‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Week 10 Veto Competition Results – Who Won PoV?

Big Brother spoilers are in for the Power of Veto competition after this week’s nominations were revealed Friday through the Feeds. Again like last week all but one of the Houseguests had the chance to compete with only seven people left in the Big Brother 18 season.

Power of Veto Medallion on Big Brother

With the HoH’s target on the Block the goal was to keep things the same, but plans were ready just in case anything changed. Read on to find out who won this week’s Veto comp and what that could mean for the week.

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Big Brother 18 Spoilers: Week 10 Veto Competition Results:

  • Nicole won the Power of Veto!

Houseguests were dressed up in a Christmas theme (a nod to Corey and his Christmas obsession?) and it was the Stay/Fold competition. No wonder this one ended in just two hours!

Everyone but Natalie played while she hosted. This worked out well for the draw since Nicole’s back up plan was to put Natalie on the Block if anything changed with her noms. With Natalie not playing that kept her options open. Now Nicole’s options are wide open, huh?

twitter-tweet" data-lang="en">

Couple of elves celebrating after the Veto comp. #BB18 pic.twitter.com/WqjsnFOFIv

— Big Brother Network (@bigbrothernet) August 28, 2016

Upstairs Corey and Nicole celebrated their victory. Victor arrived and all three celebrated together again affirming their commitment to their alliance. Victor explained that Paul was nervous since he’s on the Block but Nicole promises Victor they’re still good. I believe her, though things are days away and she’ll be the tie-breaker so there’s going to be stress on Paul’s shoulders.

What do you think of the PoV Comp results? What should happen at the ceremony? The Veto Ceremony will be coming up on Monday and we’ll post spoilers when they happen.

Turn on your Live Feeds and enjoy the drama. Watch it all now live & uncensored.


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  1. Michelle is in trouble unless she can somehow talk Nicole into targeting Paul. Doubtful at this point.

      • Ouch! I want her gone for turning on Victor like she did. He had her back and she betrayed him.

      • She blames him for Da going home because it was on his hoh, but Paul was very reluctant to put up Da and was pressured into it by Paulie. He said from the start of his hoh that week, Bridgette was his target, but meech is so gullible she’ll flip flop over anything. I don’t know how she can call herself a superfan and still play the game like that.

      • I know! How could she turn on Vic and Paul who gave her a F3 deal in favor of being the 5th wheel on a Nicorey/Jatalie foursome??!! And her reasoning for this “brilliant” move…oh…because Paulie said Paul lied to her!!! I mean seriously?? WOW! Talk about D.U.M.B.!

      • Well in her defense on the Da thing she didn’t know he was reluctant to do it until Paul blew up at Nicole last week. Which at that point she didn’t believe a thing he said. But she is too flip floppy heck she makes James look like he’s a loyal person in comparison

      • I’m happy to send Meech to Jury House so that Paulie has yet another women around him. He treated then sooo bad he deserves these weeks in the jury house or he can cry his way back to NJ and leave now:)

      • Kiddin’ right? Outside of stupid ‘fake breast’ nonsense he didn’t treat thjem any worse than they treated the male house guests or each other. Also, you seem to give Paul/Viuc a pass in all their sexist comments.ot to mention Day and o’s sexist comments.

      • It’s not just the misogyny, it’s also the complete denial and lack of self awareness that he demonstrates. Also he degraded approximately 4-5 million people by calling NJ women trash, so he’s deserving of the vitriol he is receiving.

      • True, but considering he probably feels like he’s been burned by the Jersey girlfriend, it’s not surprising that he’d give into the stereotype.

        And before you say anything, I haven’t cast judgement on what happened between Paulie and his ex because right now, we only have her story. If he ever talks about it, then we’ll see what happened. I mean, look at his relationship with Zak. He said treated her like crap, but she’s just as much at fault.

      • I’m sorry, but Paulie’s behavior was reprehensible! Even Evel Dick called him out on his comments, and I mean c’mon, when Evel Dick is calling you an ass…

      • Yeah, because people – including I bet many of the people offended by those words – didn’t say the same exact thing over Jersey Shore. LMAO And, he’s far from the only person suffering from lack of self awareness – both inside and outside the house.

      • So, how should we rank Paulie’s comments on a social scale? Should we excuse his remarks because he didn’t make derogatory comments about a fellow HG skin color or sexual orientation? The disrespectful way Paulie talked *continuously* about women was offensive, and if you don’t agree, well you and I are simply going to have to agree to disagree here. You are entitled to your opinion, but in my opinion, Paulie was an embarrassment to not only himself, but to his family and, in a game sense, Cody and Derrick as well!

        I read a comment from Derrick where he could not excuse Paulie’s behavior, so…I think that says a lot.

      • Seriously?? No disrespect but Paulie is a sexist pig who only looked good through a plethora of BB editing! Watch the live feeds. He was always making comments were offensive. Furthermore, he is one of he most hated players of all time! That says something.

      • Hated by who all time? Sorry, he’s said sexist things but so have the other guys. And, guess what? So have the ladies in the house. But, hey, it is okay to get mad at a guy talking about the size of someone’s breasts but it is also a-ok for the ladies to talk about the size of someone’s dick. You don’t see the double standard sexism involved here? Oh, I get it. Sexism is a ‘male only disease’. LMAO

      • Okay, first of all disliking Paulie has nothing to do with him being a guy. I utterly disliked Aaryn of season 15 and she was a woman, a real pretty woman wrapped up in a nice bow, but spewed venom from within…I detested her and thought she never should have made it on the show to begin with, so just because Paulie is not as socially deviant as Aaryn, does not make his comments any less obnoxious! He lied about personal things, not game things. He made personal digs because he was pissed, not as strategic moves to rattle his other HG. BB is a game. Yes, it can get ugly…just look at Evel Dick’s diatribes in season 8, however, ED called himself a villain and lived up to that moniker and America loved him for it. Paulie tried to pretend to be a good guy, but he isn’t and America hated him for it.
        If he had come into the house and said…”I’m a villain”, I would have respected him more.

      • First off big brother is a social game about taking people from all different places and backgrounds including behaviors and personality types to see how they will react isolated from the outside world and stuck in a house trying to be one of the last 2 ppl standing in the house and hopefully get the most votes from people you had to evict to get in the seat your sitting in! When you put people who act and speak or believe a different way into this situation you get a reaction and because to most people or some people this behavior is reprehensible you fail to stop and see that they are simply reacting in a way that is not usually offensive to people who on that persons corner of the world!

      • Who are in that persons corner of the world! To be honest I was more appalled by a lot of other things that came out of people’s mouth because I am used to this talk! I may think it’s not okay but it’s common and not offensive to some woman but actually appealing in the corner of the world I live in! The point is don’t judge a person because in your corner of the worlds it’s not common! Paulie is a Jersey guy it is what it is!!!! Just like some corners call soda // pop and sneakers // tennis shoes open your mind and eyes to see that we all come from a corner of the world that is different and what we know to be that’s what makes the world go round! You never know you might find some new likes or perspectives in life!!!

      • And that is fine if your corner of the world wants to allow a man to talk to them like that and treat them like that, however, where I come from we find it offensive! I do not want to open my eyes to an experience like a man talking down to me. Why on earth would I want that? I respect that you are entitled to your opinion on the matter, but so am I and I would never tolerate any man treating me with that kind of disrespect.

      • I said BB is a game… and just because certain behaviors are not offensive to some does not mean it is not offensive to others. Look at Aaryn, I bet her family saw nothing wrong with what she said, but the rest of America was horrified!

      • Wait.. are you defending Dick because he bragged about being an absolute scumbag – so much so his own daughter hates him – and because Amerika love shim? Thankfully, I don’t listen to what Amerika (or Kanada) thinks because most people are delusional hypocrites. Aaryn and Paulie are superior human being than Dick and if anyone thinks otherwise their morals are skewered.

      • The fact that you call Aaryn, who was an outright racist, a “superior human being” is scary! As a matter of fact, if you rearrange her name it actually spells out ARYAN! Hmm…I guess her parents taught her to hate. Encouraging bad behavior such as racism and sexism gives it a green light to continue and that is fundamentally wrong. You might be okay with that, and you are entitled to your opinion, but I do not…and I am entitled to that opinion as well.
        However, I find it ridiculous that you can call mine or anyone else’s morals skewered when you spell America and Canada with a K. What is that some kind of play on the KKK. No wonder you find Aaryn a “superior”….

      • I do not want to have such an intense conversation about morals on this forum, however, I feel I need to say this… Racism, sexism or any form of hate is not funny or something to be taken lightly. It should not be encouraged at ANY time. And Ted Bouchard, you are entirely free to have your own opinions, as am I. However, endorsing the behavior of someone like Aaryn and saying she is a superior human being makes you sound like a racist and that does not belong here. So can we just leave this conversation here and drop this? It just does not belong here on this forum. . Thank you.

      • Only a sensitive person would call him the most hated person of all time. What he did was wrong but other guys did bad as well. AS I RECALL, the most hated person in BB History was a Female that goes by the name of Aaryn in season 15.

      • And as I recall I said he was “one of the most hated” not THE most hated. And I will agree with you, Aaryn was a racist who should have never made it past the BB screening, however, just because her comments were more socially reprehensible than Paulie’s does not excuse his behavior–especially considering he is BB affiliated with his brother Cody. Paulie lied on a personal level and when he was called out for it, he turned nasty. And if you do not take my word for it that he was hated…check Twitter. Millions of Americans hated him, not just me!

      • Well your right with majority of what you are saying. But who cares if he lies, plenty of people lied in the BB house on a personal level in the past. But I despise the whole “5 people Calling out others” type of thing. Some people react differently. People either ignore what you have to say, Probably cry, or lash out on you. Paulie lashed out. I don’t blame him.

      • Hahaha! I have to agree, but even Andy said he thought Paulie was terrible and he said, I quote “and I lived with Amanda!” end quote. :)

      • The girls did not treated the guys the way the guys treated the girls. What sexist comments did Day make? Please give me timestamps.

      • I don’t recall Day making any sexist comments. If anything she was offended by Frank patting her butt…which Frank profusely apologized for by saying he was just joking around and had never meant to offend Day. And that is how an honest human being reacts when they are told they have offended someone…they apologize sincerely…even if it was unintentional. Unfortunately, Paulie has about one tenth of Frank’s class…

      • L0L ‘Time stamps’. Do you even watch the show/live feeds? You probably don’t believe women can be sexist… but, hey, let’s attack men for being means about a woman’s breast (which is rude and distasteful) but just laugh and giggle at a grown woman making fun of a man’s dick. I bet you think the latter is acceptable but the former isn’t.

      • Actually I do believe females can be sexist. That statement right there proves you don’t respond rationally to people. But you still say stuff and not back it up. When did the girls talk about a Specific guy’s penis in the house in a malicious way? What sexist remark did Day make towards a guy in the house? When did a girl go as far as Paulie, Corey, Frank, Paul or Jozea go when talking about to the girls behind their back or to their face? If you can not answer those questions you might want to restate what you said.

      • I agree. The girls definitely break each other down more than they do the guys…hate that!
        However, in Frank’s defense, at least he honestly apologized when he realized he had crossed a line and he did that because that is what genuine human beings do when they offend one another. They apologize sincerely. Paulie has never offered up one apology. He has continuously placed the blame on everyone else, except himself! Anyone who thinks Paulie’s behavior is not disgusting must only be watching the show because the editing dept. kept his bad behavior hush-hush for quite some time… It only came to light when they could no longer hide it. However, if you were (like I have been) watching the live feeds, then you are well aware he’s a sexist ass!

      • Huh? Day attacked Paulie’s dick size. How is that any different than what Paulie did to Natalie?

      • When did day talk about Paulie’s dick? To whom did she tell it to? Was it with malicious intent the way Paulie went around saying “look at those fts” or “fts!!” Right in front of her face knowing he was being rude. Also the fact that you said Day talked about his dick size is so far fetched because anybody who watches her know she doesn’t even get into those kind of conversations so please come back with something real.

      • I do actually. The only person who doesn’t is you apparently. You still haven’t told me when, with whom, and in what manner. I’ll wait

      • Ted: you MUST be joking!! Did you not hear the despicable way Paulie spoke behind Z’s back? Disrespectful and disgusting, showing ZERO respect for women. Yes, the other guys talked about the girls, too, but they were not sleeping with them and using them at the same time. Mr. Paulie has zero class, zero personality and zero decency. Let’s hope he stays single, as I pity any girl who gets tied to that mess!!!

      • Can I get a hell yes to that speech! ;) lol! Paulie showed such a complete lack of respect that it was embarrassing for his family who were constantly fending off a barrage of hateful twitter msgs. Cody tried to stick by him, but when asked point blank, Derrick had to admit Paulie’s comments were inappropriate and he would not want any guy talking about *his* daughter the way Paulie talked about Z and women in general…
        I think that was the beginning of the end for Paulie.

      • Oh, so it’s okay for guys to talk smack about girls.. as long as they aren’t sleeping with them? So, it’s okay for Paul to call Michelle a ‘cunt’? COME ON. Also, Z should little respect for him with her attempts to control him and throwing a hissy fit because he wanted to spend one night in a different room than her. None of them have class and neither most BB viewers. Afterall, many BB viewers loved a player, funnily enough, named Dick. :P

      • Who said it was ok for Paul to call Michelle a cunt was ok? Most people say he was wrong but Michelle did deserve it for continuously coming at him over and over and over again. Really? Z tried to control Paulie being jealous and controlling are two different things and dude if you are going to talk about something know the whole story damn. Z was mad at the fact that Paulie was sleeping in a different room because of how Paulie handled the situation and his attitude before he said he was sleeping alone. Maybe you should watch the live feeds and not just go based on the show and Twitter then you would sound so ignorant.

      • “Most people say he was wrong but Michelle did deserve it for continuously coming at him over and over and over again”

        You are doing double speak. You are saying what he did was wroing… but also saying she deserved it. It is one or the other. What he said was wrong. PERIOD. But, I get it. You like Paul so you make excuses for his poor behavior.

        “Maybe you should watch the live feeds and not just go based on the show and Twitter then you would sound so ignorant.”
        I think I posted like 5 times in my entire life on Twitter and that was mostly in defense of a former female HG who was being attacked. I get my information from everywhere. You think I got the info about Paul calling Michelle a ‘cunt’ from tv? L0LZ
        The one being ignorant here is you.

      • Plus the first part at Paul is not what I think dumbass it’s how others rationalize it on Twitter and other sites when someone brings it up

      • A misogynist game is not one wants to play.
        As a guy I do not worry about my size, I am guessing you do. Does not look good on your part.

      • I’m not worried about my size because no woman will ever see it because I’m so ugly so no worries there. L0L

      • Ted: Let’s face it, we’re not going to agree on this one!! We can have different opinions without name calling here on message boards!! Saying we don’t have class because we watch BB is silly. Let’s just enjoy ourselves and call out the players like we’re meant to do. It’s entertainment for us, pure and simple!! What these people do with their lives after the show to repair some of the damage they may have caused others is their problem. We’re just here as armchair quarterbacks. No need for us to get carried away…..even though it’s hard not too. LOL

      • No problem. It’s all in good fun. We’ll basically forget about all of them in a few months anyways. L0L

    • Regardless of who Nicole targets, I think that James and Natalie will vote out Paul. She will have to break the tie, unless she convinces James that he should vote her out.

      • I hope so. I’d hate to see Nicole leave next week if Michelle won HOH.
        Too bad Michelle doesn’t see the value of forming an alliance with Nicole since Michelle could possibly win it all against Nic.

      • Nicole’s alliance will be exposed to James and Natalie and next HOH, she and Corey will be the targets for both the James and Natalie as well as Paul and Victor. I doubt Victor and Paul will pass on targeting her and Corey! If it is Paul or Victor with the HOH, they might put up Nicole with James to deflect the fact that they have a deal but, Nicole could still get evicted! We will see soon enough! Huge waste evicting Michelle who is no threat!

      • I respectfully disagree. Nicole is smart to keep Victor and Paul because if either of them win HOH next week they re going after James and Natalie for their part in sending Vic home. He said it plain in the live feeds…revenge is sweet, he sent Paulie home and he wants to be the one to send either James or Natalie packing. On the other hand…if James or Nat win HOH, they are still going to want to get out Vic or Paul, who they consider to be the biggest threats. Nicole and Corey will most likely NOT be the targets no matter who wins HOH. She is making a strategic move here IMO.

      • Corey did shock me and say that they could use the boys to knock out Jatalie. Lazy bum. He doesn’t even register on my radar. Corey who???

      • I agree! He is a major floater and not a bright one at that!! However, he is right in that keeping Vic and Paul will keep the target off of him and Nicole.

      • Not sure how much thinking or strategizing Corey is doing, it could be as simple as he enjoys Paul and Vic’s company more than James’ and he’s said that he hates Gnat. He seems to be looking for a good time rather than playing the game

      • Paul and Vic dont give a fat rat,s fanny about nicole and Cory they will drop them like a bad habit the very 1st chance they get, they are only loyal to themselves and thats doubtful too

      • You’re right, they don’t. However, they still want James and Natalie out more than they want Nicole and Corey out…Just like Paul and Victor are a bigger threat to James and Natalie than Nicole or Corey are. That makes sending Meech home and keeping Paul a smart move for Nicole. It sicks one side against the other leaving her and Corey as option B, not target number 1!

      • The smartest thing for them to do is persuade Nichole to backdoor James. She could agree to this in a way to guarantee Vic,Paul and Michelle safety. Now all she would have pissed at her would be Natalie and that wouldn’t mean anything. Then whoever wins the next HOH would owe her and all she would have to do is tell James that she had to go along with what the house wanted like he does all the time. I can’t stand that little midget rat bastard! This is all a fantasy but it would be awesome to see the look on his face.

      • Hahaha! I know, wouldn’t it be great to see James get evicted on a “bounced check”!! He is always going back on his deals while quoting Mike Boogey…I think it would be apropos if it happened to him for a change! ;) It would make Boogey proud…

      • In honor of Mike Boogie and bouncing checks James should be sent packing on a broken deal…after all he did it to Frank. Right and Frank was Boogie’s bud in season 14.

      • If she was smart she would do it because no one in the jury house likes James anyhow and she wont get another chance to do it.

      • It would almost be…poetic. :) You sent Frank home on a broken deal and quoted Boogie as your justification, well James…you just got handed a rubber check my friend. Get to steppin!

      • If Nichole would evict James I would buy her a pair of underwear! On the back it would say Superman! on the front it would say balls of Steel!!

      • You bounce enough checks and eventually one’s gonna bounce back and bite you in the ass. I’m not holding my breathe over James being backdoored but man would I love to see it happen!

      • Corey really isn’t a floater. He hasn’t really followed the power week after week like Paul has. Corey has been loyal to Nicole from the jump and he’s been loyal to Paulie from the jump.

        Really, Corey’s been playing very, very low key (almost similar to how Dan played in BB10, though not quite the same caliber). I have seen it, but it’s been SUPER subtle – so subtle that there have been times where I question whether or not he even knows what he’s talking about.

      • So basically somewhere there’s a village missing their idiot… (I saw that on another thread today and I just had to repeat it!) and he’s in the BB house tangling with Nicole! ;)
        The difference between Dan and Corey= about 100 IQ points! ;)

      • Exactly right. The BB term floater is used incorrectly all the time. Corey isn’t a great BB player at all, but he is not a floater (“floating” to the house’s power center each week).

      • I don’t know about that, Dan. I think the term “floater” is someone who does not have either a physical game or a social game. Dr. Will “floated” to the power center each week and ended up making their HOH his own, and I think we can all agree Will was not a floater. He did not win comps, but his social game was spectacular. Corey doesn’t have that. He has had connections with really only 2 people in the house: Nicole and Paulie. In addition, he’s won 3 comps, but one of those was given to him…so, his physical game is lacking as well. I think that is why he would be termed a floater.

      • IMO, Corey is more likely to be considered a “coaster.” And you’re right about Dr Will, he did float to the power centers, and in BB terms would actually be considered a “floater.” But his game was more of a hybrid floater strategy. Other popular floaters would be Jun (BB4) and Andy (BB15).

        I think the confusion with the term floater is that it has been associated with negative gameplay, ie weak or poor BB players. That’s not what it’s meant to indicate (Rachel made this incorrect assumption with her “grab a life vest…” comment).

        The better term for those types of players would be coasters: “players who often have little affect on the game or attach themselves to a stronger player, and ride coattails to the end. These players often have little understanding of the game, and tend to do very poorly in competitions unless one is thrown to them. Unlike Floaters, Coasters typically remain with one alliance throughout the game. These players may “float”, in the sense that they do not have any alliances, but they do so without any real strategy” (from bigbrother dot wikia dot com).

      • Thank you, Dan! You’re right it has always seemed like a negative, so thanks for clearing that up. :)

      • I thought the literal definition of a floater was someone who was playing lowkey because you literally float right through the game. That’s why no one likes floaters, because we want to see people actually play the game.

        Following power isn’t floating, its strategy. Paul knows how to schmooze the right people at the right time and a lot of times it works. That’s why I respect his gameplay so much.

      • I agree. I remember Rachel Reilly constantly saying “Floaters get your life vests” and she was talking about the people who did not have either a good social game or a good physical game.

      • From Big Brother Wikia…

        “The typical Floater social strategy includes consciously joining no alliances or joining many but having true loyalty to none. The Floater’s goal is to stay out of the way, and be seen as a non-threat while the Leaders and the Gamers take themselves out of the game. Unlike Coasters, Floaters are purposely attempting to either play multiple sides of the house against each other or remain in the middle of opposing alliances in order to strategically further themselves in the game. The typical competitive strategy choice for Floaters are selective or passive. House Guests who have employed this strategy include Will Kirby (Season 2), Jun Song (Season 4), Erika Landin (All-Stars), Shelly Moore (Season 13), Andy Herren (Season 15), and Paul Abrahamian (Season 18); Godfrey Mangwiza (BBCan 3), Cassandra Shahinfar and Mitchell Moffit (BBCan4).”

      • Well by that definition then I honestly don’t have a problem with floaters. That’s a smart strategy imo

      • It is a smart strategy, and one that’s worked the 2 times it was correctly used (we’ll see what happens with Paul). But by this definition, Corey’s not a floater.

      • No, by that definition Corey is a coaster. Coaster is originally what I thought floater meant. Where’s Zach with his BB dictionary when you need it lol

      • Corey is the definition of a floater. He has not done one thing all season except lay in bed with Nicole.

      • That’s not a floater. A floater is someone who flips to whichever side of the house is in power without detection. What your describing is Rachel Reilly’s definition of a floater.

      • Thank you. It makes sense doesn’t it? If Meech is gone…Paul and Vic will target James and Gnat and vice-versa…while Nic and Corey just fade into the background until the dust settles and the “Victor” emerges!! Like the word play there. haha. Anyhow, I think Nicole is making a brilliant strategic move here and I hope she has the guts to carry it out and doesn’t let her (rumored) pre-game alliance with James stop her.

      • I don’t think her rumored deal will stop her from evicting Michelle. Meech has had it out for her, and Nicole is doing what she needs to do.

      • Vic and Paul have told each other multiple times that if they get hoh James and Natalie are going straight on the block together and just last night V, P, and C were talking final 3 and even making plans to hang out when BB is over. Don’t think they’ll turn on them till F4.

        While I definitely would’ve loved to see Nicole put up James, she’s playing both sides of the house so sending meech out would ensure the least amount of blood on her hands from either side. And if asked about it she can always say meech was targeting her and called her a snake.

    • Nicole is already talking about how they can take out Paul this week. Door is already open, production will make sure it happens.

      Calling it now, Corey will vote out Paul this week.

      • I hope not because that would be a stupid move on her part. Vic can beat James in most comps and if she sends out Paul, Vic will come after her. If she doesn’t, Vic will go after James & Natalie. Her and Corey will be safe. She even said as much in the live feeds after she brought up sending Paul home.

      • You think vic would target her and not James or Corey? he is sexist to view her as a true threat.

      • No, Vic would not target Nicole because he’s sexist. He’d target her because she sent Paul home. Whereas, if Meech goes home, Vic and Paul are gunning for James and Natalie and vice-versa. And Nicole is obviously a threat…she’s won 2 HOH and a veto. She can win comps.

      • But Meech is correct Nicole is a rattlesnake i cant stand her all she wants is some poor sob to cater to her obnoxious needs then dump them just like she did with Hayden

  2. The end of this game is geared towards Nicole. She hasn’t won all season and all of a sudden she is winning. A girl can win if production tells them every move to make. This show is off the rails bogus and no longer legit.

    • It seems more influenced than usual. I hate to think it is rigged though. I have thought it was before, and it didn’t turn out the way I thought it would. So still not calling it rigged.

      • Is it more rigged than before or are these people weaker players? Not arguing about the timing of some of the comps being sketchy but more the HG’s ability to be influenced by DR suggestions

      • These HGs are very easily influenced – more so than anyone else to play the game. The DR could be using their usual subtleties (like with Jeff in BB11) and these people run away with it.

      • I thought BB13’s Pandora’s Box dynamic duo twist was favored for Rachel, though I don’t think it was necessarily “rigged”… but other than that I don’t really think BB is rigged. Though when Natalie got influenced by production to work with Nicorey that really rubbed me the wrong way. I wish we could have a better producer for BB

    • This show hasn’t been legit in at least the last 10 years, what do you think has changed?

      • I think production has had a heavier hand in the last several years than they ever did before. Does anyone remember JoJo from like season 14…she has a blog that talks about how production influences the HG and their decision making. It’s pretty interesting…especially considering she was a relatively uninteresting HG! ;)

    • BB wants Paul to win it all, why else would Nicole, and Corey let him off the hook, they were clearly all about getting him out last week, then the flip flop.

      • I think we may just be surprised! Nicole has been hungry for a big move and it would be epic if she evicted Paul. Don’t be shocked. Telling you, nicole winner this year. Mark my words

    • Nicole is not winning this. Dumb move to put up Michelle and Paul and target Michelle. You take out the big threats before they take you out! Victor and Paul will start evicting Nicole and James if they win HOH next! Helen in her season with Amanda kept promising to put Amanda on the hot seat. Amanda ended up evicting Helen!

      • Nicole needed to go after James to get the jury to side with her. She is not doing it because of the deal unless she backdoors him here. She knows what the jury wants by way the jury members showed her and James no attention when they came back inside for jury buy back.

      • Again, I disagree. Victor wants Natalie and James because they sent him packing. He has already proven he can forgive but he doesn’t forget when he sent Paulie to jury…He wants revenge on Natalie and James and not even Paul can talk him out of it if he wins HOH! Nic and Corey are safe with Vic… At least that is my own humble opinion… :)

    • Agreed. Check back the feeds..when the water was being sprayed at them for the HoH comp, there were numerous times the water was not sprayed directly on Nicole, and especially not towards her face..which was not the case with the others.

      • So are their spots on the wall assigned or do they draw for them? I really would like to know the process. Production instigates a whole lot of conspiracy theories because fans are unaware of things like that.

      • I was suspicious of their placement on the wall and thought production must have assigned them — Vic and Paulie side by side when you had to figure that they would be fighting it out to see who returns and Nicole and James side by side so they could further their dealing. Too suspicious for me

  3. So Nicole has won the POV. Natalie is an option to be on the block as well as James. I know she won’t do this but I feel she should leave the noms the same. Michelle goes home and by proxyy assures herself in a F3 deal with Victor and Paul. This is the best case scenario for her even though her fan base and most on here may not agree with this.

    • She will leave noms the same. There is no way she wants James mad at her. I hope she does and I think Paul will go.

      • They just said they would leave noms the same and vote out Meech. Not sure if they will change their minds in 4 hours tho.

      • Nicole will be the deciding vote and cannot hide her vote when it comes! James and Natalie will know that she has a deal with Victor and Paul! That is unless, she votes to evict Paul which she should to further her game!

      • But the big question is, will she. Getting Michele out will be a wasted HOH and I really think Nicole may figure that out. I wouldn’t mind seeing Paul leave either.

      • That is the big move and best move for Nicole’s game if she is trying to win that $500,000. She and Corey has a better chance against James and Natalie and Michelle. That is assuming they succeed in evicting Victor next if Paul is evicted this week!

      • Nicole has been Michelle’s target for a long time now so I can see why she wants her gone next and why she thinks it’s the best thing for her game.
        Someone from the James Gang needs to go next.

      • Agreed! I’m sorry, but I am sooooooo tired of hearing Natalie whine about gaining weight!!!!!!! UGH! She is not fat and I’m sick of hearing her cry about it! Please shoot me now! Better yet–evict her so I do not have to listen to her whine anymore!

      • HAHAHA! I don’t have the feeds but I keep reading about her weight gain at Jokers constantly.
        Can’t wait till she goes either. I would hate it if she outlasted Nicole.

      • Agreed!! As a matter of fact that is one of the bargaining chips Corey used with Nicole…he asked her and Vic “Could you imagine if Natalie won this game?” and both were like “UGH!” so yeah, I think the HG (except James of course) are all ready to hear the last of whine Gnat-Nat!

      • and now she’s telling James that Paul has been hitting on her? Is she for real? Hope she goes next week. First Meech, then Gnat.

      • Hahaha! Yes! Totally agree! She cries because she says she’s fat, and yet everyone is still hitting on her!!! Which is it?? Don’t get me wrong, she is a beautiful girl, but her insecurities and whining are getting extremely annoying. She made a bold move last week, then spent hours crying about it!! UGH! And Meech…instead of just saying Paul you’re a threat…she said “Paulie told me you lied…” PAULIE TOLD HER?? Paulie who was THE BIGGEST liar in the house told her…!!! I started laughing so hard when I heard that it was like “WOW! You’re an idiot!”
        So yeah…I am totally ready to see those two gone. :)

        Their HOH was so stupid–it never happened coz their target is right back where he was last week!! hahaha

      • Yes, she certainly craves attention and is not getting that much of it this week. Even her ‘fire’ didn’t get as much attention as she wanted although she kept harping on it.

      • It was pathetic how Nat was trying to keep the cameras on her during BBAD with her non fire.

      • I know. Vic was like it’s not a big deal and she was crying as if she had taken a flame thrower to the joint!! Blech! I am so so so sick of her drama! Like I said, the one HUGE move she made in putting up Vic…she then did an about face and cried about it for hours! And then she flip-flopped again and was like, no we have to get him out. I mean, hello…make a plan and stand by it. Don’t cry about it, just call it a good game move and go on. I would have respected that.

      • I won’t say Paul hasn’t lied this season coz he has…however, the difference between his lies and Paulie’s are in the context. Paul is usually trying to save his ass in regards to a deal he made. It is game lying, much like Dr. Will and Mike Boggie did in both season 2 & season 7. Paulie on the other hand, has lied maliciously on a personal level and that is not BB game playing. That is simply being an obnoxious pig!
        I mean really…when you have Evel Dick calling you out for being a piece of *bleep*…that says something!!

      • And don’t get me wrong, I love Evel Dick, but he isn’t called that without reason. He was rude and crude on season 8…but he was damned honest, unlike Paulie. AND he didn’t cry when he was nominated.

      • Yeah it says Dick is a piece of crap not to be taken seriously. This is a guy who threatens to rape women but yeah we’ll use him as the Moral Police. L0L

      • I wouldn’t mind seeing her Michelle and Paul gone this week and the other two through the DE.

      • Watching the feeds last night I finally realized what she has been drinking. She was drinking coconut water… that’s basically water and sugar! So if she’s been drinking that this whole time and as often and as late at night as I’ve seen her the past 2 days then duh Natalie! There’s the reason you’ve been gaining weight! Ugh she annoys me. Just read the ingredients on it boo, oh wait nevermind she probably thinks it’s completely healthy like she thought that jello was last night. Victor had to tell her to look at the sugar content for her to get it’s not.

      • You’d think Meech the nutritionist could explain to Nat how to read the label to check out the calorie content of food lol.

      • Right?! Lol! But then again I think Meech has checked out as a nutritionist. Have you seen what she eats and how she eats??? Wow! I thought I ate bad lol!

      • How in the world can Meech sit down and eat a whole box of dry cereal without gaining weight?
        I’m surprised that she’s not fixing nutritious meals for everyone. Since she’s started eating all that junk she’s become so negative.
        The thing is, it doesn’t even look as if she’s gaining weight. If I ate all that junk all day I’d be bigger than the side of a barn lol.

      • Right! So true. But I have noticed her weight gain. Look at how small she is in the intro. Yeah she still looks pretty slim right now but I don’t think she was as wide or filled out as she is now. I can see Natalie’s weight gain also compared to her intro. I get that they’re self-conscious but seriously girls you are not actually fat or overweight like other people are so be grateful for that you know. My thing is “it could always be worse”. They should look at it like that instead of being brattie and pouting about it and doing nothing to lose the weight. They have stuff to exercise on so don’t complain. Ugh they drive me bonkers with that kind of talk lol

      • MIchelle and Nat don’t even look fat on TV, which is supposed to make you look 10 lbs heavier – I feel sorry for them and their body dismorphic delusions.

      • Agree and it’s too risky at this point to go after Gnat or James. Meech decreases their numbers yet can be defended as a preemptive strike against someone coming after her

      • Michelle is the one that will go. I would much rather see Paul leave but only because of the way he has well for the lack of words Bullied others this season.

      • Oh no, bully is the right word to use here, along with intimidating the women by yelling and cursing at them. I want him gone just as much as you do; it’s just that Michelle is a bigger danger to Nicole and has to go now; while Nicole is probably not even on Paul’s radar right now.
        Once Nat and Michelle are gone maybe Nicorey could start working with James to get rid of P&V.

      • No I disagree, Nicole is on Paul’s radar for sure. She just doesn’t know it yet and at some point there will have to be a couple that is split up but which couple first and which couple last.

      • She could be on his radar but right now I think everyone will focus on getting out anybody that is good at comps. So that would probably make Victor and Paul at the top of the list with Corey and James lagging behind.
        I don’t know why Paul would be threatened by Nicole at this point when he has to worry about winning comps.
        If she is on Paul’s radar she needs to keep on winning comps :D

      • If those four get to F4, then they will ditch Nicole over Corey. They can beat him in comps and take each other to F2. Those two are Victor and Paul.

      • It does look that way Willie, but expect the unexpected :D
        Anything could go wrong for either side if they don’t win comps.
        They can worry about that after taking out the James gang.
        I don’t think Paulie would take Victor to the end – he’s too smart to do that. Victor would take Paul to the end.
        I think Victor, Paulie and Corey would like to be sitting next to Nicole at the end since they know they will beat her.
        After Dr. Will might even talk the jury into giving the win to Nicole
        Oh well, it’ll be fun to watch anyway.

      • I am not convinced that getting James out will get her votes from Jury. Maybe some but not enough to win.So far, the only one that can honestly say they made big moves and deserves the jury votes has been Victor.

      • Paul could say he convinced Victor to take out Paulie and played a major role in several evictions actually.

      • Yes he did but he refused to admit it to the HG’s that left with the exception of Frank.

      • Think about this…if Nicole sends Paul out, Vic will be coming after her, but if she sends out Meech, yes, James may be mad, however, he will still have his focus on Vic and Paul because they are a bigger threat to his and Natalie’s game than Nicole and Corey because Victor definitely wants James and Nat out because Natalie nominated him and James’ vote sent him home. He will NOT forget that! The smartest move Nicole can make is to play both sides against each other and lay low. Personally, I want Vic to win so I don’t care who is evicted as long as it is not him…but Nicole is playing this really smart if she keeps Paul and Victor because they are BY FAR bigger targets than she and Corey are.

      • All in all it worked out good for Nicorey when Natalie won HOH last week and had to make the first move against Victor/Paul so that Nicorey didn’t have to.
        Now Vic/Paul are mad at the James Gang and can no longer trust them.
        Meanwhile Nicole/Corey are still in good with both groups. This depends on how Nicole handles evicting Michelle though so that james won’t hold a grudge.

      • Exactly, but honestly…even if he does, do you really think he is not going to try and get Victor out first knowing that it was *HIS* vote that sent Vic home and his lady that nominated him???!!! No, James would be really stupid to target Nic even if she sends Meech home. Victor is gunning for him and Natalie and I think James is very much aware of that. It wasn’t that long ago that Vic gave Paulie the “I may forgive but I don’t forget” speech!! :)

      • I hope you’re right about James; it does make more sense for him to get out Victor before Nicole. But I just remember last year when he kept Vanessa over Shelli because Shelli messed with one of his shirts or something. I don’t even remember what it was but James ruined his game and all the gals in his gang last year by doing that.
        So it’s probably not a good idea to tick off james if he’s this sensitive over nothing.

      • Well, then he will most likely be going home next week because I don’t see Vic going home this week. I think Nic will keep the noms the same and Vic promised Nic to be his ride or die girl… Paul is his ride or die bro! ;) Funny thing…Corey was sitting there for that convo and just grinned like the village idiot. I don’t think he realized both Nic and Vic were cutting him out!!! LOL!!

      • LOL! The only reason I’m able to tolerate Corey is because he’s a useful idiot for Nicole right now. He probably thinks he’s still in an all male alliance with Vic and Paul. Good to know that Vic has a F2 with Nicole, I think he can get her to the end.
        James should be very nervous if Victor wins HOH next week and I’m hoping that he does.
        If James does go Natalie will probably be all over Victor or Paul again.

      • I agree. He was honest with Nicole too. He told her Meech was his ride or die girl, but after last week…he was done with her. Nicole then asked “Am I your ride or die girl now?” and he said “Yes.” And one thing Victor has not done in this game is break his word…well, except for Paulie, but Paulie had that coming. He did the same to Vic when he evicted him. Victor has played a pretty honest game and I love that about him.

      • I felt the same way after Victor admitted Michelle was his ride or die pre-eviction. Another good reason for Nicolle to get rid of her as well.
        I would trust Victor over paul or even Corey at this point since I don’t even know what his plans are – if he has any. Can’t wait for Corey to leave but he’ll be a useful pawn I’m sure.

      • To Paulie who he sword up and down he was not the target. To James/Nat last week lying about his ‘break up’ with Paul. Also, swearing he was 100% loyal to them meanwhile he was plotting to target them even if James had voted to keep him.

      • Bigger targets and a greater chance to take the big prize too. You gotta be careful what you wish for in the BB house because you just might get it.

    • No she only won the veto comp James gave it to her cuz she cried cuz she wanted a letter from her mother she didn’t win the competition James gave it to her he felt sorry for her.

      • We’re talking about the same James who twice made phony deals to get people to throw him HOH endurance competitions. So who cares if Nicole had James toss her this one. I also heavily agree that James only made this deal because he was about to drop anyway.

        If people want to discredit Nicole for this win then discredit James for his HoH when Frank left. And for his HoH last year when James screwed over Shelli and Clay

      • Agreed…James knew he was about to fail. Vic has a line for this he says “Did you throw it…Really? Or did you just lose?” lol! James lost and Nic owes him NOTHING! He loves to tell everyone (while quoting Boogie) deals are made to be broken because “it’s okay to bounce checks in the BB house”.
        I have to say, I would LOVE to see James go home on a rubber check deal!! mwahaha!

      • Exactly and I couldn’t have said it better myself :D
        James is totally untrustworthy and the only reason I think he might feel differently about Nicole is because they are both vets. Otherwise I’m sure he would’ve stabbed her in the back too.

      • James was close to dropping before he told Nic he would drop so Nic could get the letter. He was shaking and Nic was going to stay up there. I know you will disagree but it is true in my eyes and many others. No matter..she has the HOH for this week and also WON the POV. WTG Nic you deserve both wins!

      • I think it’s pretty obvious that James wouldn’t have made that deal unless he could no longer continue the comp.

  4. Eh okay, could be worse. I’m expecting the noms to stay the same and Meech to go home. As long as Victor doesn’t get backdoored I’m happy.

    • They might take her to F2 bc the guys could win against them in Jury. You never know how this will turn over the next few weeks. I hope it will be fun viewing.

      • She would make an excellent final 2 choice since all the women in the jury are mad at her.

      • James isn’t coming after her while Michelle is – so why would Nicole want to evict James when she could use him latter on in the game when needed?

      • I still don’t understand the resentment the jury house women have against Nicole. I don’t recall her doing anything personal to them. I think jealousy might be the main problem since she’s outwitted them so far.

      • Kay, Nicole, Day and Zak were part of that all boys alliance too – until Day decided to stab that alliance in the back by pitting poor Tiffany against Frank.
        So I don’t know why they blame Nicole for that fiasco that ended up wrecking Day, Zak and Bridgette’s game.
        Perhaps they’re jealous that Nicole survived the carnage and Day’s and Frank’s attempt to blame everything on Nicole to get her evicted? Nobody gives Nicole credit for surviving those attempts to sabotage her game.
        Nicole seems to be so trustworthy that the guys believed Nicole over Day.
        That ought to be mad at Day for ruining everything, not Nicole.

  5. Nicole is talking some sense into Corey right now on live feeds. He wanted to give her the $5k bribe since they don’t need to worry about POV. Nic said no don’t give it to me. Dont get cocky. She was being very strategic and didnt want Corey to place a new target on their backs. Good job Nicole!

    • I agree, they might want to give it to James so he won’t be unhappy about Michelle’s eviction. They might need to work with him yet as the numbers dwindle.

      • Oooh. That is a good idea. They were talking last night to give it to Vic (or Paulie) and he can buy tickets for everyone to go to Mexico. Nic said she would buy her friend Mariah a ticket too.

      • Everyone on this show either has too much money or is too concerned with making friends.

      • Either James is totally out of touch with reality or he has some secret scheme going with Nicole.

      • I suspect the same, because James would’ve stabbed Nic in the back by now otherwise.
        The fact that they are both vets is probably behind this I think.

    • Agreed. She is finally playing Big Brother!! Her strategy this week is pretty brilliant. Get rid of Meech and then pit Vic and Paul against James and Nat…and her and Corey just kind of melt into the sidelines until the dust settles. It’s a great strategy.

      • And then what? It ensures they are the last two to go to the jury and nothing else. If they keep Vic and Paul they guarantee that one of them will win the game.

      • Victor gave her his word that she was his ride or die girl now that Michelle betrayed him last week…that means he and Paul will take her to the F3, and Nicole said she was alright with that.
        Nicole can win comps. In her season, she did pretty well in competitions. I think her strategy this year has been to lay low and while I do not like how she has been totally loafing all season, this girl can and does win comps when she has to…look at this week and the first week… she really needed to win, so she did. If she makes it to the F3, she could send either Paul or Vic packing (although I would really hate this) and at least have a seat in the F2…which she said she would not mind losing to Vic.
        I can’t say Nicole is a fave of mine, but I can see her strategy. Keep a big target around in order to keep the target off your own back.

      • I don’t like Nicole at all, but I like that she’s finally starting to do something. Nicole’s only shot at winning the game is against Corey, so she needs to bust her butt off to make sure Natalie/James and Paul/Victor get taken out

    • Talk like this is getting annoying. Corey really isn’t as dumb as so many of you have him pegged.

      You’ve got Natalie, James and Michelle sitting right there if you want somebody to call stupid.

  6. Okay…so now we’re seeing the old Nicole…maybe BB won’t be boring now after all.

  7. I hope Nicole sticks to the plan and doesn’t evict Paul. But, I know the DR is in her ear.

      • Are you a Paul fan speaking with bias? Or do you strategically think Paul should stay?

        I’m honestly just asking. Not being confrontational like it may sound.

      • Speaking as a fan on BB I think Paul has played a pretty good social game. He has survived some serious threats and managed to do it with a smile…until last week. I was horribly disappointed in him last week and how he talked to Michelle…If he can survive this latest storm front…then he deserves the F4!

      • Why?? Paul has played a great game! He survived the Jozea catastrophe and the Frank/Tiff/Da’Vonne tornado…he even made it through the Paulie blizzard….I think he deserves to be in the F4…at least!

  8. There is something hinky going on with Corey’s ACP. First off, he doesn’t understand it, and him and Nic are arguing about what it means, second he is saying it is good until the next HOH and jokers is reporting that if that is true, it was not made clear to the voters. Anybody got any info on this. Was America voters duped or just misunderstood?

    • on the cbs website it said it “The winner gets $5K to bribe one Houseguest! Bribes may influence
      voting, competitions, vetoes or nominations. The bribe can only be given
      to one Houseguest, for one action, within the week leading up to the
      next eviction.” So that whens it ends as soon as the personis evicted this week. I don’t know Corey doens’t understand or if production changed the rules.

      • Well, remember how the Super Safety went. We all thought it should have affected Nicole’s Have Not status and yet it didn’t.

      • No, it clearly stated that Nicole would be safe as long as she wore the costume. It didn’t say anything about have nots. It said “Super Safety

        The good news is, the holder of this care package will be safe for the week. The bad news is, this houseguest must also wear a “Super Safety” costume all week long.”

      • But when Nicole read the card, it said safe from EVERYTHING. Hence why we were all confused.

      • I think she had read it the wrong way. When it said everything it was something like “You will now be safe from everything because of your new super safety outfit.” Kinda like Superman or something, she’ll be protected. Not that she’s safe from being a have-not. That’s how I interpreted it especially when they said it didn’t protect her from being a have-not.

      • Yeah, probably, but it didn’t stop the confusion that followed. Honeslty, they should’ve just had a list of Do’s and Don’ts. Would’ve saved us all the headache.

      • Their argument is because Corey is determined it means he can use it to get someone to throw the next HOH, or make the bride then go back on it. Nicole tried to explain the deal is binding. He is so pathetic.

      • He’s pathetic because he’s misunderstanding something? Geeze. I hope you’ve never misunderstood anything in your life and had somebody catch it.

      • Pathetic because he has been in the house for a while and hasn’t done anything to play the game to win. Granted a lot of them are questionable players, but by far he has slept the season away more than anyone. He genuinely always seems to not know what’s going on.

      • Because DR told him he could use it for the next HOH, and yes production changed the rules or Corey misunderstood what DR told him. Either scenario is possible.

  9. If Nicole does get Michelle evicted this week I hope she won’t burn all her bridges with James and will inform him why Michelle has to go since it’s best for Nicole’s game.

  10. I think getting Michelle or Natalie out is a waste of an opportunity right now. Unless they somehow win and target her next week then I was wrong. But at the same time, if she targets Michelle she keeps her multi alliance secret a little longer until she picks a side. So I can see how it would work for her.

      • It does not even make sense to keep the strongest competitors in the game. As an avid Survivor fan, the difference between Big Brother and Survivor is, in Big Brother, the biggest threats are allowed to remain as long as they wish compared to Survivor where they are targeted by everyone knowing that removing an actual huge threat like Victor and Paul is the best for your game. Leaving them in the game is dumb! You will have to play against them in HOH and VETO and they are both comp beasts! Agreements of safety are just empty promises. James has not honored a lot of his promises of safety. The same goes for Victor and Paul with their all guys alliance with Paulie and Corey. Call me skeptical and we will see soon enough after this eviction!

      • It has been for a bit. She knows that she and Corey have a better chance of beating Jatalie than they do Vic/Paul, but at the same time, she doesn’t trust Jatalie as much as she does Paul/Vic.

      • Don’t think she should trust any of them really. At any moment anyone can decide to break them up. But I am always in favor of getting out strong people when you can.

      • No one should ever trust anyone in that house, especially when that much money is at stake. Very few people who’ve ever played this game have ever played it with the true spirit of integrity.

    • It was brilliant of her to tell him that he’d hear that she was planning to evict him. This way she does not have to endure the five days of begging til eviction

    • Nicole needs to get James out to impress the jury. If she doesn’t then she is looking at only 2nd place. Jury members don’t want her to win unless she makes that significant move. Paulie expressed it to Corey and the way the women showed little attention to her and James when they came into house were obvious to her.

  11. I like Paul, but I think it’s time to play the game for these people and realize Paul will win if he gets to the end. If Nicole and Corey were smart, they’d veto Michelle and put up Vic to split the duo.

    • They wouldn’t have to. If she decides to vote out Paul he would already have two votes from Natalie and James. She’d get Cory to vote the third vote and it’s done!

    • Completely agree. Leaving the strongest players in the game at this point is not a good idea. Evict Vic (or Paul) and set yourself up to win BB.

    • I agree. I dislike Nicorey but if they want a shot to win, this is the move they need to make

    • Never really understood why keep the strong players in the game makes sense. In Amanda’s season, Helen kept promising to put Amanda in the hot seat but, never did. Amanda ended evicting Helen first! In James season, he turned on his alliance and blew up all their games despite, Vanessa being the strongest player in the game. She almost won it but, Steve Moseley was smart enough to finally get rid of her! In Mike’s season on Survivor, they targeted him together because he was a strong player. Inspite, of being alone essentially, he played hard, used his head and still managed to win the season! That shows you what can happen if you keep the strong players in the game! Keep the strong players in the game at your peril!

      • In the Survivor example, they did try to get rid of Mike. They didn’t target him until Joe left. Then Mike had an uphill battle to get through.

        Overall Amanda, Vanessa and Mike are good players, which raises the question of why would you keep a good player?

  12. I think Dingus will keep the noms the same just to keep her options open in case something unexpected happens the next few days. That way she can go either way in case of a tie.

    • Agreed. She’s wants a big move. Can you imagine if Dingus takes out talking paul….Pauly wants a cracker. He’s a sitting duck, remember

  13. Nicole won!!! Which proves she can win comps. She should really rethink her decision and send Paul home.

      • What? Why Corey? He has done nothing wrong. He has been supportive of Nicole and they are a true couple unlike Paulie and Zakiyah. Nicole would never send him home and that is fine. I would love if she evicted Paul and Victor. Not Corey.

      • He’s done more than Michelle or Natalie or James. We’re now officially talking about half of the remaining players not named Corey. Go ahead and jump on Corey if you don’t like him, that’s expected, but at least tell it like it is and share the accusation with others who deserve it. Especially when they deserve it more.

      • You’re defending the guy who laid in bed with Nic all night and ignored every Storm Watch report while knowing that he was on the block against one of the strongest remaining players in the game.

        I believe his quote was “Who cares.” when Nic told him they need to be listening and studying these reports. He lost the POV and nearly went home…he’s awful.

      • That was bad. Andy was the guest on RHAP Wed, and he said nobody slept that night in his season preparing for a memory comp, of some kind..I have no respect for this guy’s game.

      • No point trying to get logic out of it when certain people don’t like somebody that’s the be all end all for them. Strategy be damned. Nicole getting Corey out would be the dumbest thing she could possibly do

      • Let’s see, why Corey? Because he’s been a distraction all season and has done nothing but lay around in bed. They are no “true couple”. ??? They hardly know each other. If she could cut him loose and really start playing this game hard, it would earn back a ton of respect that she’s lost from me this season. But no, she’d rather partly play and then go roll around in bed with Corey for the rest of the time. I’m not a fan of showmances. I believe you are in that house to win. If you have someone you might be interested in, you should be friends until after the game, and then see what happens.

      • Well Rachel and Brendon were a showmance and true couple. They even have a child. And Rachel won. So, it depends. Plus Corey has won comps before. So he has made some moves. Nicole also won comps. So they are both doing well.

      • Players are allowed to win multiple HOHs. If a player was only a HOH once it would be impossible for the show to continue. I do not know what show you are watching.

      • No need to be sorry. Just did not see the sarcasm. After reading and seeing the emoji I see it. I must have read it quickly the first time.

      • Not everyone. Only one person gets evicted. You mean she had a chance to send whoever she wants.

      • Wow, that was… probably ruder than it needed to be, lol.

        But yeah, yeah, I know you don’t like her. It’s cool.

      • Ha ha, you’re welcome, I guess. Like I said, it’s cool. We all have our favorites. Right now, I think the fans are pretty evenly split between all the remaining HGs.

      • I guess we’ll find out come Sept 21st. It can’t get here fast enough. I’m thrilled that Dingus and Doofus won’t be sexing it up all week as usual since he is a HN. Couldn’t have worked out better. Paul and Vic can keep her company, though.

      • I agree, honestly, that gets annoying. Then again, I’m a bit of a prude when it comes to sexual situations, despite being young, lol.

      • Age has nothing to do with good moral character. Having sex with someone that you really do NOT know, in a house that has cameras for all the world to see, in a room with other people present; it’s disgusting. It doesn’t take a prude to come to that conclusion. JMO :)

  14. She’s making a big mistake if she keeps Paul, but I have no problem if she that. Ha!

    • I like Paul and hope he stays. At the start of the season, I could barely watch him. Shows he has a great social game and has a decent chance of staying because of it.

      • Right, He’s the player in the house that’s been strategizing, lying..whatever you call it,..he’s actively playing the game.

      • That’s what I want to see at the end, two players who have played the game fighting it out. No one should get $500k for lying around all summer

      • I didn’t care for him at the start either and wouldn’t be upset if he was evicted but I also wouldn’t be opposed to seeing him go further in the game. He’s been playing the game, so I can’t fault him.

      • Same! At the beginning he was totally clueless too. Now he’s got the game and its intricacies down.

    • Yeeeep! I hope she has reasons to be sorry for it. She can ponder her vote for him or Vic while she is in the jury house. Those girls will love seeing her come through that door.

    • Huge mistake to keep the big threats Victor and Paul. They will take her out and James who are the remaining big threats to their winning that $500,000! Promises mean nothing in this game where lies are a dime a dozen! You take your shot when you have it! It is quite possible you might not have another chance when you get evicted by your target first! Someone is going to make a move to take you out and they are a big threat like Victor and Paul, why trust them instead, of taking them out?

  15. I will HATE it if Nicole wins after spending the entirety of a very long Summer layed up in the bed drooling on Corey. It was cute and forgivable the first time with Hayden, and this time it’s a lack of respect for the opportunity she was given to come back. It also kills me when people say “her strategy this” and her strategic move that”. What has she REALLY done this season? She lucked out on a competition with little skill involved, and there aren’t even very many HGs left to make any unique and thought-out strategy. There’s only a few things she can really do- and she said it herself- she wishes she wasn’t HOH so she didn’t have to make any decisions. So she is partnering with the strongest duo left- surprised? If Paul happens to get evicted she will float back to Jatalie and drag Doofus with her. Her only strategy up until now has been how to bone Corey under the sheets without being detected…and she has failed.


      • Yes! Just not QUITE as much because he has seemed to be involved in some way with near every alliance and decision- people just let him into every discussion- and he has made a few moves…when forced lol. But he is definitely on my naughty list. Especially because he “throws” so many comps. I can’t abide that. He gets bonus points for clipping Z and telling Paulie to his face that he’s gonna do it.

      • I see your point, but I can’t help but recall Zak and Paulie’s shenanigans under the covers that didn’t receive near the amount of slut shaming that Nicole has received here. I just don’t think Nicole deserves all the hateful comments while the guys escape any censure at all.

    • I don’t know about that. I think her strategy has been to lay low
      (pun intended) and not make herself a target. Probably Derrick’s advice. After all, she hasn’t even been nominated. Now she’s playing hard and winning comps. If Michelle is evicted, she has both pairs left on her side thinking they are working together. I think some people don’t give her credit because they don’t like her, but she’s positioned herself very well and I think she’s playing a brilliant game. I’m not a big fan of hers, but I do give her credit.

      • I have to agree…as long as she doesn’t evict Paul. If she caves to James’ pressure then she’s blown her game up and will be the next big target b/c Michelle wants Nicole gone and Vic might just help her accomplish that task if Nic evicts Paul.

      • She’s positioned herself very well alright…. ;)

        Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. Anyway, I do give her credit for managing to throw the target off herself after being called out by Day, Paul, etc. But I think she had very little to do with the position she’s in now. I think it just fell into her lap and she is opportunistic. I was actually super excited to see her return- but I’ve found it hard to get behind her.


        I betcha Corey doesn’t find it hard to get behind her though!?
        Ok I’m done. Ill just let myself out.

    • Totally agree with you. Nicole doesn’t deserve to win, but I can appreciate her strategy with making side alliances with both Vic/Paul and James/Natalie. You have to admit, sicking those 4 on each other would be brilliant! I have to admit it…Dingus might have just found fruit loop haven if this works! ;)

      • Agreed! It might come back to bite Dingus in the butt…but I think it’s still a good move because she is keeping the two main threats in the house who want to take out the other side of the house while her and Corey can (hopefully for Nic) slip into the background. This may or may not work, but if she gets rid of Paul, she (or her boy-toy-Corey) will definitely be a target next week.

    • What has Nicole done this summer? ???
      She has voted with the house and allowed people to play ahead of her, all the while sneakily setting people up for the Oster by being kind when they boo-hooed. She took full advantage of opportunity.

      I cannot stand the whiney, snake guuuurrrrrllllll.

    • I dont like Ratcole either. But she did win a very hard hoh, with the 4 added jury members to boot. And she beat James, who won it last season. And she beat Victor who is a beast. And she did win a veto.

  16. So, this was something interesting that happened a bit ago (around 6:40 BB time if you want to go to the feeds and watch it yourself, but it’s really not that exciting).

    Corey and Victor are up in the HOH room. Corey was talking about Natalie and how he doesn’t want to keep her for much longer. He’s not a fan of her behavior, the way she treats people and how she’s always playing the victim. Both guys come to an agreement that they don’t like how she treats James.

    • I was just reading about that conversation over at Jokers and I’m curious to know what exactly Nat has been doing to James to make the guys dislike her. Flirting too much maybe? They can probably tell by now if she’s just leading james on.

      • I have also noticed a double standard on how the guests judge the girls’ behavior and how they give the guys a lot of leeway on the same behavior. I’ve noticed it in the house and on the feeds as well. Nothing the girls do is right.

      • Corey has pretty much sat back and done nothing. He let Paulie protect him and then he let Nicole protect him. He acts like a nice guy but when you hear him talk in private he says a lot of the same stuff Paulie said.

      • So because Corey may not have his heart fully invested it means he has to pretend he does because otherwise he’s mistreating Nicole? I don’t see what else he’s doing wrong with her. Nicole doesn’t seem to have any issue with how he treats her either. You can’t fault him if she’s more in love than he is. That’s not fair

      • I never said or implied that Corey is mistreating Nicole. However, I also do not believe James is being mistreated by Nat. They are all consenting adults. Not being fully invested is fine, it is a game. Nicole AND James should both remember that. I was only attempting to point out the obvious parallel between these 2 relationships, and how Corey, of all people, should not be casting stones.

      • “It’s quite interesting that they don’t seem to have a problem with Corey’s behavior towards Nicole”

        That’s where I thought you were saying Corey mistreats Nicole

    • I honestly hope Nicole vetoes Paul and puts up Natalie and votes her out. Would be a good move. Natalie could make it to the end otherwise and I don’t think many would be surprised if she did

  17. If Nicole and Corey are really aligning with Paul and Vic it will go down as one of the stupidest moves in BB history.

    • And after being in bed the entire season, it would be fitting for Dingus and Doofus to forever be associated to making “one of the stupidest moves in BB history”.

      • ‘Stupidest’ isn’t a word, and it’s ‘associated with’ not ‘associated to’

        If you weren’t so freely calling two people you don’t know Dingus and Doofus all the time, I would never have pointed this out to you.

      • We were students of Mickey’s. Cyril is obviously the smarter one. I’m still a work in progress. ;)

      • Okeeey.??? Another question….. Mickey Mouse or Mickey Mantle or Mickey??? Lol
        I’m soooo behind reading all these updates….

      • You know the poster that everyone has a difficult time understanding, Mickey Mousalini or something like that. lol

      • I get it now…. Didn’t see Dan’s post!
        Shame on you for your grammmmaaaarrrr mis-steaks!
        Eat 3 raw carrots & jump in a puddle then you’ll be forgiven.

      • I jumped in a few puddles today on the Appalachian Trail. Now I’ll go eat 3 carrots, Although after looking, maybe I’ll wait until I so to get groceries. The ones I have now are huge! lol

      • Carrots are so good from the farmers markets up here in ??….
        I’ve tried growing multiple times & just can’t grow them. Many other gardeners I know can’t grow them either. That’s just odd….. Can’t figure it out.
        But good for you! ?

      • Cheese it—it’s da grammar cops—run everybody! I tells ya, we gotta move before dey bust us!

    • I was laughing when I heard they’re partnering with them. I like Vic/Paul but I wont trust them, especially Paul. lol

      • Big mouth needs to stay out of the HOH room before he messes this up for Vic. He does not know when to zip it.

      • Yes, off and on. Paul was up in the HOH room and kept talking and talking about how much he trusts Dingus but still trying to give her reasons to take him off the block. You know how manic he gets when he is otb.

      • James/Mich/Nat talking about being safe this week. Why? All I’ve heard Nic say is that Meech is the target and Paul is a pawn.

      • Joni, Nic has been playing all three of them saying that her target is Paul when she actually wants Meech out. James/Meech/Nat seem to believe it.

      • I never can tell with Nic, though. She could very easily be playing the way James would in her situation.

      • Joni, is it me or is it possible that much written now us repetitious with posters? Having a hard time following the lengthy posts?

      • Just as bad as me stumbling upon some white supremist Web page, horrors — the things that wete being said. I feel scarred for life!

      • I had to tell a few to drip dead, fred.

        Hey did you notice the other night when Nicole asked Natalie if she could use some of her hair product. The minute Natalie was called to the DR, Nicole turned and swiped her bottle. She is just incorrigible! I could never, ever wish to work with Nicole. Moreover, despite her talking about having a MORAL compass, she just seems to lack. I believe Corey made the statement that this is one of the reasons he does not want a relationship. He sees upfront her level of integrity.

      • Sorry, no. I haven’t been able to stay tuned to BB the past couple days as I would like to. My 14 yr old dog is very ill right now and we’re taking her to vet today to see what it is and if they can cure whatever’s ailing her. It’s been a tough 48 hours. She won’t get up on command, so we’re having to make a makeshift stretcher to carry her out and transport her to the vet. Say a prayer for us in the hopes we won’t have to make that dreadful decision we know isn’t far away.

      • Joni, noooooooooo. My heart goes out to you.

        Was this sudden, or had she been feeling liw? I hope a mosquito didn’t get her.

        I’ll keep you in my thoughts and prayers for a return to good health.

        I hope you do not have to go there. I’ll pray for you and your furry friend.

      • Sad to say, but we had to let her go. Just got back from vets. She had a huge mass on her abdomen and it had ruptured, causing her to bleed internally and her kidneys were shutting down. Can’t rightly say how long she’d had the mass, no real visible signs other than slowing down. Dr. said it could have come on suddenly too and we responded appropriately when she could no longer walk steadily. That makes it our 3rd pet we’ve lost since May. It doesn’t get easier each time either I’ve found…I lost it at the vet’s office more than my husband did and Tula was his buddy more than she’d ever been mine. I’ve never been a dog lover as much as I’ve been a cat lover. Neither hubby or I have been. We only got dogs when we had our children. So Tula made a total of 4 dogs in 30 years compared to 8 cats in that amount of time, all lived to ripe old ages too…except for 2 cats, one got hit by a car and the other had a blood clot that took out the use of his back legs. Just a lot of loss over the years with not just our furry babies, but our old relatives too. Still have 2 cats left and five adult humans (all five of the humans are in their late 70s and early 80s. Okay, done now here. Didn’t want to depress anyone. Just had to get that all out as it just seems very overwhelming when you take it all in at once than the amount of time they each passed. Hubby and I are done taking in dogs, though. That much I know. Just cats! I might turn into a crazy cat lady..just you watch and see! haha

      • Joni, you have my deepest sympathy and condolences.

        To Tula,

        We know you suffer no more
        You will be sorely missed
        But know you brought much love
        To a family who loved you dearly.
        May you rest in peace
        As we remember your love

      • Thank you. I’m glad you liked it. I know how much Ms. Tula meant to you. Take care of yourself.

      • I laughed a lot, because most of what she’d said was the truth with a little embellishment added. I was sooo happy to see Pablo go. He was wearing out his welcome around Paul’s waist! hahaha

      • You need to take a nice spa bath with a glass of wine and remember all the good times with Ms. Tula.

      • I’ll do that tonight! Hadn’t slept the last few nights much, so I needed that more than a spa bath it seems. Had a good sleep last night thank goodness! I will miss the ol gal and can rest easier knowing she didn’t suffer very long before we laid her to rest.

    • If you want to blow your game, that is the fastest way to do it! You cannot trust anyone on their word in Big Brother. James has broken his promise of safety to Frank and Bridgette when she gave up the HOH to him! In James season, he betrayed Becky and his alliance and blew up their games including his to support the strongest player Vanessa. She almost, won too! It took Steve Moseley to put her away! If James was in F3 instead of Steve, Vanessa would have won Big Brother! Paul and Victor turned on Paulie and Corey and betrayed their all guy alliance so, with $500,000 at stake, do you really want to trust anyone? Strike while, you can or be struck down!
      Paul and Victor are still the biggest threats and both comp beasts!

  18. It’s been fun while it lasted, but it’s now goodbye Michelle! Is it DE this Thursday? Or next?

  19. I am still hoping that Nicole’s target is Paul. If they are really working with Paul and Victor they are handing them the game. I hope she is still true to James and Nat and remember them saying to each other they were together and would just play apart but they know. Praying noms stay the same and Paul goes!

  20. Some crazy bribe options: Nicole and Corey could conspire to use the bribe to get her to remove Paul from the block and replace him with Natalie. Paul, Victor and Corey could vote her out, leaving innocent Nicole blameless because she wanted Michelle evicted. James would just have to be a heartbroken good sport.

    Or Corey could use the bribe on Nicole to remove Michelle from the block and put up Victor instead, forcing either Paul or Victor to go.

    Or Nicole could use her veto to save Paul and put up Natalie, and then Corey could use the bribe to get Nicole to save Michelle and put up James, whom Nicole could get Paul, Victor and Corey to evict.

    Now, nothing remotely like these endless possibilities will happen, because Corey isn’t too sure exactly what a bribe is.

    • I don’t think the bribe can set in motion a second nomination replacement. You kind of made it sound like there’s a scenario wherein Nicole can use Veto to save Paul and Corey could use the bribe to get Nicole to save Michelle. Getting Natalie and James as final nominations for the week. I don’t think that’s possible

      • Corey could ask such a question in DR if he knew how to formulate it, but he probably doesn’t know how to distinguish what his bribe options are or could be. One option is simply stated as “game advantage”, and that is very nebulous, unlike the other language used to define ways to use the bribe, which give specific examples. I could see Paul questioning how he could best exploit the (loose) language of the bribe package to push the limits of what is meant by “game advantage” but not Corey. I would attempt to exploit the living s**t out of it, given the opportunity – and at any juncture until its expiration.

  21. Michelle offered to take the bribe from Corey. She knows it’s going to jury so why not. She shakes hands with the three amigos, collects the cash and slips away. Either Corey is a total d*ck, a duffus or both!

      • No. Michelle offered to take a bribe from Corey, who hasn’t offered a bribe to Michelle. She’s just fishing for 5k in case he’s dumb enough to bite.

    • Apparently James said he’ll throw a comp for the money, but Corey is afraid to bring it up again. I knew he would.

    • I don’t know, Vic is pretty loyal. If James goes I think it would be Natalie going next, not Dingus Nicole! :)

      • Loyal to Paul, so if he tells him lets get rid of her next, he’ll probably do it.

  22. Vic to win!! He’s already made BB history by coming back twice! He needs to make it a hat trick and win this thing!! :)
    He has earned it.

    • He’s the only one who’s had the chance to come back twice, but still impressive none the less.

  23. If Nicole doesn’t target Paul, it’s all over for her, Corey, James and Natalie. Gotta get rid of Paul and isolate Vic. I’m assuming Vic was in the Veto competition but didn’t win. He’s a comp beast. Why wouldn’t he win – he may be ready to get rid of his biggest comp competitor – Paul.

  24. The smart move at this point is to get rid of Paul. The only person’s game whose aided by Michelle being gone is Nicole’s–even Corey should know better than to keep Paul, who could talk his way out of anything.
    In fact, if Nicole really wants Michelle gone, she should take Paul off–problem is, any replacement nominee is a bigger threat, including Natalie. Michelle is alone in the house–everyone else is half a duo.

    • Use the VETO to take off Michelle and put Victor in place. That ensures one of them goes home! No deal can be struck to save both of them! One of them will end in the jury house for good! Corey can than, use his $500,000 bribe to keep him and Nicole safe next week if James is the HOH. It is binding so, James would have to actually do it to get paid!

      • Trying to figure out what you’re saying??
        5k not 500k
        And James wud have to get paid for what?
        Why put up both and piss Vic off more if Paul goes?
        There’s only James, Nic & Vic to vote.
        Am I close to what you mean?

  25. She has no choice but to keep the noms the same and if she’s the tie-breaking vote, vote out Michelle. Otherwise, she’s going to blow up her entire game and expose everything.

    She better ask the DR what to do and make absolutely sure that she’s on the same page with her corporate Masters. ;)

    • James gave her the HOH win.. Now in all honesty she might have pulled it out but we will never know..

      • If James really wanted it, he would have stayed. He made a deal and for some reason he trusts Nicole too much and it will be the end of him, hopefully.
        I was hoping Natalie offered him a kiss so he could win, but I want him evicted along with NicHole.

      • He made a deal with the Devil!!! It will be his undoing in this game!! Too bad, because I was rooting for James.

    • Nicole Franzel Comp History (from Big Brother Network)

      BB16 – 3 HOHs (Dethroned twice due to BOB twist, the second time being the week of Frankie’s epic solo win since Caleb refused to compete), 2 BOBs, and that season’s version of the Jury Battle Back

      BB18 – 2 HOHs (first time as the first of her team to emerge victorious during that elimination round, second time because James was really gonna drop, no matter what he says now) and 1 POV.

      Total Comps Won – 9

      Season 16, she was Top 3 for AFP. Should the trend in the poll continue, she’s got a good shot of once again being one of the Top 3 for AFP this season, as well.

  26. too bad that they got rid of the “round trip ticket”, cause Paul had it the whole time! Nicole better watch her back. Mainly cuz somebody from Jury is coming back. I hope it is Victor. He’ll clean house. I say split up both showmances and see how everybody feels then!! I’m a victor fan, and James better look out, he’s no more honest than the rest of them. Paul is just playing soap opera head games. But in the end, it ain’t over UNTIL THE FAT LADY SINGS!!

  27. Paul is a smart game player… Last night on BBAD, he mended fences with Michelle in case she goes and he stays hoping to secure her vote, I’m sure!

    • She didn’t fall for it, but if Michelle stays her best option is to get with Victor since she now knows James will only backup Natalie. (Obviously)

  28. Nicole is as stupid as they come does she really think her and Corey will make it to the final two with Paul and victor still in what a moron her and Corey are they don’t stand a chance with James Natalie and Michelle they had a chance now she blew that serves the stupid bitch right!

  29. James says that he has only 800 Instagram followers but he has 101k. Nat had 200, but now she has over 600, while Michelle 1700+. Paul has over 96k.

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