Big Brother 18 Spoilers: Week 5 Nominations

Nominations are in for Week 5 of Big Brother 18 and spoilers from the Feeds reveal what’s happened in the game since things went dark after last week’s eviction. But now we’re back with an extra Houseguest, a new HoH, and two noms on the Block.

Nominations on Big Brother

Once we found out who won HoH this week it was just a matter of time before we could determine which two HGs were sent to the Block. And remember now that the Roadkill twist is over there won’t be a third nominee, at least not unless another twist comes along.

Big Brother 18 Week 5 Nominations:

  • James nominated: Bridgette & Frank

James won HoH in another wall style endurance comp that was blocked from the damn Feeds (which pisses me off to no end) and he turned right back around and went after his fellow Veto. Ouch. Even after Da’Vonne was telling James showmances needed to go. I wish we could have seen how that all went down. Sigh.

Frank finally gets it that the whole house wants him out, but he knows there’s a social game to this and he’s actively working the house to gather support. Paulie is talking with him about staying, but that could easily be Paulie talking more deception to Frank like he’s been doing for more than a week!

Veto is coming up on Saturday and this will be big for Frank.

Good times ahead on the Feeds! Grab your Free Trial to watch the next week for free then keep it for $5.99/month. That’s 20 cents a day for 24/7 access to Feeds content. Silly cheap.



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    • I agree. I want to see the old James back! Where he is not afraid to get blood on his hands!

      • It’s important to remember that last season he was ruthless against the OTHER side of the house. Not against members of his own group.

        It’s not that different this season, when you think about it. Frank and Bridget are not people he’s been actively working with and talking game with.

      • Not necessarily. He checks in with Paulie (who trusts him 100%) just often enough to remain close without tipping others off.

        He was also a key factor in getting the house to ship Tiff off Thursday with his & Nat’s late night discussion with Nicole & Cory who kept waffling back and forth all week.

      • Paulie is just using him. He is not part of the 5 person alliance with Davonne. That should have told him he does not count!

      • I agree that Paulie is using James and you are right he is not part of the 5 person alliance with Day. Paulie covered that by asking James to be part of another group (I don’t want to call it an alliance as I’m not sure it was referred to as that and there was no name that I heard). Anyway the group is Paulie himself, James, Corey and Paul. This was before Victor was back in the game. Paulie figured that with all those guys one of them would be HOH each week which essentially would be Paulie’s HOH and they could take out everyone. I personally think Paulie will use them until he wants them cut and he does have a F2 with Corey or he could do what Derrick did and bring Z to the end just like Victoria was brought.

      • Exactly – I haven’t seen him do anything except call her on the phone, and lie in bed talking, while she’s giggling. He’s a waste of space

      • As long as he doesn’t “have blood on his hands”, as he’s “being thrown under a bus”, while “acting sketchy”!

      • James is NOT afraid to get blood on his hands! Now that James and Natalie made jury he will try and become HOH. Also it may be exciting to see a big play but you must pick your spots as what would you do if you were him? Timing is huge in BB! He has talked about that in the after dark feeds he wants to go into beast mode and win! So when that wall comp happens he will win it again or Natalie! Remember last year about Steve everyone complained about him! Most fans seem to shoot their mouths off and do not know what it takes to win. People make comments from home which is easy. Being a have not stinks and he has been it twice atleast! Eating slop and taking cold showers and being hungry for 2 weeks would suck. Give him a break. He is playing better this year by far! Once he is off being a have not look out! Wait for those endurance and physical comps for James. He needs food though to play well! Tell the others to chill about my man James! Thanks

      • He’s shown that by targeting Frank. And of course all the Frank lovers are blathering that James only put him on the block because that’s what the rest of the house wanted. Apparently they think that he can’t think for himself because he’s not a muscle-bound-arrogant-ass.

      • He doesn’t think for himself. He’s scared of his own shadow. Same game he played last season. Just substitute Meg with Natalie

      • Obviously he can as James won HOH and Nat was 4th staying up for over 4 hours! She is not a Meg! She will win comps and has brain and is very athletic. James is playing a better game this year! He does think for himself but chose not to upset house this early. He should not have promised F and B’s safety though! He could have promised B safety but not F! He does need to find atleast 2 more people to make final 4 with! Nicorey or Day n M? Last year his alliance sucked at comps and that is why he lost partly. The other part is that he should have gone after Austwins instead of Clelli! That was a huge mistake! He made wrong choice with his HOH last year! We will see if it ruins his game again!

    • James don’t want to win, if he did then he wouldn’t of went and ran his mouth to Paulie about what devonne said bout the showmances…. he would of kept her in his pocket and use her for when he was ready to go against the powers. All James wants to win is Natalie….. this is Paulies game to lose and Victor might be his cryptonite if they don’t backdoor him again

      • You are so right! James had an advantage, laying low and observing from afar. Da comes to him and tell him what she wants to do but he goes tell Paulie, he could of turned the house, but he’s just plain dumb! Vic will be evicted soon he already hanging w/Paulie and their already telling him what to do. Where did they get these people????

      • Maybe James was afraid that Day would run to Paulie saying that it was James that wanted the couples out. I don’t blame him for covering his butt knowing all about Day’s lies.

      • This season is one of the worst by far. I am a diehard fan, and I hate this season. I don’t watch After Dark, because it’s boring. They do whatever they decided first or second week. They wasted an eviction on Tiffany. She couldn’t win anything, and I didn’t even like her

      • Everyone wants to do the old game Let’s do what the house say! I’m just watching until Frank leaves then I’m finished w/BB

    • Really? He nominated two people on the opposite side of which 90% of the house want to see leave. Can you really blame him at all for taking the easier route this week to get a one of the biggest players (likely the best overall player this season) out of the house?

      It’s early in the game, there’s no reason for him to upset the balance of power which he is a large part of (the three main showmances).

      • He did say before that when he won HOH he was going to put Frank up, but he definitely went back on his word to Bridg.

      • Yeah, you’re right. He’s gone back and forth saying that he probably should have nom’d Victor instead. That wouldn’t have been a bad idea. Victor back in the game is a big wildcard.

    • James is in with Paulie so he is putting up people that are not part of his alliance and he knows Frank will win if he does not leave now. He is with Natalie and no one but her cares about Brigitte. I think he made a good move now and hopefully tries to win again and make an even better move.

  1. While it’s a good idea to go after the duo, Frank could possibly win veto. You remember this guy right? Unstoppable in Season 14. So yeah it will take another Dan to strike down The Tank

    And if Frank wins veto who will James go after?

  2. I’m watching BBAD and didn’t even know the HOH comp was played. I am so happy that James won and hopefully James wins Veto as well.

    • Same here. People shouldn’t be sleeping on Nat either, she’s not stupid and she’s learning the game pretty quickly.

      These two make a solid team and may go far. But, things can shift quickly in this game…gonna be interesting to see how this goes.

      • I think that James will stick with Natalie like he did with Meg. Hopefully Natalie will win something cause Meg was horrible.

      • Yeah I agree with you. Nat has a lot more fight in her and is more physically capable than Meg. She also reads people pretty well.

        Unfortunately, Nat has lost some trust in James after he broke his deal with Bridge and put her OTB. Bridge is now in Nat’s ear furthering that doubt by tell her James will always do what the house wants…including cutting Nat if it comes to it. Since James’ noms, Nat’s attitude toward him seems to have definitely shifted, she’s said a number of times recently that she feels that she’s alone in the game and has no idea who to fully trust (but she’s not said this while with James).

      • Natalie told James that he is the only one she trusts. Hopefully she’ll forget about Brigitte and sticks with him. If she wins veto, I doubt she’ll use it on Brigitte.

  3. Paul is at it again. rat..rat..rat. For the last week, he hasn’t been on the block and he’s so high on himself, he’s so irritating . ..

  4. I liked james last year, but this was a bonehead move. Why are these people so scared to shake things up. Did they forget that its smart to try and take out strong competitors. Why put bridgette up there.

    • He keeps telling Nat that he had to come up with noms in a hurry and Paulie pressured him into Frank and Bridg.

    • Boss Paulie told him too. James is dumb he is just cat whipped and he acts like he is slow in the mind.

    • Yes, take out competitors like Victor!! I wouldn’t worry about day at the moment, they better worry about Victor. He’s a beast at compitions. Isn’t that one of the reasons they got him out before?

    • Frank needs this veto, and to zero in on shutting his mouth to the house about his moves especially Paulie. Frank’s mouth will be his downfall of telling Paulie everything when he knows how Paulie is and he knows how the game is played.

  5. Do they really have to cut off all the camera’s on the live feeds when somebody sings! Total BS!

    • Why waste your money on the Live Feeds if they show fish & Jeff most of the time. Boo Hiss!

      • I got live feeds last year, and it’s down 50% of the time. Comps, singing, wake up, more comps, showing same Jeff interviews, rinse and repeat. Even at 5.99′ it’s not worth it

    • You can’t blame them. They don’t want to pay thousands of dollars every time a HGs sings.

  6. Stupid question. Watching BBAD right now. If James won the HOH, why are he and Natalie are in the HN room in the bumper car talking?

  7. Sounds like James pulled the same stunt he did last year when he promised Shelli that he wouldn’t put her up during this comp and then did.

    On BBAD (confirmed on Jokers), Nat & James are saying that he did promise Bridge and Nat is telling him he needs to talk to Bridgette since she is pissed (rightfully so) and needs to worry about next week and beyond if she (Bridg) wins.

    Why is James such a hypocrite? He & Nat saying others are playing dirty and he plays dirty too. Makes me dislike them

    • if James pulled the same stunt as last year Bridgette should have known better then to believe he wouldnt put her up next to frank

    • it was just like week 2 when Paulie kept saying Victor your safe nothing to worry about your not my target and he won veto and took Paul off the block in the power of Friendship and backdoored victor

      • Paulie trying to be Frank’s friend bcz Victor is back in the house. I hope Vic don’t be dumb but I already see him hanging w/Paul, so I will be banking on his eviction soon. Paul does everything Paulie tells him to just like the rest of the house.

    • James doesn’t know how to play. Last year when he did that I was so irritated hearing people say that was a big move. No it wasn’t considering he knew Vanessa was a threat and Vanessa was the one that set all that stuff in motion. Putting her up would’ve been the big move. Just like right now, putting Day up would be the big move. Everyone knows she’s lying every time she opens her mouth but for whatever reason they don’t want to believe it even with evidence shown to them. So what does he do? He puts up who everyone else wants to target. If anything he should’ve put up Day and Frank or even Day and Bridgette. But that’s ok, Frank or Bridgette will win veto and then we’ll see who he has to put up. Hopefully it’s Day but I highly doubt it.

      • You don’t think Paulie who has a hand on all the eviction and a Comp beast is not a bigger move than Da, who hasn’t won sh*t, busted and no allies?

      • There’s so many F2 deals there that are not solidified. Paulie/Corey F2 is much more believable. Paulie is still the biggest threat in the house, and Da is not a big move….I would say Frank is a big move.

      • Why thank you kind sir, after reading so many of your repetitive mentally challenged posts, I am taking that as a compliment.
        (big kiss)

      • No I agree with you on that but James doesn’t see or think of Paulie as a threat at all. Whereas Day has been spreading lies every time she opens her mouth and they have been confirmed to James AND she tells him she’s after the showmances?? She was seriously drawing an enormous target on her back to him and he STILL didn’t go after her. That’s what I’m talking about and meaning. I totally agree with you that Paulie’s a way bigger target but James doesn’t see it that way so Paulie just isn’t an option to him.

      • Plus, when Becky had put Vanessa, the one who was running the game, on the block, it didn’t take much at all for Vanessa to make James keep her. He’s not strategic in any way, shape or form and I feel like he’s just there to chase after Natalie all day lol!

      • Omg yes! That was even worse! Ugh now I’m just getting mad all over again about his so-called game play from last season. Lol! I can’t handle James! He was doing ok at the beginning of this season like taking in info and observing, which was an improvement, and then the Natalie infatuation began. Ugh you’re so stupid James!

      • That move by James was one of the worst in BB history – I’ve never been so mad in my life. If he had taken out Van when he could’ve he would still be praised to this day but instead, he ruins Becky’s HOH and her game in the process, as well as hurting the female members of his alliance who were promptly voted out by Van’s alliance.

      • Yes!!!!! Me too!! Oh I had to have been blowing smoke out of my ears when he did that lol!! I was team Clelli but also team Jecky (Becky and J Mac) and he got all of them evicted! Obviously I HATED James lol!! I was especially mad when they gave him AFP. He only deserved that if he got Vanessa out on one of the TWO chances he had but he didn’t so he didn’t deserve anything. I really didn’t like Jackie or Meg so I was ok with him blowing them up lol!

      • I couldn’t believe James won ATP either but he did have a lot of fans as I recall.
        I think we were the only 2 last year rooting for Clelli and Jecky – I never understood all the Clelli hate either.

      • Right! Me either! Some things people would say about them I would understand but I didn’t think it was as bad as they made it out to be. But I think a lot of the Clelli hating started with the Clay and Day fight. After that, for whatever reason, people really started hating on Clay.

      • I had to go back and see what the fight was exactly about and wow… petty. She blew that up more than it was. Sounds about right for her. I can’t believe people actually took her side. That’s crazy.

      • If they keep putting up the girls, A guy is going to win this thing again! Day shouldn’t be the focus right now, get a fierce competitor out which in my opinion if Frank,Victor, Paul, Jamesn Paulie. Did I miss anyone.

      • I completely agree as far as wanting a girl to win BUT the girls that are left now are horrible! If Nicole would get her head out of Corey’s butt then she’d be ok. (You left out Corey in your comment lol) Although, side note, I think they are starting to be on the same page a little better and starting to see what’s going on so maybe I can stick and deal with them. Bridgette might be able to get somewhere if she does what she’s been doing like keeping her attitude under control and winning comps. I can deal with her. Natalie… if she’s really paying attention and trying to learn the game like she says she is then if they keep her around long enough maybe she can get somewhere. But I’m not holding my breath. The rest of the girls should be evicted all at the same time. I’m done listening to their mean girls attitude and catty comments. They must be teenagers because that’s exactly how they’re acting. The only bonus is the guys aren’t much better players either so. Even though the girls numbers are dwindling right now it’s ok because the boys numbers will too. I have a feeling it’ll be a girl and guy in the F2.

      • Yes, you might be right with the girl, guy being last two. These people comes in the house to find a showmance! They’re on the wrong show. LOL. I guess 500k isn’t that important. ?

      • James betrayed Becky too last season and blew up all their games, his included! What a waste!

      • Oh last season James was right up there with Vanessa and Austin as the HG’s I absolutely could not stand. Like you said, he ruined his and everyone else’s game. Now he’s doing it all over again! I just can’t with James. He was doing ok at first but now he’s right back to repeating last season. Only difference is I liked Steve last year so it wasn’t too bad but this year I can’t root for anyone else because they’re all horrible now. I liked Tiffany, Nicole and Paulie at the beginning… yeah that’s all out the window now.

      • How is putting up Da a bigger move than putting up Frank. I’m really confused about that.

      • The point is he should’ve put up both. Day should be up there period to make a “big move” or put Day and Bridgette up so he can put Frank up as the BD. Any of that would be the big move. But he’s gonna be dumb and keep Day in that house and do what Paulie and everyone else wants instead of what’s good for his game.

      • It kills me he has no backbone. Day is biggest troublemaker there is, and he doesn’t put her up

      • I know! Even worse is that he’s working with her for sure for sure now. What the heck?!! Ugh I shouldn’t be surprised, it’s James afterall.

    • I really dislike James, now we have to look at him every minute looking at Nat making sure she is not looking at Victor! James is a waste and he is another toy misfit in the house.

      • Exactly. Did you see when he said if someone snaked Nat’s ass he would punch them(after Nat said she would) but yet she allowed Paul carry her to the kitchen from the room? I’m so convinced she is using her flirtiness(if that’s a word, lol) to her advantage! I’m so disappointed in james!

      • Nat is just looking for camera time, and her fake showmance with James gets her just that!

  8. I am so over James. I don’t like his stupid pranks, I don’t like his slow talkin’, slow thinkin’ down home charm.
    I hope Frank wins the veto, Day gets puts up & then Frank wins wins HoH next week, where he nominates Paulie & Victor. If one of them comes down, put up Paul.

    • I hope Frank Puts up Paulie and Paulie goes home. Everyone in that house is scared of Paulie. James talked all this mess and ended up letting Paulie tell him what to do w/his HOH! I hope Vic go back to Nat! Now take that! LOL

  9. I feel like the last few seasons have been so predictable. If Frank goes home now I’m pretty sure Paulie will end up winning this thing.

    • Yes! I hope Frank stay in the game longer. I can’t believe James lazy self let Paulie use his HOH! James is a failure all around. Paulie is a comp beast and playing all of them and they see it and still let him stay in the game!

      • Imo James doesn’t focus on the game enough. Last season was the same case. To me it seems he’s too concerned with laying low.

      • He always come in the game cat whipped! James is lazy and I be d*man if I give him AFP! I would pick Donald Duck first!

      • Paulie got into his ears right away. He’s always been a follower, and now he listens to Nat. I hope she gives her advice that will f*cked up his game.

      • James is mentally slow! He know Paulie is a big threat and running the house. I can’t believe he is a vet and playing like this, believing and trusting the largest threat in the house and not going after him. Only thing he does is run by Nat and stay in the have not car w/her. BB please do not ever ever bring James back on this show!

      • Agreed. James is a nice guy but a total 0 at this game.
        Team Frank. If he goes I’ll have no-one to root for.
        Yeesh the casting these past few years – Grodner’s really lost it.

      • There were too many recruits and they probably should’ve chose different returners to fill in Nicole and James’s spots since they aren’t doing anything relevant so far other than dating LOL

      • Zak, I don’t know why they give her camera time and the only thing we hear is Paulie this and Paulie that. She has the nerve to get mad at other people talking to Paulie. James should have put her up, she don’t belong in this house and should have never been casted.

      • She was cast for a showmance only. She and Mitchell are just floating along.. SMH

      • I remember her saying, she wanted to come in and have a showmance. I just want her to leave!

      • She just goes along with whatever Paulie wants. Ugh!! They just have her there to use for their convenience. Sadly, she doesn’t know how to play this game.

      • I’m not crazy about this but all I can think is that James is safe with either P or F for awhile. Think both would like to take him to F3. But P has best chance to get there right now. Is James playing for 1st place? Idk but doubt it. Think he took the easiest road at the fork.

      • He’s delusional thinking that he could ever get Meg, or Natalie, he needs to look at himself in the mirror, then look at them again, their way out of his league!

      • They trying to vote Frank out, so then Vic will be out next. My thing w/Vic is that he is very gullible and he will go w/Paulie bcz of Paul! He will not listen to Tiffany and then he will wonder why they voted him out again!

    • I’m kinda doubting it only because I don’t think he’s playing Derrick’s game at all. I think he’s playing Vanessa’s game if anything. Derrick didn’t have to be an a** to anyone but Paulie is and trying to intimidate too. That’s Vanessa’s game. And Vanessa was taken put F3. I see that being Paulie’s fate.

      • Yeah, but who has the guts and ability to win HOH and take him out? Frank is the only capable one. The rest of the house are just too stupid or scared.

      • Exactly, which is why I think it’ll be once they’re down to F3 or F4 when someone will finally take him out. They won’t want to give him a chance to be in F2.

  10. I miss having a HG to root for! There are a bunch that I would be happy to see lose, but no one I would like to see win.
    What a bunch of knuckle-heads!

    • I’m with ya. I started to finally root for Tiffany the week of her eviction but now that she’s gone for good… I really don’t care for anyone left in the house. I hated Frank but he’s the only one willing to go against Paulie so I guess I’m rooting for him now lol

    • If I have to pick I’ll have to go with Paulie. If he can get everyone to make his moves for him and move him straight to the bank, why not! ?

  11. If the upcoming week was a double elimination, they would have announced it tonight, right?

  12. It’s really aggravating seeing everyone in the house playing Paulie’s game…it’s like seeing BB16 all over again, when Derrick had everybody’s brains in jars.

    • Paulie quotes a lot of things Derrick told him before he came……and you know he is going to do anything that Derrick told him if he can
      Pesonally, I am getting tired of hearing Vanna and Derrick come out of his mouth. The main reason he wanted Tiff out was because Derrick told him if Van came back she was the first one Paulie needed to get out. So he equated Van with Tiff. I think he was scared of her

      • I feel like ANYBODY quoting Derrick so often would become my number one target.

      • I would have put him out when I found out he was Cody’s brother, and when his ego let loose. This cast do not have a mind of their own. If Frank leaves that is it, the game will be over bcz Paulie won’t have anyone to go after anymore. This cast probably will just tell Grodner to give Paulie the money bcz we trust him! wth

      • Haha. Agreed. Frank needs to win Veto and then take control of the house to turn the tide against Paulie. He would have Vic and Bridgette for sure and could probly get Paul and Nic and Corey if he works his socal game well.
        With Paulie out you’d the rest of them forced to start playing some kind of game.

      • He was so scared of her, always talking Tiff playing Van game, well Paulie is not playing his own game! They are in the perfect position to get Paulie out and they are just too dumb! I’m so sick of hearing whatever the house wants.

    • Yes, and that’s all he talks about is Derrick and Derrick and Cody told him how to play, and what to do. I can not believe they let him have that much power and now he used James HOH. I think I’m finished w/this BB season, I just can not watch another BB16.

  13. Wow I just finished watching the Battle Back, came here and found this.
    No Day on the block? Well … Everyone wants Frank out, but he is a comp beast, so come on Frank!

  14. I don’t care what anyone says, I’m rooting for Frank because he’s the only one with any guts in that house. Maybe he’s a jerk sometimes, but he’s old school BB, if he wants someone out, he goes after them. He doesn’t care about “blood on his hands” and being on the block doesn’t faze him for a second. He pushes hard to campaign for himself and his allies and he busts his butt to win comps. If we had more people like Frank on BB, maybe the show would be more interesting.

    • Also, any other live feeders annoyed that we basically just got screwed out of seeing an endurance comp? Like, that’s half the reason I subscribe to this stuff. Super disappointed and getting fed up with CBS.

    • I’m team Frank all the way and I hope he gets some kind of power and turn the tides! I hope Frank figure out it’s riddles in the pictures and break the codes. He needs the POV.

      • How can any of those turkeys figure out the riddle when they have stars in their eyes from the shomances. Who sees anything else when you’re in love?

    • I agree as well. Team Frank. I won’t subscribe to Feeds after seeing so many similar complaints.

      • If Frank leaves I’m done w/all of it, bcz I’m not paying to watch a bunch of dummies run behind Paulie.

      • That makes 3 of us. I really hope Frank gets veto and pulls himself off the block.

      • I hope Frank goes home, maybe your rants on here will stop.

        (Are you by any chance a friend or a relative of his because you seem very emotionally invested in him and his game.)

      • Once Frank is gone, I hope you’re prepared for a boring season where everyone “doesn’t want to go against the house”. Suppose that’s entertaining to some.

      • I value integrity (I can see you don’t) over the snarky “entertainment” Frank provides. He’s too slimy and cut throat and there are more deserving people in the house.

      • Lisa, If Paulie can get this house to keep him on the thrown to the finals, he had my vote! ?

      • I’m invested in the game, and if you can’t take it just learn to skip over or deal with it! You need to stop investing in what I’m doing!

      • I promise and will uphold this BB18 promise! I want to watch Frank take them down and BB players! Not a bunch of showmances or just plain dummies.

      • I have the feeds but I can honestly say I get way more out of this site than I do watching them.

    • No doubt that Frank is rude to the girls, he should’ve known better than joking on calling the girls derogatory terms. However at this point, everybody in the house has something not likable about them either!

      • Exactly! These bi**es are so fricken beyond evil! So frank does a couple things to, yes, totally make him look like a jerk, BUT it’s OK for these girls to be bullies to others constantly? “Their own”! Tiffany and Bridgette. So when a man is a dick to a woman he’s the worst human being ever. BUT when a woman is an a hole to a woman its OK? Hitting her with her braids and all? That’s OK? These girls need to go!! And I’m a girl! How’bout that? Lol. I’m such a traitor! i know!

        OK . frustrated rant over! Lol! Good night every one!

      • Your post is totally justified, much appreciated and very true. I’m a woman too and I don’t feel either of us are ‘traitors!’ What you said was hardly a rant..if you want to hear a rant about the what Frank did or didn’t do; and talk about those means girls, I could go on for pages! Hope you had a good night’s sleep!

      • Sharona you are so right about the mean girls and how you could go on for pages. Sometimes I want to scream at my computer as I listen to them and would like to know what makes them feel they are any better? Since what happened between Frank and Day and the way people reacted to it CBS has made sure to air that whole thing, but I don’t see them airing the things the mean girls have actually said about Tiff and Bridgette. Frank at least apologized and since then he has been a lot better and complements them, etc. I have yet heard anything nice ever come out of Z, Michelle and Day’s mouth about their treatment of Tiff and Bridgette. Tiff is gone now, but Bridgette is still there for them to continue their mean girl ways. I can’t forget the rat Paul either as he has said plenty as well. I just hope Frank gets to stay because I don’t have anyone else to root for. So disappointed in everyone else left in the game. jmo

      • Jacee2, I know, right?!!! I’m SO over those girls and especially the way they treated Tiffany. Da’ makes me sick. I understand that Frank was a jerk in what he did to Da’, but he STOPPED and Da’ goes and cries in the DR about she wants to be a role model for her daughter (and she SHOULD teach her daughter that it’s NEVER OK for inappropriate touching–EVER, EVER,EVER,EVER.) but what is she teaching her NOW?! What kind of role model are you being NOW, DA’?! Oh yeah, and don’t get me started on Paul either! I haven’t been able to watch as much this season as in the past–but I’ve seen enough! I really, really want Frank to win. He’s the only one who knows this game. Sure, he’s playing the tricks of BB…the promises, etc…but he’s not MEAN. He was a jerk and arrogant…but he really has changed. I’m bummed about Nicole..James…everyone. So let’s just shoot our positive thoughts to Frank and wish the snakes and rats out of the house!

      • Sharona my sentiments exactly and I agree we need to send positive thoughts to Frank that he wins this veto lol. I just hope that his eyes have opened up to Paul and Paulie especially. Unfortunately he believed all their lies to him. I just hope they don’t squirm out of it and blame it all on James. James is such a follower this season especially since he is all gaga over Natalie. James is just doing Paulie’s bidding so just as much as they said Frank was running the house now Paulie is doing the very same thing. What I don’t get is James even said that very thing not to long ago. I just think his head hasn’t been in the game as much since he and Natalie have gotten closer. Not sure if she’s sincere or this is her way to get further in the game. If Frank leaves I don’t know if I can continue watching the rest of the season because I can’t get behind anyone left. I have watched since S1 and have never felt this way before so that’s saying a lot.

      • There’s no doubt in my mind, that once this game is over, James will never hear from that child again. The poor kid. I can literally see him call or text her and she’ll just ignore him. She’ll be with a bunch of her girlfriends; he’ll call; she’ll say, “Oh, it’s James!!! How do I get RID of this guy?!” Then they’ll laugh and laugh and OH!, what a great time they’ll have drinking their lattes. *sigh*
        I know what you mean when you say you can’t get behind any of these people. I feel the same way. I really, really like Frank. I felt so badly for him during his season…on the block–win the veto—on the block–win the veto; over and over and over again! I literally jumped up and down once when he won POV…I think it was a DE. So, yeah, if he goes, I don’t really care. Why would I care about mean girls and arrogant know-it-all-condescending boys? I know they’re young but, NO. I have zero interest in any of them. I’m so disappointed!!! I look forward to this all year! I’ll still watch–halfheartedly…most definitely follow the threads…but care about these HG’s and who wins? Nah. And that saddens me greatly. UGH!

      • Thank you Sharona because you expressed everything exactly how I feel. It is sad and like you I wait for the summer to come so I can watch BB. Unfortunately, I have major health problems so not sure how many more BB’s I will have to watch. Like you I loved Frank on his prior season and he was amazing winning all those power of veto comps and I knew he couldn’t win all the way to the end and was so bummed when it ended. When I found out he was one of the returnees I was so excited and right away I had the guy I wanted to go all the way to the end. When what happened between him and Day I was really bummed and didn’t know if anyone would ever like him again. When I saw that you were a Frank fan as well it was nice to see that not everyone had given up on him and now I see more and more of us which makes me happy. I just wish he wasn’t put on the block by James (essentially Paulie) because now there is a possibility that he will leave and I have no interest in the rest of the bozos who remain. I posted this below and not sure if you saw it, but just in case you didn’t Paulie has a F2 with Corey and the other night he talked to James and made another alliance (don’t even know if there is a name) with himself, Paul, James and Corey. He figures between all of them one of them will have HOH each week. Paulie’s first target was Frank and Bridgette and if Frank pulled himself off he would be okay with Bridgette going. After that he said all the girls would be easy pickings – if I remember correctly after Bridgette it would be Day. My own thoughts are that he is essentially using both James and Paul to help him get both himself and Corey to the end. Who knows he may be using Corey as well and plans to take Z as well just like when Derrick took Victoria. He talks to Derrick all the time and I think he thinks of himself as another Derrick. Of course Paulie is so high on himself he sees himself winning. lol Now Victor entered and I’m not sure how he has changed his plans to include Victor, but I am sure he and Paul have something in the works as Paulie, Frank, Paul, Victor and Bridgette were talking together last night, and Paulie was making it seem like all of them could work together which I think was just to reel Victor in along with Frank and Bridgette. I fell asleep after that so not sure what happened. The last I saw was Paul running down to talk with James and Natalie saying he was pis*** about something which I think was part of the plan. Sorry for making this so long. UGH we need a miracle!!!

      • OK, firstly, don’t apologize for the length of any! Secondly, I am so sorry to hear about your health issues. I’m SO sorry. That’s one of the reasons many of us here look forward to the show…me too. It SUCKS. My heart goes out to you. :)
        Speaking of sucking: Paulie, shcmalie! He’s seriously delusional to think he’s in the ballpark when it comes to being anywhere NEAR the type of player Derrick was. Puh-lease. Unfortunately though, he probably will win this thing unless our guy can bring on the old Frank spirit! That would make it exciting for me again. To watch him fight and pick off each one week by week. It’ll be difficult, but there are no real players like Dan Gheesling…then again, the house is full of lemmings. So, it’s hard to tell.
        As much as I CANNOT STAND those girls, to hear about Paul and Paulie and Corey, et al–talk about them being ‘easy pickings’…UGH…misogynistic much? Lol.
        In her exit interview, Tiffany said BRIDGETTE had one of the strongest games…I’m assuming you have the feeds…do YOU see that?! Whatever.
        I know one thing for sure: I will not give up on my Frank! This is crunch time–and this is when he comes alive! So, let’s just stay positive and KNOW that this year, when Frank wins veto after veto, they’re going to take him to (AT LEAST) F3! OK? OK! Now go get some sleep! I need your strength!! Lol!
        Seriously though, take care Jacee2. You’re part of a strong family here. :) I’m sending you positive thoughts…

      • I can’t tell you how much your kind words mean to me. You are a wonderful person and I can’t thank you enough for your good thoughts and wishes. :) Unfortunately by the time I came to reply to this message I guess Frank didn’t receive our positive vibes that he had to win veto. Now our only hope is that he finds the “Secret Room” or he will be gone this Thursday. (: I can’t believe how the other side of the house keeps getting everything they want. Of all people to win veto it was the last person I wanted to win – Michelle won. The only thing that made me happy was that all the mean girls ratings dropped on the Joker’s site and Tiff was #2, Bridgette #3 and Frank #4. Of course it changes each day, but the best news was Paulie who thinks he is the best of the best was dead last at #16 and Paul was #15 so we are not alone in how we feel. As far as Bridgette having the strongest game honestly because of the way things have been going right now Paulie is the one who is running everything. I know some think James made the decision of who to put up, but he always checks with Paulie so imo Paulie is still in charge. I know Natalie questioned James after he put Bridgette up because he had promised her he wouldn’t and he felt so bad that he went and apologized to her, but that is what the house wanted. I think his promise to not put her up took place during the HOH competition. Paulie also talked to Bridgette and it seemed like he thought she was strong and wanted to keep her. It’s so hard to know when Paulie is being honest or not. He played both of them last night when Frank, Bridgette, Victor, Paul and Paulie were together talking. Unfortunately, he let Frank believe that he might pull one of them down and have Day go up. I knew he was just saying that for their benefit and I was right because it all changed when he talked to James. James wanted to know who the house wanted as a replacement nom if either Frank or Bridgette won veto. Well that didn’t happen and we know Michelle will never use it on either of them. After Tiiff told Victor to trust Frank and not Day Victor went right to Paulie. Then to top it off Michelle thinks Victor is cute and the two of them ended up talking and now Victor thinks she is really cool. The rest of them said Victor has changed so it doesn’t look like they are going after him at least right away. I wonder if Frank didn’t win on purpose. I think he finally realized it would be him or Bridgette leaving and I remember that Frank said he didn’t want to go to jury and spend the summer there. I don’t know if you have seen pictures of Frank’s girlfriend, but she is absolutely beautiful. She has lots of pictures on Facebook and there are several of her and Frank. I’m sure he would rather spend his summer with her. You can see her pictures on the Joker’s site. Another very interesting write-up I read on that site was about Michelle. She had left her sister in charge to run her Twitter, but her sister is no longer supporting her for the win. There is a lot of very interesting things in that write-up about Michelle and things she has done. I guess at one point she had told some of the other HG’s that she expected her parents to be divorced when she returned home. I guess that wasn’t the truth according to her sister they were cuddling on the couch as she was posting on Twitter. By some of the things her sister said she said Michelle always acts like this. The title of it is “This is what happens when the Internet Raises our Children.” I highly recommend you read it if you get a chance. I actually fell asleep earlier and never went on the feeds so you can see I have lost interest. lol Instead I checked Joker’s and then came here to write another long post. Thank you for saying to never apologize for a long post. I think that is another thing we have in common. lol Well I am going to try to get some more sleep since I only slept a couple of hours. Thank you again for everything you said and hope to chat with you again soon. Still hoping for a miracle and Frank ends up finding that room. :)

      • Thank YOU for your kind words! :) They meant a lot to me…particularly this morning.
        Well, since Frank didn’t get the Veto, you know what? Maybe it’s best he does go home. If he has a beautiful girlfriend to go home to, why stick around and deal with the House, AKA: Paulie. Seriously. As much as I’d LOVE for him to be the ‘Come-Back-Kid,’ I don’t want him to go through it just to lose again.
        The thing you told me about Michelle is amazing! WHY would she tell the HG’s about her parents, other than to garner sympathy? I’m sorry, but she and Z add nothing to the game. During the 1/2 hour I’m able to stay up for BBAD, all I see Z do is put on make-up, while bad mouthing people. Good game-play!! Anyway, back to Michelle…Why doesn’t that surprise me?! Lol! I’m going to check out the article ASAP. The title cracks me up!!
        Here’s what I’d like to happen…I want Victor to become the ‘House.’ Take that right out from under Paulie and show Mr. Big-Shot what it feels like to be on the outside. Maybe it’ll humble him a little bit. At this point I also wouldn’t even mind if Victor won—but bear in mind—that’s just because I don’t really know much about what’s going on; other than Frank not winning POV.
        I still can’t for the life of me understand why they’re keeping Bridgette and WHY Tiff thought she was a strong player. It must be because she’s going to be used as a pawn…that’s a piece of the puzzle I simply can’t make fit. Oh well.
        So—OK, if Frank doesn’t find the ‘Secret Room,’ I do hope he leaves. I can’t believe I’m saying that!! And, as of right now, I want Victor to take over. Maybe he can bring some life into the game. I’m not a huge fan, but if he can demolish the current ‘House,’ I’m all for him!
        I’m going to look for that article, then I’m going to try and catch some ZZZ’s. I’ve only slept a couple hours and I need to get some sleep before tonight’s show! Let me know if you find out anything important! First, get some sleep and take care!! :)

      • Come on, that hair skimmed Tiff’s shoulder. I’ve seen Day flipping that hair at other times. It was not intended to hit her.

      • She even mentioned it! And called it “shade”. My point is that they talk crap when they have absolutely no room to talk . they are no where near angels! None of them.

      • She sure did and also said something about too bad Tiff’s hair wasn’t long enough to do it back to her as she laughed hysterically.

      • She said that it *was* intended to hit her, but it failed miserably. Just like her game play.

      • They re-edited the whole scene. It was a big write up about it and Day even told the scene what happened and how they had to re-edit. She also called her a b—- the first time when it happened.

      • Bridgette is playing the victim card. She laughed when Z got burned on her arm with a pair of hot rollers and she laughed when Michelle passed out after a comp and said maybe she should shave her eyebrows off. (Keep in mind she’s a nurse). She also could have saved her friend Bronte with the veto and told Frank not to replace Bronte with Natalie on roadkill when he told her he had it. Yeah she’s a great a friend and not mean. *eye roll*

      • Both Natalie and Bronte were in an alliance with Bridgette at the time, it was pointless to take one off, you’re deliberately misrepresenting reality.

      • Wow what an accusation, and you’re 100% false about that and what happened.

        When Bridgetete found out that Frank had roadkill it was at the same time she had veto. He told her about it before the veto ceremony. She could have asked him not to put up Nat if she took down Bronte but she didn’t.

        I suggest you watch that episode again because your facts are messed up.

      • Natalie had approached Bridgette and begged her not to use the power of veto on Bronte because she felt she was the one who would go up in her place.

      • Yes I know that and what’s worse is that Bridgette knew Frank had RK because he told Bridge he did before the veto ceremony when she was hoh. bridge knew Frank and had the power to put someone else up besides Nat. She never once tried to persuade him to put up someone else besides Nat if she used veto on Bronte.

      • No she didn’t because she and Frank totally felt Tiff was going that week and Bronte was safe. They had no idea that the rest of the house had flipped.

      • I’m not sure what you’re talking about with your first few words (you may want to edit it) but just because they though Tiff was going doesn’t mean that Bridgette and Frank shouldn’t have or couldn’t have pulled Bronte down and then replace her with someone else other than Nat.

      • There isn’t anything to edit. You said: “She never once tried to persuade him to put up someone else besides Nat if she if she used veto on Bronte.” I merely answered that by agreeing “No she didn’t because she and Frank totally felt Tiff was going that week and Bronte was safe.”

    • Right? I so agree. I just can’t get why when frank was supposedly “running” things he was hated on so bad, targeted. Being labeled as a major target. but Paulie is by far doing way more than frank, harder. And it’s all out there. People WITNESS him(paulie) bullshitting, putting blame on others before himself. And they still bow down to his jock pinching, butt scratching, no shirt wearing, effed up haircut, “100%”saying jack ass! Wtf is wrong with these people? Showmances effed this season up so bad!

      • I agree the showmances really have spoiled the game this season. lol on your perfect description of Paulie. You have it down to a tee!!! I really hope Frank’s eyes are finally open to him and the others and he somehow wins that power of veto.

    • I want Frank to win it all, but that being said I wish he was a little better at reading people, because there is a bunch of lying scumbags in the house this season!

      • OMG! I thought Frank would at least zero in on these people! Frank sux when it comes to reading these people but he needs to shut his mouth it talks more than Da.

      • Frank is the main lying scumbag. He didn’t get along well with people on his season and not on this season either. I used to like him and thought he was a stand up guy but he’s really two faced. And I see why Ian called him out on his season.

      • I have to respectfully disagree about Frank being the main lying scumbag. Every single one of them lie like crazy especially Paul and Paulie. In my opinion the ones who are scumbags are the girls who have been bullying Tiff and Bridgette non stop. Their treatment of them is disgusting. The main culprits are Michelle, Z and Day. Tiff is gone now, but Bridgette’s still continues. I could write pages on things that they say.

      • Bridgette is not the nice girl you think, all the girls have talked smack about the others (Natalie less so than anyone). Bridgette has laughed when people have gotten physically hurt (and she’s a nurse) called James an a$$hole for “stealing Nat from her when Nat felt betrayed by Bridge for throwing Bronte under the bus…(Bridge could have told Frank not to nom Nat once she found out he had RK if she used veto on Bronte but she didn’t). When the others sang Bridge a happy birthday she claimed she didn’t care about that stuff and then complained about it to Victor saying no one did anything for her birthday. She’s called Z and Day “nobodies” and talked smack about them to Tiffany. She also said she hates Paul and she was sick of pretending to like his stupid stories to his face. She has curses like a sailor: evidently the f word is her favorite and there are pics of her flipping off the camera. I don’t buy the sweet girl aka Taylor Swift act.

      • There is no way you can convince me that Bridgette is anyway close to Michelle, Z and Day. The way they treated Tiff for 2 weeks was just plain disgusting and everyone of them are nothing, but bullies. I agree with Bridgette in calling them nobodies after what they did. Regarding the birthday thing I thought it was terrible myself that they would have a birthday cake and big party for a stuffed animal knowing it was someone else’s birthday and of course it just happened to be Bridgette’s. Actually, James said it himself that very day about not only Bridgette, but Nicole as well since her birthday was the week before. Maybe Bridgette has had enough of the mean girls after their treatment of Tiff and the things that others have said about her as well. As I said before I could write pages on the things that they have done and said about Tiff and Bridgette. I can’t stand Paul (the rat) either so I don’t see the big deal there and I have heard others say they are sick of his stupid stories. Regarding the F word yes she uses it a lot and so does Z, but I would say Paulie wins in that department since every other word out of his mouth is the F word. I don’t swear myself, but some people do, but it doesn’t mean that I think it’s okay for a guy to, but a girl never should. That’s a double standard imo. The F word is very prominent this season. Hey you have your opinion and I have mine. Everyone has a right to their own opinion.

      • Who didn’t say you didn’t have a right to your opinion? You choose to believe Bridgette is an angel and I don’t. It’s as simple as that. She’s a mean girl and Tiff is too. Tiffs incredibly petty and is incapable of taking responsibility for her own actions. You can’t tell me she ever truly trusted Da’vonne when she knew that Da’vonne had been talking badly about her sister on Twitter and when Audrey and Vanessa both told Tiff not trust Day before she came in the house. Plus, Da’vonne admitted she felt sorry for Tiff in the DR but that she realized she was bad for her game. If it wasn’t for Day and some of the others Tiff would have gone home instead of Bronte. Yet Tiff’s ire is for Day and not Frank and Bridgette who voted her out after promising her they wouldn’t. Also I don’t think it’s funny to say “I’m going to draw devil horns” in someone’s bible like Tiff threatened to do, and then Bridgette laughing.

        Also, Bridge even admitted growing up people ignored her and treated her like they are doing in the house. It’s time for her to grow up and get a back bone and stop the fakeness, and realize that maybe people don’t like her is because a fake and catty and not because (as she puts it) “they are jealous”.

      • I merely said you have your opinion and I have mine and everyone has a right to their opinion. I never claimed you said I didn’t. I know I’m not the only one who feels that both Tiff and Bridgette were treated badly by the mean girls. People on here have expressed it and on the Joker’s site as well. Natalie is rated #1, Tiff #2, Bridgette #3 and Frank #4. The mean girls are Day #8, Michelle #10, Z #12. Paulie who thinks he is everything is rated last at #16. The mean girls previously were rated higher and Tiff, Bridgette and Frank were near the bottom. My opinion is the actions of the way the 3 mean girls treated Tiff and Bridgette have a lot to do with the switch in ratings. Even Michelle’s sister is no longer supporting her and she was the one who Michelle had running her Twitter account. If you ever go to the Joker’s site there is a write-up called “This is What Happens When the Internet Raises the Children. #BB18.” It’s a very interesting read.

      • Jon, there’s always lying scumbags in the house every season! ?how do you get your hands on 500k if there wasn’t.

    • Frank uses others to do his dirty work for him. He has thrown many challenges and convinced whomever won to get their hands dirty.

  15. I don’t know how I feel about this. I highly disliked Frank before… but Frank is the only one with the guts to go after Paulie. I want Paulie out before this turns into the Paulie show like how it was the Vanessa and Derrick show the last two seasons. James can’t play his own game and he’ll just do whatever he’s told. Such a waste of a returning spot.

      • I don’t think he’s that stupid. He wanted her out pre-jury but he also wants to target Paulie and Corey.

  16. Yes!! Da’ is safe!! I wouldn’t mind Frank or Bridg going this week…or even Victor if he ends up on the block. Perfect.

    • Everyone wants day out. I don’t think she should be their main focus right now. They had better get some of these comp beast out more now or ask the girls

  17. So dam tired of getting the “we’ll be right back” on the feeds, even if it’s like 15 seconds it happens way to much! Monday I think I’m going to @#$% can them!

    • That’s why I stopped subscribing to the feeds a couple years ago. I’m paying to see what’s going on behind the scenes, not to watch fish swim.

    • It’s a snooze fest anyway, to watch everyone walk around like zombies under Paulie’s spell.

  18. Hey Victor what happened to taking out Paulie, you know the guy who took you out, what a stupid moron.

    • Vic can not be that stupid to play right back in their hands. They already talking about evicting him. He should of listened to Tiff, I don’t feel sorry for him. Julie will ask him all the questions real soon.

  19. James, I thought you were smarter than this. Boy it is time for you to get your head in the game and quit worrying about trying to get into Natalie’s panties. Her wholesome pie isn’t worth $500 thousand. All respect for you is gone Son. You have successfully proven tonight that you do not know how to pay the game. I think it will come down to either Paulie or DAY who will walk away with the money. SMH pitiful James. I will now have to change my AFP vote from you to someone else. Maybe to Glenn since the man really wanted to play but just manage in the comps, at least Glenn had some heart in this year’s game.

    • True, I’m disgusted w/ James! He made a dumb move and the only thing he does is worry about Nat the ditzy girl. It’s no way James will win this game and BB shouldn’t let him come back bcz this is his 2nd chance at it and he still sux!

  20. James, you’re hopeless. I love ya as a person, but as a BB player, you flat out SUCK.

    UNLESS you are planning to backdoor Da. THEN I will stand corrected.

    • How would getting out Day be a better game move than getting out Frank? Day has yet to win anything, and Frank is quickly getting backed into the same corner Tiffany was. Frank could wind up blowing up games, and aligning with him would put a bigger target on James’ back. He’s already in a showmance, so he needs to do what he can to not rock the boat until he has to.

      • Exactly! Plus Da’vonne would never put James or Nat up over the other people in the house.

    • He should have put up Paulie and Zakiyeh. At a minimum, you split the showmances. With Paulie as the main target. How can you not see he is the biggest threat who is playing the game? James is not in the 5 person alliance of Nicole, Corey, Paulie, Zakiyeh and Davonne. I thought he was pissed that he was not even included yet, he follows Paulie like a puppy dog?

      • I like those picks! If they don’t start going after these 2 it will be harder later, bcz Paulie’s ego will really run rampant!!

      • Actually that would have been a pretty dumb move to put up Z and Paulie: two people who were not coming after him and Paulie who expressed that he wants to work more with James in the future.

        Frank has offered James nothing at all.

        Some of the Frank and Bridgette fans on here sound upset that they were put up and can’t face it that it was a good move so now poor James is being maligned because he’s playing the game.

      • Paulie made another alliance with himself, James, Paul and Corey. If they made a name I don’t know what it is, but Paulie told James he wanted to start with Frank and Bridgette and the girls would come later as they are easy pickings. James is just doing what Paulie wanted done and to tell you the truth I don’t think Paulie has any intention of keeping James any longer than necessary to help get everyone else out. Same goes for Paul. Paulie has a F2 with Corey. Paulie figures that with those 4 guys one of them will always have HOH. Too bad I can’t stand Paulie and if anyone is a dictator that would now be Paulie.

  21. James made a lot of dumb moves in his season and he is continuing it in this season. Really? Frank and Bridgette have no one else. The other side is way more powerful and James is on the outside looking in? If Frank somehow gets off, there will be hell to pay if he wins HOH next time out! If he was smart, he and Natalie would have joined up with Frank and pull Victor in. That would make 5 to take on the other side. If he succeeds, Frank gets evicted but, the bigger and more powerful alliance will just pick off James, Natalie, Bridgette, Victor, one by one. They would have no reason not to!

    • James is a waste and I don’t not want to see him on BB again! He is so cat-whipped it’s not funny! That was a very dumb move and he plays like an amateur. I can’t believe he thinks Paulie word is gold! When they get a chance James will get evicted and they will have Nat. If I was Frank it’s no way I would associate w/James if I go to jury, bcz he could have been the game changer but instead he let Paulie use his HOH!

  22. All the girls but 2 came in just to either have a showmance or float. Tiffany and Day came to play the game. James came to find love again, Paul and Victor are to busy being “your boys” and being “stupid”. Corey is a whipped p**** who votes the way he’s told agains his better judgement. The only 2 guys playing is Frank and Paulie. The rest just wants to have a great paid vacation. I’ve waited 9 months to get greatly disappointed by BB and the players they chose this year. If the game is rigged as some think it is, I sure wished that production would give BB fans a game that is interesting and people that want to fight to win the money! As it stands now, only Paulie and Frank want the money, the rest just wants to get to jury to draw a weekly check to cuddle, kiss, party, be lazy. I’d hate to see these people on their jobs at home. They are the laziest, no dreams, no goals, no hustlers I’ve ever seen in my life. They just want a paycheck for doing absolutely nothing! Such a huge disappointment this year BB. Yall really did a bang up job.

    • I’m so disappointed in this house, it’s a lot of walking dead cast! Tiff told Vic to trust Frank and now he’s w/the house talking about Frank and Bridge and to evict. I’m glad they are about to evict Vic again but he is just to stupid and gullible to play this game, but really this applies to the whole house except Frank. This house can really turn and get Paulie out but they are too scared of Paulie. Frank goes that’s it watching BB for me bcz the rest is a snooze fest.

      • If Vic aligned with Frank he would’ve put an even bigger target on his back. It was a smart game move not to do that. Especially because who he aligned with was a major reason he got evicted last time.

      • Victor should align with Frank because like it or not, he already has a target on his back. If Frank goes, he is next! If he was in an alliance with Frank, they can both compete hard and cover each other’s back! Atleast, one of them will be able to compete for HOH and VETO too!

      • Similarly if Vic aligned with Frank he would put an even bigger target on his back. You’re forgetting that Frank and Bridge have behaved so terribly that most of the house is against them. If Vic aligned with Bridge and Frank they’d all come after Vic next if Frank goes or if Bridge hoes. He would also be at the bottom of the totem pole of Frank and Bridgette’s alliance. And as we saw with Tiffany the third wheel I. Heir alliance goes home.

      • He should knew…never mind we are talking about Vic. He already has a target on his back and the plot was setting last night!

      • I don’t think Victor is stupid or gullible, he really surprised me last night winning those two mental/physical comps against Bronte (a mathematician and Tiffany who is supposedly a comp “beast”) when he came back in the house he rightfully stated to Michelle he knew not to trust anyone, he would be right to do so especially in terms of Frank. Frank is not loyal he voted Tiff out and didn’t even bother tell her before she left. Why Tiff still supposedly trusts Frank speaks not out of wisdom but out of her hatred for Davonne.

      • Victor always was always a comp beast, but thinking is not his greatest asset. See u said when he came in the house he stated to Michelle, now anyone w/a brain going into the BB house would have kept that to themselves when they told him not to trusst anyone and trust Frank, even if he did not listen he still should kept the prize info to hisself! He don’t know if he can trust batty Michelle or not but he goes and run his mouth. People really need to get the feeds and they will see why he voted Tiff! Tiff knew why and it was a good move!

    • This is kind of an unfair assessment of a lot of the cast. I absolutely believe Michelle is just laying low right now because she can. James could be downplaying his ambitions to not come off as such a threat. The season always gets more aggressive towards the end, but I have to say, I’m definitely satisfied with the curve balls this cast has thrown at us.

      • James is a dummy. He showed it in his season by betraying Becky and blowing up all their games. It was a miracle that Vanessa did not win!

      • BB winner Steve from last season said on Twitter that he thinks Michekle is playing the best game and is not getting a good edit but he thinks she will win. I agree with him.

    • What would be worst is one of these guys winning that $500,000 because they do not deserve it! If Paulie or Frank do not win it, they should declare it a non-season and give the monies to charity. They should have left Roadkill in because these guys refuse to play the game!

      • What’s gross about her? That is a serious question because I don’t have feeds. I think she is a decently attractive gal.

  23. good for james. id like to see frank evicted, or paulie/vic as replacement nom, if it comes up

    • Paulie/Vic as replacement nom, this is good! Vic is already believing and hanging w/the wrong crowd and he should of listened to Tiff.

      • i do think paulie is a little scared of vic. if frank stays on the block, i think paulie will go back to his “bred for this” attitude and vic should make paulie his #1 target. hope vic is just playing nice right now and isn’t going to go soft.

      • We can only hope, but Vic was so gullible last time I could not stand to look at him. James just gave Paulie the game!

      • Won’t you eat crow if James is sitting at the end? He seems to be playing his own game.

      • it’d be safer for him to bd vic. i’d prefer paulie out-takes a cocky dude and a strong competitor out, plus it kills 1 showmance

  24. I did not stay up late, but when the feeds went down they promised us something exciting! Well Big Brother is not doing that. They should have brought feeds back right away not a 12:00AM East time. Then they did not even show the HOH Comp? WTF. They promised more exciting things to come what BS

  25. I have DVR’d AD all season but haven’t watched it but maybe twice and FF’d through much of it then. I woke up around 3AM(EST) and couldn’t go back to sleep so I thought I’d watch the latest AD. After hearing Paulie say the f word more in 2 mins than I have heard it said in 2 years, I deleted it, turned the TV off and went to read Jokers. That might be normal for some people, and I’m no prude, but I don’t enjoy hearing it every other word.

    • Wish I’d known you were up…of course, if you were watching your DVD…then went to Joker’s, it wouldn’t have mattered! They don’t even bother censoring BBAD anymore, because every other word is the F word. Seriously. You’re no prude.

      • Excuse me for disturbing you. Now go climb back in your hole or under your bridge. :D

      • Oh I’m sorry did I give you the impression I cared what a resident troll like you thinks?

      • I was thinking the same thing, except swap out the original word “dimwit” for a$$ wipe.

      • Wow, I talk out of the side of my mouth in here sometimes, but she went a bit over the line.

      • you just wrote what you wanted and there are some who will feel your comment wasn’t necessary. But, I’m a teenager and there are a lot of adult-seeming people on here who’ve said a lot worse – I was responding to a nasty comment – those are the people you need to address. If you’re an adult – its YOU that should be ashamed of yourself. Now, I’m going to have dinner with my family then chat with friends in PERSON. Byeeee!

    • Brigitte sound even more ridiculous when she does it 10 times in one full sentence.

  26. James is such a dumb player. Last week he was talking about how good it was for him and Natlie that the two sides of the house were going at each other and ignoring them. This week he wins HOH and puts up Bridget and Frank signaling he has taken a side in the house.

    Good grief, James, Do you ever have a strategy or stick to a strategy? Last year Becky had a perfect plan to evict Vanessa and James blew it up to get out Shelly! In the process he ruined the game for himself, Meg and Becky.

    And btw, James, you heard Da talk about targeting the couples and you even mentioned to her that included you and Natalie. Instead you go after Frank and Bridget who are targeting the person who is coming after the couples and who have signaled they will work with you and Natalie?

    And why James? Because the rest of the house wants them out for THEIR games?

    I like James, although he is not as likable this year as last, but he is such a bad player.

    • How is James a bad player? Have you been watching the show or the feeds at all? He had to put up Frank and Bridgette otherwise he would have had to choose from the other house guests and he would have put an even bigger target on his and Natalie’s back. Frank and Bridgette are a power couple in that house not because they’re smart but because they’re slick and crafty and can win comps. Frank has also stated multiple times that he wants to break James and Nat up; that would isolate both James or Nat.

      Frank and Bridgette up on the block together is a genius move: they have to play veto for themselves and now that roadkill is gone they can’t hide behind a third nom.

      If you are rooting for Frank and Bridgette that’s fine just state that and that you’re disappointed that they weren’t on the block instead of this ludicrous and inane post about how “dumb” James is.

  27. Wow, such hate for James. Why? Because he put up Frank? If Frank comes down he’s got Vic and Day to choose from for a renom.

    Wah wah wah. Whiners. I’m happy to see a non-muscle-bound arrogant ass win HoH.

    It’s Big Brother. Get over it.

      • I think that once Frank leaves, the house will be against Paulie to go. They need him now to get rid of Frank. I have no problem with Frank this week and Paulie next week.

      • I’m using my Kindle Fire and it’s really slow since I can’t block ads. So won’t be posting often before I get home!

    • The James haters are saying he’s doing Paulie’s bidding. Apparently because James isn’t a muscle-bound-arrogant-ass he can’t think for himself.

      • I really don’t listen to the haters. James has always been himself and isn’t nearly as influenced by others as some would like to think. Maybe a few could learn from him! :-)

    • He did. Frank needs to go and I will be happy if Brigitte goes as well. Natalie is annoyingly trying to defend Brigitte and saying that the girls are picking on her. She does talk annoyingly like she is 2 years old and is all acting. If one of them wins the Veto, hopefully Nicole or Cory could go up, but James is afraid to.

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