Big Brother 18 Spoilers: Week 1 ‘Roadkill’ Results

We’ve got our first round of Big Brother 18 spoilers from the Live Feeds thanks to overnight events and discussions among the Houseguests, but we’re still thin on official details from CBS while they keep their new twist under wraps until Sunday’s show.

Update: New details are available for the “Big Brother Road Kill” twist competition.

Big Brother 18 is ready for more departures
Big Brother 18 is ready for more departures – Source: CBS

Up until last night all we knew was there would be a new comp and then a new ceremony taking place after the nominations ceremony which will now be moved up in Sunday’s show routine. Now it looks like we know what happens at that ceremony, who may have won the twist comp, and who came out on the short end of that stick.

Big Brother 18 Spoilers: Week 1 ‘Road Kill’ Results:

  • Nicole Frank (?) won the new power
  • Paul nominated secretly by the comp winner

Important Note: This is a new twist that we know almost nothing about. I believe these spoilers to be accurate, but until Sunday’s show confirms how it all goes we’ll just have to keep these results in pencil as far as the way the comp works and third nomination is made. What does seem definite is that Paul is now on the Block as a third nom.

Flashback to 1:05AM 6/24 Cams 3/4 (Live Feeds Free Trial) to hear Michelle and Nicole seemingly discuss the 3rd nominee and how some HGs believe Michelle was the one who did the secret nomination.

Update: Despite Nicole suggesting she won it now sounds like Frank won. We also learned the twist comp winner would name the renom of that person if the nom escapes via PoV, which makes sense.

Really isn’t this what Nicole should have done in the first place? I still can’t believe she went with Paulie as a nom, but now there’s an alternative if something goes wrong for her plan and Jozea escapes the Block with the Veto. That Veto comp should be coming up today or tomorrow.

Most Houseguests don’t seem to know that Nicole won the comp with some thinking it’s Michelle so apparently the third nom is done in private. That will help the winner keep some cover while using this power and also spread paranoia and confusion. Excellent!

We’ll get to see how this all played out when Sunday’s show arrives and that’ll be the regular airing of the comp until they pull the plug on this new twist.

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  1. So this sounds like a fairer edition of the MVP twist. Doesn’t sound that bad to me

  2. I have to say Paul got KARMA with Nicole
    nominating him.. he really is a disgusting individual…. he is a
    controlling little man……boy….he should have played the game a
    little more low key instead of trying to control everything right at

    • Paul trying to get rid of the veterans is an example of playing the game too hard too fast. If he wants to stay, he needs to work with them.

      • His mistakes was to shout it on the roof. He can think it, but don’t talk about it.

  3. That sound so intriguing. They will have comp but nobody will know who won. Hummm ….

  4. It sounds interesting. The only thing I worry about moving forward is if a large block of people stick together, even if the minority wins HOH they would have to win the new challenge as well or the majority will nominate one of them and vote that person out. This could cause it to become one sided.

  5. I can’t believe Nicole nominated Paulie either. When I saw the cast this season, I thought the women appear to be much smarter overall than the men. Apparently Nicole is there to even our the IQ averages.

    There are 8 people to chose from and she pick one of the only two newbies who seems to be willing to work with the vets? Too many people with unknown motives and strategies to play the pawn game with an ally now. Dumb, Nicole. Very dumb.

    • She mainly nominated Paulie to light a fire underneeth him to fight for the veto and take himself off the block. Now with Paul on the block, if Jozea wins the Veto, Paul is the plan B.

      • Also – and I am going off what I have seen of the show only here – I did not see Corey tell Nic that Paul was gunning for her. She may not have realized what a threat Paul is to her at the time. I think if she had, surely she would have put up Paul vs Jozea, instead of Paulie. When they discussed it in the room, no one mentioned Paul. I don’t think she knew then. Hopefully she does now. :) Come on, Paulie, and win that POV! And hopefully the replacement nom is not someone who is easy pickins to save both Jozea and Paul! One of them needs to go (hopefully Paul).

      • I personally would prefer Jozea to leave out of the two. Because I have a feeling that the Paul vs Davonne feud will turn into a dramatic fallout one day and man that would be great tv/feeds material…

      • I can see that. But I think Jozea has more “potential” to go farther in the game because he is a snake. He camouflages his disdain for the veterans well….well…except for giving Da’ the priority list. Ha ha. Paul is too much of a loose cannon and so unlikeable that I prefer he goes first (though either will be fine with me). Da’ has been pretty good at keeping herself in check and I don’t want him blowing up her game (yet). The vets need their number to stay in tact and I don’t want her putting a target on her own back. Paul could make that happen. :)

      • Jozea was saying some nasty comments last night and walking around in his underwear all night. He’s gotta go first. Then I’d like to see Paul gone.

      • more like a banana hammock – I would have asked him to cover up – those type of undies are for the bedroom and the bath houses

      • He has more than 3 strikes against him. With the blue underwear, they should have thrown him out of the house with his balls and bat in tow.

      • lol The Vets actually didn’t have to work hard to convince the newbie that Jozea is no good. The blue underwear did it.

      • I thought they were talking last night that she should have nominated Josea -after dark show

      • She knew about Paul. But she said she didn’t want to make 2 enemies so that’s why she talked it over with Paulie.

    • She wanted him to for sure be playing in the POV. And if he did remain on the block she has the votes to keep him.

      • I’m just not a fan – wasn’t when she was on first time. I would rather see all newbies

      • She does appear to be at times, but I’ve always liked her. To be a good nurse, you have to exude confidence and make the patient feel safe and that they are in good capable hands. She might be able to pull that off, but I haven’t seen that side of her in the BB house. I have seen her caring side though, and that is very important also.

  6. At least for this season, in terms of the normal gameplay, there isn’t anything new. They recycled the clique’s twist from BB11, where although the houseguest are still playing as individuals, if one of their teammates wins HOH, the entire team is safe. They are also recycling the MVP twist from BB15, with a more fair way of handing out the power.

    • I was not pleased to see so many recycled. I don’t like Da’vonne, Nicole, James

    • Had she known about the 3rd nominee, I doubt she would have. But no one mentioned Paul when they were in the HoH room discussing it. Corey wasn’t in there then and I was wondering why he had not told Nic that Paul was gunning for her. If she had known that at that time, I think she would have put him up along with Jozea and been happy either way.

  7. It was fun to watch the feeds last night. 4 Vets turned the newbies into minority, as some them are maybe star struck willing and able to work with them…or just naive of the game.

  8. If they’re playing a special comp and the winner nominates someone else how do they keep it secret? Unless they compete individually.

    • Wonder if they know what the “prize” is for the comp? Wondering if anyone will try to throw it for some crazy reason.

      • No it’s a comp where the winner nominates someone else. There’s 3 people on the block. At least that’s what I got from the feeds last night. Can’t wait until Sunday to find out what the heck is going on and how things are going to be played.

      • I wonder if they all cast their nominee secretly and the winner of the comp has the option to change/add or do something to change the outcome. Similar to what they did on BBC on their have-not comp.

    • Maybe a timed comp like the picture morphs? I don’t think everyone will keep it a secret. Some will – some may even lie (clutches pearls) and say they didn’t when they did. Some will tell that they won though, to make deals and get info from other players.

      • Probably. Right now the vets have a pretty good alliance with some of the newbies. Hope they stay that way for awhile because I like everyone that is in that alliance.

      • That’s I’m thinking right now, probably a comp where the results and who won is kept secret.

    • Has to be a “one HG goes at a time comp,” or at least one where they can’t see the other HGs progress.

  9. Jozea needs to hit the road, even if Paul is more of an active bigmouth. Nicole is lucky that the twist was won by Frank, who got the chance to put Paul on notice anonymously. ( How funny that the newbies are mistakenly blaming Michelle for Paul’s nomination.)
    Jozea is too much of a Frankie Grande revisited, so it’s nice that Victor made him into an immediate target. Does it occur to anyone that maybe Victor isn’t so dumb after all and was fibbing when he called Jozea his best friend in the house? Maybe Victor tattled to Nicole precisely to make Jozea the target. Nicole plays dumb to win friends and influence people. Maybe Victor plays that same kind of a hand.

  10. Thank goodness. I dislike both of these players, but Frankie wannabee needs to go.

  11. I like the idea of a new comp. Should be interesting how it’s going to play out.

  12. Better than Battle of the Block. I’m ecstatic that we don’t have to be subjected to that insanity.

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