‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Week 1 Veto Ceremony Results

Big Brother spoilers today from the Feeds reveal what happened at the Power of Veto Ceremony after one of this week’s nominees had the chance to escape the Block.

Big Brother Power of Veto medallion

This won’t be your standard Veto Meeting thanks to the new Road Kill twist which introduced a third nominee to the Block. If that special third nom comes down then it won’t be up to the HoH to name the replacement, but rather the twist comp winner that week. Find out how things went this week.

Power of Veto Ceremony Results – Week 1:

Paul used the Veto and removed himself from the Block.

Frank, the winner of the first BB Road Kill, had to name a renom since Paul was his secret nom as part of the twist this season. We won’t see until Wednesday’s show, but I’m going to guess he didn’t have to out himself during the ceremony and instead made this decision earlier in the DR.

Bridgette was named as the renom which came as no surprise to her.

This week’s final nominees are: Bridgette, Jozea, and Paulie. Watch out for a blindside, Jozea.

Lots of panic from the newbies. Bridgette is outside sweating it with Jozea and Bronte by her side. Jozea promises Bridgette she won’t be going anywhere this week. Well, he’s right.

Want to watch the meeting fallout and next moves made by the rookies and the Vets? Grab the Live FeedsFree Trial and start watching what’s going on inside the house right now!

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  1. He nomed one of his team members. I know it was discussed beforehand, but does anyone not perceive that as a little on the disloyal side? Even if he is fairly certain that she is safe, there might be some reason later that makes him regret noming his own team member. This is BB, expect the…..

    • I was thinking about that earlier. My guess is he’s thinking it’ll be easier to convince his own team member of his plan and to get forgiveness than an opponent / opposing team if it were ever to be exposed, but that’s just my guess. Plus, it’s Bridgette and if you want to make sure your target goes home, she’s a good pawn.

      • I’m liking Frank so far. I hope it doesn’t bite him in that fluffy behind of his.:D

      • Haha Same. I don’t think it will bite him in the butt since he was making certain that people in his main alliance (8pack) were safe, it was a bit disloyal on his part but he did it for the right reason

      • Jason, it was the one that said, “Tonight on BB18- Roadkill Competition Twist Arrives”. Sorry if you missed it this time. Please try next time. The more the more fun.:)

      • There was a little bit of confusion tonight. It is usually the one that says something like Tonight on BB. Try to be there, Coco, please. :)

      • That’s a good point, but neither Natalie or Bronte are on his team. I’m sure I’m not seeing the whole picture. I have tunnel vision, thinking from the aspect of loyalty. Where were you tonight, gal. Love your insight.

      • I think Natalie and Bronte are still not eligible. Julie said that team is safe for the first two evictions, right?

      • Thanks, I knew that Nicole said that two teams were safe, but I couldn’t remember which ones. :)

      • That is what I heard. Also easier play by telling teammate and telling her they are getting out Jozea. Safer play definitely.

    • I would consider it disloyal, but her and the other newbies pushing for vets….Frank…to be nominated and booted is disloyal x 2. They didn’t even know them. They didn’t give the vets a chance, that’s disloyal.

    • He didn’t pick his team no loyalty needed n if they had the chance I could see them putting him up

    • yeah this is all that matters right now. get rid of him. who would you like to see go next? I choose the Vanessa sister creature.

    • I so agree. He is this season’s Frankie Grande. He’s Spankie (Spanish Frankie)!!

      • He is actually worse than Frankie and I NEVER thought I would ever say that about anyone!

      • IMO there isn’t any player worse than Grande. His disgusting remarks about raping Victoria were appalling. Also, his constant touching, feeling and groping some of the male housemates was offensive. If he was straight and behaved that way with female housemates, he’d have been called out for it. CBS really protected that little jerk even though most BB fans despised him.

  2. How can the winner of Road kill comp be anaonymous when putting up 3rd nom?

    • Only the Road kill winner knows! Ofcourse he can tell his alliance if he chooses or keep quiet. Frank chose to tell some members and then other people like James told others so you must be careful. The other side was discussing who they thought it was and breaking things down but thought it was Paulie. Fortunately most newbies are not to bright so far anyway.

  3. Josea ” I’m the heart and soul if the house, everyone loves me” this guy is a joke. He clearly has no idea how this game is played and is going to have one huge shock to his ego come Thursday. I have witnessed many egomaniac players throughout the seasons but this dude takes the win between him and Paul I have never disliked players this much and it is only the third episode of the summer.

    • I thought the Twins and Austin were ego maniacs! Tough to call but with Messiah comment and others he gets top billing as worst ego ever within the past 2 seasons.

    • It seems that he just wanted to emulate his BB Idol Frankie and play the “mule” card to be brought to the F2/F3 ??

  4. Jozea going home this soon is wonderful as he isn’t entertaining but annoyingly rude.

  5. Im liking Da Vonne more and more lol I love how she s trying to keep herself in check if she conts. to do this she may be the seasons surprise

  6. I was hoping that bb will bring a trans man this time bec last time they had trans woman. But disappointing to see they didn’t.

  7. The older man was the first to go. They finally had a normal person in there and he is gone. I have lost interest

  8. I don’t think jozea is not for real. He is an actor added by bb 18. No one can be that dumb or stupid. He just looks fake to me.

  9. Bb18 brought only 1 older person. And that only person is so unfit. It’s a bad example for older people. Lol.
    I know so many older people who are fit but bb18 only brings ONE old and unfit person. Lol

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