Big Brother 18 Recap: Episode 3 — BB Roadkill Shakes Up The Game

The Big Brother 18 summer vacation rolled on Sunday night but one houseguest ended up roadkill.

Big Brother RV - 02

The episode picks up right after Nicole nominated the messiah Jozea and Cody’s brother for eviction. Nicole reminds us that she drew a line in the sand between the “returners (anyone else hate this term?) and the newbies.

Of course Jozea is the target and Cody’s bother is the pawn. Poor girl doesn’t know how to play Big Brother without Battle of the Block. She didn’t need a pawn. That was a move no one outside the Big Brother house understands.

The newbies continue to plot against the vets, lead by Paul and Jozea. And for a group of people who want to play the game without vets, they aren’t doing a very good job. Jozea went around telling everyone he was coming after Nicole and when she nominated him he was surprised.

Jozea goes to talk to Nicole and to let her know that the reason that he did not come to her about nominees was that he doesn’t suck up to people and that he is playing this game differently than her. By differently I think he means poorly.

It’s time to find out about the brand-new competition! Nicole comes out of the Diary Room to remind the HGs they always have to expect the unexpected. “This summer there’s a brand new competition and if you don’t win you could end up as BB roadkill,” Nicole reads. The new competition is called BB Roadkill and the winner will be revealed in private and they will secretly name a third nominee for eviction. And you can even nominate someone from your own team (this excludes the HOH’s team).

The HGs are shocked and rightly so. Nicole isn’t so sure about her plan to use Cody’s brother as a pawn now.

Jozea, Paul and Victor decide if one of them win the Roadkill competition they have to put Frank up. Elsewhere Frank and James are realizing how dangerous this competition is so Frank knows he has to win this one.

Da’Vonne is also worried about the twist because the vets are outnumbered so she gets to work. First up is Zakiyah. And since she’s very aware that the newbies are erratic, she’s on board. Up next is Michelle. That takes almost no work because as a superfan, she know all of them and as already willing to work with them.

After they add Corey and Tiffany to the mix, we’ve got The Eight Pack. So that’s Da’Vonne, Nicole, Frank, James, Zakiyah, Corey and Michelle.

Da/Vonne Rogers competes in a new Sunday challenge titled “Quick Change.” The winner of the competition will be able to impact the game like never before, on BIG BROTHER, Sunday, June 26 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Photo: Bill Inoshita/CBS ©2016 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

And up pulls the BB RV. It’s time for the BB Roadkill competition. Nicole is up first and finds out that the HGs have to take off all of their clothes and strip down to their swimsuits while holding down three buttons. The person who does so in the least amount of time will win the competition.


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  1. So let me get this right Jozea and Paul get nominated by Nicole then Paul wins POV and takes himself off…Frank then wins the secret power then renoms Paul lmao

    • Nope Jozea and Paulie. Then Paul get RK nominated. Then Paul wins POV and takes himself off. So then a replacement for Paul has to go up. Which is the ER nurse. You got it right just the order wrong.

  2. Okay, now here comes the alliance confusion (and I though last year was brutal). At last report, those three girls were the “Powerpuff” Alliance. Yet, in the episode, they’re the “Spy Girls?” What, did they get bored with the name and change it a couple days later?

    • The Eight Pack called them the Powerpuff Girls coz of course they wouldn’t know the name of the “secret” alliance.

      • Yes, so “secret” that they openly met in the backyard right in front of Tiffany, lol!

    • I assumed it was a copyright issue. There have been alliance names in that past that have had to be renamed, yes?

  3. Are they trying to tell us something or defuse something regarding Corey?
    With his awkward bromance comment about Victor on premiere episode and on tonite’s episode with the leaning of his shirtless body to shirtless Paulie in the sofa. And that lil glance and excited smirk at Paulie’s pixelated part.

    • Looks like they’re pretty aware of the #NotGayCorey thing plus he seems extremely clueless and unaware from what I read from feed spoilers on the feeds. Let’s see if they’re gonna keep that edit up in future episodes.

  4. Thank you for saying you don’t like the term “returners”! LOL That’s been bugging me since the beginning and I was thinking I was the only one! :) I would much prefer “returnees.” :)

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