‘Big Brother 18’ Live Feeds Week 10: Saturday Highlights

Veto Day arrived for the Big Brother 18 Houseguests as the new Head of Household had set her nominations and was looking to keep her target in place. It was Christmas in August by the end of the night thanks to this week’s Veto comp theme.

Nicole the Elf on BB18

With Veto decided the HGs moved on to next phase plans and how they wanted to see the next few days play out. Read on to see what was decided.

If you’ve got the Live Feeds (Free Trial) then you can watch all of these moments with the Flashback feature to go back and watch those important conversations or funny scenes you may have missed.

Big Brother 18 Live Feed Highlights – Saturday, August 27, 2016:

8:10 AM BBT – Feeds return from an hour break for the Have-Not reveal. Squid and seaweed. We’re back to the disgusting HN foods of old. Nicole reads the card and reveals Corey and Victor will be the HNs as the first two out of the last HoH comp.

8:30 AM BBT – HGs still grossed out by the major display of whole squid and draped seaweed around the kitchen table.

8:45 AM BBT – Corey wants to use his BB Bribe to get off HN duty.

9:10 AM BBT – Veto players were picked. Everyone but Natalie was added to the comp. Natalie will host.

9:15 AM BBT – Paul used HG Choice to pick Corey. He had to explain to Natalie that he didn’t pick her because she’d save Michelle while Corey would keep noms the same if he won the Veto.

9:20 AM BBT – James tells Natalie and Michelle that Victor will go up if there is a renom.

9:25 AM BBT – Nicole is worried about having to break a tie. She says as long as Michelle doesn’t win the Veto then they’ll be good this week.

9:30 AM BBT – James doesn’t like Natalie calling Paul “babe.” She explains she calls everyone that. James asks her not to call Paul “babe” anymore.

9:40 AM BBT – Michelle tells James & Natalie that she’d take the $5K BB Bribe to not use the Veto and stay on the Block if she won the PoV comp.

9:45 AM BBT – Nicole and Victor agree that they’ve got a really good group of four and will be loyal to each other.

10:00 AM BB – Upstairs group points out they need to get Michelle out because they’ve got a group of three working together.

10:55 AM BBT – Corey trying to figure out how he can use his BB Bribe. He is hoping Big Brother will let him trade it for getting off HN. Paul offered to make that trade. Corey doesn’t think anyone would take it at this point to drop in the HoH comp with so few people left.

11:45 AM BBT – Houseguests hanging around waiting for the Veto comp. Corey wishes he had done better in the Wall comp so he would not have ended up as a HN this week.

12:30 PM BBT – Victor is camtalking and says he is feeling a lot better about things this week. Paul joins and is nervous but Victor says they’re good and safe this week thanks to working with Nicole and Corey.

1:45 PM BBT – Natalie made a trip to the DR and returns to announce the Veto comp will be soon. She’s gotta do her makeup first it seems.

2:00 PM BBT – Michelle complains that Victor and Paul have been so lucky in the game. Natalie encourages Michelle that she has to win it for herself.

2:10 PM BBT – Nicole is alone and camtalking. She thinks there’s going to be a Double Eviction next week and is discussing why that means they need to work with Victor and Paul to get their help in surviving those eliminations.

2:20 PM BBT – Nicole explains she wants Michelle gone this week then considers scenarios where the guys could help vote to keep her. Feeds cut for the Veto.

4:20 PM BBT – Feeds return from the Veto comp. Nicole is wearing the medallion and dressed as an elf. She does a dance and celebration with Corey in the Storage room.

4:30 PM BBT – Natalie and Michelle worry about the plan and hope Paul is still the target. (We know Nicole has Michelle as her target.)

4:35 PM BBT – Victor comes upstairs to visit Nicole and Corey. He tells them Paul is paranoid and worried. That gets Nicole paranoid and worried. Nicole asks if Victor and Paul are going to betray them. Victor promises her they won’t and everything will be okay and that Paul is just being paranoid because he’s on the Block.

4:45 PM BBT – Victor leaves and Nicole tells Corey they could vote one of the guys out this week. Then she adds that she doesn’t want to do that.

4:55 PM BBT – Corey is confused about how his Bribe card works and thinks he can make a deal then not honor his side of it, only the recipient has to honor it. He and Nicole check the card. She’s sure she’s right that both must honor the deal.

5:05 PM BBT – James suggests he’d drop from the next HoH comp for the $5K Bribe.

5:20 PM BBT – James working with Nicole and Michelle to study for the next comps. He tells them to handle the mental comps and he’ll take care of the physical ones.

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  1. I just can’t wait for the look on her face (Nicole) when Victor and Paul screws her over.

    • I don’t think they will. Vic and Paul want James and Nat out. Obviously they’ll target N/C when it gets down to F4 as I would expect N/C to do to P/V at that point, but for now, the foursome is going to target J/N/M, and Nicole and Corey want Paul and Vic to get the blood on their hands for them.

      • It will come down to who is in power next. V/P will float to the power and the other side will take a hit. Funny thing is both sides will not see it coming.

      • I agree. Especially after seeing them talking on the feeds. They want that F4 with them.

  2. I think Natalie would be so much prettier without all that makeup. Its too sharp. Just a personal opinion…but oh yeah, I don’t like her gameplay either. Just sayin’z

  3. Think Vic and Paul will be loyal to Nicorey until one of James/Gnat out of house and then the two remaining duos will play for themselves and try to draw in whoever is left. Only makes sense that at some point loyalty ends when people are in pairs, its not unique to Vic/Paul

  4. I am looking forward to seeing the look on Nicole’s face when Victor and Paul stabb her in the back. She deserves it! I have never seen a HG so wishy washy. She changes her mind every few minutes. Poor Corey cannot comprehend how to use the bribe. James is still has his head up Nat’s butt. Michelle what can you say? The next HOH will be awesome if Vic can win it.

    • Actually Nic is just the opposite. She is playing the game and has stayed loyal. She has been burned many times throughout this season. The one that is the most wishy washy is Nat. She changes her mind faster than lightning. Had she not been this way and Nic had seen it…Nic would have still been loyal to them. You can’t be with an alliance that constantly question you and is so easily swayed. JMHO

      • Actually, they both are having problems staying on task. Neither can stick with an objective. Instead of focusing on the present, both have tried to focus on what if’s down the road. Understanding that you have to vision the next move but being to futuristic will not work. You have to remove the first obstacle before you move on to the next.

      • That’s the way guys think but women are able to multi-task much better and think of more than one objective at a time. I watched a documentary about this once that explained why men and women often have problems communicating.

      • James has had her back this whole time…he has saved her from being on the block many times. .i think she would already been evicted if it hadn’t been for him…just saying

      • If James weren’t watching out for her, Corey would be gone and Paulie would be back in the game. It’s a bad move to leave Paul and Vic in. Vic will have all kinds of jury votes for battling back twice.

      • And in return she is not putting him on the block. I have watched the live feeds where she told Paulie that she could never put James on the block and would never vote him out. I think that she has been loyal he only voted Vic out last week because Vic is a strong competitor it had nothing to do with keeping his word to Nicole.

      • I’m going to disagree there. Nic often played both sides of the house. She would relay stuff that Da, Meech, Z, and Paul said to Paulie, Corey, and even Frank. The only person she’s 100% loyal to is Corey.

        Meech flip flops more than anyone. First she wants frank out then she wants to save him but sends him packing anyway and regrets it later. She goes from bullying Bridgette to crying that she left over her. She had a solid alliance with Paul and Vic but now she’s turning on them and aligning with James and Nat? Her flip flopping has pissed off too many people and they know they can’t trust her. That’s why she’s going home

    • I actually think Paul and Vic want to work with them and take them to F4, they’re weaker than James and Natalie so why not?

      • Am with u on that one…Paul is at times a “mini Paulie” and he wonders why people don’t trust him…

      • Yes. Even yesterday he kept going and going and going on to Nicole pressuring her. She wanted him out her room. He has no chill. Lol

      • I’m surprised Nicole hasn’t locked Paul out of the HOH yet. He wants to make sure she doesn’t have a chance to talk to Jatalie but I’m finding him more obnoxious than ever.

  5. Nicole, wake up. I’m not even a fan of yours, but I know you have a brain. Corey told you he doesn’t want to win HOH next week, and you can’t play. Why would you keep Paul? If Corey is going to be a non factor in your safety, start protecting yourself. You said your parents were probably screaming at the TV to get yrid of Paul. They are obviously better at the game. It’s just a game. I understand your fear of merchandise, but she can only nominate, not vote. I seriously doubt not think James and Nat would vote against you. Whatever decision you make, hope it doesn’t come back to bite you. The only upside to getting Paul out is he realizes it’s just a game.

      • Hahaha..was wondering there! I agree with your strategy, but we are talking about Nicole here..LOLOL Michelle isn’t nearly the threat Paul and Vic could be, depending on who’s in power. She kept Nic safe against her better judgment last week and she’d really have to win HoH next week to finally get her out. Not sure Paul and Vic would allow her to be in power if they’re still aligning with Nic and Corey, especially after she told Paul she never really liked him anyway either! LOL

      • ok here goes…James has given Nicole every opportunity to be honest with him since he helped her attain her current HOH status… James and Nicole have disagreed and slammed each other at certain times in the game.. that is a no brainer.. But Nicole needs to go ahead and tell James that Michelle is the person she wants out.. James is gonna be upset not so much that Michelle is the evictee but that Nicole has lied to him straight up to his face more than once when he asked her.. James is not gonna forget that she did that. I don’t see him trusting Nicole for the rest of his time in the game.. And James has actually been more loyal to her than Corey..( Who was gonna vote Nicole out when Paulie decided it needed to be done.) Either way this HOH may not play out well for Nicole.. Victor and Paul have already discussed her and Coreys demise …James will not be happy with her and Corey…Nicole needs to realize that both sides of the house could come after her….Her HOH position is not a good one….Paul would be the best person to evict for strategic reasons while she wants Michelle out for personal reasons.. All the HGs need to put personal reasons aside as the game is winding down and u need to cover ur own ass…

      • I agree wholeheartedly with you on this. I can only hope Nic can mend her fences with James if she’s to move forward with him from here on out. I doubt Nic really cares about James that much or she wouldn’t have told Corey that the only person she cares to hang out with after BB is over is Corey! Said she couldn’t be lifelong friends with anyone else but him.

      • I agree with everything you said except for the part where you stated Nicole wants Michelle out for personal reasons.
        Michelle has been trying to evict Nicole for a long time now and Nicole knows it. Is there anyone in the house right now, besides Natalie, that wants her out with a purple passion as does Michelle?
        No, so the best thing for Nicole’s game is to get rid of an immediate threat that is Michelle.
        After Michelle’s gone Nicole can go back to playing under the radar while the guys take each other out.
        Nicole needed the numbers of Paul and Victor to achieve Michelle’s eviction and she could always change her mind and return to Jatalie to take out Vic and Paul.
        I agree that she is not handling James right. James might get mad when she tells him why she has to get rid of Michelle but he’s gonna probably hate her forever if she doesn’t tell him and he is made to look a fool on national TV.

      • James has mentioned along with Natalie several times about putting Nicole and Corey up. Wouldn’t call that loyal. And Nicole is going to tell James she changed her mind and wants Michelle gone since Michelle has said she’ll put her up. That it’s better for her game if she goes. So he won’t be blindsided.

  6. hahaha Corey with his bribe reminds me of a kid with a new toy, trying to include it in an adult conversation. “yes, Corey, that IS really neat, but go play in the other room for a while. the adults are talking.”

  7. I think it is a smart move James and Natalie have been more loyal to Michelle and I wouldn’t trust Natalie at all. Keeping Paul is keeping someone to get James out she is still in the middle James has even said he would take out Cory before Michelle

    • And there lies the crux of the matter. Nat will not make it to F3 or F2 if Vic and/or Paul are still playing after this week. Vic would take Corey and Paul would take Michelle. Nic really needs to get Paul out if she has any chance of making it to F3 or F2 with Corey. JMO

      • I wonder if Paul would be able to stab Vic in the back since he’s been so loyal to Vic this season; unlike everyone else he turned on.

      • He has a good ride or die that’s for sure but I can’t help but think Paul knows he can’t win against Victor so I’m expecting a Victor blindside at some point :(

      • I don’t agree. Paul is the brains and Victor is the brawn. Either one has a good case to plead if they make Final 2. I think they will stay loyal to one another the way Cody and Derrick did.

      • I’m pretty sure Victor would keep Paul but I’m not so sure about Paul keeping Victor.
        As you said, Paul is the brains :D

      • That is a good question in the final 3 would Paul take Victor he may be making a Cody mistake when he took Derek (a $450,000.00 mistake), we may actually see that scenerio play out.

      • I think Paul is a lot smarter than Cody so I don’t see him making this big mistake; he’ll probably take Nicole if he’s in a position to choose.

      • Ya but if she keeps Michelle then she might not even make it to final 4. So what good would it do her. She is guaranteed final 4 with Victor and Paul and might be a final 5 with James, Natalie and Michelle.

    • Didn’t James just say to Natalie that next week they would work with Vic/Paul to get out Nicorey? He’s going to go ballistic when he finds out Nicole outplayed him. In usual James style I expect him to be resentful forever.

      • I didn’t hear him say that but I did hear him tell Natalie that they would keep the final 4 deal with Nicorey, but that when it came down to Michelle they would vote Cory out. James has bounced a lot of checks, I like him but he was stupid to believe that after he dropped the bomb that Natalie wanted Cory out that Nicole was going to still trust him. He has tried to force Natalie to like Nicole and play nice but the two girls really don’t like each other much.

      • I wasn’t even aware that James had made that big boo boo until watching last night’s episode of BB so I can’t blame Nicole for losing trust in James. Plus, as you said Nat and Nic just don’t trust or even like each other for unfathomable reasons. I still hope Nicorey can work with James after they evict both Michelle and Nat.
        So little coverage at the blogs concerning Nicorey that the James comments about Nat wanted to get Corey out was not even mentioned due to this biased coverage. I guess they think nobody wants to know what’s going on with Nicorey since they couldn’t care less.
        I’m looking forward to seeing Nat’s face when she realizes that Nicole outfoxed her :D

  8. Michelle has been playing this game on a personal level..that is not good in the game of BB. She did not like Bridgette because she was so close to Frank…and Michelle hated that….she wants Nicole out because she wants to be the only superfan in the house…I think she has had an argument with just about every female that was in the house this season.

    • James is playing on a personal level…His jealously of Natalie interacting with Victor and Paul is evident… James needs awake up call.. Natalie is a user and wants to be the center of attention.. When the game is over James will be of no use to her…U cannot play for 2 people in the game of BB and win Just ask Brenden and Jeff…

      • James is a loser! No man would tell me what I can and cannot say to someone else. All James has done is play to the camera in hopes of getting AFP..I think he is going to be disappointed this season..at least I hope so!

      • James tried to blame his game play last year on Meg yesterday. He shouldn’t be there, another waste of a BB contestant.

      • I am a female and I can tell u that no matter ( if I was playing BB) what a man did or said to try and hinder me in my effort to win $500,000 his ass would be grass and me the lawn mower…toooo much money to let romance interfere

      • Exactly! James is starting to become a little controlling with Natalie. No way I would take that crap from him…she is not going to give him the time of day when this game is over. Plus..does he ever wash his hair..putting those bangs down and his hat over the top just looks dumb! The only vet that I really wanted to see play the game was Frank…but liar Day took care of that on about Day 2!

      • You mean on Day 1 don’t you. Yes, I for one would to have loved to see Frank go farther this year than James. As the old saying goes, you can’t always get what you want.

      • I heard that convo yesterday…I hope Meg was watching..although I doubt it..maybe she will hear about it and tell James to get lost!

      • James is smitten to the point of obsession with Nat than he’d been with Meg. Both Meg and Nat haven’t exactly returned his affections as he probably would like them too. He’ll blame Nat this season if he loses once more.

      • For some reason James is not able to discern when a woman is just not into him.
        As I recall Meg was always kind to James and didn’t lead him on at all so I don’t understand why James feels this way about her.
        He doesn’t understand that Meg didn’t want to hurt his feelings.

      • Meg made it pretty clear that she was not romantically interested. Nat, she is using him, I think, til she no longer finds him useful. James probably does discern that there won’t be anything more with Nat other than his cuddle buddy, but he doesn’t want to believe there isn’t any hope later.

      • Something happened between Meg and James to make him bitter since their season. It has not been disclosed what happened.

      • I heard that James went up to NY to visit Meg after the show thinking they were a real couple only to find out that Meg was dating someone else. He got mad and tattled about her new boyfriend all over social media after Meg asked him not to.
        At no time did Meg ever insinuate they were a couple so I don’t know why James would think they were. I hope he doesn’t repeat this behavior with Natalie.

  9. James and Nat are just as capable of going against Nic and corey as Paul and Vic are. James has stated before how he’d take Michelle over Corey, meaning once Vic and Paul are gone watch out Corey! Yet Vic seems sincere in wanting to work with Nic and Corey, plus as long as James is in the house he’s the number one target for Vic and Paul since he’s pretty great at comps. So why would Vic and Paul go against two non threatening ppl when there are two major targets (Nat and James) left in the house that they could get rid of? I say working with Vic and Paul is a smart move on Nic since you never know when James or Meech, if she stays, will strike! Yes she might not be able to be them in final two but she’s proven that she can win comps so winning that last veto would guarantee her a spot at final 3. Then she could work from there. JMO

    • I think Nicole and Corey is just as much of threat to Victor and Paul’s game as James and Natalie are. It just comes down to who can win HOH and who gets evicted first.

  10. I don’t understand why Nicole is not telling Natalie and James that Michelle is the target and just let them vote that way. She is waiting to break up the tie that’s obviously going to happen. Natalie and James vote Paul while Corey and Victor vote Michelle. I am really hoping that Michelle stays and Nic puts up James.

    • Have nots will probably be over next week sooo yeah Cory do that ..Natalie gets $5000 and u get worthless have not pass

  11. I want Michelle to be voted out for various reasons one of them being she will be joining the other women in the jury house and will give Paulie a piece of her mind. He so deserves it.

  12. Nicole noticed the women in the jury house don’t favor her. Now she seems determined to send Michelle to jury. Remember when Nicole was the self-appointed tattletale who ran to Paulie and the guys to tell them whatever a woman had said against the men? The women in jury were well aware of what Nicole was doing. They talked about it while it was happening. These jury members had wanted a woman to win BB. But none of them like how Nicole was such an obvious rat against the other women. Even if Nicole makes it (big if) – her jury votes do not look good.

  13. Ohhhh….myyyyy….gaawwwdddd….thee….Paauulll…..aaannddd….Michellllle…convvveersaattiionnn…wweennnttt….oonn….aaannddd…..ooonnn…..ffoooorrr….eeevvvvverrrrrr. like forever. Like a forever thing.

  14. I don’t understand why people aren’t calling out Paul with his rhetoric and using the c-word like they did Paulie, who I don’t believe ever used that word. Paul’s disgusting and is treating the women like their second class citizens. He’s disgusting. Nicole swore last week that she would be crazy not to vote out Paul. I can still see the shock on her face when Natalie asked her if she was going to put up Paul and she swore to James that she would be dumb not to. Michelle won’t win any comps. so they’re fools for taking her out. If James wins next week there’s a good chance he’ll throw up Nicole and/or Corey because they lied to him this week and Paul and Victor will go over to James and Natalie’s side again. Nicole’s foolish if she doesn’t keep her word. Natalie and Michelle might try to take her out, but they would have to win the comp. first.

  15. Nicole is not a power game player if she truly is evite paul not Michelle paul has won comps Michelle would have to win hoh to put up nicole and Michelle is not good at comps. Nicole make a big move and vote out paul

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