die for Paulie’s game as the Zingbot arrived with a crapshoot competition, something Paulie was hoping not to face. It wasn’t his game to win this time and the top prize went to Victor after the final round came down to him and James. Victor encouraged James to take the cash prize while offering to take the Veto himself and secure his nominations. Now Victor is in complete control this week and it looks like Paulie is on his way out the door. Read more >>

Veto Ceremony is coming up on Monday and I have no expectations for Victor to make any changes to the game plan now. Corey will need to keep an eye on Paulie to make sure he doesn’t flip things but right now there doesn’t appear to be a path to safety for Paulie with five votes out there this week.

What do you think of this weekend’s Big Brother spoilers? Are you happy with the results or did you want someone else to pull off the wins? If you have our Big Brother App then you received alert notifications as these results arrived. If you don’t have it, then be sure to download our app now!


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  1. Keeping Victor around (and worrying about Frank, who had no support!) was one of the biggest mistakes in BB history. A comp beast who was already a jerk with his buddy Paul at the beginning of the game — should have been sent packing immediately if not sooner! Instead, he hung around a few weeks with no fear whatsoever, and reconnected with fellow jerk Paul, and now Paul/Vic, the ones targeted at the beginning of the season, control the game! DUMB. You ALWAYS get rid of returning players immediately — that’s why you voted them out already once before!! Duh.

    • Blame Paulie , he got too cocky thinking he was running things. I don’t see Victor as a jerk any more he’s straightforward honest smart and can win comps to boot really starting to liked him GO VICTOR!!!! Hope he wins ACP this week.

      • You can blame Paulie, I suppose, all you want, but there were ALOT of people in the house who did nothing. So, is it Paulie’s fault that ten or more people listened to him?! Is there no responsibility anymore in this world for your OWN actions?! We will see about Vic and Paul — true jerks with power (in their own minds) last time no different than Paulie. Let’s see if they changed. Doubt it.

  2. Paulie dug his own grave. Now that he’s exposed, nobody trusts him or likes him. He pretty much Willied himself except became more of a douche. There is a reason why Paul, Victor, James, Michelle and Natalie don’t trust him. He lied a bunch of times to them and tried to play all angles. Problem- he’s doing it wrong. I wanted to like the guy because in the beginning he was willing to go against Jozea (another douchebag) but then he became power hungry and pretty morphed into Jozea.

    Paulie is pretty much the love child of his brother and Amanda Zuckerman. Even Evel Dick cringes at him.

  3. Can’t help but feel bad for Paulie. He seems very defeated and that’s not good for anyone to go through whether you like them or not. The producers will likely bring him back either with RT or jury buyback. So vote wise he will still have Nicole, Corey and possibly Michelle.

    • You see defeated? I see poor sportsmanship. If you can’t take people treating you like a douche, don’t be a douche in the first place.

      • Agreed 100%! I also hope I don’t have to see him back in the house. He may seem defeated, but he’s just afraid because he has called the shots since this season started

      • He’s still trying to figure out how and why the rest could have had the nerve to challenge his authority. That’s beyond just simple arrogance, IMO.

      • There’s no buying of anything. The Houseguests have just always called it a “buyback” when a juror plays in a competition to get back into the game.

  4. Paulie might leave the jury house after two weeks. He admitted he is super claustrophobic. James is convincing him to stay. James is only thinking about his own game and not Paulie’s mental health.

    • I’m not sure what you’re asking, but, I saw Paulie berating Zak on BBAD. And it was not edited. It was the most shameful thing I’ve ever seen. He bullied her. His body language…his tone of voice…you could see his muscles tense (because he never wears a shirt). You could see his jaws clench whenever she spoke. Listen, if you’ve ever been abused—whether by words or fists—his words are capable of doing just as much damage as fists.
      That is his true behavior. It was also shown on live feeds that he was saying that he was going to have his cousins beat up either Natalie or Michelle–can’t remember which. THAT wasn’t edited either. He’s a monster. I feel badly for what he’s going through right now—but it has more to do with not getting his way than anything else. I’m sorry to sound cruel. I’m not. But this ‘fragile, defeated’ behavior started after he was nominated OTB. Don’t let this guy fool you.

      • You don’t sound cruel at all. You are spot on point. When I watched his degrading and abusive treatment of Z and Nat, it made me sick. I can’t begin to understand why he is still in the house.

  5. Paulie is saying that he may self-evict..because he can’t handle being in the jury house…he would feel too closed in…Hey, Paulie..you have been closed in since June 15th! James is trying to tell him that he has alot more freedom in the jury house…he’s not having it. He can’t handle being in the same house with three women who won’t take his crap..well..Z might!

    • I’d say that production has requested for some of the HGs to show Paulie some love and tenderness because of his fragile condition. Yes, production, baby the guy. That’s why he is like he is to begin with, immature and entitled, because he has been coddled.

      • Exactly. Everything smacks of him being raised knowing he is always right. Never done anything wrong. That’s not gonna work in either the BB world or the real one.

      • Everyone has their demons and we can’t just judge these people based on what we are fed.

        Going on BB is a courageous yet daunting task. It’s no piece of cake.

      • It is a daunting task…but, you don’t go into fits of rage when you don’t get your way and you don’t demean women like he has..being fixated on one’s anatomy the entire time..telling one that because she is a feminist that she basically is a racist..the guy is a jerk..and his true colors came out over the past few days. He knew what he was getting himself into.

      • Of course he did, after all, he has been listening to Cody and Derrick talk about it for 2 years now.

      • We are not judging anyone based on what we are fed. We are expressing opinions based on what HG do, what they say, how they treat others, and how they play the game. If Polly has done anything positive at all, he has probably made sure no other HG will get in without better screening.

      • I really hope that they didn’t do that. The guy is 28 years old…acting like a 2 year old. He said his businesses are suffering and he needs to get home. He has just been one of the worst I have watched play the game..as far as his feeling superior to everyone else..he didn’t give Tiffany a chance because every time he looked at her..he saw Vanessa…he has had everyone in that house do his dirty work for a very long time…took them long enough to figure that out.

      • His businesses are suffering? How does he know that? And if he considered that might happen, why did he sign on to BB in the first place – especially when he made the conscious decision to lie about having received previous psychiatric treatment?

      • Tweets say he’s lying. Doesn’t own anything. And he Works for a DJ service, not own. Works as a trainer, not own!

      • I hope not, too, Lynn, but you know they had to step in and do something to change the atmosphere in the house. Paulie can not take being challenged or questioned, especially by a female. He can’t stand the thought of sitting out there with Julie and having to listen to anything negatively said about him, and I will be surprised if there will be any DR messages shown that could possibly provoke or agitate him. He told Nat to be nice in her message. He can NOT face reality. Sure I am speculating and I’ll speculate one step further. I hope they didn’t allow him to call his family to help calm him down so he’ll stay in the house. I hope not because that wouldn’t be fair to the others at all. We’ll never know, but I can wonder.

      • I always wonder what really goes on in those DR sessions…like if a player is a having a really bad time..do they somehow sneak a family member in there…do they let them call home…who knows.

      • Very true! I think they are going to show a little bit of Paulie’s fit that he had right before the live show last week…they need to show the good, the bad and the ugly with these HG’s!

      • No. Accountability. That’s all I ask. Accountability. Sportsmanship. I bet you sprinkle sugar on the crust of your peach pies, dont’cha K?

      • That is when I go into over drive to mess with him. He is a grown ass man and needs to act like one.

      • “Put him in coach, he’s ready to play today”
        Adapted from John Fogerty, “Centerfield”, good song, lol

      • Paulie has a lot phobia. He has claustrophobia. Last night he said he’s afraid of flying, that’s aerophobia. I believe he’s afraid of sleeping alone. I don’t know what you call that…and he also has phobiaphobia.

      • Lol…Did you know that there really is a phobia of phobias? It’s called phobophobia. Who would know? Why didn’t they just name it phobiaphobia, too long? lol

      • As long as you cook the little drops thoroughly before you eat them, they contain lots of vitamins, especially minerals. Don’t be scared. Face your fears.

      • I’m so mischievous.
        Hey, I gave you props on another thread where people were laughing about the needle dick comment. I let them all know that was credited to Elaine.

      • It took me a long to to figure out how to do that.
        So now I keep playing with it so i don’t forget how. Use it or lose it.

      • That’s smart of you. It would take me a LONG time to figure it out again. I’m not very computer savvy. Maybe I’ll try.

      • Well, with all these phobias, he should have stayed home! Does anyone have a pacifier he can borrow? ?

      • Z has a few, but they aren’t available.
        He might have vapor lock, too.
        Wrongway Willie clued me in on it.

      • There is nothing fragile about him. From what I have seen this man is a narcissist who likes to berate and manipulate people. I do know that trying to convince the HGs to be on your side is part of the show, but the way he did things seemed like a real part of himself and not just for the game.

    • I agree that he is panicking being alone with three women. No men to build his sick ego. It also proves that Zak meant absolutely nothing to him. What will she think when she finds out he refused to go to jury house?

    • I think Paulie is afraid of Da’vonne’s mouth. He only likes women that are weak so he can manipulate them. At least he’ll have Zakhya to satisfy his manly needs.

    • It has nothing to do with claustrophobia. Certainly he does not want to face Z and also D and Bridgette and– do the math.

      Here I’ll show you the math:

      Paulie < 0

  6. Nothing wrong with a man crying, but Paulie’s cries are a sign of desperation and defeat. I’m sure his “boys will give him a well deserved hard time after they see that.

  7. I think Polly isn’t so much afraid of anybody’s wrath in jury because he has 0 respect for women or anything they have to say. Women are to use their mouths for one thing only, and it ain’t talkin. He just wants to avoid any further contact with Z or her expectations since she was just a one BB stand, so to speak.

  8. I am so glad for the punishments because at least Corey and Paul have to wear costumes and we don’t have to look at them shirtless.

  9. James and Nicole are talking and Nicole is saying that Corey is the best guy she’s met in her entire life. Does anyone believe that this showmance will last after the show?

  10. Corey made a joke about Paulie refusing to make his apple pies when Paulie’s musical signal to do so goes off. Corey said what if Paulie keeps refusing to make and bake and accumulates too many penalty points. Then if he gets the return ticket and gets nominated again, Paulie will hear, “by a vote of 87 to one, Paulie, you are evicted from the Big Brother house.”

  11. I love how Britney, Raul and Shelli accepted their punishments with no consequences. And here we have Paulie crying because he’s not getting his way. Hey atleast Paul can make muffins.

    • Paulie is using Zakiyah

      Corey is too stupid to see Nicole likes him

      Natalie just wants to be friends with James.

      • Zakiyah wanted more from Paulie than what he was willing to give. It’s a tv show and somewhere she forgot that.

        Corey is not into Nicole.

        Natalie is not into James

      • I think Corey may bat for the other side and to afraid to come out of the dugout. The way he acts around Nicole and what he says leads me to believe he’s never dated much or been around girls except to talk about the guys. And, before I step on any toes, I’m not meaning that in an ugly way. I see nothing wrong with whom a person loves and wants to be with. Life to short not to be happy but, I agree, he’s into Paulie, not Nicole.

      • Cool…wanted to make sure. I have a lot of gay friends and I’d hate for any of them to think I was putting Corey down. I should have worded that post differently.

      • As far as James/Nat relationship, all I see is they respect each other..that’s all..The other showmances?…idk, they’re not fun to watch…Christmas Corey is the most boring HG in this season.

      • To be fair atleast James and Nat care for each other. But it’s clear the relationship is one sided

  12. Has he made a freakin’ pie YET?! Let me put it this way: Have they asked him to make a freakin’ pie YET?!

  13. I just read about furry parties, hantai, both interesting, and yesterday discovered such a thing as vapor lock, which wasn’t at all what I assumed. BB is a fantastic learning experience.

  14. Cody and Paulie have a weird relationship with their dad….. They kiss each other on the mouth…

  15. They had a great edit showing the real Paulie tonight. He was so proud of himself and you might even say he was glowing, His glow quickly went away when his butt ended up on the block and then the I need sympathy tears started to flow.

    • They did not show enough of Paulies rant/beatdown of Natalie in the HOH…What they showed was very mild compared to what we saw on the feeds..

      • Just read on Jokers that Corey said to Nicole that Paulie blew up their game with his mouth. He also said that Paulie hit Michelle with the door. When did that happen?

      • I read that on Jokers… but tonites show did not show him confronting the girls which he might have done..our feeds were not on when James told Paulie that Zakiyah was going home..and it happened during that time..

      • Yeah, he looked like he was going to explode at that point (on the show tonight) and then they switched to the HoH competition. Definitely felt like there was more to show but they are protecting him

      • They didn’t have much of a choice…Live feeders saw and heard all that happened during the HOH rant and afterward. .And its been talked about all week so CBS/Production could not pretend it didn’t happen..

  16. Its the final care package:
    “BB BRIBE”
    WEEK 5 – August 21 to August 26th
    The winner gets $5,000 to bribe one house guest. Bribes my influence voting, competitions, vetos or nominations. The bribe can only be given to one house guest, for one action, within the week leading up to the next eviction.

  17. Paulie maybe self evicting or they be removing him from the game..Hes been in the DR off and on all day.. And he has not started doing his punishment of pie making…Just a guess on my part.. He finally realized today that he is the “chosen” one for the week.. If all goes as planned Paulies game over Thursday..unless the RT shows up.. Never say never in the BB house ..okay scratch my post ..lol…Paulie has his costume and he is making pies..

  18. Natalie is over the top now. First, she is not fat. Second, she is harping on something that should be over. Third, James should just leave.

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